Chapter 26


Eric and I spend a few weeks apart. In that time we get by on phone sex, dirty texting and long conversations. I think the break from being in the same room is good for us, even if I do miss the shit out of him.

I’ll be starting my final semester of school soon and after that I really need to start looking for a job. My years of working at the brothel have afforded me the ability to not work for a little while, but I don’t want to blow through my savings. If Eric and I do end up living together I don’t want him to support me. If we have kids together it would be wonderful to stay home with them.

A long time ago I made myself a promise that I was only going to get married once and all of my children would have the same father. I don’t want to be like the girls I danced with back home that had three kids, all with different fathers. I want the family that I never had. I know Eric will be a great dad but there’s the part of me that worries he won’t want to go through all of that again.

For now I don’t mention it because it’s too soon and I’m not ready to be a mother anyway. I want to finish school and work a real job that doesn’t involve me nuding up in order to do it.

So Eric and I make a plan for me to come back out to Utah, and instead of flying this time I drive out. I don’t mind the ride and since I leave first thing in the morning, I reach his apartment just after five in the evening.

I ring the buzzer and instead of him buzzing me up, he comes down to greet me. Instead of hi or a hug and a kiss, Eric picks me up and smashes his lips to mine.

“I’ve missed you too much,” he says and then kisses me silly again.

I appreciate his enthusiasm since I feel the same way. We pull apart when we have to catch our breath and he puts me down.

“I missed you too,” I tell him.

Eric grabs my bag with one hand and wraps his other arm around my shoulder to lead me up to his apartment. When we walk in the first thing I notice is the love seat he bought to fill the room a little more. I told him I’d help, but it’s nice to know he’s trying.

“I bought a new comforter for the room too,” he smiles and waggles his eyebrows when he notices me checking out the new furniture.

“Oh you did, huh? Pink with ruffles and lace, right?” I nudge him with my hip.

“You know it. I got some doilies for us too.” I follow Eric to the room and it seems he forgot to mention that he didn’t put the comforter on the bed. “Fuck or eat?”

“Where’s the comforter? Or is it some CIA invisible blanket?” I ask.

“I figured we’d get this one filthy first. It’s washed and in the closet. I’ll show you later, I just wanted to tell you about it. I hate making beds too, I figured that’s something you should know.”

“I’m guessing you haven’t had to make many beds in your life,” I tease.

“Until this one, I haven’t made a bed since I was seventeen, att least not alone. I’d help the kids when we were teaching them. Other than that I was honestly pretty spoiled when it came to chores.”

“I’m not surprised.” I kick off my shoes and stretch. It’s a nine hour drive from my house to Eric’s and I stopped only for gas and bathroom breaks so the last thing I want to do right now is sit.

“Need help stretching?”

“You know, I think I might,” I smile. “I’m all stiff and numb after sitting for so long.”

“I have something else stiff for you,” he offers with a lascivious grin.

“A drink?” I guess even though I know exactly what he’s talking about.

“Hmm, you are able to swallow it. And I’ve seen you drunk on it. I don’t think it’ll quench your thirst though.”

“Drunk on it?” I lift an eyebrow and then stretch my arms up over my head so my shirt rides up.

“Sookie, you giggled as you crawled to the bathroom my last night with you. You were drunk on the cock,” he teases.

“I was drunk on that wine you love and it gave me a hell of a hangover, if you’ll recall.” I start backing up toward his bed.

“I remember it differently, but who cares. Take that shirt all the way off, I’ve missed your body.” The look on his face gives me chills.

I pull my shirt up and take my sports bra with it so I’m left topless when I drop the fabric on the floor.

“Much better,” he says and rips his own shirt over his head, dropping it next to mine.

When the back of my legs hit the bed I sit down. Eric’ll just have to take my skirt off himself if he wants it gone.

“So, you’re picking fucking over food?” He starts to unzip his pants with his eyes trained on my tits.

“Food can wait. I’ve been wanting this since you left.” I scoot back on the bed, and before I get too far Eric grabs my leg.

He tosses my leg to the side so I’m sitting in front of him spread open. My barely there panties are on display and his eyes focused are between my legs. Eric leans down and tugs at my skirt. I lift my hips and he takes it off, along with my panties. His lips crash down on mine and his fingertips start to rub my pussy. He groans when he feels that I’m already wet. I spent the last hundred miles of the drive thinking about him fucking me as soon as I walked in. I reach out and push his jeans down so I can start stroking him.

When the kiss breaks I lean forward and take the head of his cock between my lips to give it a good, hard suck.

“Not now, Sookie,” he groans and pushes me down onto the bed. “I love your mouth, pretty girl, but I need that pussy.”

I flip over onto my hands and knees and start to crawl farther up the bed. Eric moves faster than I expect and his hands cover my hips.  Without a word he rubs his cock over my ass. He only teases for a moment before he runs his head through my folds and when he reaches my opening he starts to push in.

“Oh fuck, Sookie,” he pants when he’s about halfway in.

“That good, Eric?” I look over my shoulder and start to rock back and forth.

“That’s great.” He holds still, his hands are on my hips as he watches me take him in completely. “I hope you know I’m not going to last long.”

“I’m not either,” I say and go back far enough that he’s buried in me to the hilt, and then I swivel my hips. Goddamn, he feels good, and I tell him so.

Eric doesn’t feel like going slow. One hand slips down around my hip until he reaches my clit. He begins to stroke me as his other hand holds on and pulls me back hard into his thrusting hips. He slams in and my arms begin to go weak when his fingers work my clit until I’m just on edge.

“I’m gonna cum,” he growls and his fingers move faster as do his hips.

As soon as I feel Eric’s release shooting into me my own orgasm rocks my body and I collapse onto my chest. My ass still high, with my pussy impaled on Eric’s spasming cock. When he can’t hold himself up anymore he falls on top of me, crushing me into the bed with his heavy erection still completely buried inside of me.

“Sorry, that was quicker than I expected,” he laughs and rolls off of me.

“Don’t apologize. That felt fucking amazing,” I assure him and roll over so we’re facing each other. “I needed that.”

“I need food. I spent most of my day in meetings and on conference calls. Eating was the last thing on my mind.” Eric kisses me quick and then rolls off the bed.

“I’ll be right behind you,” I promise.

Eric puts on a pair of shorts and leaves the room. I get up, gather my clothes and go to the bathroom to clean up. Since any one of his kids could come by at any time, I won’t be walking around naked here like I do in my own house. Once I’m dressed again I go looking for Eric and find him in the kitchen.

“So what’s for dinner?” I ask and push myself up onto the counter.

“Ravioli, they’re frozen and not the best, but they’re quick and my stomach is eating itself. Growing boy and all,” he winks and dumps the ravioli in the water.

“Growing boy, huh?” I look him up and down. “You look like you’re the same size you were when I met you. The only thing growing on you won’t be ready again for a few more minutes.”

“It’s because I’ve been working too hard to eat. And as soon as we’re done our clothes are coming off again.”

“Did you tell the kids to give us a night?” I ask him.

“Yeah, so you’re welcome to strip and we can fuck in the living room if we want. Or another kitchen quickie,” he grins and stirs the sauce he’s warming.

“Well then…” I slide off the counter and take off my clothes just because I’m sure he’s not expecting me to actually do it. Plus I love watching his eyes glaze over like they are now.

“Yep, that’s what I was hoping for.” He has to look away since he’s cooking and the ravioli are done. “I think I need you on my lap while we eat.”

“That could get messy.” I turn around and bend over to get the colander for him.

“It will get very messy if you keep doing shit like that,” he says.

I hand him the strainer. “I’m just trying to be helpful.”

He scoots me out of the way so he can drain the pasta and as it sits he turns back around to pull the sauce off the stove.

“Can you grab the salad from the fridge?”

“Sure.” I go to the fridge and get the big bowl out that has the salad in it. “I’m so thankful you can cook.”

Eric is trying to teach me, but baby steps.

“You’ll be doing this soon enough,” he says.  “How much do you want? And make sure you get enough, ‘cause the rest I’ll eat.”

“I’ll start small. I don’t like getting too full.”

“Okay.” Eric dishes up a medium size plate and hands it to me. “You’ll have to keep your strength up. Alyssa wants to come over tomorrow night and I don’t think she’ll let us be alone. I’ll be wearing you out tonight so you won’t even want sex tomorrow.”

“Thanks for the warning.” I take my plate to the table and sit down.

Eric sits in the chair opposite mine and shoves two ravioli in his mouth before the plate is on the table. “Sorry,” he apologizes with a mouth full of food. “I’m so fucking hungry.”

“It’s okay.” I don’t take bites as big as his since I cut my ravioli in half before putting it in my mouth.

“Maybe next time we’ll try to make fresh pasta. I’ve never made it, but it looks fun. Is there anything you want to learn?” he asks. I like that he’s making conversation as we eat. We’re still getting to know each other and it makes me feel good that he wants to know simple things about me.

“Pancakes. I love them. I think they might be my favorite thing in the world.” It’s rather pathetic that I don’t know how to make them.

“We’ll make them either later tonight for a snack or for breakfast. I’m good at pancakes. They’re Alyssa’s favorite too.” He takes another huge bite and continues once he swallows. “Tacos are my favorite. I can eat them every day of the week.”

“Tacos are good. I like tacos,” I agree. I’ve eaten two raviolis to Eric’s dozen.

“How are you with seafood?”

“It’s blasphemy to my upbringing, but I don’t care for catfish. I don’t like tuna or swordfish much either.”

“I hate it all. Unless it walked on four legs at some point I don’t want it on the plate.

“So no chicken?” I ask.

“Sorry, I’ll rephrase. Unless is walked on four legs, or two claws I’ll pass,” he smiles and eats the last of his ravioli. “You’ve got to eat faster than that around a Northman.”

“No I don’t. Eating too fast gives me an upset stomach,” I tell him. “Besides, eating fast like that is really bad for you.”

“I know, and I hate that I eat so fast. With so many kids it’s not easy to get time to eat, so I learned to get as much, as fast as possible. Plus when they became mobile every last one of my boys tried eating from my plate, and they usually succeeded.”

“Good for them,” I smirk.

“Wait until they’re comfortable with you. You’ll never get to eat a thing if they’re around. The twins are already as tall as me and they always have something in their mouths.” Eric gets up to take his plate to the sink and then comes back to the table.

“I’m sure I won’t starve.” I take a bite of my salad.

“We’ll see,” he shrugs and reaches to take a lettuce leaf off my plate.

I slap his hand and say, “Get your own.”

“Just an example,” he says and wiggles his eyebrows. “What do you want to do after we eat? We can snuggle, fuck, or go out somewhere.”

“I thought you were planning on fucking me silly?” I remind him.

“I was giving you options. That’s happening, but I didn’t want you to feel forced into it. I can be pushy sometimes,” he admits.

“You? Pushy? Nah…” I can’t even say it with a straight face.

“I just know how to get my way.”

“That’s a nice way to put it,” I chuckle.

“What would you call it?” he asks and makes me smile when he stands to take his shorts off, and then sits back down.

“I think pushy is accurate. Sometimes hardheaded fits, too.”

“I’ll take that.” He leans back in the chair and starts to stroke his cock.

“Do you usually jerk off at the kitchen table?” I take my last bite and stand up to bring my plate to the sink.

“Only when I’m sitting across from a very pretty naked girl.”

“Interesting.” I rinse my plate and then dry my hands. Instead of going back to the table I turn to leave the room.

“You’re ruining the good stuff!” Eric calls from his chair.

“Looks like the magic cock is losing its touch!” I call out from the living room.

“Trying to avoid flashbacks?” he smiles when he joins me in the living room. He pulls me up from the loveseat and wraps his arms around me. He sways us side to side as he looks down into my eyes. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

“Me too. I missed you,” I hug him back.

He kisses the top of my head and slides his hands up my back, burying them in my hair. “You’re such a beautiful girl. I’m lucky to have you and your saucy ass,” he smiles softly down at me.

“I do exceed at being saucy,” I agree. It used to drive Gran crazy. “Oh and before I forget, Jess asked me to blow you for her instead of saying hello.”

“Later, I’m dancing with my girl right now,” he reminds me and rocks us a little more.

“See? You’re not a bad dancer,” I smile up at him. “Although you’re the only man I’ve ever slow danced naked with.”

“Good.” He kisses my forehead and wraps his fingers tighter in my hair to hold my head against his chest.

“So what else do you have planned for us to do while I’m here?” My hands move down his back to his ass.

“Other than the meet and greet I think I want to do some shopping for the house. I have a nice picnic lunch planned on the water and in about ten minutes I plan on fucking you against the wall.”

“You know I haven’t been on a picnic since I was a kid.”

“Honestly, neither have I. It’ll be like it’s all new again.”

“I doubt you’ll want to play Freeze Tag with me, though.”

“Not as fun with just two people,” he says seriously.

“Good point. How about Simon Says?”

“Usually a group game, but I think we can figure it out.”

“We could practice tonight,” I suggest.

“Mmm, we can play Sookie Says,” he purrs and pecks my lips. “But it all has to be sexual and dirty and I’ll probably quit and fuck you in the end.”

“That could be a command, you know. Sookie Says fuck me stupid. Bam, you win.”

“When do we start?” he asks and rubs his erection across my stomach, leaving a trail of pre-cum in its wake.

“Now, if you want.” I pull back. This should be interesting.


I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into. Almost every time we’ve had sex I run the show and I just gave Sookie all the power. I know she won’t command me to do anything crazy, but it’s still going to be weird for me.

“Let the games begin,” I say and put my hands behind my back as I wait.

“Sookie says kiss my neck,” she says, and tilts her head.

I lean in and place my lips on the base of her neck. I slowly place wet kisses from ear to ear, making her moan and her hands come up to rest on my hips while I leave my own behind my back. Sookie only demanded kisses, not touching.

“Sookie says stop,” she says.

I stand up and look down at her. I really don’t know how long I’ll be able to stop when she commands it.

“Sookie says lick my nipples.”

Again, with my hands behind me, I lean a little farther down. My eyes stay on hers when I lick her right nipple with my flattened tongue. I move to the left and trace a light circle around it. Moving back and forth between her tits she lets me lick for longer than I expect.

“Sookie says stroke your cock,” she says in a breathy voice.

She never said to stop licking her nipples, so I continue to work on her tits with my tongue and my hand wraps around my shaft. I stroke slowly, running my thumb over my tip to gather the little pearls of cum gathering there to use as a lubricant.

“Sookie says stop licking my nipples,” she says.

I stop immediately and stand up straight. My hand still moving up and down my cock is starting to feel really good. Sookie steps back and sits on the loveseat with her knees bent and her feet propped up on the seat. I can see how wet she is, and her hand lands on her pussy to spread herself open.

“Sookie says watch me fuck myself,” she says as her hand starts to move.

My eyes are on her pussy and my hand starts to speed up. I want to fuck her so bad, but I’ll be good and wait.

Just when she’s finding a good rhythm with her fingers she says, “Sookie says stop stroking yourself.”

Sookie is going to kill me with this. I stop anyhow and I can see my cock pointing straight at her like a homing beacon. She moans as two of her fingers slide into her pussy and start pumping in and out quickly. Her breathing gets faster and her hips start to move.

“Sookie, tell me to fuck you,” I beg in a strained voice. I need her now.

Sookie smiles and says, “Sookie says make me cum.”

Mmm, and I have to do what she says.

I take the three strides to close the distance between us. She didn’t say how to make her cum, so I let her keep her fingers in her pussy for now. She gasps when I hook her knees and tell her to hold on. She pulls her fingers from her core and she wraps her arms around my neck. As promised, I slam Sookie into the wall next to the loveseat and bury my cock in her hot cunt in one fluid thrust. I move my arm around her leg so I can reach her clit and rub my thumb in tight circles as I fuck her.

“Oh my god,” she moans and her eyes squeeze shut. Already I can feel that she’s close.

“Yes, pretty,” I growl. “Cum for me. Cum all over my dick. Make me feel good, baby girl.”

Her back arches, pressing her tits into my chest and her head hits the wall.

“I said fucking cum,” I bark and pinch her clit.

Sookie cums so hard her juices are pouring out of her. Her pussy starts holding onto my cock, making it damn near impossible to drive back into her. Her spasming cunt manages to milk my own orgasm from me and I spill deep inside of her.

I rest my forehead on hers, still pressing against the wall. “That was amazing,” I compliment. I always feel like I should tell her all kinds of sweet things every time she makes me cum.

“I think that’s my new favorite game,” she says while trying to catch her breath.

“I will definitely play again.” I stagger back and plop down on the loveseat, still buried inside of her.

The little minx rocks her hips and starts to move up and down a little with a devious smile on her flushed, beautiful face.

“Mmm, are you trying to keep me hard?”

She nods and says, “I didn’t get to tell you to fuck me in the ass before you came.”

The thought of anal makes my cock twitch inside of her, making her gasp. “I’ll stay hard for you. Just play with him a little more.”

She keeps riding me.

“Ever since I saw this loveseat I’ve wanted you to bend me over the arm and fuck me hard,” she says.

“Yeah? Tell me what else you want. Tell me every way you want me to fuck you.” The more she talks, the harder I get.

“I want you to pull my hair, slap my ass, fuck my throat and my tight little ass until I cum,” she says. Her hips roll and the next time she lifts up I pull her down hard, which makes her let out a deep, long moan. “I want you to pin me to your bed, hold my arms above my head and fuck me slow and deep so I only cum when you want me to.”

I crush her sweet lips to mine and start thrusting up into her dripping cunt. Sookie moans into the kiss and reaches back to let her fingers graze my balls. She breaks the kiss and presses her forehead to mine when I start to rub her clit in fast circles.

“Does that feel good, pretty, with my fat cock pounding that hot snatch?” I ask, and she nods. I reach around behind her to touch her back entrance and add, “I’m not going to fuck this tight little hole until you cum on my cock again.”

Sookie moans and she takes over rubbing her clit while I slow my thrusts. I manage to lube up my finger with her juices so I can slip it into her ass, and then I start pounding her cunt again.

“Oh fuck!” Sookie shouts and her back arches, forcing her tits closer to my face. So close, in fact, that they bounce against my chin. “Baby, I’m so close,” Sookie warns.

I tilt my head down and capture one of her nipples between my lips and suck hard on the tight little bud. Sookie let’s out a groan and her pussy starts to flutter. I tug on her nipple with my teeth that sends her over the edge and she screams my name when her cunt clenches hard around my cock. I watch her face as she cums and it’s a stunning sight. She’s always beautiful, but she’s stunning when she cums.

My thrusts slow as Sookie comes down from her high, and stop when she rights get head and opens her eyes. I pull her close for a kiss and then lift her off of me.

“Wait here, lover. I’ll be right back,” I promise and then go back to my bedroom to get a condom and lube.

When I get back to the living room she’s already bent over the arm of the loveseat with her gorgeous ass up in the air just waiting for me to fuck her. I love that she has no shame when it comes to what she wants. She’s free with her sexuality. I like that she lets me take the lead, but she’s not afraid to step up like she did with our new game.

I put the condom on and kneel behind her on the little couch. Her cunt is so wet her inner thighs are glistening with her juices and it takes all of my willpower not to bend down and lap up all of that delicious honey. Instead I pop the top on the bottle of lube and pour some onto her exposed back entrance.

“I masturbated to the thought of you fucking my ass,” Sookie tells me as I push my finger into her tight entrance. She moans and holds still while I work my fingers in and out of her, stretching her to take my cock.

When Sookie starts to rock back and forth I remove my fingers and decide to lube up my cock my slamming into her cunt. Sookie cries out and holds on tightly to the arm of the couch while I fuck her. When she’s breathing hard I pull out of her pussy and aim my cock at her asshole. My head goes in easily, but I only push an inch at a time so I don’t hurt her.

Her head lowers when I’m halfway in and I grab her hair to pull her head back up. Sookie groans and I give her another inch of my cock.

“Fuck yourself, pretty girl. Show me how much you want my dick,” I command.

Sookie starts rocking again and I reward her with the slap on the ass she wanted. She moans again and moves faster, fucking herself at the perfect speed. I drizzle a little more lube onto my cock and I slide in and out of her even easier. When it comes to anal, there’s no such thing as too much lube.

I let go of her hair to reach around to rub her clit, and at the same time I slap her ass. I keep it up until there’s a red splotch there, but I’ve learned that Sookie likes it rough when she wants anal. Now isn’t the time to be sweet and make love to her, although I plan on doing that before the night is through.

“Oh my god, Eric,” she whimpers, and I grab her shoulder to hold her still while my hips slap against her ass.

Her hand comes back to grab mine and her nails dig into my skin.

“Are you going to cum, lover? Do you want my dick in your cunt when you explode?” I ask in a strained voice.

“I want you to cum on my tits,” she says, her voice just as strained.

When I pinch her clit it sends her over the edge and yet again she screams my name when she cums. Her body goes a little limp and I pull out of her asshole. I rip off the condom, and since I can’t resist, I bend down and plunge my tongue into her to lick up some of her sweet nectar.

Sookie moans and her body bucks when I thrust my tongue into her snatch. I consider making her cum again, but I don’t want to tire her out too fast. I pull back and stand up before helping Sookie off the couch so she’s on her knees. My beautiful, perfect girl looks up at me with adoring eyes and opens her mouth just in case I cum there instead of on her tits. I wrap my hand around my base and start pumping my shaft. Sookie leans in and licks my balls while I jerk off.

“I’m gonna cum,” I warn her and she leans back so I can cum on her. She pushes her tits together, but I aim for her chin.

I explode suddenly and the first jet of my thick seed hits her chin. I change aim for her tits and the rest lands all over her perfectly tanned skin. She releases her tits and then uses her finger to wipe up my cum little by little, and her eyes are on mine while she sucks her finger clean over and over.

“You’re fucking perfect, lover,” I tell her.

Sookie leans in and gently sucks the head of my dick to get the last of my cum.

How did I ever live without her?


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  1. Shit they are hot! Probably a good thing they had some time apart being as this is pretty new but I’m happy to be there for the reunion – that man’s stamina is awesome!!!


  2. I want to play Sookie Says (well it won’t be Sookie…but you know what I mean)
    I have found, since I have been reading good smutty ff for a long time now, that sometimes I just skip over the sexy times to get to the story. You ladies write such good stuff though I never ever skip. Nice job!


  3. Hi
    I finally have the time to relax when reading and review. thank fuck for that 😉
    I love this story and i am so sorry about not being able to review but i am usually too drowsy by the end of chapter with the side effect of the tramadol. it causes drowsiness, and i take 150mg on a good day, others it is 200. So you can imagine how drowsy i get. it helps fight the sleep apnea and that is good.

    Letting you know that you have a wonderful story and thank you for sharing it.


    • Understood. Missy knows all about taking tramadol and I’ve tried writing with her when she’s on it. It’s an interesting experience to say the least. Thanks for reviewing!


  4. Wow!!!! I somehow managed to accidentally unfollow this blog (again) and stop receiving updates, so I missed about 3 weeks worth of chapters. But I figured it out last night and caught up on all of the missed updates, reading them as a sort of dirty little bedtime story. (Sweet dreams are made of this!) I came back to their first real fight and lots more steamy sex, so I’m a happy girl!


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