Quarantine Reading

Howdy from the bunker!

Just kidding. Not an actual bunker, although it feels like there should be right about now. Missy and I have been writing steadily even though our posting doesn’t reflect as much. For those that aren’t familiar with how Meg’s (my) brain works, I am a FABULOUS idea person. Inspiration smacks me upside the head all the time. It’s very rare when I can’t come up with an idea. Now the follow through? Well, that’s another matter.

However, I heard a song on Amazon’s Country Heat playlist that got the plot bunnies  humping around in my gray matter and the next thing you know, Missy and I put our current story on hold to write up this little beauty. It’s just a one shot, less than 8,000 words. BUT, it’s complete and it’s got a nice citrusy finish. What more could ladies stuck in quarantine ask for? I also included the song that inspired this at the end of the story so you can give it a listen if you like.

I hope everyone is safe at home and doing well, with plenty of good snacks and toilet paper (seriously, what’s with the TP hoarding?!) to see you through this. If you or someone you love has tested positive, Missy and I certainly wish you and yours a speedy recovery.

Happy reading, everyone!


OS_After A Few
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SUMMARY: Eric and Sookie broke up 6 months ago, but in a small town it’s hard to avoid your ex. Especially on a Friday night and after a drink or two. Super especially when you’re still in love with each other.

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