8: Lay Lady Lay



After I’d had a talk with Linda about our trip to Monterey she agreed that Sookie could stay the night with me there. I’d taken a couple days off of work so I could give her a little tour. It was like a mini vacation to me. I knew Sookie had seen the ocean, I took her there in The City, but Monterey was a whole different animal. I took a little time to make some calls and I ended up booking us a room at a fancy pants B&B right on the beach. The room we had had an amazing view of the ocean. The walk to the beach wasn’t too far for us. It would have been a good after lunch walk. We left around nine so it was close to lunch time when we arrived.

“Is this okay?” I asked Sookie when I opened the door for her to enter the room. “I want you to be comfortable…”

“Are you kiddin’ me? This is beautiful, Eric.” Sookie took off her colorful sunglasses and stepped into the room to check it out.

“I’m glad you like it.” I closed the door behind us, throwing the lock. We had a gorgeous view of the ocean from our room. The windows were open, letting a nice, cool ocean breeze into the room. “I decided around the time we were walking into the Conservatory I wanted to spoil the shit out of you.”

“I’d say you’re doin’ a fine job of it.” Sookie opened the bathroom door to peek inside. “This is wonderful. Girls back home are going to be jealous when I tell them about this.”

“You brought your camera, right?” I set our bags down on the bed. I took a seat to watch Sookie check out the room. She was fun to watch.

“Of course I did. I picked up some extra film yesterday.” She set her sunglasses on top of the dresser and then kicked off her sneakers. Her white Converse shoes were very well broken in.

“Good.  Maybe you’ll let me take some pictures of you enjoying things instead of you just taking pictures of stuff and me,” I laughed. I kicked off my own shoes. The drive down wasn’t that long so I wasn’t very tired. “What do you want to do?” I asked. “This whole trip is for you.”

“Well what’s around here to see besides you?” Sookie came over and straddled my thighs.

“Water and you.” As always I settled my hands on her hips. If she was going to start that whole hip rocking thing I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle it for long. The make out session the night before had my balls turning blue again. “There’s Carmel by the Sea… some shops… mmm…” I hummed when her soft lips found purchase on my neck just under my ear.

“Would it be bad if I didn’t want to leave the room right now?” She nipped at my neck and surprised me when she started to pull my shirt up.

I lifted my hands so she could pull it over my head.

“What would you like to do in the room?” I dropped my head back to give her better access to my neck.

“Oh, I’m sure we’ll figure something out.” Sookie pulled back and her shirt joined mine on the floor.


I had a feeling I knew what she was getting at. I slipped my hands down between us so I could unbutton her shorts. She didn’t stop me so I took it as a sign she was onboard with the idea. I made Sookie squeak when I flipped her on her back so I was hovering over her.

“Would you like me to get rid of your shorts?” I asked. I reached down to unbutton my own jeans.

“That would be very helpful, I think,” she said with a coy little smile.

I sat up on my knees so I could pull her shorts down her thick thighs. I left her panties in place, just to be safe. I didn’t want to rush it, even though she seemed plenty ready. My hands went to her inner thighs, rubbing up and down. I slowly spread her legs for me. She was trying to put on a brave face but I could tell she was nervous.

“You know I’m going to be careful with you, right?” My thumb brushed over her lower lips through her cotton panties.

“I know.” The way she smiled at me told me she really believed what she said. She lifted her hips so I could take her panties off.

She hesitantly parted her legs ever so slightly once her panties were gone. I kept my eyes on hers as I dipped down to kiss her stomach, making her skin twitch. I kissed further down, slowly, making sure to kiss every inch of her smooth skin I passed. Sookie’s eyes fluttered closed when I reached my hand up to spread her lower lips. I rubbed her little bundle of nerves with my middle finger in slow circles.

“Watch me,” I whispered. I dropped my head down a little further and swirled my tongue around her clit. It was so sweet and soft.  

Sookie gasped. When I looked up she was watching me just like I asked her to. Her hips shifted a little bit, and it wasn’t long before they were rocking. The moans she let out told me she was liking what I was doing.

She was giving me all the reactions I liked to see. I loved it when a woman wasn’t scared to move or make noise during sexual acts. That was why I usually went after older women. They knew what they wanted. It seemed Sookie knew what she wanted too.

I shifted my hand up to suck two of my fingers for a moment, getting them nice and wet. She gasped when I pushed my middle finger in first, twisting it a little to get her juices really flowing. It didn’t take long before I was easily able to add a second. I pumped them in and out a little, not going too deep. Just deep enough to find that special spot inside of her. I scissored my fingers some, coupled with rubbing her g-spot. She was going to cum in no time.

“Ohhhh… Eric,” Sookie moaned. Her legs shifted around some and her fingers found their way into my hair. Her silky walls were fluttering, letting me know how close she was. “Feels so good,” she breathed.

“Mmm, good,” I hummed. I started to suckle her sweet little nub. As I did so I managed to work a third finger into her very tight core. I needed her stretched some to take me, though. I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue between sucks. I wanted her to cum hard for me. I was beyond ready to bury my cock inside of her.

It took another minute or so, but then Sookie exploded. Her walls gripped my fingers, and she covered her mouth to muffle what would have probably been a scream.

“Goddamn you’re beautiful when you cum,” I told her. I kissed her clit one more time before I got up from the bed so I could drop my jeans. My cock sprang free, pointing right at her. “Are you ready?” I climbed back onto the bed. I pushed one of her thighs back while I used the other hand to guide my tip up and down her slick folds, paying special attention to her sensitive clit.

Sookie nodded and said, “Go slow.”

I placed my tip at her entrance, pumping my tip in and out in shallow thrusts. I drew light circles around her nub with my thumb.

“Tell me if I’m too much.” If I kept her relaxed it would be easier for her.

“I will.”

I pushed more of myself into her, getting deeper and deeper on each slow thrust. I knew soon it was going to happen. She was going to feel that sharp pain… Annnd there it went. Sookie gasped and cringed. Her hands shot up to grab my biceps.

“Keep going?” I’d stilled inside of her.

She nodded, but it was obvious she was hurting a little bit.

“Don’t stop,” she said.

“Not until you tell me to,” I promised. My hips began to move again, pumping in and out. It had been a long, long time since I took someone’s virginity. I knew it was a big deal for Sookie. It was a big deal for me.

After a few minutes of the slow thrusting I leaned forward onto my hand. I slipped my other hand between us so I could continue to stroke her clit in time with my hips. I kept my eyes on her face. I could tell after a couple minutes it started to get more enjoyable. I was sure she was still hurting some but it was a different kind of hurt.

“You’re doing so fucking good, baby,” I purred quietly. I started to swivel my hips, giving her a different kind of friction.

Sookie gasped and her fingers dug into my back. I felt her knees hitch up a little higher, which allowed me to get deeper.

“Ohmygod!” Sookie’s eyes squeezed shut at the same time her walls gripped my cock pretty hard.

Fuck, if she kept doing that she was going to rip my orgasm from me. I still gave it as much as I could without hurting her anymore. I drove in deeper, which she seemed to like judging by the sounds coming from her pretty lips.

“You gonna cum with me, gorgeous?” I panted as my orgasm started to build.

“I think so,” she panted. It felt like she might. Her core was pulsing around me.

I shifted so I was propped up on both hands above her. My hips swiveled and rocked, rubbing the perfect spot. Her eyes rolled back before they clamped shut. I felt her walls squeeze me, trying to milk my release from me.

“Fuckfuckfuck, I’m not going to last.” I was right on the edge.

“Me eith… oh god…” Sookie’s walls clamped down and her back arched with her orgasm.

That was more than I could take. I erupted on an in stroke, filling her with my release. Holy hell, that felt good. Her warm, wet walls pulsing around my dick sent immediate aftershocks through me. My hips jerked, forcing my cock in as deep as possible.

“Definitely worth the wait,” I panted as I collapsed on top of her.

Sookie was breathing hard under me, and I could feel her shaking. I also wasn’t the only one having aftershocks. I felt Sookie’s breath on my neck and her slender arms wrapped around me, holding onto me pretty tight.

I slid my hands under her back so I could hug her back. I knew it had to have been scary to give herself to me like that. I tilted my head down to catch her soft lips. My tongue slid into her mouth, kissing her slowly and passionately.

“Was that okay?” I breathed against her lips when the kiss finally broke a couple minutes later.

“It hurt as much as I thought it would,” she answered. “But it wasn’t all bad.”

“So you’re not going to use me for a one-time deal?” I joked. My hips rocked, grinding myself against her.

Sookie groaned, but it didn’t exactly sound like a good noise.

“I don’t think so,” she answered.

“Good.” I kissed her again before I pulled out. “Want to check out the shower?”

“Not right now.”

I nodded and shifted so I was lying next to her. I wrapped my arm around her as I settled my head on the pillow next to hers.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I think so. It’s just a lot to process, you know?”

“I do know.” I rubbed up and down her side. I didn’t want to probe her with questions so I rested there next to her as she processed what we’d just done. I didn’t want to be too clingy, but I also didn’t want her to think I didn’t care so I stayed right where I was. She didn’t seem to mind.

“Did you like it?” Sookie nervously asked.

“I liked it very much,” I promised. “I didn’t have any expectations since I wasn’t sure when it would happen. It felt very good to me.”

Sookie relaxed a little and asked, “Really?”

“Yes, really. I’m already looking forward to the next time,” I smiled. I lifted my hand to brush her cheek. “You feel incredible, Sookie. I would be a fool to not enjoy you.”

“I don’t have anything to compare it to. That could have been awful.”

“Sweetheart, if it was awful you wouldn’t have had an orgasm,” I chuckled. I could tell she wasn’t faking it.  

Sookie turned on her side and hugged as much as she could. Her leg slid over mine and I could feel her breath on my chest. “Can we just lay here a while?”

“We can lay here as long as you like.” I wrapped my arm around her, rubbing the smooth skin of her back. She felt so good in my arms. I kissed the top of her head, holding her a little tighter.

It had been a big day for us. Sookie, more so. I wasn’t expecting to have sex with her on the trip but I was far from disappointed. It didn’t take long for me to hear her breathing even out and her soft body to sag against me. I didn’t even try to move. I reached up to stroke her hair, enjoying the feel of her soft, naked body pressed against mine. I was going to hate it when she had to go home. The good news was, I wasn’t tied down to California. If it got too hard to be away from her maybe I could take a trip to the bayou…


11 thoughts on “8: Lay Lady Lay

  1. I’m serious loving this story . I love the innocence in Sookie and the true kindness in Eric . I truly think Eric cares about her. I’m wondering how long he will wait to tell her. What a beautiful chapter ladies 💕💋


  2. I’m loving how much Eric cares about Sookie. He has definitely fallen in love even if he hasn’t admitted it to himself yet. Have a feeling he’ll be wanting her to stay at his place every night she can. Doubt she’ll object too much. Kinda hoping there isn’t any baby right away. I have no doubt they’d marry and stay together but want them to have time to explore themselves first. I’m sure I will enjoy wherever you ladies take this story though. Thanks for a very sweet chapter.


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