Chapter 5





My cheeks hurt from smiling so much and I think I might be temporarily blind from the camera flashes. I didn’t expect Freyda to ask me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. We were friends in high school but we haven’t really been close for years. She was so sweet about it that I couldn’t say no.

So here I am at The Drake Hotel, stuffed into a fancy blue satin gown, being photographed with a group of women I barely know. The Monica Gellar knockoff wedding planner is off to the side, glancing impatiently at her watch every few seconds. I want to punch this snooty bitch in her surgically altered face. Annoying twat.



“Freyda, sweetie, we really need to get moving,” Frau Sourpuss says.



“Almost done,” Freyda replies, making the wedding planner sigh heavily.



I’m going to kick her on accident.



After a dozen more pictures we’re finally herded to where the ceremony is going to be taking place. My jaw drops when I see the wedding cake being transferred to a table near the front of the room. A tall blond man with a great ass is fussing with the position of the six tier square cake. Without him even turning my way I know it’s Eric.



I haven’t talked to him since he left my apartment three weeks ago. The guilt over what I did almost got the better of me. I talked it over with Dawn, my neighbor, and she made a point of saying anyone can slip once. She hinted at the probability that Trey has fucked around behind my back more than once in the last ten years. I don’t think he has, but she could be right.



Even if she is, that doesn’t make what I did okay.



What’s worse is that I’ve had to stop myself three different times from calling him. Like it or not, Eric gave me something that I’ve been missing for a long time. It’s something I can’t get from Trey right now. At the same time, I can’t bring myself to call Trey and tell him it’s over. Honestly, I don’t know if it is.



Eric finally turns my way and our eyes meet. He looks as surprised as I did a minute before. I lift my hand to wave at him.
He nods back at me. He continues to stare until the girl helping him calls his name. I wink at him and then move to take my place for the procession into the room where the ceremony is being held. This wedding is just insane. The guest list had to be cut from almost 500 people down to 325.



Now I know a lot of people, but I’m not about to invite everyone I’ve ever met to my wedding. Granted, with Freyda and Felipe, they’re more of a local “celebrity” couple. Freyda is an anchor for CBS and Felipe is an Alderman and fairly well-known politician. Word is he wants to run for mayor in the next election.



The ceremony goes off without a hitch. I notice Eric standing in the back of the room, watching me. I try not to look at him but it’s hard not to when I can feel his eyes on me. Even through the pictures after the ceremony, I can feel him watching me.



As soon as the bridal party is released to enjoy cocktail hour, I walk to the back of the room to talk to Eric. I’m not sure why he’s still here, unless he’s waiting to speak to Freyda.



“Fancy meeting you here,” I say to him.



“Likewise,” he replies. “You look good.”



“Thank you. This actually isn’t too bad as far as bridesmaids dresses go. I had to wear something poofy and shit brown last time I did this,” I laugh.



“Sounds lovely,” he chuckles. “I’ve seen some fuckin’ shit shows. Way more hideous fuckin’ bridesmaid dresses than any man should.”



“At least you don’t have to pay for, and then wear, them,” I point out. “So… how’ve you been?”



“Ah… could be better. I got in a big fight with my sister, so Belinda over there is new. I’ve been teaching her how to take orders and how not to drop a two pound fucking cake. It’s not been very pleasant. Plus, I think she has a crush on me,” he sighs.



“You’ve got troubles all over the place,” I shake my head.



“You have no fuckin’ clue,” he sighs. “I’m being forced to hire a fuckin’ staff which is fuckin’ bullshit. It’s better than fighting with Pam though.”



“There are worse things than hiring a staff,” I snort. “Generally that means you’re busy and making money.”



“Yeah, but you’ve seen my people skills,” he laughs.



“Then you better find a staff that can handle your potty mouth and offensive jokes,” I smirk. “And I really need to go get hammered before I judo chop the wedding planner in her windpipe.”



“Oh she’s a cunt and a half. I told Freyda if I have to deal with the bitch I wouldn’t do her cake. I spit on her sample when they came in to test.”



I shouldn’t be surprised, but my jaw drops.



“You didn’t,” I say in disbelief.



“The fuck I didn’t. I’ve had to deal with that twat in the past. She’s fuckin’ lucky that’s all I did to it,” he says seriously.



“Okay, see, hearing stuff like that makes me understand why people don’t like you.” That’s just uncalled for. I don’t like Frau Sourpuss either but I wouldn’t spit in her food.



“She’s the only one I’ve ever done that too and we have a… history. Wedding planners and cake makers work hand in hand. She fucked me over one too many times. She only keeps referring clients to me because I’m good at what I do and I have fair prices.”



I just shake my head. That would be like burning a client’s hair off on “accident” because they blew off previous appointments. It’s unacceptable and a fast way to ruin your own business if you get caught doing it. But hey, it’s his business, not mine. If he wants to sabotage himself, that’s on him.



“I’m going to go get a drink. I guess I’ll see you when I see you?” I ask.



“You have my number,” he reminds me. He leans down to kiss my cheek in a friendly way and says, “It was good seeing you again.”



“You too,” I reply.



He’s a confounding creature. One minute he’s funny and almost charming, and the next he’s just a complete asshole with a bit of an anger management problem. I don’t think I could handle that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde routine he’s rocking. He’s great in bed, I’ll give him that, but it’s damn near impossible to have a conversation with him.



I head for the bar and get one of the signature cocktails that Freyda hired a mixologist to create just for her wedding. I nearly choke on it when I taste it. It’s like a White Russian with some kind of raspberry liquor. Gross. I hate raspberry flavoring. Ugh. I’m glad I didn’t pay for it.



Of course now I need to run up to my room and brush my teeth because that was disgusting. I leave my drink on the bar and vow to stick to champagne for the rest of the night.



To my surprise, I spot Eric standing in the lobby. I’m not really sure why he’s still here until I see the wedding planner’s assistant signing off on something. I wait until the woman walks away and then I tap him on his shoulder.



Eric turns and his face lights up with surprise.



“Hey, I thought you were at the bar draining them of all their booze,” he smiles.



“I made the mistake of getting the signature “virgin’s kiss” cocktail. It tastes like raspberry ass,” I tell him. “So now I have to go up to my room to get that taste out of my mouth. Interested in helping me out with that?”



A slow smile spreads across his handsome face and he says, “As luck would have it, I’m done for the evening. I would love to help you.”



“Great,” I smile back. “I don’t know who Freyda thinks she’s kidding with that virgin stuff. Back in high school the football team retired her number when we graduated.”



“She propositioned me,” he admits.



“That’s no surprise.” I lead him to the elevators. “I’m pretty sure she only asked me to be a bridesmaid because I own a salon and she was hoping for discounted rates on services.”



“Yeah… I told her as politely as possible when she hired me that I wouldn’t fuck her with Pam’s dick, or give her a discount for blowing me. I’m surprised she still hired me, honestly.”



“You’re about as subtle as a bull in china shop,” I chuckle as the elevator doors open.



“I try,” he chuckles.



We get on the elevator and I push the button for the sixth floor. As soon as the doors close completely Eric turns to press me against the wall. He dips his head for a hard kiss while holding my head in place. It’s too bad we only have about twenty minutes before I have to get back downstairs.



The elevator doors open on the sixth floor and I lead Eric down the hall to my room. While I slide the keycard through the reader, he nips at my neck and rubs himself against me. I push the door open and he hustles me into the room.



“I have twenty minutes,” I tell him as the door closes behind us.



“Then I’ll make sure to take advantage of every one of them,” he says as his hand slips around my side to unzip my dress. “I wouldn’t want to ruin this beautiful dress…” As it falls to the floor he sucks on my neck and begins to unbutton his chef’s coat.



“I can only imagine what Freyda would think of me walking around with cum stains on my gown,” I snicker.



“I’m sure she’s familiar with them,” he smiles just before his pants drop and he kicks his shoes off.



I walk backward to the bed, taking off my strapless bra as I move. I’ll let Eric get my panties.



“I don’t have condoms,” I tell him. I wasn’t planning on having sex tonight so I didn’t bother bringing any.



“Are you on birth control?” he asks as he bends to suck on my nipple while he rips my panties along the seams.






“Hmm?” he hums around my nipple.



“I wasn’t done with those yet,” I tell him. He picks me up by my thighs and tosses me on the bed.



“You are now. Are you clean?” He lies on his stomach, pushing my thighs apart so he can nip at my lower lips.



“Yes,” I gasp. “I’m on the pill, too.”



“Good.” The tip of his tongue slides up my slit before his lips wrap around my little nub.



“Ohhhh… that’s good,” I murmur and drop back to the mattress. As good as it feels, he’s not going to get to play for very long.



“Mmm, tastes divine,” he groans. Eric kisses my clit one last time before he moves up my body, placing wet kisses along my torso. When he reaches my lips he start sucking on my bottom lip as I feel the head of his dick rub through my folds. He drags his tip up and down from my clit to my opening a few times. As he starts to push into me he says, “I’m clean, too. Tell me how you want it.”



“Mmm… all we have time for is hard and fast,” I tell him. Jesus, he’s big. Trey’s not lacking in the dick department either, but I think Eric is a bit thicker.



He sits up on his knees, pushes my thighs back, and tilts my hips up so the head of his cock rubs that sweet spot inside of me.



“Fuuuuck, you’re so fuckin’ tight, Sookie,” he breathes as he starts pounding me into the mattress. “Is this what you need?” he asks, reaching around my leg to stroke my clit.



“Yes,” I gasp. “Fuck, don’t stop.”



He doesn’t. He continues to drive into me. He keeps the hard, quick pace, panting heavily with each deep thrust.



“Fuck, grab your tits,” he pants. “I want to see those fuckin’ nipples rock hard for me.”



My hands go to my chest and I start pinching and plucking my nipples until they can’t get any harder than the little pink pebbles they’ve become.



“Like this?” I ask as I tug on them hard.



“Mmm, fuck, that’s it,” he purrs. “Give it to me.” He pushes my hips up higher when he bends over my body so I can push my nipples up for him.



I cry out when he slides in deeper. His lips close around my nipple and I can feel the pressure building rapidly. My back arches, threatening to push more of my soft flesh into Eric’s mouth.



“So good,” he moans around my tit. His fingers move faster over my clit. My pussy is dripping down between my cheeks, pooling on the bed.



“Fuck… tell me where you want it. Tell me where you want my cum, pretty girl,” he pants.



“My stomach.” I don’t want him cumming in me just to be safe. Cheating on Trey is bad enough, but getting knocked up too? Nope, no good.



He locks his arms so he can start driving into me again. “Ladies first,” he breathes when my walls start to grip his shaft harder. As my orgasm hits, Eric pulls out and I feel hot jets of his cum hit my stomach. “Fuuuuuuck!” he roars with his release.



My walls are still pulsing and my eyes flutter closed. Goddamn, that’s good stuff. Why do I have to hurry up and get dressed to go back downstairs? Why did I agree to be a bridesmaid again?



Eric’s lips move over my jaw and down my neck before landing on my lips. We lie there kissing for a few minutes before I have to push him away.



“Gotta get back,” I remind him.



“I know.” Eric flops on his back.



I can feel him watching me as I go into the bathroom. I close the door behind me and go over to the sink to get cleaned up. My eyes avoid looking at anything but my stomach. I can feel his cum running down my torso and I know I should be disappointed with myself for doing this again. I should be feeling guilty for getting something from another man that I should be getting from Trey.



The first time Eric and I had sex I spent ten minutes crying in the bathroom afterward. This time… this time I’m not sure what I feel, other than I want to do this again… and again… and again.



10 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. Oh wow. Someone is hooked. Not that I blame her. Hopefully she splits with Trey before she gets even more attached. Love all the updates! Thanks!


  2. They’ll be doing ‘booty calls’ until Sookie makes a decision about Trey. Then they will start to a tumultuous relationship which will include more lemons for us. Really enjoying reading your story.


  3. That was all Sookie this time. Hey, I’d go back for more too. I wonder how long she will wait to call Tray. Eric really does have horrible people skills.


  4. Sookie really needs to call Trey and end it instead doing this. Some things other people don’t need to know,Eric. Other than it being gross, talking openly about spitting in someones food could’ve been heard by somebody or Sookie could’ve told someone herself.


  5. Poor Belinda – just got the worst job ever… Eric reminds me of one of those crazy-ass chefs on reality TV who have lousy tempers…

    I am not sure Sookie should jump the gun relationship-wise quite so fast. Sure the Trey relationship seems a bit of a dead end but after 10 years, you probably want to have a talk face to face at the very least (not that it is easy with the distance). And so far although sex with Eric has been great the TWO times in total they’ve hooked up, she doesn’t seem all that enamoured of his personality… He has his moments but then reverts to no-filter a-hole… More than anything they do not know each other almost at all so that would not be a great basis for a new relationship unless they are just to be a rebound for one another…


    • Hahaha. Eric isn’t a complete asshole all the time. We never actually have any interaction with Belinda, but she sticks around. I’m pretty sure he’s as nice as he can be with her all the time. That or, she gets it and let’s his assholiness slide and doesn’t take it personally, because she shouldn’t. It’s just who he is. We also see some very sweet sides of Eric. Some epic douchy/effin’ idiot sides too.

      We do some small time jumps here and there. Sookie and Eric definitely get to know each other better. As they get to know each other both of their attitudes mellow out… some… lol.


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