A Whisper

A Whisper
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SUMMARY: Three years ago Sookie Stackhouse’s fraternal twin sister Hadley went missing in New York City. Since there were no signs of foul play at the time she disappeared, there wasn’t much for police to go on. Unwilling to let her twin’s case go cold, Sookie moved to New York and into her twin’s apartment, hoping to pick up Hadley’s trail. Sadly, any leads Sookie has gotten in that time haven’t lead her to her sister. Then one day at her grandmother’s eye doctor appointment Sookie meets an attractive man who is immediately equally smitten with her. Eric Northman doesn’t waste time giving Sookie his phone number. With an instant connection, it doesn’t take long for feelings to grow between the two of them. But in meeting Eric, odd things begin to happen where Hadley is concerned. While her sister is still missing, Sookie can’t escape the feeling that her sister is trying to tell her something, but what? And does it have to do with the man that Sookie is rapidly falling in love with?

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