Chapter 2



Sookie seems like a sweet girl. Talbot didn’t warn me that he was sending someone out today, but when he called me to tell me about my Oscar nomination he reminded me again that I need an assistant, so I wasn’t surprised when she showed up.


While we eat our pizza we sit at the island and get to know each other. She’s from Louisiana, she’s twenty-six, single, not that that matters, and she claims she can cook the best biscuits and gravy in California. I’ll be the judge of that. I like that she isn’t probing me; she’s actually done most of the talking, which works for me. I don’t like to talk too much, especially about myself. I’m a quiet person by nature, which makes being in the industry pretty hard. Plus I like my privacy. I also love what I do, so I take the good with the bad.


“So, what made you want to be a personal assistant?” I ask her.


“The rent?” Sookie replies.


“Isn’t that why anyone does anything?” I chuckle, “I’m paying you good, right?”


“Uh, I don’t know. We didn’t discuss salary.”


“What kind of bullshit is that?” I grumble. “I’ll call Talbot,” I say and reach for my cell phone.


“I’m sure whatever it is, is fair,” she says.


Something seems fishy if you ask me.


“Sookie, what person doesn’t want to know what they’re being paid?” I ask and hit send on Talbot’s name.


“Eric, wait! Don’t… don’t call him,” Sookie says, reaching for my phone and hanging up on my manager.


“New rule: don’t ever touch my phone,” I say, giving her an odd look.


“I’m sorry,” she apologizes. “It’s just… Talbot didn’t send me. I heard from an employee in his office that you needed an assistant–”


“You just showed up at my house and…” I stand up from my chair and ask, “Are you fuckin’ stalking me?” Not that a stalker would admit to it.


“Oh please! This isn’t a Will & Grace episode,” she rolls her eyes. “Your address and pictures of your house are available on the internet. I took initiative. Since when is that a crime?”


“You took it upon yourself to show up at my house. Are you fuckin’ insane? Do you know what kind of shit I deal with everyday and… This?” Fuck this bullshit.


“I showed up to offer my services, not steal your laundry. But you know what? If you’re such an arrogant prick, I’d rather not work for you.” Sookie stands up too and tosses some cash on the table. “Thanks for lunch,” she says before walking away.


Fuck. She has all of my personal information.


“I’m not arrogant, I deal with this shit on a daily basis, Sookie,” I call after her. I change my tone and ask politely as possible, “Come back in here, please.”


She stops in her tracks. A few seconds pause before she turns to face me again. Sookie walks over to me and says, “I’m not new to the way things go in this town, Eric. I’ve been dealing with it on and off my whole life. Right now I’m not talking to Oscar nominated Eric Northman; I’m talking to some guy who doesn’t know shit about me but must be either very jaded or very narcissistic if he assumes I’m stalking him. I don’t care if you’re famous. I’ll treat you with the same politeness and respect I would anyone else.”


I take a deep breath, slowly letting it out. She hasn’t looked at me like a famous person once the whole time she’s been here. She seems like a nice enough girl. Of course I’ll need to get more information on her, but learning what she can do for me makes having an assistant look like a really good idea.


“I’ll call Talbot and have him put you on payroll,” I tell her.


Sookie smiles at me and says, “You won’t regret it.”


“I hope not,” I nod, “I’m a private person, Sookie, if paparazzi stop you, if your friends ask you, please don’t talk about my private life… I’m going to have Talbot draw up a confidentiality agreement.”


“I’m not interested in gossiping about your personal life, Eric. I just want to do my job and pay my bills.”


“I need to look out for my personal interests, too. I’m going to need you to sign it, anyone on my payroll has to sign one,” I inform her. I might be naive, but I’m not a complete idiot.




“Come back, have a seat,” I offer, motioning to the chair she just vacated.


Sookie reclaims her seat and sets her bag down.


“Just for the record, everything else I told you is true,” she says.


“Thank you. I wish you would’ve stopped and started with the truth. I still would’ve talked to you. I’m not a jerk, I would’ve listened.”


“You were on a roll,” she shrugs.


“Stop me if I do that,” I chuckle. “So your grandmother is Adele Stackhouse, huh?” I ask, getting back to her family. She hasn’t asked me a lot of questions; I’d like to keep it that way.


“Adele Hale back in her day,” she smiles.


I smile back and say, “My dad used to have pictures of her when I was a kid. He told me that’s what a real woman should look like. I think you look like her.” My real dad had a thing for old Hollywood. He was killed in a car accident when I was eight. My mom remarried two years later to a fucking prick.


“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Sookie says. “Gran is… well, I got my mouth from her too, let’s just put it that way.”


“The mouth that says things like ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’ to your new boss?” I ask, arching an eyebrow.


“Exactly,” she laughs. “Gran’s made Marines blush.”


“My kinda gal,” I chuckle. The fact that Sookie hasn’t once seemed nervous around me has gone a long way. Usually when I meet girls they don’t know how to act around me. I don’t get it, but it happens.


“What about your parents?” Sookie asks.


“My father died when I was eight and I don’t really talk to my mother anymore,” I shrug.


“I’m sorry,” she says sincerely.


“I’ve come to terms with it,” I say.


She nods but keeps quiet.


“So, to put you onto the payroll I’ll need to get your social security number and such,” I tell her, trying to get off of the topic of my family.


“No problem. I can email all of it to you.”


“You have a notepad?” I ask.


“I might.” Sookie opens her bag and grins when she finds a little notebook. She hands it over to me, open to a blank page.


“Thanks.” I pull it over to me and hold my hand out for the pen she offers as well. “I’m going to give you my contact information. Please don’t put my real name in your phone in case it gets lost.” I write down my email address and both cell and house numbers before sliding the paper back across the table.


“Hmmm… I’ll have to come up with a clever code name for you.”


“Talbot has me as Big Dick Ric, don’t ask,” I laugh.


“You know, I think that explains itself,” she chuckles.


“Let’s just say, there’s a reason I don’t drink in public.” My clothes come flying off because I get too hot, plus I prefer to be naked whenever possible.


“What reason and at what point should I cut you off?”


“Nudity and three,” I snort.


“Good to know,” she nods.


“Which reminds me, I hope nudity doesn’t make you uncomfortable.”


“I’m sorry, did I forget to mention my Gran posed for Playboy six times?”


“Posing for playboy and walking in to see me mosey through the house in the buff are two different things,” I remind her.


“I’m not a virgin, Eric. I think I can handle it.”


“Good to know. I’ll ease you in,” I wink. “Are you done with this?” I ask as I get up to put the pizza away.


Sookie shakes her head no. We go silent while I put everything away. I can feel her eyes on me as I move around my kitchen. It makes me uncomfortable when people stare at me when I’m in public, but I’ll never let my fans know. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. I don’t know if Sookie is a fan, but she’s not making me feel awkward.


“Do you want to stick around a little longer, or do you have something to do?” I’m off today and I honestly don’t care either way.


“I can stay. It might be helpful if you tell me what you’re expecting me to do,” she says.


Fuck. I may have to google what she’s supposed to be doing. I’ve been turning down an assistant mostly because I’m a big boy and I can do my own dirty work.


“I guess the stuff we’ve already discussed. Errands and schedule and stuff. I’m not a demanding person. Really, just the shit I don’t have time for. Your hours will most likely be regular eight to five. If I think I’m going to need you later I’ll try to tell you at least a day in advance. I will need you to be flexible if I need you to stay later at the last minute. What days off would be preferable to you?”


“It doesn’t really matter to me,” Sookie answers.


“Okay. That may vary from week to week then.”


“That’s fine with me. I’ll sync my calendar with yours so you can see what my plans are and all that good stuff,” she says.


“That works. Want to go to the living room? It’s probably more comfortable,” I offer.


“How about a tour?” Sookie suggests.


“Oh, that probably would be helpful,” I laugh. Sookie gets up from her chair and I start by taking her out back. “This is where I spend most of my down time,” I explain as she takes in my outdoor living area.


“I don’t blame you,” she says. “It’s secluded and the sofa back there is trying to seduce me into napping on it.”


“Mmm, she is a tempting bitch,” I agree. “Try not to drool on her. Come.” I wave my hand and we go back into the house, down the hallway to the guest rooms. She’s seen my office so I leave that alone and I chuckle when she walks into the first bathroom. “I’ll dock your pay if I ever come home to find you sitting in that,” I joke as she eyeballs the soaker tub.


“Even if I don’t have problems with nudity either and let you watch? A beauty like this is meant to be worshipped and enjoyed,” she says, running her hand along the rim of the tub.


“I’m sure if I found you naked anywhere in my home I’d want to do more than watch,” I flirt. She’s a pretty girl. I have no intentions of sleeping with her, but a little flirting can’t hurt, right?


“See this is why I asked what you’re expecting of me, Mr. Northman,” she smirks over her shoulder.


“Being naked with you is not expected, but I wouldn’t turn it down,” I admit bluntly. “I’ll probably flirt simply because that’s what I do once I’m comfortable. I hope that doesn’t bother you…” Again, no plans on sleeping with her but her size ten ass was just bent over in front of me and it’s fucking hot.


“I don’t get offended too easily. My brother is the most shameless flirt I’ve ever seen, so if you can top that, I’ll be impressed,” she laughs.


“Very good to know. I’ll do my best not to be a pig,” I chuckle. I’m not, but I’m still getting to know her boundaries. “Come, I have one better than that back here.” I lead her out of the bathroom down the hall to a room that has an en suite. If I find her in any of the tubs it’ll probably be this one. Or the one in the master, but she has no business in there.


“Very nice.”


“Mmhmm, I can even fit in this one,” I inform her and walk out down the hall again to my room. “Are you any good with wardrobe shit?” I ask as we walk into the master bedroom.


“Pretty good. I’m not seriously into labels. I can’t afford them, for one, but even if I could I think it’s ridiculous to pay hundreds of dollars for jeans.”


“I agree,” I nod. I lead her into my closet and say, “Everything is in color order. I wear maybe three percent of this shit but I might need help sometimes.”


Sookie nods and looks around.


“Eric, you can never go wrong with a nicely fitted suit,” she says. Her head tilts and I’m pretty sure she checks out my ass. “Or a good pair of jeans.”


“Good to know. Just so you know, you’ll never find me walking down the street in a suit unless I have somewhere fancy to be.” I walk out of the closet and lead her into my bathroom. “And if I ever find you naked in here I’m taking that as an open invitation…” I trail off before adding ‘to fuck you’. I don’t need to. Getting pussy is far from a problem for me. If she invited me to, well… Apparently my thoughts on fucking her are shifting. I don’t think fucking my assistant is part of the job duties.


“I’ll keep that in mind, Mr. Northman.”


“Please call me Eric,” I correct her.


“Okay,” she nods.


“So… this is it,” I shrug. “There’s not a lot to it.”


“It’s a very nice house,” Sookie says. “Are you originally from California?”


“No,” I shake my head. She must really not be a fan if she doesn’t know. “Born in Sweden. I was there until my dad died and my mom met a guy that lives here in the states. She’s been married to him about twenty years.”


“Ah ha, so that’s why this place looks like it was funded by IKEA,” she giggles.


“Pretty much,” I smile. “It’s not, funded by IKEA that is. This shit is a lot more expensive.”


“It’s worth it if you didn’t have to put it together though,” she winks. “Those instruction books are fuckin’ useless.”


“I wouldn’t know. Never looked at one. I’m the least handy guy in the world,” I laugh. “I don’t even think I own one tool.”


“So if shit breaks I better call someone, is what you’re saying.”


“Yep,” I nod. I turn to leave the bathroom and lead Sookie back outside. I take a seat on the couch, halfway stretching out. “I guess anything else we’ll learn as we go,” I tell her.


“Yes, we will.” Sookie takes a seat in one of the chairs. “Do you have a girlfriend I should know about?”


“No.” Plus any girls I do fuck, it’s not here, and she doesn’t need to know about that.


“No regular visitors?”


“Talbot pops in every now and then. I have my buddy Rasul that stays in the first bedroom when he’s in town and I get delivery, but if I need to see anyone I generally go to them,” I explain.


“Okay. I just don’t want to turn away someone who belongs here.”


“Ras has his own key and Talbot usually warns me when he’s showing up. I don’t have a maid, so if you make any messes, you clean them up.”


“I don’t think that’ll be a problem. I’m pretty organized.”


“Good, that’s what I’m paying you for,” I wink.


“I thought it was to bathe in your tubs so that’s disappointing,” she jokes.


“You’re welcome to go take a bath,” I smile. “I’ll try to keep my hands to myself when I watch. No promises,” I tease right back.


To my surprise, Sookie stands up and starts taking her clothes off.


“How about a swim in the pool?” she asks.


“That works too,” I nod. “I really can’t promise to keep my hands to myself in there…” Yeah, I shouldn’t be going along with this.


“I can assist with that. I’m good at keeping boys’ hands, and other parts, off me.” Sookie says as she pushes her lacy boyshorts over her hips.


“Do you want me to keep my hands to myself?” I ask with my eyes on her bare pussy. Yeah… this assistant thing isn’t bad at all.


“It would probably be best for our working relationship if you did.” Sookie bends down to take off her heels.


“What’s best and what you want might be two different things. What do you want?” I ask again.


“I want you to get off your ass and get in this pool with me. Whatever happens, happens,” she shrugs.


I keep my eyes on hers as I stand to pull my shirt off. I know I’m semi-hard from watching her strip, but that’s likely to jump to full mast at any second. Ask me if I give a fuck… Nope. My pants hit the ground and Sookie’s eyes dart down to my cock before they jump back up to mine. Now she knows why Talbot calls me Big Dick Ric.


13 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. Omg ‘big dick ric’ lmfao
    I hope Sookie comes clean to Eric or decides to quit the newspaper. These two are Just too much fun to get broken apart by her lying or continuing to dig up crap.


  2. Love all the resisting going on…lol. Didn’t take long for them to get naked. I mean, surely she could have swum in her underwear if she didn’t want anything to happen. 😛 Can’t wait for next time! How many chapters is this story? When you say short- is that like 5 chapters short or like 15?


  3. Her biggest concern before was keeping her job…seems to me like she just got the best job ever. so quit the paper like now. no more stank cigar smelling, loud assed Victor. She can pay her bills, hell. Eric is probably paying her better anyway. and with benefits like naked Eric in a pool on her first day, really what could she gain from lying to keep a shit job working for Victor. please let her be smart about this!


  4. Well things are progressing fast…
    I am not convinced about Sookie’s strategy though… If she gets a scoop from falsely incorporating herself into Eric’s staff, won’t she make a rather powerful enemy(Eric and also Talbot)? I mean Eric may be mad if a paparazzi takes a pic but Sookie’s con is a lot more personal and malicious? Esp. If seducing him is part of the strategy? If she wants to be a serious journalist as she said in the last chapter this does not seem a step in the right direction…

    Although sometimes in the way Eric accepts her excuses one would almost think he is aware of who she is?

    Lots of fun ahead that’s for sure… Until Talbot heard about it and he’ll be rather mad I guess…


  5. I agree with the other reviewers. Sookie needs to tell Victor she can’t get the story and just work for ‘Ric. I’m sure the pay is better and the benefits are infinitely so! There can be plenty of angst when Eric’s private investigator finds out that Sookie work(s?)(ed?) for the trashy gossip rag.


  6. LMAO @ Big Dick Ric.

    Hmm, so he doesn’t know…. Wonder if Talbot will get her checked out? And how long that will take. She already knows things that would be juicy, especially his nickname. But the confidentiality agreement is going to slow her down. Is is she planning on Jay sticking around until she needs to sign it? Maybe delay it for a day or two by forgetting?

    I’m guessing the ‘dirty’ part is coming soon if they are already getting naked lol.


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