Chapter 12: Beachin’



Me: Beach day?


I sent a text to Eric the following Saturday morning. The night before we had met over in Destin to see a movie and get some ice cream. It was pretty innocent for a second date but it was nice.


Eric: Say when and where.


I took a picture of the black, white and pink leopard print bikini I had on to send to him.


Me: Henderson. 20 minutes.


Eric: I’ll be there trying to keep my hard-on at bay 😉


Me: Duct tape might help lol


Eric: You’d have to kiss it all better when I pulled the tape off.


Me: Welding?


Eric: Do you ever want me to be able to use it on you again?


I giggled and grabbed my sandals from the closet.


Me: I’m just trying to be supportive of your situation.


Eric: Yes you are, pretty girl and I appreciate you for it.


Me: I’m bringing drinks and snacks. Cooler’s already in the Firebird.


Eric: Do you want me to meet you at your place?


Me: You want to get your mitts on ol’ Bettie, don’t you?


Dad had named her after pinup girl Bettie Paige.


Eric: Nope. I just want to get my hands on your pretty little butt.


Me: Good answer. I’ll wait :*


Eric: Be there shortly.


I set my phone down and got my white coverup dress out of the closet to wear over my bikini. I made my bed and took my beach bag out to the car. I could tell Ripley was hoping she was going too.


“Not today, girl.” I pet her head between her ears. She gave me the most pathetic look as Eric was pulling up.


He parked in front of the house and turned off his truck. When he got out he was only wearing a pair of board shorts and flip flops. That was it.


“Hey,” he smiled as he walked up, pushing his sunglasses on top of his head.


“Do I still have ogling privileges?”


“Yes, ma’am.”


“Good.” I pushed up on my toes to kiss him. “Hi.”


“Hi. You look pretty,” he complimented me.


“Thank you. You look lickable,” I replied.


“You have licking privileges too,” he winked.


“I’ll remember that later.”


“Good. Are we bringing Ripley?”


“I don’t think she’ll fit in the Firebird, unfortunately.” It was a two seater, so there wasn’t anywhere for her to go.


“If you want to take her I can move the cooler to my truck,” he offered. “If not we can hop in and go before I try to talk you into going inside to give me a blowjob.”


“Rip, you want to go to the beach?” Her ears perked up and her tail wagged. “I think that’s a yes.”


Eric chuckled. “Pop the trunk so I can grab the cooler.”


Ripley got up and trotted over to Eric’s truck, tail wagging. I could have sworn she was smiling as I popped the trunk on the Firebird. Eric grabbed the cooler and carried it over to his truck. Once he placed it in the bed he lowered the tailgate so Ripley could jump in.


“You just made a new best friend,” I told him.


“She’s a sweet girl, I don’t mind,” he smiled as he rubbed her head.


“She’s a big sweetheart,” I agreed. “She’s the least aggressive dog I’ve ever encountered.”


“That’s good. That means she probably won’t be an issue when you start having babies.” Eric put the tailgate back up and turned to give me another sweet kiss.


“You know that’s twice you’ve mentioned babies,” I said.


“Really? I didn’t notice,” he shrugged.


“Well the first time your mom asked if I was pregnant,” I reminded him.


“I don’t know, it just came out,” he replied nonchalantly.


“Have you been thinking about having kids?” I asked. The Eric I was used to would rather lose a foot than have kids.


“I haven’t been actively thinking about it, but I decided I do want kids one day. Maybe seeing you again is bringing it out.”


“I think I just make you want to practice making them,” I snickered.


“That’s a given,” he laughed. “I also like you a lot more than any other girl I’ve met since we broke up.”


“It’s the bikini, right?” I winked.


“Definitely,” he smirked, reaching out to pinch my butt.


“I better get my bag before we go inside and do dirty things.”


“Wouldn’t want to disappoint Ripley,” he nodded. “I’ll be in the truck.”


“I’ll be right there.” He got a little smack on the ass before I ran inside to get my purse. I locked up the house and then climbed up into the truck next to Eric.


Eric started up the truck and waited until I had my seatbelt on before he pulled away from the curb. “What do you have planned after the beach?”


“Depends on how many beers I have,” I smiled. “I’ve got Coronas and lime wedges in the cooler.”


“Ah, good girl,” he grinned.


“I also made lobster rolls and potato salad,” I told him. I did picnics fancy.


“Is it too soon to tell you I love you?”


I laughed and said, “You love food, not me.”


“I do love food,” he nodded. “You’re pretty cute though.”


“Thanks. There’s some cut up fruit in there too for snacking on. I’m glad you agreed to come along or Tara’s goat would be getting lobster,” I told him.


“I can’t believe she actually got that thing,” he laughed. “She’s nuts.”


“She said it shits everywhere,” I chuckled. “I heard her yelling at it this morning for eating a… you don’t want to know.” It was a sex toy.


“I probably don’t,” he snorted. “That’s what she gets for impulse buying, and not asking me to mow her lawn. Hell, if I didn’t want to do it I’d pay for a damn gardener for her.”


“There’s nothing to even mow!” I laughed. Our front yards were sand and wood chips.


“I know, I could walk out back with a pair of kitchen shears and have it taken care of in five minutes.”


“How long before she gives up the goat, you think?” I reached over to play with his fingers.


“One more week.” He lifted my hand to kiss the back before setting it down on the seat again.


“I think that’s generous, but you’re probably right.”


We rolled up to Henderson Beach a few minutes later. Because it was free to locals it wasn’t as crowded as several of the nearby beaches. Eric found a parking spot with ease and as soon as the truck was in park I could tell Ripley was ready to go. I got her leash out of the bag and when I got out of the truck I clipped it to her collar before Eric let the gate down. Ripley jumped down and I grabbed the beach bags while Eric got the cooler. I put the gate up for him and led the way to the beach.


Ripley wanted off her leash immediately but there were plenty of kids around and I didn’t want parents freaking out. Eric and I found a spot a little way further down so Ripley wouldn’t fool with the kids. As soon as I let her off the leash she took off running straight for the water. I spread out towels and then pulled off my dress.


“Get down here and sit with me,” Eric said once he took a seat.


“You don’t want to swim?”


“Not yet. I want to cuddle with you for a few minutes first.”


“It’s too hot out here to cuddle,” I laughed. It didn’t feel like it but it was ninety-something degrees outside and the sun was ridiculously hot.


“Ah you’re no fun,” he chuckled as he stood back up. He leaned over and lifted me in a fireman’s carry and started walking toward the water.


“Eric!” I squealed.


“I can’t hear you with the wind whipping past my ears!” Eric smacked my butt.


I yelped and retaliated since I was in the perfect position to do so. The water was slightly cooler than lukewarm but it felt fantastic on a hot day.


“Better?” he smiled as he adjusted me so I was clinging to the front of his body.


“Dangerous,” I replied as Ripley paddled over to us.


“Why’s that?”


“Because I don’t want you thinking tab A is going into slot B,” I smiled.


“I’ll be good,” he promised.


He better. No way were we fucking in the ocean.


I unwrapped myself from around him so I could play with the dog. I found a stick for her to fetch and when I threw it, she ran right after it. I made a mental note to take Ripley to the dog park nearby. She loved going and the exercise was good for her.


“You want to play?” I handed Eric the stick when Ripley brought it back to me.


“Sure.” He threw it in the same direction I was throwing it. His went a little farther, but Ripley didn’t seem to mind.


“Showoff,” I snickered.


“I throw harder,” he winked.




Ripley brought the stick back and waited for Eric to throw it again for her. She whimpered at him when he took too long.


“Geez, pushy,” he said, scrubbing her head before he threw the stick again.


“She likes you,” I told him.


A big wave came up and knocked me on my ass. There was no graceful way to fall, either. The water was too powerful. I laughed when I resurfaced and had to fix my bikini top when I noticed my right boob was trying to escape.


“You’re pushing that the wrong way,” Eric teased.


“Not in public I’m not,” I laughed. “But if you’re good I’ll let you wash my back when we get back to the house.”


“I’ve been an angel.”


“I’m just saying.” A shower would be mandatory to get all the salt off of me and out of my hair.


“I’ll even be good in the shower if you ask me to. It’ll be hard though.”


I glanced down and said, “God willing.”


“Have I disappointed you yet?”




“I’m going to go take a seat for a while,” Eric told me.


“Okay. I’ll be out in a minute.”


Eric gave me a quick kiss before he turned to walk back to our towels. My eyes may have been glued to the little dimples above his ass as he moved. Ripley came back with her stick and she followed me out of the water. She shook the excess off of her white-blonde coat and did a little roaming around the beach. She stuck close, though.


“Hungry?” I asked Eric when I sat down beside him. I opened the cooler and grabbed two beers, along with the bag of cut up lime wedges.


“Have you met me?” he asked with a little smile.


I let him deal with the beers while I unpacked the food. There was a Tupperware container filled with cut up strawberries, watermelon, grapes, honeydew, cantaloupe and mandarin oranges. The sandwiches were individually wrapped and there was a second container with the potato salad in it. I started making plates for us and because she wasn’t really a beggar, Ripley didn’t pay too much attention to the fact that we had food. I did, however, grab a bottle of water from the cooler and pour some into a paper bowl for her so she could have something to drink. The salt water wasn’t any better for her than it was for us.


“Do you want fruit too?” I asked Eric after I had a healthy portion of potato salad and three sandwiches on his plate.


“Yes please. You know you’re going to make me fat, right?”


“I’m sure you can think of a way to work off the calories,” I said as I added some fruit to the plate.


“You mean after ten hours remodeling a house? Yeah, I can. It may even give you a workout too,” he winked.


“Ugh, you mean cleaning up the lawn, right?” I teased.


“Hmm, if you’re feeling adventurous we can do it on the lawn.”


I snorted and gave him his plate.


“Dig in,” I said as I handed over a fork as well.


“Thanks, pretty girl,” he smiled at me before he started on his fruit.


There was plenty of food in the cooler so I wasn’t worried about running out. Actually, I was more concerned that Eric was going to go into a food coma and end up as red as that lobster was before I took it out of its shell. I actually wasn’t terribly hungry myself so I started out with fruit. It was refreshing under the hot summer sun.


“Next time remind me to bring the umbrella,” I told him. There were tons of them up and down the beach. It wasn’t uncommon for folks to bring a big patio umbrella and a mallet to get it properly anchored into the sand. The ocean breezes could be pretty strong and umbrellas were no match for them.


“That’s a good idea. That’s why I don’t plan these things,” he told me.


“I just forgot to get it out of the garage,” I shrugged. “I hope you won’t mind sitting under a hot pink zebra print umbrella. Mel picked it.”


“It doesn’t bother me. Mel’s relationship with his dog does though,” Eric snorted. “Have you talked to him?”


“Yeah I don’t really understand that relationship either, believe me. I’ve tried to figure it out on a personal and on a professional level and I just don’t get it. I think it boils down to him being lonely, really. And no, I haven’t talked to him. I’m going to let him come to me when he’s ready,” I said.


“Maybe he’s just PMSing?”


“I have no idea.” I plucked a piece of melon from the container and popped it in my mouth.


“I’m sure he’ll come around. It happens to Tara and me every now and then. I was ready to slap her on the Nik’s anniversary,” he admitted.


“What happened? I mean, if you don’t mind me asking.”


“I didn’t want to be alone that day and she first told me not to drink and then kicked me out of her house. I was on the couch, I wasn’t bothering her,” he shrugged. “To me she was just being a bitch.”


“Without knowing her side it’s hard to say but I’m sorry that happened. That sounds a little harsh to me,” I said. She probably had her reason for kicking him out but I had no clue what that reason might have been.


“She was probably pissed that I woke her up on accident.”


“Could be. Is she a grump in the morning?” I didn’t know Tara well enough to know if she was or not.


“Sometimes. Depends on if she left the bar with anyone,” he told me before digging into his potato salad.


“Well you guys have obviously made up since then. That’s the important thing.” I popped a strawberry in my mouth. “Mmm… when I get home I need to put more grapes in the freezer. I could eat green grapes by the pound.”


“Me too,” he agreed. “I try not to hold a grudge. We’d made up before I went to bed that night.”


“That good,” I nodded. I eyed his plate and asked, “How is everything?”


“Delicious, thank you. I’m getting better but I’ll never be as good as you,” be smiled.


“You mean with the cooking? It just takes practice,” I shrugged. “I can show you how to make all this if you want.”


“Maybe. I feel like I never have time to really cook a good meal. I’m usually pretty tired at night when I’m working. The rest of the time I’m just lazy.”


“So you definitely don’t want to come by for dinner on Tuesday when I make cheddar cornbread and slow cooker chili for dinner, right?” I chuckled.


“I may stay the night Monday and play hooky Tuesday if that’s what I’m to expect for dinner.”


I laughed and said, “Well, I’ll be at work Tuesday so you’ll have to find some way to keep yourself occupied.”


“I can take Ripley for a walk and clip your grass patch,” he chuckled.


“Yeah and Tara’ll talk you into cleaning up goat pebbles,” I snorted.


“No she won’t. I draw the line at goat pebbles.”


“So you’ll do anything for love but you won’t do that?” I laughed. Yeah, I was a dork and I didn’t care.


Eric smiled and said, “Bring your cute face over here so I can kiss it.”


Just for fun I rubbed a little honeydew juice on my lips first and then leaned over to collect my kiss.


“Mmm, you spoil me,” he purred before licking my lips.


“Just trying to keep it interesting,” I replied before I kissed him.


Things were going as smoothly as they could be, all things considered. I was having fun with him and even if things didn’t work out in the long run, I was happy that we had made amends as far as the past was concerned. Being able to forgive someone was a big deal and I realized, while we were sharing little kisses on the beach between bites of fruit salad, that I had forgiven him. For the moment, I just wanted to have fun without getting all emotional. I decided I’d tell him that later on, though. Eric had been waiting a long time to hear those words and he deserved to hear them. He had earned it.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 12: Beachin’

  1. They have so much fun together, I’m glad things are going better for them and its awesome that Sookie realized she forgave him. It sounds like things can only get better, fingers crossed.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Forgiveness is giant step. Good for Sookie, and I hope she accepts it when Eric reciprocates by telling her she’s forgiven. This was a fun chapter! 🙂


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