Chapter 9


I’m sitting in the office late Wednesday night. Chow is out sick, so I have to stay until closing. Felicia is manning the bar tonight. She’s easily the best bartender I have so I rarely have to leave the office. I always seem to have some sort of billing or paperwork to do. This works out best.


I have my head dropped back, just about to fall asleep when my phone chimes. I open my eyes and pick it up. It’s a text message from Sookie.


Angel: I’m having dirty thoughts and you’re not here 😦


Instead of replying I hit the call button next to her name.


“Hi,” she answers.


“What kind of thoughts is my angel having?” I purr.


“The kind where you bend me over the couch and fuck me hard,” she replies without hesitating.


“Mmm, I think you can do better than that,” I smile into the receiver. I’m bored; I can talk her through getting off.


“Well just thinking about that is getting me wet,” she tells me.


“Why don’t you do me a favor, Angel? Touch your pussy and tell me just how wet you are.”


She moans and says, “So wet you could slide right into me if you were here right now.”


“Too bad I’m not there,” I say in my sex voice. “Do you still have your finger in your pussy?”


“I have two slowly pumping in and out,” she says in a breathy voice.


“Were they there when I called you?”


“Mmhmmm,” she hums.


“Mmm, naughty girl,” I purr. I rest my hand on my cock and begin to rub through my jeans. “I want you to add another one and tell me how tight you are.”


I hear the phone shift and then Sookie gasping.


“So fucking tight,” she groans.


“Do they fill you up like my dick does, Sookie?” I ask. I unzip my jeans and reach in to rub through my boxers.


“Mmm…not even close,” she purrs.


“I didn’t think so. Push them in deep, Angel. Put the phone down there and let me hear how wet you are.”


“Yes, sir,” she pants.


The phone goes on speaker and a few seconds later I can hear her fingers moving quickly in and out of her pussy.


“That’s making me so fucking hard, little girl,” I groan. “I want to see it… I want to fuck that juicy cunt right now…” I get up to lock the door. I sit back down before I pull my cock all the way out and begin to stroke.


“I want that too,” she says.


“I have my dick in my hand, Sookie. What should I do with it? Tell me what you would do if it was your hand wrapped around me.”


“Mmm… I would keep stroking you and wrap my lips around your thick head to lick and suck on it slowly. My free hand would be between my legs, rubbing my clit,” she tells me.


“Are you rubbing your sweet little clit now, Sookie?” I stroke faster, squeezing a little on each up stroke.


“Yes,” she pants.


“Take your fingers out and tug on your clit. Imagine it’s my lips pulling you into my mouth,” I groan. “Fuck, I want you here. I want to throw you on the couch and lick your snatch until you cum over and over on my tongue,” I breathe, stroking faster. “Can you hear my hand?”


“Mmhmm,” she moans. “Fuck, that feels so good. I can feel your lips, Eric…”


“Mmm, and my warm breath fanning over your wet cunt… can you feel that too?” I groan.


“Yes… and your tongue moving up and down my slit…”


“If I told you to stop and come here right now, would you do it?” I really, really want to taste her.


“I have to work tomorrow,” she reminds me.


“Fuck…” I groan.


“Mmm… tomorrow night I’ll come and see you,” she promises. “Ohhhh… fuck!”


“Let me hear you moan louder for me. Scream for me, Angel,” I growl. My hand goes faster and I can feel my orgasm right there. I just need a little push…


The noises she’s making get further away but I can hear her fingers moving in and out of her pussy again. Her moans get louder and longer until finally she gives me the scream I wanted.


“Eric!” she cries out my name and then whimpers and moans.


“Good… Fuck… Yes,” I groan when my own orgasm hits. “Fuck,” I pant. “I have a mess here I’d love for you to lick up.”


“Mmm… you’ll have to imagine it tonight, babe,” she says with a little giggle. “My tongue’s not that magical.”


“Damn,” I chuckle. “Is that what my angel needed? Do you feel better?” I lean across the desk to grab some of the fast food napkins sitting there so I can clean up my mess.


“It’ll do. I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.”


“Me too, Angel face. Is it sad that I miss you so fucking much?”


“I don’t think so. I miss you too,” she says.


“I’m glad I’m not the only one. We’ll be a little busier in the bar tomorrow, but I’ll be able to break for a while. Do you want to stay the night tomorrow?”


“I can if you want me to,” she replies. “It’s entirely up to you.”


“I do. I’ll give you the key so you don’t have to wait here all night for me if you want.”


“Okay. I’ll swing by my house when I get out of work and I’ll text you when I’m on my way,” she promises.


“Okay. Should I let you go?”


“Unfortunately, yeah. It’s going to be time to get up way too soon,” she sighs.


“Alright. Goodnight, Sookie. Sweet dreams.”


“Sleep well, babe.” She blows me a kiss and then hangs up.


I get up and go to the bathroom to clean up. When I get back to my desk I sigh. I’m falling for this girl hard and fast. The fact that she digested the things I’ve told her about my past as quickly as she did doesn’t hurt either. Sookie is an absolutely amazing girl.




The next night I’m standing by the jukebox, searching for something to play when I feel a light tap on my shoulder. There’s been a customer eyeing me all night, so I automatically assume it’s her. To my surprise my pretty little angel is standing behind me wearing a lovely white, angelic dress with tiny pink flowers all over it.


“There’s my girl,” I grin as my eyes dip down to her full lips. I take note that she’s not wearing a bra. Mmm…


“Hi,” she smiles up at me. “How’s it going?”


“Better now that you’re here,” I flirt.


“Good answer.” Sookie pushes up on her toes to give me a kiss hello.


“Would you like to pick a song?”




“You have three more picks.” She moves in front of me and I rest my hands on the edges of the jukebox to cage her in, pressing my body against her back.


“What have you already picked?” she asks as she scans her options.


“Gimme Three Steps, D’Yer Mak’er, and The Joker.”


It takes a minute but then I hear her say, “I love this song,” as her fingers punch numbers on the jukebox.


“What is it?” I’m too busy smelling her and trying not to nibble on her ear to notice.


“To Be Treated Rite by Terry Reid,” she says.


“Good choice,” I say, kissing her temple. “You get two more. Are you wearing panties?” I ask, rubbing her hip.




“Should I slip my hand up your skirt to find out?”


“Maybe,” she repeats and rubs her ass against me.


“Hmm.” I slide my hand up her skirt, rubbing her ass. To make sure she’s not in a thong I slip my fingers between her thighs. “Naughty girl,” I growl when I find her bare lips.


“I can’t be good all the time.”


I push one finger into her core. She’s already wet. “What have you been thinking about, Angel?”


“What you’ve got coming to you when you get off work tonight.”


“Mmm, and what might that be?” I question, wiggling my finger.


“It’s a surprise.”


“I’m fine with that.” I pull my finger out and bring it to my lips, groaning when I suck her juices off of it. “Pick your songs and meet me in the office.”


“Yes, sir.”


I give her a little smack on the ass and go back to the office. The look I give Chow tells him I don’t want to be bothered until she leaves. When I get to my office I take a seat behind my desk and pull up solitaire while I wait.


Sookie comes in a few minutes later and closes the door behind her.


“You’re bossy when you’re horny,” she says with a smirk.


“Are you complaining?”


“What if I was?” Sookie lifts an eyebrow but I can tell she’s just asking.


“I would still be bossy,” I shrug. “That will most likely never change. Lock the door and take off your dress.”


Her other eyebrow lifts so they match and she asks, “And what if I said you’re not the boss of me?”


“I would ask if you’re serious or if you want a spanking for being sassy?” I still don’t know everything she likes in bed. I’ve always leaned toward the dominant side and she’s already proved she likes a good spanking.


The way her thighs rub together give her away.


“I’m not being sassy,” she answers. “Sassy would be telling you to get off your lazy ass and lock the door yourself.”


I chuckle before I say in a firm tone, “Lock the door and take off your dress, Angel.”


I hear the lock click and then Sookie glides toward the couch where she promptly lies down and spreads her legs, with her dress still on, and starts touching herself.


“Ah, ah, ah, I thought I told you to take off your dress, Sookie.”


“You did,” she shrugs.


I get up from my seat and walk over to where she’s lying. I hover over her and gently pull her hand from her pussy. I suck on her fingers and say in a soft tone, “Take off your dress, Angel. Let me see your gorgeous body.”


Sookie sits up and pulls her dress off. She tosses it across the room so it lands on the chair opposite my desk.


“Better?” She lies back down.


“Much better,” I reply. “You can touch yourself again,” I smile and guide her hand to her lower lips. I help her move them up and down her slit. I kiss her forehead and move back to lean on my desk so I can watch her.


She pushes two fingers deep into her pussy while her other hand plays with her nipples, plucking and tugging on them to get them hard.


“Aren’t you going to come and play with me?” she asks.


“Is that what you want, Sookie? I’m having a good time watching,” I tell her. I unzip my pants and reach in to rub my shaft.


“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” she says. Her back arches, thrusting her tits up and her fingers move a little faster.


“Mmm, you know I love playing with you. You look so fucking sexy like that…” I pull my cock out and begin to stroke as I watch her hand in her pussy.


Sookie watches me watching her. She pulls her fingers out of her pussy and rubs her clit in slow circles before sliding her fingers back in. Her other hand moves down from her tits to take over rubbing her swollen nub and her breathing starts to get heavy.


“Do you want me to cum for you, Eric?” she asks.


“Mmhmm,” I hum. I move closer to her, using one hand to push my jeans and boxers down my thighs. I pull my shirt over my head and kneel next to her so I get a perfect close up view of her fingers pumping in and out. I stroke faster and whisper, “Spread wider.”


She follows my command, spreading her lower lips for me so I can clearly see everything she’s doing.


“Like that?” she asks.


“Just like that, Angel,” I purr.


“I’m so close,” she whispers. Her eyes close and her fingers speed up again. Her thighs start to tremble and her stomach twitches as her hips flex. She’s right on the edge. Just before she cums I push her hand out of the way, shove two of my fingers into her and latch onto her clit, sucking hard.


“Mmm, so wet and warm for me,” I breathe and start sucking again.


Her hand slaps against the back of the couch and her hips thrust up. Sookie covers her mouth to muffle the noises she’s making, but her walls contracting hard around my fingers gives away her orgasm.


I pull my fingers out and suck them clean. I spread her lips and watch her pussy contracting as I jack off.


“Fuck, where do you want me to cum, Sookie?” I ask. I didn’t realize I was this fucking close.


“My tits,” she pants.


I shift so I’m aiming at her tits. “Hold them up,” I growl. When she does I shoot my load all over her nipples and cleavage. I rub the head of my cock around her nipples, rubbing my cum in. “Fuck, that’s hot…”


“Mmhmm,” she hums and then tilts her head to lick some of my cum off of her nipple.


“Such a sexy little girl,” I purr. I offer her the tip of my cock and she gives me a good, hard suck.


I help Sookie up and we go into my bathroom. We have a quickie on the sink before she cleans up. When we get back to my main office I find my house keys and hand them to her.


“I’ll be home around one,” I inform her as I cup her chin and give her a gentle kiss.


“I’ll be waiting,” she promises.


I give her one more hard kiss, simply because I can’t get enough of her. “I’m still going to want you like this when you’re eighty, you know that?” I whisper against her lips.


“I do now,” she smiles.


“Be careful, Angel.”


I walk Sookie to her car before I go back into the bar. I stay on the floor for the rest of the night, anxious for closing time so I can get home to my girl.




I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little tempted to do some snooping while I have Eric’s apartment to myself. I don’t do it, not just because it’s wrong but because if I found something that bothered me I wouldn’t be able to keep it to myself. Despite the things he told me at the lake, I know there’s more.


His history with drug use is surprising to me for several reasons. I’m proud of him for getting clean and staying that way, but the fact that he owns a bar still boggles my mind. I wonder if it’s some sort of way of punishing himself or doing a daily gut check. He told me from the beginning that he doesn’t drink. Honestly, I found it a bit odd when he told me that. Of course now it makes complete sense.


I did a rotation during clinicals at an outpatient rehab center. Watching a heroin addict come down and try to detox was almost painful. That’s what people need to see to keep them off that poison. If they saw how awful it was to try and kick that habit, they might be less likely to get started on it. The thought of Eric being hooked on that junk breaks my heart a little.


It’s strange how we come from similar circumstances, with both of us losing our parents at a young age, yet we took such different roads in life. He’s still not over his mother abandoning him, but I have no idea how one really gets over something like that. It’s one thing to lose your parent because they died; it’s another to know they chose to leave you.


I don’t suppose Pam was much help in sorting all that out. She’s a lot of things, but I’m guessing a good psychologist isn’t one of them. She doesn’t strike me as the super nurturing type. I can’t see her letting a little child crawl onto her lap for cuddles, and little kids need that kind of love and affection. Gran was never one to turn away a hug or a snuggle on the couch while we watched movies.


Every night before bed we got a hug and a kiss from Gran. She was always telling us we were loved, and it showed in the way she took care of us. It hits me then that Gran didn’t take us in because she had to, but because she wanted to. That, I think, might be the biggest difference between Gran and Pam.


I set a timer on my phone to wake me up at quarter to twelve and then I lie down on Eric’s enormous bed to take a nap. The sheets smell like him and I fall asleep easily. I end up dreaming of a drunken, lost Eric that shuffles around and staggers from door to door in a dark, dirty alley. Every door leads to somewhere awful and he never finds what he’s looking for.


The timer rips me from my dream and when I sit up; I realize there are tears on my cheeks. I have never wanted to hug my boy more than I do right now.


I get out of bed and take my bag to the bathroom to change clothes. Thanks to a little digging with Gran’s help, I found out Eric’s favorite color is green. I take off my dress and jewelry. In place of my dress I put on a Kelly green corset and ruffled black knickers. Eric has a thing for pumps and I found a pair of green, glittery ones on the internet. They’re cute Maryjane’s with a ribbon tie across the top. I put on a pair of diamond and emerald earrings that an ex-boyfriend gave me, and take my bag back to the bedroom.


The last thing I grab is a pair of fuzzy handcuffs and the pair of keys that came with them. I got the idea for this after our second date. I trust him and since Eric likes being in control, I’ll let him have it. It makes sense when I think about all of the chaos in his past. So I climb up on the bed and wait for Eric to get home.


As promised, I hear Eric walk in just before one am. I can tell he’s being quiet in case I’m asleep. He stops in the kitchen on his way back to the room and when he reaches me he falters. He almost drops the glass of water in his hands.


“Good evening, Miss Stackhouse,” he says once he gets his bearings and sets down the water on the dresser.


“Hello,” I smile at him. I’m guessing all of his blood has gone south.


“Mmm, you look… comfy,” he tells me as his eyes scan over my body. He lets out a little whimper when he gets to the shoes.


“Mmhmmm,” I hum and pull the handcuffs from under his pillow to toss them at him.


Eric catches them and holds them up to look at them. “Really?” he asks, arching an eyebrow.


“We don’t have to but I thought it would be fun. You can cuff me to the bed or put my hands behind my back…”


“Put your arms up,” he commands without hesitation. He keeps his eyes on me as he pulls his clothes off and tosses them toward the hamper in his closet. When he’s done he comes over to thread the cuffs through the headboard so he can loosely click them into place. “Part of me wants to sit back and stare at your beautiful body until the sun comes up,” he whispers as he pulls back to look at me.


“It’s up to you, Eric. I’m all yours,” I tell him.


“You spoil me, Angel,” Eric purrs and lies down next to me to kiss me. I can feel his erection rubbing on my upper thigh.


“I like spoiling you.” He does his fair share of spoiling too.


“Good. I like spoiling you too, and I plan on doing it for a long time to come,” he says sweetly, playing with my hair.


Eric gives me one more kiss before he sits up on his knees next to me and looks down at my body. He looks like he has no idea where to start.


“I’d give you a hand but…” I jiggle the cuffs against the headboard slats.


“You look so delicious everywhere. I don’t want to take anything off, but then I can’t get to the extra tasty bits,” he tells me, tracing light patterns on my thigh.


“Are you sure about that?” I shift my legs and spread them for him so he can see the slit in the knickers I have on. I put some thought into this.


“Smart girl,” he whispers as he moves down so he’s sitting between my knees. He pushes my thighs farther apart so he gets a better view and says, “Is your sweet pussy craving my big dick, or my tongue?”


“Both. I’m feeling greedy,” I answer. I still want to hug him, but I’ll get that later.


“Hmm,” Eric hums. I feel a finger run the length of my slit before he wiggles it into me. “I can suck on your clit and shove two more of my long, thick fingers into you…” He works a second finger in and starts to pump.


“Mmm… that would be good,” I moan.


He smiles and leans down. He spreads my lips with one hand while he pushes a third finger in with the other. Eric’s soft lips wrap around my clit and as he sucks I feel his tongue rub over it every few seconds. He gets a third finger into me and groans.


“You have no fucking clue just how tight you are,” he groans and starts lapping at my clit.


My hips jerk in response and this filthy sex kitten takes over my brain to mouth filter.


“You like that tight pussy, don’t you?” I purr.


“Mmhmm,” Eric hums against my clit. “I love how juicy and warm it is for me,” he growls as he curls his fingers, hitting that perfect spot inside of me.


I cry out when he finds it. “Right there, Eric!” My walls clench immediately.


“Mmm, I know, Sookie,” he says as he lifts his head to watch my face. “I need you to cum for me. I want you to watch your honey drip out of your pussy so I can lick it all up.”


“Keep doing that,” I tell him as his fingers rub my spot quickly. My ovaries start to tingle and my back arches just before I erupt. “Fuuuuuck!” I scream.


“You’re perfect, Angel,” he whispers. He doesn’t stop moving his fingers.  “Cum again, right now, Sookie.”


“I… I can’t… yet…” I pant. I’m going to need a minute. Eric doesn’t let up though. My body overrides me and I cry out again when another orgasm explodes in less than two minutes. Jesus, what have I gotten myself into?


“Gorgeous,” he purrs. He pulls his fingers out. I can feel my juices dripping down my ass. Eric watches a moment before he dips down and rubs my opening with his tongue. As he licks me I feel one of his thick fingers nudge my ass. He applies a little bit of pressure before he backs off. He keeps doing this until his middle finger slides in easily.


“Ohmygod,” I gasp. “Eric, I’m gonna cum again…” Not immediately but I feel like I’m right on the edge. This shit is bananas.


He licks up to my clit, sucks hard, and slides his index finger into my pussy so he’s slowly fucking both holes.


“I can do this all night,” he breathes against my wet lips. He draws a circle around my clit with the tip of his tongue and then sucks hard again, over and over.


“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” I breathe as my hips flex. Eric holds me down and my lips part in a silent scream when I cum for a third time.


“Mmm,” he moans against my pussy. His fingers wiggle as he pulls them out.  “Don’t go anywhere,” he chuckles as he gets up to wash his hands. When he gets back he surprises me when he unlocks the cuffs. “Get the feeling back in your arms and then get on your knees with your hands behind your back,” he directs me softly.


“Mmm… yes, sir,” I pant and move my arms around, rubbing my shoulders slowly. I wait for the tingling to stop and then I get into the new position with my hands behind my back.


He puts the cuffs back on and helps ease me down to my shoulders so my ass is high in the air.


“I would make you suck my dick, but I’m so turned on I don’t know if I can go easy on your throat,” he says as he rubs my ass slowly under the knickers. “Are you okay?”


“Perfect,” I reply.




Eric pulls his hands away and I feel the head of his cock run through my folds. With a low groan Eric slides into my pussy.


“Fuck, I don’t think I’ve ever felt you this fucking wet,” he breathes as he pulls out and pushes in again.


“I don’t think you have either,” I agree. I can feel my juices running down my thigh.


Eric grabs the cuffs and uses them as leverage to start pounding into me. He goes hard for a minute or two before he slows down. I feel his hand slide down between my thighs so he can rub my clit.


“Fuck, do you hear that?” he asks as he starts to tap, his finger making that wet, sticky sound each time he touches me.


“Mmm… yes,” I moan and rock back to meet his thrusts.


“Sounds so fucking sexy,” he groans. When his finger is nice and wet he pulls back and starts to massage my rear hole. “Do you want to feel my finger in here?” he asks, applying a little pressure.


“Yes,” I gasp. I’m still not sure about full on fucking there, but I don’t mind his fingers.


He stops moving his hips as he works one of his fingers into my ass. He pumps a few times before he adds a second, making me gasp again.


“Does that feel good, Angel? Do you like feeling so fucking full?” he breathes as he starts to thrust into both holes.


“Fuck, yes,” I groan.


“Good.” Eric starts slamming into my pussy while keeping his fingers nice and slow. I hear him start to pant heavily while he fucks me. “You turn me on way too much, Sookie,” he pants. “I need you to cum again before I do.”


I can feel the pressure building but before I can get a word out, I go flying over the edge.


“Eric! Fuuuuuck! Yesyesyesyesyes!” I scream. His poor neighbors.


“Good… girl,” he pants. He slams in three more times before I feel him grind against me, exploding deep in my pussy. He pulls out a few seconds later and moans when he sees his cum dribble out of me. I feel him unlock the cuffs just before I see them land on the bed next to me. “Get comfy while I go to the bathroom,” he says. He leans down to kiss my ass before he disappears into the bathroom.


I collapse right where I am in the middle of his bed. I don’t even care that I’m facing the wrong way. That’s the most moving I’m doing unassisted for a little while. Just catching my breath is a chore.


When Eric gets back to the room he chuckles softly. I feel the bed shift when he climbs back on and then my corset being unsnapped. My knickers come off, followed by my shoes. Eric lies down next to me and rolls me onto my side so he can spoon in behind me.


“Thank you so much, Angel. You’re way too good to me,” he whispers, dropping a soft kiss on my neck.


“Just returning the favor,” I whisper.


He stays quiet, but I feel his hand on my hip, holding me close as he rocks against me. “I’m still hard, Sookie… can I?” he asks, lifting my leg. I feel his head move up and down through my folds.


“Mmm… as long as you don’t mind me just lying here like a beached whale,” I giggle.


He slides in with a groan and whispers, “Don’t ever compare yourself to a whale.” He begins to nibble on my neck and he reaches around to rub my clit as he slowly pumps in and out.


An involuntary whimper leaves my mouth and my body trembles a little. I don’t know if I can cum again, but I know Eric will do everything he can to make it possible. Somehow I summon the strength to twist my upper body so I’m lying on my back, and I turn my head back to kiss him.


He moans into the kiss and I gasp when he starts to work a finger in alongside his thick shaft. He whispers for me to breathe.


“It’s going to be good,” he promises as soon as his fingertip finds my g-spot.


He’s going to put me in a coma.


“Ohmygod,” I gasp and grab onto the back of his neck.


“That’s my girl,” he whispers, licking my lips. “Will my Angel cum for me one more time please?” he asks in a sweet, sexy voice. I feel his other arm come from under me and he starts to tug my nipples.


I can’t breathe. My vision is going blurry. I feel like I’m floating out of my own body. What brings me back is the intense pleasure that hits like a goddamn tidal wave right before everything goes black.




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