Chapter 9: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You



Eric gets a condom from the nightstand and rolls it on quickly. I’m not surprised when he hovers over me and rather than sliding into me like I know he wants to, he gives me one of those smirks right before his face disappears between my thighs. The boy’s oral fixation is to my benefit because he’ll go down on me for hours if I let him.


“You don’t need a condom for that,” I giggle. My back arches when he plunges his tongue into my core.


“Just getting a taste from the source,” he purrs and then drags his tongue up to flick my clit.


I moan and grab his hair. I’m torn between wanting to pull him up and keep him right there. It’s been a long time since anyone has done this and Alcide was so-so at it.


“Get up here, Northman,” I pant. I’m feeling all kinds of impatient all of a sudden.


“Yes, dear,” he chuckles. He kisses my clit one last time before he slides up my body. He hovers over my prone body and reaches down to rub his thick tip through my folds. He finds my entrance and pushes his head into me, sticking with slow, shallow thrusts to loosen me up so he can get deeper.


My breathing is as shallow as his thrusts, but it feels incredible. I forgot how thick he is and how full I feel when he’s buried in me. I stretch forward and suck on his bottom lip while he gets deeper and deeper until finally his hips are pressed to his mine and I’m fuller than I have been in more than a decade. It was actually good that our first time didn’t last long. He’s huge.


But I don’t need the same amount of time to adjust that I used to. My tongue slips between his lips for a deep kiss and my hips shift to let him know it’s okay to move. I need him to.


He takes the cue and his hips pull back, slowly sliding out before he surges forward to fill me again. He hands are in my hair, pulling my head back some so he can move his lips down to suck on my neck as he repeats the slow, deep thrusts over and over.


So. Good.


“Fuck, pretty girl, you feel so damn good,” he whispers against my neck. He ends up grabbing my hands, threading his fingers through mine and lifts my hands above my head. His kisses move up to travel along my jaw up to my ear to nibble lightly. He never loses his rhythm. His knees move out, spreading my legs a little wider. I gasp when he manages to get even deeper.


“Oh fuck,” I moan. My eyes clench shut as my walls start to pulse. He’s found a good angle because every time he thrusts, he rubs against something inside me that makes my back arch and my pussy clench. I’ve had good sex since him, but not like this. No matter what, we’ve always had this connection I can’t explain. Nor, it seems, can I shake it.


“Mmm, are you going to cum for me?” he whispers into my ear. He swivels his hips, moaning when my pussy starts to grip him a little tighter.


“Yes,” I breathe. “Oh god, don’t stop, Eric. I’m so close.”


He doesn’t. He pulls out and continues to swivel as he pushes in. He moves his head to watch my face as my body starts to shakes under him.


“You’re so fuckin’ beautiful,” he says, again, without breaking his rhythm.


I want to reply but I can’t. My fingertips dig into his ass as I fall over the edge. All I can do is cry out and try not to claw him as I cum. It’s the most intense thing I’ve felt in a long fucking time.


He stops moving to watch me cum. As soon as my body starts to calm down again he sits up on his knees. He hooks my legs over his thighs, grabbing my hips so he can pull my ass against him as he thrusts forward. He goes on like this for a minute before moving my legs up to his shoulders. Eric falls forward, holding himself up on his locked arms. He starts driving in harder. His eyes are traveling between his cock sliding in and out of me and my tits bouncing.


“Ohfuckohfuckohfuck,” I chant. Even though I just came I can feel another orgasm building. I reach down and rub my clit in fast circles. “Yesyesyesyesyes!”


“Mmm,” he hums. “I want to watch you cum all fuckin’ night.” Eric pulls out so he can drop to the bed next to me. He rolls me on my side, lifts my leg, and slides back into me from behind. His hand moves around my hip until he finds my clit. He starts to massage the swollen bud as his hips thrust, slapping against my ass.


His stamina has definitely improved. I don’t know if I can keep up with him, but I’m going try. I contort myself some so my shoulders are flat on the bed and I can turn my head to the left to see his face without feeling like I’m going to snap my neck. His lips find mine in a heated kiss that’s still going when the second orgasm erupts.


He hums again, but doesn’t break the kiss. His fingers continue to move over my clit right through my orgasm, clearly trying to pull another one from me.


“Give me one more and I’ll cum for you,” he promises as his fingers speed up of Mt clit.


“Fuckfuckfuck!” I cry out.


It’s getting to the point where it’s like pleasure and pain are the same thing. When he tugs on my nipple my pussy clenches and so he does it again harder. I cry out again and twist myself so I’m on my side and tilting toward my stomach. I’m going to lose it any second. I love the way he feels, pounding into me like he is. Eric lifts my leg a little higher and that’s it. That’s my undoing. My vision goes blurry and for a second I think I might black out.


Thankfully it does it for him too. He drives in hard a few more times and cums with a roar, grinding against my ass.


“Fuuuuck!” he growls as his hips jerk a few times. “Jesus, I fuckin’ needed that.”


Uh huh. Me too. It’s even better than what I needed. Jesus.


It takes a minute for me to realize I said none of that out loud. My walls are pulsing with aftershocks and when Eric turns my head to kiss me it takes all my energy to kiss him back. I’m officially worn out.


“Are you okay?” he whispers. He pulls his hips back until his softening cock slips out of me.


I whimper and nod. “Mmhmm,” I hum. I’m better than okay.


“I’ll be right back. Don’t move.” Eric rolls off the bed and I hear him pad across the hardwood floor to the bathroom.


When he comes back he finds me in the same spot. He climbs onto the bed again and turns me so I can snuggle into his chest.


“So… that application…” I trail off.


“You got the job,” he whispers and kisses my forehead.


“You haven’t even seen my special skills yet,” I smile.


“Your standard skills are good enough,” he chuckles. “What are the special ones though? I’m curious.”


“I could tell you but I’d rather show you. Preferably first thing in the morning,” I reply and kiss his chest.


“I’m a patient man,” is his response. He squeezes me a little tighter and slides his thigh between my legs. He likes to be as close as possible.


“Sometimes,” I laugh quietly. Patience isn’t always his strong suit.


“I’m a work in progress.”


“Aren’t we all?” I drape my arm over him and close my eyes. “You know, I think Alcide dumping me was the best thing that could have happened to me.”


“I’m gonna have to agree,” he replies. I can hear his smile.


“So what sort of special skills do you have?” I ask. “I should probably have a good idea so I know if I want that wife position.”


“As I’ve just shown you, I can make you cum until you nearly pass out,” he chuckles. “I’m good at mowing lawns and taking out trash. I know those skills aren’t that special but I don’t argue about it.” He reaches up to twirl the ends of my hair. “I know when to back off and when to push a little harder with you. I know you’re happy eating breakfast for every meal of the day. I know when your bottom lip wibbles I need to backtrack quickly,” he whispers and kisses my forehead again. “I’ve gotten to know you again, but I know who you are at your core and that’s a girl I’ve never been able to shake. I don’t ever want to.”


He’s going to make me cry if he keeps it up.


“Why didn’t I go with you sixteen years ago? I can’t remember.” I know I had my reasons but now they seem so stupid and stubborn.


“Traveling through Europe didn’t fit in your life plan. You wanted to get out of Bon Temps and stay out. You thought the only way was to go to college, not backpack across Europe and lose all the money we didn’t have only to get home and be stuck. You called me selfish for picking the trip over staying with you. In all honesty, I didn’t pick the trip over you. I never had any plans to go to college. I didn’t think I was ever going to move back here. It was selfish, but I wasn’t leaving you. I was leaving life in a small town for something a little more exciting. I was a dumb kid with big dreams, and for all of your impulsiveness, you were firm on staying in the U.S. and not coming with me.”


“And then I ended up back in Bon Temps anyway, no college degree or anything. Gran left me the house,” I whisper. “She left me everything.”


He tilts my head up and waits for me to open my eyes. “And I ended up right back where you are.”


“Yes you did,” I smile. “I guess we’ve come full circle.”


“Yes we have,” he smiles back. “A little older and wiser. A lot less selfish.”


“At least we learned from our mistakes.” Not everyone can say that.


I snuggle into his side and close my eyes again. It feels right lying here with him. I could get myself in a frenzy of anxiety over the fact that I slept with him but I don’t see the point. I don’t regret it and I know it’s not casual or just a rush of lust and hormones like it would have been if we had done it when Eric showed up at my place last month. This is better. It means something to each of us aside from getting off. This is what I’ve been waiting for.




I’m woken up in the morning by a pair of warm wet lips sliding up and down my dick. The soft tongue rubs around my head, flicking through my slit to gather the pre-cum weeping from my tip.


I open my eyes and see Sookie’s blonde head bobbing. Her eyes are closed and she lets out a soft moan when I run my fingers through her hair.


“What’s all this?” I ask in a sleepy voice.


She pulls off long enough to say, “Special skills,” before she’s back at it. Her head bobs a few times before her jaw relaxes. When my tip nudges the back of her throat, Sookie gags a little, but manages to swallow my head.


“Oh my fuck!” I practically shout. That’s… that’s never fuckin’ happened before. Jesus Christ. I’m taking the fuckin’ day off to go buy a ring.


My dick slides down her throat until her lips are stretched around my base. She hums softly and pulls up some so she’s slowly bobbing up and down my length. My fingers tighten in her hair so I can help her move. She certainly didn’t have this skillet before. I don’t know if I’m allowed to fuck her throat but my only thought is to hold her head in place and thrust my hips up. I don’t. For now I want to experience what she’s has to offer.


That doesn’t stop me from asking, “White gold or platinum?”


Sookie hums and the vibration of it makes my shaft tingle. Her tongue peeks out to swipe over my sac and then she’s bobbing again. She grabs my hips to pull me closer and looks into my eyes.


“Right, platinum,” I breathe and allow my hips to move slowly, sliding my length in and out of her mouth.  “Do you want me to fuck your throat?”


“Mmhmm,” she hums.


I hold her head in place and start to thrust up a little faster. I watch as my entire length slides in and out of her throat. It’s un-fucking-believable that she can take my entire cock. I didn’t think I’d ever find a girl that can do this.


“Take the day off,” I groan. “I’m making an appointment at City Hall.” I’m dead serious.


Sookie makes a noise and I see her roll her eyes.


“That better be yes,” I smile. I start thrusting my hips a little faster. I can’t even describe how good this feels. There’s no way in hell I’m going to last. “Do you want my cum?” I ask as I wipe her tears with my thumbs.


“Mmhmm,” she hums again. Her hand goes to my sac and gives it a little tug.


“Fuck. It’s all yours, pretty girl.” I drop my head back. My back arches and I start to pant as my orgasm approaches. I try to give her a warning before I cum but that doesn’t work out. I’m sure she can feel my cock swell between her lips. When I shoot my load it goes straight down her throat. I hold her head there into I’m done.


Sookie moans and her head bobs a few times before she pulls up, letting my cock slide out of her warm mouth.


“Good morning,” she smiles.


“Mornin’. Get up here,” I smile back.


She crawls up my body and kisses my chin.


“Sleep good?”


“Better than I have in years.” Snuggling with her feels good.


“Good. Me too,” she says. “I did call in sick. I did it before I got busy.”


“Good. We don’t have to take a trip to City Hall, but I wouldn’t say no,” I chuckle. I rest my hands on her ass to slowly rub.


“Honey, I’m glad you enjoyed that, but it’s not a reason to get married. I’m only doing it once.”


“I’d marry you for more than a good blowjob,” I smile.


“Well I’m not marrying anyone I’m not in love with,” she says.


“Good call,” I reply. “Can I call Felicia and tell her she’s running the bar tonight so I can spend the day in bed with you?”


“You wouldn’t rather poor drinks and deal with drunks?” Sookie chuckles.


“Nope. I’m allowed to take a day off now and then.”


“Then have at it.”


I continue to rub her ass with one hand while dipping my other hand down to stroke her slit.


“My rebound rate hasn’t suffered,” I tell her as I push my fingertips into her opening.


“That’s good,” she gasps.


I keep my eyes on hers while I use my impressive wingspan to be able to push my fingers into her. My hips rock up so my head rubs over her clit.


“Oh fuck,” Sookie moans and her hips start to rock in a slow rhythm.


My cock twitches as it starts to swell again. I tilt my head to suck on her jaw. Her juices are dripping down my length, lubricating me so it’ll be easy to slide in when I’m hard enough. It’s not going to take much longer.


“Do you want to cum on my fingers or my cock?” I whisper before I suck on that magic spot below her ear.


“Mmm… Fuck… Your cock,” she moans.


I want to shift and slide my bare length into her but we haven’t had the birth control talk yet.


“Condom?” I ask as I grind up against her. She’s on top so it’s easier for her to grab one.


Sookie reaches into the nightstand for it and doesn’t hesitate to put it on me. I watch as she runs my tip through her folds. When she reaches her opening she starts to slide down, making us both groan. Last night I took the reins. This morning I want her to be in control.


She braces her hands on my chest and begins to rise and fall. Her eyes lock on mine while her tits bounce perfectly right in front of me. She leans forward and offers me one of them. I wrap my lips around her nipple and start to suckle. I slip my hand down between our bodies to rub her clit, making her moan.


The sounds Sookie makes have always been sexy. There’s something extra… delicious about her moans this morning. Her eyes are flicking between mine and my mouth. I know watching is just as hot to her as it is to me.


Her hips move in circles and when she sits up, depriving me of her sweet skin, Sookie leans back to give me a show. She resumes the rise and fall routine, but she goes slower so I can see every inch of my dick appear and disappear into her warm pussy. My shaft is glossy with her wetness. It doesn’t take long before her juices are running down to my balls.


I know I just came and my stamina has greatly increased, but this is fuckin’ hot. I’m not going to cum before her but it’ll be soon after. My fingers continue to move over her clit, matching her slow circles. My eyes rake down her body from her face to her tits, to those perfect handlebar hips and down to her pussy stretching wide around my length.


“You’re so, so sexy, pretty girl,” I whisper as my eyes settle on watching my cock slide in and out of her warm, wet core.


Sookie smiles down at me with one of those mischievous looks in her eyes. Suddenly her walls grip my shaft a little tighter as she swivels.


“Mmm, minx,” I groan. It’s taking everything not to flip her over and pound her into the mattress.


“Like that?” She does it again.


“Very much so,” I breathe as my stomach muscles start to twitch.


So she keeps doing it. Her walls keep milking my shaft, trying damn hard to make me cum.


It’s not happening. I close my eyes and start thinking about shit I know is going to make me last longer. My fingers move faster over her clit. I open my eyes again when I feel safe I’m not about to blow. I look into her eyes and reach up to tug on her nipple.


Sookie hisses and reaches back to play with the super sensitive skin behind my sac.


“No,” I growl and stop to pull her hand away. I rest it I my stomach and go back to playing with her nipples.


“I wasn’t done yet,” she narrows her eyes at me and her other hand starts moving back.


I grab both of her hands and hold them behind her back. I start to thrust up hard, smacking my hips against her inner thighs. I know she likes it hard and her eyes go wide as she gasps. Miraculously, she doesn’t fight me anymore. Her head falls back and the pulsing of her walls is involuntarily. She’s close to cumming.


“Faster,” she breathes.


“Yes, dear,” I grunt as my hips speed up. My eyes go to her tits bouncing. Her breathy moans fill the room coupled with the wet, sticky sound of my cock driving in and out of her. “Fuck… you’re going over the arm of the couch later,” I pant when I remember her remark.


“Yes, sir,” she moans. “Fuck, don’t stop, Eric!”


I don’t. I keep going until I feel her walls pulsing wildly. She very, very close.


“Cum,” I growl in a commanding tone I’ve never used on her before.


“Ohgodohgodohgod!” Sookie screams as her walls grip my cock. Her body shakes while the orgasm rips through her.


“Good girl,” I breathe. I pull her down to my chest, keeping her hands locked behind her back. My feet dig into the mattress and I continue to slam into her right through her orgasm. It’s my turn. Her face is buried in my neck and I turn my head to whisper, “You’re so fuckin’ beautiful when you cum, pretty girl. Your gorgeous pussy is milking my cock right now. Do you want me to cum for you?”


“Yes,” she breathes. Her soft tongue swirls around my neck and then she’s nibbling on me. “I want it so bad, Eric,” she moans by my ear and then tugs on the lobe with her teeth.


“Mmm, fuck, take it,” I pant as I drive into her a few more times before I explode. “Oh god,” I breathe as I grind up against her, filling the condom with my release.


Sookie groans and kisses her way to my mouth. She licks each of my lips before slipping her tongue into my mouth. Her hands cup my face and she keeps moving up and down on my dick.


As good as it feels, I need to take the condom off soon. If she keeps going like she is I’m not going to go soft, which isn’t a problem. It’ll just get really messy.


“Baby, I need to take the condom off,” I tell her. What I really want is to feel her bare. I’m going to let her make that call when she’s ready though.


“I know.” She climbs off of me and lies down on the bed.


I get up and go to the bathroom to toss the condom in the trash. I wait a moment for my cock to wilt some so I can take a piss and then wash my hands. When I get back to the bed I push Sookie legs apart and dip my head to massage her pussy for a moment with my tongue before I lie on top of her.


“Are you on birth control?” I ask as I suck lightly on her neck.


“Yes,” she answers.


“Just curious,” I smile. I feel like I’m a teenager again. My hips start to rock involuntarily, rubbing my semi-hard cock against her thigh.


“You don’t want to use condoms, do you?” Sookie tilts her head to give me more room.


“What makes you say that?” I move up her neck, sliding my tongue across her soft skin.


“Because no guy wants to use condoms but it’s better than knocking a girl up,” she answers.


“It’s your call what we do.” I nibble on her earlobe.


“If I get pregnant? You don’t seem very enthusiastic about the idea of more kids.”


I stop what I’m doing to look at her face. “I’m sorry if that conversation sounded like I don’t want more kids. I haven’t thought about it since EJ was born. If I got you pregnant, I would be excited about that. I thought you didn’t want kids? I thought you said you’d be no good as a mother?”


“I did. I’m not sure what I want,” she says. “But if you don’t want more kids then we definitely shouldn’t be taking any chances.”


“You’re the only girl I ever wanted kids with,” I remind her. I know I’ve told her that recently. “I’m not going to actively try to have them, but I’m in a good place in my life to have more if we got into that situation. I have a good sized house. My finances are in order. I’m mentally and emotionally in a good place.”


“I’m a recovering basket case who wants to start a business and doesn’t know how to be a mother. I think I’m the last person who should be having a baby,” she says.


“Do you want children one day?” I ask her again.


“It’s like I said. Just because I want something doesn’t mean I should have it,” she replies.


“No one knows what’s happening when they have a baby. At least now you have me?” I try. “I’ve done it alone, full time. It’s terrifying but so far he’s a pretty good kid. I haven’t fucked him up beyond repair and I don’t think you would fuck your kids up either. You want what’s best for them. You want them to have it better than you did as a child… Just… don’t count motherhood out, Sookie.”


She nods but doesn’t look hopeful. “We should probably keep using condoms,” she says.


“Are you sure?” I rub my hips against her, allowing my cock to slide through her folds. “Our babies would be beautiful,” I whisper.


“If I got pregnant right now I’d pray for another miscarriage,” she says with tears in her eyes.


I stop moving as I stare at her. I don’t know how to feel about that. It’s… it’s terrible and it actually hurts my feelings. I know it has nothing to do with me, and that’s not why it hurts. I hate that she doesn’t feel good enough to be able to take care of someone else.


“Have you thought about getting a pet?” I ask as I slide off of her. I’ve also heard pets help people heal. Sookie says she’s a lot better, and she is, but she clearly has a long way to go.


“I’m not a pet person, Eric,” she sniffles and wipes away her tears. “I don’t want to practice for a kid and maybe it’ll change my mind.”


“Alright,” I reply. I drop back on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. I don’t know what to do. Maybe all I can do is comfort her? I take a deep breath, letting it blow out slowly. “Are you hungry?” I need to get out of bed. I have calls to make and EJ should be calling me soon anyway.


“No, not really. I need a shower though.” Sookie’s voice is raspy and she sniffles again.


I look over at her and ask, “Do you want to take a bubble bath with me?”


“No, just a shower. I don’t really like baths anymore.” Something tells me there’s a story behind that I haven’t heard.


“Come on.” I get up and hold my hand out to her.


Sookie sits up and scoots off the bed to follow me to the bathroom. I turn on the water to heat up before I turn to her and wrap her in a tight hug. We have a long way to go but I’m ready for the ride. Sookie isn’t going to shake me, ever. I won’t always know the right words to make a situation better. I’ll probably say things to trigger sad memories. It’s inevitable. As long as we both give it a hundred percent we’ll be able to make it.


10 thoughts on “Chapter 9: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

  1. I believe they will work everything out eventually but I’m also afraid that something is going to happen that will have Sookie sliding back.


  2. I’m really glad you brought up the kids thing again. Sookie’s comment was so heartbreaking. I’m still feeling it, wishing for a miscarriage…that line hit me hard. Sookie has a long way to go to heal. I’m glad Eric doesn’t want to run; many would. They had mad sexy time and then a punch in the gut. Quite a chapter ladies xoxo.


  3. They’re compatible, sexually at this point. Sookie has a distance to travel in order to really heal. Eric seems to want to stick around, but let’s see how he handles the trip.


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