Chapter 17





I was serious about the breakfast in bed date. What I don’t do is tell Eric I’m coming over the night before. I put on this little lingerie set that consists of a grey and ivory bra and a matching tutu type skirt. I don’t bother with panties, but I do put on fishnet stockings before buckling on my Maryjane pumps. After packing up my special toy for the night I grab the bag with breakfast ingredients in it and put on my trench coat.
Eric lives in Oak Park not too far outside the city. I have a car but I rarely use it. In this instance, however, I’ll make an exception. It’s getting chilly outside now that summer is officially over and the sun is disappearing faster and faster. It’ll be dark by four o’clock soon enough.
The drive takes a little over twenty minutes. I pull into his driveway and take my bags to the front door with me. I set them on the porch and ring the bell. From his texts and the lights on inside I know he’s home with nothing to do.
It takes a couple minutes for him to get to the door. When he opens it he’s wearing a pair of low hung sweats, and that’s all.
“Sookie,” he purrs, leaning against the door jamb. “To what do I own this pleasure?”
“Our second date,” I say as I open my coat.
He licks his lips as his eyes scan my body.
“Do come in.” He takes a step back to let me in.
I pick up my bags and walk into the house. The bag with the goodies and my clothes for tomorrow stays on the couch and the other goes to the kitchen to be refrigerated.
“I hope you don’t mind my blitzkrieg method of dating,” I smile over my shoulder.
“Not at all, now that we’re exclusive. What do you have there in the bag?”
“Breakfast, of course.” I set the bag on the counter while I shrug out of my coat. I drape it over a kitchen chair and bend a little more than I need to at my waist to put the bag in the fridge.
A low rumble leaves Eric when he sees that I’m not wearing panties. Or much else.
“Do you always show up for surprise dates with your pussy bare?”
I stand up and turn to face him. “Maybe.”
“I’m starting to like this dating thing.” He’s leaning against the counter staring at my body. “You make my dick so fuckin’ hard.”
“That’s very good to hear. Would you like to see what activity I have planned for this evening?”
“It’s not just riding my dick all night?”
“Oh that will be a part of it,” I wink.
“By all means, show me what you have planned.”
I lead him to the living room where the bag is and unzip it. I pull out a Hitachi wand and hand it to Eric.
“That thing will get me off in less than thirty seconds,” I tell him.
“So you plan on going into a cum coma?” he chuckles.
“You’re in charge of that, so it’s up to you. I’ll even let you tie me up if you want to.” I’ve never been tied up before, but I trust him.
“You’re going to trust me with this.” He holds up the wand. “And you tied to whatever surface I want to tie you to…”
“Mmhmm,” I nod.
“I’m going to need a fuckin’ second to process this,” he chuckles.
“Take your time. I’m going to take my bag upstairs.” I pick my bag up and head up to Eric’s room.
A few seconds later Eric follows behind me. He flips up my skirt to look at my ass on the way up the stairs.
“Why don’t you get yourself off with this thing while I look for something to tie you with?”
“I can do that if you point out where the closest electrical outlet is to where you’re going to tie me down.” I set my bag on top of his dresser.
Eric disappears down the hall for a moment. When he comes back he has an extension cord and a chair. He sets the chair in the middle of the room and hands me the cord.
“The plug is there.” He points to the outlet on the other side of his dresser. “Have a seat and get started.”
“Do you want me to sit on the chair?” I ask as I plug the cord in.
“Yep, scoot your butt down so I have easier access,” he directs me and starts to go through his drawers.
The chair looks relatively comfortable. The back and seat are padded and rather plush. The arms, however, are good for tying me to. I plug the wand into the extension cord and then sit lazily in the chair, slouched down with my legs spread wide. The wand begins to buzz when I flip the little switch and the second it touches my lower lips I let out a long moan. This thing is incredible.
“Mmm… take your time,” I tell Eric. I spread my lips and cry out when the wand directly contacts my clit.
“Mmm, I could watch that all night,” he smirks. He finds two ties and closes the drawer. He kneels to tie my ankles to the legs of the chair. “I’ll be right back. I think I’m going to tie your knees open too.” He watches me for a few more seconds before he disappears into his bathroom.
My hips start flexing as the pressure builds fast in my belly. I can feel how wet this is making me and just as Eric comes back into the room, I explode.
“Fuuuuuck!” I cry out and move the wand away from my clit to catch my breath.
“Mmm, keep going, pretty girl.” Eric holds up two thigh high stockings. “Looks like your knees are safe. This is all I can find.”
“With my ankles tied I’m not going anywhere,” I assure him and put the wand back on my clit. “Oh fuck… I forgot how intense this is.”
“I’m sure I’ll be carrying you to bed,” he chuckles. “One more and I’ll tie your wrists.”
I keep my eyes on his and in a matter of seconds I’m right back on the edge. My pussy contracts wildly, desperate for something to hold onto when I cum. Eric is going to love this thing.
“Gorgeous,” he purrs. He takes the wand from me and sets it on my thigh. He looks up at my face as he ties my wrists one at a time. “Should we set up a safe word?” he chuckles.
“Probably. How about dragon?” I suggest.

“Okay.” Eric gets on his knees and spreads my lower lips. He leans in to drag his tongue from my ass all the way up to my clit, making me shiver. He turns on the wand and rests it on my clit while rubbing my opening with two fingers.
“Oh god,” I whimper and my eyes close.
He gently works both fingers into me, slowly pumping in and out. He doesn’t move the wand from its perch on my clit.
“Cum again,” he quietly commands.
It’s only a few seconds that pass before I do. My walls grip his fingers and my back arches, thrusting my tits up.
“Fuckfuckfuck!” I shout.
“Good girl.” Eric pulls his fingers out. He turns the setting down on the wand and I feel his finger at my rear opening. He starts to stroke, adding slight pressure. “Is this okay?”
“Mmm… mmhmm,” I hum. I can’t talk at the moment. I’m still having aftershocks and the low vibration on my clit is keeping my walls pulsing.
He starts to work the tip of his finger into my lower hole.
“Tell me if this is too much,” he whispers. He pulls the wand away long enough to suck my clit quickly before putting it right back.
“It’s okay,” I tell him. It’s an interesting feeling but it’s overshadowed by the buzzing on my clit. My hips writhe as another orgasm, my fourth, starts to build.
He nods and starts to push his finger in deeper. My juices are flowing, providing the lubricant. He turns the wand on higher again and his finger speeds up. Eric’s eyes dart up to my face so he can watch me as I fall apart.
“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” I pant as the orgasm ravages me, leaving me a trembling mess. I feel tears prickling in my eyes, it’s so intense.
“Perfect,” he whispers.
Eric turns off the wand and sets it on my thigh again to give me a break. His finger is still pumping in and out of my ass and he adds one to my pussy.
“You’ll tell me if this is too much?”
“Mmhmm,” I nod and force my eyes open. I look down to watch his fingers move in and out of me.
“Doesn’t that look hot as fuck, pretty girl?” he asks with his eyes trained on his hand sliding in and out of me.
“Yeah, it does,” I agree. My hips keep moving with his hand.
He’s being uncharacteristically quiet as he plays. After a few moments he pulls his finger from my pussy and looks back up at my face as he works it into my ass alongside the first one.
“You’re fucking drenched, Sookie,” he whispers.
“I told you that wand does crazy things to me,” I breathe as his fingers keep pumping slowly.
He leans in and starts to massage my clit with his tongue. Rubbing up and down, back and forth. He hums against me, sending delicious vibrations through my core.
“Fuck, you’re going to make me cum again,” I moan. My body is so fucking sensitive right now that it’s not going to take much to push me over the edge again.
“Good,” he purrs. I feel his tongue snake down to my opening so he can lick up some of my honey before he drags it back to my clit to repeat the process.
“Mmm… Ohmygod… Eric,” I pant. My walls clench and pulse as more of my honey drips down to his fingers.
“Mmm,” he moans.
He pulls his fingers out and sits up on his knees. He pushes his sweats down so his cock springs free. He holds my lips open and runs the head of his cock over my clit, over and over until I’m right back on the edge. He pushes his head down and starts to slide into my pussy. He picks up the wand and settles it on my clit again as he starts to thrust.
“Ohfuckohfuckohfuck!” I cry out. For the first time I tug on the restraints. The wand is buzzing away and his cock is rubbing my g-spot every time he pulls out.
“Oh fuck is fuckin’ right,” he pants. “Fuck, Sookie… cum… milk my cock, pretty girl.”
My back arches again and I let out a scream that doesn’t even sound like my voice when I cum again. Every part of me tenses and shakes with the force of this orgasm. I can safely say I have never cum this hard.
“Where do you want it?” Eric breathes. His thrusts are erratic and I can feel his cock swelling inside me.
“In me,” I pant.
When he cums, he slams in one more time, grinding against me. I’m sure he can feel the wand. He lets out a roar before he collapses forward. He drops the wand on the floor and his arms wrap around me, his head drops to my chest and I can feel his breath fanning over my tits with each heavy pant.
“You okay?” I ask. I’m a mess but he’s not much better.
“I don’t know if I love or hate that fuckin’ thing,” he breathes. “Wow.”
“Uh huh. First time I used it I felt the same way.”
“I didn’t expect that,” he chuckles.
He sits up and starts to untie me.
“I keep it in my closet and didn’t touch it for like two months,” I confess.
“I think we should keep it for special occasions,” he says as he starts to rub my ankles to get any lost feeling back.
“I guess that means you don’t mind it,” I smile.
“Why the fuck would I mind it?” Eric asks. He helps me up from the chair and moves me to the bed.
“Well you weren’t sure if you hated it.”
“Did I say that?” he smirks and climbs on top of me. He kisses me softly and whispers, “So now that it’s just you and me I get to cum inside of you?”
“Maybe not every time, but sometimes,” I reply. “Before I was mostly worried about having to tell Trey I was pregnant with another guy’s baby.”
“I wouldn’t have judged you knowing what I know about the motherfucker.” He dips to give me another kiss. As he kisses me he rolls onto his back, taking me with him.
“It’s hard to reconcile the guy I knew with the scumbag he is.”
“I get it,” he says as he rubs his hands up and down my back. He pops the hook on my bra and adds, “It’s not like either one of us wanted a baby with a fuck buddy.”
“Definitely not.” I sit up so he can take my bra off.
“What was I thinking? I didn’t even play with these when I had you tied to the chair.” He grabs my tits and starts to roll my nipples.
“I almost went with tassels and a thong instead of the outfit I picked,” I confess.
“That would’ve been fun. This is fuckin’ hot though.”
“There’s always next time,” I wink.
“Are you up for more or are you tired?” he asks, tugging my nipples.
“I can keep going. You’ll know when I’m done because I’ll go into that coma you mentioned.”
“Why don’t you grab the wand again?” he suggests.
“You trying to kill me?” I snicker.
“I want to see the coma. Start rocking your hips so I get hard again.”
I begin gliding back and forth over his shaft, rubbing my wet folds against him. He tugs the skirt up and I lift my arms so he can pull it over my head. I can feel his cock thickening under me a little more with every pass of my hips.
“That feels so fuckin’ good,” he purrs. He drops one of his hands to stroke my clit with his thumb.
“So does that,” I moan and roll my hips. I reach back and massage his sac.
“Mmm,” he groans. “Take me inside of you.”
I lift my hips for him and slide down his length when he puts his head at my entrance. I go right back to rocking my hips back and forth.
“Mmm… so fuckin’ deep,” I purr and move my hips in circles.
“Just keep doing that,” he whispers. I can feel him getting harder inside of me.
I lean back to brace my hands on his thighs and keep moving the way he wants me to. This way I know he can see where we’re joined.
“Fuck, that’s so fuckin’ sexy,” he breathes. “Stay slow, just like that.”
I can feel every thick inch of him buried deep inside me as my hips move around and around. My head falls back and purely out of instinct, I start to rise and fall, but keep it slow and steady. Eric’s thumb stays on my clit, moving just as slow.
“Oh my fuckin’ God,” he moans as his hips begin to slowly thrust up.
“You ready to cum again, baby?” I purr.
“Mmm, not yet… I can hold off.”
“Are you sure? My greedy little pussy loves being full of your cum,” I tell him.
“Is that right?” he smirks and slams up into me once before going slow again.
“Mmm… fuck yes,” I moan. “And she loves being pounded hard by your big cock.”
“Like this?” He grabs my hips and starts to thrust up hard, going deep into my cunt.
“Yesyesyesyesyes!” I cry out. Fuck, that feels amazing.
“Are you gonna cum for me, Sookie? I want to feel it… I need it, pretty girl and then I’ll fill you up, just like you want…”
“I’m gonna cum so fuckin’ hard, Eric,” I cry out as my walls flutter. “All over your big dick. Mmm… fuuuuck!”
“Give it to me, baby. Now,” he growls.
“Fuckfuckfuck!” I shout when I explode. My pussy grips his shaft, milking him hard.
Eric cums with a roar, slamming up into me one last time before he spills his release deep in my core.
“Fuuuuuuck!” he growls with a feral look in his eyes.
“Had enough?” I smirk.
“Never,” he replies. He grabs my hips and flips me onto my back and starts pounding into me again, never going soft.
We keep going like this until we’re both too exhausted to move. This is definitely the dirtiest second date I’ve ever had, but it’s also the most fun.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 17

  1. Eric has a crazy sex drive he was like that even in his marriage lol Lord help Sookie if fantasy could be reality I was wondering if Eric gave head to lot of women he seems selective by the statement he made about caitlyn


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