Chapter 20





I was actually nervous before I met Jason. Sookie told me how close they are and after the whole douchebag debacle I wasn’t exactly sure how it would go. He’s cute. He gave me the standard brotherly talk, but after that we were like fuckin’ peas and carrots. I know Sookie likes that we’re hanging out together too. When I talked to Alcide the next day we decided to do a fuckin’ man date and go to a Blackhawks game. I don’t give a flying fuck about hockey, but Al likes it and he has season tickets so he invited me and Jason to go.

Thank fuck they fuckin’ won too. I’ve seen Alcide after a losing game and he’s a fuckin’ bear. I don’t like working with him for the next three days until he gets his fuckin’ panties out of a wad. After the game we go out for a celebratory beer. It’s still weird to text Sookie my plans. I’m coming around to the relationship thing, but it’s going a little slower than I thought. I almost fuckin’ hit on a client a week ago, and then I remembered I was taken. In my defense I was running on almost zero sleep and she was damn near naked in the fuckin’ cold. Her nipples were pointing right at my eyes. That being said, I like Sookie a lot more than I thought I would when we started this. I know I keep saying she’s funny, but that’s important. She’s also adventurous and willing to do things she normally wouldn’t for me. Not just sexually either.

We’re walking into O’Leary’s when Sookie replies telling me thanks for letting her know. She’s out with Lafayette at a fuckin’ strip club. Of course Alcide punches me in the fuckin’ shoulder for being pussywhipped.

“Dude, that fuckin’ hurt,” I grumble, rubbing my shoulder as we sit down.

“Did you get permission to have a drink?” he teases.

“Fuck you. Does Debbie even know you’re out with us or does she think you’re working late?” I ask, arching an eyebrow. She’s pushing Al to be home to try for a baby. The shitty part about that is their sex is starting to get boring for him.

“Actually, fuckface, she’s at home picking out a nursery theme,” he grins.

I smile and call the waitress over. “First three rounds are on me, fucker,” I smile. “Congratulations.”

“What are we celebrating?” Jason asks as he takes his seat.

“Baby Herveaux is in progress,” Alcide tells him.

“Dude, that’s bad ass,” Jason nods.

“Kid’s due on fuckin’ Father’s Day,” Al grins. “Deb’s been puking her guts out, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this fuckin’ happy.”

The waitress comes over and I order a round of shots. If we need it Sookie can pick us up.

“Good to know your junk works,” I chuckle. “I think Sookie and I are a ways off from anything that big.” Hopefully all these new babies don’t give her any ideas.

“She did offer to blow me so she’s not that far away from something big.” The cocky fucker smirks until Sookie’s brother punches him in the ribs.

“That’s my baby sister, asshat.”

I snort and say, “Jason, you’re going to have to get past that shit. We talk about fucking our girls way too fuckin’ much.”

“Look I know Sookie isn’t a virgin, I’m not that dumb, but that doesn’t mean I want to hear about her getting railed by either of you clowns,” he says.

“Well technically, I’ve only eye-fucked her,” Al volunteers.

“That’s true,” I nod. He can eye-fuck her all he wants. I don’t really give a fuck. He has Debbie and I trust her. “I’ll try to keep quiet about the ass–”

“That’s enough outta you,” Jason cuts me off.

“She liked it,” I shrug as the waitress delivers round one. I order a second round and open a tab before she walks away. We all hold up our shots and I say, “To Alcide finally doing something fuckin’ right.”

“It’s not the first time, just ask your mom,” he smirks.

Jason laughs at that.

“I’m not calling your ugly ass Daddy,” I snort.

“She did,” he retorts.

Alcide gets a kidney shot.

“Fucker,” I grumble.

“Drink up, sonny,” he says before he takes his shot.

Jason follows suit and orders a round of beers when the waitress comes back.

“What about you, are you seeing anyone?” I ask Jason. Sookie told me shit with Jessica didn’t work out. I know she worries about him ending up single after that shit with his ex-wife.

“Nah, just having fun,” Jason answers.

“Hey, is Caitlyn in town?” I ask Alcide. “We should hook Jason up with that.”

“I don’t know. If she is I haven’t seen her,” Al says.

“Who’s Caitlyn?” Jason asks.

“Alcide’s neighbor. Hot little piece of ass,” I tell him. “And she’s adventurous as fuck.”

“I don’t want your leftovers,” Jason says.

“That’s fine. I deleted her number anyway. Just a thought. I think you two would’ve gotten along.”

“Yeah I heard about her,” Jason admits. “She’s the one that sent you the beaver shot while Sook was sitting right next to you.”

“Mmhmm. I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I told her I’m taken, though,” I tell him. I didn’t tell Alcide this story. He doesn’t need to know about our arguments.

“And you think it’s a good idea for me to get involved with a girl my sister saw naked on her boyfriend’s phone?”

I give him a blank look before it hits me how fuckin’ stupid that sounds.

“Yep, I’m a fuckin’ blonde alright,” I chuckle. “Just kidding about that.”

“No wonder you’re divorced,” Al chuckles.

“I’m divorced because I didn’t care enough to try to get her to stay. I had plenty of warning; I just didn’t care.”

“Sounds like my ex-wife, except she did it with her ex’s dick in her ass,” Jason says.

“What a fuckin’ winner. At least Nora just took the fuckin’ dog,” I say, shaking my head.

“Eh,” Jason shrugs. “If it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be. I’m done being angry about it. Besides, I opened a successful business and she’s on baby daddy number three, last I heard.”

“Now you know why Deb and I aren’t married. Marriage fucks up your relationship. Her dad wants me to put a ring on her finger, but what the fuck for? We both own the house and now we’re having the kid. I’m not going anywhere,” Alcide says, taking the beer the waitress hands him.

“I don’t know if that’s something Sookie wants. She asked me when she found out about Nora if I would get married again and I told her I’m not opposed to it. That’s was the extent of the conversation,” I admit.

“Before Dawson fucked her up she did,” Jason says.

“That really pissed me off, you know. I don’t agree with cheating, but what he did was way fuckin’ worse than what Sookie did. I wanted to fly down to Louisiana to kick his fuckin’ ass when she told me what went down.”

“I offered but she declined. If I ever see that shit stain in the street it’s game on,” Jason says, raising his beer.

“You got my number. I’ll help you dispose of the body,” I offer seriously.

My phone buzzes with a text from Sookie.

Sookie: I just motorboated a hot brunette with long legs for you.




I grin and reply.

Me: Get pictures if you do it again 😉

“I think my girl might be drunk,” I chuckle. I know how she feels about me and other women after the Aude shit went down. I have a feeling she would’ve been willing to have more threesomes if that didn’t happen.

“She feeling up chicks?” Jason asks.

“Yep,” I smile.

“That’s the Jameson talking. Get a little whiskey in her and she goes gay,” he shakes his head.




“I hate to say it, but I watched her eat puss–”

“Stop right there.” Jason holds his hand up.

“She wasn’t drunk, that’s all,” I shrug.

“And I’m saying there’s some shit I don’t need to know about my sister.”

“Okay.” I’ll learn when to shut my mouth someday.

My phone buzzes again and it’s a picture of Sookie with a hot, topless brunette on her lap.

Me: You’re making me hard, pretty girl.

Sookie: I’m sure Alcide’s already got that covered.

Me: You’re gonna get your ass spanked tonight for that.

Sookie: Promise?

Me: Uh huh.

Sookie: Mmm… what else are you going to do to my ass? I’m on my way home.

Me: Alone, or are you taking the topless chick with you? 😀

Sookie: I tried to get her to come with me but no luck. I’ll have to play with my wand instead.

Me: Mmm… I don’t know how much longer we’ll be. I’ll fuck your ass if you want it though.

Sookie: Yes, Sir.

Me: Did you tell the brunette how good I make you feel?

Fuck. Now that’s stuck in my head and I’ve already had too many drinks to censor myself.

Sookie: I did. You have no idea how many dirty things I’d do to her.

Me: You have no idea how bad I want to see it. I loved watching your pretty face in a girl’s snatch.

Sookie: Mmm… I’d make her swallow your dick first.

Me: You’re killing me, baby… Fuck…

“She’s trying to fuckin’ kill me, I know it,” I sigh and wave the waitress over to get a glass of water. If I’m drunk I’m liable to hurt her and I won’t do that.

Sookie: Then you could pound my ass while I eat her cunt.

Me: I want that so fuckin’ bad… Go back and try again. Fuck.

Sookie: Maybe next time. I’m almost home.

Me: I guess you’re not willing to let me find someone to bring home?

It doesn’t matter. I want to see Sookie with that fuckin’ brunette.

Sookie: Nope. But I’ll be wet and ready for you… everywhere.

Me: I’ll be home soon, pretty girl.

“Hey, Debbie hasn’t called you to come home yet, has she?” I ask Alcide.

“Yeah, but you were too busy sexting Mrs. Northman to hear it,” he replies.

I show him the picture of Sookie with the brunette.

“This is what I was discussing,” I tell him.

“Shit, I’d be in a cab already,” he says.

I look over and see Jason talking to a little blonde. Looks like I’m home free.

“Here, this is for the a cab and your drinks,” I tell Alcide and drop a hundred dollar bill on the table. “I have a girl to fuck.”



Sookie buzzes me in when I get to her apartment. My dick is already fuckin’ solid just thinking about how wet she gets with that fuckin’ toy. I can hear moaning when I get to her front door, but it doesn’t sound like Sookie’s. I walk in and my fuckin’ knees go weak. My dirty little girl got the fuckin’ brunette to come home with her.

“Ladies,” I purr the same way I did when I walked in on Sookie with Aude.

Sookie lifts her head from between the girl’s thighs and says, “Hi. This is Isabel. Isabel, this is Eric.”

“Nice to meet you,” Isabel pants and her back arches when Sookie resumes eating her pussy.

“Really fuckin’ nice to meet you too.”

Fuck. I take a seat on the couch to watch Sookie work. Mmm, and Isabel’s tits look fuckin’ real.

“Should I even worry about taking my clothes off or are you girls good with me watching?”

“Get naked,” Sookie orders.



I get up and strip my clothes. Isabel’s eyes go wide when she sees my hard-on. Just to fuck with Sookie I say, “Big Daddy is ready.”

She lifts her head again from Isabel’s snatch and crooks her finger for me to come closer. Like she did with Aude, she grabs Isabel’s hair and pulls her closer to me.

“Suck his dick,” she tells Isabel, who is licking her lips. “Make him cum and I might let you ride his cock.”

Isabel sinks to her knees in front of me and doesn’t waste any time wrapping her lips around my shaft. Sookie keeps her fist wrapped in Isabel’s hair and guides her head up and down my length. She uses her free hand to reach down and pinch Isabel’s nipples, making her moan around my cock.

“Isabel told me she likes being a dirty little slut, didn’t you?” Sookie asks, yanking Isabel’s head back.

“Yes,” she breathes. “I like being a fucking whore.”
“Worship his cock,” Sookie commands and pushes her forward again, making her take all of me.

I don’t know how the fuck Sookie finds these girls, but I am not fuckin’ complaining.

“Looks like you found a good one,” I groan and start to thrust my hips.  “Hold her head in place, let me fuck her.”

Sookie does as I ask and stands up to hold Isabel’s head steady for me. I reach up to hold onto Sookie’s shoulders to keep steady while I begin to thrust in and out of Isabel’s throat. I was hard as a fuckin’ rock when I showed up, now I’m ready to fuckin’ explode.

I take Isabel’s head from Sookie and say, “Give me your tits, pretty girl.”

Sookie pushes her tits together and I lean over to suck her nipples one at a time. I move from left to right, nibbling lightly. Isabel’s mouth is doing things… really fuckin’ good things. My balls tighten, my cock swells and I don’t even warn her before I cum while I’m buried down her throat.

“Such a fuckin’ good little whore,” I moan, holding her head in place while I empty myself.

“Mmm… good girl,” Sookie purrs and pulls Isabel’s head off my dick.



She’s panting heavily, my cum dribbling down her chin. Her gorgeous caramel eyes flick up to my face and I can already tell she’s going to be a fun one. Really fuckin’ fun.


21 thoughts on “Chapter 20

  1. i dont have an issue with the threesome per se…but i guess it can oly be Sook’s decision? after the shit-fit she had about the sext from Caitlyn, i’m guessing he wouldnt be allowed to pick up a girl for them to fuck? hmmmm


  2. I just hope that Sookie doesn’t wake up from her drunken haze and get pissed or jealous abut what happened. Eric really needs to stop letting his dick think for him.


  3. eric has a high sex drive and sookie likes girls. she gets the girls, not eric. she did that with trey too. however, eric talked aude into a threesome. eric doesn’t filter himself that’s all. they’re like debbie and alcide. they see the third person as just that, an invite, nothing more. eric and sookie are in love


    • I don’t think its wrong to have these types of relationships, as long as its genuinely mutual . It seems to be with Eric and Sookie . The Caitlyn issue is different to me because she came at Eric like he’s single and the third wheel has to get that they’re just that. They’ll be fine.



    • No, Sookie surprised Eric with Aude for their threesome; an introduction later regretted by both Eric & Sookie because of Aude’s possessive tendencies, promiscuity, and mental health issues.


  4. You’d think they learned already with Aude and this girl they don’t know, this girl works in a strip club! I hope shit don’t break off and Sookie has to kill a bitch;/ Glad for Alcide 😉 Jason is on a responsibility break since his divorce from his cheating slut of a wife.


  5. Well I hope Isabel doesn’t turn out to be a crazy… Sounds like maybe they should have a talk about what is acceptable (or not) in their relationship? If a visual by text can send Sookie into a spin not sure what bringing in a third party might have done if it had been Eric initiating it? There is a slight double standard in that if Sookie had found Eric with a girl (or a guy) at home, even waiting for her, chances are she’d have been miffed…


    • i agree with you about everything except eric being upset about sookie and another chick. sookie says she knows eric doesn’t mind the threesomes, that’s why she did it. eric knows her too, that’s why he asks her questions first. he’s done these things with his ex-wife and he asked her as well.


  6. when eric does stuff like that he has “dumb boy brain”. no thinking at all. look at what he asked and told jason. he has alot of “dumb blonde boy” moments. sookie just has to stay on him, like a child learning. tough love, they’ll be fine. he fought with and for her.


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