Chapter 14


I’ve had a three-way with two girls, but never had group sex before. I can see the appeal. We’ve been going for close to an hour and it doesn’t seem like any one of us is close to done. Right now Ginger is riding me reverse with her mouth on Preston’s dick while Sookie is riding my tongue. I’ve seen her in ecstasy before, but this is something else entirely. Her pussy is soaked from the orgasms and her own natural wetness. Her head is thrown back as her hips rock back and forth so my tongue can easily reach every inch of her perfect pussy.


I can tell Ginger is nearing another orgasm by the way her walls are flutter around my cock. I can’t see when they’re doing, but Pres is whispering something to her that make both girls whimper when they hear it.


Suddenly Ginger disappears and I feel Sookie being pulled off of my face.


“Time to give the slut what she really wants,” he growls. He flips Sookie so she has her back to my chest. Ginger wraps her hand around my wet cock and runs my tip through Sookie’s slick folds, ending at her ass.


“Mmm, is this what you’ve been waiting for?” I purr into her ear as my hand wraps around her throat. “Have you been waiting for us to fuck you together?”


“No,” she whispers. That’s a lie.


“Are you sure?” I use my other hand to rub over her clit before giving it a light smack. “Do you want to tell me the truth?” I slide up, allowing my cock to slowly fill her ass. She’s so slick we don’t even need the lube, although we stopped to grab it at one point just in case.


“Fuck, your cock feels good, baby,” she moans and rubs against me.


I feel Preston’s legs next to mine. I move my hand when I feel the head of his cock rub her clit. My hips are moving slowly at the moment, waiting for him to push into her.


“Are you ready, slut?” Preston asks. I have her pinned with my hand around her throat. I feel her back arch, taking me deeper as he rubs her clit.


“Yes, Sir,” she moans.


We all groan in unison as he fills her pussy. As he pushes in I slowly pull out, reversing the motion. We start slowly gradually building up a steady rhythm. After a few minutes I glance over and see Ginger fingering herself as she watches us. She knows she’s next.


“Fuck, Sookie,” Preston growls as he speeds up a little more. She’s writhing between us as we start to pound into her. She’s going to be out of commission for a few days after this.


“Cum for us,” I purr, nibbling on her earlobe.


Sookie’s mouth opens in a silent scream and somehow her eyes find mine as the orgasm crashes down on her. I hear her taking in air but choked noises come out while her entire body shakes and all of her walls clamp down incredibly hard over and over and over again.


She’s fucking incredible when she cums. This one seems to go on forever while we continue to fuck her through her orgasm. My thumb rubs her bottom lip as I press soft kisses to her neck.


“Ginger, your turn,” I hear Preston say as he pulls out of Sookie.


I feel her get on her knees between my thighs. She drags her tongue from my balls up to Sookie’s dripping wet pussy. Whatever she does makes Sookie jerk and her eyes flutter closed. My cock is pulls from her ass before I feel something wipe me off. Sookie rolls off of me in a whimpering mess as Ginger hops on and starts to ride me. Fuck. I feel like I’m the one being used right now. I have my eyes on Sookie to make sure she’s okay when I feel Preston slide into Ginger’s ass.


“Oh fuck yessss!” Ginger hisses. “Give it to me fuckin’ hard, Pres.”


I don’t have to move he starts pounding her so hard he’s pushing her up and down my shaft. I grab Ginger’s tits and start to pull her nipples the way I’ve learned she likes.


“Are you gonna cum on his big dick?” Preston pants before smacking Ginger’s ass. I’ve already cum a couple times and I don’t feel anywhere close to ready to cum again. I have a feeling I’ll be at this a while.


“Fuck yes,” Ginger growls.


“Give it to me,” I command. “Let me feel it, slut.”


She does. Her pussy grips my shaft while Preston continues to slam into her over and over.


“More!” Ginger pleads.


Preston slaps her ass again. He pulls out, flips her on her back and pushes her hips up. He drives back into her ass, this time managing to slam in harder than I’ve ever seen anyone fuck. Jesus.


I roll over to Sookie and push her legs apart, rubbing my cock over her folds.


“Are you ready for me?” I ask as I pull my hips back and my tip settles just inside her entrance.


“I’m fuckin’ soaked for you,” she replies.


“Mmm, good.” I surge forward, filling her pussy. I get and good grip on her throat, applying a little pressure as I turn her head to the side so I can whisper in her ear. “You make me so fuckin’ hard, pretty girl. Seeing your beautiful fuckin’ face when you cum over and over… fuck… I love watching you in ecstasy, baby.” My hips stay slow, swiveling as I slide in deep again and again. In. Out. In. Out. Fuck. She’s so goddamn wet.


Sookie hitches her legs up so her knees are up around my ribs, letting me get insanely deep inside her. Her hands cup my face and draws it down to hers for a deep, searing kiss. As our tongues dance yet another orgasm washes over her, making her whimper. When the kiss breaks I see tears in her eyes.


“Don’t stop,” she whispers. “Feels too good to stop…”


I grab reach up to grab the edge of the couch I have her on. I use it for leverage pulling myself up so I get a little deeper. I continue to swivel my hips. The noises from the other two are drowned out by the thud of my pounding heart. This girl does something to me that I can’t describe. Whatever it is she makes me feel is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. I rest my forehead on hers; stealing quick kisses every few seconds. My stomach starts to twitch as my balls begin to tighten.


“Do you want me to fill this pussy up with cum, pretty girl?” I whisper. “Do you want me to mark you as mine?” That’s exactly what it feels like every time I cum inside of her.


“Please, please, oh god, please,” she begs.


I just needed to hear that. I grind against her as my orgasm hits. I crash my mouth to hers in a hard kiss as my cock pulses, forcing my release as deep as possible.


“Mine,” I growl against her lips.


She grabs my ass to keep me buried deep inside her.


“Yours,” she breathes.


My heart clenches again. Just hearing that come from her mouth threatens to bring the caveman out of me. I want to pick her up and hide her in our room for the rest of our lives so no one ever gets to see her again. Naked, or clothed. I know it’s just the emotions running high right now. Thankfully, I keep my sudden possessiveness in check.


I kiss her chin and whisper, “I’ve been yours since we were fourteen.”


That does it. Her tears spill over and she hugs me around my neck, clinging to me while she cries. I hear Preston and Ginger finish a few feet away from us. I know they’re getting ready to bring us back into the mix when they notice her tears and the way she’s holding onto me. Ginger let’s out a quiet ‘aww’ and has to pull Preston away. I don’t know what they end up doing because I pick up my sobbing mess of a girl and carry her into the house, up to our room. She’s still crying when I sit on the bed and settle her on my lap.


“Babe, you’re making me nervous now,” I whisper when she doesn’t stop. I brush her hair back and kiss her face.


“I just… I’ve never felt… No one’s ever… I…” She’s not making any sense. Sookie tries to calm herself down. Her breathing is all ragged and she’s shaking like a leaf. “I don’t know why you’re so set on me, but I don’t have words for how happy I am to be yours. I’ve never wanted to be anyone’s but mine.”


That makes my heart clench again. This girl is my every fantasy come to life and she’s crying because I make her happy to be mine…


“I don’t know what to say to that,” I say quietly, wiping her tears with my thumb. “You’re a different person than you were back then, but I’m just as taken with you now. If I could explain it I would.” It started with her smile, and it still makes my heart race.


“Just hold me,” she whispers and wraps herself around me.


I do as I’m told. I slide back on the bed and lie back with her on my chest. I wrap my arms around her, gently rubbing her back. I she sniffles every minute or so until she finally falls asleep. She’s been out about ten minutes when there’s a light tap on the door.


“Come in,” I call, squeezing Sookie when she shifts at the sound of my voice.


Ginger peeks in. “She okay?”


“I think so. She got a little over emotional,” I chuckle. “She’s knocked out right now.”


“Been there, done that. She’ll be fine once her signals uncross. Pres and I are going to take off, but thanks for everything. I can see why Sookie’s giving up the business,” Ginger says.


“Thank you,” I smile. “Thanks for tonight. We had a great time.”


“Ditto. I’m sure I’ll see you again.”


“I’m looking forward to it,” I tell her. Before all the sex, I actually liked Ginger. She’s fun, even if we just keep a friendly relationship with her.


She gives me a wave and closes the door. I have to close the house up, but when I try to move Sookie off of me she clings tighter. It takes close to an hour for her to be in a deep enough sleep to let me go. I get up and go downstairs to clean up. I find Edith asleep on her bed, on her back with her little paws out. She’s so damn cute. I leave her where she it, clean up the bulk of the mess and turn off the hot tub jets.


When I get back to the room Sookie is curled up on her side, wrapped around my pillow. I slide in behind her, pulling her into my chest. I kiss the back of her head and feel her slender fingers thread with mine. The last thought I have before I pass out cold is that this is where I’ve always belonged. I’ve never felt so at home anywhere else. Sookie Stackhouse is my happy place.




The next morning I wake up to Edith’s whimpering outside the bedroom door, alerting me that she needs to go out. I get up and go into the closet for my robe so I can let her outside. I open the French door in the dining room and she bolts for the stairs to get to the lawn. Edith knows not to leave the yard. She’s a big baby anyway so she never goes far.


Still, I keep an eye out to make sure she doesn’t get into trouble while I start the coffee. I’m in the middle of stacking dirty dishes in the dishwasher when Eric emerges from the bedroom, butt naked and rubbing his eyes.


“Morning, babe,” I say with a smile. I know I was a hot mess last night. The orgasms scrambled my brain.


“Mornin’,” he yawns. He walks up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and rests his cheek on top of my head. “How’d you sleep?”


“Like a fuckin’ rock,” I answer. “I’m starving though. I’m about to start making breakfast.”


I’ve been watching YouTube videos and working with Eric on my cooking skills. I’m getting better.


“What are you making?”


“Mmm… I’m thinking potatoes, eggs, bacon and maybe pancakes too.” I seriously feel like I could eat a fuckin’ horse.


“Okay. Let me know if you need help. I think I want to shower.”


“I don’t blame you,” I chuckle. “I think I’ll be fine. You’re not hungover, are you?” I had two glasses of wine last night but that was all.


“Nah, I’m fine.” I’m surprised with the amount of beer he drank.


“So you won’t mind if I have Foreigner playing all over the house?” The place is wired for sound in every room.


“Not at all,” he shrugs.


“Sweet. Enjoy your shower.”


Eric gives me a quick kiss before turning and sauntering back to my room. I don’t mind that he’s using my bathroom. Part of me thinks it was dumb for him to put his stuff in the other room. We’ve slept in the same bed every night since we moved in. I didn’t want to jump the shark by having him move into my space so soon. After living with Sam I wasn’t sure it was a good idea.


I start the iPod playing Foreigner’s greatest hits and then doctor up my coffee. Edith comes to the door so I let her in. In the pantry I find an onion/bacon muffin mix that sounds like it’s right up my alley this morning. As I read the instructions I get the oven going. I’m going to have to make bacon either way. I put some golden fingerling potatoes in a pot with some salt and water to partially cook them and then go to the bedroom to put clothes on.


As I’m pulling on a pair of Eric’s boxers to go with my Seahawks tank top, he comes out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist.


“Feel better?” I ask.


“Yes. My balls were sticking to my leg after last night,” he chuckles.


“Yikes.” That can’t be good.


“You were very wet and I didn’t get a chance to clean up before I passed out. It’s fine.”


“I’m making bacon and onion muffins,” I smile.


“Mmm, sounds good. You sure you don’t want any help?”


“You can make the potatoes if you want,” I shrug. He’s better at dicing stuff and we both like onion in the potatoes.


“You got it. I’ll be out as soon as I’m dressed.”


“Okay.” I give him a quick kiss and go back to the kitchen. Edith is stretched out under the overhang on the island, taking a nap.


I’m laying out bacon on a big cookie sheet when Eric comes in with my phone.


“Your phone went off,” he says as he sets it on the counter next to me.


“Thanks,” I smile. After I get the bacon settled I wash my hands. I take a look at the message and squeal. The rescue my dad got Edith from has some pit bull puppies that need a home. Dad’s friend Terry isn’t above texting people with pictures to get them to consider it, and these babies are too precious for words.


“Are you okay over there?” Eric chuckles as he grabs an onion.


“You tell me.” I hold out my phone so he can see the furry babies.


“Uh oh,” he smiles. “My little sweetpea might be in trouble when we bring one of these little cutie pies home.”


“She’ll have a new friend to play with,” I coo. “Look how cute. Can we have all of them?”


I’m not above blowing him for it.


“No,” he replies firmly. “We only need one more.”


“But they have twitchy tails and they smile when you give them lovins all over their belly…”


He’s looking at me like I’m nuts.


“Babe, I love Edith like a child, but we don’t need another whole litter. You get one more puppy, that’s it.”


I pout. “I hope you’re not like this with babies.”


“How many babies do you want?” he asks, arching an eyebrow.


“I don’t know,” I shrug. “Three. Maybe four.”


I’ve been thinking about kids more and more and I can admit that having friends who are pregnant or already moms is sort of making my biological ticker a little louder in my head. Lately anytime I see a baby of any species my ovaries explode with volunteers.


“We’ll play that by ear,” he says, wrapping his hands around my hips. “I just don’t think we need so many puppies.”


“Your earth logic shits on my parade.” I give him what he calls my ‘angry kitten’ face.


“You’re adorable,” he smiles and kisses the tip of my nose.


“Well good luck picking just one. We should probably bring Edith with to make sure they get along. I don’t want them fighting all the time.” I know dogs play fight but I don’t need two pit bulls trying to kill each other.


“Good plan. What happens if she doesn’t like any of them?”


“Then we don’t get one today,” I shrug. There will be more, sadly.


“Well, let’s eat and get dressed so we can go try to find a new Northman.” He kisses the tip of my nose again before he turns to start dicing onions.




We pull up to the rescue a few hours later. Terry comes out of the building with a friendly smile on his face. He’s a Vietnam vet and working with dogs has been good therapy for him mentally. Dad and Terry have been friends since Dad moved down here after college. As soon as I open the door to Eric’s big ass truck, Edith wants to jump down to say hello to her new friend. Thankfully I hit the release on her leash in time so she doesn’t hang herself in all the excitement. There are times when she’s really earned her name.


I get down from the truck and laugh at the way Edith’s flopped on her back in the gravel for her belly rubs. Terry’s giving them to her, too. She’s in puppy heaven right now.


“Hey, Terry. Long time no see.” That’s not entirely true. I saw him for the Super bowl party Dad threw.


“Hi there, Sook. She’s gettin’ big,” he tells me as he scratches her belly. “Who’s this fella?” he asks when he stands, reaching his hand out to shake Eric’s.


“This is Eric, my boyfriend.” That’s the first time I’ve called him that out loud.


“Nice to meet you, Eric. I’m Corbett’s buddy Terry.”
“Good to meet you too,” Eric smiles.


“Well I got your message. Eric and I think Edith needs a friend so we thought we’d come and see if she can pick one out,” I tell him.


“Good deal. Come on, Edith.” He pats his leg, making her jump up to follow him.


Eric takes my hand to follow Terry to the puppies. He leads us through the lobby of the rescue and into the kennel. The dogs start barking immediately and jumping around in their cages.


“They’re a spirited bunch,” I laugh.


“They’re ready to get outta here and into their forever homes,” Terry says.


“I don’t blame them. At my place they’ll have plenty of yard, a lake and thousands of square feet to play in. You and Dad should come out by my place and go fishing sometime,” I tell him.


“Corbett mentioned something about a dock and a boat,” he smiles. “Said something about getting over there before the sun comes up next weekend.” Dad hasn’t run that idea past me yet.


“Of course he hasn’t said anything to me about it, but Eric here is in charge of the boat, so y’all have to go through him,” I say. They can use the dock anytime, but the boat isn’t mine to loan out.


“I’m not getting up that early,” Eric chuckles. “They can come in and get the keys or I can give them to Corbett the night before.”

“I’ll get with Corbett and see,” Terry nods. “Wanna get in there to see the babies?”


“Yes please.”


All of the puppies are in the same kennel right now so he bends to open it. He allows them to run out to us, jumping all over our legs and Edith. Eric bends over to pick up another blue puppy that looks a lot like Edith. He’s smiling like a loon as the baby tries to lick his face.


“Two months ago he cringed when Edith tried to lick his face,” I tell Terry.


“A puppy’s affection can sway even the coldest heart,” he winks.


“Apparently,” I chuckle. A pure white puppy rubs against my legs and there goes my ovaries. “Awww… Come here, baby.” I bend over to pick up the dog.


“Only one,” Eric reminds me as he set his baby down. He squats down to rub a few of them. Edith is a little jealous, trying to wedge herself between Eric and the puppies surrounding him.


“I know, I know. Looks like your girl doesn’t like you making nice with a younger woman,” I chuckle.


“She’s going to have to learn to share me,” he says, gently pushing Edith away.


Of course she whimpers and cries.


“Edith, come here.” I put down the white puppy and reach out to rub my baby’s head and scoop her heavy ass up. She snuggles with her head on my shoulder.


“How do we feel about this little guy?” Eric picks on up that’s all gray with a white tip on his tail and white paws. His little legs are kicking trying to find purchase on Eric’s arm.


I step closer to him to let him sniff me out and he immediately licks my hand.


“I think we have a winner. Edith, what do you think?” I put my furry baby down so she can check out the new guy.


“I think she likes him,” Eric chuckles when she bounces and does a little circle around him like she’s trying to play.


The best part is, little man plays along and licks her face.


“Awww… They’re so cute! Too bad she’s fixed.”


“We don’t need to have our own puppies. If we find we need more the next time Terry has some we can come look again,” Eric promises.


“I know.” The dogs are so cute playing with each other.


“Wanna stay to play a little while or take this stinker to get him some supplies?”


“We may as well go get his things. The kids can play when we get home,” I grin.


“Alright. We need to come up with a name for him.”


“Hmmm… Frank?” I suggest. “After Phoebe’s brother who liked older women?” I don’t know if he was a Friends fan.


“He does seem to like her,” he smiles. He scoops him up and looks at him nose to nose. “Do you like Frank?” The puppy waggles his little butt and tries to lick Eric again.


“I don’t know if he looks like a Frank,” I say after a minute. “Got any ideas?”


“If we’re going with the cougar route there’s always Finch,” he suggests.




“Who’s Finch?” I ask.


“From American Pie.”


Huh? What is he talking about?




“He had an affair with Stifler’s mo… You never saw American Pie did you?” he asks when he sees my blank expression.


“I did, it’s just been a while,” I laugh. “Shitbreak, right?”


“Right,” he laughs with me.


I tilt my head and call, “Finch!” to see if the puppy reacts to it.


His legs go wild as he turns to look at me with an adorable expression on his cute little face.


“I think we have a winner. The dingbat and Shitbreak,” I giggle. They’re quite the pair.


“I hope we come up with better names for our kids,” Eric laughs.


“I think they have awesome, unique names,” I say as Terry starts to wrangle the other puppies.


“Just don’t call my son Shitbrick,” he says.


“If he’s anything like his Dad I may have to,” I smirk.


Eric smacks my butt, earning a yelpy bark from Edith.


“Hush your mouth, Sweetpea,” Eric says as he flips Finch over to scratch his belly.


“She’s being protective of her favorite,” I tell him and lead Edith out of the puppy kennel.


“You hush your mouth, Sookie,” he says. “We both know who she loves the most.”


“Yes we do and it’s not you,” I reply. He likes to think he’s the favorite but that’s a big lie.


“We’ll see.”


“We’ll see me become Finch’s favorite too,” I snort.


“That’s because you’ll sneak them bacon when my back is turned,” he says, shaking his head with a handsome smirk on his face.


“It’s not sneaking when I put it right in Edith’s bowl.” I don’t always give her people food, but when I do it always goes in her bowl. As a result, she doesn’t beg for food at the table.


“Either way, if they like you more that’s why.”


“And because I cuddle with them on the couch and take them for long walks…”


“I would do more of that if I was home more but you know I cuddle up with my Sweetpea as soon as I get home.”


“You are so puppy whipped,” I giggle.


“I don’t deny it,” he winks as he leans over to kiss my head.


We get the paperwork all filled out to take our puppy home and make an appointment to get him fixed in a couple of weeks. The rescue gives us a collar and a package of puppy pads to help with housebreaking. Edith was pretty easy to train and Terry thinks she’ll help us get Finch trained too. On our way home we stop for a new leash and a new puppy bed. We don’t let the dogs sleep in bed with us. Finch is adorable and it’s obvious he and Edith like each other a lot. By the time we get home they’re curled up together in the backseat, sound asleep.



Chapter 14

5 thoughts on “Chapter 14

  1. What an excellent chapter. These two seem to have settled in together rather well. They have developed their relationship without too much angst. See how they settled the new puppy problem without fighting, being that both of them are dominant personalities. That augers well for the future. It will be sad when this story is completed.


  2. I really enjoyed this chapter! I love how you’ve woven these two as couple in this story as jules3677 said above without much angst. They’ve had a moment or two, but their compromising skills are great and work well for them. Edith & Finch are adorable!


  3. Aww. Cute little puppies! Seems like Sookie is starting to fall harder. Hmm, I know how you girls love to write angst, so I’m wondering how correct Eric’s mum is about her predictions. Hope she’s not 😦 and seeing as we don’t have far to go, I’m crossing fingers!


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