Chapter 6



Sookie doesn’t spend near as much time in the bathroom afterward this time. She’s also in a better mood. I don’t know what she was going through last time. It’s not actually my business, but she seems to have gotten over whatever it was. Running into her today was a very welcome surprise and I tell her so when she comes out.

“So, is this something that’s just going to happen when we randomly run into each other?” I ask as I pull my pants up. I’m going straight home, so I’ll shower when I get there.



She’s fighting with her strapless bra when she says, “I don’t know. I have to be honest with you…” There’s another pause as she finally gets it into place. Sookie looks at me with an expression I can’t really place. “The truth is I’m… I’m not really in a place where I want to get in a relationship with someone. This is great but I don’t think anything more than hooking up like this is a good idea.”



“That’s fine,” I shrug. I don’t know what she was expecting me to say, but she looks… relieved. “I’m so fuckin’ busy at the bakery I barely have time to breathe, being in a relationship would just end badly.” Kind of like my marriage to Nora. I walk over to help her zip the dress and I add, “You already know I wouldn’t mind doing this again. Now I need to know if you want me to come to you or wait again?”



“How about I give you a call in a few days?” she suggests. “I’m sure I’ll be battling a hangover tomorrow. I’m thinking of recouping my expenses for this dress in bottles of good champagne.”



“Good idea,” I chuckle. “I have another wedding tomorrow and an overzealous mother getting three giant ass cakes and a shitton of cupcakes for her daughter’s sweet sixteen,” I explain. “By Wednesday I’ll need a break.”



“Sounds good,” she smiles. “Then I’ll call you on Wednesday and see what you’re up to.”



“Looking forward to it,” I smile back. I grab my keys and lean down to give her a quick peck on the lips before I leave her room.



I get stopped on my way out by a lady to ask about making a cake for her daughter’s wedding in a few months. Once I’m done with her I sigh when I see Belinda still sitting in the lobby. She wasn’t there when I went up, so I don’t know how long she’s been sitting here. I know I told her she was able to go well over an hour ago… Just kidding. I think Belinda is heading upstairs to have her own fun with one of the guests. That makes me feel better. Sometimes she makes me nervous when it’s just the two of us in the bakery. I feel like prey being stalked by a lion when she sneaks into the kitchen. It’s scary. It could also be that I’m used to Pam’s loud ass walking around.



Pam and I haven’t talked yet, so I haven’t told her yet that she was right. I need help. I’ve gotten way too busy to do it all myself and have somewhat of a life, or sleep. Earlier in the week I was up for damn near forty-eight hours baking shit. I decided yesterday to put in an ad for two additional pastry chefs and someone to help Belinda with the front end of things. We’ll see how this works out. Sookie was right; I need to find people that fit with my personality. I’ve been told I’m… difficult to work with. I know I can be hard to get through to, but I’m really not a bad guy.




I’m actually surprised when my cell phone rings Wednesday evening. I’m taking my first break in almost two week, lounging on my couch. I don’t recognize the number, but I can only assume… or hope it’s Sookie. I could use a good orgasm.



“Hello?” I answer on the second ring.



“Hi. It’s Sookie,” she says. “Busy?”



“Mmm, nope,” I say popping the P.



“Feel like some company?”



“Hmm, I think you could talk me into it,” I smile into the receiver. “You have a pen and paper? I can give you the address unless you want me to come to you.”



“No, I’ll come to you. Fire when ready.”



I rattle off my address. Sookie promises to be here in twenty minutes and we hang up. I hop up from the couch or make sure I don’t have any messes. I realize the only thing messy is my room since that’s the only part of my house I’ve been in recently. I toss all my laundry in the hamper, brush my teeth, throw on some deodorant and by the time I’m done I hear my doorbell ring.



I run down the stairs to open it and find Sookie looking as pretty as ever on the other side.



“Hi, come on in,” I smile when I open the door.



“Hi,” she smiles back at me. “I love that the weather is getting warmer.”



“Me too,” I purr, scanning her body. Her legs look delicious. “How have you been since I last saw you?”



“As predicted, the hangover was pretty gnarly, but I left the hotel with four bottles of champagne in my bag so it pays off,” she snickers.



“That’s good,” I smile. “Would you like something to drink? Seat? Tour? Go straight to the room and let me tear your panties off…”



“Host’s choice,” she shrugs.



I think a moment. It would be polite to sit and talk a while. Sookie did say she just wants sex and I’m dying to see what she has on under her skirt.



“Would it be terribly rude if I carry you up to my room and bury my face between your thighs?” I ask, arching an eyebrow.



“Not even a little bit,” she says, dropping her bag on little table by the door.



I smile and scoop her up by her thighs so she can wrap her legs around me. I press her against the wall before I head up the stairs to give her a hard kiss. When I pull back I complete the journey to my room and toss her on the bed. My shirt goes flying and I bend to reach under her skirt. My hands go straight for her panties so I can drag them down her thighs. I stuff them in my pocket and push her legs back.



“Sorry, this is something I’ve wanted since I got that taste at the wedding,” I tell her.



“Do you see me complaining?” She grabs my head and pushes it down.



“Mmm, looks like someone is just as anxious as I am,” I grin before I drag my tongue along her slit. “Already so wet,” I purr.



“I knew what I was coming here for and you’re a great fuck,” she tells me.



“Practice makes perfect,” I mutter. I spread her lower lips and thrust my tongue into her cunt. Fuck, she’s fucking tasty.
Sookie moans and guides my head where she wants it.



“Mmm… right there,” she groans and her hips flex a little.



I rub my tongue over her core, up to her clit and back down again. I slide two fingers into her pussy and scissor them so I can stretch her. The couple times we’ve fucked it’s been hard to push in she’s so fucking tight. I move my head up to wrap my lips around her clit and twist my fingers, searching for the right spot. The way her pussy gushes and her back arches tells me when I hit it.



“Fuck!” she shouts and tugs on my hair. “Fuck, right there!”



When I look up she’s tugged her top up and she’s playing with her nipples one at a time, tugging on one before moving to do the same to the other. I moan against her clit as I start to flick it with the tip of my tongue. Her walls start to squeeze my fingers.



“Cum, Sookie,” I growl when she starts breathing heavily. I can tell she’s right there. I rub her sweet spot faster and watch her face, waiting for her to fall apart.



“Yesyesyesyesyes… fuuuuuuck!” Her back arches again and her body trembles as she cums.



Fucking gorgeous. The way her body responds to me and her epic use of the word fuck makes my dick harder than I think it’s ever been. I kiss her clit; rub her spot a couple more times before I stand up to take my jeans off. Sookie takes off her clothes and by the time I’m naked she is too, still panting on the bed.



“How long do I have you tonight?” I ask. I look down at her body and start stroking my cock.



“I don’t have plans to be anywhere else,” she answers.






I climb onto the bed and lie down next to her. I reach over to grab her hip and I pull her on top of me. I pull her face to mine to kiss her. If the taste of her pussy on my tongue bothers her, she doesn’t say anything. Her hips start rocking over my erection and my hands slide down her back to grip her ass.



“Ride me,” I whisper between kisses.



“Condom?” she whispers back.



“Top drawer,” I say, motioning to my nightstand. I didn’t even think about it.



Sookie reaches over to get one. She sits up and rips the wrapper open. Her eyes lock on mine as she rolls the latex down my shaft and then lifts her hips. She rubs my head up and down her slit a few times before slowly starting to slide down.



“Fuck…” she hisses when she’s only about halfway down.



“I know you can take it all,” I purr and wrap my hands around her hips. I guide her up before she slides down, taking a little more of me.



“How are you so fucking tight?” I groan.



“Low mileage,” she smirks and starts to lift her hips up again.



“Mmm, good to know,” I wink. I pull her down as I thrust up, filling her completely. “There we go…” She pauses, dropping her head back.



She starts to swivel her hips, grinding against me. “You feel how deep my big dick is?” I groan. My hands move up to grab her tits and I start to gently tug her nipples.



“So fucking deep,” she moans. Her hips rock back and forth, rubbing her clit against my pubic bone over and over.



I look down to see her pussy stretched around my shaft. I can feel her juices dripping down my balls she’s so fucking wet and her nipples are nice and tight. I notice her walls pulse when I talk to her so I start to talk dirty to her.



“Is that tight little cunt going to cum for me? I can feel your pussy holding my dick so fuckin’ tight… I know you’re close, Sookie…” I say. The look on her face is fucking beautiful. Her soft pink lips are parted. Her cheeks are a delicious shade of red and she’s panting heavily.



“So close,” she breathes. She starts to bounce up and down and her hand moves to her clit to rub it in quick, tight circles that make her back arch. “Ohhhh… fuuuuck!”



“That’s it, pretty girl. Cum all over me…” I’m not even close to cumming yet. I could lie here all night and watch her do this.



“Yesyesyesyesyesyes!” Her head falls back and her walls clench hard around my shaft. A fresh wave of her honey drips out of her and she falls forward onto my chest.



My hips start to thrust up. My hands ghost down her back to her ass. I grip her rear cheeks tight as I start to fuck her harder and harder. Fuck, she feels so fuck good I could happily be buried in her fucking cunt all fucking night.



I roll us over without falling out and I lock my arms. My eyes land on her tits, watching them bounce while I start to pound into her pussy. We go like this for at least twenty minutes before I start to feel the coiling in my stomach. My balls start to tighten and I’m breathing heavier.



“Fuckfuckfuck… So… So… Fuuuuuck!” I roar when I cum. My hips jerk against her, hitting her clit. “Oh fucking hell,” I pant as I collapse on top of her.



“Holy multiple orgasms, Batman,” Sookie pants.



“Mmm, give me fifteen minutes and I can be ready to go again,” I chuckle. “Or suck my cock and I’m sure I’ll spring back to life.”



“I can wait.”



I kiss her quickly and pull out to go dispose of the condom. I wash my hands before I go back to the room. “Are you thirsty?” I ask. Sookie is still lying on my bed. She’s on her back, her pussy glistening between her legs… mmm.



“No, I’m good, thanks,” she says.



I shrug and lie down next to her again. I help her roll onto her side to face me and I lean in to kiss her softly. I settle my hand on her waist and start to rub up and down her side.



“Stroke my cock,” I whisper between kisses.



Sookie does as I say. She wraps her hand around my shaft and begins to stroke me slowly, rubbing her thumb over my tip every few strokes. I reach down while she strokes me to rub her clit with my fingertips. It doesn’t take long for me to get hard again and I break the kiss to roll back so I can grab another condom.



Once I have it on I roll back to Sookie and say, “Tell me what you want.”



Rather than speaking, she rolls onto her stomach and spreads her legs just a little bit. Fuck, she’ll be impossibly tight this way.
I get up behind her and bend to kiss her cheeks before I straddle her thighs. I have her spread her cheeks as I guide my tip to her opening.



“Oh… Fuck…” I breathe as I start to slide in. Her fucking pussy is way too fucking good. I have to pause once I’m inside of her to regain my composure before I start to slide in and out.



“Mmm… so good,” she moans. She starts to lift herself just a little bit to meet my thrusts.



I fall forward, catching myself on my hands. I’ve figured out she likes to get fuck hard so I start driving in, pounding my hips against her ass. Sookie grips my comforter, crying out with each hard thrust.



“Is that good, pretty girl?” I pant. “You like the way my cock feels when it’s driving into your hot cunt?”



“Yes!” she cries out. “So… fucking… good… fuuuuck!”



“Are you going to cum again for me?” I ask when her walls start to pulse.



“Mmm… so fucking hard,” she pants. Her pussy grips me hard when she explodes with a deep groan.



“Fuuuck, that’s good,” I breathe. I pull out and roll her onto her side. I pull her leg up to rest on my shoulder; I slide back in, going deeper than I’ve been able to get yet. “Oh. My. Fucking. God,” I groan. Her pussy is still convulsing around my shaft. “I want to get this deep every fucking time…”



One of her hands lands on my hip, pulling me down harder, while the other moves to her clit. She cries out with every deep thrust and her walls never stop pulsing.



“I’m gonna cum fucking hard for you, pretty girl,” I pant after a few minutes. I didn’t think I would cum this quickly again. I slam in over and over until my orgasm rips from me. I grind against her as I fill the rubber barrier.



“Ohmyfuckinggod,” she groans and puts her leg down to keep thrusting her hips up.



I pull out of her and quickly replace my cock with two fingers. I find her spot immediately and rub quickly to give her one more good, hard orgasm.



“Fuck, I think you broke me,” she pants when she can talk again.



“I don’t see anything wrong with that,” I chuckle as I get up to dispose of the spent condom. When I get back to the bed I plop down and spoon in behind Sookie. We stay quiet, just lying there. She feels good. It’s nice to have a warm body in my arms. I don’t know how long it’ll be in my life, so I’m going to revel in it while I have it.





6 thoughts on “Chapter 6

  1. Still not happy that she hasn’t talked to Tray, but dayyuuum that Mr. Northman knows what he’s doing!


  2. Hot stuff!!!! This is what I call a ‘booty call’ and wow… quite a high performing one… At this point they are both in this for one reason and that’s sex (in between demanding jobs). It isn’t even a friends with benefits situation since they are not friends, barely acquaintances…. Wonder how long things shift and what will change that balance…


  3. Wonder which one will cave first and want more? And if Sookie will tell Eric about Trey before she breaks off with Trey or after.
    This is the place where angst and porn meet, so I’m guessing it’s not going to be that tidy lol


  4. Hot damn. Wow. Sign me up for that booty call, shit that was good. I wonder if Sookie is still feeling guilty? I’m wondering who will cave first too?


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