Chapter 16: Need You Tonight



“Hi, princess,” I smiled as I leaned down to kiss Madison’s cheek. “Josh.” I shook his hand before I motioned for them to have a seat across from me. We were having dinner at a local burger joint. They made a crispy chicken sandwich that Madi had been craving.

“Hi Daddy.” Madi sat down on the chair Josh pulled out for her. “How’s the shop?”

“Doing great as usual. We just sold that old Chevy pickup we’ve been working on.” I didn’t want to think about the shop. If I thought about the shop, I thought about Sookie and the fact that I’d seen her glorious naked body. “What about you? How’s things at the house for you two?” I asked them both.

“So far so good,” Madi answered with a smile. “I can’t wait until my next doctor’s appointment. This baby better not get camera shy. I wanna know if there’s a stick shift in there.”

I laughed and said, “You girls weren’t shy at all. It looked like you were dancing in there. Do you want a boy or a girl, or does it matter?” I took a drink of the beer I received not long after I sat down.

“No, but if I was being honest, I think I’d have an easier time with a girl,” she said. “Josh wants a boy.”

“You’d have an easier time with a girl because you are one. Josh is probably worried about some little punk showing up at your house when she’s sixteen to tell you guys she’s pregnant, aren’t you buddy?” I smiled over at the boy.

“No, not really,” he answered. “I’m more worried about her thinkin’ I can do her hair or something.”

Yeah, right.

“It’s not hard and as long as you have Mom around here, you’ll be fine,” I said, nodding at Madi. “The girls used to paint my toenails when they were kids and I let them do my hair while their mom cooked dinner.”

“Daddy had the prettiest sparkly pink toenails,” Madi giggled.

“And I’ll do it again if you guys do have a girl,” I smiled. I was a sucker for my girls. “Have you thought of nursery themes?” Sookie was going to have to deal with the fact that I was paying for the nursery.

“We have, but I don’t want to do anything until we know what we’re having,” she answered.

“Either way, I’m paying for it,” I said. “I’ve already argued with Sookie about it.” Sookie and her perfect tits… mmm… Stop!

“She let you win?” Josh smirked.

“Reluctantly,” I smirked right back. “I have my ways.” Like giving her multiple orgasms. That was some of the best sex I’d had in a few years. It was probably all of the tension between us finally exploding. I was attracted to her, but I didn’t think about fucking her.

“Must have been a pretty good fight. She was in a really good mood last night,” Josh told me.

“It was,” I nodded. “We haven’t gotten into a good argument about anything in a while.” I was perfectly fine letting him think it was a fight. He didn’t need to know she’d gotten some good tension out and did a fucking number on my back.

“I’m just happy you can work things out now,” Madi said.

“Me too. So, as soon as you find out what it is the three of us can go to Lowe’s and Target for supplies. Is Gracie planning your baby shower?” I was sure Grace would work with Sookie for that.

“Uhhh, I think Grandma Karin is.”

“Okay. Is Papa talking to you yet?” He was pretty pissed about it. I knew he couldn’t stay mad at her forever.

The waitress came over to take the kids’ drink order. Madi got a water while Josh ordered a lemonade. I must have looked happier too since the waitress gave me a flirty smile before she walked away. I’d been getting a lot of that in public since the night before.

“I haven’t called him yet,” she admitted.

“You probably should. I know he’s waiting for you to call him. He’s pissed at me too for letting you move in with Josh,” I told her. I had to remind him she was my daughter and I was able to make the choices about her life. He’d already admitted that he would have kicked her out, but for some reason the prospect of me letting her live with Josh and stay in contact pissed him off. He’d get over it the second he saw the baby’s cute little face.

“I will… eventually.”

“If you don’t I’ll give him your address so he can come over and have a talk with you,” I threatened.

“Or you could just mind your business,” she suggested.

“And you can remember that even though you’re not under my roof, I’m still your father and you know better than to sass me.” I took another drink of my beer.

“I’ll deal with Grandpa when I’m damn good and ready so back off.” That was the hormones talking.

Or hanging out with Sookie too much.

Which made me think about the fact that I fucked her without a condom. That wasn’t supposed to happen. We preached safe sex to the kids and immediately went against our own words of advice. I hoped like hell Sookie was on birth control. Even pulling out wasn’t safe.

“Fine, deal with Papa when you’re ready,” I said, holding up my hands.

“Thank you,” she huffed, shaking her head.

Josh wisely stayed quiet.

I went mostly quiet after that. I wasn’t used to dealing with hormonal Madi. I was not a fan. It was okay to not like one of your kids for a while, as long as you still loved them, right?


I was getting a granddaughter. It was going to be interesting seeing how Josh handled a girl. I knew he wanted a boy. He was going to learn really quickly that their little girl was going to run his world.

“I’m going to stay and help Sookie clean up,” I said when Madi asked me why I wasn’t leaving when they were. Josh and Madi were going to have the talk with Papa and then head over to see Karin, and then Corbett. We’d had lunch at Sookie’s with Gracie for the reveal.

“Try not to kill each other,” Josh joked.

“We’ve done well this long,” I chuckled. “No bloodshed at all.” I could tell by the look on Sookie’s face she knew what I had on my mind. We said no more, but it was really hard to watch her without thinking about bending her over the table so I could fuck her. The fact that she didn’t tell me to leave let me know she was interested in another round too.

“Thank goodness for small favors. I’ll see you soon, Daddy.” Madi hugged me. She gasped and pulled back before I really got my arms around her. “I think the baby kicked!”

“Really?” My hand went straight to her stomach. “Where?”

“On my left side, but it… Whoa, there it is again,” she grinned. “Josh, you have to feel this.”

I remembered that I wasn’t the one that should be feeling the baby kick for the first time and removed my hand. Josh came over to feel it. I was sure the bump was small, but his face lit up. It was sweet to see them together. Sookie walked over and I looked back to see her smile. She had a really pretty smile. I wasn’t going to compliment her in front of the kids.

“It feels so… weird, but in a really awesome way,” Madi said.

“It’ll feel real annoying when she uses your bladder as a trampoline and your liver as a punching bag,” Sookie chuckled.

“I used to play games with you girls,” I said. “We used to play patty-cake. I didn’t know if it was your foot or hand but one or both of you girls were pretty active.”

“Josh used to act like my spine was a damn stripper pole,” Sookie snickered. Mmm, Sookie on a stripper pole…

“Ouch,” Madi winced.

“It doesn’t last too long. You have less than five months left,” I reminded her.

“The doctor said she’s going to grow like crazy toward the end,” Josh said.

“That’s true. I think babies put on half a pound a week in the last few weeks,” Sookie added.

“That’s crazy.” Josh moved his hand around Madi’s belly, searching for the kicks.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get to feel plenty,” Sookie assured them.

“We should get going. Thanks for lunch, Sookie.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie. Good luck with your grandpa.” Sookie gave Madi an encouraging hug.

“Thanks,” she replied.

“I’ll see you later, princess.” I kissed Madi’s head when Sookie let her go. I shook Josh’s hand before the kids turned to leave the house.

“So… I’ll see you later?” Sookie looked up at me, nibbling a little on her bottom lip.

“I was going to help you clean up if you like…” My eyes shot down to those full lips, remembering what they felt like on mine.

“I actually have a bigger mess you could help me with…” Sookie backed up toward her bedroom.

“Hmm, what might that mess be?” I stalked toward her as she backed up. I could take a guess at what it might be.

She pulled her dress over her head when we reached her room. I could see where the mess was, thanks to the damp spot on her pale blue panties.

“Lock the door,” Sookie instructed.

I threw the lock before I pulled my shirt over my head. My eyes darted down to her panties and I asked, “Should I clean that up with my tongue?”

“Anyway you want,” she replied. Sookie opened a nightstand drawer and reached inside. A few seconds later she tossed a box of a dozen condoms at me.

I caught them without looking and dropped them on the bed. I grabbed Sookie by her hips so I could use her as leverage as I dropped to my knees. I ran my hand down her thigh so I could lift one leg over my shoulder. I pushed her panties to the side as Sookie’s hands went to my head so she could keep her balance. I flicked my tongue out, swiping up her slit. I let out a deep groan as soon as her sweet nectar hit my tongue.

“You’re definitely not cleaning up the mess,” she breathed.

“I’m doing my best.” I parted her folds with my fingers so I could rub my tongue up and down her clit. My eyes fluttered closed as I started to suckle the sweet nub. I was definitely a fan of her… everything about her body.

“To make a bigger mess, maybe.” Sookie moaned and I felt her shudder.

“It’s a fuckin’ delicious mess,” I purred. I tugged her clit lightly with my lips, flicking it with the tip of my tongue.

“Eric!” she gasped. Her head fell back and her knees wobbled.

I reached up with my free arm to wrap it around her leg, keeping her in place. I continued to to flick, feeding off of her cues. My eyes opened so I could look up and watch her chest heave with each panting breath. I slipped my fingers away from her lips so I could twist my middle finger into her core. I’d found the magic button the last time we were together so I went straight to her g-spot. I curled my finger, rubbing quickly over that secret spot.

“Ohhhh… Oh fuck,” Sookie moaned. Her grip on me tightened. Just like the first time, she came in less than a minute.

“Mmm, so good,” I groaned. I pulled my finger out so I could lap at her opening, licking up everything she had to offer. “More?” I kissed her clit before I gently pulled her leg down off of my shoulder.

“Everything,” she replied.

“I can give you that,” I smirked. I helped Sookie to the bed. She plopped down on her butt while I pushed my jeans down, taking my boxers with them. I wrapped my hand around my length. I noticed her eyes flick down when I began to stroke myself. “This is for you, gorgeous,” I purred, rubbing my thumb over my tip.

“Don’t forget its raincoat,” she smirked.

“I don’t intend to.” Sookie scooted back on the bed, giving me room to kneel in front of her. I grabbed the condoms from the bed to open the box. I was still working on opening it when I felt her small hand wrap around my length.

My eyes flicked down watch her stroke.

“You’re taking much longer than I thought you would.”

“I got distracted by the warm hand on my cock,” I chuckled. I produced the condom from the box and handed it to her.

Sookie ripped that sucker open and had it in place in record time.

She was definitely ready. I grabbed her thighs, pulling her down so she was on her back. I pushed Sookie’s thighs back, spreading her legs. I lined myself up with her entrance and slowly sank into her.

Good God, that’s good…

“Fuck, your cock is so big,” she moaned.

“Thanks.” It was my turn to smirk. I bottomed out and started to rock my hips, making Sookie’s eyes roll back. I pulled out and surged forward again, filling Sookie over and over. She felt so fucking good. And with the condom my stamina was going to last longer.

“Faster,” she breathed after taking a few strokes to adjust to my size.

I liked a woman that knew what she wanted. I took direction well as my hips sped up. I fed off of Sookie’s cues and started to drive in harder and faster until she was panting and moaning each time my thighs slapped against her ass. Fuck, she felt good.

“Oh fuck… Just like that,” she breathed. Her nimble fingers plucked her pink nipples.

That was a sight I could get used to. I started to swivel just enough to change the friction. Her eyes fluttered closed after I slid my hand over to rub her clit with thumb. I wanted to feel her cum on me again. I hated to admit that there was something about Sookie Stackhouse that turned me on like I hadn’t been in a long, long time.

“Come on, gorgeous,” I purred. “Cum for me…” I wanted to flip her over so I could smack her sexy ass while I fucked her. Something told me she’d be really into that. Plus, watching her ass jiggle would be fucking hot.

“Ohhh… Ohhh… Fuuuck,” she moaned. Her walls gripped and clenched my cock as she got closer and closer to cumming. When the orgasm happened, her back arched and she cried out my name.

I stopped moving so I could watch her body shiver and contort as her release rocked her. So… so good…

I pulled out and flipped Sookie onto her stomach. I pulled her knees up so her chest was still on the bed but her sexy ass was high in the air for me. I drove in from behind, making her gasp at how deep I was able to get. I rubbed my hands over her ass, massaging gently as I slowly pumped in and out.

“You have a gorgeous ass,” I said before giving her a light smack on her right cheek.

“Again.” She rocked back to meet my thrusts.

I spanked her again, this time a little harder. The way her pussy clenched pulled a little groan from me. I slapped her left cheek a little harder than the right. The raspy moan that left her mouth made my dick twitch. I promised her a long afternoon of good, hard fucking. I planned to deliver.

I wasn’t sure how long I lasted but by the time my orgasm finally began to build I’d pulled one more orgasm from Sookie. Her ass was a nice, pretty pink from her spanking. I’d ended up flipping her onto her back one more time. I was hovering over her with her thick thighs wrapped around my ribs. Her pretty eyes were locked onto mine as I hissed. My balls tightened and my cock began to swell. When I came it was really fucking hard. My release filled the condom as my hips jerked, rubbing my groin against her clit.

“Fuuuuck,” I breathed, leaning my head down to give her a deep kiss.

Sookie kissed me back until she had to pull away to breathe.

“I really want to say we shouldn’t do that again,” she panted.

“But it’s so fucking good,” I replied. My hips were still jerking. Holy hell.

“Mmm… Yes it is,” she agreed.

“Gracie isn’t going to be home tomorrow night if you want to come by,” I offered.

“I’ll think about it.”

“Keep it in mind.” I kissed her one more time before I pulled out, causing both of us to groan. I had to get rid of the condom.

“I will. I have dinner plans with Hadley tomorrow. Her husband left her. He moved back to Louisiana last weekend and I don’t know why. I thought they were happy together,” she told me.

“Oh damn, that sucks.” I rolled off of her so I could pull the condom off. “I’m sorry to hear it.” If the way she was flirting with me was any indication I could venture a guess.

“I feel the worst for Hunter. He’s not even seven yet. Poor kid.” Sookie rolled onto her side. “At least Remy’s a good dad.”

“I hope they can stay civil. I lucked out and never had to deal with the back and forth thing. That’s good that Remy’s a good dad.” I got up and walked over to the bathroom to toss the condom in the trash. I washed my hands really quick before I went back to the bed. I climbed up behind Sookie so I could spoon her. I hated to admit she felt so fucking good in my arms.

“You’re cuddling with me?”

“Shit. Is this… should I back up?”

“It’s not the worst thing,” she admitted.

“I’m a cuddler,” I told her. “It was an automatic response to a sexy, naked woman.” I rubbed up and down her side.

“I don’t know if I am or not. I was when Josh was little. I haven’t had a boyfriend in more than a decade,” she told me.

“I’ve dated a couple women over the last eight years. They end up leaving me when they realize my girls are always going to come first. There’s something about a soft, warm body pressed against mine.” I kissed the side of her neck as my hand slid up to settle between her tits.

“Most guys are either looking for me to support their ass or they’re intimidated by my ambition and inability to keep my mouth shut if they’re acting a fool.”

“I’m going to admit something I’ve never said out loud. Your ambition and sass have always been sexy as fuck. Of course you pissed me off and I had to snap back, but it’s always been… I like fiery women, I guess,” I chuckled.

“Fiery women are the best kind.”

“They keep things interesting,” I smiled. I gently massaged her tits. She was nice and soft.

“I know I’m not the easiest person to be around. Hell, I drove away one husband already,” she laughed, but it was that awkward, uncomfortable laugh.

“Now that I’m getting to know you, you actually aren’t bad to be around,” I admitted. The stuff Josh said about Sookie made sense. She was a big softie at heart.

“I won’t tell anyone you said that,” she snorted.

“Please don’t,” I chuckled.  

“I think people would figure it out that we’ve slept together if I did.”

“That’s our little secret.” I tilted my head to nibble lightly on her neck, right where it met the shoulder. I brushed my hand over her nipple so I could feel it tighten.

“In all seriousness, I don’t know if we should make this a habit,” Sookie said.

“Probably not,” I agreed. “It’s fun. It can’t hurt every now and then if we have a rough day. If it doesn’t happen again… then it doesn’t happen.”

“Every now and then like tomorrow night, right?”

“You’re going to be with Hadley,” I reminded her. “It’s okay. If we do this, it’s probably better that we don’t plan anything.”

“I agree.”

I reached up to tilt Sookie’s head back so I could kiss her. It was a long, slow kiss that made my body tingle in all the right places. We were good at the kissing thing. We were good at fucking. Whether or not we should even try to be good at anything more was debateable.

“We should clean up,” I whispered when the kiss broke.

“Yeah, we should.”

I kissed her one last time before I rolled away. I hated how cold my body felt as soon as I moved away from her. I got off the bed to walk into the bathroom so I could turn on the shower. One more heavy make-out session under hot water was acceptable, right?

We said we weren’t going to plan anything else. I wasn’t sure if we were going to stick to it or not since we’d already said we weren’t fucking and then promptly did it as soon as we were alone. Either way, I was going to roll with the punches. Sookie was a lot cooler than I gave her credit for. She just needed to ease up a little and maybe I’d be the person to help her do that.



10 thoughts on “Chapter 16: Need You Tonight

  1. Yay us!!! They at least acknowledge that they like what they are doing. Wonderful chapter, settled the two into the ‘casual thing’, for the moment. Looking forward to reading how they continue on.

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  2. This is a one-time thing… Right? Right!!!
    Chemistry’s far too good to stop these two… Now how long before they get caught by one of their children… Not sure they are very good at being sneaky… They sound LOUD!!!

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  3. Hm, the not doing it again didn’t work and their idea to only do it every now and again probably won’t work either😳 Yay Madi and Josh are having a girl.


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