Chapter 35


To quote Eddie Murphy, “I’m drunk and it’s beautiful.”

It’s country/western night at Puzzles and because I’m with Eric and the boys, they’ve been feeding me Fireball all night between beers. On top of that, it’s karaoke night so I’m currently on stage, singing along terribly to ‘Mama’s Broken Heart’ by Miranda Lambert. I don’t care, though. I’m having fun and my fiancé thinks I’m cute. That’s all I care about.

When the song ends I hand over the microphone and hop down from the stage to go back to my table and reclaim my seat on Eric’s lap. He’s a little buzzed too, so as soon as he gets his hands on me, his tongue is down my throat.

I love this man.

“Jesus Christ, someone get the hose,” Alcide says.

“I’ll give her a hose, alright,” Eric purrs and kisses me again.

“Come on man, I’ve seen it. It’s definitely not a hose,” Ras laughs.

“Maybe you’ve been too much of a butt slut,” I retort in Eric’s defense and Al chokes on his beer.

“What does that even mean?” Rasul asks.

“You’ve had butt sex with too many dudes,” Al clarifies.

“I’ve never had butt sex with a dude,” he defends himself, but I’m not sure I believe him.

“Uh huh,” I smirk and grab Eric’s beer to take a drink.

“Sookie, no,” Ras shakes his head, chuckling softly.

“If you say so.”

He leans in and whispers into my ear, “I would prove it, but I wouldn’t want to steal you from Eric.”

“I heard that, dick,” Eric laughs.

“You’re not my type, Ras,” I inform him.

“Don’t worry, you aren’t mine either.”

“Obviously,” I snort.

“Oh my Lord, woman.” Rasul grabs my face and lays one hell of a kiss on my lips. “See. Not gay,” he says and gives me a heated look.

“What the fuck was that?” Eric growls. I’m surprised he’s not up on his feet beating the man.

“Do I get a turn?” Al asks.

Oh hell.

Eric sighs and says, “Might as well. Fuck.”

“Excuse me, do I get a vote?” I ask.

“No,” Ras and Alcide say in unison.

“If either one of you touch my woman, you’re dead. The only reason I’m not kicking Rasul’s ass is because I’m drunk and he’s a lot bigger than me,” Eric tells us.

“What about me, Babe?” I freeze at the voice behind me. What the hell is Quinn doing here?

I turn to look at him and say, “You lost your kissing privileges six months ago.”

“Hey,” Eric smiles at Quinn like they’re old friends. “You fucked up big time losing this one.”

Quinn smirks and says, “I used to think so. Now I can take comfort in knowing you got my leftovers.”

“Is this guy for real?” Al asks.

“This guy is my ex,” I explain, although it’s kind of obvious.

“Quinn, you’re not worth my time. Trying to provoke me isn’t going to work,” Eric tells him.

“You’re not worth my time either,” Quinn says. “You’re not worth Sookie’s either.”

“Quinn, take a walk,” I roll my eyes.

“I’ll be around, Babe. Come find me when the Ken doll lets go of you for three seconds.”

“Sook, I know Eric doesn’t like to fight, but I’ve been itching for one,” Rasul says, giving Quinn a wicked grin. “Just say the word.”

“I’ve never kicked a Wookie’s ass before,” Quinn replies.

Rasul steps up into Quinn’s face and I can feel Eric start to tense under me.

“I’ve put more than one person in the hospital this year, dickhead,” Rasul says quietly. “You would be a cakewalk.”

I stand up and push my way between them.

“Ras, don’t bother with him. Quinn, keep walking or I’ll be making a call to your mom,” I threaten. His mom is unstable, to say the least.

“Mama’s boy,” Al snickers.

Eric stands up and pulls Rasul back. “Dude, if anyone is going to kick his ass it’s me, but he hasn’t done anything but be a douchebag,” Eric says and Ras finally stands down.

“Listen to Ken,” Quinn taunts, and I’m so busy making sure Eric and Ras don’t throw a punch that I don’t see Alcide get up until he’s sucker punching Quinn.

“Goddamnit, Alcide,” Eric growls and pulls him off of Quinn before he can hit him again.

“Someone had to smack him in the mouth,” Al says.

Of course bar security comes over to check on things. Quinn is taken to get some ice for his swelling lip and Alcide gets tossed from the bar. Even though Quinn was being a dick, he hadn’t put a hand on anyone.

“Do you want to go?” Eric asks me once everything settles down.

“It’s probably the best idea,” I sigh. I don’t want Quinn coming around looking for round two.

“Ras, if you’re not done you and Al can come to our place,” Eric offers.

Ras looks like he still wants to hit something. It’s a little scary.

“Come on, Ras. We can make out,” I wink at him, and my fiancé grabs me around my waist.

“After your dirty school girl stunt, offering to make out with my friends isn’t the best idea,” Eric whispers in my ear and kisses my temple.

“I’ll call Al and we’ll meet you there,” Ras says.

I turn toward Eric and say, “I was just trying to get him to chill out. He knows it was a joke.”

“Alright, but if he ends up kissing you again you have to fight him off. That’s a big fucker and I would honestly be terrified to be on his bad side,” Eric tells me seriously.

“You’re a lot smarter than Quinn.” I kiss his cheek. “If we hurry, you might get a quickie before the boys show up.”

“Let’s go.” Eric grabs my hand and starts dragging me out of the bar.

We make it home in record time and just to be safe, Eric locks the bedroom door in case Alcide lets himself into the house. I get tangled up in my shirt, much to Eric’s amusement. Stupid, drunken lack of coordination. He gets his when he trips over himself a minute later.

“How about we just leave our clothes on,” he chuckles. “I’ll just pull your pants down and bend you over something.”

“That works,” I smile and unhook my bra anyway.

Eric growls and flips me around so my back is to him. His hands slide up my stomach to grab my tits and he asks, “How long do you think it’ll take for me to make you cum?”

“Not long,” I say as I arch into his hands.

He keeps his hands on my chest and he says, “Push your pants down your thighs.”

I do as he says and unbutton my jeans so I can push them down over my hips to the middle of my thighs.

“Perfect.” His hands slide down to my hips and he helps me walk to the bed. He takes a step back to pull his cock out. His fingers run through my slit. “Already very wet, Baby girl,” he groans and before I can blink he’s buried in me to the hilt.

“Oh Jesus,” I moan and clutch at the comforter. He’s not wasting any time.

He holds my hips tight and pulls me back as he fucks me in quick, deep strokes. “We have to make this really fast, Princess,” he groans. “Rub your clit.”

I let go of the blanket and reach down to rub my clit like he told me to. He keeps up the quick pace and it really doesn’t take more than two minutes for me to be right on the edge. My walls start to pulse and I cover my mouth with my hand just in case the guys are in the living room already. For all my slut talk, I’m not really interested in being sexually involved with anyone but Eric.

“Cum, Sookie,” he commands. “I’m about to cum so hard in you.”

Just two more hard thrusts and I muffle a scream when I cum. Why did he invite the boys over again?

“Good girl,” he pants and he slams in three more times before he erupts in me. “Fuuuuck!” Eric shouts.

He’s still thrusting lazily when Al says from the other side of the door, “Anytime you’re done fucking, we’re here!”

“Just changing. We’ll be right out!” Eric calls back.

“Since when do you squeal like that over a change of clothes?”

“Since go away!” I yell and he laughs.

“Come on, let’s clean up and we can join them,” Eric laughs and pulls out.

“Yeah, maybe someone will trip and take out Herb–“

Eric smacks my ass and says, “Don’t threaten my chair.”

“I wasn’t threatening. I was hoping,” I reply and he gets a slap on the ass too.

“You’re going to have to get used to him.” Eric pulls his clothes off and finds his favorite basketball shorts.

“And you’re going to have to come to terms with the idea he’s going when we have a kid.” I strip off my boots and pants.


“Yes. I’m not letting my baby choke on the stuffing that’s always coming out of it. That thing is a health hazard for a baby,” I point out.

“We can tuck him away when the baby becomes mobile, then we’ll bring him back when our kid knows not to eat the stuffing,” Eric counters.

“I know where we can tuck him,” I mutter under my breath and head to the bathroom to clean up.

Eric follows me and pulls me in for a hard kiss. “I’ll meet you out there.”

“I’ll be out in a minute.”

“I love you, Sugar plum.” Eric gives me one more kiss and slips out of the bathroom.

I finish cleaning up and barely have my clothes on when I hear yelling coming from the kitchen. I run toward the voices and see Eric trying to fight Alcide for the container of potato salad that was in the fridge.

“Are you serious?” I ask.

“Yes!” Eric yells and he’s able to snatch the container from Al.

“You assface!” Alcide pouts.

“You guys are ridiculous,” I roll my eyes.

“This is why I don’t get involved,” Ras chuckles.

“You’d win if you did.”

“Probably.” He walks over to the idiots and yanks the potato salad from Eric. “I didn’t come here to watch you two fight,” he tells them and puts it back in the fridge.

“Fine,” Eric pouts a little and grabs his beer to go into the living room.

“Six-year-olds,” I shake my head and grab a beer for myself.

I follow the knuckleheads into the living room and plop down on the couch. Alcide takes the space beside me before Eric can and Ras takes the beanbag chair.

Eric sits right on Alcide and kicks his feet up on the table.

“This is nice,” he smirks.

“Don’t you usually take your pants off first?” I chuckle.

“Not in front of company,” Al says.

Eric moves and wiggles his way between us. He throws his arm around me and tosses Rasul the remote.

“You pick. Music or television,” he tells him. “Honeysuckle, do you want something else to drink?”

I raise my beer and say, “I’m covered.”

“Right. Sorry, I was pouting and missed you grabbing that,” he chuckles.

“I’m going to have to set a one Northman pouting at a time rule after we have kids,” I snicker.

“You’re gonna have kids with this schmuck?” Alcide asks.

“You’re just jealous ’cause you can’t have babies with me,” Eric says.

“Maybe it’s because you don’t fuck like a jackhammer,” I say before I can stop myself.

“There is that,” Eric laughs. I can hear Rasul chuckling on Herbert.

“I don’t… where the fuck did you hear that bullshit?” Alcide asks.

“From Dawn, dummy.”

Alcide narrows his eyes and says, “I was drunk and she’s a liar.”

I throw my head back and laugh.

“Dude, she’s not the first girl to say that,” Eric informs him.

“Fuck you!” Al laughs.

“No thanks,” Eric cackles.

“You guys suck,” Al pouts but then springs up to go to the kitchen. “I’ll just console myself with Ma’s potato salad!”

Eric doesn’t move this time. He just wraps his arm around me and smiles. “I’m not going to tell him it’s yours. He’ll never leave then,” he tells me.

“He would if I start spraying that Hawaiian air freshener,” I snort. He almost puked last time I did that.

“That stuff is kind of terrible,” he says, scrunching his nose.

“Yeah but it’s Alcide repellent, so we’ll keep it,” I giggle.

“You’re an evil woman,” Eric grins and leans over to kiss me. And he doesn’t stop.

“Ahem,” Ras clears his throat.

“Hmm?” Eric hums into the kiss.

“There are other people here, dickweed.”

“Oh,” Eric pulls back and then pecks my lips again.

“Later,” I wink at him.

Alcide comes back in the kitchen with a huge chunk of the chocolate cake Eric baked last night and my jaw drops. I clear my throat and Eric turns his head.

“What the fuck, man? I didn’t invite you here to eat everything in the kitchen. Did you leave anything for anyone else?”

“Of course,” Al says with his mouth full.

“Mmhmm, doesn’t look like it.” Eric gets up and disappears into the kitchen. When he comes back he smacks Alcide in the back of the head. “A sliver is not leaving cake for anyone else. You owe me cake now.”

“Seriously, you guys are ridiculous,” I snort.

“This is a good fuckin’ cake,” Al says.

“And it wasn’t made for you.” Eric shakes his head and then slips out of the room again. He comes back and hands Alcide a giant glass of milk and says, “Enjoy it, fucker.”

Oh no.

I know what is in that glass without even asking and I’m proven right an hour later when Alcide calls Eric from his bathroom to call him an asswagon.

“See? That’s good revenge,” I say as Eric’s cackling, doubled over on our bed.

“It’s great when you’re not on the receiving end,” he laughs.

“I think it’s safe to say he’s on the giving end,” I chuckle. “We should get him a little stuffed animal with a bandaid on its butt.”

“Oh God!” Eric is laughing so hard he’s crying now.

“I’ll get one tomorrow,” I laugh.

“You’re too cute, Baby cakes,” Eric smiles and rolls over on top of me.

“I just want him to know we care.”

“I think he knows,” Eric says quietly and dips down to kiss me.

I wrap my arms around his ribs and we lie there making out for a little while. It’s nice and kind of a stage we skipped when we first met. I guess we have the rest of our lives to make up for that now though.


When we wake up the next morning I’m a little bit hungover. Sookie is still asleep next to me so I’m quiet when I get out of bed to use the restroom. I check on her on my way out and then I go into the kitchen to get some coffee started.

I start making breakfast. Our standard bacon and waffles. I have the bacon in the oven and I’m pouring a cup of coffee when Sookie comes staggering out of the room.

“Morning, Princess. Want some coffee?” I ask and start pouring her cup before she answers.

“Mmm…” she groans and pouts. “I want a new head. I threw up twice after you fell asleep.”

“Aww, poor baby. I’m sorry,” I coo and pull her into my arms. I kiss her head and then let her go so I can get her some Tylenol to go with her coffee. “This should help.”

“No more Fireball,” she mumbles and sips her coffee. That’s what she always says.

“Yes, dear. Bacon is in the oven and I’m just about to pour the waffles,” I smile and rub her back for a moment.

“Got a spare head lying around here somewhere?”

“Sorry. I left it at Mom’s,” I say seriously and I pour the first waffle. “Al is livid. You should see the text messages I got last night.”

“How many death threats did you get?” Sookie asks and takes the Tylenol.

“Seventeen. He was feeling generous.” I check the bacon and it still has a few minutes. “Do you want to just veg around the house today?”

“I barely want to get out of–” Sookie covers her mouth and hauls ass for the bathroom.

Oh, that blows. I get a glass of water ready for her. When she doesn’t come back by the time the first waffle is done I go check on her. She’s kneeling with her head in the toilet. I squat down next to her and rub her back in light circles.

“You need me to get you anything?” I ask quietly.

“Nuh uh,” she says and heaves again.

I get a cold washcloth to rest on her neck before I go to grab her water. I make her some of her ginger tea while I’m at it. I go ahead and make the second waffle just in case she wants it. She may not want anything.

Sookie comes out of the bathroom as I’m taking the second waffle out.

“Go lay down. I’ll bring you some tea. Do you want food, or some crackers?” I ask when she ignores me and wraps her arms around my waist.

“Just tea,” she says.

“It’s on the counter waiting for you,” I whisper and kiss the top of her head. “Do you want me to come snuggle with you?”

“Uh huh,” she nods. “Eat first. I can wait.”

“Okay.” My stomach is rumbling.

Sookie let’s go of me and makes her way to the bedroom with her tea. I eat quickly and then put the left overs away. She might be hungry when she wakes up again. I go into the room and she’s lying on her side facing the door.

“Do you need anything before I lay down?”

“No, I’m okay.”

I climb into bed and she immediately turns to snuggle into my chest. I wrap my arms around her and rub up and down her back. Within a few minutes she’s asleep. I doze back off not too long after Sookie and I’m woken up again when I feel the bed shift. Sookie is climbing out of the bed and going to the bathroom again when I open my eyes. Thankfully this time I don’t hear her heaving. I think she’s feeling a little better.

“Better?” I ask groggily when she pads back into the room.

“I didn’t puke, so I guess so.” She picks up the tea I made her and gets back in bed. “Something occurred to me though.”

“What’s that?” I ask as I turn to rest my head on her legs.

Sookie takes a drink of her tea and says, “I’m late.”

I freeze for a half second and I start rubbing her thigh.

“How late?” I ask. If Sookie is pregnant it’s not the end of the world, just a whole hell of a lot sooner than I expected.

“Just a few days. It could be nothing,” she says.

“Other than puking all morning have there been any other symptoms?” I ask. I think the throwing up has everything to do with how much she drank last night.

“No, not yet.” Sookie runs her fingers through my hair.

“Okay. Are you worried?” I’m not, and I don’t want her to worry.

“A little,” she says. “I know it’ll be fine if I am pregnant, but I know you want some time alone with me before we throw a kid into the mix. I’d rather wait a few years too.”

“I do want a few years, but we’d be fine. I’m not going to worry too much until we have something real to worry about. Maybe if you haven’t gotten your period by the end of next week we can think about taking a test.”

“That’s what I was thinking. I just thought you should know.”

“Thanks for telling me,” I smile up at her and then nuzzle into her thigh. She’s really comfy.

“I learned my lesson after Quinn.”

“I wish you wouldn’t have had to stress with him,” I sigh. That man is an epic tool. “Are you hungry yet?”

“A little. Did you eat before?”

“I did. I put the bacon and waffles away if you want me to reheat them. Or I can get you whatever else you might want.”

“No, I can get it,” she says. “I need to reheat my tea anyway.”

“Okay. I could do that for you too, ya know,” I offer, but don’t move.

“I know, but my legs work just fine.” Sookie scoots out from under me and stands up. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I grunt and roll on my back. I rest one hand under my head and the other on my stomach. I start thinking about the one thing I just told Sookie not to worry about. I start to imagine what our kids are going to look like. With as much as I look like Dad I imagine they’ll look like me. Sookie looks like Michelle, and I’ve never seen Jason, so I don’t know how strong their genes are. They’ll likely have blue eyes and blond hair. My grandma LeClerq had red hair, and my Mom’s hair is a strawberry blond. Everyone on Dad’s side is blond though. I don’t know what Sookie’s side has to offer. Since we’re both above average height they’ll probably be tall. My mom is a bit on the short side, so they could get that. Who knows. Truthfully I don’t care that much. I just want them to be happy, healthy babies.

Sookie walks back into the room, pulling me from my thoughts. She’s hungover and her hair is all over the place. Her makeup is smeared all over her face and this might not be an appropriate time, but watching her long legs peek out of the bottom of my shirt is giving me wood.

“How you doin’?” I ask.

“Better now that I ate something.” Sookie goes to the bathroom and starts washing her face.

She’s bent at the waist and when she’s done, she comes back to bed with her hair still a mess.

“Good.” When she lies back down I roll to my side and wrap myself around her. My semi-hard cock rubs against her hip and I can’t stop myself from flexing a little. “Sorry,” I groan and accidentally do it again.

She laughs quietly. “Not that sorry, apparently.”

“I can’t help myself around you,” I admit and as my hips rock I steadily get harder.

“I’ve noticed.”

“I’ll stop,” I say, but I don’t. My hand is on her stomach and I start to rub up and down over the shirt she’s wearing. “Unless you don’t want me to.”

“You’re fine,” she says and moves my hand up to her breast.

“Mmm,” I hum and I start to caress her through the fabric. I shift so I can kiss her neck and I tug her nipple lightly.

Sookie moans and arches her neck to give me better access. Her legs part a little and one of her hands moves down between her thighs.

“Do you want me to do that?” I ask softly against her skin and I tug her other nipple.

“You seem a little busy right now,” she whispers.

I hum and I suck lightly on her neck before I whisper, “Take this off,” and pull at the shirt she’s wearing as pajamas.

“You’ll have to get off of me first.”

I roll back and watch as she pulls my t-shirt over her head. She tosses it across the room and I roll right back into place. I keep pressing light kisses to her neck and I slowly make my way down to her tits. I wrap my lips around one of her nipples, flicking the tight bud with the tip of my tongue.

Sookie moans again and her hand goes back into her panties to touch herself, but I can’t see what she’s doing. I kiss between her breasts to give her other nipple the same treatment and then I shift so I’m hovering over her. I lick and kiss up to her collarbone, then along her neck up to her lips.

“Do you know how much you turn me on?” I whisper against her lips and rock my hips, rubbing my erection across the hand she has in her panties.

“I can feel it right now,” she says and rocks her hips up.

“Would you rather have my cock inside you? I’m sure your fingers feel great, but I really need my girl,” I tell her and slip my tongue between her lips. As I’m kissing her I start working my shorts off with one hand.

Sookie moans into the kiss and removes her hand from her panties for me before she pushes them to the side. I grab my cock and I run my tip through her folds. She’s already so wet… fuck, I needed this.

I push just my head in and I start giving her shallow thrusts just to get myself wet and to start stretching her.

“My God, you’re going to feel so good once I’m all the way in,” I moan and lean down to kiss along her jaw.

She moans too and her hands grab my ass to try to pull me in deeper.

“Mmm, nope. I’m not ready,” I tease and she growls a little. “That’s really hot, Baby doll.”

“Tease,” she narrows her eyes and thrusts her hips up. As she thrust up, I slam down filling her all at once.

“Who you calling a tease?” I smirk and I start thrusting hard, getting as deep as possible.

Sookie groans and squeezes my ass. “You,” she says, her hips moving to meet my thrusts.

My lips find hers again as I pound into her. I rest my weight on her and I thread my fingers through her hair. Sookie’s legs come up to wrap around my thighs, changing the angle slightly.

“Fuck!” I pull back and shout. I growl and lift all the way off so I’m on my knees. I grab her hips, pulling her off the bed and I begin to fuck her hard, swiveling each time I thrust in. “Rub your clit. I want to see you come undone, Pretty girl,” I say as I pound into her.

“Yesyesyesyes!” Sookie chants and reaches down to rub her clit. The other hand goes to her tits and she tugs at her nipple. Her eyes close and her walls start to massage my shaft.

“So, so good,” I groan and drop my head back while I fuck her. “I’m gonna need you to cum soon, Baby cakes,” I pant.

Sookie pushes her hips up just a bit and she screams the next time I thrust in. Her pussy grips my cock and her back arches in what looks like an almost painful way as she cums.

“So fucking beautiful,” I moan and pull her down my length one more time before I release deep inside of her. I keep thrusting slowly through her aftershocks until I collapse on top of her and kiss her softly on the lips.

“You feeling alright?” I ask and kiss her chin.

“Amazing,” she whispers.

“Yes, you do feel amazing,” I smile and thrust one more time before I pull out. I flop on to my back and pull Sookie over to snuggle into my chest. “That’s my favorite lazy day activity,” I chuckle.

“There’s nothing lazy about that,” she says, running her fingertips up and down my ribs.

“Do you want me to show you lazy sex?” It won’t take much for Sookie to get me hard again.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had lazy sex.”

“We could try it. Let me get hard again and I can slowly thrust in and out of you,” I offer. Sookie’s hand drifts down to wrap around my cock and she starts stroking.

I tilt her head up and I slowly kiss her. There’s nothing fevered or quick about it. My tongue gently slides against hers and I can feel myself twitch in her hand. I tug her on top of me and I pull her hand away. I want to feel her dripping core rubbing all over my cock. I nestle my shaft between her folds and I thrust up slowly. My head hits her clit on each pass, making her moan.

I want her to cum like this so I reach down and grab her ass. I press her down against my shaft and my thrusts speed up some.

“Can you cum like this?” I ask. If not I’ll flip her over and finger her until she cums.

“Mmhmm,” she moans and kisses me again.

I keep one hand on her ass and the other moves up her back so I can grab her hair. I turn her head so I can kiss and suck her neck.

“Eric,” she whimpers. She’s still sensitive from her first orgasm.

“Come on, Lover,” I whisper. She starts moaning louder and her hips move against me. When she cums her whole body shakes and vibrates on top of me. “Good girl. Lay on your side.”

As soon as she can move she lies next to me on her side. I scoot in behind her, lift her leg, and position my head at her opening. I slide in slowly. My lips land on her shoulder and my hand is resting on her lower abdomen. I begin to thrust just as slow, making us both groan. Sookie’s hand rests on mine and I slip my other arm under her body. I roll us so she’s lying on my chest. One hand is goes to her tits and the other slides all the way down to her clit. My hips flex, pushing in and pulling out. My fingers move deftly over her clit and it only takes a couple minutes before her walls are contracting around my length.

“Jesus, that’s good,” I groan.

“I love lazy sex,” she says while she’s still cumming.

“Anytime you want it,” I grunt and shiver just before she milks me of my own orgasm.

“Mmmm… so good, Eric,” she moans and wiggles her hips.

“If you keep doing that we’re about to have pound you into the mattress sex,” I chuckle.

“I thought we had that already,” she giggles.

“We’ll have it again,” I warn and nibble her ear.

“I think I’m good.” Sookie stops moving.

I pull my hips back so I fall out of her. I roll so she slides onto the bed and I snuggle in behind her.

I keep my arms around her and kiss her neck. It only takes a few minutes before we both pass out from exhaustion. Hangovers and sex seem to wear us out.



2 thoughts on “Chapter 35

  1. Absolutely love Sookie & the boys, especially when they’re all drunk. Strangely I didn’t see the accidentally pregnant thing happening to these two, tho with amount of sex they have it shouldn’t be surprising. Hell, they have so much sex everyone around them should be pregnant too!


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