Chapter 23


 The first few days Eric is in town are a blur of sightseeing and sex. We did end up going grocery shopping. He’s not really a chef either, but he’s definitely a better cook than I am. On Monday afternoon I’m watering my flowers out front when Jess pulls up. It’s like déjà vu. Eric’s inside talking to his kids.

“I was wondering when you were going to get here,” I smile at Jess when she gets out of her car.

“I wanted to give you as much alone time with lover boy as possible before I drove out,” Jess says and gives me a hug.

“I appreciate it, but I wish you could have seen the look on his face when I told him you were coming. I thought he was going to have a happy moment in the middle of baggage claim,” I tell her.

“I wish I could’ve seen it too,” she giggles. “Where is he now?”

“Inside.” I turn and open the door for her.

“Should I greet him properly, with a kiss?” she asks.

“If you want. I know he’ll be happy to see you.”

“I’m sure he’ll be even happier when we tear each other’s clothes off in front of him.”

“That’s a safe bet.” I lead her upstairs to find that Eric is already off the phone. “Look what I found.”

“Hi,” Jess greets Eric and she steps up to kiss him hello.

“Well hello,” he purrs against her lips as she pulls away.

“Everything okay back at home?” I ask.

“Yeah, she’s still being a cunt, but the kids are good. They’re ready for me to come home. Chris is spending a lot of time at his brother’s house apparently.”

“Uh oh,” I sigh.

“Mmhmm,” he hums and I notice his eyes rake up and down Jessica’s body.

“Jess, are you thirsty?” I ask, and reach up to touch her softly.

“I’m a little parched,” she says, and follows me to the kitchen.

I get her a glass of ice water since she doesn’t much care for lemonade.

“How’s things back at the Cathouse?” I ask, and lean over the island, knowing Eric can see my cleavage from where he’s standing.

“Good, but I miss being able to jump in bed with you on a slow night,” she says with a wiggle of her eyebrows.

“You and Eric have something in common,” I snort.

“Do you girls want to go to the living room? It’s a lot more comfortable,” Eric suggests and we move rooms. Jess and I sit on opposite ends of the couch and Eric sits in a chair across from us so he can watch our every move.

“So how are you, Eric?” Jessica asks, and when she crosses her legs I know she flashes him something.

“Good, stressed out, happy to be here so I can relax a little,” he tells her. “I don’t want to bore you with my baby mama drama though. How are you?”

“Horny,” she says bluntly. “But that’s nothing new.”

“No, it’s not,” I agree, and start inching closer to her.

“Hmm, another thing we have in common,” Eric smirks at Jess and I flick my eyes down to see his cock twitch.

“It was slow last night so I spent an hour in my room with Big Blue,” she sighs.

“Oh I miss Big Blue,” I sigh as well, and touch her thigh.

“I can only imagine what Big Blue is,” Eric stickers and then asks, “Sookie what toys do you have?”

“I have a whole toy chest in my closet,” I grin. “All of that stuff I had in my room at the brothel was mine, so I brought it here when I left.”

Jessica leans over and whispers in my ear. While she does, I rub my thumb over her nipple.

“Is there a reason we haven’t ventured into the chest yet?” Eric queries.

“You didn’t ask,” I smirk, and then gasp when Jess kisses my neck.

“You should’ve known to offer.”

“You’ll get to play with my toys today,” I promise. I look at Jess and say, “It’s been so long since I was tied up last.”

“I think the last time was when Eric had me strap you to the bench,” she smiles.

“Mmm… I should have told you about the spanking I got for my birthday.” I see Eric shift in my peripheral vision.

“Yes you should have, and I still owe you yours,” she says.

“I would very much enjoy watching that,” Eric groans from the chair. “I would also enjoy if you girls had this discussion naked.”

“I bet you would. Want more water, Jess?” I ask when I see she’s down to just ice.

“Sure.” Jessica hands me her glass and I get up to refill it.

It only takes a few seconds to replenish the water, and when I set the glass down on the end table, Jessica pulls me down over her lap so I’m ass up.

“Might as well get this out of the way,” she says while sliding my skirt up.

I look at Eric and his eyes are slightly glazed over as he watches Jess tug my panties down to just under my bottom.

“How many?” she asks.


“Oooh, be glad you didn’t have to face Pam’s birthday paddle this year. She’s not holding back with that thing anymore. Then again, Thalia is a freak of nature,” she says while running her hands over my ass. Her hand dips between my thighs and she tells Eric, “Your girl is soaking wet right now, sugar.”

“She’s pumped full of my cum. I fucked her just before you got here. She’s primed and ready for you.”

Jessica slides a finger into me, which makes me moan, and she pulls it out just as quickly to lick it clean. Just as Eric growls, Jessica’s hand comes down hard on my ass. Unlike with Eric, she doesn’t expect me to count. She does, however, push two fingers into my pussy and pump them in and out the entire time she’s doling out my birthday spanking. By the time she’s done I’m so close to cumming, but she pulls her fingers out of me and slides my panties back up.


I look back at Eric and I see his cock is solid beneath his jeans. I want to make him feel good and I move off of Jess and kneel next to her so I can kiss her.

“Want to suck him together?” she whispers to me.

“You’re reading my mind.”

We get off of the couch and we both kneel at his feet. I reach up and palm his cock through the denim while Jess turns my face toward her so she can kiss me. Her tongue slips into my mouth, gliding across my tongue and I feel Eric stiffen just a little bit more under my hand. He’s also staying eerily silent through this.

Jessica breaks the kiss and turns to Eric. As I’m stroking him, she unzips his pants and tells him to lift his hips so she can pull them down. We did have sex just before Jess showed up, so he decided to go commando. When his pants are to his thighs his long, solid cock springs up ready for attention. I take over pulling his pants off while Jess wraps her hand around his length, making him groan when she starts to stroke.

“He has a really pretty cock, Sookie,” Jess compliments. “Can I suck it?”

“Yes, you can,” I tell her, and since she’s got that under control I pull my dress off before leaning in to pay attention to his balls.

“Put your mouth on me, pretty girl,” Eric pleads as Jessica sucks his head, and my hand is caressing his sac.

I put my head down and lick his soft skin, watching his fingers dig into the arm of the chair. One at a time I suck on each of his balls until Jess pulls my head up and kisses me. Her free hand goes to my tits and starts playing with my nipples. I moan into her mouth and when the kiss breaks she suggests we switch.

“Good idea,” I smile, and then tug her T-shirt up over her head. While she starts tonguing his balls, I unhook her bra and slide it off of her.

My hands slide up her sides and I look up at Eric while I play with her tits. He watches my fingers, and I play with her until her nipples are hard. Then I reach out and take over stroking him. I lick him from base to tip a few times until Jess lifts her head again to kiss me. She takes over licking his length while I swirl my tongue around his head.

Eric releases the arms of the chair and brings his hands to our heads. He grips my hair tightly and pushes my head down a little farther while Jess licks around his base. I pull off of him and Jess comes up to lick around his tip. I flick my tongue out so it meets hers and a shiver runs through my boyfriend.

“That’s so fucking hot,” Eric whispers. “It feels so fucking good.”

I lick down his length and Jessica resumes sucking his tip. His focus is on her right now, and that’s okay. I love fucking Jess and I love fucking Eric. Watching them enjoy each other is a huge turn on.

Jessica starts to suck harder, going deeper and showing Eric her own deep throat skills. My hand goes back to his balls, and I feel the soft skin begin to tighten. His hips start to thrust up a little.

“He’s going to cum for you, Jess,” I whisper to her and I stroke her hair back.

She moans and her head goes down further.

“Oh fuck,” Eric moans.

I watch as his stomach muscles tighten and his hands go to her head, holding her with his cock impaled on her throat and he cums hard. She starts to swallow, missing a little and just to turn him on even more she pulls back when he lets go of her head and leans over to kiss me. Her tongue is coated in his cum and as we kiss we make sure he’s able to see it swap from her mouth to mine.

“I see you girls don’t want me to have any down time,” he teases, but when I look down at his cock he’s still mostly hard.

“What fun would that be?” I ask, and stand up.

Jess stands up too, and takes off her shorts.

“What do you want us to do now?” Jessica asks with her fingers trailing lightly over my tits.

“I want to watch your ass as you eat my girl,” Eric suggests and takes his semi-hard cock in his hand.


I’m a little conflicted. I don’t want Sookie to think I’m more into her friend, because I’m not, but she’s hot as hell and watching her pussy and her perfect ass while she eats Sookie is going to be heavenly.

Jess crooks a finger, beckoning me to follow and I stand up, taking my shirt off and I kick my pants all the way off so I can follow. My eyes stay on their asses as I walk behind them. I don’t know what I did, but I feel like karma is definitely on my side.

Sookie climbs up on her bed and lies down with her head at the foot of it so I can sit up against the headboard. Jessica gets up on the bed with her and the girls start making out. There are all these moans there’s hair going in different directions. I tell my legs to move so I can get over where I’m supposed to be, but I’m frozen in place. I can’t stop staring.

Sookie’s voice snaps me out of my trance. “Baby will you fuck her while she’s going down on me?”

“If that’s what you want,” I say. I’m not ready to go yet, but if nothing else I can grab a toy from the chest I’m very excited to explore.

“Yes it is. It feels so good when she moans with my clit between her lips,” Sookie says as Jessica kisses her way down Sookie’s body.

Sookie lets out a deep moan when Jessica’s mouth reaches her pussy. I watch for a moment while she licks my girl. Her smooth tongue gently slides up and down through her slit and my cock begins to harden again. Sookie moans and her hands go to her nipples, to pinch and twist them. Her back arches when Jessica sucks on her clit.

I finally move around to the head of the bed and climb up. Sookie watches me when I start stroking myself, and the way Jess has her legs, I can see how wet she is.

“Touch her, Eric,” Sookie moans. “Make her pretty pussy cum on your fingers.”

I reach out and graze my fingers along Jessica’s milky white skin. Goosebumps break out on her legs and when I touch her parted lower lips she moans with Sookie’s clit in her mouth, which makes Sookie moan, too. My fingers move up and down her slit, and when my finger slides into her, I notice one of her fingers slides into Sookie.

Jessica’s movements match mine where my fingers are concerned, so when I add another finger so does she. She’s as hot and tight as I remember, and I’m definitely ready to fuck her. So I get up on my knees behind her and remove my fingers.

“Fuck her slowly,” Sookie says as I push just my tip into her.

Jessica groans into Sookie’s pussy as I inch into her. “Is that good, sweetheart?” I ask as I pull out and then slowly work back into her heated channel.

“Mmm,” she hums against Sookie’s clit. “I love how thick you are; you feel so good stretching my pussy.”

“I love that too,” Sookie tells Jess. “He’s so big and always fills me up so completely.”

I only thrust shallowly because I know it always drives Sookie crazy, and judging by Jessica’s reaction, it’s driving her crazy too. It’s easy to tell by the way Sookie’s breathing changes that she’s about to cum.

“Fuck, Jess,” Sookie moans, and her eyes squeeze shut.

Her fingers push deeper into Sookie, and again I mimic her movements. I drive deeper into Jessica’s pussy, sighing with relief. Feeling her pussy wrapped completely around my length is so good.

I notice Sookie’s back arch when she cries out, “Oh fuck! I’m cumming for you!”

My hips thrust a little harder and Jessica drops her head against the bed between Sookie’s legs. She lets out a low moan with every thrust, and Sookie slowly moves away leaving me to fuck her friend.

She moves over to kneel next to me and watch me fuck Jessica. Sookie reaches down and rubs Jess’s clit. “Does she feel good, Eric?”

“So good,” I answer.

Jessica’s pussy starts to flutter and I start pounding into her.

“Ohmygod!” Jess cries out just before her cunt clenches hard around my cock.

I groan and turn my head to kiss Sookie. When I look down I see that she’s rubbing her clit, and I can only imagine how wet she is. I want to find out, so I pull out of Jessica and sit back so Sookie can straddle me. She lowers her head and sucks Jessica’s cum off my cock before she impales herself on it.

Sookie wastes no time and starts to ride me hard. Jessica rolls off the bed and disappears into Sookie’s walk-in closet. When she comes back she’s got a pair of handcuffs and a very real looking dildo… Oh, and there’s all the lube, too.

“That looks very promising, Jess,” I grin and then drop my head back when Sookie swivels her hips.

“I was thinking we could fuck you,” she says and holds up the toy.

“You can do a lot of things to me, but nothing is going up my ass. I have a better suggestion for you,” I say with a smirk. Sookie slows down to pay better attention to us. “I say we tie my pretty girl up,” I cup her face so she looks me in the eye. “We can lick her and fuck her together and make her cum over and over. How does that sound, lover?”

Sookie nods slowly, her hips grinding against mine.

“You should go look in the toy box,” Jess says. “I think you’ll find a few goodies you might want to play with.”

“I will, I need Sookie to make me cum first,” I say, looking right into Sookie’s eyes. “Make me cum, pretty.”

Sookie starts to rise and fall quickly again, slamming herself down on me. I dip my head and push her right tit closer to my mouth so I can take her nipple between my lips. My other hand reaches around and I find her rear hole. Jessica is paying attention to us and she drips a little lube over her ass so I can slip my finger in easily.

“Fuck, that feels good,” Sookie moans, and grinds her hips again.

I release her nipple and bring her face to mine for a kiss. With Sookie moaning into my mouth and her pussy gripping my cock I explode deep inside of her.

“Ah, fuck yes!” I cry out with my orgasm.

My orgasm coupled with my finger in her ass triggers Sookie’s moment and she cums, shuddering on top of me.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 23

  1. Oh God this was not safe for anything! Eric is definitely reaping some benefits here – Jess & Sookie are a practised team! I was sort of expecting some jealousy somewhere but maybe Sookie & Jess know each other well enough for Sookie not to feel it; Eric felt a little uncertain about the limits I think. Threesomes are more complicated if two of the participants are in a relationship.


  2. I was expecting jealousy too. But ouch, that was definitely hot. Oh my. Possibly offers of cigarettes would have been a nice warning lol.
    Awesome chapter. Look forward to tomorrow!


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