Chapter 10: Don’t Touch My Dart


I was able to catch Longshadow on camera stealing from me. It pisses me off that I gave him a shot and this is how he repaid me. I’ve since fired him and I just left a meeting with my lawyer about pressing charges. With the amount he stole he’s looking at up to seven years in prison. I would be happy if he served every fucking day and then some. I’m definitely pressing charges. I doubt I’ll get my money back, so I’ll have to cut my loses there.

Holly has been hanging out with me more and more. She’s great to fuck, but we’ve been spending less time doing that and more time working on my anger issues. She told me I need to stop thinking about the past decade and show Sookie what she means to me. Sookie is stubborn though, so that’s going to be hard. She thinks I’m trying to manipulate her and honestly, I have in the past. I don’t like thinking about her with anyone else, just like she doesn’t like it when I am. She can deny that till her death, but I’ve known her long enough to know her jealous face, and vice versa.

With that being said, I’m going to try my damndest not to act jealous if she brings up Bill. I hope like hell she doesn’t. I’m actually surprised she agreed to let me pick her up when she told me she’s flying home for her appointment.

I park my truck and get out, locking it behind me; I head into the airport to wait at the arrivals gate. O’Hare is a fucking mess. I hate this place but I’ll do anything for Sookie, especially now that she’s carrying my Butterball. I miss the hell out of her and seeing her grow.

A big smile spreads across my face when I see her walking in my direction. I wasn’t kidding when I talked to her that night. I do see her as my future. I have since the night I pulled over to help her with her tire. If only we can get our shit together and I can convince her that I’m not just trying to manipulate her. I really, really want this family to work.

“Hey,” I smile as she approaches. I reach out to take her carryon. I hate that she carried it as far as she has.

“Hi,” she replies. She smiles but there’s something different about it. When she gives me a kiss, it’s a quick peck on my cheek and that’s it.

“How was your flight?” I want to wrap my arm around her shoulders like I always do but judging by her body language; I know that’s not going to fly. Holly told me to start paying better attention to her and not my dick.

“It was alright. I got a little nauseated during takeoff, but after that I was fine,” she tells me. “How was the drive out here? I could have met you outside you know.”

“I know, but I haven’t seen you. I missed you and my little Butterball,” I tell her. She hasn’t gotten that much bigger but I definitely notice. It pisses me off that I haven’t been around for each pound she’s gained.

“He’s getting bigger, that’s for sure.”

“Any new cravings?”

“The smell of cherries.”

“That’s a weird one,” I chuckle. “Anything other than melon that makes you sick?”

“The smell of grass. That’s a bitch, let me tell you,” she laughs. I love her laugh. I didn’t realize how much I’d miss until I stopped hearing it every day.

“Thankfully there’s not too much grass around your place,” I smile. “Any news on when you’re coming home?” I ask. We haven’t talked much and when we do the conversations have been quick.

“We extended an offer this morning, so if he takes it I’m hoping I’ll only be there another week or two.”

Good. That would get her away from Bill. Dick. I don’t like him, and I’ve only heard about him once.

“Good,” I smile. “It’ll be nice to have you back.” We get to my truck and I open the door for her. I place her bag in the seat behind her before helping her in. I want to kiss her. I want to hug her and tell her to never leave again, but I’m trying to be rational. Hopefully she can see the changes.

I walk around to my side and hop in. As we get in the road I can’t help myself. “May I?” I ask, reaching over, hovering my hand over her belly. I’ve never asked if I can touch her. Ever.

“Sure. He’s not moving yet. I feel bubbles sometimes, but that’s it so far,” she says.

“I just want him to know Daddy’s here and misses the fuck out of him,” I say as I rub her tiny bump.

“I put you on speaker when we talked. I don’t know if he could hear you, but I put the phone by my belly just in case.”

“Thank you,” I smile sincerely. “It’s insane loving someone I don’t even know so much. I think I love him even more because he’s part of you.”

“It is pretty crazy,” she agrees.

“You want to go straight back to your place or are you hungry?” I ask.

“I think I need a nap.”

“Okay. I don’t want to leave your side,” I chuckle. “Oh, I caught Longshadow.” I haven’t told her yet. “I’m going to be pressing charges. He ended up getting away with fifteen grand and who knows how much alcohol.”

“Wow. That’s insane. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah… I uh… I’ve also been spending less time at the bar. With that baby coming I’m going to need to get used to it,” I tell her. There, that’s a step in the right direction toward change, right?

“That’s good. Butterball will be happy to hear it,” Sookie says. I want to ask her if she’s happy to hear it, but I’m not going to start shit. It’ll just piss her off.

“Holly’s been helping me with all of my new dad questions. She said time and patience are both needed. I’ve been working both.”

“Who is Holly?”

“She’s a friend,” I answer. “She’s a preschool teacher and has given me a shitton of advice. Oh, she’s the girl I sent the picture to you of when you first left, from the security camera? She’s really fuckin’ cool.”

“Uh huh. Well… good for you,” Sookie says knowingly.

“It’s not like that. I mean, it’s been like that, but she’s not my girlfriend, Sookie. She knows about you and the baby and she can kick my ass at Mario Kart, although we call it a tie,” I chuckle.

“Eric, our kid’ll come out being able to kick your ass at Mario Kart,” she snorts.

“Jerk,” I chuckle, giving Butterball a little pat.

“Well you’re not that good,” she laughs.

“I’m fantastic,” I retort. Holly only lost because she got too drunk to keep the kart on the road. She may or may not have gotten frisked for driving while intoxicated. “I kicked your ass.” Sookie has terrible hand/eye coordination.

“Uh, no. I let you win so I didn’t have to hear your mantrum when you lost,” she informs me.

“I do not throw tantrums…” I trail off when she gives me the look. “Well, let’s hope Butterball has your video game skills.”

“Among other things.” Her phone starts to ring and judging by the little smile on her face when she checks it, it’s Bill calling.

I really don’t want to hear her talk to him. Ugh.

“You gonna answer that?” I ask. I take my hand off of her belly and place it on the steering wheel.

“No, I’ll call him when I get home.” Her fingers tap the screen and she giggles quietly before tucking her phone away. I want to take it and throw it out the goddamn window.

I go quiet as I continue to drive. I want to tell her again that I love her and the baby and this Bill dick needs to take a hike. She’s the one that brought up the family idea first. All I can do is hope this Bill bullshit blows over when she comes home and she realizes she loves me. I know she does. She hasn’t said it in a long time, but a love like ours just doesn’t fizzle out and die. If anything we’re too passionate about each other. I’m sure she’d never admit it, even to herself.

When I pull up to her apartment I turn off the truck. I’ll be carrying her bag, whether she wants me to or not. The lack of argument when I get out tells me she knows I’m not going to allow her to carry it without a fight.

“Can we have breakfast in the morning?” I ask as was walk toward her place. “I know you have plans with Maria for dinner, but I want to see you every day while you’re here.”

“I actually made plans to have breakfast with your mom, but I’m sure you could join us,” she says.

“Are you guys going out somewhere or eating at home?” Mom will talk some goddamn sense into her. Bill will be a fucking short lived memory soon enough.

“She’s coming over. We were going to look at baby things so I can start getting the nursery together in the next couple of weeks after I get home,” she says as she unlocks the door downstairs to get into the building.

“What time? I want to be here if you don’t mind.” I love that Mom is helping her. Losing Michelle was hard on all of us. I know much it hurts Sookie to not have her around now.

“She said ten so I’m guessing nine-thirty,” Sookie laughs.

“I’ll be here,” I smile. “Chow is stepping up and he’s going to close while you’re here this weekend so I can be available whenever. I’ll essentially be on call.”

“Okay. Well Sunday I have plans with Dad. He’s going to go with me to buy a car since I can’t imagine taking the baby on buses and trains all winter and for what cabs cost I might as well get a car,” she says.

“I’ll be around whenever you’ll let me,” I shrug. “I’m glad you’re going to get a car though. It’s about time,” I chuckle. “I would offer to go but I don’t want to hover.” I want to spend every waking, or sleeping, minute with her. She’s lucky I don’t crash and offer to nap with her. I really miss it.

“I’m sure you don’t want to hear me carry on about Bill anyway.” Sookie opens the door to her apartment– the apartment we used to share. “But he is planning on making his baby back ribs, so I’ll try to save you a slab.”

“So Bill is carry on worthy with your dad?” I ask, arching an eyebrow. How fucking serious is this shit?

“I told him I’ve been seeing someone new and he wants to know more. Does that surprise you?”

“It surprises me that it’s serious enough for you to mention that to your dad when you aren’t going to be staying in Seattle,” I admit honestly. I make sure to keep my anger in check. She doesn’t give me the evil eye so I think I do okay.

“He called and he wanted to know why I sounded so happy. At first he thought you and I got back together,” she says. “But I told him about Bill and how that’s been going.”

“You know I don’t like it,” I sigh, “But I’m not going to let that get to me. I have Butterball to worry about. Maybe after you get your car I can come by? Or you can come to me to show me the new wheels?” I suggest.

“We’ll see. It depends on how long it all takes and how late I stay at Dad’s.” Sookie takes her carry-on bag from me.

“Even if it’s just me coming by for twenty minutes. I want to spend time with Butterball while you’re here.” It’s bad enough that he gets to hear some other asshole’s voice all the goddamn time.

“I know, Eric. I got the memo,” she sighs.

“Have a good night. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I turn around and head toward the door. It pisses me off that she gets to take the fucking baby away for weeks and gets mad that I want to spend time with her while she’s here. It’s fucking bullshit, but Sookie doesn’t give a fuck.

“Thanks for the ride,” she calls after me. The door closes behind me a few seconds later.

I want to turn around and burst through the door to shake some fucking sense into her. She’ll figure it out soon enough. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. On the way to the car I pick up my phone and dial a number that’s becoming all too familiar. Holly. I would call Alcide, but he would just call me a bitch and give me really, really wrong advice.

“Hi diddley ho, neighbor,” she answers in a Ned Flanders voice.

“I just dropped Sookie off at home,” I sigh.

“Oooh that’s a happy tone. I’m guessing it went well?”

“I stayed calm. I’m pissed. She acts like it makes no difference that I don’t get to be around the baby while she’s gone. I want the baby to know me when he’s born. She’s been hanging around the dick Bill and apparently she told her fuckin’ dad about him. Yeah, it went great.” I get into my truck, slamming the door behind me.

“Eric, calm down,” she says gently. “I know how important this is to you, but take a step back for a second. Do you think maybe, on some level, you’re using the baby as an excuse to be close to her?”

Of course I am. That doesn’t mean I want to be with the baby any less.

“Probably,” I sigh. I switch the call to Bluetooth and start my truck.

“Look, I’m not saying you’re wrong for wanting the baby to know you,” she starts, “But maybe your approach is all wrong? Like if you’re always harping on that, why would she want to be around you? Would you want to be around someone who was barking at you or demanding one thing or another all the time?”

“You’ve met me. I’m not good with subtlety. What should I do? Are you home?” I start in her direction just in case.

“I’m at work.”

“Well, shit,” I grumble. “How should I approach her?” I make the next left to go back toward the bar.

“I don’t know. I don’t know her so I don’t know how she ticks. If it was me, I’d say back off. I know it’s the opposite of what you want, but trying to reel her in isn’t working very well for you.”

“You don’t think it would be weird if I just stopped? She’s having breakfast with my mom in the morning. She said I can come over, should I skip out on that?”

“Would you want to be tag teamed with guilt trips by Sookie and her mom?” Since Michelle isn’t around anymore that would be a welcomed tag team.

“Wanna have breakfast with me?”

“Only if I get a midnight snack too,” she replies.

“I’m heading to the bar until you’re off. You wanna meet me at my place at six? I can try to charm you into making me bacon blankets for dinner,” I chuckle.

“Deal. How about a leaning tower? I have a taste for pancakes.”

“You’re going to make me fat, you know that?”

“So that’s a no? I’ve made breakfast tacos with the bacon taking place of the tortilla–”

“Tacos, I say tacos and pancakes,” I say, cutting her off. I can eat my feelings away.

“Tacos it is. I’ll meet you at your place with an obscene amount of bacon around seven.”

“Alright, sweetie. I probably won’t be able to pay you back until midnight I’ll be so fuckin’ full,” I chuckle. That’s why I don’t gain weight. She feeds me a shitton of food and then I work it off in the bedroom.

“Eh, it’ll give you a chance to try and beat me at Mario Kart.”

“We can’t Mario Kart until after I catch up on Ink Master.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s show about tattooing. It makes me want to extend my sleeves into a full back piece,” I tell her. “You’ll see when we’re eating.”

“Okay. I gotta run. See you tonight.”

We hang up and I finish my trek to the bar. We open at five, but I normally show up at three or four depending on what needs to be done. I go into the back and take a seat at my desk. I have paperwork to do and receipts to go through. Bruce, my accountant, has left a file with this week’s numbers. The bar stays pretty busy so I make a lot of money. Longshadow was pilfering the money in low sums over a few months. That’s why it took Bruce so long to find it. Either way, I learned my lesson about giving chances.

I’m in the office until the place opens. Chow knows he can call me whenever if he needs me. I leave my phone on all the time. With a quick wave I grab a bottle of champagne on the way out in case Holly wants a mimosa with dinner. The drive home is a quick one and I’m changed out of my clothes into a pair of sleep pants when she shows up. I open the door with a smile, my eyes flicking down to her cleavage. Still not as good as Sookie’s but not bad either.

“I made mimosas to go with dinner,” I tell her as she steps inside.

“You know if you want to frisk me you don’t have to get me drunk first,” she winks.

“In that case.” As soon as the door closes I grab onto her hips and dip my head for a deep kiss hello. This is the kiss I should’ve been able to give Sookie.

Holly moans and I hear the bag she’s holding hit the deck. Her arms wrap around my neck as her tongue dances with mine. I feel her left leg come up to wrap around my hip as she pulls herself up my long frame. I press her body against the back of the door and start to rock my rapidly growing erection against her core.

“Want to try to have sex in the room this time?” I breathe against her neck as I kiss down the slender column. The only time we’ve fucked in a bedroom was the first night.

“Mmm… In a bed and everything? Classy,” she giggles softly and then moans.

“I like to try sometimes,” I chuckle. I nip her jaw as I pull her back and start to carry her toward my bedroom. Her soft lips are on my collarbone the whole way. As soon as we get to the room I fall forward on the bed with her still attached. My hips continue to rock, rubbing my soon to be solid shaft against her panties. The fact that she wears skirts or dresses more often than not is a huge turn on. Especially when she lets me give her orgasms in public.

“Pants off, Eric,” she pants, pushing them down.

“Yes, dear.” I stand up to push my pants down. I walk over to the nightstand drawer to grab a condom. Only one baby at a time, thank you very much. “Hands and knees,” I direct her as I roll the rubber into place.

Holly rolls over gets on her hands and knees as I requested. She flips her skirt up but leaves her panties in place. I stand next to the bed behind her, pulling her close to the edge. I push her panties aside and run my fingers through her folds.

“Is there anything out there that’s going to go bad in the next few minutes?” I have no doubt this will be a quickie. I pull her panties down her thighs and line my head up with her opening.

“Nope,” she answers. “I brought three pounds of bacon.”

Jesus, if I wasn’t in love with Sookie I’d date this girl. Not only for the bacon.

“You’re so good to me,” I groan as I push in slowly. We’ve fucked enough that she doesn’t have to adjust every time I fuck her.

“You’re pretty good to me too,” she replies and her head drops to the mattress. “Oh fuck, that’s good.”

I have my hands on her hips, pushing and pulling so her wet pussy slides back and forth along my shaft. Without thinking I let go with one hand and slap her right cheek. Her walls pulse and she lets out a sexy little groan.

“You like that?” I start to thrust as I move her hips. My hips swivel on each deep thrust, giving her a little extra sensation as I drive in as deep as I can get.

“Yes,” she whimpers. I see her hand move underneath, probably to play with her clit.

“Want more?” I smack her left cheek.

“Yes!” Her walls pulse again as her ass starts to turn a pretty shade of pink.

I continue to spank her as I fuck her hard. My hips are adding to that delicious shade of red. She’s going to be sore later but I’ll kiss it better.

“Cum for me, sweetie,” I growl after a few minutes. I can feel her walls fluttering wildly and I know it’s not going to take long for me to cum too.

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!” Her pussy clenches hard around my shaft over and over. “Yesyesyes! Fuuuuck!”

Jesus I think this is the hardest I’ve ever felt her cum. Her orgasm milks mine from me. I drive in three more times and cum with a roar.

“Fuck!” I shout as my hips jerk. When I pull out she falls limp on my bed while I go to the bathroom to clean up. When I get back to the room I flip her onto her back and climb up so I’m hovering over her. “You able to stand to cook?” I smile down at her before dropping a kiss on the tip of her nose.

“Uh huh.” I’m not convinced.

“I can put you on the counter to cool your ass and you can walk me through it. How’s that?” I suggest.

“That’s not a bad idea,” she replies and presses her lips to mine.

I settle my weight on her as we kiss. My fingers go to her hair, gripping tightly as we make out. My hips slowly thrust against her so I can feel her wet pussy rubbing against my bare shaft. Seriously, if my emotions weren’t all outta whack I’d love to be with Holly. She’s beautiful and sweet. She’s a pretty good kisser and the sex gets better and better every time.

I pull back after a few minutes of making out. I kiss along her jaw up to her ear, sucking the lobe lightly.

“Come on, let’s go make dinner,” I whisper as my hips continue to rock.

“Okay,” she whispers. Her hips shift under me and her lips find mine again.

Without thinking I rock my hips forward again, sliding into her dripping wet core. Oh, holy fucksticks. She feels crazy good bare. So fucking tight… I roll us so she’s on top so I can gently massage her ass. I don’t thrust and she doesn’t bounce. We just enjoy the feel of my cock inside of her pulsing cunt. The kiss stays deep. It’s sexy as hell and for once I’m really in the moment. I’m not thinking about Sookie or the baby; I’m completely focused on the girl lying on top of me.

Holly sits up to take her top off and puts my hands on her bare tits. Her hips move in slow circles and her head falls back as she moans. Her walls keep pulsing as she sort of rides me. I sit up enough to wrap my lips around her nipple while I tug on the other one. My teeth clamp down lightly, earning a deep groan from her.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” I whisper between the wet kisses I place along her chest while I move my lips to her other nipple.

“That feels so good,” she moans. Her fingers run through my hair and her hips move a little faster. “God, your cock is so fucking deep…”

“Mmhmm,” I hum around the stiff peak. I release her nipple, lifting my head to capture her lips. My tongue plunges into her mouth in a scorching hot kiss that makes my insides all twitchy. “I want to feel you cum on my bare cock,” I breathe when we break the kiss to catch our breath.

Holly starts to move her hips back and forth. Her fingers dig into my shoulders and every few seconds her walls pulse. Holly’s back arches, thrusting her tits against me. Her mouth opens in a silent scream as she cums again for me.

Jesus, she’s fuckin’ gorgeous when she cums. I lick her bottom lip before sucking on it lightly.

“Where do you want it?” I ask when her spasming walls begin to draw my orgasm out.

“In me. I’m on the pill,” she pants.

I hold onto her hips, dropping back against the bed again. I start to thrust up quick and hard. My eyes are on her tits bouncing as I slam into her.

“Fuuuuck!” I roar when I release deep inside of her pussy. Fuck. That was a little more than a quickie. Oops.

I pull her down onto my chest to hold her tight. Our hearts are beating rapidly the same as our heavy breathing.

She lies on top of me quietly for a few minutes before she whispers, “If I was smarter I’d leave right now.”

“If I was smarter I’d forget all about Her and hold onto you forever,” I whisper back.

“I’m gonna go get dressed.” Holly scoots off of me and gathers up her clothes.

I get up, grabbing my sleep pants, and wait for Holly to come out. I take her place in the bathroom, kicking myself when I look into the mirror. I’m not sure what’s going on with her but if things keep going the way they are with Sookie I would be smart to focus on the baby and start dating Holly.

I cleanup quickly and when I come out Holly is in the kitchen quietly weaving bacon for the taco shells. I pour a mimosa to slide onto the counter in front of her and wrap my arms around her waist from behind. I want to apologize for what just happened but at the same time I don’t regret it. I don’t know what the fuck is going on with me. Now I’m starting to question everything.

Am I pushing Sookie to be with me because I really feel like we should be together? Or is she comfortable and I feel like we should do what’s best for Butterball? I’m confused and I’m not sure what to feel or what to do. For now I’ll focus on the pretty girl making me bacon tacos and try to forget about the one ripping my heart out at every turn.