Chapter 13



The next morning I wake up with a two hundred pound space heater on my back. I was so tired last night that I hardly remember getting into bed with Eric. I slept like a rock, though. Trying to get out from under him proves to be a challenge. The more I wiggle, the tighter he holds on to me.


“Eric,” I grumble in my gravelly sleep voice.


“Hmm?” he hums and stretches out against me, pressing his morning wood against me.


“You’re crushing me.”


He loosens his grip… slightly.


“I need to get up,” I tell him. I can feel icky sweat on my back from him lying on me.


Eric rolls all the way onto his back, letting me go. I push myself up slowly and shift to get off the bed.


“Jesus, you’re warm,” I say as the cool air on my damp skin makes me shiver. I’m pretty sure all Eric sees is my nipples getting hard.


“I think you should come straight back when you’re done,” he says and flips the blanket back to flash me his hard-on.


“Yeah I felt that on my thigh already,” I smirk as I back up toward the bathroom.


“I want to feel it in you.”


“Hold your horses, son. A girl’s gotta pee and rinse her mouth out.” I close the bathroom door but that doesn’t stop him from responding.


“I got your horse, princess,” he calls with little chuckle.


“Yeah, hung like one,” I say at a normal volume as I relieve my bladder.


His bionic hearing catches that too.


“I’ve never gotten any complaints,” he says. I hear him by the door.


I finish up and then move to the sink to rinse my mouth out with a little mouthwash. I finger comb my hair and then go back to the bedroom. The bedroom door is open and as I’m climbing back into bed, I hear Eric coming down the hall. He enters the room with my bag… and his dick pointing right at me.


“Brave of you to walk out there with that poking device fully extended,” I giggle.


“I felt pretty safe,” he smiles as he climbs back onto the bed. “I’ve gotten used to it.”


“I was more concerned about Rasul,” I explain and scoot back a little.


“He sleeps like the dead. He won’t be up for another three hours,” Eric chuckles.


“So where’s my horse?” I ask as I scoot some more.


“Baby, if you didn’t see it we need to get your eyes checked,” he laughs and pulls me on top of him.


“Nope, no horse,” I giggle.


Eric helps me straddle his hips and starts to rock up.


“Your horse is right here,” he purrs, rubbing his cock through my folds.


“Mmm… that’s not a horse,” I smirk and lean down to kiss his jaw.


“Close enough.” His hand slides down my back so he can smack my ass.


“Hey!” I yelp and retaliate by biting his nipple.


Eric chuckles and pulls my head up to kiss my lips.


“The look on your face was worth it.”


“You’re trouble. I’m starting to rethink some of that stuff I said in my article,” I tease and stick my tongue out at him.


“No you’re not. You think I’m cute,” he says, giving me an adorable smile.


“I do?”


“Yep,” he says, popping the P. “And sexy and sweet and pretty much perfect.” He’s trying not to laugh


“Pretty much, huh?” He is pretty cute, I’ll give him that. My hips start moving over his length because they know what’s up, even if my mouth would rather engage in a battle of wits.


“Mmhmm and I think at least part of you agrees,” he says, flexing his hips up.


“Which part would that be?” I smirk, even though the flash flood between my thighs makes it pretty obvious.


“The warm, slick spot between your juicy thighs.” He grabs my ass to press me down and rub his solid length along my slit.


“Mmm… you mean here?” I roll my hips so I grind against him.


“Yep… That would be a lot better if I was inside you.”


I lift myself up for him and Eric doesn’t hesitate to put his tip at my opening. As much as I enjoy teasing him, I decide not to and slam down, taking all of him at once.


“Oooh, fuck,” he hisses. “Fuck, I missed your pussy.”


“Is that why you wanted me to come back?” I ask.


“Nope, but I’m not complaining,” he says. He looks up at me for a second before he adds, “If I only wanted your pussy I wouldn’t have gotten rid of Jessica… And I wouldn’t tell you I missed you. I didn’t lie about my intentions, Sookie. This is more than sex for me.”


I nod and put his hands on my tits as my hips begin to rock quickly. Every few strokes I roll them or lift up a little just to change things up. His fingers playing with my nipples makes my back arch and my head fall back.


“Mmm, I could watch this all day,” he groans. He keeps one hand on my nipples and moves his other hand down to rub my clit with his thumb.


“Too bad I have other things to do,” I smile. “There is one other thing I lied about that you should know.”


“What’s that?”


“My name. Sookie is just a nickname,” I tell him.


“That’s a pretty big lie,” he says, but doesn’t stop playing with me.


“Mmhmm,” I agree.


“I’m going to need your real name before I put you back on the payroll.”


“It’s Susannah,” I say and start bouncing. “No one ever calls me that unless I’m in trouble.”


“Good to know.” Eric holds onto my hips and starts to thrust up to meet me with each bounce.


“Am I in trouble with you, Eric?” I purr.


“Mmm, I think you should be, Susannah,” he says and reaches back to smack my right ass cheek.


“Mmm… that doesn’t feel like trouble.” I swivel my hips.


“What would feel like trouble to you, little girl?” he asks and smacks my other cheek a little harder.


I gasp and lean forward so our faces are closer together. There’s intense heat in his pretty blue eyes.


I haven’t done it in a while but at the moment this seems like the perfect answer.


“Your big cock deep in my ass,” I tell him.


He slaps me again and whispers, “Get on your hands and knees.”


I lift off of him and whimper when his cock slips out of me. I get on my hands and knees, as requested. Eric gets off the bed and disappears into his closet. He comes out a few seconds later with a bottle of lube and a condom on. As me makes his way back to the bed he’s rubbing the lube on his cock.


“Have you ever had anything this big in your hot little ass?” he asks as he kneels on the bed behind me.


“No,” I answer and shake my head.


“Mmm, okay.” I feel the lube hit my rear hole just before he starts to rub the head of his cock through my folds. Eric swats my ass again and then I feel him applying pressure at my rear entrance with the tip of his cock.


I keep myself relaxed but still gasp when his thick head slides into me. “Holy fuckballs,” I breathe. Yeah, it’s been a while.


“Are you going to lie to me anymore, little girl?” he asks as he pushes in deeper and spanks me again.


“No, Mr. Northman, I’ll be a good girl,” I reply, playing along with him. I realize then that being his girlfriend and employee could have some kinky perks.


“I hope not. I’d hate to have to punish you like this too often,” he says as he pulls back and drives forward again, going deeper this time.


“Oh fuck,” I pant. His cock has never felt bigger than it does right now. I reach down to rub my clit and my head drops to the bed.


Eric lands a stinging slap on my ass before he starts to slowly fuck me. I can feel every inch stretch me and retreat over and over and over.


“Fuck… I’m not going to fuckin’ last in this tight little asshole,” he growls.


I clutch at the sheets and move my fingers faster. My eyes squeeze shut and after one more hard slap, I explode.


“Yesyesyesyesyes! Fuuuuuck!” I shout as my walls clench hard, searching for something to hold onto but finding nothing.


“Mmm, fuck,” he pants. His hips move faster and within a few seconds I feel his shaft thicken before he explodes with a roar. He gives me one more slap before he pulls out.


“Fuck,” he pants, taking the condom off. He gets up to dispose of it in the bathroom and when he comes back he kneels on the bed to kiss my stinging cheeks.


“Mmm… I haven’t done that in over a year,” I tell him before I collapse.


Eric spreads my legs apart and lies on his stomach. He makes me shiver when I feel his breath fan over my pussy just before his tongue starts to rub over my opening.


“Have you ever had both of your holes full at the same time?” He turns his head to reach my clit, making me move my leg out.


“You mean two guys at once? No, I’ve never had a threeway,” I confess.


“What about with a toy and a dick?” He starts sliding his lips over my clit, pulling slow and soft.


“Mmm… no,” I moan.


“Do you want it?”


“I’d try it,” I pant when he flicks his tongue quickly against my sensitive nub.


“With a toy or another man?” he asks and I feel his fingers probe my entrance.


“A toy. If I like it I’d consider a guy.”


“Have you ever licked pussy?” He pushes a finger into my ass and another into my core.


“Mmm… fuck… no,” I moan.


“Have you ever had another girl’s tongue on your clit?” He pumps in and out before sucking on my lower lips.


“No,” I reply and my hips move on their own accord.


“Do you want it?”


“I’m not really into girls,” I tell him.


“Mmm, okay.” His fingers speed up and his sucking moves to my clit.


“Women are beautiful, but they don’t turn me on,” I explain and gasp when his fingers stroke my sweet spot.


“Just curious,” he says. He pulls his head back and I feel his thumb on my clit.


“Mmm… that feels good, Eric,” I breathe.


“Yes it does,” he agrees and flicks his tongue over my swollen nub a couple times before moving his thumb back.


I lie there and let him play with me, flicking his tongue, sucking on my lips, slowly pumping his fingers in and out of me until I can’t hold back anymore.


“Eric!” I cry out as my walls grip his fingers.


“Mmm, yes, baby?” he purrs.


My eyes roll back into my head as the orgasm washes over me, making my walls pulse wildly. My heart is pounding in my chest and I’m breathing hard. So… fucking… good.


He pulls his fingers out and moves to lie next to me. Eric rolls me to my side so he’s spooned in behind me. He lifts my leg and I feel his tip rub against my core.


“Do you want my cock?” he asks and sucks lightly on my neck.


“Yes,” I pant and turn my head back to kiss him.


His long, thick length slides into me and he starts to slowly thrust.


“Welcome home, baby,” he whispers and his hand goes to my breast to tug on my nipple.


I gasp and my pussy clenches with an aftershock. “Again,” I whisper.


“Like this?” He drives in deep and pulls my other nipple.


“Yes!” I cry out and my walls clench again. Jesus, he’s going to kill me.


He keeps going and starts to whisper dirty things into my ear.


“The next time I punish you with my cock in your ass I’m going to call my friend into the room to shove his big dick in your cunt… I’m going to make sure your tight little holes are so full and stretched… Fuck, you fucking feel fucking good right now. So fucking wet…”


My eyes screw shut and his dirty words make my pussy flutter around his cock. Fuck, after having him in both holes, I know I’d lose my mind if I had both of them filled at once. I whimper as he drives into me hard, over and over, tugging on my nipples and kissing my neck…


“Mmm, my dirty little girl. You’d fucking love that, wouldn’t you?” he purrs.


“Yes,” I moan. He could ask me if I wanted to lick hot coals right now and I’d say yes if it meant he didn’t stop.


Eric hooks my leg, pulling it up to spread me wider and his hips thrust faster; harder.


“You want to feel me cum in your hot little cunt?” he pants. I can feel him swelling, getting closer to his moment.


“Give it to me, Eric,” I moan.


His fingers dig into my thigh. He starts panting heaving, fanning his warm breath over my neck. When he cums, it’s with a soft whimper. He continues to thrust in deep right through his orgasm.


“Oh… fuck yes,” he growls as his cock jerks, shooting his hot, sticky release deep inside of me.


“Mmm… that’s it,” I moan as my walls tighten and pulse around him to make sure I get every drop of his cum.


“My God, that’s good,” he moans. “Are you sure we can’t take the day off?”


“I guess you have to ask my boss. He’s a big ogre,” I smile.


“Mmm, I think he’s fine with you taking the day off. He has to do a phone interview at one though.”


“What do you know? I have something to do then too,” I tell him.


“What’s that?”


“Well I’m his assistant, so I may have to assist him by swallowing his thick cock,” I explain.


“Your boss sounds like a hard man to work with,” Eric purrs.


“He’s a beast,” I agree.


“You have no idea, Susannah,” he smirks and rolls away so he can get up. “I need to shower.”


“I do too,” I turn over and spread my legs so he can see his cum on my thighs, “But I’ll wait until you’re done.”


“You’re welcome to join me,” he says with his eyes between my legs.


“If I do that, we’ll be in there for hours,” I say as I reach down to rub his cum into my clit.


“Keep that up and I’ll have my head right back between your thighs.”


“Get in the shower, Northman,” I tell him.


“Yes, ma’am,” he smirks and goes into the bathroom.




An hour later we’re both showered and I’m cooking up breakfast sausage for biscuits and gravy. Eric’s sitting at the table, sipping coffee and Rasul comes staggering into the room in nothing but a pair of boxer briefs that don’t leave much to the imagination.


“Morning, Sunshine,” I chuckle.


He grunts a response and goes straight for the coffee.


I can’t help but wonder what Rasul does for a living. He seems to just hang out most of the time. Maybe he’s a trust fund baby like Amelia.


“Hungry?” I ask him. The timer goes off and I take my biscuits out. The cookie sheet is barely on the cooling rack when Eric is coming to inspect them.


“Always,” he says in his gruff voice, scratching his balls.




“Eric, no!” I slap his hand away when he tries to steal a biscuit.


“Babe, you’re in a house with two monsters. We’re going to steal the food whenever we can,” he chuckles.


“You steal any of those biscuits and the punishment I got will look like playtime compared to what I do to you,” I threaten. I have a southern grandmother who was a professional ass whooper when she needed to be.


This makes Rasul snort behind me.


“Fine,” Eric pouts playfully and goes to make himself another coffee.


I add flour to the sausage and a whole mess of black pepper, some salt, hot sauce and then milk mixed with some half and half. I let the gravy thicken while the boys trade grunts and plot how to sneak biscuits without me knowing. When the gravy is almost done I get eggs from the fridge.


“How do you fellas like your eggs?” I ask. I know Eric usually just likes whites, but he’s going to have to deal with the whole egg today.


“Over medium,” they answer in unison.


I nod and crack two eggs into the pan. Meanwhile I get a bowl down and split three biscuits to ladle gravy over them. When the eggs are ready I slide them on top and take the bowl to Rasul, making Eric growl.


“Oh cool your balls,” I wave him off.


“Thanks, princess,” Rasul smiles.


“You’re welcome,” I smile back at him. I crack two more eggs into the skillet and get another bowl down for Eric.


“This is delicious, Sookie,” Rasul tells me.


“Thank you,” I smile over my shoulder.


“So, you’re sticking with this putz,” he asks me about Eric.


“I’m a sucker for pretty blue eyes, what can I say?” I flip the eggs without using a spatula. It took me years to master how to do that.


“Well, damn,” he chuckles.


“And my massive dick,” Eric jokes.


I just snort. I’m not even going to comment.


“Mine’s bigger,” Rasul says sweetly. “And I’m less of a pervert.”


“Then it’s too bad you didn’t make a move when you had the chance,” I tell him.


“Fucker.” He punches Eric in the arm, making Eric laugh.


“What are you punching him for? You’re the one who stood on your legendary dick,” I point out and add Eric’s eggs to his bowl. I swear I see drool when I set it down in front of him.


“I told him I wanted you.”


“Oh, well that was your mistake. You should have told me.” I pat Rasul’s shoulder and go back to make my own plate. “Do either of you need anything while I’m up?”


“No thanks,” Eric replies. “Thank you.”


I smile and bring my bowl to the table to join them.


“So, Rasul, what exactly do you do besides crash in Eric’s guest room?” I ask since I’m curious.


“That’s pretty much it. I find shit to do around town. Drinks with friends and shit,” he shrugs.


“He’s a trust fund baby,” Eric supplies.


“I should have stood in that line. I waited too long for boobs,” I joke.


He laughs and says, “Well, what you ended up with is perfect.”


“I should introduce you to Amelia. You two slackers can sit around counting your millions and shit.”


“Is she hot?”


“She’s pretty. Usually stoned off her ass, but pretty. She looks kinda like Parker Posey,” I explain. “But less bitchy.”


“I’m not into the pot shit,” he shakes his head.


“I’m not usually either, but at least she gets the good stuff,” I chuckle. It’s actually amazing Eric hasn’t noticed the smell on my clothes.


“I wouldn’t even know what’s good,” he laughs.


“You’re being awfully quiet,” I nudge Eric with my foot.


“I’m eating,” he says with his mouth full.


“Yeah, but I’ve heard you talk while eating,” I smirk.


“This is fuckin’ good,” he chuckles. “Plus, Ras is having fun flirting with you.”


“This is flirting?” Could have fooled me.


“I’m teasing, Sook.”


“Thank God. I was starting to feel sorry for Rasul,” I chuckle.


“I do fine,” Ras shrugs.


I concentrate on my food and almost have to referee when Eric and Rasul argue over who gets the last biscuit.


“Uh, gentlemen, I can make more tomorrow,” I remind them.


Rasul throws it at Eric and says, “I’ll wait for fresh, fucker.”


Eric shakes his head and shoves half of the biscuit in his mouth.


“Tomorrow I’ll make a double batch,” I promise.


“Thanks,” Eric says and Rasul leaves us to take a shower.


“While you’re on your conference call I’ll go grocery shopping,” I tell Eric.


“Thanks,” he nods. “Want me to wash dishes?”


“No, I got it. Go do whatever you need to do.” I find a Tupperware for the leftover gravy.


“I don’t have anything to do until my phone interview.”


“Then you can make me a shopping list.”


“Alright.” Eric kisses my head and then heads to his office.


I get to work cleaning up the kitchen and I’m in the middle of wiping down the stove when my cell phone blows up with a bunch of text messages. I wash my hands as the texts just keep coming. They’re all from Amelia and I gasp when I see picture after picture of Eric and I at the airport yesterday. That didn’t take long.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 13

  1. Hmm, I wonder if Rasul’s gonna join them in bed. Also- I’d like to see her punish Eric because… Just because. 😉


  2. It’s good to know that Eric didn’t change his mind in the morning;) Having two overgrown children fight over your food is quite a compliment. Now that the paps have some ammo Sookie and Eric are rumor fodder. Crap!!!


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