Chapter 9



Later that week Eric has parent/teacher conferences to deal with so he’s stuck late at the school. Dawn is out of town again so I have the apartment to myself. It’s kind of nice to have a little alone time. Not to mention I need to do laundry, so when I get home from work I put on a pair of jammies and get a load of laundry going.


I sit down on the couch to eat the salad I brought home with me after I stopped at the market. While I’m channel surfing the buzzer rings. I doubt it’s Eric so I hope it’s not one of Dawn’s hookups hoping for another round with her. I get up to answer the door and push the intercom button to see who is there.


“Who is it?” I ask.


“Quinn, Sookie we need to talk.”


Oh fuck my life. What does he want?


“Quinn, I don’t have anything to say to you,” I tell him.


“Come on, Babe, this is important. Can I please come up?”


He’s begging, and Quinn isn’t a beggar. I sigh and push the button to let him in the building. I go to the front door and open it. Quinn takes the stairs three at a time and looks a little distraught when I look at his face.


“What do you want?” I ask, feeling suspicious of his motives for coming to see me.


“Can I come in?” he asks instead of answering me. “Please.”


“You keep your hands to yourself and if you make one nasty comment about the guy I’m seeing you’re out of here,” I say firmly.


“Fine.” I take a step back and he walks in without looking at me. He goes straight to the couch and sits on the edge. He leans his arms on his knees before he looks up at me with so much pain in his eyes it makes me nervous. “I… my mom is sick, Sookie.”


“I’m sorry to hear that,” I reply, but I don’t know what that has to do with me.


“Babe, I fucked up. I miss you and with my mom… I just realized just how bad I messed up. I need you, Sookie. I’ve missed you so much and I want you back,” he tells me, looking up from his spot on the couch.


“Quinn, I’m sorry your mom is sick and I hope that she gets better, but I moved on,” I tell him. “I’m seeing someone else and he actually appreciates me. I don’t think you ever really did. He doesn’t want to hide me away or treat me like I need someone to protect me all the time.”


I felt like I was on a leash a lot of the time with Quinn. I don’t want to go back to that.


“Please, Sookie. I promise I’ve changed and I do appreciate you. You are my everything, please give me another chance. I promise I can treat you better than the fuc– guy you’re seeing now. Don’t just throw everything we had away for this guy. Three years, Babe, we have history…”


“Yeah, we do have history and the thing is… I know you. You change for a week and then you’re right back to the way you were, and it doesn’t work for me, Quinn,” I tell him. “Instead of trying to work things out with me, you broke my heart and walked away. What happens when your mom gets better and you decide you don’t need me anymore?”


“I’ll always need you, even if my mom gets better. Sookie, I love you and I vow to treat you like you deserve, I just need another chance,” he begs. He looks a little pathetic.


I feel bad about his mom, but I don’t want him back.


“I’m sorry, Quinn, but no. Things with Eric are going really well and I think it would be a mistake for us to get back together,” I say.


“I don’t agree,” he shakes his head. “I think the mistake is staying with him. I won’t wait around forever.”


“Who’s asking you to?” I scoff. Here’s the shithead I know so well. “You should move on, Quinn.”


“So this is it? You won’t even consider it?” he asks, standing up from the couch.


“There’s nothing to consider, Quinn. You threw me away.”


“I didn’t throw you away, Babe, I needed a break from your bitching,” he grumbles.


“And you got it.” I go to the door and open it. “Now get out.”


He glares at me for a moment before throwing his hands up and stomping past me. “It’s your loss, Babe.”


“I’ll survive,” I reply and then slam the door. Fucker.


He couldn’t even get through the conversation without reverting to type. Fuck, I wonder if his mom is even sick. What an asshole. I lock the door and then go back to my salad.


♦ ♦ ♦


I’m already in bed when Eric calls me on his way home from work.


“How’d the conferences go?” I ask.


“Good, except one of the moms tried to get me to come home with her. I politely declined,” he tells me. “How’s your night going?”


“The laundry is done and Quinn stopped by to try and get me back again,” I say casually.


“I assume since you said try it didn’t work?”


“Not even a little. He’s telling me how much he misses me and how much he’s changed, and then when I told him I wasn’t interested he reminded me he’s not going to wait around forever. So I told him to move on already,” I relay.


“Good for you, Pumpkin. Do you want me to come over? I can remind you you made a good choice.”


“That sounds like a great idea. Are you sure you have the energy for that?”


“No, but I can always snuggle you and then wake you up with morning head. Your call.”


“I like the morning head option,” I tell him. He’ll be going to work with a goofy grin on his face.


“Alright, I’ll be there shortly, Baby doll. Do you need me to pick up anything on the way?”


“No, I’m good. I went shopping this afternoon and I made sure to get that mint chip ice cream you like.”


“Okay, I’m going to swing by my house for a change of clothes. See you soon,” he says and hangs up.


I put my phone on its charger and go back to the Jonestown documentary I’d been watching before Eric called. He sends me a text instead of ringing the buzzer and I get out of bed to let him into the building. I meet him at the front door and he pauses to give me a kiss that makes my insides get squishy.


“Hi,” I smile at him.


“Hi back. I missed you today,” he say and pulls out a small bouquet of flowers. “For you.”


Oh my God.


“Awww… they’re beautiful,” I grin and pull him closer for another kiss. “Thank you, Schmoopy.”


“You’re welcome, Cuddle muffin. I have beer too if you want one. If not we can save them,” he offers.


“No beer for me, but go right ahead,” I tell him. He might just get his morning head tonight.


I turn and head for the kitchen to trim the flowers he brought me and get them into a vase.


“Nah, I don’t need one…” he trails off when I bend to get a vase from under the sink. “I would’t mind watching you do that again.”


“Got a thing for milk glass vases?” I smirk.


“Nope, I got a thing for my girl’s sexy ass in front of me,” he says and licks his lips.


Without taking my eyes off of him, I knock the dish towel onto the floor.


“Oops.” I turn around and bend over to pick it up.


“Mmm,” he hums and then tosses a pen across the floor next to me. “I dropped something. Would you mind getting it for me?”


“Not at all.” I bend again and take my time picking up the pen.


I’m still bent over when I feel Eric’s hands on my ass. “You know, I’m suddenly not so tired.”


“Oh no?” I say innocently and wiggle my ass a little before standing up. “That’s good because I have a special way of thanking awesome boyfriends that surprise me with flowers.”


“Really?” He wraps his arm around me from behind and turns my head for a kiss. “Why don’t you show me that special thank you,” he murmurs when the kiss breaks.


I turn around and keep my eyes on his while I get his pants open. I smile as I sink down to my knees and since he’s not completely hard yet, I find out I can get all of him in my mouth. The noise Eric makes tells me he wasn’t expecting that, but he’s not complaining. My head starts to bob and his fingers end up in my hair to guide my head.


“This is a very nice thank you, baby,” he groans as his eyes take in the sight of my lips around his base.


I hum with all of him in my mouth and the growl I get is maybe the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard. He holds the back of my head as he begins to swell between my lips. I slide my tongue back and forth until I have to slide back because he’s getting harder and harder by the second.


“I’ve decided I love your blowjobs,” he whispers and his hips begin to pump.


I reach up to stroke him and pull off his cock to answer him. “Good. I’m glad you’re enjoying it,” I say and then I go to work on his tip, licking and sucking on it.


I keep teasing him until he growls at me again and then I go back to bobbing my head, taking as much of his length as I can. My free hand moves into my shorts and I hear Eric growl again when he catches on that I’m touching myself.


I pull off his cock again to ask, “Where do you want to cum, Eric? I’ll let you take a picture of wherever you choose.”


That’s his real thank you.


“Let me cum on your tits,” he breathes.


I have to let go of him to take off my tank top, and then I’m right back to work. My cheeks hollow and I suck a little harder. Eric’s hands grip my hair tighter and he drops his head back.


“So. Good,” he groans and then his eyes snap back to mine. “I’m almost there.”


I moan and hum around his shaft and twist my wrist as I stroke him. I suck harder and when I feel him swell, I pull back to just stroke him until he cums.


“Oh God,” he pants as his release shoots out all over my tits. As he starts to calm down he asks, “You’ll really let me take a picture?”


“Yep. That’s my thank you,” I wink up at him.


He pulls his phone out of his pocket and has me hold my tits up, pressing them together. He rests his cock between them and he snaps a picture.


“That’s amazingly hot, Sookie,” he tells me as he rubs his tip around my nipple. He takes a second picture. “Sorry, so is that.”


“It’s okay,” I smile at him.


He reaches down to help me up and then he starts to unbutton his shirt.


“Ready for bed?” he asks once he’s done.


“As soon as I get cleaned up. If you want one more picture, now’s your chance,” I tell him. Of course he snaps one more.


“Why don’t you wait until I’m done with you to clean up. I suspect we’re going to get a little messier,” he says and grabs my tit to rub his cum into my skin.


“Dirty boy,” I smirk, and pull him down for a kiss that leads to us fucking right there in the kitchen.




“Get back over here,” I growl when Sookie tries to get away. I’ve been tickling her for the last five minutes while working her clothes off. She says she hates it, but I know she loves it. I have her down to her panties, and I’m so hard I’m ready to just move them over and drive into her.


“Quit ticklin’ me and I’ll quit wigglin’!” she laughs, and I catch a glimpse of the southern accent she usually speaks without.


“Woman, I told you to work with what you got. If you can wiggle away, I’ll stop,” I laugh and I pin her down.


I rest my full weight on top of her and flex my hips a few times. I’m already naked so we’re almost there. I stop my tickle attack and I cover her mouth with mine as I reach down and help her wiggle out of her panties.


“How do you want me?” I ask her after throwing her panties across the room. I think they hit the door and land in the hallway.


“Mmm… on your back so I can ride you. I love how deep you get that way,” she purrs, and flexes her hips so I can feel how wet she is.


“I love it too,” I grin and roll us so she’s on top of me. I reach between our bodies and hold my shaft up while my other hand goes to her hip. “Look, Snookums, he’s all ready for you,” I wink and rub my tip through her slit.


Sookie smiles and doesn’t hesitate to prolong the torture by moving her hips back and forth, taking just my tip inside her and then rocking her hips again.


“Come on, baby, take him inside. I want to feel your pussy sucking him in,” I groan. I’m so ready I’m about to slam into her.


She has mercy on me, but takes her time lowering herself onto me an inch at a time.


“Mmm… so fucking big,” she moans, and starts to lift up. Sookie rubs her clit and I feel her pussy sucking me in deeper.


“Maybe you’re just too tight,” I counter. I know I’m bigger than average though. “Goddamn, Sookie… mmm, I love the way you fuck me.”


Her smile returns as she lifts up again, only to slam down hard.


“Fuuuck. Again,” I growl.




“Fuck.” My eyes go wide and Sookie freezes.


“Eric, where are you?!”


“Shit!” Sookie whisper-yells and scrambles off of me to slam the bedroom door. “Who the fuck is that?!”


“My mother,” I groan. “Lock the door!” I whisper-yell as I jump up to find my shorts.


Sookie locks the door and then groans.


“My dress is in the living room,” she glares at me.


“I didn’t expec–”


“Eric, you have woman’s clothes all over the place!” Mom yells from the hallway. “Are these pant–” she stops and gasps.


“I’ll be out in a minute, Mother,” I yell while giving Sookie a panicked look. “I’ll get you a shirt for the moment.” I run into my closet and find one of my t-shirts to hand to Sookie. “I am so sorry, sweetie.”


“Does she always do this?” Sookie whispers while pulling my shirt on.


“No, but I forgot to call her back this morning.” Shit. If I would’ve called her she wouldn’t be here.


“Want me to wait here?” Sookie asks, and gasps when she looks in the mirror above my dresser. “I already have sex hair.”


“Work on the hair, I’ll get your dress and let’s home Mom doesn’t insist on meeting my ‘lady friend’,” I say and give her a quick kiss. “I’m really sorry.”


Sookie nods and goes to work trying to tame her hair.


I take a deep breath and open the door. My mother knows Tara and I split, she probably didn’t expect me to be seeing someone else so soon.


“Mom, what are you doing here?” I ask when I find her in the kitchen. She has all of Sookie’s clothes in a neat pile next to the clothes I lost on the way in the house.


“Cockblocking you, apparently,” she replies.


“Apparently. Can I have her clothes?” I ask, reaching out for the pile she has her hand on.


“It can’t be Tara. This girl has taste… and a nice rack, I’m guessing based on her bra size.”


This is the woman that taught first graders for thirty-five years.


“Definitely not Tara,” I smile. “She’s naked though, can you stop bogarting her clothes?”


“Nope. I’ll give you a piece for every question you answer, though,” Mom says, and she’s got her I’m-your-mother-don’t-fuck-with-me face on.


“Yes, ma’am,” I nod and notice a gallon sized Ziploc full of cookies.


“What’s her name?”


“Sookie.” I hold out my hand waiting for the first article of clothing.


She hands over Sookie’s bra and asks, “How long have you been getting her naked?”


“Three weeks,” I answer and reach for the panties she’s holding up.


“Why didn’t you mention her?”


“I was waiting to see how things work out. I like her a lot, and I didn’t want to jinx it by gushing to you about her,” I answer honestly.


“You should just let me meet her so I can tell you if she’s a waste of time. Maybe this time you’ll listen to me,” she says while handing over the dress.


“Yes, ma’am,” I nod and take Sookie’s dress. I then grab the cookie she offers and I turn to go to the bedroom.


I find Sookie pacing nervously in my bedroom with her hair pulled back in a knot.


“Is she gone?” Sookie whispers.


“No, she wants to meet you,” I tell her and offer her half of the cookie.


“No thanks,” she says, and immediately pulls on her panties.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t expect this to happen so soon,” I apologize as she puts her bra on.


“I know. I can’t believe I’m meeting your mom with sloppy sex hair,” she says with embarrassment, and pulls off my shirt to put her dress back on.


Once it’s in place I wrap her in a tight hug. “If it’s any consolation I think you already have extra points for not being Tara,” I whisper and kiss her forehead.


Sookie snickers and says, “Let’s just get this over with.”


I take her hand I lead her out into the kitchen where my mom is going through my refrigerator.


“Mom, this is Sookie,” I introduce her. “Honeysuckle, this Sophie-Ann, I call her Mom.”


“It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Northman,” Sookie says politely.


“So you’re the one giving my son his–”


“Mom,” I scold.


“You’re the girl my son conveniently forgot to mention,” she says, only mildly better than what she was about to say.


“I better be,” Sookie says.


“See, Mom, she’s a real girl,” I joke.


“It is good that you’ve graduated from my Cosmo,” Mom retorts, and Sookie gasps beside me.


“I learned more than a few tricks reading Cosmo,” I fire right back. Not that Mom needs to know about my tricks, but her and my dad have no shame.


“I always told you there is no such thing as too much foreplay,” Mom says, and looks at Sookie. “I was right about her rack.”


“Mom cleaned up our clothes,” I tell Sookie.


“36 double D. They look real,” Mom adds.


Sookie just stands there blinking. It’s unusual to see her speechless.


“I forgot to warn you about her,” I say and rest my arm on her shoulders. “Momma, they’re real.”


“Good birthing hips too,” Mom smirks.


“Yeah, I’m the whole package,” Sookie says nervously. “Sorry, I’m not used to being scrutinized like I’m a breeding mare.”


“Sure you are,” Mom says. “Men are pigs.”


“Hey now, I’m not a pig,” I scoff.


“Mmhmmm,” Mom hums and looks to Sookie. “So what do you do, Sookie?”


“I work for a talent agency,” she replies.


“In the valley?”


“Not since I was a poor college student that couldn’t make rent,” Sookie deadpans.


“Mom, can’t you just be normal for once and not give her the third degree. Just have a nice, normal conversation.” The last thing I want is for Sookie and my mom to not get along. I just went through a year and a half of that shit with Tara.


“I am being normal,” Mom shrugs.


“Normal for other mothers, not for you,” I snicker.


“That’s no fun,” Mom says. “Besides, if Sookie’s going to stick around she might as well get used to me.”


“It’s fine, Mrs. Northman. I was just expecting someone more…”


“June Cleaver?” Mom finishes. “That bitch was boring as shit.”


I have to laugh. I love my mother, she’s a nut, and she’s right. If she hides who she is now Sookie would be shocked later. Not that I expected my mom to listen to me.


“Eric just failed to mention that you’re more like Roseanne Conner, that’s all,” Sookie says.


“My son fails to mention a lot of things. Like what a conniving twat his ex is,” Mom says.


“She wasn’t a conniving twat when I met her,” I defend myself.


“Of course she was. You were just blinded by all the sex.”


“Sookie doesn’t need to know about my ex, Momma.”


“I just don’t want to see you make the same mistake twice.”


“So far, so good,” I smile and kiss Sookie’s head. Sookie is hands down a million times better than Tara and even if we do break up, I’d never consider her a mistake.


“Mrs. Northman, would you like some coffee?” Sookie asks, extricating herself from my side.


“Sure,” Mom says. “Do you drink coffee?”


“Uh, I practically mainline it,” Sookie snickers.


I watch as Sookie gets the coffee going and my mom scrutinizes her. I didn’t warn Sookie about my mom because I didn’t expect them to meet so soon.


“Mom, you never said why you showed up. Thanks for the cookies, by the way.”


“I just wanted to see you and your dad is off fishing with Terry and Vic,” she says.


“How are those old goats?” I haven’t seen them in a year or so. Tara was good at keeping me away from people.


“Older and smellier than ever. Vic has reverted to the mentality of a four-year-old and thinks it’s funny to break wind and then leave the room.”


I cackle. “He’s been doing that for years. He’s just not as stealthy.”


“Sandy finally left him,” Mom says a little seriously. “That’s why they’re fishing. She took Dean with her and you know how much Vic loves that mutt.”


“That’s sad. He can’t try to fight her for doggie custody or something?” I don’t assume Sandy will ever take him back now that she’s out.


“I think after years of putting up with Vic she’s looking for a little payback. She hates that dog so she’ll give him up eventually.”


Sookie gets mugs out and puts some of the cookies Mom brought onto a plate.


She’s so cute.


“Thanks, sweetie,” I say when she offers me a cookie.


“You’re welcome. Do you use cream and sugar in your coffee, Mrs. Northman?”


“No, I drink it black,” Mom answers. “The stronger the better. So Sookie, are you from around here?”


“No, ma’am,” she says, letting her southern accent out. “I’m from Bon Temps, Louisiana.”


“Really? How’d you end up here?”


Sookie tells her the story while pouring us coffee and fetching cream and sugar for our coffee.


“Thanks, baby,” I smile. I’m just letting them get to know each other without interrupting. So far it seems to be going well. I can tell Mom likes her, which is good. She hated Tara and made it very well known.


“Mr. Edgington is finally retiring,” I tell my mom. I’m working at the school she retired from. We actually worked together for five years before she retired last year.


“About time. That old bitch went out of style with the boy bands you used to listen to,” Mom smirks, and Sookie nearly chokes on her coffee.


“Mother, I never listened to boy bands,” I say. I never listened to boy bands dammit!


“You had hair like that gay one… Bass something or other,” she says, and Sookie cracks up.


“Are you kidding me? I did not. Sookie, my mom is a liar. I had long hair until Vic cut it off when I passed out on my twenty-first birthday,” I say.


“Vic is a turd,” Sookie says through her laughter.


“Oh, have you met Vic?” I smile.


“I don’t think I want to. Is he related to Alcide, because that would explain a lot,” she snorts.


“As a matter of fact, he is. It’s Al’s uncle on his mom’s side,” I chuckle.


“His dad was in the same house as Eric’s father until he was killed when the boys were thirteen,” Mom tells her.


Sookie frowns and says, “That’s awful. I don’t know how you deal with your husband having such a dangerous job. I dated a cop once and I couldn’t deal with it.”


“You get used to it, I guess,” Mom says. “It was hard when Eric was young. I didn’t want him to grow up without his dad.”


“I wanted to be a fireman when I was a kid, but when Jackson died my dad quickly talked me out of it. My dad is my hero though,” I shrug.


“As he should be,” Sookie says and takes a cookie from the plate.


“My Momma is my other hero,” I smile and wrap my mom in a tight hug. She’s tiny. I get all of my height from my dad, so Mom disappears in my embrace.


“Alright already,” Mom shouts and I get a tickle attack from her.


I laugh and let her go. “Watch those fingers, woman,” I growl and move to the other side of Sookie.


“Get him behind his knees,” Mom tells Sookie. “He seems sweet but he’s a big bully.”


“Oh I’m aware,” Sookie laughs.


“I am not. And I shouldn’t have to defend myself against my mom and my girlfriend. You two should be my biggest fans.”


“I still think you’re cute,” Sookie leans over to kiss my cheek while my mother just shrugs.


Mom stays for another hour and by the time she leaves she is completely smitten with Sookie. I think Sookie is a little bit in love with my mother too.



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17 thoughts on “Chapter 9

  1. I was a little confused also on the transfer. They were sexing in her kitchen and then all of a sudden they are sexing at Eric’s house. I loved the interaction with SophieAnne and Eric. The trading clothing for info….classic.


  2. Didn’t they start out at Sookie’s…after Quinn left? Oh well…really like these 2 together, and Eric’s mom is …unique?


  3. I’m confused too; nothing new there, so I’ll just go with it. Loved Sophie-Ann as Eric’s mom! She is funny as hell. I really love this couple, and their terms of endearment! Sookie shooting down Quinn was excellent & her thoughts really had me laughing out loud! Excellent chapter!


  4. Quinn is the worst seriously! At least that means that there won’t be angst coming from Sookie reconsidering going back to him… Loved how Sookie met Eric’s mum… It went pretty well considering right? A bit early after only 3 weeks but it was so wholly unplanned… Very funny scene ladies! Now I can’t wait to meet Eric’s dad since to be married to the hilarious Sophie-Anne, he needs to be pretty cool too?


  5. I love Eric’s mom so much! Really funny & while it’s a bit early & a bit of a shock it beats all that meet the parents crap. Eric’s relationship with his mom seems really cool – should be a good omen for the future lol!


  6. You fooled me! I thought Tara might come by his house, but his Mom LOL. That was pretty embarrassing! I’m glad Sookie told Quinn where to get off, and can’t wait til you get out another chapter. Hugs!


  7. I hope Eric’s mother doesn’t turn into a killjoy. Liking that Quinn was told in no uncertain terms that he isn’t wanted. Hopefully he won’t be a pest or turn into a stalker. Really enjoying the Eric & Sookie characters. Thankyou.


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