Chapter 4



I have the condom on in record time when Sookie hands it to me. I haven’t had a one night stand in about a year. Once the divorce was final I went through a wild stage where I went out every weekend and fucked a different girl. It got old, quickly.

Sookie is still climbing on the bed and I reach out to grab her hips. I pull her back so she’s bent over on her hands and knees in front of me. With the height of her bed her pussy is level with my cock. I don’t hesitate to push my head into her cunt.

“Oh, fuck, that’s tight,” I groan as I slowly push all the way in. I have to pause to allow her stretch to accommodate me. I wasn’t kidding when I told Lafayette I only exaggerated an inch or two. Other than that the cake was an exact replica of my dick.



Sookie’s head drops to the bed and her hips roll slowly. “Mmm… that feels so fucking good,” she moans.



“Yes it does,” I agree. She looks like a naughty little thing, so I smack her ass before I pull most of the way out only to drive in hard again.
She cries out and begins to rock back and forth, sliding up and down my length slowly. I grab her hips, digging my fingers in so I can help her rock. Each time she rocks back I swivel my hips and grind against her ass. I don’t know if I want to stay slow like this or start pounding into her. All I know is she feels way too fucking good for this to end yet. I don’t know if this will be a onetime thing or if she’ll call me to come back.



I drop my head back and take a deep breath before I say fuck it and begin to drive into her hard. She’s moaning loudly with each hard thrust, making my dick twitch with each thrust. Her pussy is so tight, gripping me so hard.



“Goddamn, I don’t want this to end,” I breathe and give her another hard slap on the ass. This time when I put my hand back I slip under her body so I can massage her clit while I pound into her.



She grips the comforter and her moans get louder and louder as her walls start to flutter. Sookie turns her head to the left and I can see her eyes are closed tightly. Her soft, pink lips are parted slightly. All of a sudden, she pushes herself up and her back arches, putting her ass a little higher.



“Mmm… fuck, I’m so close,” she moans.



I know when she cums she’s going to rip my orgasm from me. I let go of her hip and reach up to grab her throat. I pull her to her knees, holding her tight against my chest. I continue to rub her clit as I thrust while I nibble her earlobe.



“I want to feel it, Sookie. I want to feel your tight fuckin’ cunt milk my cock… take what you need from me,” I breathe, squeezing her throat tighter.



“Yesyesyesyesyes,” she chants as her pussy grips my shaft, pulsing wildly. “Fuuuuuck!”



“That’s it,” I pant. “Fuck, that feels so fuckin’ good. Beg me for my cum, Sookie…”



“Oh god, please let me have it, Eric,” she pleads.



“Do you want to suck it out of me?” I whisper, moving my fingers faster over her clit.



“Maybe later,” she says.



I turn her head to kiss her and I slam in a few more times before my hips jerk against her ass as I cum hard. I have to force myself to let go of her throat so I don’t choke her I cum so fucking hard.



“Holy fucking shit,” I pant.



“You’re better at fucking than baking, too,” Sookie tells me.



“Good to know,” I smirk as I pull out. “Where’s your bathroom?”



She points to the door ahead of us. “Right there.”



I pat her ass before I slip into the bathroom. It’s a nice bathroom. Clean, double sinks. I pull the condom off and tie it off at the end before Idrop it in the trash. I wash my hands and look over at the medicine cabinet. I want to look through it, but I’m a good boy and leave it closed. I clean my dick before I walk back out. Sookie is lying naked in the middle of her bed. She has an odd mix of troubled and content on her pretty face. I don’t know if I should lay down with her or not. I’m still too drunk to drive home so I decide to take a seat next to her.



“That wasn’t my intention when I showed up,” I say as I lean against her headboard.



“Mine either,” she says.



“Um… I’m still a lot tipsy, sooo… I don’t think I can drive just yet. I’ll get a ride if you want me to go.”



“It’s fine, you can stay,” she says absently as she sits up. “I’ll be right back.”



Sookie gets off the bed and goes to the bathroom.



I decide to get comfortable and lie down on her bed to wait. I don’t want this to be awkward, but I can already feel it.
Close to ten minutes pass before Sookie comes out of the bathroom with a nightgown on and her hair piled up on her head.



“I can get you some water if you want,” she offers. Her eyes are a little red and puffy.



“Yeah, sure… I need to get my pants… are you okay?” I ask as I stand up.



“Oh yeah,” she waves me off. “I just got a little soap in my eyes when I was washing my face.”



“Oh. Okay.” I’m not so sure I believe her, but for once I keep my thoughts to myself.



I follow her out to the living room and put on my boxers and jeans while Sookie gets me a glass of water.



“Are you sure you don’t want me to go?” I ask when I take the glass from her.



“You don’t have to. I mean if you have places to be, I won’t take it personally if you have to go. I know how it is running your own business.” Sookie puts the cheesecake in the fridge.



“I promised my sister I’d be right back, but four shots of tequila back to back kinda fucked me for working anymore today.”



“Good point.”



I take a seat on the couch and watch her move around the kitchen for a few minutes.



“Does this feel awkward to you?” I blurt out. “The last thing I wanted was awkward.”



“Most one night stands I’ve had end up feeling that way. Either someone is too polite about offering to stay or offering to let someone stay, or worse, you’re scrambling to get away from each other. It’s just the nature of the beast, I think.”



I nod. I set my water down on a coaster and get up from the couch. I walk over to where Sookie is and press her against the counter, caging her in with my arms. I wait until she’s looking up at me before I whisper, “I’m not scrambling to get away from you and I’m not worried about either one of us being polite. I like what we did in there. I’d like to do it again sometime. If not, that’s fine too. In this moment I would like you to let me kiss you again.” When I finish I keep my eyes on hers until she responds.



There’s a pause before she breathes, “Okay.”



“Mmm,” I smile.



I cup her face in my hands and press my lips to hers. It’s nothing like the kiss earlier. There’s no end game with this kiss. It’s soft, sweet, and slow. Her hands settle on my hip bones as we stand in her kitchen. We’re both at least tipsy, but the awkward is definitely gone. We stand there kissing for at least ten minutes before she breaks away, resting her forehead on my chin.



“Much better,” I whisper.



Sookie nods her head but keeps quiet. Her hands drop from my hips to rest at her sides.



“I’m going to go,” I tell her as I wrap my arms around her. I have a feeling she needs this hug more than anything else I have to offer. I don’t know what’s wrong, but it’s definitely more than the killer fucking.



“Okay,” she whispers. “I’ll walk you out.”



I nod and let her go. I find my shirt so I can get dressed. Sookie walks me down the stairs, but not all the way outside.



“If you want this again you have my number,” I tell her as I reach out to give her hand a squeeze.



She nods and gives me a little wave before turning and going back upstairs.




My sister is at the shop for once when I walk in the next morning.



“Hey,” I say as I walk in. She’s giving me a look I can’t really decipher.



“We lost the Krasinki order since someone decided not to come back to work and didn’t answer his fucking phone when I called him last night,” Pam says. Oh right, that’s her bitch face.



“I was busy,” I shrug. I hate that fucking Lorena cunt. I didn’t want to make her fucking cupcakes anyway. I know Pam hates her too. “You should be glad she’s out of your fuckin’ hair.”



“I’d be fuckin’ happier if I had two hundred dollars of her money before she got out of my fuckin’ hair! This is a business, Eric! We can’t have customers complaining about orders getting lost or going unfilled like this! She’s a cunt, but a paying cunt. Grow up!”



I need to grow up? I’m the one here at fuckin’ four in the goddamn morning filling orders and baking shit for the fuckin’ case out here. I’m lucky if you get your bitchy ass out of bed by fuckin’ ten. One afternoon off isn’t the end of the fucking world, Pam.” I’ve lived at this fucking bakery for the last seven goddamn years. I lost my goddamn wife over this shit. Pam can learn to bake or shut her fucking trap.



“Congratulations, that’s called doing your fucking job! If you don’t want my help then fucking fire me! I really don’t give a shit!”



“Maybe if you were doing your job right she wouldn’t have walked away,” I growl.



“And what, oh Great One, should I have done differently, since you’re such a customer service whiz?” Pam snaps at me. “I made an executive decision. I’m hiring another baker. That way this bullshit won’t happen again and you can go get your dick wet whenever you feel like it.”



“The fuck you will. That’s a decision you don’t get to make. Again. Taking one fucking afternoon off isn’t worth you losing your motherfucking shit over!”



“It’s happening. Deal with it.”



“Good fucking luck getting anyone to work with your cunty ass,” I snap.



“I’m more worried about finding someone that can put up with your fucking whining,” she replies. “Oh my wife left me because I was a selfish twat. Oh she’s taking my dumbass dog to England. Wah, wah, wah.”



“You learn to fucking bake something. I don’t need your fucking shit, Pamela.” I walk out of the lobby back to the kitchen.



If I’m in her presence any longer I’m not sure what I might do. I don’t agree with hitting women, but my sister isn’t even fucking human. I can’t do this shit with her if we still expect to have any kind of relationship in the future. The fighting has gotten gradually worse over the last couple years. I love Pam, but I sure as fuck don’t like her anymore.



6 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. Liked the lemons. Pity about Pam being so difficult & ruining the rest of his afternoon. Looking forward to reading what happens next.


  2. I have to side with Pam on this one. Leaving work in the middle of the afternoon and not coming back because you’re drunk and getting laid, is college behavior. He’s a business-owner for Pete’s sake! And as a professional cake baker myself, I know how much of a PIA some customers can be, but those PIA customers can hurt your business by running their mouths to everyone who’ll listen, if you piss them off.

    That said, the encounter between him and Sookie was HOT!


  3. WOW… that was hot, then so very awkward… But that is the nature of one night stands… Hard to be natural unless you are a very chilled kind of gal/guy… Anyway, I thought it was hilarious that Lorena Krasiki didn’t get her cupcakes because Eric was playing hooky… Still, Pam is right and that is unprofessional… Wonder who the new baker will be?
    Sookie is going to feel so guilty when the tequila high/hungover pass… I kinda feel for her because it is obvious she is lonely.


  4. I feel bad for Sookie. She was crying in the bathroom. Maybe she is realizing her relationship is over with Tray. She wouldn’t have done it with Eric otherwise…I think. Yeah, maybe Pam and Eric need to not work in the same business. I enjoyed the chapter.


  5. Unprofessional behavior aside, family working with family sometimes leads to disaster. Pam & Eric need to remember they’ve both committed equally to their business. One night stands…ugh! Tray was toast on that last phone call though, and these two are more than a one night/one afternoon tequila stand!


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