Chapter 11


Thankfully Aunt Flo left town before Eric and left this morning for Coachella. He’s really excited about some of the bands that are going to be there. Right now I’m more excited about our wonderfully air conditioned hotel room because it’s really fucking hot outside and tomorrow is going to be a really long day.

I grab the containers of vodka macerated strawberries from our cooler and put them in the mini fridge in our room. It’s a very nice room that’s being paid for by one record label or another. It’s a little crazy how much money people or companies will spend to kiss my boss’ ass, but I can’t complain since I get so many perks out of it.

Eric is out on our balcony, probably plotting how to get me to agree to sex out there with him. The drive down was okay. Mom always said the real test for a relationship was long car rides. I never really thought about it until Quinn, and he was a dick the whole time. Eric was much easier to deal with.

“How’s the view?” I ask him while I unpack my bag. I didn’t bring much with me.

“Horrible, but I think it’s because we’re in the devil’s fucking armpit. Do you know I haven’t seen one tree since we got to Indio?”

“Just be glad it’s not humid too like it gets in Louisiana,” I say. “Not that this convection oven is much better.”

“One of the perks of California living. I checked the weather and it’s supposed to be one-oh-four tomorrow. Dress accordingly,” he says and comes back into the room.

“I’m on top of it. I’ve got my bikini top and shorts all ready to go.”

“Good call. What time do you want to drive over tomorrow? I think the first band hits the stage at noon.”

“Whenever you want. You know more of these bands than I do,” I shrug.

“There’s a bunch of no names opening the weekend, but we can go out early to get a feel for the place. The only band I’m pumped to see tomorrow is Sigur Rós. They’ll be the last act on the main stage.” Eric apparently did his research.

“I’m glad you know who’s playing,” I smile at him. I really have no idea. “Those strawberries are going to taste like heaven when we get back.”

“Yes they are,” he smiles. “Do you want to drink at the show? I’ll drive if you want to. Or we can cab it back and forth.”

“I don’t know. It might be too hot for booze. I always get hotter when I drink.” I flop back on the bed and sigh. It’s like lying on a cloud.

“Get enough into you and you won’t even notice,” he chuckles. “I suspect we’ll be drinking a shitton of water.”

“I hope so. I don’t want to spend the day at first aid.”

“If you can handle Louisiana heat, you can handle desert heat, Baby cakes.”

“You’re a goof,” I chuckle. One day he’ll land on a name that sticks.

“What? No on Baby cakes? I’m trying here, Princess,” he says and starts to unpack his own clothes.

“I know you are, Schmoopy. What do you want to do tonight?”

“Is you an option?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then that’s what I want to do. Get naked, woman,” he says, snapping his fingers at me.

I snicker, but I’ve missed the sex so I don’t put up a fight. By the time he’s done unpacking, I’m naked and lying on the bed with my hand moving between my thighs.

“I’m starting without you.”

“Hmm, maybe I’ll just sit back and watch. You’re like my own personal porno. I like it,” he grins and pulls his shirt over his head.

I smirk and let my legs open wider so Eric can watch me touching myself. My free hand goes to my nipple and I watch Eric, watching me.

“What do you want me to do?” I ask him.

“Keep doing what you’re doing, Honeysuckle, I’ll join you in a minute,” he says softly and takes his shorts off. He’s going commando, which he doesn’t do often.

I moan and move my fingers from my clit to my opening to gather some of my juices, and then go back to my clit. My eyes never leave Eric’s. I keep moving my fingers slowly and then slide one inside me. I pump it in and out so he can hear how wet I’m getting just looking at him.

“Mmm… can you hear that, Eric?” I ask. My hips start to move and I add another finger.

“Yes, baby, I can,” he says in a hoarse voice. “Would you like some help?” he asks and moves to kneel on the bed. He has his cock in hand, stroking up and down his length.

“God, yes,” I moan, my fingers moving faster.

Eric scoots up between my thighs and says, “Rub your clit; I’ll take care of the rest.” I watch as he sucks two of his fingers, getting them nice and wet before he brings his hand to my center and he starts to work the same two fingers inside of me.

“Oh fuck,” I moan at the tightness, since I haven’t removed my fingers yet.

He keeps his eyes on mine as we pump together. “Is that good?” he asks. “Do you like the way we feel stretching this tight cunt?”

“Feels so good, Eric,” I pant, and my hips start to flex as the pressure in my belly gets greater.

Eric presses his other hand on my belly and wiggles his fingers inside me until he finds my spot. He starts rubbing quickly; coupled with the tightness it’s almost too much.

“Mmm, I can feel you getting close, Sookie. If you cum hard for me I’ll let you have my cock,” he tells me.

He’d let me have it anyway, but cumming for him won’t be a problem. Seconds later my orgasm explodes and I feel myself gushing all over our fingers while I cry out.

“Good girl, Sookie,” he growls. He pulls his fingers out as well as mine and he moves off of the bed. He grabs my ankles and before I know it he lifts me up by my ass and presses me against the wall.

“I’ve missed this,” he purrs as he drives into me, slamming me into the wall.

“Oh… fuck!” I shout, and wrap my arms and legs around him. “I missed it too.”

He kisses me as he slams me over and over, again and again. His thrusts are hard and deliberate and I know it’s not going to take long to pull a second orgasm from me.

“I’m not going to last, Sookie,” he growls.

“Neither am I,” I pant.

He rests his forehead on mine and drives in a handful of times before he seizes and I feel him twitch inside of me as his hot, sticky release fills me up.

“So. Good,” he pants and kisses me.

I couldn’t agree more, especially since I cum again a second later. I swear, I think I’m addicted to sex with him. It’s a little ridiculous how much time I would like to dedicate to fucking him.

Eric keeps his hold on me and staggers back to the bed. He falls back, taking me with him and surprisingly stays inside of me.

“Keep me hard and we can go again if you want,” he tells me and threads his fingers through my hair to pull my mouth to his.

My hips rock as we kiss, with Eric tugging on my hair to guide my head. I clench and relax my muscles around his shaft, making him growl into my mouth. I start to rise and fall slowly without breaking the kiss, and when I brace my arms on the bed; Eric’s hips start to rise to meet me.

“Oh fuck,” I gasp when his cock hits my spot. “Baby that feels so good. Just like that,” I pant.

I found a boyfriend that loves to watch me cum and makes it happen as often as he can. Like right now. It doesn’t take too long since he’s rubbing against my g-spot with every deep thrust inside me.

“Fuck, Eric, I’m gonna cum so fucking hard for you,” I moan, and look deep into his pretty blue/green eyes.

“Do it, Sookie. I want to feel your honey drip down onto my balls,” he groans, and one of his hands moves down my back to slap my ass.

I cry out and just a few strokes later I explode for him, gripping his shaft and trembling above him. I collapse on top of Eric, unable to hold myself up anymore. Of course Eric’s not done yet, and since he just came not too long ago, I know it’ll be a while before he finishes.

He wraps his arms around my back and thrusts his hips up lazily while kissing and sucking on my neck. Eric keeps me tight to his body when he flips us over. His full weight is resting on me and his lips find my mouth again. As we kiss he slowly thrusts in and out of me, stretching and filling me so completely. One of his hands is in my hair while the other is massaging my hip. I can feel every emotion he’s feeling pouring off of him, running into me.

“I love being inside of you, beautiful girl,” he whispers hoarsely, and goes right back to kissing me. His hips keep that slow, steady pace, his tongue matching each sensual thrust, and he’s letting out a soft whimper.

Eric moves my arms above my head, threading his fingers through mine to pin me in place. His hips swivel as he thrusts in, hitting that magic spot inside of me again.

“I want to lock you in this room and fuck you all weekend,” he tells me when he pulls back from the kiss.

“I might let you,” I reply in a breathy voice. I’m sure the concert would be great, but probably not better than this.

“Mmm, good,” he smiles. It’s that adorable, goofy grin he gives anytime he’s deliriously happy. He pulls back and drives in hard, rubbing every inch of my pussy and growls, “Right now I want you to cum one more time, nice and hard for me.”

I groan and turn my head, but Eric turns it back so I have to look at him as the pressure in my belly grows. My breathing gets shallow and with every deep, hard thrust I can feel my chest get tighter. The look on his face… I can’t even describe it, but it suddenly hits me what that ache in my chest is at the same moment the pressure explodes. I cum with a silent scream and with pleasure so intense that my entire body shakes from it.

“That is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” he purrs, but I can hear the blood rushing through my body, so it comes out a little muffled. Suddenly his hips start slamming into mine and he’s fucking me so hard it feels like he’s going to pound me through the mattress. It only takes a few thrusts for Eric’s golden moment to hit him and he cums deep in my pussy with his usual roar before collapsing on top of me.

“If that was the bad sex you were talking about before, sign me up,” I say with a laugh.

Eric laughs with me before kissing me silly and says, “Just wait till I get to the daily screaming orgasms.”

“Looking forward to it,” I pant, and kiss his neck and chest since they’re what I can reach with him on top of me. My feet move up and down the back of his thighs and when my toes reach the back of his knees, he twitches.

“Watch where you put those tootsies, woman,” he growls playfully. He rolls off of me, but pulls me right along so I can snuggle into his chest while his hand runs up and down the length of my spine.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I say with a smile and kiss his sweaty, heated skin.

“Oh, I think you do know. That sweet girl act can only take you so far. I’m on to you now,” he says and I feel his hand get lighter on my back, but it’s still moving.

“On to what?” I keep smiling. My fingers start drawing little patterns on his lower stomach.

“I’m not saying. You’ll use it against me in the tickle war,” he explains and the muscles in his stomach start to twitch.

“I would never,” I scoff. “Besides, that’s always when you turn into He-Man and pin me down so I can’t fight back.”

“You like it when I pin you, though. Especially when I end up sliding my meat whistle into your pink taco,” he purrs seductively.

I giggle and say, “Oooh baby, keep talking dirty like that.”

“Do you want to suck on my love rocket?” he asks with a playful grin.

“You mean bob on your knob?” I ask through my laughter.

He laughs with me as we exchange ridiculous names for our body parts. After a few minutes Eric sobers up a little and brushes my hair back like he does when he has something sweet to say.

“Have I told you lately how much I love your laugh?” he asks and dips down to kiss me.

“Not today, but I’m happy to hear it,” I tell him, and kiss the tip of his nose.

“Good,” he smiles and holds me a little tighter. “There are a lot of amazing things that make up Sookie Stackhouse. Your laugh just happens to be my favorite.”

I smile at him and say, “My favorite thing about you is that you’re like a big kid in a good way. Just being around you makes me happy.”

There’s that tightening, aching feeling again in my chest and when my eyes meet his, I know for absolutely certain that I am in love with Eric.



I can tell she’s thinking something by the look on her face, I just don’t know what. I don’t worry about it though and I explain, “I definitely take that as a compliment. I surround myself with kids because they’re so honest and pure. If I could be six-years-old forever it wouldn’t be a bad thing.”

Sookie grins and then pulls away from me.

“Come on, get up,” she says as she stands up on the bed.

When a naked woman with the potential to start bouncing tells you to get up, you don’t argue. It takes me a minute because that last orgasm turned my legs into to jelly, but I get up and stand in front of her. My head is dangerously close to the ceiling.

“Okay this would be better if you weren’t so tall,” she laughs, and starts jumping on the bed.

“You know I can just sit back down and watch your tits bounce,” I suggest. If I bounce I’ll hit my head and that’s one of my life rules. Try to avoid hitting your head if you can. I did it enough as a child.

“I know, but you said you want to be six,” she says. “Six-year-olds jump on the bed.”

“Until they grow to be six foot four, and then they just watch. Or find a trampoline,” I snort.

Sookie keeps jumping, completely undeterred by what I said. I can’t exactly jump, but I can bounce so I do. It’s fun. And after several minutes of my bouncing while Sookie jumps I grab her around the waist and pull her into my arms.

“See, you’re amazing,” I whisper into her ear and then kiss her cheek.

“So are you,” she replies while catching her breath. “I say we be six-year-olds all night. We can watch cartoons, splash in the tub, eat junk food our mothers wouldn’t have let us have for dinner and then we can play doctor…I’ll let you take my temperature orally with your meat thermometer.”

A slow grin spreads across my face until I burst out in laughter.

“I love the way you think,” I laugh. “I think I’m too big for the tub here, but I’ll go find Jack-in-the-Box and order cheesy bacon potato wedges and egg rolls while you find the cartoons.”

“Deal. Oh, and milkshakes. We need milkshakes,” she says.

“I thought that was a given. Meat envelopes too, the actual meat envelopes, not the one between your legs,” I clarify. “But maybe while I’m taking your temperature I can get a taste of your taco too.”

“That sounds like a great idea,” she says and pulls my face down for a kiss.

“Or you can keep kissing me like that and we can say fuck the plans, and just fuck each other. Your call, Honeysuckle.”

“Nope, I like my plan,” she says, and jumps off the bed.

I watch her ass as she goes, but I shake myself free from my Sookie haze long enough to get down and find my shorts and t-shirt. I grab the car keys, kiss my naked girlfriend, and take off to the Jack-in-the-Box we passed on the way in. I get our food, milkshakes, and cheesecakes that weren’t on the list, but who the fuck cares. We’re going to sweat any weight we might gain off before noon tomorrow. When I get back to the room with all three bags and a drink carrier I find Sookie sprawled out naked on the bed watching Phineas and Ferb.

“Got the shit,” I say and hold up the bags.

“Bless you for going out in this heat,” she says.

“The car is air conditioned. It wasn’t that bad,” I remind her.

“So what else did you get?” Sookie gets off the bed and joins me at the table.

“Ultimate baconator, sourdough Jack, and curly fries. You can never have too many curly fries,” I tell her. “And cheesecake. I’m positive the drive-thru girl thought I was high.”

She giggles and says, “Eh, she’s probably used to orders like that in this area.”

“Probably,” I say and shove five fries in my mouth. “Stop me from eating too much if you want more orgasms tonight.” I ordered way more food than we need, but it all looked so good.

“Nope, we’re six,” she reminds me and takes a milkshake from the carrier. “Gluttony comes with being six.”

“You say this now. Don’t complain to me when your tummy hurts,” I tell her.

“I can control myself.” Sookie grabs a few fries and takes much more civilized bites than I do.

“Clearly I can’t,” I chuckle, waving my hand over the spread.

“I’m okay with that,” she says while reaching for an egg roll.

“Do you want me to run a bath so you can splash around when we’re done eating?” I shove a huge bite of cheesy potato in my mouth, getting cheese and bacon all over my chin.

“Not yet. I’ve got a lot of eating to do. Prepare to be impressed,” she says.

“Impress me, Pudding pop,” I smile, and then add, “At the risk of sounding like a dick, you’ve put on some weight, but I like it.”

“I know I did. I did it on purpose,” she smiles, and takes a bite of the egg roll.

“Good, because I like having that sexy ass to hold onto when I fuck you from behind,” I say and open my mouth for her last bite of egg roll. We have five more, but my hands are full with burger and fries.

Sookie feeds it to me and then searches the table for what she wants. By the time we’re done eating we’ve put a healthy dent in the food. Some of it gets put away, but not much. When I’m done shoving everything in the mini fridge I look back to see my girl all spread out on the bed naked with her hand on her belly. I quickly take my clothes off again.

“Bath or do you need your temperature checked?” I ask, knowing we’re both way too full for anything sexual. “Or keep laying there.”

“The food baby needs to settle,” she says. “Snuggles are good if you’re okay with catching my cooties.”

“Cooties, schmooties, I’ll give my beautiful girl all the snuggles she can handle,” I tell her and climb onto the bed with her. The only problem with being naked is, even though I’m stuffed my cock doesn’t give a fuck and as soon as he brushes against her hip he starts getting hard. “We will just ignore that,” I laugh when I twitch against her skin.

“We can,” she says, and then Sookie rolls onto her side. “Or you can snuggle with your cock in me. Your choice.”

“Mmm, tough call,” I say quietly as I reach down and run my tip through her folds.

“Not that tough.”

No, not tough at all. I decide that’s exactly how I want to snuggle and as soon as I’m hard enough I slide into her heated depths.

“This is my favorite type of snuggling,” I whisper and slowly pump in and out of her.

“Mine too,” she whispers, and puts my hand on her boob.

I drop my head and I start kissing and sucking her neck as I massage her tits. My hips are still going slowly and she feels so incredibly tight I have to groan.

“I’m so fucking in love with this pussy, baby,” I moan into her neck. “I love every inch of this perfect body.”

Sookie moans and squeezes her muscles around my shaft.

“Mmm, yes, baby…” I pant. I want her to cum again, and I have a feeling she’s about to. “Let me feel what I do to you,” I tell her quietly. My hand ghosts down her stomach from her tits to her clit and I start rubbing soft circles. She’s so wet, and juicy, and just… fucking perfect.

“Mmm… so good,” she moans, and her walls flutter. She’s definitely close.

I know my dirty talk gets to her and I pant, “Cum all over my big dick, Baby doll. I need to feel it. You always feel so fucking good for me…”

Her breathing gets shallow and Sookie clutches at the blanket. Her moans get louder and then she cries out when she cums, pulsing hard and fast around my shaft. She milks me of my own orgasm, and I didn’t even realize I was that close.

“Jesus, fuck!” I shout. “Perfect… so fucking good,” I breathe through my release until I calm down enough to wrap my arm around her body that keeps shuddering with aftershocks.

“We may not make it to the concert,” she warns me.

“Fine by me,” I say and my hips keep thrusting lazily.

“You’re a machine,” she giggle-moans.

“Mmm, I blame you for it,” I tell her and suck lightly on her jaw.

“I blame your little friend,” Sookie tightens her walls around my cock.

“I thought he was big?” I remind her and thrust a little harder.

She moans loudly and says, “It is.”

“Mmm, and that moan says you love it,” I purr and I start moving a little faster. I have no idea how I’m still hard, I can only blame her sexiness.

“I do,” she agrees, and turns her head back to kiss me.

As we kiss I’m able to begin moving faster as I get harder. She lifts her leg up and I find her clit again, rubbing quick circles around her swollen nub. I break the kiss with a groan and roll her onto her stomach. My knees push her legs open and Sookie works her own hand down between her legs as I start thrusting harder into her tight sheath.

“What are you doing to me?” I growl. I’ve never been this… horny ever.

“Making you cum, I hope,” she pants, and her walls contract again while she plays with her clit.

“Mmm. Yes. You. Are. Lover,” I pant, punctuating each word with a deep thrust.

I push up on my hands, locking my arms and I realize every part of this woman is sexy as I watch her shoulder blades flex with each of my thrusts. “Where do you want it?” I ask when I feel myself getting closer and closer to release.

“In me,” she gasps, her walls still fluttering.

“Yes, ma’am,” I grunt. I shift and make her gasp louder when I close her legs. I sit up on my knees and grab her ass cheeks. I can tell I’m hitting her just right when she moans and clenches on each outstroke. When I can’t hold off anymore my fingertips dig into her cheeks and I try to pull her back so I can cum as deep inside of her as possible.

“Fuuuuck yes!” I shout and drop my head back, panting, trying to get any air into my body.

“Jesus, I think you broke me,” Sookie pants, her muscles still twitching and massaging my shaft.

“I think… I’m… still cumming,” I breathe before chuckling softly. When I manage to extract myself from the heaven between her thighs I’m proven wrong, but I am having some insane aftershocks. I plop down on the bed next to her and gather her in my arms, kissing all over her face. Jesus Christ, I love this girl…

“So um, when does the great sex start?” she asks.

“Let me breathe a while and we can work on it.” I’m still panting and it dawns on me that I just thought that I love her. Well, hell. It could just be the kick ass sex, so I’m going to keep that thought to myself.


15 thoughts on “Chapter 11

  1. Yes, confessing one’s love for the first time either during or immediately following sex is a definite relationship no-no…I’m glad they both refrained for now. LOL


  2. Jack n the box is our place to sober up. We always get bacon cheddar wedges the few times during the year that me and the hubby get to go out without the kids and usually we are on our way home fr a concert.


  3. Oh hell, life is short; just admit it, Schmoopy & Honeysuckle! I love these two, playing like little kids & being so carefree. It’s a really nice change! Thanks for two terrific & flammable chapters! Meg, hope you thaw soon! Missy, have fun doin’ whatever you’re doin’!


  4. Great start to an awesome weekend and they both discover they love each other:-D I bet they’ll keep it all secret until something ridiculous happens and it’ll come out in an awkward way.


  5. Good lord, they’ve only been there a couple of hours & they’ve fucked each senseless already!! Love their mutual revelation – I wonder what will convince Eric it’s not just the sex & how they end up telling each other. They really know how to have fun together.


  6. Great combination: out of the charts sexual chemistry + a childlike sense of humour and fun… No wonder they are falling for each other…


  7. Steamy chapter! Now they both think they love each other, but I can’t figure out who’s going to break first. Ooooh, I still wanna see if Eric has that “jealousy bone” when Sookie wears her bikini top and tiny shorts! Hope she gets ogled a lot when they’re out! Thanks for this sexy, sassy chapter 🙂


  8. Excellent writing. Their lovemaking is so delightful to read. Your words seem to flow & evoke all the emotions in me. Loving this story.


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