Chapter 8



I wake up first the next morning and when I get out of bed I still have my heels on. I kick them off and stumble to the bathroom. I’m all sticky from last night so I start the shower and go to pee while the water warms up.


Once I see steam I strip off my nightgown and get into the shower. It’s big enough for at least four people, but the rain showerhead feels amazing. I let the water fall on me and when I look down I’m convinced my bump is a little bigger than it was yesterday.


Eric comes staggering into the bathroom naked and joins me in the shower, wrapping me in a big hug.


“Morning,” I whisper and hug him back.


“Morning,” he replies. “Are you alright?”


“Mmhmm. I was just on overload last night and my body decided it was lights out for me,” I tell him.


“Okay. You scared me a little,” he chuckles.


“I’m fine,” I assure him. “I think Sally got a little bigger.”


Eric steps back so he can look down at my stomach. He rests his hand on Sally and says, “I agree,” with a smile.


“It’s nice to see something other than my boobs getting bigger,” I laugh.


“Mmm, I love your boobs,” he smiles.


“Me too,” I admit. They’re good boobs.


“Good. I’m glad you love your body just as much as I do.”


“Mmm I don’t know if anyone loves my body as much as you do.”


“You’re probably right. I’ve been studying it for a while now,” he winks. “It’ll be fun watching it change to accommodate Sally.”


“You should start taking a picture of it every week,” I suggest.


“Okay. I can get one after our shower since she’s already making her… its presence physically known.”


“You know I think it’s a girl,” I tell him. “I don’t know why.”


“Mother’s intuition.”


“Maybe. You’ll have to ask my dad for tips on how to have a convincing war flashback to scare her boyfriends away.”


Eric laughs and says, “I will when I meet him. Am I gonna get shit for being older? I just need a fair warning.”


“Maybe a little, but you’re not that much older than I am.” Not that I’m going to stop teasing him about it.


“Okay and I’m going to remind you the next time you call me Gramps that I fucked you until you passed out last night.”


“You do that, Gramps,” I giggle. “Your hips okay?”


“My hips are more than okay. I can give you a reminder of what they’re capable of if you want to bend over and rest your hands on the bench,” he says, arching an eyebrow.


“Oh yeah?” I let go of him and bend over the bench.


“Mmm, yep,” he purrs just before I feel his hands rubbing over my ass. He gives me a light slap and says, “Your ass is still a little pink from last night.”


“Mmm… yeah and you won’t be fucking me there today either,” I tell him.


“Sorry if I hurt you.” I feel his head running up and down my slit.


“It felt great last night,” I smile.


“Good.” He spreads my cheeks and slides into my pussy. “Mmm, really fucking good.”


My hands move to the wall in front of me and I push back to meet his thrusts. Eric goes slow but he’s thrusting in deep.


“Mmm… just like that, baby,” I moan.


He keeps his slow, deep rhythm. Eric slides his hands up my sides and reaches under my body to grab my breasts. He tugs my nipples lightly and I feel him lean over my back to kiss my shoulder.


I moan and lean further forward so he slips out of me. I turn around and say, “Sit down.”


He does as I ask and takes a seat on the bench. He wraps his hand around his shaft and starts stroking.


“Do you want me to face you or the door?”




I turn again and brace my hands on Eric’s knees as I lower myself to slide down his length.


“Perfect,” he whispers. His hands wrap around to find my nipples again. “Lean against my chest, Sookie.”


I lean against him as I roll my hips. I reach down to slowly rub my clit and my head turns to kiss his neck.


One of Eric’s hands drops from my nipple and he pushes my hand out of the way. “That’s my job,” he whispers and takes over rubbing my clit.


“And you’re very good at it,” I reply and start thrusting my hips a little.


“I like making my girl feel good.” His fingers on my little bundle of nerves go nice and slow while he starts tugging a little harder on my piercing. “I want my girl to cum for me…”


“I will soon if you keep that up,” I tell him. I have to sit forward so I can rise and fall a little faster.


I’m moving up and down easily and I can feel the pressure building fast in my belly.


“Come on, beautiful,” he breathes. “I can feel it…” He tugs a little harder on my nipple and his hips begin to buck up slightly.


My eyes roll back and my walls start to pulse around his shaft. My body shakes a little when I cum, but instead of going limp like last night, I pull off of him to turn around and finish him with my mouth.


“Mmm, fuck, good girl,” he pants as soon as my lips wrap around his head. “Suck hard… stroke me… You already have me close.”


My hand wraps around his solid shaft and my head bobs as I stroke him. I look up to watch his face as I suck his orgasm from him. My free hand goes to his sac to massage and tug on it.


“Ahhh… shit!” he shouts as his cock swells and his cum begins to shoot into my mouth.


I pull off of him again and the rest of his cum lands on my chin and chest. I swallow what’s in my mouth and then suck his head to make sure I got it all. Eric pulls me up and kisses me hard, still breathing heavily.


“Let’s clean up so I can feed my baby,” he whispers as he pulls back.


“Good idea,” I smile and stand up.


We get all washed up with minimal funny business. I procure one of Eric’s shirts to wear and it’s not until we’re down in the kitchen that it hits me that it’s Monday.


“You know if you need to get to work I can just go home,” I tell him.


He pauses and thinks for a moment. He shakes his head and says, “I don’t have anything going on until late afternoon. I’ll just text Stan and let him know I won’t be in till later. Plus, I own the company. I don’t have to go in if I don’t want to.”


“Just checking,” I smile and give him a kiss. “What do you want me to do?”


“Depends on what you want. We can have fruit and oatmeal or make a big breakfast,” he shrugs.


“Sally wants a big breakfast,” I tell him.


“Then Sally gets a big breakfast. How are you at pancakes?”


“I am the pancake master,” I reply.


He directs me to the pantry and says, “You wanna get the dry ingredients and I’ll start pulling stuff from the fridge?”


“Sure. How do you feel about banana pecan pancakes?” I ask. They’re my favorite.


“Sounds delicious,” he smiles. “I’m not very picky.”


“Do you have a cinnamon stick?” I ask as I go to the pantry.


“Uh… I don’t know. Thelma does all my grocery shopping. She’s one of the maids,” he explains.


“Does Louise do your laundry?” I giggle as I pull the flour and baking powder.


“Ha. Ha,” he deadpans. “Agatha does my laundry when I leave it in the laundry room otherwise I do my own if you can believe that.”


I gasp dramatically as I walk out of the pantry with the basic pancake necessities. I saw a spice rack in there so once I deposit my goods I go back to look for a cinnamon stick.


“Disco!” I whisper-yell when I find the jar with five of them in there. I grab the maple syrup and take both of them to the stove. “I heat my syrup with a cinnamon stick in it,” I explain.


“Okay,” he shrugs. “I’m easy. You want bacon or sausage?”


“I’m happy either way. You pick.”


I see him pull out both along with a dozen eggs and then move to turn on the top oven.


“Have you figured out where everything is in here yet?”


“I’m working on it.” I bend over to get a sauce pan and I hear Eric growl.


“I need warning before you do things like that.”


“Get a pan?” I quirk an eyebrow at him when I stand up.


“Bend over.”


“You like it when I bend over.”


“I love it when you bend over, but we’ll never eat if you keep doing it right now,” he snickers.


“You’ll survive.” I nudge him with my hip and pour syrup in the pan. I add the cinnamon stick and start it warming on low heat. I don’t want it to reduce, just infuse with cinnamon.


I move around the kitchen in search of a few mixing bowls and there’s another growl when I reach up to grab one off a high shelf.


“Jesus, you’re making me hard, woman,” he says. He slides up behind me and plucks the bowl down for me, setting it on the counter before he kisses my neck. “Forgive me if I suddenly grab your hips and slide my cock into you,” he whispers and I feel his erection rubbing against my ass.


“I won’t be able to make pancakes if you distract me with your dick,” I tell him.


“Mmm, and I’m having trouble with the sausage because I keep getting distracted by your ass.”


“Do you mean the breakfast sausage or…” I point to the tent in his shorts.


Eric laughs and says, “My sausage is yelling at me to lift you up onto the island and fuck you silly.”


“Do I need to give him a talking to?” I smirk.


“If you want. I’m scared if you get too close he’s going to try to escape and find a hole on your body to hide in,” Eric winks.


“Hmmm… maybe I just need to dump some ice down your shorts,” I suggest.


“I actually don’t think that would work. You’re just a sexy, sexy girl. Don’t worry, I got used to being hard for you and not getting the satisfaction I wanted,” he shrugs.


“Poor baby.” I stick my bottom lip out and push myself up onto the island. “Maybe he deserves a nice cuddle.”


“Mmm, he would very much appreciate it,” Eric says coming to stand between my thighs. “How are you feeling?” He slides his hand up my inner thigh and starts stroking my slit with his thumb.


“I’m okay,” I reply and lean toward him for a kiss.


“Is this okay?” he asks when he breaks the kiss. The head of his cock is rubbing my clit.


“Mmhmm,” I nod and wrap my legs around him.


Eric slides into me and he tilts my head up to kiss me softly. His hips slowly move, thrusting in and out. We take it slow like we did in the shower. I like to blame the baby for how easily I’m getting turned on, but it’s not just the extra whoremones. Mostly it’s Eric and the rush I feel when I’m with him.


He’s kind and funny, and he’s very sweet with me. I mean, he’s rough when I want him to be but on a day to day basis, he’s a complete sweetheart. Every day I find something new that I like about him.


“Mmm… you feel so good, baby,” I whisper and kiss his neck slowly.


His hands move down to pull me a little closer to the edge. He dips his head to kiss just below my ear and he whispers, “Så gör dig vacker flicka.”


“What does that mean?” I whisper. The Swedish is even sexier than I thought it would be.


“You feel good too, beautiful girl,” he says and sucks on my earlobe.


I moan and turn my face to kiss him. My hands cup his face and his fingers slide into my hair. I love kissing him. I could do it for hours. His tongue duels with mine and I have to pull away to breathe after a minute. The pressure is building fast in my belly.


Eric’s hands stay in my hair and his hips swivel a little as he slowly slides in and out of me.


“You’re so fucking gorgeous, Sookie,” he whispers. “I’m lucky to call you mine…” His eyes close and he rests his forehead on mine before I feel him swell inside of me and cum with a small whimpery sound.


A different set of hormones kicks in and my eyes well up as my orgasm hits. I let out a soft cry and wrap my arms around his neck. Eric dips to kiss my lips softly.


“Come on, let’s finish breakfast,” he says, but doesn’t let me go.


“Mmhmm,” I hum but don’t let him go either. My fingers play in his hair and I kiss the side of his face.


Eric gently pulls out of me and wraps his arms tight around my waist. “I think Sally is a girl too,” he whispers.


“Oh yeah?” I kiss his jaw.


“Mmhmm and with any luck she’s going to look just like you.”


I smile and nuzzle his neck. I don’t know why we even bothered getting out of bed.




Three days later I get a callback to go in for a second interview for the counseling job while I’m at a baby store with my cousin Hadley. The sooner I can get out of bartending the better. I won’t miss it at all.


I’m looking at sheets when she comes over with a cute, frilly yellow dress for a newborn in her hand. The gleam of her engagement ring temporarily blinds me but the dress is adorable.


“That’s cute, Had,” I smile.


“I know, that’s why I brought it over to show you,” she giggles.


“Eric thinks it’s a girl too,” I tell her. In her excitement, Mom has told everyone she’s ever met that she’s going to be a Grammy.


“You’re carrying like it’s a girl.” I’m barely showing. “And why didn’t I hear about this from you? Who is this Eric guy and why haven’t you brought him around?”


“Eric was a customer and he was supposed to be a one night stand,” I admit. “I’ve just been busy with school and Mom beat me to it.” She doesn’t need to know that I’ve been too busy having my brains fucked out every chance I get.


“Ah, got a picture of him?”


“I do. He took me up in a hot air balloon on Sunday.” I grab my phone and find the pictures the pilot took of us.


“He took you up in a hot air balloon? Who does that?” she laughs and looks at the picture. “Holy hotness…”


“It was fun!” I insist. Hadley totally won’t judge so I lower my voice and lean over to whisper, “We totally fucked in the basket.”


“No!” she whisper-yells.


“Uh huh, and it was sooo good,” I shiver just thinking about it.


“You dirty little minx. How did he talk you into… never mind, I probably would’ve jumped at the chance too looking at the guy.”


“He didn’t have to do too much convincing. The baby hormones are making me want to have sex constantly,” I tell her.


“Ooh, must suck to be him,” she laughs.


“Yeah, he’s suffering big time,” I snort.


“So I guess he’s onboard with the baby idea. I’m actually more shocked that you went home with a client than I am you’re pregnant.”


“He’s the only one I’ve ever made an exception for. He was coming in twice a week just to see me for almost two years beforehand, and now you’ve seen him so you can understand how hard it was to turn him down for so long.” I grab a set of yellow and white striped crib sheets and toss them in the cart.


“Yeah, I probably would’ve hoped on it,” she laughs. “As long as he’s nice to you I won’t have a problem with him.”


“He’s great. You and Remy could come over for dinner to meet him,” I offer.


“Oh, I’d love to!” she exclaims.


“Awesome. I’ll talk to Eric and set something up. Have you picked the color for the bridesmaids’ dresses yet?” They’re getting married in February. I’m supposed to be standing up in the wedding so hopefully I’m not still a hot mess at that point.


“I know I want a pale pink. I haven’t decided on any other colors. Maybe gold and brown. We’ll see.”


“Eww brown?” I crinkle my nose. If it was a fall wedding I’d get it, but February?


“Oooo-kay, maybe just gold,” she giggles.


I shake my head and move on to grab a box of diapers and the biggest bag of wipes they sell. I’m going to start stockpiling this kind of stuff.


“So what else do we know about this Eric guy other than he has super sperm and likes watching you dance naked?” Hadley asks from behind me.


“He owns a real estate agency. He was born in Sweden so he speaks English as a second language. He’s ten years older than me. He’s funny, smart and very sweet to me. He never once questioned if I was lying about the baby being his and he’s very excited about being a dad,” I tell her.


“He spent almost two years watching you, are you sure he’s not just excited that he found a way to keep you all to himself?” she asks.


I never thought of that.


I shrug and ask, “What difference does it make?”


“It’s just an observation. I can’t imagine he went in with a plan to knock you up when he invited you to fuck him. I guess excited is good, no matter the reason.”


Now this is bugging me and I don’t know why.


“Do you think he’s only interested because of the baby?” I ask.


“No, because of you. If he was going in to the club for all that time can you imagine the kind of cash he dropped? He could just be pretending to be excited about the baby to lure you in,” she shrugs. “But I’m suspicious about everyone.”




“I know he dropped a ton of cash,” I say softly. What if she’s right? Maybe I’ve been too blinded by baby hormones to really see what’s going on.


“Whatever. If he’s willing to shell out that kind of cash to see you dance I doubt he’s going anywhere regardless. I’ll judge when I meet him,” she says like it’s no big deal.


“Well wait… do you think he’s just using the baby as a cover to get payback for all the money he dropped on me before?” I don’t want to think that’s what he’s doing but what if it is?


“I don’t follow. As in is he getting paid back in sex, or just to be around you in general?”


“Both, I guess. The baby is a good excuse to be around me, right? And now I’m constantly horny so of course he’s getting lucky all the time…”


“How does he treat you? Are you just a good fuck to him or does he treat you like a person? I haven’t seen him with you so I can’t really judge yet.”


“He’s good to me,” I say. “But if you’re right then it’s just an act to keep me coming back.”


“Sorry. I didn’t mean to make you doubt him… Does it feel real? Like deep down in your soul real?”


“Yeah, but what if I’m just telling myself it is because I’m scared of raising the baby alone?” I’m this close to bursting into tears and having a panic attack.


“If it feels real, then just go with it, Sookie. I don’t know any man that pretended to be this happy about a baby just for sex. I was just sayin’. I didn’t mean to upset you.”


Well it’s too late now. I’ve got all sorts of squirrelly thoughts running through my head right now thanks to Hadley. I’m sure she didn’t mean anything by it, but it doesn’t matter. What if she’s right and I’ve just been too blind to see it?


17 thoughts on “Chapter 8

  1. Oh dear… That idea is so convoluted, I can’t believe how Hadley came up with it…. Surely Eric could be getting laid in simpler ways than pretending to be interested in a baby? I hope Sookie doesn’t go into full crazy with it (if I was Eric is feel a bit insulted) though she seems well on the way… And he wouldn’t need to plan dates or a nursery if he was just faking it?

    Can’t wait for what’s next…. Drama I suppose….


  2. Oh my God! What the hell is Hadley thinking?? She hasn’t even met Eric and that the first thing she says to Sookie! Just want to smack her upside the head.
    I truly hope Eric can make Sookie understand how he feels, providing Sookie will actually talk to him.


  3. Damn that Hadley. I hate people that stir the pot for no reason, she has never even met him. I think Eric truly cares and is falling in love with both her and baby. Maybe Sookie is too and is scared so that is why she is buying this nonsense.


  4. Could Hadley be planting shit because she’s jealous of what and who Sookie has….. I hope Sookie talks rationally with Eric and not accuse him of stupid shit…


  5. damn Hadley should have kept her mouth shut, her bad thoughts are gonna make her do something stupid and Eric is not going to be too happy. love the horny hormones. KY


  6. Hadley! Crap. Don’t do that to a hormonal woman. Not unless you see something to concern you! Geez Loise! I hope Sookies hormones calm down and she either realises she has no fears, or talks to Eric rationally. This could be bad 😦


  7. Wow, wow… i seriously don’t think I follow this latest theory… getting a girl pregnant to get your money back? That doesn’t make a lick of sense! What about the fact that a baby is lifelong commitment? Hadley, you could at least think of something that made sense!


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