Chapter 19



When I woke up in the morning I was curled up next to Eric in his giant bed. I had put my tank top back on before we went to sleep just to be safe. I didn’t know if Josie was the type to burst into the room or not and the last thing she needed was to see me topless. I bet that would have been a big hit with her mom.


The decision to kiss Eric was kind of impulsive. Until Alcide started to complain about the amount of time I was spending with Eric I didn’t really think about it too much. It wasn’t just the time, though. I realized I thought about him a lot too. When I was out shopping I would see things that made me think of him or Josie and that had to mean something. On top of that, Eric and I had become really good friends, despite the terrible first impressions each of us had made.


His being a dad and a little bit older than me was probably to my advantage. It made him a little more patient and he didn’t seem to mind that I was still figuring things out. Somehow we made sense.


I rolled onto my back and stretched. I didn’t get far before I got tugged close to Eric again.


“Good morning,” he whispered in a creaky sleep voice while nuzzling into my neck.


“Morning,” I whispered back. “Sleep good?”


“Better than I have in a long time.” He kissed the side of my neck. Eric’s hand slipped under my shirt, up to my tits so he could caress them.


“The twins are going to need an electric fence,” I giggled.


“Are you sure you want that? I couldn’t do this anytime I wanted.” He tugged and rolled my nipple in a way that made my back arch of its own accord.


“Mmm… but we won’t always be alone.” If the kid wasn’t around we could be at work and I’m sure fooling around there was a bad idea.


“No, and having Jo in the room is like an electric fence,” he chuckled. “How about I promise to only play with them when we’re alone?”


“Good idea.”


“You have no idea how bad I want to send Josie with her mother right now,” he whispered, rocking his hips up so his morning wood rubbed over my ass.


“Is she a late sleeper?” I was used to getting up early for work and he probably was too. It was barely after six. If Jo was awake I’d be surprised.


“Heidi wakes her up around seven. Felicia is picking her up from school today,” he told me. “I should text Mel and Charles to tell them I’m going to be late.”


“Or you could take the day off,” I suggested. I knew he rarely ever did that. He deserved a day off now and then, just like anyone else. In case he needed convincing I rubbed against him and nibbled on his jaw.


“Mmm, whatever would I do with a day off?” he asked in a low, husky sex voice.


“Home improvement projects, obviously,” I deadpanned and reached down into his pajama pants.


Holy fucksticks.


“Obviously.” Eric reached back to grab his phone. He didn’t move my hand away while he sent off a string of text messages. “I told Heidi I’d take Jo to school too.”


“Then we have about fifty minutes to solve this problem.” My hand wrapped around his shaft. I knew he hadn’t been celibate for the last three months but I also knew the sex was subpar and something told me it wouldn’t be that way for us.


“However shall we solve it?” Eric dipped his hand into the back of my pants to rub my ass.


“I can think of several options,” I replied. “But I’d like to hear your preference.”


“Hmm, I could put it here.” Eric moved his hand to the front of my pants. His nimble fingers found my slit, rubbing up and down slowly.


“Mmm… Yes you could,” I agreed. My legs parted for him while my hand pumped up and down his impressive length.


“Or I could wait… I can spend the next forty-nine minutes with my tongue here.” Two of his thick fingertips dipped into my core.


I gasped and said, “I don’t think that will solve your problem, though.”


“I can roll on my back and you could sit on my face while you suck my dick… or you can sit on my lap and start bouncing,” he grinned.


“I like option two better.”


Eric gave me a quick kiss before he pulled away. “Take your pants off.” He got up from the bed and walked over to lock the door. He stopped in his closet on the way back to grab a condom.


I lifted my hips and tugged off my pants and panties, leaving me in a thin tank top. My legs stayed open and Eric growled as he approached me. He ripped the package open and got the condom on.


He laid down next to me on his side. Eric’s hand went straight to my pussy and he started rubbing through my folds. He kept his eyes on mine as he pushed two long, thick fingers into me and started to pump. He began to scissor them, stretching me to accommodate his thick length.


My hips shifted to match the rhythm of his fingers and it wasn’t long before I was pushing him onto his back so I could straddle him. I watched him suck his fingers clean and the groan he let out was sexy as hell.


Eric’s hands moved to my hips to help steady me while I reached down to position him at my entrance. He kept his eyes on mine while I slowly lowered myself down his thick shaft.


“You’re so fucking gorgeous, Sookie,” he groaned as my wet heat enveloped him.


“Thank you,” I breathed while my hips rotated. Even with my top on I knew Eric could see my boobs moving as I started to bounce a little bit, testing the waters. My eyes rolled back in my head while my hands settled on his chest.


Eric pulled my tank top up to expose my boobs. One hand went back to my hip while the other went to my lower abdomen so he could rub my clit with his thumb. He dug his heels into the mattress and his hips started to thrust up, meeting me as I bounced.


I covered my mouth to stifle the sound that wanted to come out of me. He was the perfect size for me, apparently, because it didn’t take too long before I felt my orgasm looming and I had never cum that fast, at least not during sex. My hand continued to muffle the moans that were trying to escape while our bodies moved together.


Eric took me by surprise when he pulled me down against his chest and flipped us over. He pushed up on his hands so he could loom down between our joined bodies. His hips moved faster, driving into me over and over, making sure to fill me almost as fast as he retreated. His breathing started getting heavier until he dipped his head to lick my lips and slow down his thrusts. Eric hooked my knees to bend my legs back as he settled his weight on me. His thrusts became deep and deliberate, changing the sensations he was giving me.


“You feel so fucking good, baby,” he breathed against my lips.


I sucked on his bottom lip and then plunged my tongue into his mouth. My hands found purchase on his ass, pulling him in deeper. I moaned into my kiss and then all of a sudden the orgasm erupted. My walls gripped him over and over and I had to pull away from the kiss to breathe.


Eric watched my face through my orgasm. I could tell he was nearing his end when his thrusts became erratic.


“Shit,” he hissed as his cock swelled. He came with a deep groan, his hips jerking against me. “Mmm, perfect wake up.” Eric’s arms caged me in while he peppered kisses all over my face.


“Mmm… I agree,” I said. As far as first times go that was pretty good. The first time with Bill both of us were virgins and didn’t know what we were doing. It was more painful than pleasurable. With Alcide it had been a big, lusty rush and while I did have an orgasm it was over too fast to really enjoy it.


With Eric, however, it was the best of both worlds. I got the emotional connection I had with Bill and the technique – for lack of a better word – that Alcide provided. It was, in a word, perfect.


“As much as I don’t want to move, I have to go get rid of the condom. You want to get up to make breakfast for Jo with me?” he asked.


“Sure,” I smiled. “Think she’ll be okay with this?”


“I think so. She already told you you’re allowed to be my girlfriend… if that’s what you want this to be…”


I didn’t even need to think about it.


“Yeah, I think I do,” I told him. We were both ready for it. At least I thought we were.


He looked at the clock. “You want to clean up and wake her up while I start breakfast, then? She’ll be excited to have breakfast with me, and even more so excited to have it with you.”


“It’s because I’m cooler than you,” I teased.


“Of course you are. I’m just Dad,” he chuckled. Eric and I both groaned as he pulled out of me.


I didn’t want to get out of bed quite yet but it seemed we were going to have the day to lie around and be lazy. I could live with that. I followed Eric to the bathroom to clean up and then I put my pants back on. I slipped out of his room and crept down the hall to Josie’s room. She was face down on her bed, burrowed under a small mountain of plush blankets. I sat on the edge of her bed and stroked her hair back from her face.


“Jo, wake up,” I said quietly.


Her big hazel eyes blinked open to look up at me. “What are you doing here?” she asked just as quietly.


“I slept here last night.” It was true.


“Where’s Heidi?”


“She’s not coming today. Your dad and me are going to make you breakfast and then he’s going to take you to school,” I told her. “That is if you don’t mind me staying for breakfast.”


She shook her head no. “I don’t mind.” Josie stretched with her own little groan.


“Okay. What do you want for breakfast?”


“If Daddy’s cooking I want chocolate chip pancakes.”


“I’ll put your order in.” I got up from her bed and almost made it to the door before Josie’s brain woke up.


“Sookie, you never stay the night,” she said from her bed. “Why did you stay last night? And why is Daddy taking me to school instead of Heidi?”


“I stayed over last night because your dad asked me to and he’s taking the day off so Heidi doesn’t need to come over,” I explained. I wasn’t sure if Eric wanted to be present when Josie found out that Eric and I were a thing and not just friends anymore.


“Are you his girlfriend? Jennifer started staying over when my mom made her her girlfriend,” she told me as she got out of bed. “I want to take the day off too.”

“Uh that’s up to your dad,” I told her, avoiding answering the girlfriend question. I felt like that was up to him to tell her.


“I’m going to ask him.” She got a sudden burst of energy before she bounced out of the room. “Daaaaaad!” she hollered as she walked out of her room.


Oh my.


I went for the stairs while Josie ran around looking for her dad. He was in the kitchen already, pulling things out of the fridge and pantry for breakfast.


“Her highness wants chocolate chip pancakes,” I whispered to him.


“Not surprised,” he chuckled. “What would you like?”


“I want to stay home too,” Josie said, trying to climb up Eric.


“Nope, you need to go to school,” he told her.


“I don’t wanna. You get to stay home. I want to too,” she pouted.


“Josie, no. That’s my final answer. How many pancakes do you want?”


“Two.” She was still pouty as she walked over to climb onto a stool.


“I’ll do your hair for you if you want,” I offered, hoping to cheer her up a little bit.


“Okay,” she smiled. “Can you do my makeup–”


“No,” Eric answered before she could finish.




“Don’t start,” Eric warned.


“Is Sookie your girlfriend now?” she asked, changing the subject.


“Do you want her to be my girlfriend?”




“She is… I think,” he answered, looking at me.


I nodded my head.


“Does that mean you’re not going to be grumpy anymore?”


“I’m not grumpy now,” he chuckled.


“Then why can’t I stay home with you?”

“Because you need your education. You have to tell all your friends about your Belle costume too,” Eric reminded her.


“Oh yeah…”


I was just waiting for her to ask if she could wear it to school…


“How do you want to do your hair?” I asked her.


“I want to put it back today.” She brushed her long curls out of her face. She had a lot of thick, curly hair but the individual strands were fine like Eric’s.


“Okay. Well whenever you’re ready we can go do that,” I told her.


“We can go now while Daddy makes us pancakes,” she grinned. She got a bath before bed so she just needed to get dressed and have her hair combed.


“Is that okay with you?” I asked Eric. I wasn’t much help in the kitchen anyway.


“If you want to,” Eric answered.


“I don’t mind. I just don’t want to leave you high and dry.”


“I cook for hundreds of people a day, I think I can handle cooking for two without any help,” he chuckled.


“Just sayin’,” I shrugged. Because I could, I pinched his ass before making a run for it. I’d get my payback after Josie was gone, I was sure of it.


“Sookie, that’s gross,” Josie told me when she caught up with me. “Are you going to be my step mom now?”


“Uh, I don’t know. I guess it depends on if your dad and I get married someday,” I told her.


“Do you love him?”


“No, I don’t,” I answered truthfully. “But I do like him a lot and I do care about him.”


“Okay… I love you, Sookie,” she told me. “If you become my step mom one day I’m okay with that.”


I smiled and said, “That means a lot to me, you know? I love you too, kid.” I did. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it and if I hadn’t already told Eric, I wouldn’t have said it to her. I didn’t know how her mom was going to react to this change. Heck, she might not even be surprised by it. She knew I was making her daughter’s Halloween costume but I hadn’t yet met the previous Mrs. Northman. I would, sooner or later.


Josie picked out an outfit to wear to school and while she got dressed I went to the bathroom to get the supplies to do her hair. Combing it would have done more harm than good, so I got out a spray bottle full of water that would make pulling it back a little easier. Josie stood as still as any eight-year-old could while I worked on her hair.


“Ponytail in the center or on the side?” I asked her.




“You got it. You want to pick your elastic thingy?” She had dozens of them in a box on the counter.


Josie reached forward to grab a hot pink one that matched her shirt and shoes. “Can you make a braid?”


“Sure. What kind do you want?” Boarding school was good for learning that kind of stuff.


“What kind can you do?”


“I can do lots of kinds. It depends on how fancy you want to get. I can do an upside down French braid so it’ll be braid on the bottom of your ponytail here.” I touched the hair closer to her neck. “The top part will be smooth.”


“Oooh, can we do that?” she asked excitedly.


“Sure. I just need you to bend a little bit for me and flip your hair, okay?”


Josie was more than willing to flip her hair for me. I shook my hands out to loosen them up and then got to work on the braid. When I got to the right spot I gathered up the rest of her pretty hair and secured it with the elastic she’d chosen.


“Okay, you can flip again,” I told her.


She flipped her head back up for me to finish. I arranged her hair and smiled. It looked good on her.


“All done. You like it?”


“I looooooove it!” she exclaimed. “I have to go show my dad. Thank you, Sookie.”


“You’re welcome.” I forgot how easily excited kids could get by the littlest things.


Josie bounced out of the room. I could hear her telling Eric how much she loved it before she got to the bottom of the stairs. I was glad she approved of the change. It certainly made things a lot easier for everyone involved.


The three of us had breakfast together and then when Eric took Josie to school I went home to shower and get cleaned up myself. Josie giggled and told us we were gross when Eric kissed me goodbye but she wouldn’t be a normal kid if she didn’t do that. I was happy, though. The happiest I’d been in a long, long time. Turned out leaving Bill really was the smartest thing I ever did.


16 thoughts on “Chapter 19

  1. Yay! Josie is thrilled too…. Great chapter… Wonder how other people will react… I guess Dawson will have won another bet…


  2. Sweet chapter! Josie is such a great kid, glad she’s so accepting of Sookie since they are so good together, all three of them.
    Day off, are things gonna get steamy now?


  3. Yaya! Loving this story and the slow build of the relationship between these two. Great job! Can not wait to read more. I think I could read ten chapters about these two characters doing laundry, I love them! Abd I love eric’s tattoos and clothes haha


  4. Not sure which I like better, the obvious hotness of Eric and Sookie, or the adorable interaction between Josie and Sookie..this bodes well for their future.


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