Chapter 8


I was a nervous wreck while I waited for Ben to pick me up. I took Eric’s comments about the dress to heart-ish; I was still working on the confidence thing. I wore the first dress I tried on, but I pulled my training and expertise out of my ass and did my hair and makeup like I was getting ready to walk a red carpet. I found some nude heels that had a black design going down the heel. I just hoped Ben was still adorable without the alcohol in my system. He had to be, right? I also wondered if he even remembered what I looked like, then again, he did say he was DD. Fuck. I needed to calm down.

Of course the second my phone chimed I practically jumped out of my skin. It was a text message and when I picked up my phone I snorted when I saw the name. There was only one person that would be close enough to my phone to add the name. Eric.

ASSHOLE❤: How’s it going?

I laughed. I adored Eric. The more I got to know him, the more I liked him. He was a fucking idiot for letting some chick blow him, but he wasn’t any different from any other man I knew in that regard.

Me: I’m so damn nervous!

I went to the bathroom and took a selfie to send to him.

Me: Is this doable?

ASSHOLE❤: Are you asking if I’d bone you?

Me: Looking like this, yeah? I’m sure you’d have to be blackout drunk seeing as my ass isn’t a size zero but…

ASSHOLE❤: Knock that shit off, Stackhouse. And for your information I don’t like fucking girls who are prettier than me, so you wouldn’t make the cut. Asshole, remember?

Me: Awww, are you calling me pretty?

I may have blushed. A lot. It was a lot better than being called fat. He would never flat out say it, but I was sure that was what he saw when he looked at anything other than Betty and Wilma.

ASSHOLE❤: Wouldn’t be the first time. You just don’t listen.

Me: I’ll believe you one day. I promise.

ASSHOLE❤: Did you put a 5 hr energy in your purse to stay awake if Drooly is as boring as I think he is?

Me: He’s not boring.

I’d talked to him for about a half an hour after Eric left the night before. He was probably the sweetest guy I’d ever met, or damn close. I was used to assholes like Quinn, not the Eric type of asshole.

ASSHOLE❤: I doubt it, but you have to make out with the guy. You better bring a drop cloth in case he tries to kiss you.

Me: At least I won’t have to get a STD test afterwards.

He was seriously an idiot for letting some chick he didn’t even know put her nasty saliva all over his cock. It was probably riddled with disease. I was being judgy, but who cares?

ASSHOLE❤: How do you know he’s not some lip sync Lothario who stalks bars for unsuspecting lip syncers in need of a lukewarm, boring date?

Me: For starters he didn’t invite me to Vegas for a gangbang. Secondly, we’ve talked about his recent dating history.

ASSHOLE❤: I never said anything about a gangbang, pervert.

Me: I’m not the one that let a chick blow me in the bathroom. How am I the pervert?

ASSHOLE❤: That’s opportunism, not perversion.

Me: Uh huh.

He told me about her invite to Vegas. I was this close to asking if she was a hooker.

Then he sent me a picture of some old, colonial looking fellow on a meme that said: Doth thou fancy a ye olde gangbang?

I cackled at that. I wasn’t going to tell him that if it involved four of him I would’ve been happy to sign up for one. That would make me just as hookery as Blowjob Betty.

Me: Not today, good sir.

He followed it up with a picture of Spiderman holding open red curtains and the caption: Damn. That vagina is huge.

Me: I have a feeling you’d have that reaction if you did anything more than get your dick sucked by the hooker.

I didn’t know what her status was. I just didn’t like her. I had a feeling I wouldn’t like any girl Eric got involved with.

ASSHOLE❤: Oh fuck! I’m blind! Bliiiind!

Me: Please don’t tell me you called her and fucked her…

ASSHOLE❤: I thought I’d be funny and googled for loose pussy images… 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

Me: Oh. My. Lord. You poor baby. I’ll try to get you some brain bleach while I’m out.

I went into the bathroom again to make sure I still looked okay. The clock said 5:45, which meant Ben would be showing up any moment.

ASSHOLE❤: And an ice pick to poke out my mind’s eye.

Me: Consider it done.

ASSHOLE❤: Or you could show me yours.

Me: My what?

He couldn’t have been asking what I thought he was asking…

ASSHOLE❤: Oh come on. You saw mine. You know what I’m talking about.

Me: Mine is gorgeous too, but I don’t think you want to see it.

I definitely didn’t have loose lips, and I kept myself well manicured.

ASSHOLE❤: You might be surprised. But, you’re saving yourself for Drooly. *yawn*

Me: Eric, if you were even remotely attracted to me you would’ve asked me out before date night.

Plus, who knew what would happen in Vegas. Not that I wanted anything… Who was I kidding? I would’ve boned Eric at the snap of a finger.

ASSHOLE❤: Eh, you can do better than a bad influence asshole anyway.

He was a bad influence, not that I paid attention to that. I shouldn’t have thought twice, but I did. Because he was evil.

Me: I’ll make you a deal. If tonight is shitty you can see it.

ASSHOLE❤: See what?

Me: What do you want to see?

He already had pictures of Betty and Wilma that I was sure he didn’t delete.

ASSHOLE❤: I might be an asshole but I’m still a gentleman. I don’t need to see anything, Sookie. Have fun tonight.

Me: Thank you. I hope it works out. I do like him a lot.

I liked Eric more, but for other reasons. I didn’t need to go into date night thinking about him, though. As luck would have it, there was a knock on my door.

Me: He’s here!!

ASSHOLE❤: Get some! *sassy snaps*

Shit. I needed to answer the door, not text Eric.

I smiled at the text and slipped my phone into my clutch. When I opened the door I was sure I had a cheesy grin on my face. Ben was just as adorable as I remembered. He also had a small bouquet of wildflowers that he handed to me. He looked just as nervous as I felt.

“Hi,” I smiled.

“Hi. You look beautiful.”

“Thank you,” I blushed. “You look pretty good, yourself.” I took the flowers and stepped back. “Would you like to come in for a moment while I put these in water?”

“Sure. You have a nice place here,” he said as he stepped inside.

“Thanks. It’s not much, but with just me I didn’t need much more,” I told him as I walked into my small kitchen. Ben followed me and I could feel his eyes on me as I squatted down to grab a vase from under the kitchen sink.

“My place is about this size too,” he said. “I’m thinking about moving, though. There’s an opening in the canine unit, but my complex doesn’t allow dogs, and a shepherd would definitely need room to stretch out.”

“For sure,” I agreed. I stood up and placed the flowers in the vase before filling it with water. “I didn’t even think about pets here. Do you like to move departments often?”

“It’s the same department, just a different part of it,” he told me. “But to answer your question, no. I’m happy here. I think this is where I want to stay until I retire.”

“That’s good,” I smiled. “I suspect this is where I’ll stay too.” I turned to face Ben. The way he was looking at me made my blush creep up my neck. He obviously appreciated what he saw. “Do we have a reservation, or just showing up?”

“We have a reservation.”

“Should we get going?” I wasn’t sure how much time he planned to get there.

“Yeah, probably. It’ll give us time to get a drink at the bar before dinner,” he said. “If you’re okay with that. I don’t want to mess up your lifestyle change.”

“They have skinny alcohol now. I can have a drink,” I told him. I’d done a lot of reading and research about what I should eat and drink. Ideally I shouldn’t be drinking at all, but I was still young. I wanted to be able to go out and have a drink with friends or suitors.

“Skinny alcohol?” Ben asked with amusement.

“Yes,” I smiled. “I don’t know if it’s any good, but there is lower calorie and less sugar alcohols out there. I did my research, man.” I placed my flowers in the center of my small dining room table. They looked pretty there. I picked up my clutch and my keys.

“That’s good. It means you take it seriously and it’s not just a phase for you,” he said, following me to the door.

“It’s not. I’m just tired of being tired, you know? This isn’t the me I’m used to being. I hope you don’t have some weird fetish with giant asses,” I joked as I locked the door.

“I don’t, but you don’t have a giant ass.”


“You’re flattering,” I smiled. “How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“Twenty-eight,” he answered.

I nodded at that. He wasn’t very much older than me. I was used to dating older guys when I did date, so seeing Ben would definitely be a new experience. I motioned for him to follow me down the stairs before I waited for him to lead me to his car. I was a little uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure what kind of sense of humor he had and I didn’t want to offend him at all.

“I’ll be twenty-eight at the beginning of July,” I told him as I walked along next to him.

“So I managed to snag the prettiest girl in the bar and I’m a cradle robber,” he winked as he opened the passenger’s door to a Highlander.

“You’re not that much older than me,” I chuckled as I slid into the passenger seat. “Thanks,” I smiled. I wasn’t used to a gentleman.

He nodded and closed the door for me before hustling around to the driver’s side. Ben got in behind the wheel and quickly started the engine.

“You know, if I was going to leave Arizona for anywhere, it would be Colorado,” he told me.

“Oh yeah? Why’s that? I’ve never been, so I don’t know what the appeal is.” I wanted to hold his hand or something. I wasn’t sure why. I just felt comfortable with him. Maybe because he was a little… not as exciting as hanging out with Eric.

“I like the mountains,” he admitted. “We have good hiking here, for sure, but the temperature changes there are nice. We definitely don’t get the same kind of fall, you know? I don’t miss snow but I do miss fall.”

“What about the Pacific Northwest, then? I hear it doesn’t snow often and I know it’s mountainous.”

“I haven’t been up there so I don’t know if I like it or not,” he smiled. Ben pulled out of his parking spot and turned on the radio. Old jazz?

I didn’t comment on the music. I could only imagine what Eric would’ve said about it. Instead I told him, “My mother was born in Eugene, Oregon. I went there once when I was five to go to my grandmother’s funeral, but I don’t really remember it very well.”

“Well maybe we’ll have to take trips to both places to see which one is better,” he suggested.

“Do you plan on taking me with you when you move out of town?” I asked with a small smile. It was way too soon to be talking like that.

“Depends on if my dog ends up liking you,” he answered.

“Your dog is going to love me,” I told him confidently. “Unless he or she has a jealous streak.” Most animals liked me. Babies too, I assumed that was because of my tits.

“Nah, those types are weeded out. Protective is good, but you don’t want a dog that’s on the verge of attacking someone at any given time,” he said as we got closer to the lake.

“That’s smart,” I nodded. “So are you looking to date or are you looking for a missus?” I asked. I needed to know what I was in for.

“Both, I guess. It’s hard to find the missus if I don’t date. I’m not into the mail order bride thing,” he chuckled.

“True,” I giggled. “I’ve been out of the game so long I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I was a hot mess before you showed up,” I admitted. Telling him that Eric calmed me down inadvertently probably wasn’t the best idea.

“Really? You seemed fine to me.”

“I shouldn’t admit this, but I spent four hours looking for just the right dress,” I laughed.

“Well it paid off, in my opinion.”

“Thank you. I hope you know I don’t normally wear all this makeup. I read up on Camille’s and I know looking like normal Sookie probably isn’t a good idea,” I told him. I wasn’t wearing much make up when I met him, so I imagined he was fine with that. “Clearly I’m just giving away all of my secrets too. Sorry, it’s the nerves.”

“Clearly, Camille’s is overrated, at least on one front,” he smiled.

He had the most adorable dimples. I sucked it up and reached over to take his hand. I wasn’t going to get anywhere by being shy. Ben’s fingers threaded through mine. His hold on my hand was light and his hands were soft. It was a good feeling. I just hoped I didn’t have to make all the moves with him.

“If we decide on a second date, how do you feel about hiking one morning?” I asked out of the blue. I wanted to do more things outdoors.

“I’d like that a lot,” he answered, squeezing my hand a little.

“I want to go out and do more things,” I told him. I was starting to see why Eric said he was boring. He wasn’t too bad, but I felt like I was trying to pull teeth getting a good face to face conversation out of him. Maybe he was nervous too? Maybe I was just being too blabby? I didn’t want to ask him if I was talking to too much. It wasn’t like it was with Eric when I could just say whatever without having to worry about embarrassing myself. I’d given up on embarrassing myself with Eric right around the time I woke up with him wrapped around me like a leech.

The conversation eventually got a little better with Ben as the night progressed. It was nerves, I was sure. He wasn’t as funny as hanging out with Eric, but that was fine. I wasn’t sure how I felt at the end of the night and he left me with a kiss on my cheek after making plans to go hiking the next week. I had a feeling if I told Eric any details of the date I was going to be teased mercilessly. Whatever. I was having a good time and it wasn’t like the real object of my desire wanted me at all.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 8

  1. Go Sookie! That sounds like a fairly decent date… Nothing earth shattering but pretty good for Sookie to get back on the (dating) horse and win confidence….
    Text-banter with Eric was hilarious as are all the Eric-Sookie exchanges in this story… If they have children together with that humour they will be the most embarrassing parents ever!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Eric must’ve realized what Sookie was really saying and caught himself. Good because Sookie don’t need him leading her on(as fun as that may be). Ben’s nice, but so far doesn’t have that edge like Eric. Sookie is going to compare every potential boyfriend to Eric.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Not a bad date but it seems like she had more fun texting with Eric before hand than on the date itself. I have a feeling Eric is rethinking his position on Sookie and Vegas might be a turning point.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The text messaging was so funny I was laughing the whole time. This story is so much fun. Ben was a little boring, but he was really nice. I’m wondering if Eric was jealous of her going out with Ben and not realizing it? Hmmm. I like watching Sookie and growing self esteem.


  5. course Rob Kazinsky is Ben and he is very easy on the eyes….but eric is always it in my book …he better step up and quick….again and without a doubt you guys are the best writers….can’t get enough of you stories.


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