Chapter 14


“Honey, I’m home!” I call out when I walk into Eric’s house.

We gave up on me ringing the bell more than a month ago so now he just leaves the front door unlocked for me when he knows I’m coming over. I have my bag with me since I’m pretty sure we’ll be fucking tonight and there’s no way I’m doing that with Dawn home. She and Ras have gone out on a handful of dates but as far as I know there isn’t a real commitment there. They seem to be getting along but with her schedule, it’s hard for her to really pin down a relationship.

The past month has been nothing short of amazing. This is easily the best relationship I have ever been in. I love that Eric and I have our things we do together and lately I feel like he’s become my best friend. That’s huge, considering I’ve never really considered whether or not I was friends with a guy I was dating. With Eric, it’s obvious. I can be myself around him and I’m not worried about what he thinks or if he’ll judge me for the goofy shit I do sometimes. If anything, I think he encourages me to be sillier.

“I’m in the kitchen, cooking for my woman,” he calls back.

I smile and drop my bag in the bedroom before going to the kitchen to kiss him hello. He looks yummy in the black jeans and the army green button down he’s wearing. I sneak up behind him and grab his ass. I want to bite it, but I control myself.

“Hi,” I push up on my toes and tug on his earlobe with my teeth.

“Hi,” he says back and a shiver runs through his body. “How do you feel about going out with the guys tonight?” he asks me as he turns to give me a proper kiss.

“I might be overdressed for going out with the boys,” I snicker, motioning to the dress I have on. It’s light and airy, and I even wore cute heels because Eric seems to enjoy it when I do.

“They don’t judge,” he chuckles. “I was thinking we can go to karaoke night even though we both sing like shit.”

“Eh, that just means we have to do a cheesy duet together that’ll make Alcide want to puke,” I suggest with a giggle. He’s making tacos. I really should just ask him to marry me and get it over with.

Eric’s right that I can’t sing but most people that karaoke can’t sing. It’s just about getting up and having fun, and I find the more fun you’re having the less people notice how good or bad you sound. So I just get up and do it.

“Oooh, Islands in the Stream or whatever the hell that song is called?” he suggests with a grin. “Secret Lovers would be fun too.”

“Or we could get Alcide to do it with us and sing The Golden Rule,” I joke. Eric loves Lonely Island songs.

“Have I told you recently how amazing you are?” he asks seriously.

“Not since yesterday when I blew you on the couch,” I smirk.

My deepthroating skills have improved and Eric has been such a generously willing guinea pig.

“Mmm, yes… I meant is wholeheartedly too,” he says with a faraway look in his eyes. “I saw Tara today,” he tells me nonchalantly.

“Oh yeah? How’d that go?” I lean against the counter. I really hope that his run-in with her today went better than the last time we spotted her.

“She was never pregnant for starters. She also apologized for the way she broke things off with me and for the things she said to you.”

“She lied about pregnant?” I raise an eyebrow. “Wouldn’t she lie about not being pregnant? That doesn’t make any fucking sense.”

“Right. Apparently she wanted to make sure I didn’t try to fight to keep her. And she knows how I feel about cheating. I reminded she could’ve told me she didn’t want me and I would’ve walked away without any problems. I don’t get the point of fighting to keep someone if they clearly don’t want you, ya know? The dude she was ‘pregnant’ by kicked her out when he found out she was lying too.”

“Good. What a nutter.”

Apparently Tara is a little delusional. Maybe I should hook her up with Quinn.

“I should’ve listened to my mother and I’ll disown you if you ever repeat that in front of her,” he says, pointing the tongs at me. He’s frying flour shells. Yum.

“I will never tell your mother. I know her well enough now to know she would never let that shit die,” I smirk. We’ve had dinner with Eric’s parents twice and the more time I spend with Sophie, the more I like her.

“Come over here,” he says and grabs my arm to pull me closer to him. “Take these.” He hands me the tongs, making me nervous, but he spins me so I’m facing the frying pan. “I want you to make the shells with me.”

“You’re going to supervise, right? I can just barely make a grilled cheese now,” I remind him. Thanks to him, I can do that. Oh, and scrambled eggs. It’s pathetic but a girl’s gotta start somewhere.

“I’ll even hold the tongs with you.” Eric tricked me into making the first grilled cheese, and I burnt the shit out of it. “Hold it up like this.” He has me fold the tortilla in half and I have one side in the oil and the other being held up by the tongs.

“Okay… how do I know when it’s done?” I turn my head back to look at him.

“Watch,” he whispers and helps me drop the side I’m holding up, only to grab the side we’ve been cooking. “Feel that?” I nod, it’s a little crispy. “Grab that side and put the raw side in the oil. Check in in a few seconds to see if it’s crispy and if it’s not keep checking until it is. After three or four you’ll be able to tell by how long it cooks.”

“Okay.” I carefully lift the tortilla out of the oil and follow his instructions. Eric’s pretty patient with me, but then he’s used to six-year-olds so I have to be a few notches above that. My problem, I’ve figured out, is that I get distracted.

We’ll start talking about something and I’ll forget to keep my eyes on what’s cooking because I get too absorbed in conversation. My focus just completely shifts to what I’m talking about until the smoke detector is going off and Eric is trying to put out a fire. Seriously, I set the first grilled cheese on fire it was that burned.

But I manage to get the tortilla’s fried while Eric finishes cooking the meat.

“It smells so good in here,” I say after inhaling deeply.

“It’s because you’re cooking,” he smiles and leans over to kiss me.

“Ha! You started it, buddy. It smelled this good when I walked in, but thank you.” It’s a good thing the tortillas are done because there’s more kissing happening.

“How about next time we do tacos I’ll wait for you and walk you through cooking them?” he suggests and sucks my bottom lip.

He’s really good at getting me to agree to stuff when my brain is all scrambled from kissing, so I end up nodding my agreement. Looks like I’m learning how to make tacos.

♦ ♦ ♦

When we get to Puzzles Eric goes to the bar to get us drinks while I go looking for Alcide and Ras. They’re supposed to be out back playing Bags and I find them at the last setup at the far end of the patch of grass behind the bar.

“Hello, fellas,” I smile at them as I get closer. Alcide’s quit giving me such a hard time, although he continues to flirt with me now and then. Mostly I think he does it just to annoy Eric and I’ve realized that Alcide is the kind of guy that will intentionally provoke someone because that’s his weird ass way of showing his affection.

“Hey Sook,” Rasul says, and comes over to give me a hug. “Where’s Dawn?”

“She’s at home, actually. You should give her a call,” I suggest. “She just got back from Miami last night so I’m sure she’d love to come up here and hang out.”

“Hey, Sweetie,” Alcide smiles and takes his hug from me. “Where’s fuckhead?”

“He’s inside getting us drinks,” I hug him back. “Who’s winning over here?”

“We were waiting for you and Eric to see if you guys want to play,” Rasul says.

“I’m in,” I say as I pull back from Alcide.

“Sweet. Maybe this time Eric will actually get one of the bags in the hole,” Ras snickers.

My poor, uncoordinated boyfriend isn’t so good with this game but he tries.

“Hey! I resemble that remark,” Eric says when he joins us. He hands me my Berri Sophisticated cocktail, which is their featured drink that night. Champagne, blueberry vodka, lime juice and actual blueberries. I take a sip and moan because it’s delicious.

“Thank you, baby,” I smile at him. I have yet to call him Schmoopy in public, despite having his permission to do so.

“You’re welcome,” he says and kisses my temple before give Alcide and Ras man hugs. “And I’ll play. I might need you to help me aim, Honeysuckle,” he tells me, making the boys laugh.

“If you two are going to get really cute I may need to pause to take some anti-nausea medication,” Alcide says.

“Shut your face,” Eric tells him and smack his arm.

“Oh we’re going to get disgusting. We might even sing ‘Hopelessly Devoted’ later,” I grin at Alcide.

“Ooh, good one. I didn’t even think of that. I still want that Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers duet,” Eric smiles and then adds, “Or maybe we can sing it Al.”

“You do know these two are secretly gay for each other, right?” Rasul asks me.

I just laugh and take a sip of my drink.

“That’s a secret?” Eric deadpans, making Alcide cringe.

“I could do much better than this ugly bastard,” Al says.

“Then why haven’t you?” Eric asks and throws his arm around Alcide’s shoulders.

“I’m lazy,” Al shrugs.

“Yeah it wouldn’t kill you to spruce yourself up once in a while,” I tell him.

“Come on, Sook, we’ll let the wives be red,” Rasul says, pulling me away from Eric so we can go to the other end of the ‘court’ to be the blue team. This’ll be fun.


Not surprisingly Sookie and Rasul kick our asses, but that’s usually the case. I have pretty good coordination when it comes to most things, but any type of ball or bag going into a tiny hole just doesn’t work for me. When I hit my early twenties Dad would say “If you put hair around it…” since at that age I had more than a few girlfriends. Either way, I suck.

Now that we’re done, I have Sookie drunk enough to want to sing, which always makes things better. She will normally go up regardless, but when she gets excited about it she’s adorable.

“Do you know what you want to sing?” I ask. We can do a duet, but she may want to sing on her own.

“I’ve been giving it some thought,” she says with an adorably thoughtful look on her face. “I’ve been on an ’80s kick lately. So I think I’m going with either ‘Father Figure’ or ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ but I’m not sure yet.”

“If I had to pick I’d go with ‘Father Figure’,” I tell her. “They don’t have the song I want, so I have to look to look more.”

Sookie giggles and says, “We could do ‘Paradise By the Dashboard Light’.”

I quirk an eyebrow and think a moment. “If you want, I’ll do it,” I shrug. I’ll pretty much sing anything.

“The first duet that popped in my head earlier was ‘Don’t’ Go Breakin’ My Heart’, but I kinda think Al might get jealous.”

“Get jealous of what?” Al plops down next to Sookie and puts an arm around her.

“Eric’s hygiene habits,” Sookie deadpans.

“I am a clean motherfucker,” I nod.

Sookie shifts out from under Alcide’s arm and sits on my lap. “Much better,” she says, and kisses my neck.

“I’d have to agree,” I whisper and rub my hand over her hip.

Sookie shifts back and forth a little in my lap with a wicked little smile on her flushed face.

“Keep it up and we’ll be taking a trip to the bathroom so I can fuck you,” I say just loud enough for her to hear me.

“I’ll stop,” she says.

She learned her lesson when I grabbed her hand and started dragging her back to the bathrooms last time. If she didn’t get so embarrassed or worried that we would get caught I could’ve had her. Oh well.

“Baby, do you want to pick my song?” I ask her. Rasul is up on the stage singing ‘Baby Got Back’ which is a crowd favorite.

“Sure,” Sookie says with a smile, and gives me a kiss before she gets up to take care of it.

“Where’s my kiss?” Al asks.

“In your dreams,” Sookie says without missing a beat, and saunters off.

“Isn’t she perfect?” I ask him as I watch her ass. I love her ass, and its filled out again with her weight gain.

“She’s a cool chick,” Al agrees.

“I’m gonna give her a house key when we get back from vacation. I think that’s a baby step that I think we’re ready for.”

“Just don’t marry her in Vegas. Ma’ll beat you with her wooden spoon.”

“Even if I was ready, which I’m not, I wouldn’t disrespect her by eloping. She deserves a big wedding. Plus I haven’t even met her family. They could be some Deliverance hillbillies for all I know,” I explain.

“True, but I’m just saying since I’m sure you’ll both be drunk and all kinds of shit sounds like a great idea when you’re fucked up,” he says, and takes a pull from his beer.

“We aren’t complete idiots,” I laugh. “Even hammered we know better. But I promise I won’t get married without you.”

“Someone has to give you away,” he smirks.

“She said she has a cousin that looks just like her,” I tell him.

“Pictures or it never happened.”

“I’m just saying, if she comes out to visit I can see if I can hook you up.” I know things with Isabelle didn’t work out for him.

“Nah, I’m good.”

I shrug and Rasul finishes his song. Sookie is still MIA. I expected Dawn to show up, but I guess not.

Ras rejoins us, bringing a fresh pitcher of beer. He sits down on the other side of Alcide and fills our glasses. Just as I’m taking a drink Sookie shows up with a wide, drunken smile.

“I assume you picked something?” I ask when she lands on my lap again.

“Yessir,” she slurs.

“Would you care to enlighten me?” I ask and kiss her cheek.

“‘I Am Woman’?” Al suggests.

“That’s what she picked for you,” I snort.

“No, I’d pick ‘The Bitch Is Back’ for him,” Sookie says. She looks at me and adds, “For you I picked ‘Sedated’ by the Ramones.”

“Mmm, good pick, Princess,” I smile. I’m actually surprised she’s never called me Schmoopy in front of my friends. Not that I’m complaining. They’d never let me live it down.

“I’m glad you approve.” Sookie leans in to give me a kiss that is a little more friendly than is acceptable for public viewing, so she’s definitely drunk. When she breaks it off she says, “I want a Fireball. Do you want a Fireball?”

“Hmm, to fireball, or not to fireball,” I say, tapping my chin.

“Fireball!” Rasul says a little too loudly and hops up to go to the bar.

“Fireball it is,” I laugh and Sookie starts nuzzling into my neck. “Keep that up and I’m going to do things to you that could get us arrested,” I whisper.

“But you smell good,” she purrs, and sucks on my neck.

“So do you,” I tell her. “I’m just giving you fair warning.”

“Mmhmmm…” she hums and keeps going.

“Sookie,” I growl. Bad move, she moans into my neck. “We have to sing, Honeysuckle, come on.” I’m tempted to make my bathroom threat a reality.

She moves to my ear and says, “Fine, but then you’re going to take me home and fuck me until I can’t walk.”

My first thought is to joke that I’m not a machine, but I don’t. Instead I grab her hips and pull her over my erection so she can feel exactly what she’s in store for.

“Have I let you down yet?” I whisper and lick her lips.

“Never,” she whispers, and kisses me again.

“Porn live…” Alcide chuckles.

“This is the best you’re gonna get, she has yet to let me video it,” I joke when I pull away from the kiss. I’m still looking into my drunk girl’s eyes, and she’s so fucking cute it almost hurts. “I love you so much, Sookie,” I tell her softly.

“I love you too. And if you put a ring on it, we’ll talk about video,” she winks.

“If that’s some sort of marriage proposal… its pretty fucking good,” I laugh. I hold her head and kiss her again before pulling back and saying into her ear, “Sucking my dick down your throat is what’s buying you that ring. I can live without the video.”

Sookie shivers and it’s a good thing Rasul comes back with the shots or the look in her eyes would have me taking her to the bathroom.

“Shots are up, kiddies,” Ras says.

“Oh, yay,” I grin, trying to shake myself from the lust pouring out of me. Jesus, this woman. I grab Sookie’s shot for her and then my own. “Who’s toasting?” I’m notoriously shitty at toasts.

“I got it,” Al says. He raises his glass and says, “To honor. To getting on her, to staying on her and if you can’t cum in her, cum on her.”

Sookie laughs at Al’s favorite toast and shoots her shot back like a professional. She turns her head after I’ve had my shot and says, “Lucky for you, you can do both.”

“Marry her, marry her now,” Rasul says. I don’t think Sookie intended on him hearing.

“Ras, cool your balls,” I laugh and then turn to kiss Sookie. At this rate I don’t know if we’re going to make it up to sing.

“I’m just saying, bro,” Ras smirks.

“I’ve had enough marriage talk for one day,” I tell him. Somehow Sookie has reattached her lips to my neck. I pull her off and tell her, “Baby doll, you’re going to give me a hickey.” The last thing I need is a hickey when I deal with kids all day.

“Sorry.” She’s not sorry.

“I’ll take a hickey,” Alcide says.

I growl.

“Her lips are going nowhere near your nasty ass,” I tell him. “We’ve already warned you about your hygiene.” Annnnd Sookie is sucking on my neck again. Instead of reminding her its a bad idea for me to have hickies I pull back to kiss her and then whisper against her lips, “If you need something to suck, I have better options.”

“We have to sing,” she murmurs. “I’m doing my vocal exercises.”

“No, your vocal exercises will be when you’re screaming my name later,” I purr, ignoring my friends’ catcalls.

“Promise?” Sookie rocks her hips.

“Promise. I’ll give it to you however you want it.”

She growls at me and then her lips are back on mine.

This is not how we planned tonight to go, but I’m not complaining. I could make out with Sookie for hours, and I have. What finally breaks us apart is my name getting called to sing.

“You know I’d much rather be at home fucking you and not here singing,” I tell her as I help her off my lap.

“Soon,” she says with fire in her eyes.

I give her one last searing kiss and I have to adjust my cock as I walk up to get the microphone. I’m a terrible singer, so of course my idiot friends tease me the whole time. That’s why I love them though.

I finish the song and go straight back to Sookie. The look on her face tells me she’s done here. I don’t give a fuck that she hasn’t had a chance to sing and the guys are getting used to our sex drive. I make a detour and have the bartender call us a cab. I get Sookie’s attention and she grabs her things. With a quick goodnight to Alcide and Rasul we leave the bar and within twenty minutes we’re stumbling into my house, attached at the lips. When she drops to her knees before the front door is even closed my mind wanders back to Rasul’s suggestion to marry this girl.

Breakeven 14 Eric



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  1. That was a fun little chapter with the boys!

    (BTW, when you click “NEXT” at the end of the chapter, it takes you to Chapter 15 of Play With Fire…I don’t think that’s what you intended.)


  2. These two are fun! I’m keep waiting for that chapter where the angst begins. I want them to keep having fun & enjoying one another! I know, I know. Into each story, some angst must fall.


  3. Loved another chapter so soon! Wonder if Hadley will visit and hook up with Alcide… Though the hygiene talk is a bit worrying… Eric & Sookie have some crazy chemistry and they are totally cute with those nicknames… Awwww….


  4. Love Sookie out with the boys, not a bad place to be! I’m getting more & more nervous about when the bubble will burst – 22 more chapters is a long time to be this happy in Dirty Lemonsville! It scares me tho, my heart has barely recovered from Eternal Flame.


  5. At least Sookie holds her own with Eric’s friends. Nothing worse than a girlfriend that sits there not saying a word & holding his hand. Why bring them if they can’t contribute to the fun. Spent too many evenings with the girlfriends sitting with they ‘current one’ drinking & not saying a word the whole night. I really like their relationship. Hoping that their driving holiday works out.


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