Chapter 15


Oddly, Sookie and I share a birthday. I didn’t realize it until she mentioned her birthday being the fourth of July. There’s always a big party and fireworks over the lake for the fourth, but we decided to have our families and Jake and Melinda over for a small party. We’ll be able to see the fireworks from the backyard, which is nice.


Dad and Corbett came over this morning for fishing. We’ve been out here since and it’s close to dinner. The women are in the kitchen doing lord knows what. I know they’re cleaning the couple fish we caught, amongst other things. I don’t eat fish personally, but Dad does and I think Corbett does too. Mom is barely talking to me now, but she’s still being polite to Sookie. I appreciate that.


I’m standing out on the dock with Jake and the dads. Finch is testing the water while Edith is sitting at my feet. She really does love me more. There’s no telling Sookie that though.


“Anyone need another beer?” I ask as I finish mine. I mostly want to check on Mom and Sookie.


“I’ll take one,” Jake says.


“Dad? Mr. Stackhouse?” He hasn’t told me to calm him Corbett yet, so I’m sticking with Mr. Stackhouse.


“Sure, I’ll take one,” Sookie dad answers.


“I’m alright,” Dad says.


I nod and head up toward the house. Finch and Edith are right on my heels as we walk up. I leave them outside when I go inside since Finch is wet. The girls are in the kitchen and all conversation ceases when I make my presence known.


“Ahhh… are you guys okay?” I ask as I go to the fridge to grab a few beers.


“Yep, we’re great,” Sookie smiles. “Your mom offered to make us Mexican corn since we have so many ears.”




“Really?” I only get Mexican corn when she likes me. I guess today is technically a special occasion.


“You like ice cream, right?” Judith asks me.


“I love ice cream, why?” I ask skeptically. I feel like I’m missing something.


“I brought my ice cream maker along. Sookie’s favorite is rocky road. What’s yours?” Judith asks.


Sookie gets out a pint of strawberries, another pint of blueberries and bags of grapes. “I’m making fruit pizza. Your mom made the crust,” she says.


“Where’s your mixer, Sookie? I have to mix the cream cheese and fluff–”


“What?” I’m a little stunned right now. The last time my mother was here she informed me she’s not convinced this thing with Sookie is real and now she’s offering to make… things… I shake my head and go to the pantry to get the mixer since Sookie has yet to use it. I set it on the counter and take a step back to watch what’s happening.


“Thank you, sweetheart. Sookie, where are the mixing bowls?” Mom asks.


“To your right on the bottom,” she answers. “So I just need to slice the strawberries, right?”


“Right. And the peaches need to be drained and set out to dry a little bit on paper towels so they don’t make the cream mixture runny,” Mom replies. It’s like the fuckin’ twilight zone.


“Eric, what’s your favorite ice cream?” Judith asks again.


“Sorry,” I reply, shaking my head. The scary part is, she’s sincerely being nice not like the last time she was here. “I’m simple, plain vanilla bean.”


“You got it,” Judith smiles. “Much easier than Jason’s favorite.”


“What’s Jason’s favorite?”


“Peanut butter with chocolate covered bacon crumbles,” she replies.


“Yeah, I’d imagine vanilla bean is a lot easier,” I chuckle. I walk over to Sookie and wrap my arm around her shoulders from behind, kissing her temple. “Are you having fun, birthday girl?” I ask quietly.


“Mmhmm,” she hums. “Your mom has offered to teach me to make the Alfredo stuffed chicken breasts you love.”


“Really?” I look at Mom in shock.


“Yeah, why are you so surprised?” Sookie asks.


“She doesn’t give that recipe to anybody,” I reply. Mom just gives me a smile. One of those smiles that says she knows something.


“I guess she must love you then.” Sookie kisses my cheek. “Will you please start the grill for me on your way out? We need to get the corn and potatoes going. Your mom’s making her baked potato salad for you too.”


I need to talk to Dad about her change of heart.


“Okay.” I kiss Sookie’s head before stopping to kiss Mom’s cheek, which she accepts. I grab the beer and head out to start the grill. It’s a gas grill, so it’s easy to start. I close the lid and head back down to the dock, offering beer.


“Thanks, bro,” Jake says as he takes his beer. “You’re not bleeding. That’s good.”


“Yeah, but my mind is fuckin’ blown. Mom is making all my favorites and giving Sookie the recipe for her alfredo stuffed chicken.”


“Is she drunk?” Pop asks.


“Maybe. I didn’t see the Jameson out though and she didn’t smell like alcohol.”


“What’s the deal with the chicken? Why is everyone so shocked?” Corbett asks.


“It was my grandma Northman’s. She got it when she married Pop and refuses to share the family secret. Only the Northman women get the recipe,” I explain. “And it’s my absolute favorite thing in the world.”


“You’re inviting me over when Sookie gets it perfect,” Jake says.


“Yeah, I’ll even invite you over for the flops. It’ll be good regardless. She’s been doing a lot better,” I smile.


“You have my baby cooking?” Corbett chuckles.


“Yeah. She’s only burned bacon once,” I grin.


“Well, hell, that’s a shock,” he snorts.


“Maybe your mom is coming around. What’d I tell ya?” Dad takes a swig of his beer.


“She seemed sincerely happy.” I take a drink of my beer as well, I’m sure I look just like my dad when I drink. I look like him when I do anything.


“She doesn’t like Sookie?” Corbett asks.


“She’s iffy with anyone I bring home to meet her,” I explain.


“She’s a little concerned they’re moving too fast,” Pop clarifies.


“I see,” Corbett nods. “Plus, you’re a Mama’s boy aren’t you?”


“That’s puttin’ it nicely,” Jake snorts.


“Shut up, fucker,” I snort. “I love my mom, there’s nothing wrong with that.”


“I told her to quit nursing him when Eric started walking–”


I throw my bottle cap at him, hitting him in the forehead.


“Watch it, or you’ll be picking a birthday switch,” Pop threatens.


“I dare you,” I laugh.


Pop lifts an eyebrow at me.


“Careful, Senior. He’ll run and tell Mama on you,” Jake laughs.


“I will,” I agree. Especially now that she likes me again.


“You’re lucky she’s scarier than you,” Pop says. “That’s good advice, by the way. If you aren’t at least a little afraid of your woman, she ain’t the right one.”


I nod. There are several things Sookie can do that terrify me. She hasn’t had to threaten me with anything yet, but I’m sure it’s coming.


“Sookie can be a scary girl,” Corbett chuckles.


“She hasn’t threatened me with anything yet,” I admit.


“That’s because it’s still new,” Pop says.


“I’m sure it’s coming, especially with the new baby that I like to spoil,” I say as Finch jumps up on my leg.


“Especially since you’re calling your pet your baby,” Pop grumbles.


“I’m not calling him my baby. I’m calling him a baby, because he is a baby.”


“Uh huh. So I guess that video I saw on Facebook of you rubbing noses with Finch was someone else,” Jake smirks.


“Shut up, fucker.” He was being so damn cute and Sookie couldn’t help but take the video.


“God almighty, son,” Pop shakes his head.


“Just wait till we have actual babies,” I grin. She hasn’t said it yet, but I know she’s getting the itch.


“You barely know the broad,” Jake says and he gets a dirty look from Corbett. “No offense.”


“Watch your mouth, boy,” Corbett threatens.


“No doubt your mom’ll be thrilled about it,” Pop says. “Give it a few months and she’ll be pointing out baby clothes and furniture every time she comes by.”


“I wouldn’t doubt it,” I chuckle.


“So she is asking for babies?” Corbett says.


“She hasn’t said anything yet,” I reply.


“For their sake I hope the kids look like her,” Jake says.


I reach up and wrap my arm around his neck in a headlock. I start smacking the top of his head. He retaliates with a nut tap, but it’s enough.


“Fucker!” I yell, punching his kidney as I release him, quickly jumping back.


“Hey, no breaking the baby maker,” Sookie says as she approaches. “I come bearing chips and guacamole.”


“Ah, I love you,” I grin as she walks up with the bowl.


“You what?” Sookie almost drops the bowl.


Uhhh… fuck. I didn’t mean to say that.


“I love guacamole,” I say quickly with my eyes wide. Shit, shit, shit… I think I actually mean it…


“Right. Well, uh, here.” Sookie thrusts the bowl at me and then hauls ass for the house.


“Real smooth, Casanova,” Pop says, clapping me on my shoulder.


“Shit. That wasn’t supposed to come out,” I sigh, dropping my head back. I’m pretty sure I am in love with her, and I’ll tell her later when we’re alone. I just can’t believe I blurted that out.


“There’s no shame in loving guacamole, son,” Pop assures me and steals a chip.


“It is delicious,” I agree as I lift my head. I dip a chip in the guac.


“I think I need a new beer.” Dad sets down his fishing pole and turns for the house.


I hand Jake the guac and follow my dad.


“Hey,” I call as I jog to catch up with him.


Pop stops in his tracks to wait for me.


“Did you know Mom came around?” I ask as we start to walk up the steps.


“No. She was in a mood when we left the house.”


“Huh,” I hum. “So… it seems as though she likes Sookie now. Especially if she’s giving out the chicken recipe. And apparently I love her,” I finish.


“So it’s been a crazy day,” he says.


“A little bit,” I chuckle.


We walk up to the house in silence. When we get into the house Sookie avoids eye contact with me. I take her hand to tug her away from the group.


“Can we talk a second?” I ask quietly as we get into the bedroom.


“I have a lot of prep stuff to do. Your mom is really cracking the whip out there and–”


I cut her off by grabbing her face and laying a hard kiss on her lips.


When I pull back I whisper, “I didn’t mean to say that, but I’m pretty sure it’s true.”


“It’s okay if you love guacamole,” she says.


“Hmm, I do love guacamole, but I’m figuring out I love you more.”


“Eric, don’t. You don’t have to say that. It just fell out of your mouth. It’s okay,” she says.


“It fell out, but I realized I mean it as you were scurrying away,” I say quietly.




“Yeah.” I wrap my arms around her and add, “I know you don’t feel the same way, and that’s okay.”


“You’re wrong,” she whispers. “I love you more than guacamole too.”




A slow smile spreads across my face.


“Really?” I whisper.


“Really,” she whispers back. Sookie looks up at me and says, “I was going to tell you later but I think you should move in here–”


“Babe, I’ve been living in here since we moved into the house,” I laugh and pepper her face with kisses.




“You’ve been crashing in here,” I correct.


“Okay,” he snorts. “Are you going to make room for all of my clothes?”


“How much room do you need, diva? Go check the closet.” I woke up early this morning and started moving things out. Apparently Eric didn’t notice. It was probably because he woke up with his dick deep down my throat.


He kisses me quickly before going to check the closet.


“That’s perfect,” he grins over his shoulder.


“Good, because I don’t think there’s anymore fat to trim.”


The bedroom door opens to reveal Anne on the on the other side. “These onions aren’t going to dice themselves, Sookie. Eric, you can love guacamole later.”


“Yes, ma’am,” I nod. I’m still not sure why Eric was so surprised that his mom offered to teach me to make his favorite meal. I’m not that bad in the kitchen.


“You’re lucky I have something else to do,” Eric says seriously while looking into the closet.


“Unless there’s a possibility of that something creating a grandchild, you can wait,” Anne tells him.


“I’m moving clothes,” he says as he comes back into the room.


“Moving them where?” Anne asks.


“From my other room into here. Sookie made room… I told you we weren’t starting in the same room,” he reminds her.


“Yeah, I remember, but you weren’t very specific, were you?”


She’s tough but I like her.


“I didn’t know a lot of the specifics the first time we talked about it,” he shrugs.


“I mean now.” She rolls her eyes. “Lay off the beer,” she says as she walks away.


“I’m sorry, my brain isn’t really working,” he chuckles.


“At least you’re not blaming the blonde,” I snicker.


“Go make dinner, woman,” he teases.


“Yeah, yeah.” I give him a kiss on my way out of the bedroom. Judith’s gone but I quickly spot her outside with Dad and the dogs. Jake and Eric’s dad are on the dock, soaking up the sunlight and drinking beer.


I grab an onion, a cutting board and a knife so I can get busy. I have celery and scallions to cut when I’m done with the onion. Anne is sautéing mushrooms with a little garlic and onion I diced before. We have steaks for supper tonight.


“Is there anything else you need me to do?” I ask Anne. She’s making her own mayonnaise from scratch for her potato salad. When I suggested she use the premade stuff she looked at me like I said I torture small animals or something.


“Not right now. The prep work is all done.”


“Alright.” I finish chopping the onions and move on to the scallions.


I’m not an idiot. I knew immediately that Anne wasn’t impressed with me, but I decided not to let it get to me. She has her opinions on my line of work and that’s fine. Most parents would be taken back by it. It’s not worth stressing myself out over.


This morning, however, I told her that it would mean a lot to me if we could get along, at least for her son’s sake. I also told her that I love him and I’m not going anywhere. She must have decided I was being sincere because her demeanor changed. I also told her that I’m open to answering any questions she has. So far she hasn’t asked me any but I’m sure they’re coming.


When I’m done with the prep I take the dirty knife and cutting board to the sink to wash them. The steaks are sitting on the counter and they need to be seasoned.


“You can season those if you like.” Anne nods to the spices sitting on the counter behind the steaks.


“I will. Grilling stuff is the one thing I’m good at. I make killer barbecue chicken.” I dry my hands on a kitchen towel.


“Good luck fighting Eric on that one. He thinks it’s man’s work,” she snorts.


“So is hittin’ the bowl in the middle of the night but he hasn’t mastered that one yet,” I snicker.


“Oh, he’s never been any good at that.”


“I feel like there should be a pee pee ground crew guiding him.”


She snorts and says, “I thought about getting a urinal for him. I know he can hit those.”


“I can’t imagine it’s that difficult to pee,” I chuckle. “I mean if they can write their name with it, they can hit the dang bowl.”


“He’s just lazy,” she tells me.


“He won’t be when I hand him the Swiffer mop and tell him to get to work on that floor.”


“Do it. Tough love,” she nods.


I shake seasoning onto each side of the steaks to let a nice crust form on them. I watch as Anne cracks eggs to get her mayonnaise started. I’ve never made it from scratch, but then I’m not a big fan of mayo.


Eric walks through with a load of clothing and takes it to the bedroom. I lean against the counter as the eggs begin to beat. I decide to follow him back downstairs since Anne doesn’t need my help at the moment.


“Hey, here to help?”


“Help, distract,” I shrug. “I have a new bikini on that you haven’t seen yet.”


“Mmm, really?” He drops the clothes he’s holding on the bed and turns to look at me. “Are you going to show me now?”


“That was the plan.” I push the thin straps of my dress off my shoulders and let the thin, ivory material fall to reveal a white bikini with palm trees on it.


“That might be my new favorite,” Eric purrs as he stalks toward me.


“Oh yeah? I thought the black one was your favorite?” The black one has boyshorts that let half of my ass hang out.


“That’s why I said new favorite.”


“Should I keep it on?” He grabs my hips and pulls me closer to him.


“Sure.” He dips his head to nibble on my jaw.


“What would the birthday boy like right now?” I ask him.


“Hmm, I’d like you to go lock the door for starters.”


“After that?” I cross the room to lock the door.


“I’d like you to bend over the bed,” he says, pulling his thickening cock from his shorts.


“Bikini on?” I bend over the bed as requested.


“Uh huh,” he nods. He stands behind me and I feel his fingertips push my bikini bottoms to the side. I suddenly feel the head of his cock at my entrance and then rubbing up and down through my folds.  “Tell me what my birthday girl wants.”


I look back over my shoulder and challenge, “I want you to make me cum in twenty-eight strokes of your cock.”


“What if I don’t succeed?” Eric’s hand slips under my body to rub my clit as he slides in the first time.


“Mmm… Good question,” I smile. “We won’t fuck for twenty-eight days.”


It’s good incentive, right?


His fingers move quickly as he starts pumping in and out slowly. I can tell he’s counting each stroke.


“I promise to do my best,” he says quietly. He decides to lightly pinch my clit on each slow, deep thrust.


I moan into the mattress and grip the blanket.


“Maybe you should lose the privilege of giving me my birthday spanking,” I suggest. I presented him with the silly birthday paddle Preston gave me years ago. Tonight was going to be his first time using a paddle.


“I think that might be a better incentive than no sex for twenty-eight days,” he breathes, swiveling on the eleventh stroke.


“You’re looking forward to giving me that spanking, aren’t you? You like it when I writhe on your lap and beg for mercy, don’t you?” I know he does. Just talking about it is making his dick twitch.


“Fuck yes,” he says as he starts tapping my clit.


“You like watching my ass turn pink and then red, and how warm it gets for you and how eager I am to suck your cock afterward…” Hell, he might cum in less than twenty-eight strokes.


“Fuck, Sookie,” he growls. “Keep talking and I’m going to embarrass myself.” He swivels again, lifting my leg to place on the bed so he can get deeper.


I moan into the mattress and add, “I love it when you cum on my tongue, but I love it more when you cum all over my ass when it feels like it’s on fire.”


He smacks my ass hard, and drives in hard, grinding against me in the sixteenth thrust.


“I may have to pull out your spreader bar tonight,” he pants.


“Mmm… I’m getting a reward?” I groan and reach down to manipulate his fingers to rub my clit instead.


Eric takes the hint and starts rubbing quickly again. Not too fast, just the right speed to make my walls clench around his cock.


“Please tell me you’re going to cum in the next eight pumps,” he groans.


I think I will. I’ve never had a quickie like this before but it’s good. Eric grabs my shoulder for leverage and I cover my mouth with my hand on the twenty-sixth stroke I erupt, milking him of his release.


“Jesus fucking Christ,” he growls, grinding against me as he fills me with his cum. He bends over my body and turns my face to his for a sweet kiss. “I love you, Sookie Stackhouse,” he whispers into the kiss.


“I love you too, Eric Northman,” I reply and squeeze my muscles around his cock.


“Mmm, we better get back before Mom comes looking for us.” He stands up to pull out. He quickly moves my bikini bottoms back into place to trap his cum.


“We better or someone else will be giving me that spanking,” I giggle. I put my leg down and stand up straight to get my dress.


Eric smacks my ass. “I’ll be the only one spanking that sexy ass,” he promises.


I put my dress back on and ask, “You promise?”


“I promise.” He tucks his cock away and then pulls me close for as deep kiss.


I could kiss him all night but there’s company waiting and there are steaks to cook.


“I have to go get the steaks cooking,” I say when I step back.


“You’re lucky I have to move my clothes otherwise I’d be out there grilling.”


“It’s women’s work,” I smirk.


“No, grilling is man’s work,” he argues.


“Not at this house.” I unlock the door and open it. Jake’s standing there and it’s obvious he had his ear to the door. Perv.


“That was quick,” he smirks at me.


“Still twice your best time,” I retort.


“I’d love to show you, princess,” he jokes as he walks past me into the room with Eric.


“I’m sure I can find thirteen seconds later,” I snort and head upstairs. Jake’s never going to fuck me. He’ll get over it. Eventually.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 15

  1. Its all coming together. They have professed their love to each other. Eric’s mother has come around. Eric has officially moved into Sookie’s room. Onward happy families.


  2. Well Jules3677 really summarised it all very nicely… HAPPINESS here we come…. Unless you have the plan to break our hearts with a last chapter unhappy twist? Please do not…

    Anyway cute chapter and ‘I love you more than guacamole’ is my new fav declaration


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