Chapter 26


I grab the other bag of ice from the back of Eric’s Jeep. His parents asked us to bring ice and whatever we want to drink so Eric’s got two cases of Dos Equis and I’ve got two big bags of ice. His parents have a pool so I imagine we’ll be spending the day drinking and swimming. I have a bag in the car just in case we indulge a little too much and have to spend the night. I’ve been here for dinner before but I haven’t really gotten drunk in front of Sophie and Senior, so this should be interesting.

“Looks like the brother you never wanted is already here,” I say as we get closer to the house. Alcide’s truck is already parked on the street in front of the house.

“He’s always here early. He’s already half drunk with Dad,” Eric chuckles. “That’s why he gets so fucked up, he starts too early.”

“Man am I glad I remembered to bring the permanent marker,” I chuckle and set one of the bags of ice down so I can open the door for Eric since both of his hands are full as well.

“That’s my girl,” he grins and gives me a peck as he walks by me.

I follow Eric into the house and back toward the kitchen. The sound of Bruce Springsteen is coming from the back deck and Sophie is in the kitchen prepping food. It looks like she’s planning on feeding a small army with the amount of food she’s got.

“Holy crap,” I murmur as I take it all in.

“There you are!” Sophie beams when she sees us. “I was wondering where you were. I’ll forgive you if it means I’ll be a grandma.”

Oh boy.

“We’re being extra cautious so we don’t make all your dreams come true. You already have me and you know I’m a big deal,” Eric says and kisses his mom on the cheek.

“You’re not so easy to cuddle anymore. Plus I like new toys,” Sophie says. She rinses her hands off and then comes over to give me a hug. “How are you, honey?”

“Not pregnant,” I answer and Eric chuckles.

“That’s my girl,” he repeats and then asks Sophie, “Are Pop and Al falling into the pool yet?”

“I wish. Your father made him a bet,” Sophie says with a shake of her head. “Every time one of them cusses they have to take a shot and chase it with a beer. Only Al hasn’t caught on yet that your father is spitting his shot into the beer bottle.”

“Oh Lord,” Eric shakes his head. “Well, Buttercup, I guess we can’t let our kids around my dad.”

I laugh and say, “Actually, that’s pretty brilliant… as long as no one picks up that beer bottle by mistake.”

“Oh, I’m sure I will at some point. I’m notorious for losing my beer at cookouts,” Eric laughs.

“There’s an empty cooler outside for whatever you brought,” Sophie tells him. “And I have three trays of Tequila Sunrise Jell-o shots in the fridge out in the garage.”

“Holy cow, Sophie, how many people are coming?” I ask her.

“Hard to say. I think we invited somewhere around fifty but people just sort of stop in for a bit. We like entertaining.”

“Dad was gone a lot, so she made a lot of friends around the neighborhood,” Eric explains.

“Gotcha,” I nod.

“You two go get yourselves situated,” Sophie tells us. “I’ll be out soon with snacks.”

“Oh, I have to go get the strawberries from the car,” I remind Eric. “We made drunken strawberries.”

“Drunken strawberries?” Sophie lifts an eyebrow.

“It’s how I got Sookie,” Eric winks. “I tried to steal her strawberry and then had to sweet talk her into giving me the rest when she caught me. She was hooked on The Northman after that.”

“Thankfully he wasn’t referring to himself as ‘The Northman’ at that point or I would have run the other way,” I smirk.

“I don’t blame you,” Sophie chuckles.

“Hush it girls,” Eric chuckles. “Do you want me to get the berries?”

“Sure. I’ll take the ice out back.”

I head for the sliding doors and go out to the deck. Alcide’s floating in the pool and Senior’s at the grill. He turns when he hears the sliding screen door close.

“Hi, Senior,” I smile at him.

“Hey, sweetie,” he waves his spatula at me. “Where’s the boy?”

“Doing my bidding, where else?” I smirk and start checking the coolers to see which one is empty. There’s half a dozen of them.

“The blue one on the end,” Senior directs me. “When you’re done, get your pretty little butt over here and give me a proper hello.”

“Yes, sir, just as soon as you tell me how you got my phone number,” I say as I empty a bag of ice into the blue cooler.

“Ah, nope, I can’t give away my secrets, dear,” he grins just like Eric.

“Then I’m afraid I can’t give away hugs,” I grin right back. If I can handle Junior I can definitely handle Senior.

“Don’t you worry, I’ll get my hugs. I’m stealthy like that,” he winks.

“Old man, quit flirting with your daughter-in-law!” Al yells from the pool.

“Hush it, lightweight,” he tells Alcide.

“Bullshit! I’m not a fuckin’ lightweight!” Alcide yells back and I just shake my head.

That’s two more shots for Numbnuts.

“Watch your fuckin’ language around me, boy,” Senior yells.

Eric comes outside with one of the cases of beer in his hands and I point him to the blue cooler I just filled with ice. Alcide hauls himself out of the pool to take the shots Senior gives him.

“He cursed twice,” I tell Eric and we both pause to watch Senior outsmart the fool in the pool.

“Don’t you go puking in my pool either,” Senior says to Alcide after he finishes his shots.

“Today should be interesting,” Eric says, shaking his head.

“Uh huh,” I nod my agreement.

“Sook, get your sexy ass in this pool!” Alcide hollers.

I roll my eyes, not that he can see it with my sunglasses on.

“Funny, I was just going to ask if you wanted to get in the pool,” Eric says.

“I do, but I think I’ll need a guard against Octopussy over there,” I snicker.

“You have me and my dad, you’ll be safe,” he promises.

Yeah, we’ll see about that. I agree to get in the pool, however, and since I already have my bikini on under my clothes I just have to strip off my tank top and skirt.

“God bless America,” Alcide says, rather predictably, when I’m left standing beside the pool in an American flag bikini.

“Look, but if you get a hard-on I’m castrating you,” Eric threatens.

“I’ll get the butter knife and the magnifying glass,” I whisper.

“Good call, Honey pie,” Eric whispers back and gives me a quick kiss.

“I’m still waiting for my hug, Blondie,” Senior throws out as he flips a burger.

“And I’m still waiting to find out how you got my phone number,” I say with just as much sass.

“If I told you, I’d have to kill you, and then Junior would be unbearable to be around.”

“And I’d be so distraught I’d have to move home and then he’d kill me,” Eric says and pulls off his t-shirt.

“Then I guess Senior goes hugless,” I shrug.

Senior glares at me and Eric chuckles.

“Sorry, Dad, I can’t argue this one for you.”

I move to the deep end of the pool and cannonball my way into it, sending water in Senior’s direction. When I come up Eric’s laughing and Senior is soaked.

“Oops,” I say innocently. I’m not sorry.

“You just wait. I’ll get you when you least expect it,” Senior says and then Eric jumps in the pool.

“You ain’t gonna do shiiiiiiiiit,” Alcide slurs.

Jesus Christ, how many shots has he had?

“Can it, numbnuts,” he yells at Alcide. “Jesus, you woulda thought he woulda learned by now.”

“Hey, pretty girl,” Eric purrs when he pops up out of the water behind me, wrapping his arms around me.

“Hi,” I smile back at him, and we watch Alcide take yet another shot. “How many do you think he’s had?”

“With his mouth, at least ten,” Eric laughs. “Dad will start giving him water soon and he won’t know the difference.”

“That’s a good idea. Remind me never to make bets with your dad.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll stop you before you enter into a Senior Northman contract. He’s ruthless,” he says and kisses the side of my head.

“Not that I want to see it, but do you think one of us could pants Alcide without him realizing it?” I ask Eric. I can only imagine Senior’s reaction to Al losing his trunks.

“Yeah, he’d never see it coming if you started flirting with him,” he says with a little twinkle in his eye.

I smile and say, “I’ll distract him and you can do the dirty work.”

I definitely don’t want to get that close to Alcide’s junk.

I swim over to where Alcide is and float on my back. I’m not above using my tits to distract someone when I need to, and Al is definitely taking advantage of the view I’m offering him. He’s too busy watching my tits to notice Eric go underwater and start moving toward us… that is until he suddenly disappears underwater and Eric resurfaces victoriously with Alcide’s trunks in his hands.

“Fucker, gimme my shorts back!” Alcide shouts and goes after Eric.

“Come and get ’em!” Eric yells and throws them up on the patio near Senior.

“Nobody wants to see that!” Senior yells, quickly followed by him laughing as he picks up Al’s shorts and wrings them out while heading toward the house.

“Goddamnit, gimme my shorts back!” Al yells as he fights with the ladder to get out of the pool.

I laugh and turn around before I get an eyeful of something I don’t want to see. Eric is pretty much doubled over at the edge of the pool and I swim toward him.

“That went even better than I thought it would,” I say through my laughter and look back to see Alcide crawling out of the pool.

“I… Can’t…” Eric stammers. “You… No…” He’s laughing so hard he can’t breathe.

I turn around so I don’t actually see Alcide’s junk and like my boyfriend, I can’t stop laughing. Sophie comes out of the house and screams, which only makes Eric laugh harder. I turn and peek through my fingers to see Alcide trying to give Sophie a hug.

“Don’t touch me!” Sophie squeals and runs back inside.

“Dad! Give him his shorts back!” Eric yells. His face is beet red from laughing and I think I see tears.

“Only because company is coming,” Senior laughs and smacks Alcide on the butt with his wet shorts. “Stop offending people, Fuckwad.”

“Go take your shot, Old Man,” Alcide slurs, staggering while trying to get his shorts back on.

“I think I need a beer. Do you need a beer?” I ask Eric.

“Yes, please,” he says, still chuckling.

“I’ll be right back.” I give him a kiss before I swim over to the ladder to climb out of the pool.

Thankfully Al already has his shorts back on. I grab two bottles of beer from one of the coolers since the Dos Equis isn’t cold yet, and Senior comes over to open them for me. As soon as I hand him a beer he makes me squeal when he moves to pick me up faster than I can track.

“You don’t deny me my hugs, little girl,” he growls.

I laugh and say, “Fine, you win.”

I give him a good squeeze and a kiss on the cheek.

“There. Happy now?” I ask him.

“Yep, you can stay,” he smiles and drops me so he can open the beer for me.

“Thank you, Senior. So where’s your spittoon bottle so Eric doesn’t drink out of it by mistake?”

“It’s the one with the label peeled back. I keep it by the grill, but Eric still may fuck up and grab it. It wouldn’t be the first time,” he says, luckily Al didn’t hear him cuss.

“I’ll keep an eye on him,” I promise. “Just keep him away from the drunken strawberries and we should be okay.”

“Drunken strawberries?” he asks, arching an eyebrow. It’s like looking at Eric in twenty years.

“Strawberries soaked in cake and whipped cream flavored vodka. It tastes like strawberry shortcake when you mix them together,” I explain.

“And you didn’t bring them straight to your favorite father-in-law?”

“They’re inside where Eric can’t get them. Trust me, if he sees them he’ll eat them all,” I chuckle and take a sip from one of the beers.

“Hmm, I think my wife is calling me,” he smiles and kisses my cheek before walking into the house. He’s going after the strawberries.

I walk at normal speed over to where Eric is and hand him one of the beers.

“Here you go, Schmoopy.”

“Thanks, Pudding pop,” he grins up at me.

“Your dad is inside molesting your strawberries right now with those filthy paws of his,” I say as Eric takes a drink.

His eyes go wide and he pops up from the chair he’s in.

“Shit, Sook, you think I’m bad? He’s even worse.”

I just shrug and watch Eric haul ass for the sliding doors, presumably to wrestle the strawberries away from Senior.


“Step away from the strawberry, Old Timer,” I growl when I catch my dad with a sticky face and another strawberry at his lips.

He cocks an eyebrow and pops it in his mouth.

“Mom, you let him eat all those?” I look in the container and at least a third of them are gone.

“She doesn’t own me, son,” Dad says.

“I didn’t realize that they were special to you,” Mom shrugs. “You should have said something and I would have hidden them.”

“They aren’t special, just delicious and we brought them to share… with everybody,” I say, glaring at my dad, who just shrugs and eats another. “He’s going to be your problem when he’s drunk,” I tell my mom and snatch the container from Dad.

“If I didn’t know how to handle your father when he’s drunk you wouldn’t be here,” Mom smirks.

“True story, little boy,” Dad winks and leans over to kiss my mom.

“Can you cool it on the strawberries?” I ask and I walk away to let them make out. I take the berries with me because if we don’t get them now Pop will eat them all.

When I get out back again Alcide is back on his raft with a bottle of water. Sookie is sitting on the chaise sunbathing so I go to sit next to her.

“Strawberry?” I offer.

“No thanks, I’m good with the beer,” she says.

“Dad ate a shitton, he’s going to be drunk soon,” I warn her.

“Then I’ll make sure to stay away from those ninja quick hands of his,” she snickers.

“Where do you think I learned it?” I smile and reach over to tickle her side.

“Watch it, mister, or I’ll repossess those berries,” Sookie threatens.

I smile and I decide to get back in the pool.

“You’re welcome to join me whenever you’re ready,” I say as I get up.

“I’ll be there shortly.” Sookie grabs the container of berries and dashes toward the house. “No one wants warm berries!” she calls over her shoulder before going inside.

I quit. If I don’t get anymore berries, I’ll live. And then I remember how I left my parents. I just smile to myself and get up to go to the pool. I jump in, making Al float a little closer to the side and I pop up to float on my back. Alcide has reached his quiet stage of drunkenness, so I let him be.

“I’m blind!” Sookie comes running out of the house with her hand over her eyes.

I jump up so my head is out of the water and I can’t even empathize, she’s going to have to learn sooner or later.

“Did they at least have clothes on?” I snort.

“Not all of them,” she whines and jumps into the pool.

“Ma and Pops?” Alcide asks.

“At it again,” I laugh.

“She’s one of us now,” he chuckles as Sookie pops up out of the water.

“You okay, Babycakes?” I ask and swim over to her side.

Sookie shakes her head no and says, “I’ve seen too much.”

“Awww, baby, you’ll get through it,” I coo as I wrap her in my arms. “I’ve caught my parents fucking more times than I’d care to admit.”

Sookie cringes in my arms. “No… just no.”

Dad comes out of the house, chuckling and smirking.

“Now you know where Eric gets it,” he winks at Sookie, making her shudder.

I chuckle and rub her back.

“We’ll see if it’s still funny when you don’t have grandkids!” Sookie calls back to him.

“That’s just mean,” Dad says, but he can’t hide his smile.

“You tell her, Old Man,” Al says.

“I need more beer,” Sookie mutters and swims away from me to get her drink.

Mom comes outside with an enormous bowl of tortilla chips and a huge glass pan.

“Alright boys, seven layer taco salad is ready,” she says as she sets the food down on the picnic table.

I didn’t realize how hungry I was until she said that. Al and I race out of the pool and go straight for the taco salad. I love her, but Sookie is going to have to learn real quick that when it comes to my mom’s cooking she’s going to need to fight for it. Alcide and I don’t fuck around.

“Is there crack in that?” Sookie asks.

“Could be,” I shrug and shove a bite into my mouth. “It wouldn’t be the first time she drugged us.”

“Just wait until she breaks out the cheesy bacon potato salad,” Al says with his mouth full.

“Babe, eat now or you might be starving later,” I warn.

“Eric there’s a small grocery store’s worth of food in the kitchen,” Sookie says as she reaches for a chip to try the taco salad.

“Right, I know. And more people are coming, some that eat more than us.”

“Not possible,” she snorts.

“You haven’t met Vic,” my dad says from behind her.

“She will,” Al says.

Mom comes out with a huge serving bowl and hands it to Sookie.

“You should try this before these vultures get their hands on it,” Mom suggests.

“Ah, the infamous potato salad?” Sookie asks.

My head snaps up and I gently shove Sookie over. “Move it, Princess,” I growl. Alcide and I didn’t talk for six months over him taking the last bite once.

Sookie holds the bowl away from me. “You don’t get any until you apologize for shoving me.”

My eyes never leave the bowl and I say, “I’m so sorry, Honeypot, I love you, may I please have the bowl?”

Alcide makes the sound of a whip cracking and he says, “Way to stand your ground, Schmoopy.”

“Yeah, but which one of us is getting potato salad, dick,” I say over my shoulder.

“Neither of you,” Mom says. “Ladies first, now sit.”

“But Maaaa…” Alcide whines.

“Sit,” Mom commands.

We sit… quickly.

My eyes stay on Sookie the whole time she’s eating. Mom gives us the go ahead two long minutes later.

“How is it?” I ask Sookie as I shove a bite into my mouth.

“It’s delicious,” she says. She’s much more civilized than Alcide and I.

That being said, it only takes my mom cooking to shut us up. There’s peace in the yard for a whole fifteen minutes before Al and I get up together to get beer.

“Baby doll, are you ready for a new beer?” I ask her. I’ve been good at holding onto my beer today, thankfully.

“Sure,” she says.

I bring her beer back to her and make her get up so I can sit and pull her onto my lap. This is perfect. My girl, a beer, and Mom brought the strawberries back to me.

♦ ♦ ♦

“Don’t be surprised if the cops show up,” I tell Sookie when my dad and Vic start setting up the fireworks.

My father is a bigger kid than all of us, especially when he’s drunk, and manages to get a big box of illegal fireworks. The cops have only been called once, but he somehow talked his way out of getting in trouble.

“I won’t be,” she giggles. She’s drunk. She had way more Jell-o shots than I thought she was capable of having. “But at least I know what your ass will look like in twenty years.”

I laugh and say, “It was bound to happen, Sweetcheeks. I could’ve warned you, but you were so cute running out of the house like that.”

“Shhhhhhh… don’t remind me,” she whispers.

“Okay,” I nod and grab her face for a kiss. I don’t need to remind her, they’ll be making out in a corner before the night ends.

“Fuck me, can any of you Northmans keep it in your pants?” Alcide grumbles.

“It’s in my pants still,” I say and flex my hips up to let Sookie know I don’t want it in my pants much longer.

She moans and wraps her arms around my neck to kiss me back. Mmm, I love drunk Sookie.

“Hey! If I can’t get any neither can you,” Dad yells from across the lawn.

“If he was gettin’ some I wouldn’t be so quiet!” Sookie yells back.

“Someone get this little lady another shot,” Alcide snickers.

“Yes please,” I purr and pull her face back to mine. My old bedroom isn’t too far.

Sookie shoves her tongue in my mouth and her ass wiggles against me. I groan into the kiss, letting my hands slide down to her hips, to help her move a little.

We stop when I feel a smack on the back of my head and when I pull back to yell at whoever hit me I see Alcide holding  two jello shots in front of us.

“Drink up, assholes,” he says.

“I think I’ve had enough,” Sookie says with her eyes on my lips.

“I haven’t had enough.” I growl, but I’m not talking about the alcohol.

“Well then at least go inside, will ya? Senior’s busy and Ma’s yappin’ with the neighbor ladies by the garage.”

“You wanna?” I ask and peck her lips.

“I think we need to,” she says with another wiggle.

I hook my arm under her leg and pick her up as I stand. It’s dark out front and we slip away unnoticed. I head straight to my childhood bedroom and close the door behind us.

“Are you sure?” I ask and lay her down on my old full sized bed. I outgrew a twin when I was fourteen.

“Uh huh. We just have to be quick,” she whispers, even though we’re alone in the house.

“Not a problem,” I whisper back and push the little triangles of her bikini top over before dipping down to suck her nipple between my lips.

As I suck and nibble on her nipples I reach between our bodies and push her little tiny shorts and bikini bottoms over. She’s already wet.

“Mmm, what have you been thinking about, Honeysuckle?” I purr and push two fingers deep inside of her.

Sookie grunts and it takes her a second to say, “Fucking you. Hard.”

If I wasn’t already hard I would be now.

I shift my hips and untie my board shorts so I can push them down enough to release my hard-on. I know we only have a few minutes so I position my tip at her entrance and push in. We don’t have time for teasing.

“Oh, fuck!” I pant.

Sookie moans as well as immediately starts moving her hips. She pulls my face to hers and kisses me hard. Once I get into the kiss my hips join hers. My hands slide down to grab her thighs and pull her legs farther apart so I can get deeper.

“Fuckfuckfuck,” I grunt out.

She feels way too fucking good and her nails are in my back. My lips find hers again and she knows I need her to cum as quick as possible. I have yet to leave Sookie unsatisfied and I don’t intend to start now. I’m swallowing her moans, pounding hard, getting as deep as I can when I feel my orgasm approaching.

Sookie’s moans get louder and her fingers dig deeper into my back. Her walls start to pulse around my cock and she pulls away from the kiss to catch her breath. She cries out quietly as she cums. It takes three more thrusts for me to explode. I continue to kiss her through our aftershocks, but I pull out so I’m not tempted to keep going.

I start laughing uncontrollably a few seconds later as I roll off of her and fix my shorts.

“Babe, I think we just relived my first time,” I say to explain why I’m laughing so hard.

“Seriously? You fucked a drunk girl?”

“She might have been, I don’t know. I was talking about the quick, dirty two minutes,” I chuckle.

“If you got a girl off in two minutes when you were a teenager, I will be seriously impressed,” she snorts as she gets herself together.

“I highly doubt it, but it felt fucking fantastic to me,” I say and help her up.

“Yeah, I’m sure it did. I think I need some water or I’m going to puke.”

“I’ll get it, go ahead and go back out, I’ll bring it to you,” I offer and kiss her forehead as I open the bedroom door.

“Thank you, baby,” she says. Sookie gives me a kiss before walking out of the room.

I go to the backyard to get two bottles of water from the cooler. As I walk back out front I go through the kitchen and pick up a bag of Barbecue Lay’s potato chips. Yum. When I get back out front Sookie is still standing so I pull her down with me when I sit. She snuggles into my chest with her water and I wrap my arms around her to get ready for fireworks.



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  1. what a great bbq wish i was there…love the depth of this story…the detail is fantastic and the writing is the best great chapter love being a part of their lives.


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