Chapter 5




My God, she tastes good. Sookie makes the sexiest noises and she looks stunning when she cums.

“We can go as far as you want to take it,” she tells me softly.

I move up her body and kiss her hard. She moans into the kiss and her lips quickly part for me. My tongue massages hers and I grind my hips against her so she can feel what she’s doing to me. When the kiss breaks, I move over so I can get a condom from the nightstand. I don’t know if she’s on birth control, but I’m not taking any chances. Two kids between us are enough for me.

“Do you still want to keep your clothes on?” I ask her. I was completely serious about her keeping them on if she wants to.

“I can take them off,” she says nervously. “I haven’t… it’s been a while since someone else has seen my body.”

“That’s a shame. From what I’ve seen so far, you’re beautiful,” I tell her. I stand up beside the bed and drop my shorts.

Her eyes go wide and she says under her breath, “That thing is a lot bigger than it feels.”

She sits up on the bed and pulls my shirt off. Her tits are perfect. Perky and round with dusky pink tips. I lick my lips and restrain myself from pouncing and devouring her.

“Gorgeous,” I whisper.

“Crazy,” she giggles.

“Sexy,” I counter and rip the condom package open.

“Mmm, I beg to differ, but maybe now isn’t the time,” she says, eyeing my cock.

“It’s never the time,” I assure her and roll the condom on before I climb up onto my bed.

I sit against the headboard and pull Sookie over to straddle me so she can go at her pace.

“I was just going to ask you how you wanted me,” she says as she reaches down to rub my head through her wet folds.

I groan at how warm she is and say, “Take what you need, Sookie.”

She bites her bottom lip and slowly starts to sink down my shaft, pausing to take a few deep breaths before moving again until she has me inside her completely.

“You feel huge,” she breathes, but doesn’t move.

My thumb plays with her clit and her eyes go wide.

“And you feel really tight,” I tell her as her hips start to rock. I lean forward and kiss her left breast. Her skin is sweet and I nip at the underside of the heavy globe.

She moans and drops her head back. She begins to rise and fall and as she comes down she swivels her hips. Her hands are on my shoulders and she moans, “This is really good. Really good.”

I grunt my agreement and move to her other breast. My thumb moves faster as my lips seal around her tight bud, and the sensation makes Sookie moan louder. My free hand grabs her ass tightly, helping to guide her up and down. I want to flip her over and pound into her, but I don’t.

She grabs my head and pulls my face up to hers so she can kiss me. Her lips are soft and warm. Her moans are getting louder and I can feel her muscles begin to massage my shaft. It threatens to take me with her, but I don’t want to cum yet. I think about something gross to cool my jets a little, but the tight grip of Sookie’s pussy brings me back to the moment.

“That’s it, Sookie,” I say softly, and watch her face as she cums.

She nuzzles her face in the crook of my neck and I can feel her warm breath fanning over my chest.

“So… good.”

I agree.

I also lift her off of me and set her on her back. Instead of plunging into her again, I settle my head between her thighs and latch onto her clit with my hands holding her thighs wide apart. Goddamn, she tastes like honey.

“Eric!” She screams my name again and tugs my hair.

I don’t stop. I keep going, flicking my tongue against her clit until Sookie’s panting and trembling. I wait until I’m sure she’s about to cum, and then I slide my cock inside her, hooking her knees over my elbows so I can get as deep as possible.

“Ohgodohgodohgod,” she chants. Her head is shaking from side to side, her nails are digging into my biceps and her back is bowing just like it did when she came earlier for me.

I growl and start pounding into her. She feels amazing when she cums, and I keep thrusting through her second orgasm. She’s so wet and the sound of my skin slapping against hers fills the room.

“Fuck, you’re so sexy,” I tell her as she trembles under me.

My hips begin to corkscrew as I slide into her and Sookie cries out again. So much for not being a screamer.

“Eric… too much…” She’s panting hard and her hands move down to grab my ass so she can try to pull me deeper.

“I think you want more, Sookie,” I growl and start pounding into her again. I lean forward so her knees are closer her chest and it lets me get a little deeper. “Fuck…” I groan.

“Give it to me, Eric,” she growls. Her eyes are full of lust and her nipples are rubbing on my chest.

I give her everything I have, going as deep and hard as I can. I can feel the base of my spine tingling and Sookie’s walls start to flutter. My lips crash down on hers and my pubic bone grinds against her clit. I try to hold back but the first hard clench of Sookie’s pussy ruins my control.

“Oh fuck,” I groan. My cock swells and my thrusts become erratic.

“Please… cum… I need it,” she begs.

Just two more hard thrusts and I lose it.

“Fuuuuck!” I roar and explode deep inside her. The condom catches my release and I drop on top of her.

Her body shudders below me and her small hands begin to rub up and down my back, trying to calm me.

“That was… I don’t even know,” she says barely above a whisper.

I don’t want to pull out of her but I have to. I give Sookie a kiss and then slowly slip out of her warmth, making us both whimper. I get up to throw away the condom and then I stagger back to bed.

I gather Sookie close and kiss her sweetly. She’s amazing and it’s lucky for me that her ex is a fucking idiot.

She wraps her arms around me her soft body presses in as close as possible. “This was good,” she says again as she pulls back from the kiss to breathe.

“Exceptional,” I correct.

“So do you think you’ll want to do this again sometime?” she asks nervously.

“Are you free in ten minutes?” I ask with a smile.

“I’ll have to check my calendar,” she giggles. “I mean when I leave will you want to see me again?”

“Absolutely. I’m set on seeing that belly dance of yours,” I tell her. I kiss the tip of her nose and add, “Plus I like you, Sookie. I definitely want to see you again.”

“Okay, I was hoping you’d say that. I want to see you too.”

“You don’t even have to be naked every time, but I will never discourage you from it. Feel free to treat me like your personal sex slave.”

“I wish,” she laughs, and when she calms down she adds, “Remember, I have Jo full time. Last night and today are a rare treat. Sex slavery isn’t going to be easy for me.”

“I’ll just have to figure out ways to keep you quiet then,” I say quietly and start playing with one of her nipples.

“You know, that’s the loudest I’ve ever been. You’re also only the third person I’ve ever slept with,” she tells me.

I never know what to say when a girl tells me her magic number. In my experience it’s always somewhat of a trap, so instead of commenting on her level of experience, I turn her head and kiss her.

She returns the kiss for a minute before she pulls back. “I need a little more time. You’re a lot to take, no pun intended.”

“Take your time,” I tell her. “I’m a patient person and I understand there are… special considerations that needs to be thought over. I also know that your time is limited, but so is mine so we’ll have to appreciate our time together when we can get some.”

I know it’s a struggle to balance everything, especially since her ex isn’t very helpful in taking care of their daughter. I don’t know if he blows off his kid because he’s selfish or if there’s a more substantial reason for it than that. I’m assuming he’s the same age as Sookie since they were high school sweethearts, and I’m also assuming Joey was an unplanned surprise based on what she told me. It’s a difficult adjustment to make, I know that.

It took some time to get used to making Jake a bigger priority than myself, but I did it. Maybe Sam hasn’t done that yet.

As if on cue, my phone starts ringing on my nightstand. I have to reach over Sookie to get it, and she playfully bites my chest when I do.

“Watch it, little girl,” I warn.

When I look at the screen I see my son’s picture from his eighteen month photo shoot. Aude has been a stickler for having this boy photographed, but he’s a big ham so he doesn’t mind.

“Hello?” I answer. I never know now if it’s going to be the little man himself or his mother these days.

“Daddy, I’m ready,” Jake says.

I chuckle and say, “It’s still early, buddy. Does Mommy know you have her phone?”

This kid is too smart for his own good. He’s figured out he needs to find the right picture and push the green button to call who he wants to call, so Aude and I both keep our phones out of his reach.

“Come now,” he demands, ignoring my question.

“I can’t right now. I’ll see you later tonight,” I promise. “Will you get Mommy for me?”

I hear little feet moving quickly and then Aude scolding Jake when he gives her the phone. “What did Mommy say about playing with her phone?”

“It’s a no-no,” Jake answers and I can see him giving her his puppy face to get out of trouble.

“That’s right. Go sit in the naughty chair,” she tells him.

His tears start immediately and even though I know he needs to face the consequences of his actions, I still hate hearing my kid cry.

“Sorry he got the phone,” Aude says when she turns her attention to me.

“It’s okay. Do you want me to get him early?”

“Only if you want to. I don’t have plans until later on,” she says.

“Okay,” I say. Usually I get him after dinner on Sunday night. “How about I pick him up around four? My parents haven’t seen him in a few weeks.”

“That works, we should be home from the store by then.”

“Cool. I’ll text you if I’m running late,” I tell her. I’m usually pretty good about being on time, but shit happens.

“Thanks, Eric, he’ll be ready.”

“See you later,” I say and we hang up. I set my phone down and then flop on top of Sookie to kiss her neck and tickle her side.

“Eric!” she laughs, “No!”

“You’re no fun.” I stop tickling her and kiss her lips before I roll onto my back. “Sorry about that. My techno genius toddler hijacked his mom’s phone.”

“Believe me, I understand. I have a password for a reason,” she giggles and scoots to snuggle into my side.

“Oh Aude does too, but he manages to hack his way in,” I laugh. “I don’t know how he does it. When he’s here my phone is usually on top of the fridge so he can’t get to it.”

“That wouldn’t deter my monkey. I was damn near impossible to get her off of bottles because she would climb up on the counters and get her own when I would be in the bathroom until I eventually threw them all away. She’s given up on calling Sam to come get her.”

“That’s a shame. About her dad, I mean. I can’t always come over when Jake wants me to, but if I can take him even for a few hours, I will. His mom and I have a pretty loose agreement on custody and we try to be flexible about stuff. I just got annoyed with her recently,” I explain.

“He’s supposed to get her every other weekend for three days; because at the time we drew up the agreement he said that’s all he could do. I get that he works a lot, and I get his reasons, but Joey would rather have time with Sam over a new pair of shoes any day. I tell him, but I always end up being the ‘selfish’ one in those arguments.”

“Sam sounds like a dick,” I say.

“I won’t take him back so he tries to make my life as miserable as possible,” she shrugs.

“Oh but this guy sounds like a winner, Sookie. He’s a cheater, a half assed dad and he’s less mature than my two-year-old. How could you not trip over yourself to get him back in your life?”

She giggles as she climbs on top of me to straddle my waist. She leans down over my stretched out body and says, “Well, I was considering it when this lovely young man showed up in my shop and he just looked so lost I decided to take him home instead.”

“Lucky son of a bitch,” I smile at her and my hands land on her hips. “Did he go along with it?”

“It seems as though he did, and he reminded me three times this morning that I’m think I made the right choice,” she purrs and dips her head to softly bite my nipple.

I growl and say, “Just three times? I could do better than that.”

“Or I could return the favor,” she suggests and licks my other nipple.

“He’d be a fool to turn down that offer.” My cock twitches and I pull her face to mine to kiss her.

She pulls back and sucks my bottom lip before moving down to my chin. Her soft lips ghost down my torso, as her hands rub up and down my sides. When she reaches my cock she looks up my body with so much heat in her eyes.

“Thank you,” she says to me before she dips down to kiss my tip.

I groan and there’s another twitch.

“You’re welcome,” I reply through a clenched jaw.

Sookie drags her tongue along the vein that runs up my shaft until she reaches my head. She closes her eyes and wraps her full lips around me, sucking softly. Her hand closes around the base of my cock and she begins to bob her head, working more and more of me into her mouth. Her hand pumps in time with her head as she sucks, letting out soft moans each time she takes me in.

My hand goes into her hair to hold it back from her face. I’ve had my share of blowjobs at this point, but not very many good ones. Sookie, however, seems to take pride in her work. I guide her head but I know better than to push her head down. I did that just once and I paid dearly for it so I haven’t done it since.

“That’s good, Sookie,” I breathe, and will my hips to stay still.

“Mmm,” she moans and pulls up to give my head special attention. Her warm, pink tongue darts out to lick through my little opening before she sucks my tip hard enough to pull a deep groan from me. “You have a really nice cock,” she whispers without opening her eyes before her mouth plunges down my shaft again.

“Fuck,” I hiss and my eyes roll back a bit. She’s good. Really good.

I force myself to open my eyes and look down to watch her head bob up and down my shaft over and over. Her wrist twists while she strokes what doesn’t fit in her hot little mouth, and my hips stop listening to my commands to stay still. She only moans louder.

What does it is when her free hand begins to massage my balls.

“Fuck, Sookie, I’m gonna cum,” I warn her. “Where do you want it?”

She doesn’t stop; as a matter of fact she redoubles her efforts, treating my cock like she needs it to live. I grunt and groan as the tingles start in the base of my spine and my cock swells a little bit more. My grip on her hair gets tighter and I can’t hold back anymore.

“Holy shit,” I mutter right before I release right down her throat. She sucks and hums as she swallows everything I give her. She keeps working my cock until she feels I’m clean enough and I begin to go soft.

“That was fun,” she smiles up at me when she finally opens her eyes.

“Uh huh,” I agree. “Anytime you want to have fun like that, just let me know.”

“I can do that,” she says as she moves to lie down next to me.

I pull Sookie closer and kiss her. She snuggles against me and we go quiet for a little while until my stomach growls, effectively killing the silence.

“Ah, the T-rex is awake,” I joke.

“Clearly,” she giggles and rubs my belly. “Do you have any plans for breakfast?”

“Yeah, bacon and lots of it.” I kiss her head and sit up slowly. “If you don’t like bacon we can’t be friends.”

“Then I guess we’ll be best friends. Bacon is my favorite.” She sits up with me and looks around for my shirt that she threw off earlier.

I find it on the floor and get off the bed to hand it to her. While she gets that back on I put on my shorts on. Sookie follows me out of the bedroom and into the kitchen.

“Coffee?” I ask her while I grab the grounds out of the fridge.

“Yes please,” she nods. “Tell me what you want me to do.”

I get a fresh filter into the machine and start measuring out the grounds.

“What do you want to accompany your bacon? I have eggs or we can do pancakes, waffles, French toast, BLTs with an egg on it…”

“Ah, nothing sweet. Just eggs are fine with me, and some toast.”

“How do you like your eggs?” I ask her while pouring water into the coffeemaker.

“Over medium,” she says and goes to wash her hands.

“You got it.”

I grab the bacon and eggs out of the fridge, and then get the oven preheated. Ever since Mom told me how to cook bacon in the oven I’ve been doing it that way. There’s less chance of Jake grabbing a pan handle and burning himself with hot grease that way. I point out the parchment paper for Sookie so she can get the bacon laid out on the cookie sheet I dig out from the drawer under the stove.

“So is Joey a picky eater?” I ask her just because I’m curious. Jake will eat just about anything we put in front of him.

“She pretty much likes cheese and that’s about it. Of course I limit her cheese intake, but I use it as a treat. Is that bad?” she asks.

“That’s rough is what that is,” I chuckle.

“You’re telling me. I rarely buy it because she’ll sneak into the fridge and eat it all. She’ll choke down her veggies, but I’m hoping she’ll grow out of it soon.”

“Two weeks ago when Jake was here I went to the bathroom and left him unattended in the living room for a whole ninety seconds. I came out and found him standing in front of the fridge, eating a stick of butter,” I tell her.

She laughs and says, “Well butter is delicious. I don’t think eating it by itself is safe though. His poor arteries.”

“Yeah he wasn’t too happy when I took it away from him. Thankfully he only got about two tablespoons’ worth before I caught him,” I smile. “But that kid’ll eat anything so really butter is one of the better things I’ve seen him put in his mouth.”

“I can only imagine. She only snuck into the cheese once, but she didn’t poop for a week after she ate it. Sorry, not really breakfast conversation,” she says sheepishly.

“Ah but you’re talking to the parent of another toddler. Bodily excrement is considered perfectly acceptable conversation at any point during the day,” I reply. “Just be glad you’ve never had to watch Joey dip strawberries in ketchup.”

“Oh, ew,” she says, scrunching her nose.

“Tell me about it. We couldn’t talk him out of it either. He loved it. Thankfully, he only did it that one day but it was still pretty gross.”

“When I hear stuff like that it makes me glad I have a picky eater.”

“It’s a blessing and a curse. Yeah, he eats some gross stuff sometimes but at least I don’t have to worry about making him a special dinner,” I shrug.

“Is there anything he’s allergic to? Jo can’t have peanuts.”

“We haven’t found anything so far but that can always change. The only thing he doesn’t seem to like so far, oddly enough, is chocolate.”

“That’s good though, he won’t be hounding you for candy bars when he gets older.”

“True, but that leaves room for much more expensive hounding.”

“Well, hell, you’re screwed,” she laughs. “Is this enough bacon?”

I count eight strips on the tray and say, “Yeah, I think that’ll do. How many eggs do you want?”

“Two is fine. Do you want me to do anything else?” she asks as she puts the bacon in the oven.

“Just keep me company while we wait.” The bacon will probably take fifteen to twenty minutes so there’s no need to start the eggs right this second.

I feel a little bad that we’re mostly talking about our kids but it’s hard not to since they’re such a huge part of our lives. I resolve to change the subject, however, because I want to get to know her too.

“Did you ever finish school?” I ask her. “Or did you have to give it up after you got pregnant?”

“I had to drop out. I want to go back and finish, but it’s hard with work and a three-year-old I need to support. I get child support for her, but not a lot,” she explains.

I nod and say, “I’m always worried I’m not giving Aude enough for Jake. It’ll get better after I finish school, though. The company I’m interning for has already shown interest in offering me a position after I graduate and I’d be crazy not to take it.”

“That’s awesome,” she grins, “I need to get away from the candle store. It just doesn’t pay enough, and I feel like I smell like them when I leave. It isn’t a problem if I just go home, but if I go out in public I feel like I’m giving people headaches.”

“If it’s any consolation, I think you smell good,” I smile at her. “What were you studying in school?”

“Accounting,” she tells me. “And thank you, I smell like you now so I’d have to agree.”

An idea hits me but I’m not sure how she’ll feel about it.

“You’re welcome. I uh… you can tell me to butt out if you want, but my mom actually works for a staffing agency. I could maybe talk to her for you and see if maybe she knows of any positions in accounting that you might qualify for,” I tell her.

“Oh… um.” She looks completely stunned.

“It’s just an idea,” I shrug. “Let me know if you’re interested. No pressure, though.”

I get a skillet out to start warming it to make the eggs.

“I’ll think about it,” she promises.

“Good enough for me,” I smile at her and add a little butter to the pan.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. What a delicious lemony treat! Two in one day!! Lovin these two together. Eric is very mature for his age but having a child young will do that to ya. Thanks for the awesome updates and keep the dirty lemons comin 😃


  2. That sounds like a great way to wake up in the morning. Sign me up. I’m glad they are comfortable with each other and are having fun.


  3. Thanks for a new lemony chapter! They’re so good together, and have a similar sense of humor. I love how y’all write their interactions.

    p.s. Tell me how to cook bacon in the oven! Never heard of it!


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