Chapter 5



I don’t have anything else to do and the guys are getting caught up so going for a swim seems like a good idea. Before putting on my bikini I make new notes on my laptop about Eric’s allergy and food preferences. I doubt any of that will make it to the article, but I’m still important.


After I get changed I head out back to the pool. Of course everything goes quiet as soon as Eric spots me. I ignore the two pairs of eyes following me to the pool and this time I jump in. The water is comfortable, not too warm or cold. When I pop up I float on my back and close my eyes.


This way I can’t hear their conversation or see what they’re doing. The weightlessness feels nice. If it wouldn’t be too dangerous, I’d fall asleep from the gentle rocking. I have no idea how much time passes before I feel the water shifting in the pool.


I open one eye and see Eric moving toward me. I lift my head and find Rasul is gone. Uh oh.


“I think you’re trying to kill me,” he says when he gets closer.


“I’m just trying to go for a swim,” I reply.


When he reaches me he does like he did yesterday and places my hand on his erection. “Floating around with your tits in the air and hard nipples is making me lose all fuckin’ brain function because all of my fuckin’ blood is here.”


“You poor thing,” I smirk.


“Mmm, it sucks,” he sighs.


“I would have floated face down but there’s that pesky need to breathe.” My hand is still on his dick. I should move it but like yesterday, I can’t seem to get my body to cooperate.


“Hmm, that would pose a small problem.” Eric’s hand closes over mine, wrapping my fingers around his shaft. He helps me slowly stroke up and down while his other hand comes up to my face, brushing his thumb over my bottom lip.


“You’d probably have to give me mouth to mouth…” I say as my thumb rubs his thick tip.


“Mmhmm,” he hums with his eyes on my lips as he slowly leans forward his hand slips down from my face to my breast. He pushes my top to the side and gently tugs on my nipple.


“Mmm… that might wake me up too,” I admit. My thighs rub together under the water. This isn’t good.


Eric releases my hand once I’m moving at the speed he wants me to and I feel his fingers brush my mound.


“Would this wake you?” He pushes his hand down the front of my bottoms until he finds my slit and he starts to rub my lower lips.


“Definitely,” I breathe.


Stop this now, Susannah!


Of course I don’t listen to myself.


Eric’s lips meet my jaw and I can hear him hiss quietly when I squeeze his shaft. He takes it upon himself to slide his finger between my folds and he starts to massage my clit.


“Tell me if you want me to stop, Sookie,” he whispers and nibbles on my earlobe.


“I should tell you to stop,” I tell him. Instead I part my legs to give him better access.


He takes the invitation and slides his finger back to my entrance. He rubs a moment before he starts to push his thick finger into me.


“Goddamn,” he groans and I feel his lips sucking a trail along my jaw toward my mouth.


“No shit,” I mutter. Just one of his fingers is almost bigger than my last boyfriend’s dick. He doesn’t need to know that, though.


“We should go into the house,” he suggests as he pumps his finger in and out of me.


“Mmhmm,” I agree. Pool sex isn’t nearly as comfortable as porn makes it look.


He pulls his finger out and grabs my hips to pull me to his chest as he makes his way to the shallow end of the pool. As he gets out I wrap my legs around his waist so he can carry me. He keeps going, dripping wet, right back to his bedroom and tosses me on the bed.


“Take that fuckin’ bikini off,” he commands in a husky sex voice as he goes to grab something… a condom from his top drawer.


I untie the knots at my hips first and pull the wet material away. Then I get up on my knees to take off my top. As soon as the top is gone, Eric gives me a look like he’s going to devour me.


He climbs onto the bed in front of me and dips his head while pushing my left tit up so he can wrap his lips around my nipple. I feel his teeth brush over the sensitive flesh as his hand goes back to my pussy so he can resume fingering me.


My legs spread wider and I feel my hips start to move on their own accord. His mouth moves to my other breast and a second finger slips into me.


“Oh… my God,” I pant.


“Wait until my dick is in you,” he breathes. “You’re a very tight girl, Miss Stackhouse. Fuck, you’re going to feel so fucking good.”


“It’s been almost a year,” I admit as his fingers twist and scissor.


“Mmm, practically a virgin again,” he smirks. He lifts his head and goes straight for my mouth. He kisses me for the first time on the lips, immediately sliding his tongue into my mouth to caress my own.


Mmm… he’s a good kisser. Not too much tongue or too much slobber. I went out with a guy once who kissed like a fucking basset hound. My tongue duels with Eric’s and I moan into the kiss as my walls start to flutter.


Eric groans into the kiss. His fingers find my sweet spot, making me whimper.


“Cum and I’ll let you have my cock,” he whispers as he rubs faster.


My fingers dig into his hips and my body moves in rhythm with his long fingers. The pressure builds and builds with moans getting louder. Jesus, this is amazing.  The last guy to find my g-spot was a college boyfriend who was obsessed with trying to get me to squirt.


“Fuuuuuck!” I shout when my orgasm explodes. My walls pulse around his fingers and for a minute I can’t see straight.


“Mmm,” he hums and slowly pulls his fingers out. I can feel his eyes on my face and the sound of him licking my cum off of his fingers. “Get comfortable,” he tells me as I hear the condom wrapper tear.


I lie on my back and keep my legs spread wide for him. I’m still breathing hard and aftershocks are rippling through me. My eyes focus in time to see Eric stroking himself with the condom rolled into place.


“I haven’t cum that hard in a while,” I tell him.


“If I have my way I’ll make sure you cum that hard at least once a day,” he smirks and moves into position. He pushes my legs back and thrusts his hips against me, running his shaft against my folds. He looks down to watch as he pulls back enough for his head to fall into position. He bites his bottom lip as he starts to rock into me so he can stretch my core as he works his thick cock into me.


“Holy fuckballs,” I mutter. Yep, he’s definitely the biggest guy I’ve ever been with.


He stills once he’s buried to the hilt. “How do you want it?” he asks and his hand moves to my lower abdomen so he can massage my clit.


“Shit, keep doing that and you won’t even have to move,” I pant. My thighs are already shaking.


He starts to swivel his hips some, grinding into me while he keeps moving his thumb.


“You’re so fuckin’ tight, Sookie,” he groans. “When I cum it’s going to be fuckin’ hard.”


“Mmm… you can move,” I tell him. My hips start to thrust a little to encourage him. It makes my back arch and my hands go to my tits to play with my nipples.


“That’s so fuckin’ hot.” Eric begins to take long, slow thrusts. He pulls almost all the way out before sliding in again, allowing me to feel every thick inch of his cock. He does this over and over, gradually speeding up until his hips are slapping against my ass.


“Fuckfuckfuck…” I chant. My ovaries are tingling and my walls are starting to grip his shaft. “Eric! Don’t stop… Yesyesyesyesyes!” Fuck, this is good. He might get this every day at this rate.


“I’m not,” he pants. He grabs my ankles and puts my legs together. He rests my feet on his shoulder and grabs onto my hips to help slide me up and down his shaft. “Fuuuck, that’s fuckin’ tight,” he groans.


He’s not kidding. I’ve never felt this full in my life and it’s amazing.


“Harder, Eric,” I moan. He’s going to make me cum again, I know it.


His fingers dig into my flesh and his hips start to slam into me, pistoning his cock in and out of my core.


“I… Fuck… I need… I need you to cum,” he pants. I can see the veins in his neck straining and his teeth grit.


“So close,” I breathe and reach down to rub my clit. I inhale sharply and my orgasm sneaks up on me. I scream his name and my pussy clenches hard. Jesus fuckin’ Christ.


Eric grunts a few times before he cums with a roar. His hips jerk against my thighs before he pulls out and drops my legs.


“Fuck,” he pants and drops onto the bed.


“Uh huh,” I breathe.


This is going to be a problem. The sex is… I’ve never had it that good. Goddamit, why couldn’t we have met under different circumstances?


Eric rolls off the bed and slips into the bathroom. I hear the water run for a few seconds before he joins me again. He plops onto the bed next to me and reaches over to play with my nipple.


“Sorry, you were just too tempting,” he says.


“I could have said no,” I reply as I shiver. My nipples tighten up like little pebbles for him. I’ll be able to cut glass any second.


“You have gorgeous tits,” he whispers as he runs the tip of his finger around my right nipple.


“Thank you,” I reply. “Every few months I think about getting a reduction but I know I’d regret it.”


“Mmm, never get rid of these,” he purrs and leans over to suckle my hardened peak.


“Easy for you to say. You’re not the one walking around with bowling balls strapped to your chest at all times.”


“No, not quite.” He releases my nipples and blows a soft steam of air over it.


“Mmm… you’re going to have me expecting daily treatments like this if you’re not careful,” I warn.


“That can be arranged,” he tells me and moves to the other side to give my other nipple the same treatment.


“I think that might be considered prostitution,” I tell him.


“We can wait until you’re off the clock.”


“So get off the clock and onto the cock?” I snicker.


“Mmhmm,” he nods and his hand slides down my stomach to rub my lips.


“Didn’t get enough the first time?”


“Did you? I can stop.”


“I haven’t decided yet.” I roll onto my side.


“I don’t have to be anywhere for a few hours…”


“How would you like to spend that time?” I lift my leg and rest it on his thigh.


“Watching you bounce on my dick.”


“We’re in the way wrong position for that,” I wink.


Eric wraps his arms around me and rolls onto his back, pulling me with him.




“This will definitely make the bouncing easier,” I agree and start rocking my hips back and forth over his semi-hard cock.


“Fuck, that feels fuckin’ good,” he groans and his hands slide around to grip my ass.


“Hmmm… I wonder how big of a mess we can make just doing this,” I smile.


“Your pussy is already dripping all over me. I can feel it on my balls. I think together we could do some damage.”


I think he’s right.


I keep gliding back and forth over his length, stroking him over and over. His hands move up to play with my nipples and it makes my hips go a little faster. He’s solid as a rock under me and I reach back to massage and tug just a little on his heavy sac.


“Mmm… are you going to cum for me, Eric?” I purr when I see his abs twitching.


“Yes,” he breathes as his back arches a little.


“Tell me what you need.”


“Just a little faster,” Eric pants. “Are you going to lick up the mess?” he asks and tugs harder on my nipples.


“Mmm… would you like me to? Do you want to feel my tongue all over your stomach, licking up your thick cum?” My hips move faster for him, grinding just a little and my thumb brushes his tip.


“Yes… I would love to feel that…” I can feel his cock pulsing under me. He’s about to explode.


“Give it to me, Eric,” I moan. “Give me your cum.”


His hands drop to my hips. His eyes screw shut and he thrusts up hard when he erupts all over his stomach.


“Fuuuck,” he groans.


“That’s so fuckin’ sexy,” I tell him. I keep rocking until he stills my hips. I lean down and lock eyes with him as I lick his stomach. His cum is salty but not bad tasting. I’ve had way worse than this before, that’s for sure. “Mmm… tasty mess,” I purr and lick up some more.


“And it looks sexy as fuck.” He starts to stroke my hair back as he watches me.


I take my time cleaning off his stomach and then move to his cock to clean that off too. Of course that only gets him hard again, which results in me bouncing on his dick. Jesus, I’ve never cum so many times in a few hours.


By the time he has to get ready for his meeting I’m not sure I can even move. The only thing I know is that I’m in big fucking trouble because I want to do this again.




“Amelia!” I holler when I get home. I hear the shower running and I don’t hesitate to go straight into the bathroom while she’s cleaning up. “I fucked him. A lot.”


The curtain swings back and the look of happy shock on her face is priceless.


“Are you shittin’ me?”


“Nope,” I grin. “I may not walk right for a few days after the wild ride I took this afternoon.”


“Oh. My. God. So he’s big and knows what to do with it? You better fuckin’ marry him,” she smiles and closes the curtain again so water doesn’t get all over the place.


“Yeah, I don’t think that’s happening,” I tell her. “But now I have a dilemma. I need you to not think with your vajizzle on this one.”


Amelia may not be the best person to ask for advice but she’s here.


“I’ll do my best,” she promises.


“You’re probably going to think I’m crazy for even considering not going along with this, but Eric wants to do this again–”


“Do. It,” she says in a commanding tone. “You’re fucking him either way. You might as well make the lead up as fun as possible. Plus, you can probably get more information from him if he’s all high on orgasms.”


She has a point.


“But isn’t that… super whorish?” I ask. “I mean it’s bad enough already that I’m there under false pretenses and planning on exposing his private life to people.”


“You could also call it dedicated to the job,” she says. “And if you feel bad about exposing his private life, you shouldn’t do it. Hell, I’m sure he’s paying you more to be his assistant.”


“Yeah, about that, I saw the figure today when I signed all my paperwork.”


“Is it good, bad, indifferent? Is Madden paying you more?”


I snort.


“Uh, I would have to work at that birdcage liner of a company for about thirty years to make what Eric’s paying me,” I tell her and her eyes go wide. “Let’s just say that I am really close to six figures on this job.”


Plus the paper is still paying me.


“You better pocket that shit for when he sues you,” she tells me honestly.


“He could but that probably wouldn’t go over very well for him since we’ve now fucked,” I point out. “I signed a confidentiality contract this morning but it’s not in my legal name so I don’t think it would actually hold up in court.”


“You better hope so,” she sighs and turns the water off. “Who knows, he seems too nice to do something like that anyway.”


“That’s the other thing,” I sigh. “This whole thing would be so much easier if he was an assface of a person, but he’s not. Yes, he’s a bit of a perv and I probably spend more time fighting off his advances than I have anything else so far, but he’s a really nice guy. He’s new to the business and obviously still pretty naive about things. I don’t want to ruin that sweetness he has.”


She opens the curtain to grab her towel and looks at me for a moment.


“You’re too sweet for this, Sookie,” she says and steps out of the tub.


“The crazy part is that if he was more experienced in all this there’s no way he ever would have hired me, no matter how much he liked my tits. Part of me wants to confess about this whole charade before things get any more complicated and the other part wants to see where this goes. Obviously I was put in his path for a reason but I don’t know what that reason is just yet.” I lean against the wall while she dries off. It doesn’t faze me one bit.


“I think I can I see how this is going to end, and it doesn’t look so good. You’ll probably be a hero in the tabloid world, but I don’t know if that’s what you really want,” she shrugs.


“I don’t want to be that flash in the pan girl, the one that got lucky and makes her name on being a dishonest, conniving rat,” I tell her. There will be repercussions for this one way or the other so I have to decide which set I’d rather live with. Right now, I’m not really sure which way to go.


“Looks like someone has some soul searching. I can give you my opinion all day long, but you need to do what’s right for you.”


I take a deep breath and let it out in a big puff. She’s right.


“Where’s one of those contact highs when I need one?” I ask with my eyes closed.


“I can just give you a joint,” she offers.


I haven’t smoked pot since college but I may have to make an exception. And to think I thought yesterday was the most fucked up day of my life.



8 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. So glad Sookie is finally giving second thoughts to what she is planning to do to Eric. She needs to think more long term instead of just right now.


  2. I can’t believe she’s even torn about what to do. I mean, he’s paying her a ton to work for him, and she’s getting incredible sex as the icing on the cake!


  3. Great story. But if she does not come clean with Eric, Victor could easily publish a story featuring her as the liar and fake PA. She is damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t tell the truth.


  4. WOW So hot… I totally agree with the comments that Sookie should come clean as this ‘undercover’ job is completely immoral (in my opinion) and her doing this, esp. sleeping with him, to get a gossip story has to be the bottom of the pit of journalistic ethics…
    Having said that not sure the ideal job is to be someone’s PA and screw him on a daily basis… Perhaps there is a job option that is neither chez Eric nor at that horrid Madden-run tabloid?


  5. She should quit her job for Madden asap, even before coming clean with Eric. She’s risking everything for the job she doesn’t even like. If she screws Eric over, she might make a name for herself, but is it really even a name she wants? I don’t think it would give her a position in the journals she wanted to work for, and it’s going to haunt her forever.


  6. They finally did it!! Now that they have there’ll be at lot more feelings and/or drama. Sookie needs to come clean and if she wants to stay there then she needs to say she quit and actually do it. However, if she gets fired then she brought it on herself and has to hope she doesn’t get fired from the tabloid. Perhaps she should find a job closer to what she actually wants to do.


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