Chapter 5




“I don’t know why you’re packing that much stuff,” I tell Sookie while I watch her folding clothes to go into her suitcase.


“I have to be prepared for anything, Eric. I don’t know why you’re packing so lightly.”


“Because you’re kidding yourself if you think we’re going to leave the hotel more than three times,” I smirk.


She smiles and folds up another sun dress to put in the pile.


“You actually think we’re going to Italy and you don’t expect me to want to go out to see the sights?”


“Wanting to and actually doing are two different things.”


“What if I meet a sexy Italian man that steals all my attention from you? I have to look good for him, don’t I?” She sets down what she has in her hand and climbs onto the bed to straddle my lap.


“Only if you’re okay with me filling my free time with a beautiful Italian girl,” I reply.


“Nope, I’ll get jealous,” she pouts.


“You? Never,” I say in disbelief. She’s cute when she’s jealous.


“How many times have I gotten jealous that you know of?” she queries. “I always figure I hide it well.”


“You get this look… It’s cute though,” I smile at her. “And at the jewelry store I think you may have licked my liver when you kissed me.”


“Well, shoot. I guess I need to work on my poker face,” she giggles.


“Nah, I don’t mind it,” I say. “It’s not like you go overboard with it.”


“I know girls are going to check you out, but I also know that you’re not going to give in to their advances. It bugs me a little,” she shrugs, then adds, “I won’t go overboard until one of your admirers does. I won’t hesitate to beat a chick’s ass for touching what’s mine.”


“Mmm… see now I’m just picturing mud wrestling,” I smirk.


She leans in close to whisper, “No, sweetheart, no mud will be involved. I will actually cut a bitch if she puts her hands on you in an inappropriate manner.” She kisses my neck and sits up again.


“Should I be worried that the idea of kicking another girl’s ass seems to turn you on?”


“It doesn’t turn me on, that’s just being this close to you,” she winks.


“Oh yeah?”


“Yep. You’ve done this to me since that first kiss.”


“If I would have pushed a little more you would have slept with me that night, wouldn’t you?” I ask as my hands move up her thighs to her hips.


“I honestly don’t know. I wasn’t planning on sleeping with you until the comments at the restaurant. The first night I was drunk,” she tells me.


“You’re a very cute drunk,” I tell her.


“I have no filter,” she laughs. “I’m surprised you still wanted to see me the next day.”


“Like I said, I was twenty-one and you have a great ass,” I grin.


She grabs one of my hands and pushes it between her legs so I’m cupping her mound. “You wanted this, didn’t you?” she whispers and rocks her hips a little.


“Of course.” I move my fingers to stroke her.


“And what if I told you I wasn’t giving it up to you?” she asks and bites her bottom lip. “Would you have still wanted to see me the day after that?”


“Yeah, I would,” I nod.


“So your twenty-one-year-old hormones were willing to give up fucking any other girl just to hang out with me?” she clarifies.


“That’s not what you asked me though,” I point out. “You asked if I would want to see you again and I would have.”


“Hmm, I guess you could’ve spent your days with other girls and your evenings hanging out with me, but that’s not your style.”


“It was unnecessary. You kept me pretty busy,” I wiggle my eyebrows.


“I know,” she smiles, “But if I never had sex with you would you have gotten it somewhere else and still hung out with me? Inquiring minds want to know.”


“I still would have hung out with you. The sex part, who knows,” I shrug.


“Okay. You know I don’t regret it for a second, right? You were worth all the pain, even then, when I didn’t know if I’d see you ever again.”


“I don’t regret any of it either. I’d be worried if you did.”


“Can I ask you something, simply because I’m curious? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”


“Ask away.”


“I know this might not be the right time, but what really happened with you and Aude? You were with her for so long, did you ever think about marrying her?” she asks. “Not that I wanted you guys together.”


“My job got to be too much for her, I guess. She got tired of me being gone for six months out of the year, which is why I warned you that it’s not easy being with me if I’m playing. She wanted me to choose her over the game and I couldn’t do that,” I explain.


“You know I’d never give you that ultimatum, right?”


“I do,” I nod. Although she might feel differently if we had kids.


“Good.” She leans in to peck my lips. “I love you, and I know how important your job is to you. I will always be your number one fan in whatever you do.”


“Thank you,” I smile at her.


“Except for maybe your mom. She might have the number one spot,” she laughs. “I’ll be a very close second though.”


“You have a scrapbook and Mom doesn’t so I think you win,” I chuckle.


“It’s not a crazy stalker scrapbook. It’s a few articles from when you first went pro and anytime you changed teams. I don’t know if you’ve seen my collection of Northman jerseys, but I have one from each team you were on.”


“Be nice to me and maybe I’ll sign them for you.”


“Mmm, how nice do I have to be to get an autograph?” she purrs and swivels her hips. “I’ll do whatever you want.”


“This sounds like the beginning of a cheesy porno,” I laugh.


“There goes my shot at trying to be seductive,” she laughs with me. “I’m not very good at this sometimes.”


“Yes you are.” My hands move to her ass and squeeze.


“I don’t feel like it, when you’re laughing at me.” Sookie does a slow rock forward before moving back to her original spot just as slowly.


“I was just making an observation,” I say as my hands grab the hem of her shirt and pull it up over her head.


“Let me guess; now you’re observing my nipples getting hard?” She reaches up and pulls the cups of her bra down before she’s starts plucking her nipples.


“Mmm… yes, ma’am,” I smile.


“Is there anything else you want to observe at the moment?” she asks, still tugging on the hardened peaks.


I put my right hand down the front of her pants to play with her clit and say, “I’d like to observe your pretty face while you cum.”


“You’re already doing a fine job turning me on,” she says just before she moans loudly


“I can tell,” I smile. My middle finger is moving easily around her clit.


She starts moving more and she tugs a little harder. She begins panting, dropping her head back.


“You’re going to make me cum really hard when I do,” she tells me.


“Good.” My finger moves a little faster and Sookie moans again.


“Keep doing that, baby,” she whisper-moans. “More…”


I roll us over so I have her pinned to the mattress and my fingers move faster. “Is this what you need, pretty girl?” I purr and drag my teeth over her nipple.


“Oh God,” she breathes. “I want you to fuck me,” she tells me and her legs go wider.


“Not until you cum,” I whisper and place wet kisses along her collarbone.


“Yes, sir,” she whispers back. I feel her breathing get harder along with her swollen clit beginning to soften a little. “I’m so close…”


I kiss my way up her neck to her ear and whisper, “Cum for me, Sookie, and I’ll give you whatever you want.”


“Yes!” she pants, “I… I’m… oh my God!” Her fingers dig into my arms and I smile when I see her orgasm wash over her features.


“Beautiful,” I say and kiss her lips.


“Mmm,” she moans, deepening the kiss.


As our tongues meet she pushes the front of my shorts down to pull out my cock and she’s starts to stroke. After a few minutes of pumping and kissing she let’s go so she can start pulling her pants down.


“I want you inside me,” she tells me.


I sit up on my knees to tug her pants the rest of the way off and Sookie turns herself over. I push her legs together and straddle her thighs. Her head turns to the side as I push into her and she feels ridiculously tight like this.


“Oh fuck!” she moans and tries to push her hips up so I can get deeper. “You’re so big, Eric.”


I give her shallow thrusts that I know are driving her crazy, but it feels amazing. She moans when my thumb presses against her back opening, but doesn’t enter her.


I see her hands grip the blankets. Her walls begin to tighten. Sookie’s breathing becomes erratic and she pants, “More; make me cum again.”


“Greedy girl,” I smirk and thrust deeper into her.


“I’m so greedy for your cock, baby,” she moans. “I love it… So. Much.”


The tip of my thumb slides into her and Sookie groans as my hips speed up. I see one of her hands move under her body and within seconds she’s falling apart.


She screams my name as her pussy holds tightly onto my shaft. Her body starts to shake and she’s panting heavily. I pull out of her and turn Sookie over again. She hitches her legs up around my waist as I slide back into her and her walls clench when I get as deep in her as I can.


“Damn, that’s good, Sookie,” I groan.


“You’re good, Eric,” she tells me and grabs onto my arms before resting her feet on the bed to help her thrust up.


I look down to see her stretched around my shaft and my thumb goes to rub her clit. Sookie cries out and her hips move faster.


“Keep going, Sookie,” I pant. “Make me cum for you.”


Her walls begin massaging my cock as another orgasm takes over. She shivers and she reaches down so her fingers join my thumb and she starts stroking her lips around my shaft.


“Cum… please,” she whimpers.


I push her thighs back and start pounding into her.


“Where do you want it, pretty girl?” I ask her.


“I don’t care as long as you cum for me.”


I don’t have a chance to think about it before one more orgasm from her pulls me over the edge and I end up cumming inside her with a deep groan. I lean forward and kiss her softly since Sookie’s still trembling and having aftershocks.


“In less than a week we’ll be married,” I smile at her. The thought hit me from out of nowhere. Never in a million years would I have thought I would end up marrying a girl I had a fling with on spring break but here we are. She’s perfect for me. I can’t see myself marrying anyone else.




I smile at him the best I can and wrap my arms around his back. I never thought I’d be here. My memories of Eric always seemed like a parallel universe. I would’ve never in a million years thought I’d marry him one day. He’s…


“You’re everything I’ve ever wanted,” I whisper. “I can’t wait to be your wife.”


“Soon,” he says, resting more of his weight on me.


“Not soon enough,” I grin and wrap my legs high around his waist. “Are we crazy?”


“Probably a little bit,” he admits. “But I’m not letting that stop me.”


“I’ve been called worse,” I shrug the best I can. “I’m glad we’re not making a big deal about it. I’m sure your mom will be bummed that she’s not there, but without anyone left in my family it would just be sad for me.”


I still haven’t met his mother. I’m never around when he talks to her so I’m a little nervous about meeting her as her daughter-in-law for the first time when it happens.


“I could invite her to come to Italy with us,” Eric offers.


“Um, but I thought we were staying naked most of the time?” I say as almost a question.


“We are.” His hips thrust against me.


“She got remarried, right?” I remember him mentioning something about that.


“Yep. His name is Russell,” Eric reminds me.


“You guys get along well enough to take a trip to a different country?” I guess it doesn’t matter since we’ll probably only see them on the plane and at the wedding. I just don’t want to be stuck in some awkward argument.


“He’s a good guy. We don’t know each other too well, but we get along okay. He’s good to my mom and makes her happy so that’s all I really care about.”


“Want to call them when you’re done sexin’ me up?” I smile and my hands slide down his back to squeeze his butt.


“I’m not done yet?” Eric quirks an eyebrow.


“If you want to be, but your thrusty hips and the fact that you’re still hard give me the impression that you aren’t.”


“Not really,” he smiles and those thrusty hips start swiveling.


“Mmm,” I moan and I can feel my ovaries tingling. “I love it when you do that.”


“Then I’ll keep doing it.”


I hike my legs up around his ribs so my hips move to a different angle and I let out a raspy moan when his cock hits that sweet spot inside of me.


“I really enjoy it when you’re inside of me,” I whisper and I thread my hands into his hair.


“So do I, pretty girl.” Eric drops to his elbows and his pubic bone starts grinding against my clit.


“Oh. My. God!” I cry out. I don’t know how he does this to me. My nipples get harder, my hips try to move, and I tug his head back so I can kiss his neck. My tongue draws light circles on his skin as his hips keep grinding. If he keeps doing that he’s going to make me cum again.


“You feel so good when you’re wet like this for me, Sookie,” he groans.


“Always for you,” I breathe. I can feel my honey dripping down my ass and onto the bed. “You feel amazing inside me… so hard…”


As he continues to grind my walls begin to grip him, holding him deep. My God, he feels like heaven inside of me. Sex with Eric is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.


He kisses my neck up to my ear and whispers, “After we’re married I’m taking you right back to the hotel. I’m going to own this pussy, Sookie,” he growls. “I’ll fuck you into exhaustion, wake you with my face between your perfect thighs and make love to you until you weep.”


I want to weep right now. His words coupled with his cock filling me and his body rubbing against my clit I explode under him. I cry out his name and I squeeze the back of his neck. My other hand slips down to grab his ass, to hold him in me.


“Oh… fuck yes!” I scream. “How… how do you… do this… to me?” I pant.


He looks me in my eyes and says, “You were made for me.”


Tears sting my eyes and my head turns to the side. The fact that he feels that way too is too much for me. My heart clenches in my chest and I want to hold onto him as tight as possible. Telling him I love him just isn’t enough. No words can ever explain what he makes me feel.


“I love you,” I whisper anyway without opening my eyes. If I do I’ll only cry harder.


“I love you too.” His lips find mine and his hips start to thrust slow and deep.


One of my legs starts to drop and Eric catches his, hooking my knee over his elbow. Every moment fills me just right. Our tongues dance as I melt into the bed. I know he means every word he tells me. I gasp into the kiss when he stills and rocks his hips side to side, grinding into me again.


“You…” I can’t even talk. He’s almost more than I can handle. Almost. “Perfect.”


Eric’s head dips down and he tugs one of my nipples between his teeth before sucking on it. His hips start to thrust a little harder and I can feel his shaft swelling a little more.


“Baby, make me cum again, please,” I whisper. I can feel his orgasm approaching and I love it when we cum together.


“Mmm… greedy girl,” he groans. His teeth drag over my nipple he grinds against me.


“You love it when I’m greedy for your cum,” I remind him. My walls pulse quickly and my tummy tightens just before his teeth on my nipple and his cock filling me pushes me over the edge. I scream out his name and my nails dig into his ass.


“Ah, fuck!” Eric shouts as his release fills me. He collapses on top of me, breathing hard against my neck.


“Thank you,” I pant. He lets go of my leg and I wrap both legs around him. My arms tighten around his back and I hold him through our alternating aftershocks.


“Am I done sexin’ you up now?” he asks when we’re both calmed down.


“Unless you’re still hard and have something better than what you just did, I guess so,” I smile. I can barely move. I’m pretty sure we’re done. I’ve been wrong before though.


“I may have accidentally kicked the suitcase off the bed,” he informs me as he pulls out.


“You don’t want me to pack all that unnecessary stuff anyway,” I remind him. “I don’t think it was an accident at all.” I smile up at him and my legs fall to the sides.


“It was a total accident,” he maintains. “No matter how over packed you are.”


“Okay. Do you want to get up and call your mom to invite her and her husband along?”


“Do you want them to come or do you want it to be just us?”


“They can come. It’s not like we’ll be sharing a room and I don’t want her to hate me for marrying her son without warning her. Or meeting her.”


“She won’t hate you,” Eric assures me.


“I’ll leave it up to you then.”


“Okay,” he nods and gives me a kiss before he gets out of bed to go to the bathroom.


I get up and pull the blankets off the bed. My suitcase and all the clothes piles I made are thrown all over the floor. I usually make a big mess when we have sex. I don’t know how this man makes me so wet, but he has yet to fail me. I take the blanket downstairs and toss it in the laundry. I’m still in just a bra, but I don’t really care. I take the bra off and by the time I get to the bathroom Eric is in the shower. I don’t ask, I just walk in. He has one arm resting on the wall with his head down. He’s enjoying the hot water on his skin. I grab the bar of soap, lather up my hands, and I begin to massage his back. We stay quiet the whole time I’m working his muscles and his cock twitches when I wash his groin, but he doesn’t get hard again. He rinses and I kiss the back of his shoulder before I pronounce him clean.


“I’m going to wash up and then I’ll be out to pack again,” I say quietly.


“Okay. I’ll be downstairs in the office,” he tells me and gives me a kiss before he steps out.


I grab my puff and scrub my whole body from top to bottom. I wash and condition my hair. When I’m done I dry off, blow dry my hair, and slip into one of Eric’s T-shirts. I find him on his computer when I join him. He scoots back and pulls me down on his lap.


“What are you looking at?” I ask and my fingers play with the back of his hair.


“Real estate in Indianapolis,” he replies.


“Ah, see anything you like so far?” I ask.


“I found a three bedroom condo that looks pretty nice,” he says and clicks on the tab for it. “It’s new construction and there are two floors.”


“That’s cute. I don’t think we’ll need anything too big until we figure out where we’re going to settle down.”


“I like it here, to be honest. We’re not too far from the city but once we have kids it’s a safe neighborhood with good schools and room for them to run and play.”


“I like it here too. Are you keeping this house when we go to Indianapolis?”


“Yep. I’m just looking for a place there so we don’t have to be in hotels for six months of the year,” he explains.


“It’s going to be weird living in two places,” I say. “Maybe you should keep the maid for football season,” I smile.


“I’m already on it,” he says.


“So… since we’re getting married so soon does that mean you want kids sooner?” I question. He hasn’t actually come out and said it, but he was awful quick to want to get married, so I assume.


“I think we should see how this season goes so you can see what it’s like before we make any decisions,” he says.


“Good idea. Who knows, we may hate each other before the year is out.” I don’t see that happening, but you never know.


“True,” he says. “We could be divorced by this time next year.”


“I don’t think we will be. We like each other too much,” I tell him quietly and kiss his cheek.


“Yeah and you are pretty cute.”


“I think you’re crazy,” I giggle. “Or blind.”


“Nope. You’re cute. Deal with it.”


“You’re lucky I don’t like to argue, otherwise I’d sit here all night and tell you all the reasons you’re wrong.”


“If you don’t like to argue it’s a good thing you quit your job,” he chuckles.


“That’s different than arguing with a boyfriend,” I tell him. “I didn’t think of my job as arguing since I wasn’t emotionally involved with the cases.”


“Arguing is arguing,” he shrugs.


“Not to me,” I say and turn to look at the computer again. “Just the one condo, or are there other properties you like?”


“So far just the condo.”


“Are you getting hungry?” I hate house hunting. I’ll be fine with whatever he wants.


“I’m always hungry.”


“What do you want?” I smile. “I’ll start my housewife duties now.”


“Whatever you feel like making. I’m not picky.”


“Okay.” I give Eric a quick kiss and get up from his lap. Of course he smacks my ass, making me yelp.


I go into the kitchen and decide on making a quick vegetable soup. I’ll make him a roast beef sandwich he can dip in his soup, I just feel like soup.


I’m just about done making his plate when it really, really sinks in. This time next week I’m going to be Mrs. Eric Northman… wow.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. I never read this when it was on Fanfiction so I’m happy y’all posted it here! It’s a great story and I hope y’all continue with it at some point! There could be lots more to tell from these two!


  2. Read the five chapters posted. Like this simple romantic story. The mature & self confident Eric is a delight. A Sookie who knows her own mind is a treat too. Particularly appreciated all the lemons. 🙂 Thankyou for the wonderful story.


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