Chapter 28




I must be walking into a dream when I meet Mom and Sookie for lunch. Sookie is facing the door when I walk in. If that’s my mom with her back to me I’m going to shit a fuckin’ kitten. The smile on Sookie’s face when she sees me tells me I better get a litter box.


“Mama?” I say as I walk up. We’ve been trying to get her to do this for decades. When she turns around I have to hold back the gasp. She looks gorgeous. “Oh, Mom, you look beautiful,” I grin and lean down to kiss her cheek.


“You think so? It’s not too much is it?” she asks nervously.


“Oh, fuck no,” I say and lean toward Sookie kiss her hello before I take my seat. “Wow. I can’t believe it. I feel like I’m looking at Pam. Dad might jizz on himself,” I laugh. I’m completely serious though.


“Eric!” Mom slaps my arm. Her nails are manicured, too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her with a manicure.


“What? You’re a sexy young thing,” I tease. I look over at Sookie and take her hand. “Thank you, pretty girl.”


“Don’t thank me, this was all your mom’s idea,” Sookie says.


“Yes, but you did the work and I love it,” Mom tells Sookie. Sookie leans over to give Mom a hug and then quickly snatches up a napkin to dab away the tears leaking from Mom’s eyes.


Oh boy. I hate it when Mom cries.


“I don’t really care whose idea it was. I’m just glad it’s done.”


I know when a Dad walks in when I hear a growl behind me.


“Lisel,” he purrs. I hide my chuckle when he bends to give her an almost inappropriate kiss hello. Dad approves.


I lean over to Sookie and whisper, “I think I’ll be staying at your house tonight.”


She giggles and says, “Fine by me. They should enjoy this.”


“You like it?” Mom asks Dad when he finally lets her breathe like three minutes later.


“I’m going to feel like I’m cheating on my wife,” he smiles. “You look amazing.”


“Thank you,” Mom says, looking like she might cry again. She lets out a deep breath that she’s probably been holding for hours.


“You’re welcome,” he replies as he brushes her hair back. He looks like a teenager in lust.


“I think we might lose them before the end of lunch,” I laugh.


“That’s okay,” Sookie says with a little smile. “Good for them.”


“Well does everyone know what they’re going to order?” Mom asks.


“The taco, enchilada plate,” Dad and I say at the same time, making the girls giggle.


“We could probably share one of those,” Sookie says to Mom, who nods her agreement.


I take a swig of my beer and slip my hand under the table to hold Sookie’s. I don’t know if she understands what a big deal this is for all of us. She might. I’m sure Mom cried. I know she would’ve never done it if Sookie didn’t do my hair so she could see how good she is. Of course I’m ruining it with a beanie. It’s too fuckin’ cold not to wear something on my head.


“Sookie, what do you and Mom have planned after this?” I ask.


“Nothing I know of,” she answers.


“Do you want to go somewhere so we can give the kids some alone time?” I smile.


“Sure,” she nods. “I think they deserve it. In fact, I know this great little place about a block from here. Very private and extremely exclusive.”


“Oh yeah?” I ask and lean to kiss her cheek. I think my parents forgot we’re even here.


“Uh huh,” Sookie nods slightly. “Think they’ll notice if we just slip out of here?”


I look over at my parents. My dad is nuzzling my mom’s neck. Oh lord.


“No,” I snort.


“Then let’s clear out and give them some privacy. Your dad can call us to bail him out of jail,” she giggles.


“We’re going to let you guys have some alone time,” I tell them. Dad waves me off so I shrug and stand up, taking Sookie’s hand to help her up. We haven’t ordered anything but the beer so I push it to Dad and Sookie and I head out.




It’s been a few days since Sookie and I last had sex simply because I’ve been too tired. By the time we walk into her apartment I’m hard as a rock. I slept well last night, I didn’t have to wake up too early and I have time to enjoy my girl. Not to mention, she’s in love with me.


“I don’t know of if I want to have foreplay,” I say as we walk in the door. “My cock is fuckin’ solid.”


Sookie reaches out to check, rubbing my cock over my jeans. “You sure are,” she smiles.


“Mmm, keep that up and I’m going to fuckin’ cum before I get my jeans off,” I purr and press her against the back of the door. I bend my knees a little so I can rub my hard-on against her mound. My lips go to her neck and I inhale deeply. She smells so fuckin’ good.


“Keep doing that and I think you will too.” Her hands move between us to unzip my jeans.


As she works on my pants I start to push her leggings down. Fuck. I hate fuckin’ shoes.


“Take your boots off,” I whisper and lick up her neck to her jaw.


She does it with just her feet and kicks them aside. Her hand wraps around my base and starts stroking my length. Just to get her ready I reach down to run my fingers along her folds. I don’t give a flying fuck about her shirt. I’m hard and ready. Now.


“We can go slow later,” I breathe. I pull her hand away and lift her shirt thing above her hips. I rub her clit for another few seconds before I bend to lift her up by her thighs and press her back into the door. “Put me where you want me.”


Sookie rubs my head around her clit for a few seconds before putting me at her opening, resting my tip inside her warm, wet core. I don’t hesitate to thrust up, filling her completely, slamming her ass against the door.


“Fuuuuck,” I groan. I have to pause and regain my composure when her walls start to pulse around my shaft. I know she liked it when I bounced her on my dick that night we were with Aude, so I take a step back and start to raise her up, letting her fall back down my length. I’m getting fuckin’ deep like this.


“HolyfuckingChristonthecross,” she gasps.


“Mmhmm,” I hum. Rolling all that fuckin’ pie dough is coming in handy right now. Sookie isn’t fat, but she sure as fuck isn’t skinny which is one of my favorite things about her. My fingers dig into her ass cheeks, getting a better grip, and thrust my hips up as she comes down again and again. Sookie’s hands are locked around my neck so she can lean back a little. I get a perfect fuckin’ view of the spot where we’re joined and my slick cock sliding in and out of her looks so fuckin’ hot.


“Goddamn, you’re gonna make me cum so fuckin’ hard, Sookie. Is that what you want? Do you want my thick cum filling this tight little cunt?” I pant.


“Mmm… fuck yeah. I want it dripping down my thighs,” she purrs.


Because I know it turns her on when I talk about being with a third, I ask, “Do you wish Isabel was here to lick it off your thick thighs?” Fuck the thought of seeing that makes my dick pulse.


“I’d make her suck it out of my cunt,” Sookie says.


Isabel had an amazing fuckin’ tongue, too. I’m pretty sure she ate Sookie’s cunt better than I ever could.


“I want to feel you cum, pretty girl. Think about her long, soft, warm tongue digging my cum out of your fuckin’ snatch. Her full lips sucking it off your thighs… Fuck, that’s gonna make me lose it.”


I stagger over to the couch and bend to put Sookie’s back on the couch. I keep her legs hooked over my arms and pull her down as I thrust forward.


“Mmm… I can see you pounding her tight little ass while she does it,” Sookie moans. “Begging for it harder.”


“Did you like that?” I pant. “Do you fuckin’ love it when I drive into another girl’s ass hard and deep?” Oh… Fuck… I’m about to lose it…


“Makes my pussy drip for you,” she tells me.


I decide to pick up on our role-play from the last time we fucked and ask, “What would you do if your boyfriend walked in and saw this? What if he saw how fuckin’ juicy your cunt is for me?”


“He would punish me,” she breathes. “After I blew his friend he gave me a spanking and fucked my ass hard.”


My eyes roll back when her walls start to convulse. “Fuck… Maybe he’d tell me to pick you up again and start pounding your tight hole with me in your cunt…” The double penetration with me and the toy damn near blinded her she came so hard.


“I’d like that a lot,” she pants and reaches to rub her clit.


I bend over her body, practically folding her in half. Her hips are at a different angle so my head is rubbing over her sweet spot. My lips go to her ear and I whisper, “Would you fuckin’ love to have another long, hot dick filling your asshole up right now, dirty girl?”


“Ohhhh… fuuuuck… mmm… yes,” Sookie moans.


“Would you cum so fuckin’ hard for me? Another pair of strong arms wrapped around you, holding onto your tits while I nibble on your neck.” I nip her earlobe and start to swivel my hips. “Both of our dicks driving in so fucking hard,” I growl. I’m going to cum in three thrusts if she doesn’t. Fuck.


“Fuck yeah,” she breathes. “I’d cum all over your huge cock, baby.”


“Can you do that now for me?” I purr and suck on her earlobe again.


“Almost there.” Her walls are fluttering fast as her fingers work her swollen nub. “Fuckfuckfuck!”


“There we go… Fuck…are you ready for it…” I can’t help it if she isn’t. My cock swells and I erupt in her cunt. “Fuuuuuck!” I roar, my hips jerking as I empty myself.


Sookie moans loudly as her walls pulse around my shaft. Her eyes close but her fingers keep moving, causing aftershocks that make her back arch. I shift so I can watch her hand move without falling out. Fuck, if she keeps going, I’m going to stay fuckin’ hard.


“Mmm, do you know how fuckin’ sexy you are, pretty girl?” I purr. My hips jerk involuntarily, pushing deeper into her cunt, making her arch higher.


“Do that again,” she moans.


I do. Since my dick is still hard as a fuckin’ rock I start slowly pushing in as deep as I can, grinding against her cunt before pulling almost all the way out just as slow. I want her to feel every fuckin’ inch of my cock.


“Like this?” I ask. I should’ve taken her top off so I can see her fuckin’ nipples.


“Just like that.” Sookie pushes her shirt up so I can see her tits, and she tugs on her nipple.


I push her legs back as far as possible, shifting her hips again so she gets a new angle. My eyes move up to her gorgeous fuckin’ tits. I groan each time they sway with a hard thrust.


“I can feel your honey dripping down my fuckin’ balls, baby… Fuck…” She’s so fuckin’ wet.


“Your cock feels so goddamn good, Eric,” she tells me. “I’m close to cumming again for you.”


“Mmm, good girl. I can’t wait to feel it,” I purr. I start to swivel slightly as I push forward. “I want your fuckin’ tits in my fuckin’ mouth, pretty girl… mmm or watch someone else suck on those perfectly pink tips…” I push her hand out of the way and I start to pinch her clit lightly, allowing my fingers to slide off of her swollen bud over and over, making her legs tremble. “I want you to feel that…” I whisper.


“Fuuuuuck,” she groans. “Please, Eric, faster.”


I do as I’m told and my hips start to slap into her ass. I start to fuck her as fast as fuckin’ possible while keeping my fingers on her clit. Sookie’s fingers dig into the cushions and I revel in the way her tits are bouncing. Her walls are pulsing wildly around my cock, trying to coax another orgasm from me.


“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!” she cries out and her eyes squeeze shut. “Fuuuuuuuck!”


“That’s my girl,” I pant. “Cum hard for me, baby.” Fuck. I might cum again too, way fuckin’ faster than planned.


Her back arches and her body shakes while her walls clamp down on my cock, desperate to keep me buried inside her while she cums. Sookie whimpers and as her orgasm subsides, her body goes limp.


I push her feet up on my shoulders while I continue to thrust through her orgasm. It takes a little longer, but I get another release, making sure her pussy is nice and fuckin’ full of my cum.


“Fuck, I fuckin’ needed that,” I tell her after we get our clothes off. We’re lying naked on her couch. Sookie is facing me and our bodies are entwined.


“Mmm… mmhmmm,” she hums and snuggles into me.


I start stroking her back and after a few minutes ask, “Is that something you want? Two men?”


“Baby, you’re more than enough for me,” she says.


“Good,” I whisper and kiss her forehead. I know she’s given me threesomes with girls and seems to get off on me fucking them. I don’t know if I could get through a night of her fucking another guy without getting jealous. It’s a double standard, I know, but I can be a fuckin’ caveman if I want to be.


Sookie and I lie there on the couch for a while… well, a lot longer than a while. She ends up dozing off in a cum coma about ten minutes later, followed by me not too long after her.



6 thoughts on “Chapter 28

  1. I really hope that all they do is talk about threesomes and not actually partake in them anymore. I think they need to really focus on them one on one. Adding other people could just cause undo stress and jealousy. So sad that this is almost done. Looking forward to your next story venture though.


  2. Lisel’s surprise makeover went over well;) Giving mama and papa Northman a night to themselves was sweet, but not without It’s benefits for the baker and beautician. All that talk about threesomes I don’t think will work now that they confessed to loving each other.


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