Chapter 3



Sookie has an almost devious look in her eyes as she takes my jogging pants off. I don’t know which option she’s going with but I know I won’t be disappointed.


“So what’s it gonna be, pretty girl? Heads or tails?” I ask her.


“Heads,” she winks and wraps her hand around my shaft. She starts stroking and she licks her lips as she looks between my cock and my eyes.


She sits up on her hands and knees. Sookie drags her tongue along the underside of my shaft from base to tip. Her hand keeps moving and she dips down to suck on one of my balls.


“What would you like me to do, Eric?” she asks me and sucks my other nut between her soft lips.


“Mmm… that feels good,” I whisper and watch her work.


She moans and sucks a little harder before licking up my length again. Her lips wrap around my head and her tongue plays with my slit before she begins to bob slowly. She pulls off to take a deep breath and goes back to work bobbing on my cock. Sookie’s hand is moving up and down with her mouth so I don’t notice right away that she’s taking more and more of my length until my head hits the back of her throat.


She starts to swallow.


“Holy shit,” I gasp and the moan she lets out with my cock in her throat makes me want to thrust my hips, but I don’t.


Her eyes close and she moans louder the deeper she takes me. She slowly pulls back and looks at me in the eye.


“Would you like to fuck my throat?” she asks sweetly.


“I don’t know. I’ve never done that before,” I admit.


“Stand up. I’ll lay back with my head over the side. You can see how you like it,” she offers.


I stand up and kick away my joggers while Sookie stretches out on the bed like she said. Her mouth opens and I guide my cock between her lips. She moans again and swallows when I nudge the back of her throat. I groan and slowly move my hips back and forth, not wanting to go too fast or get too rough with her.


Her hands come up to hold onto my hips and she tries to pull me deeper. The vibration of her moans shoots through my shaft, making me groan. Sookie pulls me harder, trying to get me to move faster.


“You want more?” I ask. Sookie moans and so I pick up the pace and get a little rougher with her. I see her nipples harden and I lean over to rub her clit. She moans again and it makes my dick twitch.


Sookie’s legs falls open and her hand grips my wrist to keep my hand on her clit. Her head starts moving the best she can while I fuck her. Her hips begin to buck and I can see her pussy dripping she’s so wet.


“Play with your nipples, pretty girl,” I instruct her and dip a finger inside. My hips move faster and the moan she lets out… ugh. If she keeps moaning like that I’m going to lose it.


Her hands go to her nipples and she plucks them, before rubbing them. She pushes her tits up for me and tugs more. I can feel her walls pulsing around my finger. I love that this is turning her on so much.


I pull my finger out of her to rub her clit quickly. She moans again around my shaft and the way her body shakes I know she’s cumming. There are tears in her eyes but her moans tell me she’s not in pain.


“I’m gonna cum, pretty girl. Do you want it in your mouth or on your tits?” I ask her.


She holds up her tits to tell me where she wants me to cum. I pull out of her mouth a few seconds later and finish myself on her tits with a loud groan.


“Fuck, Sookie, that’s so good,” I tell her.


“I’ve learned a few things over the years,” she smiles. She’s still panting hard and my cock twitches when she wipes up some of my cum to lick it off her finger.


“You have to stop doing sexy things like that, sweetheart,” I say.


“Like what?” she asks.


“Like licking my cum off your tits.” I bend down to kiss her.


“But I like it,” she pouts.


“Oh no, not the pouty face,” I say and kiss her again. “Put the lip away, Stackhouse.”


“Then let me lick your cum up.” She takes another swipe and sucks her finger.


“Fine, lick up my cum,” I sigh and move around the bed. I see an opportunity and bury my face between her legs.


“Mmm, see I let you lick mine up,” she moans and wraps her legs around my head.


I growl and thrust my tongue into her, making her back arch. One of these days we’ll do something other than fuck ourselves stupid. Today is not that day.




Two weeks later Sookie is back to work and I have a decision to make. There’s an offer on the table from the Colts. It’s not too far from Illinois but I would need to have a place there and I’m not sure how Sookie would feel about us being apart for half the year. I know I’m not too happy with the idea.


Financially I’m in a position to bring her on the road with me no problem, but it would mean quitting her job. I’m not sure how she would feel about that either. So when she gets home from work I have a pot of beef stew on the stove and a fresh loaf of bread baking in the oven.


“I’m starting to really appreciate coming home to you,” she smiles when she smells the bread. “Hi, babe,” she says and stands on her toes to kiss me hello.


“Hi. How was your day?” I ask.


“Good. Nothing crazy, I got a new case. How was yours?”


“Well, I found out I have an offer on the table from the Colts,” I tell her. “Three years for 10.5 million.”


She doesn’t know anything about my finances unless she’s been following it on the internet since it’s a matter of public record. This deal is a damn good one, but three years is a long time.


“Oh… is that good? Honestly if you ask me you guys get paid too damn much to play a game,” she says and goes to the fridge to get some water.


“It’s a good deal,” I tell her. “It’s a lot of money but it also means relocating part-time and spending a lot of time apart if I take it. There are pros and cons, so I need to get your feelings on this.”


She leans back against the counter and looks at me for a long time. She sighs after a few minutes and says, “I’m not thrilled about the idea of you leaving, but if it’s what you really want, then I’ll support your decision. I’ve lived ten years without you. Living together part time is a lot better than not at all.”


“It is,” I agree. “Truthfully, I want to be greedy and have you all the time. I could be extremely greedy and have my cake and eat it too, but it would depend on what you want. You could come with me but you would have to quit your job and travel with me.”


“I’m not married to my job, Eric. I’ve been there a year. I learned real early in life when you have something worth holding onto, then hold on tight with both hands. If you want me to come with you all you have to do is ask. I can go back to work when you retire, or see if I can do part-time pro bono work,” she tells me.


“So you would be okay with traveling around the country for five to six months out of the year to watch football games? It’s grueling and a little boring sometimes,” I warn her.


“If I ever get tired I can go home.” She walks up and wraps her arms around my waist and says, “I didn’t go into this halfway. I’m in. One hundred and ten percent.”


“Okay. I just don’t want to make a big decision like this without you,” I explain. “It affects us both. I don’t need the money and if we want to get married and have kids I don’t want to sign away three years of my life and potentially leave you to be a single mom for months at a time.”


I pull a piece of paper from my pocket and hand it to her. It’s a statement that was faxed over from my business manager with my bottom line number written on it.


She looks at it and hands it back without a word. I can’t read her expression, but she finally says, “I guess we need to sit down and talk family before we make any decisions about football.”


“Yeah, I think so.” The timer goes off on the oven so I grab the potholder and pull the bread from the oven. It smells like heaven.


“I want kids,” she tells me. “I’m fine with waiting, but if I quit my job I might want want them sooner rather than later.”


“You don’t want to take a baby on the road,” I tell her. “At least not for very long. Airports are dirty and loud and babies need so much stuff. I would hate to leave you alone with a newborn…”


“I’m willing to compromise with you. I can tell you really want this. That is an insane amount of money and we can spend the next three years on us. I’ve been too focused on work, and it’ll be a good break for me. I just want babies by the time I’m forty. How’s that sound?”


“Just so we’re clear, what I want most is you. I am fully prepared to turn down this offer. You know now that I have more than I could ever possibly need. You could still quit your job and we could travel for a year no problem and it would hardly make a dent. I could play for three more years and then retire for good, but truthfully I could probably do that right now. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”


“I’m going to back you up no matter what. How about you think about taking the deal. If you can see us waiting, then do it. If after a few days you think you want to start our lives now, then retire and we’ll fly to Italy to celebrate,” she suggests.


“I think that’s a great suggestion.” I lean in to kiss her. “Thank you, Sookie.”


“You’re welcome. I don’t know if it’s the best advice, but it’s what I have,” she smiles. “How long until we can slice the bread?”


“Whenever you want. Dinner’s ready.” I kiss her head and get us bowls for the stew while Sookie goes after the bread. We’ve settled into an easy routine and I love having her here. I’m really glad she decided to cash in on her wild night, that’s for sure.




This is a huge deal. I know Eric loves playing football, but he’s made it perfectly clear he would be willing to stop playing to stay here with me. What I told him is true though. The job I’m in is just a job. Eric is the man in my life, he is my family now, and if I’d figured that out three years ago Alcide and I would still be married. Some lessons are better learned later in life though.


As for children, I love them, I can’t wait to have my own. I was married to my previous job until I had to get away from Al. When I look at Eric I can see our kids; I can see us growing old together. What I feel for him has no words. I will stop whatever I have going on to support him.


“Eric, if you decide to retire, do you want me to quit too?” I ask. If he wants to travel, I guess I’d have to. “I guess what I’m asking is would you like me to quit to stay with you regardless?”


“Selfishly, yes,” he admits. “But I know you’re the independent type so I’m not sure how you feel about the idea of me supporting you.”


“I wasn’t raised to be that girl, no, but my Gran also taught me to take care of my man. She was a housewife. I think if you really, really wanted me to I could make it work. Your maid would be out of a job and you’d probably get sick of me waiting on you hand and foot,” I giggle.


“I only have a cleaning lady come during football season, I’ll have you know,” he says.


“Mmhmmm,” I hum. “Well the football season cleaning lady is out of a job.”


“I’ll be sure to pass the word along,” he smiles.


“I’m not a huge beef stew fan, but this is amazing,” I tell him. So far everything he’s cooked has been amazing. His mom was a good teacher.


“I’m glad you like it,” he says.


“Um, have you talked to your mom about us?” If he has he hasn’t told me. The last two weeks have been more than I ever expected, and I look forward to getting to know more about him and getting to meet his family.


“I talked to her today, actually. I told her about you and the offer,” he confirms.


“What did she say about it?”


“One hint at the possibility of grandkids and she told me to do whatever you want,” he laughs.


“She’s a good woman,” I wink. “I can’t wait to meet her.”


“She feels the same. Usually she comes up for Memorial Day, so I’m sure this year will be no different.”


“Okay.” I take my first bite of bread and moan. “Are you kidding me with this?” I say with my mouth full.


“Nope. It’s how I roll,” he smirks.


“My God, I would marry you and have your kids just to get this bread for the rest of my life.”


“You know I didn’t have commercially made bread until college. It was seriously disappointing.”


“Gran uses to make bread, but it wasn’t this good. I feel like everything I’ve ever known about fresh bread was a lie,” I tell him and take another bite.


“Just wait until Mom comes and makes fresh bagels. She’s like the pastry whisperer.”


“I can’t wait,” I laugh.


We finish dinner and I get up to clean the kitchen. Whoever cooks gets the night off from dishes. Eric always cooks right now. I don’t mind doing dishes though. I don’t mind cleaning anything really.


When I’m done I find my…


“Eric, are you my boyfriend?” I ask. We never discussed it, but I guess he is. He’s lying on the couch watching ESPN.


He looks at me curiously and asks, “Did you hit your head? No, you know my name so it’s not amnesia…”


“We haven’t really talked about it. Last time we did this I was your spring break fling.” I climb onto his lap and lie on his chest. It’s my favorite place to be. “I guess the moment I agreed to move in that cemented it, huh?”


“Well if you decide to quit your job you could just call me your sugar daddy,” he jokes.


“Mmm, that sounds dirty. I like it,” I wink and dip my head to kiss his chest.


“To seriously answer your question, yes. Your the only girl I want.”


“Good. You’re the only guy I want too,” I smile. “I kinda want you right now. I got home before seven tonight.”


“Yes you did,” he smiles. “I guess that text message worked, hmm?”


“It did.” I wiggle up his chest so I can peck his lips.


“Does this mean you want to try out playing with that pretty pink toy of yours?”


“Mmhmm,” I nod and let my legs drop around his hips so he can feel my heated core through my work pants on his bare stomach. “Do you want to go to the room or try it here on the couch?”


“I don’t have the supplies here for that so we should go upstairs.”


“Okay,” I whisper. I kiss him harder on the lips before I stand up and hold my hand out to help him up.


Eric takes my hand and stands up. He scoops me up and carries me up the stairs. When we get to the room he drops me on the bed and I get up to take my clothes off.


“Where do you want me?” I ask once I’m naked and standing at the edge of the bed.


“Get comfortable,” he says and goes to the closet where my toy box is.


I climb onto the bed and stay on my hands and knees. I rest my head on the pillow and reach between my thighs to start playing with my pussy. I’m already wet, but if we’re playing with my pink toy I want to be drenched for him.


“I’m ready when you are,” I say softly.


“Mmm… that’s a pretty picture, Sookie,” he purrs and climbs up on the bed. The pink toy appears and Eric says, “Get it wet for me, pretty girl.”


“Do you want me to fuck myself with it or suck it?” I ask.


“Your choice.”


I put it to my lips and start to suck on it. I keep my eyes on Eric when I swallow it so it’s all the way in my mouth.


“Good girl,” he smiles and pulls the toy out of my mouth. “Thank you.”


Eric keeps his eyes on mine and he pushes the toy inside me beside two of my fingers.


“Oh fuck, that’s so good,” I moan. “So full…” I start rocking my hips back trying to get the toy deeper.


“How long has it been since you had anal sex, Sookie?” he asks as he pumps the toy deeper and faster.


“Just over three years,” I tell him.


I hear the cap on a bottle of lube open and then the cool liquid is being drizzled between my lower cheeks. A moment later one of his fingers is rubbing my rear entrance and pressing on my hole. My pussy starts to clench and I grip the blanket. It’s been a long time, and I’m nervous, but I know Eric will do it right.


“When was the last time you did it?” I ask, curiosity getting the best of me.


“More than a year ago,” he answers as his finger slides in.


“Mmm, that’s good,” I moan.


His finger twists as he pumps in and out and the toy twists in the opposite direction. I keep rocking on the toy and his finger. It’s not going to take much longer for me to cum.


“Eric…” I pant. How is the man good at everything?


“Yes, Sookie?”


“I’m gonna cum,” I tell him. I think he can already tell by my heavy breathing.


I feel another finger pressing against my ass and then slide in, filling me more. The stretching makes me gush and I bury my head in the pillow.


“Fuuuck!” I scream into the pillow as my orgasm rocks my body. “More,” I beg when I can breathe again and I turn my head to look at him.


Eric pulls the toy out of my pussy and then his fingers from my ass. The toy slides up and nudges my rear hole for a moment before the head of it pops in. Mt breathing increases and my fingernails dig into the bed. He pumps the toy in and out in shallow thrusts. After a few minutes he starts to go deeper.


“That’s good, baby,” I tell him to let him know I’m still okay.


“Do you want more?”


“I think I’m ready for more, yes,” I nod. He has me nice and relaxed at the moment.


Eric shifts on the bed and then I feel his cock rubbing through my folds. The toy keeps moving in and out of my ass as his cock slides deep into my pussy.


“Oh fuck,” he groans.


My pussy starts to flutter a little with the sensation of being so full.


“Start slow please,” I tell him.


From the text messages today I have a feeling he won’t mind if I ask him to fuck me with his cock in my ass instead of the toy. It makes me nervous with his size, but I want to give it to him.


Eric moves slowly, letting me feel every thick inch of him. He keeps twisting the toy as he pulls out and I’m always full in one place or the other.


“Make me cum, Eric. I want you to take me in the ass, but I need to cum first,” I tell him. I’m already close.


His hips speed up and he reaches around to rub my clit in tight circles.


“Is this what you need, pretty girl?” he asks.


“Yes!” I moan. I know my walls are squeezing him hard and it only takes a few thrusts before I explode, pouring my juices down my thighs. “Do you want to take me there?” I ask. Eric and the toy are still moving in and out of me.


“I do,” he says. “I won’t last long.”


“That’s okay. I want you to cum whenever and wherever you want,” I tell him.


Eric takes the toy out of my ass and he adds more lube before his cock slips out of my pussy and moves up.


“Are you ready?” he asks.


“I am. The toy loosened me up.” Literally and figuratively.


“Good,” he says. At the last minute he turns me over and pushes my legs up so I’m practically folded in half, and then he pushes into my ass. “Holy shit,” he growls.


“Mmm, is that good, baby?” I moan. He’s huge and he’s stretching me more than I’ve ever been. His shaft is hitting spots I didn’t know existed, but he feels fucking fantastic.


“So fucking good,” he says as he pulls back. He groans as he pushes in again.


My fingers move down to my clit and I start rubbing. If I don’t cum again that’s fine, but I won’t be upset if I do.


“Tell me what you want. Do you want my fingers to push inside?” I purr and rub my opening.


“Yes,” he says. His hips move faster and start to slap against my ass.


“That’s it, Eric, give it to me hard!” I cry out. I slide two fingers into my pussy and I start to pump in and out.


“Mmm… you like it rough, Sookie?” He slaps my ass hard.


“Fuck, yes!” I scream. “Show that tight little asshole who she belongs to, Eric.” He’s only seen glimpses of this side of me. The look on his face tells me he loves it.


Eric grabs my nipple and tugs on it as he pounds me hard. He slaps my ass every few strokes, giving me exactly what I want.


“Is that hard enough?” he growls, punctuating each word with a hard thrust of his hips.


“Mmm, perfect,” I pant. “Cum for me, Eric. I want feel your release.” My walls tighten around my fingers and in a matter of seconds I’m cumming again.


“Oh fuck,” he groans and pulls out of me to cum all over my thighs and ass.


“So good, baby,” I pant. I’m spent.


“Fucking perfect,” he says.


“Come here and kiss me please,” I whisper. We need to take a shower anyway so his cum rubbing all over his thighs shouldn’t be a problem.


Eric doesn’t hesitate. He kisses me passionately until I have to pull away to breathe.


“Just how rough do you like to get, Sookie?” he asks.


“The only thing that would’ve made that better would’ve been your hand on my throat,” I whisper.


“I’ll remember that,” he winks and pecks my lips before he gets the remote to start the shower.


“I will forever be fascinated by that,” I laugh. I never use the remote because I never remember it. I roll over to snuggle into his side and whisper, “I like the slow sweet stuff too. Something about anal just doesn’t say sweet to me.”


“Excellent point.”


After we see the steam billowing from the bathroom we get up to shower. Once we step inside I push him against the wall for a slow, wet kiss.


“I want you to be slow and sweet with me right now,” I moan into the kiss. I can feel his cock growing against my stomach.


“Yes, dear,” he whispers.


Eric lifts me by my thighs and turns to press me against the wall. His hard-on slides in and he gives me exactly what I need. Slow, sweet, wet, and all around perfect.



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