Chapter 6



I somehow managed to sweet talk my mom into taking Joey for the night so I can go out on a date with Eric. When I left his house last weekend we planned to go out tonight, providing I could find a sitter. If I couldn’t he would just come over and play board games with Jo and me.

I don’t know where he’s taking me, I only know to dress casually so I go with a pair of straight leg jeans, a mint colored tank top and a pair of black ankle boots. I leave my hair down and apply a little makeup.

My mom picked up my baby girl an hour ago and I’ve been bouncing while getting ready for Eric to show up. This will be his first time at my house, and I almost don’t want to invite him in. I haven’t seen him since I left last week, although we text daily, and we talked once. Anyway, I’m scared that if he looks too good I’ll pounce on him when he comes in the house. I hadn’t had sex in almost a year, and Eric is… amazing is the only word I can think of. Therefore, amazing sex equals a happy, horny Sookie. I’m sure he won’t complain though.

Sam. I told Sam I think I’m seeing someone exclusively and he is not happy about it. He’s always wanted me back, but I will never be in a relationship with a cheater, plus I don’t like the person he’s become. He tried telling me he doesn’t want me to bring a man around Joey so I politely explained Eric isn’t going to try to be her father. He knows she has one even though with as little time as Sam spends with her she’s likely to forget him soon. Bottom line, I told Sam I wasn’t asking for his input, I was simply informing him.

I’m just spritzing on my perfume when I hear my doorbell ring. Eric should be here. I get to the door just after he rings the bell a second time and when I open it I’m struck silent as our eyes meet. I think he’s gotten even more handsome in the five days since I last saw him.

“Hi,” I smile, probably showing all of my teeth. It probably looks scary. Or crazy.

“Hi,” he smiles back and he doesn’t hesitate to lean in and kiss me hello.

“Would you like to come in?” I offer when he pulls back.

Well, so much for not inviting him in yet.

“That could be dangerous,” he says as if he’s reading my mind. He’s looking me up and down and I hear him growl a little when his eyes travel over my chest.

“It could be,” I agree, “But I’m sure you can be a good boy long enough to get a tour.” It’s not all Eric I’m worried about. “If you don’t think you can, we can go.”

“I’ll be good,” he says, but then presses his lips to mine again.

“If you keep kissing me like that I’m not sure I can be good,” I tell him as my hand slides down his arm to hold his hand.

“I promise, no more,” he says. “Lead the way.”

I tug him into the house and close the door behind him.

“This is the living room,” I say, motioning to the room around us.

The house is clean, but it’s obvious a kid lives here. She has a giant toy box in one corner of the room practically overflowing.

“Holy mountain of toys, Batman,” he chuckles.

“She’s a bit spoiled by her grandparents,” I admit and lead him through the rest of the house. When we get to my room we look through the door together and I say, “Inviting you in there is definitely asking for trouble.”

“We can save that for dessert,” his brows wiggle.

“Yes we can,” I say and tilt my head up for a quick kiss. “Now where are you taking me?”

“You strike me as a girl that’s lacking some fun in her life,” he says. “I don’t mean that as a judgment, just a simple declaration of fact. So with that in mind, I thought we’d go to Lafayette’s.”

“Oh, fantastic!” I exclaim, then ask, “What’s Lafayette’s?”

“It’s a bar a friend of Pam’s owns, but the food is amazing and there are pool tables, air hockey tables, darts, a few pinball machines… it’s like part bar, part restaurant and part arcade all rolled into one,” he explains.

“That does sound fantastic,” I smile, and then add in a teasing tone, “Are you going to try to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?”

“Only if you want me to. Mostly I’ve been craving the nacho fries they make,” he admits.

“We’ll see what happens. I’m also a fan of fries and nachos, so I think we’re in business,” I say and we walk back down the hallway toward the front door.

“You’ll definitely find something on the menu that you like. Lafayette has put his own spin on regular bar foods. There’s twelve different kinds of grilled cheese on the menu. Joey would be in heaven there,” he chuckles.

“Sounds fun, and tasty. I don’t think we should let her know about it though. She would be constantly asking to go. When she wants something she’s relentless.”

I grab my purse and my house keys to lock up and I follow Eric to his car.

He opens the passenger’s side door of his Jeep for me, and just like in my car, there’s a car seat in the back. He closes the door after I climb up and then walks around to the driver’s side to get in behind the wheel.

“What kind of music do you listen to?” he asks after he starts the car and classic rock starts to play at a tolerable volume.

“This is fine. I like just about everything,” I say and I take it upon myself to reach over and take his hand.

Eric laces his fingers with mine and backs out of the driveway.

“So how is work going?” he asks me.

“Same shit, different day,” I tell him. “I’ve thought about your offer. I think I would like to take you up on it.”

It’s not an unreasonable offer and if I can do something I’ve actually gone to school for that would be helpful for when I finally go back. I can also be at home with Joey before the sun goes down.

“Really? That’s awesome,” Eric smiles at me. “I’ll give you my mom’s email address before I go home. I’ll let her know to expect your resume and she’ll contact you after she looks it over.”

“Okay,” I smile. “This is really sweet of you, ya know?”

“Nah, I’m just trying to help a friend,” he winks. “I would do it for anyone. Besides, I’m sure the store is okay, but you can do better than that place.”

“You’re a good man,” I compliment him.

“When my parents found out Aude was pregnant the first thing my dad told me was I needed to be the kind of man I’d want my daughter to marry,” he tells me. “I kind of had to get my shit together after that and I’ve been trying to live by that advice ever since.”

“Your father is very smart, and I think you’re a great example for Jake. A lot of men your age would bail out in this situation.” He explained what went down with him and Aude, and why they aren’t together last weekend.

“It crossed my mind, believe me. I definitely wasn’t ready for having a kid but then Jake didn’t ask to be brought into this situation any more than I did. I could have walked away but I would have regretted doing it and my parents would have kicked my ass and cut me off, and I wouldn’t blame them for doing it now that I get it,” he says.

“None of us are really ready for kids. As hard as I looked I never did find a how to manual, and all we can hope for is that we raise our children to be well mannered and well adjusted. Truth is, I thought about having an abortion for about a week before I decided to keep her. That’s the best decision I’ve ever made,” I tell him.

“I can’t say I blame you,” he says without a hint of judgment. “It’s a tough adjustment to make. You’re just really making strides in your own life, you’ve got all these plans and then everything gets turned upside down and you have to re-strategize to accommodate this whole new person that completely relies on you for absolutely everything it needs. It’s a pretty crazy thing to get used to.”

“It’s so nice to meet a guy that gets it. You know, finding out you had a kid is what made me decide to take you up on that dinner date. You’re pretty cute too,” I smile.

“It’s always a gamble going out with someone who doesn’t have a kid, or doesn’t have a lot of experience in dealing with them. Shit happens all the time that make me change my plans. I guess it’s probably a double edged sword seeing someone that has a kid, too,” he says.

“It is. There’s a lot of potential for things to go bad. I worry about taking Joey around my dates. I don’t do it very often, if at all, but something about you screams safe and kind,” I tell him. “Thank you again for our date. She made me press her flowers so she could keep them forever. I think my daughter has a crush on you.”

Eric chuckles and says, “Well, I am pretty cute.”

“Mmm, like mother, like daughter, I guess,” I say and lean over to kiss his cheek.

“That sounds like it could be trouble,” he teases and lifts our hands to kiss the back of mine.

I laugh and say, “Yes, yes it could be all bad. I like to think I have some redeeming qualities.”

“You do,” he says.

“Blowjob skills don’t count,” I joke.

“Oh yes they do,” he smirks.

“Maybe if you play your cards right you can get a repeat performance,” I purr.

“I told you I would be good,” he reminds me.

“We’ll see about that. It will be based on my idea of good, not yours.” I’m sure I’ll be blowing him later, but it’s fun to make him work for it.

“Challenge accepted.”

We continue to talk about every day stuff, still trying to get to know each other. A few minutes later we pull into the parking lot and I wait as Eric comes around to open my door to help me out of his Jeep.

“This place looks amazing,” I say as we walk toward the entrance.

“I think you’ll have fun here,” he says.

Eric opens the door and holds it for me so I can walk in ahead of him. AC/DC is playing over the speakers and the place is already fairly busy.

“I’m following you, sir,” I tell him and I take his hand when he offers it to me.

He looks at me and asks, “Food first or do you want to get drinks and play a few games?”

“Food. I haven’t eaten much today so I’m sure I’d get drunk way too quickly if I started drinking now.”

“Good idea. I don’t want you belly dancing for the whole bar,” he winks at me.

I laugh and follow him into the restaurant. Eric leads me to one of the smaller booths and motions for me to take a seat before he sits down across from me.

“I don’t really belly dance,” I tell him as I pick up a menu. “I don’t actually dance much at all anymore.”

“That’s a shame,” he says. He doesn’t bother with a menu, but then he knows what he wants.

“That I don’t dance much anymore, or that I don’t belly dance?” I ask.

“Both,” he smiles.

“Maybe if you earn a fourth date we can remedy that,” I wink and then ask, “What should I get?”

“I’m partial to the mac ‘n cheese here. There’s grilled chicken in it and then bacon and a garlic breadcrumb crust on top. It’s delicious,” he tells me.

“That sounds good, I’ll have to try yours,” I say and continue looking over the menu.

“I’m getting nacho fries and sliders but I’m sure I can share,” he smirks.

“That’s awful sweet of you, then maybe I’ll get the mac ‘n cheese and a salad. Do they have side salads?” I ask, I can’t seem to find one on the menu.

“Yeah, they’re sort of crammed in there under the appetizers,” he says.

Huh, there they are. I blush when I realize I was too busy glancing back at Eric to notice them.

“Alright, cheese and lettuce, feels like home,” I giggle. I’m sure I’m still beet red.

“If you want something a little less cheesy the south Philly burger is really good too. No mushrooms, of course.”

“I was looking at that. I don’t know, I think I’ll stick with the mac ‘n cheese. It has bacon,” I smile and then say, “Now that we have that decided, how was your visit with Jake?” Shit. I didn’t want to talk about kids anymore. This is officially grown up time.

“It was good. My parents hadn’t seen him in a couple of weeks so I took him over to their place for dinner. He spilled some grape juice on Auntie Pammy’s favorite cashmere sweater thing, so that was the highlight of my night,” he grins.

“Oh, I bet she loved that. From what you’ve told me I gather she’s a clothes whore,” I laugh. “Okay, no more kids tonight. I meant to tell you they’re off limits until tomorrow.”

“Deal. In fact, I think from now on, every time one of us mentions those who shall not be named, the guilty party has to take a shot,” he suggests.

“I guess we’re taking a cab home,” I chuckle.

“Nope, I’ll be good to drive us home,” he says confidently.

“We’ll see about that… How would you feel if I came over to your side of the booth with you?” I ask him. Looking at Eric makes me want to touch him. I like him — a lot.

Eric slides over a little closer to the wall and pats the empty space beside him. I smile and move over just as our server shows up to take our order. Once our order is placed I look over at Eric. He’s already looking at me, and my cheeks flare up.

“Sorry about this,” I say and touch my cheek.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for,” he replies and his hand comes up to touch my other cheek.

“Thanks,” I nod, but it doesn’t help. “I felt like I needed to be closer to you, is that weird?”

“Not at all,” he says. He leans in and kisses me softly.

I kiss him back, and my new ever present blush deepens. I don’t know why this is happening. I’ve already slept with the man I should be fine.

“I like it when you kiss me,” I tell him as my eyes open. So far it’s my favorite thing we’ve done together.

“I’d do it again but then I would want to do it again and again and again until we completely forget about dinner and just go back home,” he tells me. Eric kisses my jaw and moves to my ear to whisper, “You smell delicious, by the way.”

“Thank you,” I whisper back. I have to cross my legs when I start to have visions of all the naughty things this man is capable of. “You know I wouldn’t argue if you wanted to forget about dinner and the arcade,” I tell him.

He raises an eyebrow and says, “While there’s a part of me that wishes you would have said that before–and I’m sure you can guess which part that is–we probably shouldn’t have all of our dates in bed.”

“Very good point,” I giggle. “I’m sure I wouldn’t regret going home, but I like being out with you. This is good.”

“We could play games to earn after date… rewards,” he suggests.

“That could be fun…” I trail off when I think about exactly what kind of rewards he could earn… or I could. “I like the way you think, sir.”

“Good. We’ll have to figure out what the rewards are for different wins,” he says. “Do you like playing arcade games or billiards?”

“I’m better at arcade games. Billiards… I end up forfeiting about halfway through the game,” I admit. I haven’t played since I was dating Sam and he usually told me it was best to sit down and look pretty. “I shouldn’t do darts either, I could hurt someone.”

“How about ski ball?”

“I can hold my own,” I grin. I love ski ball.

“Then I think we’ve found our game,” he grins.

“We can do air hockey too if you want to change it up every now and then. I’m surprisingly good at that.”

“Air hockey is good too.”

I tilt my head up to five him a quick kiss just as our food arrives.

“This looks amazing,” I say. It looks and smells delicious.

“It’s pretty good. I think you’ll like it,” he agrees, and grabs one of his fries off the skillet they came in.

I want some of his fries, but I’ll wait to as for one. I take a bite of my mac ‘n cheese and I’m pretty sure I groan. This stuff is tasty.

“You didn’t tell me this stuff would give me an orgasm,” I tell him and go in for a second bite.

“Then I guess that’s a pleasant surprise,” he chuckles.

“Kinda like you,” I flirt.

I scoot my mac ‘n cheese out of the way to eat my salad. The salad is a typical house salad, just as I expected. The croutons are tasty though.

Eric plucks one of those croutons from my salad and pops it in his mouth.

“Thanks,” he winks at me.

I start eyeballing his fries when he’s about halfway done and I figure he ate one of my croutons, why not. I reach over with my fork and get a big bite on the end of it before shoving it in my mouth.

“S’good,” I mumble with my mouth full of cheese and potato.

He chuckles and says, “So I guess Sam is responsible for teaching manners.”

I swallow before I say, “Sam isn’t responsible at all. I just don’t care at the moment. I normally have very good manners.”

“I can tell. You’re the first girl to thank me for orgasms.”

“Selfish bitches,” I wink. “I tend to over thank you though. Have I apologized for things I shouldn’t be sorry for yet?”

“Just the blushing.”

“Okay, good. I’m trying to break that habit.”

I take the last bite I can manage and push the rest of my food away before sitting back and patting my belly.

“Food baby?”

“Mmhmm, I should’ve stopped four bites ago.”

“We can go play laser tag if you want,” he offers.

“No thanks, I have my heart set on murdering you at ski ball,” I smile up at him.

“Oh you think so, huh?” he smirks.

“Yep,” I say, popping the P.

“We’ll see about that. What does the winner get for that?”

“Depends, are we starting light, or jumping right into the hardcore stuff?” I ask, cocking an eyebrow.

“I’ll let you decide,” he says. “And I’m perfectly okay with keeping some kind of score so that whatever is earned but doesn’t get used tonight can be cashed in later.”

“Okay,” I agree and think a minute. “The ski ball winner gets treated to a striptease.”

“That’s fair. Although I should warn you that if you’re the winner you’re more likely to laugh than get turned on when you claim your prize.”

“I’m fine with that,” I shrug. “You have a way of turning me on anyway.”

He sighs with relief and says, “Man am I glad there’s a backup plan then.”

“If you win I’ll try to belly dance for you,” I offer. “Even though I truly have no clue what I’m doing.”

“Just put a little Shakira into it and you’ll do fine,” he winks.

“Good plan.”

“It’s hard to go wrong with Shakira.”

“I can agree with that. Do you have any suggestions for the air hockey winner?”

“I’ll go with the air hockey winner getting a back massage,” he says. “Clothing optional, of course.”

“Oooh, I was going to suggest that but I went with the striptease.”

“Oh to be the winner of both games,” he sighs, and the look on his face is like he’s already imagining me taking my clothes off.

“You do realize once I have about three beers into me I won’t care about any prizes and I’ll probably start stripping on our way home, right?”

“Then I guess you’re going to need to have a glass of water between drinks so we don’t have to pack it in too early,” he answers.

“Good idea,” I smile.

The server brings us our check and after Eric puts some cash into the billfold he asks, “Would you like to go play some games, Miss Stackhouse?”

“I would love to, Mr. Northman,” I agree and slide out of the booth.

Eric slides out as well and our hands link before he starts to guide me through the restaurant toward the arcade side of the massive building.

“What do you want to get schooled on first?” I ask him once we’re in the arcade.

“Why don’t we start with ski ball so I can console myself with staring at your cleavage while we play air hockey?” He has zero shame.

“Works for me,” I smirk. We walk over to a free ski ball game and I ask, “Who goes first? Wanna rock, paper, scissors?”

“Ladies first. I want to know what I have to beat,” he winks.

I cock an eyebrow and exaggerate when I bend over to grab my first ball. I line up my shot and roll the ball up the lane, landing it in a forty point hole.

“What should I shoot for next?” I ask as I grab the second ball.

“Right corner,” he says. It’s a 100 point hole.

“Done,” I say with confidence and roll the ball, praying to any god that will listen that I get the hole. I get it and breathe a sigh of relief. I talk a big game, but I’m actually not that good. I’m sure I’ll get tens from here on out.

“Nicely done,” Eric says without a hint of shock in his voice.

“Thanks,” I smile. I won’t dare ask him again what to hit. I take the next ball and get thirty, a fifty after that, a couple tens and another forty. The final three end up being tens as expected, but I blame the beer he grabbed for me around ball five.

“Your turn, Sparky,” I smile.

“Step aside, Miss Stackhouse,” he says with authority. “Prepare to be amazed.”

“Yes, sir,” I say and take a step back. When he leans over to get his first ball I get a good look at his delicious backside.

Eric doesn’t bother with talking shit, he just gets to it and his first ball goes in the left 100 point hole. Then he turns his head and says, “Just two more of those and I’ll be getting my striptease.”

“Yeah, yeah, you probably would’ve gotten it anyway,” I say, playfully rolling my eyes.

“Maybe, but it’ll be a little sweeter knowing I’m getting it for spanking you at ski ball,” he smirks.

“Mmm, if I play my cards right that’s not the only spanking you’ll be giving me,” I wink.

He growls and picks up another ball that ends up in the fifty point hole. He scores two more hundreds, a forty, three fifties, and two tens.

“Best two out of three?” he asks after obliterating my score.

“After that, I’m not so sure I want to play anymore,” I giggle and grab a ball. “I’ll let you kick my ass two more times and then air hockey.”

“We could raise the stakes here,” he says. “Winner of this game gets a random orgasm of their choice.”

“I can agree with that.” I’m pretty open and I’m sure Eric won’t ask for anything too crazy, plus I’m willing to bet it would be just as good for me. “Shake on it?”

He grabs my hand to shake it and he pulls me closer so he can whisper, “Wouldn’t it be nice to call me up to cash in your win? I could sneak in, go down on you and then go home.”

A shiver runs down my spine and my nipples tighten.

“That would be very nice,” I whisper back.

“Your turn, Sookie.” He kisses my neck and then steps back.

I feel a little flushed when I lean over to take the ball. All I can think about is the way Eric’s mouth felt on my pussy. When I throw the ball I hit the 20 point hole and pout a little to myself.

“Sneaking in for a BJ would be just as good,” I tell him.

“Yes it would.” He steals one of my balls and scores me 100.

“You’re a very sweet man, sir,” I say, looking up into his gorgeous blue eyes.

He leans down to whisper, “And you have a sweet pussy. I’ve been thinking about it since you left.”

“Keep talking like that and we may have to take an orgasm break,” I giggle.

Odds are if he keeps talking like that I’m likely to have a spontaneous orgasm in the middle of our ski ball game.


 SLY 6














11 thoughts on “Chapter 6

  1. Gah! You can’t leave it mid sexy date! I was just thinking about this story today and hoping for an update and lo and behold one appeared! I’m going to do the same tomorrow 😉


  2. Nice date… It was kind of funny they had to agree not to talk about kids but it would be tempting since it is such a big part of their lives. They do have that in common which is of course a great advantage but they want to know each other as individuals no just ‘parents’… Look forward to the rest of the date!


  3. This is two of the most likeable people I have read. You have organised the get to really know the other date. Glad that Eric didn’t just grab her & take her home when she suggested it.


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