Chapter 24


Eric decides I need a blindfold before the two of them get started. I also remind Eric of the safe word — granola — and then I hear my boyfriend making out with another woman. Shockingly enough, I’m not jealous, but I think it’s because it’s Jessica I don’t feel like I need to be. She doesn’t have feelings for him and I know Eric loves me so there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy this.

When they pull apart Jessica goes down on me, mostly fucking me with her tongue while Eric has me sucking him off to get him hard again. Not having use of my eyes or my hands makes me hyper aware of everything. My hearing gets better, and when Jess starts to finger my ass, I have a pretty good idea of what’s about to happen.

I feel Eric’s fingers working my clit until I cum, and then Jess backs off. They trade places, and Eric pushes my legs so far up I’m pretty much folded in half. I feel the cold drizzle of lube dripping onto my rear hole, and then the nudge of his hard cock pressing against it.

“It’s been a while since I fucked your tight little ass, pretty girl,” he says as his head pushes in.

I gasp and try not to tense up. Jess rubs my clit for me, which helps me relax.

“You’re so fucking wet, Sookie,” she says as she rubs, and then I hear her and Eric kissing again. When Jess moans I don’t know if it’s from the kissing or if it’s something else.

What I do know is that Eric is slipping in deeper and deeper until he’s buried in me. I feel the toy Jess picked out rubbing against my pussy, and then pressing into my opening there. I gasp as she slides it in a few inches as Eric starts to pull out, and they start this slow, torturous rhythm that drives me crazy.

I lose track of how many times I cum, and how many different ways I get fucked, but by the time they’re finished with me I’m shaking all over and I just want to pass out. I’m completely destroyed. Eric snuggles me from behind and the last thing I remember is Jessica kissing me softly before I lose consciousness.

♦ ♦ ♦

When I wake up I smell something cooking in the kitchen and since I’m alone in bed I’m guessing its Eric doing the work. Well that, and Jess can’t cook either. My nose forces me out of bed because even though I’m still a little shaky–my legs are wobbly as fuck– I’m also starving. On that last round Eric made me fuck myself on his cock and it felt like it took forever because I was already exhausted by that point.

I stop in the bathroom to get myself cleaned up a little bit, and then I go to the kitchen in one of Eric’s shirts. Jess is at the island playing sous chef, while Eric has my wok out on the stove. Stir fry. Yummy.

“Well hello there, sleepyhead,” Jess says with way too perky a smile on her face.

“Hey,” I smile back. The microwave clock tells me it’s just after nine at night.

“Come here and kiss me, Sookie,” Eric commands from his post at the stove and I saunter over. “How do you feel?”

“Like I’m made of Jell-o,” I tell him. “Next time we’re tying you up, buddy.”

“We’ll see.” He kisses my forehead and goes back to cooking. “Did you sleep alright?”

“Like a rock.” I go to the fridge and grab a bottle of water from it.

“Good,” he smiles.

“Need any more help?” I ask.

“I have a bundle of green onions from the fridge? I can show you how to cut them.”

“Are you sure I’m ready for knives?” I smirk, and go back into the fridge for the green onions. While I’m in there, Eric slaps my ass. “Hey! I think I’ve had enough of that today,” I laugh. When I straighten up I rub my butt and pout.

“Mmm, but you’re so cute when you yelp like that,” he grins. “And you’ll do fine with the knife; I’ll give you a small one.”

“Oh so I can cut my fingers off a little at a time.” I grab a cutting board, and Eric comes over to stand behind me and show me how to cut the onions.

“You two are sickeningly sweet,” Jess says when Eric starts nuzzling my neck and it makes me giggle.

“Shit, sorry I forgot you were here,” Eric jokes and kisses the side of my head.

“Ouch,” Jess says. “Am I that forgettable?”

“Of course not, sweetie,” I assure her. “Eric just gets extra cute and snuggly after a ton of orgasms.”

“Yeah, about that… Are you on medication, because most guys your age don’t rebound that fast,” she says. It’s a good question. I’ve wondered about it myself. It really is impressive.

“Nah, I don’t really have an explanation. Are you complaining though? I can give you one half-assed fuck a night if you want though. That would be more than I gave the cunt,” he shrugs and goes back to the stove.

“Don’t you dare. I like things just the way they are,” I tell Eric.

“If you ever change your mind…”

“Okay you do that and I’ll stop giving head so we’re even,” I tease.

“It was good while it lasted,” he winks and grabs something he cut up before I came out. It’s green; I’m not sure what it is though.

“Yeah, it was. Lucky for me I just had so many orgasms I lost count. I guess I’ll just have to cozy up to Pedro again,” I sigh, and Jessica almost chokes on her drink behind me. She knows what I’m talking about.

“I thought Pedro died,” Jess says.

“No, he’s just retired,” I wink over my shoulder at her.

“What is a Pedro, Sookie?” he asks; completely serious.

“My Latin lover,” I answer, and again Jess snorts behind me.

Eric just cocks an eyebrow, motioning for me to continue.

“He’s reliable, doesn’t argue with me, he’s not clingy and he’s never failed to make me scream when I cum,” I tell him.

Eric shrugs and says, “Well you have me now, so Pedro can enjoy his retirement.”

“Are you jealous?” I ask. He looks a little bothered. Of course there’s a key piece of information I’ve left out on purpose.

“No,” he says, but sounds a little put out. “Dinner’s ready.”

“There’s one other thing you should know about Pedro,” I say, and go to get plates down from the cabinet.

“Enlighten me.”

I hand Eric his plate and say, “He’s battery powered.”

“I still don’t like him,” Eric admits. “We can use others, but I’m not impressed with Pedro.”

“Well I am. Besides, you never cared before if I use toys like that, and you definitely didn’t care while I was cuffed to my bed a few hours ago.”

“I’m all for the toys, I just don’t like the idea of one replacing me.”

“Eric, please,” I roll my eyes. “Pedro can do exactly one thing that you can’t, and that’s it. Trust me, you win.”

“What can Pedro do that I can’t? Have I disappointed you yet?”

“No, you haven’t, but no matter how good you are your dick doesn’t vibrate.”

“I’ll find a way,” he says and even with his annoyed tone I can tell he’s joking now.

“You do that, honey.” I pat his arm before I dish up.

“If you figure out how to do that, I’ll fight Sookie for you,” Jessica says.

“Sorry, Jess I’m not going through the meet and greet with the kids and a new woman. They’re already used to the idea of this one,” Eric says, motioning toward me. “But if you can talk her into sharing I’ll service you every now and then.”

“Oh fine,” she concedes.

We all sit down to eat, and after dinner I do the dishes. Jess goes down to the guest room to lay down, and I suggest to Eric that we go for a soak in my hot tub. I could definitely use it.

“That sounds good,” he agrees. “We’ll be naked right?”

“That’s my plan,” I smile up at him.

“Then lead the way,” he whispers and drops his pants.


Sookie pulls my shirt off and she takes my hand to lead me through her house naked to the back yard. I don’t feel like having sex right now, I just like having her naked. That and I think her tits are going to look amazing floating in the water.

Sookie stops to get towels for us before we make it to the hot tub and when we get in she sits across from me which is way too far away.

“Come over here,” I command. My arms are up on the edges and my legs are stretched out, reaching the other side of the hot tub.

Sookie moves over so she’s sitting next to me, and rests her head on my arm.

“Can you believe half of your trip is over already?” she asks while staring up at the stars.

“It’s going too fast,” I sigh. “This long distance shit is going to suck when I get home.”

“It’ll be okay. We’ll make it work,” she says. “I can drive out to see you in a couple of weeks.”

“Really?” she nods against my arm and I wrap it around her. “I’ll be busy so it’ll fly by, I know that, but I’ll miss coming home to you everyday.”

“I’ll miss waiting for you. I keep asking myself if we would be living together already if I lived in Utah. Do you think you would have talked me into it?”

“I would’ve tried,” I smile. “You’re stubborn though so who knows. I don’t think it’ll be too long before I get you out there though. We can keep this as a vacation home.”

“It’s not about being stubborn,” Sookie turns her head toward me. “I just want to wait until I meet all of the kids and I know for myself that they don’t hate me. Obviously they’ll be around, so I want to be sure they’re comfortable with me being there.”

“I want that too. I’m pretty sure they’re going to love you, but there’s always that slim chance they won’t and that thought tears me up inside,” I admit.

“It’s okay if they don’t love me. I wouldn’t expect them to considering everything that’s happened. I’ll settle for getting along with them enough that they aren’t annoyed with my presence.”

“They have manners, usually, so even if they hated you they would at least show you respect.”

“What if they decide they do hate me?” Sookie asks nervously.

“If the twins hate you, they’ll get over it pretty quickly. Hell, just wear a low cut top and they’ll be in love,” I chuckle. “But they don’t hold grudges and usually see things for what they are. If they hate you, I’ll just spend time with them without you and if we move into together they’ll be required to be respectful in our home. The same goes for Alyssa. I’ll do a lot for my kids, but I would never leave you because they’re being spiteful. I know you’d never hurt them or put them in harms way and that’s the only reason I can imagine I would break things off with you.”

“Okay.” Sookie releases a deep breath.

“Are you alright?” I ask, turning so we’re face to face.

“Yeah, mostly. I just want everyone to be happy and comfortable.”

“I think we will be. On the off chance they do dislike you; it should pass fairly quickly and definitely before you agree to move to Utah.”

“I hope so.”

“Are you really okay with what I did with Jessica?” I ask, changing the subject. I know she says she’s fine with it, but anytime I was alone with her I felt like I was doing something wrong.

“I think because it’s Jessica and I know her, I’m not jealous about it. I trust her and you, and as long as you two don’t go developing feelings outside of basic physical attraction to each other it’ll be fine,” Sookie says.

“I know that would never happen,” I say with confidence. “She’s a gorgeous girl, but when we’re not fucking I think she still acts very young. How old is she?”

“Twenty-three. She’ll be twenty-four on Halloween.”

“If it wouldn’t be disgusting I’d say we should hook Levi up with her… wait, never mind. I forgot what she does for a living. That’s not really a profession that works well with relationships.”

“Not really, but she asked me if I would care if she hooked up with him,” she admits.

“As long as I never find out,” I shudder. “Our threesomes would have to end if I found out she hooked up with my son.”

“Uh, yeah. That would be too creepy. You have no idea how happy I am that Levi and I never slept together.”

“Yeah, that would’ve ruined a lot,” I laugh. “I would’ve felt like you were contaminated.”

“So would I,” she agrees.

“Come here, I need you closer.” I tug Sookie closer and she climbs into my lap sideways. She rests her head on my shoulder and I hold her close. “I like you, I hope you know that.”

“I should hope so,” she says, and kisses my neck. “I like you, too.”

“It’s important; I think too many people don’t like their significant other,” I observe.

“Good point,” she agrees. “It’s easy to confuse attraction and great sex for love. I’ve seen it dozens of times thanks to my former line of work.”

“See, so I wanted you to know it’s not just your hot body and fantastic sex. I like the person you are inside as well.”

“That’s good. If sex is all there is a relationship burns out fast, let me tell you. Been there, done that.”

“Now when the sex gets lame or my erectile dysfunction flares up we can play card games and cook… or some shit,” I chuckle. “Speaking of sex… how are you feeling right now?” I add and run my hand up her thigh to her hip.

“Right now I’m alright, but I’m sure I’ll feel it in the morning. I think Jess was rougher than you were.”

“I don’t know if I like that,” I say. With as much sex as we have her physical wellbeing concerns me. Jessica did seem a little rough, and I should’ve told her to chill, but I figured she knows Sookie’s body too and knows what she can handle. “Why didn’t you tell her to ease off a little?”

“Because it felt good,” she shrugs. “I’ll be fine. It’s not the first time I’ve had rough sex.”

“I know, I just worry. The last thing anyone wants is for the girl they love to be in any kind of pain or discomfort. I’ll stop fathering you now.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” she sticks her tongue out in a teasing way. Before she can pull it back I tilt forward and suck her tongue between my lips making her moan.

I pull back and say, “Daddy is fine if we aren’t naked… you know what I mean.” I snicker when I remember we’re naked.

“So not while we’re fucking,” she says. “And don’t worry; I don’t plan on calling you that regularly. It’s fucking creepy.”

“Agreed,” I smile and kiss her crinkled nose.

“So I have an important question to ask.”

“Ask me anything.”

“When is your birthday?” Sookie asks.

“September third,” I answer.

“Oh good, then there’s still time,” she grins like the Cheshire cat.

“Should I be worried?” I ask and rub her back.

“Do I look like trouble to you?” Sookie asks with feigned offense.

“Yes,” I reply honestly. She’s the best kind of trouble though.

She gasps dramatically. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m as innocent and pure as the driven snow.”

Not for the first time tonight I arch an eyebrow. “Liars go to hell, Sookie.”

She shrugs and says, “That’s fine. The refreshments are better.”

“I’ll miss you,” I grin and wrap both arms around her, holding her tight.

“Pfffft. You, good sir, are an adulterer,” Sookie reminds me. “We’re both sinners.”

“Are you judging me? If I wasn’t an adulterer I wouldn’t be here with you now. I can go if you want,” I shrug and start to move her off of my lap.

“I’m not judging you, just reminding you that I’m not the only person in this tub that qualifies for a trip to Hell.”

“Fine, I guess I’ll save you a seat.”

“Oh that’s right! You’ll probably get there first,” she grins.

“Mmhmm, forty-one in a couple months. I already have one foot in the grave,” I tease. “You’re trying to kill me for my money aren’t you, and making it look like my heart gave out from all the orgasms. I’m onto you.”

“Then I guess, I should go,” she says, and starts to get off my lap.

“You’re not going anywhere,” I growl and pull her back, holding her tighter than before. “It’ll be a sweet death.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” she says, and crushes her lips against mine.

I don’t let her go. My hands come up to hold the back of her head and slip my tongue through her lips. The kiss is intense, but my hands don’t leave her hair. She turns to straddle my lap and presses her tits into my chest, while wrapping her arms around my ribs.

“I don’t know how you do this to me,” I whisper between kisses.

“Likewise,” she says, and then tugs on my bottom lip with her teeth.

I pull her hair, tilting her head back and trail wet, open mouthed kisses down her neck. I suck lightly on her skin, marking her on purpose.

“You always taste so good, pretty girl,” I moan against her flesh and when I suck a little harder she lets out a deep sigh.

Her fingernails drag lightly up and down my chest and she tilts her head to give me better access to her neck. I slide my hands down her neck, holding her neck in place as I suck a little farther down, just above her clavicle. I want her, I always want her, but I know she’s still a little sensitive from how hard she was fucked earlier.

“Give me your nipple,” I whisper, my eyes are half closed and my lips are still on her sweet skin.

She gives me what I ask for and cups her own breasts in her hands. I move my hold to her ribcage and lean her back a little, giving me better access. I watch as Sookie runs her thumb over her left nipple and gently offers it to me. My eyes flick between her face and her nipple and then once it’s in reach I brush my tongue over the tight peak.

“Baby, suck a little,” Sookie pleads.

Of course I can’t deny her anything, so I suck lightly, releasing with a pop and take it between my lips again. I do this over and over as Sookie’s back arches, thrusting more of her breast into my mouth. I give her sensitive nipple a break and suck the soft underside of her breast. She pulls back with a shiver and when she pushes forward again her right tit is in my mouth. She’s making me hard again, and I know she can feel my erection on her thigh.

“Do you want to cum again?” I ask around her nipple as my hand ghosts down her body. I slip my hand between her legs and rub three fingers through her folds from her clit to her opening.

“Yes,” she whimpers and sits up higher on her knees.

I know she assumes I want to fuck her and whereas I always want to fuck her, not right now. I just want her to feel good. I want her to know I cherish her and it seems with us the best way to show our love is through orgasms. It’s definitely not a bad thing and we manage to say everything we leave unsaid through our actions.

Working two fingers into her pussy, I suck a little harder on her nipple and scissor my fingers, twisting until I find her sweet spot.

“Oh God, so good, baby,” Sookie moans and I kiss up her to her neck again, suckling lightly.

Sookie wraps her arms around my neck, crushing her tits against my chin and starts to shake as I fuck her with my hand. Her fingers thread through the back of my hair and she tugs hard enough to rip my head back. Her lips crash into mine, her tongue probing my mouth and she’s riding my hand harder. I brush my thumb across her clit and her orgasm rips through her body. She shudders as she gasps for air against my lips, reluctant to break the kiss.

“I love you so much, pretty girl,” I whisper into her wet mouth.

“Jesus, that was hot,” Jessica breaks in, startling us a little.

This is what I meant when I said she’s immature. She needs to know when to leave us alone instead of ruining a perfectly good moment with my girl.


13 thoughts on “Chapter 24

  1. great chapter, i know they both know where they stand with Jessica but after the last line i think there is going to be issues soon. but as long as they keep it casual like once a year i think they should be good. still loved the chapter though Kristie


    • I agree with you. I think there is some latent jealousy issues. It is, after all, where porn and angst collide. Personally, I love angst. Probably about as much as I do porn. Lol.


  2. What ilive2read said, I want my own Eric – The Energizer Bunny!
    Dang I can see what Eric said about Jess. That was a kinda private moment. Very evident by what Eric had just said. O well. Jess will be leaving soon.


  3. I’m not surprised by Jessica’s intrusion. The boundaries are so blurred between them all it’s almost to be expected. Generally why these situations don’t last long or end happily.


  4. I can’t decide if I like them doing Jessica. She was asked to spend some of her not working time with them, not wait in the wings for them to use if they want to. Eric shouldn’t be mad that she interrupted them, she didn’t know.


  5. Very hot… but I am also hopeful for these two seeing how they seem to be communicating honestly about how they feel about things – the hot tub session was really sweet but yes, Jessica really spoilt it. I think the boundaries get a bit blurred when the third party is there beyond the sexy session and also looks like Jessica is getting a little too familiar so perhaps it’s time to send her home?


  6. Loved their intimate time together talking & loving after the kinky threesome, especially Eric’s thoughts about cherishing her. Whilst I agree Jess intruded on a private moment, they were out in the yard & she is their guest, invited out there for sex, so I think she could be forgiven for misreading the situation. She is used to being in such situations with Sookie where no doubt she would just join in. Eric definitely feels more conflicted about this now he & Sookie are together.


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