Chapter 5


I am all out of good reasons for not fucking Eric’s brains out. I’m single, on birth control and if he fucks as well as he eats pussy then I’m in for a treat. He found my g-spot, for fuck’s sake. God knows Quinn ‘tried’ but always gave up when I was ready enough for sex and his stamina left something to be desired. I got into the habit of blowing him before we had sex in the hopes that it would improve his hang time, but if it did it was only by seconds. At first it didn’t bother me too much that he got so excited that he couldn’t hold it.

I figured he was just super turned on by me. As time went on, however, I realized that was just the way he always was. So I learned a few tricks – thanks in part to Laff and Claude – and some through trial and error. I learned the best way to make sure I got to cum while we were fucking was to pretty much get myself almost there because the second Quinn felt anything from me he was going off too.

With Eric, on the other hand, I suspect it will be different.

When I reach my bed I turn around and reach out to unzip his pants. His eyes are intense and focused on my hands, watching them work his pants open. They fall around his feet and with a firm tug of his boxerbriefs, those puppies are on the floor too. Eric kicks them away and I kneel down to give him a little cock worship in thanks for the great head I just received a few minutes before.

I lick him from base to tip to get his shaft wet and then I start stroking him while my mouth moves to his balls to give them a little attention. He groans and his head drops back for just a minute, but then he’s right back to looking down, watching me work. My mouth moves back to the head of his cock and my hand keeps working his length while I lick and suck on just his head.

I can feel my juices dripping from me with every growl I get out of him and when his hips start to thrust I take more of him in my mouth. My hands go to his hips to hold onto him and I let him fuck my mouth for a minute before I pull back and stand up. That was fun and I fully intend on sucking his brain out through his dick at some point tonight, but right now I want more.

And I sincerely doubt Eric’s going to protest about giving it to me.

Since I’m not dumb enough to rely on a man for birth control, I grab a condom from my nightstand and tear it open so I can put it on him myself. I’m on the pill but I’m not taking any chances. Eric’s a great guy and I like him, but I don’t know if I like him enough to be tied to him for the rest of my life through a child I’m pretty sure I don’t even want at the moment. But again, there’s no protest from Eric. Particularly when I climb up on the bed and stay on all fours in front of him, offering myself up for him.

“You read my mind,” he chuckles as he climbs up behind me.

His hands smooth over my ass and I feel the tip of his erection rub up my slit. I feel him nudge my opening, but he doesn’t push in.

“Sookie, if I cum too soon I promise to make sure you get another O,” he tells me as he starts to slide into me. “And you feel just as good as I expected.”

I groan as he advances and my body stretches for him. “Fuck, you’re so big,” I moan and my head drops to the mattress. Definitely the whole factory.

“Your pussy is already stroking my dick, but I appreciate the ego stroke as well,” he says and I can hear the smile in his voice as his hips begin to thrust a little faster.

I moan again and grab my comforter. It’s not even so much the length, which is impressive enough, but how thick he is. Jesus… it’s good. He grabs my hips and starts moving even faster. My heart feels like it’s going to beat right out of my chest and I force myself up off the bed, locking my elbows so I don’t fall again.

“Harder,” I moan, and look back over my shoulder at him.

“As you wish,” he says again and slams into me with a grunt.

Our eyes stay locked and he bites his bottom lip as he begins to pound into me. His hips are slapping into my ass, filling the room with the delicious sounds of skin on skin, and our mutual moans. The look of determination on his face tells me he’s working hard to keep himself in check.

I groan when he slams in and holds, buried to the hilt. I can feel his shaft twitching inside of me..

“Just a minute,” he breathes. “Let me calm down and I can keep going,” he promises. Eric is a very considerate lover.

“Take your time,” I smile back at him.

Eric looks down at my ass and he spreads my cheeks. His thumb begins rubbing light circles over my rear entrance. He’s looking down like he plans on fucking me there, but he stops, grabs my hip and my shoulder, and then pulls me up so my back is flush against his chest. Eric’s lips find my shoulder and his hand ghosts around to my mound. He starts rubbing my clit lightly as his cock moves slowly in and out of me.

“I want to feel you cum on my dick,” he whispers. I gasp when his head rubs over that sweet spot inside of me. “Can you do that? Your pussy is already dripping her honey all over me.”

“God yes,” I moan but I’m not even sure I’m answering him because it’s going to happen whether he wants it to or not if he keeps thrusting like this.

“Mmm, good,” he hums and his hips keep up the slow, torturous pace.

My fingers dig into his thighs and I turn my head to kiss his neck. I can taste just a little bit of sweat on him and it turns me on more. I’m caught in the best kind of paradox because on one hand I want him to throw me down and fuck me stupid, but on the other I want him to keep doing what he’s doing because it feels so fucking good.

So rather than giving instructions I just let my body make its noises of approval and pleasure. My insides get tighter and my arm flies up to hold onto the back of Eric’s neck when I can’t keep the pressure that’s deep in my belly from exploding. I scream his name as my pussy clenches hard around his shaft, making Eric groan too.

Eric takes a deep breath, pushes me down so I’m on my knees and elbows and then slams into me. He grabs my hips, pulling me back with each hard thrust. His breathing is getting heavier and I can feel his cock swell inside of me.

He cums with a roar when he’s buried completely inside of me. His hips jerk a few times and he collapses on top of me. He crushes me under his weight, but it’s not an unwelcome felling.

“Thank you,” he whispers and kisses the back of my head before pulling out to dispose of the condom.

“My pleasure,” I giggle and turn onto my side. I think I might be a bit delirious from the orgasms because I add, “I guess that means you like my vajizzle.”

He smiles and shakes his head. “I might be a little smitten with your vajizzle, yes.” He slips into the bathroom and comes out a moment later, strutting toward me completely naked. He has a really nice body.

“So does this mean I can expect you to still be here in the morning?” I ask him.

“Do you want me to be here in the morning?” he asks as he climbs onto the bed. He rolls me all the way onto my back and hovers over me. “I wouldn’t mind making you breakfast.”

I smile up at him and say, “That’s good because I burn PopTarts.”

“How in the hell does that happen?” he giggles.

“Sheer talent, from all I can gather.”

“Any other talents I should know about?” He dips down to kiss me before popping back up on his arms.

“A few but they’re mostly dirty,” I snicker.

“Those are the best talents to have,” he grins. He lays down next to me and pulls me into his chest. “I’m an after sex snuggler,” he admits as his hand runs up and down my back.

“I have no problem with that,” I tell him and let my fingers wander just below his bellybutton.

“Any lower and you might make me hard again,” he whispers and kisses my forehead.

“Guess I better knock it off then,” I whisper back but my fingers keep moving.

“Mmhmm, unless you want me to get hard again.”

“I can wait until you’ve had your snuggles.”

“My cock likes snuggles too if that’s an option,” he says, arching an eyebrow.

I’m not so brain damaged that I can turn that down.

“That sounds like a fantastic option.”

“Get him hard again and tell me where you want him,” Eric says and this time moves to kiss my mouth.

I moan into the kiss and shift to straddle his thighs so I can stroke him and kiss him at the same time. Despite the fact that he just came not too long ago, it doesn’t take very long for him to get hard again.

“The vajizzle’s that good, huh?” I giggle and reach for a new condom. I’m going to need to buy more.

♦ ♦ ♦

The next morning I wake up with a man-shaped space heater attached to my back and his anaconda arm wrapped around my torso. It takes some wiggling to extricate myself from his hold, which alerts me to his epic morning redwood, and I stagger into the bathroom to pee. While I’m in there I brush my teeth and try to tame down my sex hair. Only a shower is going to fix this situation but I’m not ready to do that yet. I don’t know how Eric feels about morning sex but I’d really, really like to find out.

So I get back into bed and proceed with my plan to suck his brain out through his dick since I didn’t get to do it last night. Eric must sleep like the dead because he doesn’t stir when I push him onto his back. I keep my eyes trained on his face and his mouth twitches up a bit when my tongue licks him from base to tip, but his eyes stay closed. There are a series of sleepy grunts that come from him when I take him in my mouth, and I’m sure he’s thinking he’s having the best dream of his life.

Then his eyes do pop open and I moan a good morning with his cock in my mouth.

“Shit, I’m moving in if this is my alarm clock,” he groans and then drops his head back as his hips buck a little.

Laughing and giving head don’t mix, so I settle for letting him know I appreciate his candor by playing with his balls. Of course that only make his hips buck more, and I’m sure the moaning I’m doing isn’t helping matters. Having two close friends that are gay and willing to give you advice on how to give better head comes in really handy, and right now Eric is reaping the benefits of their tutelage.

Eric continues to groan as I suck. His hands go to my hair, and he has a tight grip as he starts thrusting up a little.

“Baby, you give amazing head,” he moans with his eyes closed.

I moan a little louder and my cheeks hollow so I can suck a little harder. My head bobs faster and my hand keeps playing with his balls. When I feel his cock swell I give the boys a little tug and that does it.

“Fuuuck!” Eric cums with a roar. His hips thrust up, forcing his cock deeper into my mouth and his grip on my hair tightens. When he let’s go he’s whimpering and breathing heavily. “Too fucking good… Fuck!”


I don’t know what I did to deserve a girl that wakes me up with blowjobs and fucks me until I pass out, but I am not complaining. Nope, not at all.

“So fucking happy you picked vanilla,” I pant.

Sookie is still licking me clean, which is a very nice thing. Tara would never let me cum in her mouth. I don’t think she realized just how sexy it is.

“Mmm… me too,” she says, and kisses the tip of my dick before she lets me go. “Good morning.”

“Get up here,” I growl and drag her up my body. I pull her face to mine and kiss her like I’m going to war.

When I pull back I look at her face. She’s stunning right now. Her hair is wild, her lips are all red and puffy, and her blue eyes are sparkling.

“You’re beautiful, Sookie,” I tell her.

She smiles at me and says, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Do you want food or orgasms?”

“Hmm… chef’s choice,” she answers.

“Get on your back and spread your legs. I’m feeling a bit peckish, and I need a morning snack,” I grin and give her ass a light smack.

She yelps and scurries to lie down next to me with her legs parted nicely. Her knees are bent so her feet are flat on the bed and her head turns to watch me move.

There is no teasing or kissing this morning. I get into position and latch onto her clit. My hands press her thighs back a little farther, and I watch her face as I suck. Her lips part and her eyes roll back into her head for a few seconds. One of her hands comes down to grab my hair and hold me to her, and her hips start to move just a little bit.

“You are so fucking good at this,” she says with a little laugh and I feel her tremble.

“I take pride in my work,” I say against her lower lips before I add a finger into the mix.

Her spot wasn’t hard to find last night so I go right to work on getting her off. I add a second finger and begin to rub. Her back arches off the bed and I throw my arm across her hips to hold her down.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuck…” she says over and over until her walls clamp down and she screams.

I stop moving my fingers inside of her, but I don’t remove my hand. Sookie is breathing heavy and I start kissing up her body. I lick her nipples when I reach them, but I don’t stop to play. I reach her mouth and give her a soft kiss as I pull my fingers out, making her whimper.

“Are you ready for breakfast now?” I whisper and peck her lips again.

“Mmhmmm,” she nods.

“You coming with or allowing to be all alone in your kitchen?”

“I’ll be there in a minute… you know, once I can stand up.”

“Job well done,” I laugh.

I give her one last kiss and jump up. I grab my boxers and go straight to the bathroom. I do my business, wash my hands and then slide my boxers up my legs, ending with a snap around my waist.

I mosey into the kitchen and open the fridge. I have no idea what to make, not that she has a ton of options. She does have bacon, eggs, and potatoes though.

“Omelet or scramble?!” I yell over my shoulder. I know her voice still works.

Before she can answer me there’s a knock on her front door. With a shrug I close the fridge and walk over. I answer… in my boxer briefs. There’s a big bald dude standing at the door flashing me a knowing smile.

“I didn’t know Dawn was bringing them home,” he says to me and I cock an eyebrow.

“Dawn’s out of town,” I reply without thinking. And then it hits. This is fucking Quinn. And I just had his ex for breakfast.

His freaky purple eyes narrow.

“Surprise me!” Sookie yells from the depths of the apartment but I can hear her getting closer. “I like eggs eith–Quinn what the fuck are you doing here?”

“Looks like Quinn got the surprise,” I smirk.

Quinns growls and stares at Sookie.

“So you moved on then?” he asks.

“What did you expect, Quinn?” Sookie scoffs. What a prick this guy is. I already didn’t like him. This isn’t helping. “Did you think I was just going to spend the rest of my life crying over you? No thanks. So again, what the fuck are you doing here?” Sookie asks with sass and her arms folded over her chest. At least she put on a nightgown before coming out of the bedroom.

Quinn looks at me and says, “I’d like a minute alone with my girl.”

“I’m pretty sure she’s not your girl anymore,” I remind him, and I don’t move. I actually shift so I’m blocking her a little.

“Eric, it’s fine,” Sookie says. “Surprise me with either one.”

I glare at Quinn a moment longer before I turn to go back to the kitchen, not without kissing Sookie’s though. “You know where I’ll be,” I whisper.

I don’t wait for her to reply. I go the kitchen, but I keep my ears tuned in so I can at least hear their tones. Quinn’s a big fucker, but I’ll kick his ass if he touches Sookie in any way she doesn’t want him to. She’s not my girl, but I spent the better part of my morning and last night marking her with my scent. Shit, now I want him to try to kiss her so he knows my cum is all over her lips.

As I strain to hear what’s happening I find a big frying pan, a cutting board, and a decent knife. Scramble it is; I can’t focus on an omelet at the moment.

I have the potatoes in the pan a few minutes later when I feel Sookie’s arms snake around my waist from behind.

“You alright?” I ask and hold her hands to my stomach.

“Yeah, he just really knows how to push my buttons. Apparently he did see me at the restaurant and he spent the last week contemplating whether or not he wanted to take me back,” she tells me. “I told him to give a knife a blowjob.”

“Good for you,” I say. I turn in her arms and kiss the top of her head. “I hope I had at least a little to do with that decision.”

“You did, but mostly I did it for me. If he had come to me two or three weeks ago I probably would have given him another chance but not now.”

“Hmm, good,” I smile and tilt her head up. I kiss her softly on the lips and say, “I’ll have your breakfast done in fifteen minutes if you want to shower. If not, you’re welcome to stay and watch.”

“I think I’ll shower. There’s less chance of me starting the kitchen on fire that way,” she says.

“Good plan. Maybe the water can tame this beast on your head,” I tease and rub her hair, making it look worse.

“Oooh look who the comedian is all of a sudden,” she says, and gives me a slap on my ass before she walks away from me.

If I wasn’t cooking I’d attack her in the shower.

♦ ♦ ♦

Once we eat I decide I need my own shower. I don’t have any clothes with me, and I’m not sure what else we have planned so I invite Sookie to my place while I get ready. That way if she wants me to I can take a bag back to her house with me. She accepts, and she looks gorgeous compared to the wrinkled mess I’m wearing.

“Is there anything you want to do today?” I ask her as I drive home.

“I don’t have anything set in stone. I was thinking to go to used bookstore not too far from here. I like to check it out once in a while and see if I find anything good,” she says. “One of these days you’ll see me with my glasses on when I don’t feel like wearing my contacts.”

“I can’t wait,” I smile. “I like to read too. It’s calming for me. I hang out with a bunch of six-year-olds all day and they wind me up sometimes.”

We pull up to my house and I park in the garage. Sookie doesn’t wait for me to open her door, and she walks around the car to meet me at the garage door that leads into the house.

“You ready for this?” I have a fairly small two bedroom house since its just me. I don’t consider myself a neat freak, but you’d be hard pressed to ever find a mess in my domain. “You want a house tour or want to go straight to the bedroom with me so I can shower?”

“I want option number 3,” she says. “You shower while I go snooping until I find your porn collection.”

“So I shouldn’t tell you to check the top shelf in my closet? If you need a step stool there’s one in the hall closet. Tara was short…” Fuck. I didn’t mean to bring up Tara.

“That’s a relief since I was trying to figure out what the fuck you would need a step stool for,” she says, glossing right over the mention of my ex.

“I haven’t had to use a step stool in almost twenty years,” I chuckle. “Follow me.”

I take her hand and we walk through the house. Sookie is looking back and forth into the rooms as we pass by on the way to my bedroom.

“You want me to leave the bathroom door open so you can secretly check out the goods?” I ask as I pull my shirt off. “I can turn around and let the water cascade down my chest as I stroke my cock.” I can’t believe I’m keeping a straight face.

She sighs and says, “If only I’d thought to bring spare panties with me…”

“Why do you need panties at all?” I growl and smack her ass before I unbutton my jeans.

“Keep playing your cards right and I’ll need something to catch your cum when I wear a skirt,” she says with a straight face.

“But I have condo–” Oh… “I promise to be a very good boy,” I grin and slide my pants over my ass, down my thighs. She’s seen it all now, there’s no point in being shy.

Sookie growls a little and says, “Get your sexy ass in the shower before I get naked too.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I wink and turn to walk into the bathroom.

I leave the door open.



9 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. Cute couple –so Quinn deigns to come by because “he decided to take her back”….well laaadddeeedaaaa –because “two minute Quinn” is such a great catch??? Glad Sookie told him to go to hell and gave him directions to get there…..



  2. So glad they are helping each other recover from their respective heartbreaks by practising their awesome sexing skills! And still smiling at ‘epic morning redwood.’


  3. So glad Sookie decided to boot two-pump-chump Quinn to the curb!! He came to give her a chance to get back with him pfft… This is a fantastic story, I love you two!!


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