Part 2: Perfectly Proportionate


Eric had barely walked into the bar when he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the door.


“Where are we going?” I chuckled.


“You look too good to be in a bar full of scum like this,” he said with a teasing smile.


“Awww look at you charmin’ me with lies,” I replied.


“If you felt what was happening in my pants right now you’d know it wasn’t a lie,” he smirked. Eric let go of my hand so he could twirl me around. “You’re a stunner, Sookie.”


“Thank you.” I was wearing a formfitting white dress that was pretty much backless and had lace appliqués on it. The white pumps I had on made my legs look longer. The dress flattered my curves nicely and didn’t make my thunder thighs look too enormous. Plus Betty and Veronica were nicely caged, but peeking out.


“You’re welcome.” He moved me back to the bar so I could reclaim my stool. He took a seat next to me, his massive hand immediately landing on my thigh. “Maybe you’ll get a preview of the kind of groping I’ll do for Dad. And I am calling him Dad,” he warned.


“That’s perfect,” I grinned. Dad would shit a kitten. “Ask my mom how her toes are. She had a sixth toe removed when she was sixteen.”


“I will. Do you look anything like her?”


I got my phone out and showed him a picture of us in matching American flag bikinis on the fourth of July. Mom was twice my age, but still smoking hot.


“Sugartits and Sugartits jr,” Eric laughed. “That’s a little scary how much you two look alike. But then I look identical to my dad.”


“I’m definitely my mom’s clone,” I agreed. I flagged the bartender so I could order a drink. “I know you don’t drink anymore, but do you want water or a soda?”


“I’ll take a Coke. I’ll get it,” he said. Eric’s hand rubbed over my thigh slowly.


“Don’t be silly.”


I ordered a Coke for him and a simple whiskey sour for myself.


“So are you from Louisiana?” I asked Eric.


“First generation American,” he nodded. “Born and mostly raised in Baton Rouge. I moved out here after I got out of prison for a fresh start.”


“Where did you serve your time?” I handed over some cash to pay for our drinks. I was only going to have one so I didn’t see the point of starting a tab.


“Winn Correctional Center. I tried to sweet talk the judge into sending me to a women’s prison but all that did was get an extra six months tacked onto my sentence,” he chuckled. “I thought it was funny. I wasn’t the smartest kid in the world.”


“I think it’s funny too, but I can see why a judge wouldn’t think so. I’m guessing you don’t have any interest in a repeat appearance in prison?” Eric seemed to this life as together as he could for someone who had a felony record. Then again, he was living in a van, so…


“No, ma’am. One stent was enough for me,” he chuckled.


“That’s good. So how big is the van you live in? Is it like a VW mini bus or one of those big ass Sprinter deals?” I stirred my drunk when the bartender set it in front of me.


“I have a studio apartment,” he smiled. “I don’t live in a van. It’s an old Dodge van I used to run my business out of. I also have a motorcycle I ride when it’s not raining.”


“Oh,” I laughed. “I’m happy to hear you don’t live in the van. I’m not sure why I assumed that you do.”


“I was pretty vague about it. I’m not offended you thought I was homeless,” he said as his hand rubbed closer to my knee and back up again.


“You don’t look it, if that helps. I was actually impressed that a guy living in a van is so wrinkle-free,” I admitted.


“I know how to use an iron, and I use one frequently. I also shower twice a day,” he laughed.


“Good. When we procreate you can iron while I get my dairy cow on,” I snickered.


“I accept,” he winked.


“My parents are pretty traditional about things. If you want to horrify them, pull me out of the room and announce you have to go put a baby in me,” I said seriously.


“Do I get to follow through on practicing?” he asked just as seriously.


“I’m strongly considering it,” I answered. My lady parts were ready anytime my brain wanted to get on board.


“How about we take a spin around the dance floor after you finish your drink,” he suggested. “You can feel what kind of affect that dress has on me.”


“And here I worried it was too much,” I smiled. The drink was a little weak, but I wasn’t looking to get drunk.


“It’s just right. I happen to be the lucky fucker to have you on my arm tonight,” he said with a flirty smile.


“If I wasn’t here with you I would probably be at home, soaking in a bubble bath right now.”


“That sounds a lot better to me than dancing in a stuffy old night club.” He took a sip of his Coke.


“Yeah, but there’s only room for one in my tub,” I smirked. I took another drink. It wasn’t going to take much to finish off my whiskey sour. “So what was your poison when you drank?”


“Jack and Coke. I didn’t have a drinking problem, really. I just never picked it back up when I got out. I like being able to remember my nights and not feeling like shit in the morning.”


“That’s fair. I like being able to remember things too,” I smiled. I slid off my stool and knocked back the rest of my drink. “Come on, Slim. Let’s see what you got.”


Eric stood up and took my hand so he could lead me onto the dance floor. He twirled me around so I was facing him with my chest pressed up against his. Eric’s big, strong hands landed on my hips and I immediately felt exactly what the dress was doing to him as we started to sway.


“Mystery solved. Either you really like this dress or you’re smuggling a can of Pillsbury biscuits in your pants,” I smirked.


“I only make homemade biscuits,” he smirked right back.


“That makes two of us. Gran would whoop my butt if I used canned biscuits.”


“Then it’s a good thing it’s not biscuits and I’m just happy to see you.” Eric had good rhythm.


Strictly platonic was getting further away by the second.


Eric, it turned out, was a great dancer. He kept up with me very well. The bar had a reggae/jazz fusion band playing that night. It was an interesting blend of music, but it screamed New Orleans. We danced until I was pretty sweaty and Eric’s hair was almost wet. He’d rolled his sleeves up and unbuttoned a few buttons. I don’t know if it was the music, the dancing or what, but no sooner were we out on the street in fresh air than his lips were on mine in a passionate, hungry kiss that I couldn’t have pulled away from if I wanted to.


Eric’s hands were in my hair as he pulled me into a dark alley. His back stayed against the wall while we kissed, giving me any opportunity to move away if I changed my mind. His tongue was sweet like the Coke he’d been drinking, but it was soft and moved in perfect time with mine. He wasn’t pushy or demanding; he was just forceful enough to let me know he wanted more than a heated kiss against the side of a building.


I lost track of how long we were making out there but the sound of glass bottles being dumped into the bar’s trash broke us up.


“I took an Uber here,” I said. His hands were still in my hair. The tent in his pants was pretty epic. An entire platoon could fit in there.


“I have my bike,” he replied. “I’m not far from here if you want…”


I probably should have said no, but I wanted. Very much.


I nodded and said, “I want.”


He pecked my lips a little roughly before he took my hand and led me to an old Harley.


“We’ll be to my place in less than five minutes.” He climbed on and handed me the helmet that was hanging off the side where a saddle bag would be.


I carefully got onto the bike so I didn’t flash my hoo-ha at everyone walking by. I put the helmet on and settled my feet on the pegs. My arms wrapped around Eric after he started the bike. The vibration was like a big tease.


Thankfully, it didn’t take long at all to get to his place. When we got there I sent Amelia a picture of the converted carriage house so she’d know where I was. It just seemed like the smart thing to do. Eric didn’t seem like a serial killer, but I’d watched enough Dateline and 48 Hours: Hard Evidence to know looks could be deceiving.


I followed Eric up a set of stairs around the side of the building. He opened the door and motioned for me to go in first. I stepped inside ahead of him and he flipped the light switch when he came in behind me. It was a cozy little studio apartment alright. I was standing in the living area. Bookshelves separated the sleeping area to my left. Ahead on the right was the kitchen. I saw a closet straight ahead at the back wall. I assumed the bathroom was off of the kitchen on the left. It was nicer than my dorm room freshman year.


“This place is cute,” I smiled. The door shut and locked behind me. Before I could turn around Eric was moving my hair away from my neck.


“Thank you,” he replied. His lips brushed softly over the side of my neck as his hands rubbed around my hips toward my stomach. He held me close against his body, allowing me to feel his can of biscuits was still very present.


“You know, if you would have gone around the block one more time, I probably would have had a happy ending before we got here.”


He chuckled and said, “I’ll make sure you’re satisfied before we leave here.”


“Promises, promises.” I didn’t stop him from pushing the straps of my dress over my shoulders. The dress didn’t work well with a bra and the panties I had on may as well have been floss. The dress fell around my feet, and I felt the growl Eric emitted as well as I heard it.


The floss snapped at the seams and joined my dress on the floor. Eric took a step back so he could unbutton his shirt and take it off. The undershirt quickly followed before the button on his pants was popped.


“To the room.” He took my hand to lead me around the wall to where his giant bed was stationed.


“I don’t know if that mattress is big enough,” I chuckled. I quickly found out it was a good height to be bent over while I was wearing four inch pumps.


“We’ll find out soon enough.” I felt his thick shaft rub through my folds briefly. Eric pulled back, dropped to his knees, and then I felt his tongue drag up from my clit to my opening, dipping inside of me.


I moaned and spread my legs a little wider to give him more room. Bill had gone down on me twice in the three years I’d tolerated him, and it was a disaster both times. Eric, on the other hand, not only seemed to enjoy it, he was very fucking good at it.


“Ohhhhh… just like that,” I moaned when he moved his tongue a certain way. It was giving me the perfect amount of stimulation.


He took direction well and continued to lick me the same way. His hand came into play after a moment and I felt two very thick fingers slide into me as his tongue focused on my clit. Eric’s fingers moved in and out a few times before they curled and he hit a spot I didn’t think really existed.


“Eric,” I groaned. My eyes crossed when he rubbed that spot again. His tongue was working its own miracle. My knees started to shake and within seconds I was thankful to be half lying on his bed, because the orgasm hit hard.


“Mmm,” he hummed. He pulled his fingers out so he could lap at my opening, licking up the mess I was surely making. “I’m going to have to find ways to keep you quiet when I make you cum over Thanksgiving.” He kissed my clit before standing up.


“You’d probably make me scream if I was in a coma,” I panted.


“I don’t know about that,” he chuckled. Eric manhandled me and flipped me onto my back. His pants had disappeared, allowing me to see his massive erection for the first time. “Should I do that again, or are you ready to feel me inside of you?”


“Bring on the wrecker,” I smirked. “Condoms?”


He winked before he walked over to his closet. Eric reached into a box at the top and came back with a condom. He ripped the package open before he rolled it on. He took my shoes off of me before he settled my feet over his shoulders. Eric lined the tip of his cock up with my opening and slowly slid into me. His eyes rolled back as he filled me.


“Fuck, you’re tight, Sookie.”


“You’re significantly bigger than my ex,” I informed him. Eric was definitely big, but not too big. The fact that his hips were pressed firmly against my thighs testified to that. He was deeper inside me than any of my exes had ever been, and it was exactly what I didn’t know I needed until I had it.


“Good to know.” He grabbed onto my hips to hold me in place as he began to thrust. He didn’t thrust too hard or too soft. The angle he was at allowed the tip of his cock to rub over my g-spot each time he surged forward, filling me over and over. “Rub your clit, Sookie. I want to feel you cum again.”


As if I was going to deny him. It would be selfish of me not to comply, right?


My fingers moved expertly over my clit. It was obvious it turned Eric on to see me do it. I let my legs fall, but he caught them so my knees were hooked over his elbows. Eric tilted my hips up and the change in angles made my eyes roll back.


“Fuuuuuuuuuuuck,” I moaned. My walls clenched and milked his shaft with my second release. It was intense.


He had to pause his movement. He watched my face as I came. Eric had a handsome smirk on his face and just as I started to calm down he pushed me all the way onto the bed so he could climb up. He leaned forward, settling his weight on me and I heard his hands clench the comforter just above my head. His knees dug into the bed and he started to thrust again. This time he went a lot faster and harder, pushing my body up the bed a little higher on each deep, hard thrust. I wasn’t sure how long he went on like that, his hips slapping against my inner thighs and his cock filling me again and again before he froze.


“Fuck… fuckfuckfuck,” he chanted when suddenly his orgasm ripped through him, filling the condom.


“Wow,” I breathed. “So strictly platonic is off the table, yes?”


“Uh huh,” he confirmed. His lips caught mine in a quick, breathy kiss. “This wasn’t the plan when I posted that ad…”


“It wasn’t the plan when I answered it either.” I rocked my hips under him. I definitely wanted to do that again about a thousand times.


“I guess fate had other ideas.” His lips skimmed over the side of my neck.


“I’d say so.” I turned my head and his lips caught mine. We kissed lazily for a few seconds before he had to pull out of me to get rid of the condom.


He reluctantly got up and went to the bathroom. When he came back he climbed onto the bed and pulled me into his arms for a cuddle. His big hand rubbed up and down my spine moving from my ass up to the back of my neck.


And you snuggle. Are you part unicorn?”


“No, but spending so many nights away from a warm body makes you appreciate it when you have one nearby,” he said, kissing my forehead.


I shifted a little bit so I could prop my head up on his torso.


“Do you have any interest in having a girlfriend? You seem like a great catch to me. You’re not hiding a wife somewhere, are you?” He’d made some mistakes in his past, but who hadn’t. It seemed like Eric had learned his lesson.


Eric smiled and asked, “Are you asking me to be your man?”


I chuckled quietly. “Not exactly. I’m just curious about where this could go. I don’t want to go get attached to you if you just want to have a little fun and move on when the sex gets boring.”


“I don’t have a wife, or kids,” he told me. “I am also much better in a relationship, but I never thought about meeting one online. I am single right now because the last girl didn’t work out and I’ve been keeping myself too busy to meet someone.”


“Fair enough.” I scooted up to kiss him.


His hand came up to thread through my hair as he kissed me back. He rolled back so I was on his chest as we made out. He broke the kiss for a moment and whispered, “I might grope you in much naughtier places than your boobs as soon as no one is looking…” As he said it he squeezed my ass.


“I might book us a hotel room instead of staying at Gran’s,” I countered. The Bon Temps Inn was pretty much always vacant unless someone was casually cheating on their spouse.


“That might be safer,” he chuckled. “I really hope she likes me. A lot of parents and grandparents are put off by the tattoos.”


“Gran won’t mind them. She’ll actually probably want to know the stories behind them.” Gran didn’t just talk the talk when it came to Christianity; she really tried to live accordingly. My parents had chosen the fire and brimstone approach, whereas Gran chose love and forgiveness. I followed in her footsteps.


“I will tell her anything she wants to know as I make the two of you peanut butter and jelly French toast,” he promised.


“You will be her new favorite in no time,” I warned. “And her favorite flower is hydrangeas.”


“Very good to know,” Eric chuckled. “Are yours still roses?”


“Yup,” I nodded. “They’re beautiful but it really is the smell. I have a slight obsession with the fresh cut roses scent from Yankee Candle. My apartment pretty much always smells like roses, banana bread or bacon.”


“Remind me to stop in from time to time. It smells like man in here,” he chuckled. His hand slipped between my legs so he could rub my opening.


“Mmm… right now I bet it smells like sex.”


“Mmhmm,” he hummed. “I intend to keep it smelling that way until I have to take you home.”


“Tomorrow is just a work day. I’m a co-teacher at a daycare center in the four-year-old room.”


“Sounds fun.” He pushed one of his thick fingers into me, slowly pumping it in and out of my core. You could hear how wet he made me.


“It is. I love kids.” They seemed to love me back, so it was a good fit all the way around.


I reached down to return the favor and Eric’s eyes blazed a little when I started to stroke him. For a minute I watched his eyes before I moved to turn myself around. I straddled his chest and leaned forward to wrap my lips around his tip, making him groan.


“That’s good,” he whispered. He used his fingers to spread my lower lips apart so he could stroke my clit with his middle finger. Every few strokes he would push his finger into me, pumping it in and out a few times before focusing on my clit again.


I moaned and started to bob up and down on his length. Eric’s body tensed for a few seconds when his tip touched the back of my throat. He was too big to get all of him in my mouth, but that’s what hands were for. I used mine to stroke closer to his base and tried not to wiggle my hips too much. When Eric pulled my lower half closer to his face I could only get his swollen tip in my mouth, not that he seemed to mind.


He thrust his tongue into my core, pumping it in and out. He surprised me when he started to rub around my rear entrance without applying any pressure. He just seemed to be playing. His tongue started to slither up and down through my folds, focusing on my clit for a few seconds before pushing into my pussy again.


I moaned around his tip. It was hard to focus on what I was supposed to be doing with his tongue doing its thing. Damn, he was good.


“Mmm… Eric,” I moaned as my hand moved up and down his shaft. If there was a condom within reach I’d be more than happy to impale myself on him, but he kept the condoms up in the closet. Boo.


He lifted me off of him so he could get up to get the condom. When he came back from the closet he had two in his hand to be safe. He sat back down on the bed and took a moment to roll a new rubber into place.


“Come here and ride me, beautiful,” he said as he shifted so he was lying in the middle of the bed.


I straddled his hips and sank down onto his thick shaft. His hands grabbed my ass and helped me move up and down. I went slow at first, savoring the feeling of it. Eric watched where we were joined and squeezed my cheeks when I clenched my walls while he was buried inside me.


“Like that?” I smiled.


“Fuck yes. You have a perfect little pussy.” He brought one hand around so he could rub my clit with his thumb.


I leaned forward to kiss him. Eric took advantage and thrust his hips up. I moaned into the kiss and surprised him when I broke it off and bit his nipple instead.


“Mmm,” he purred. “Do you want me to slap your pretty little ass for biting me?” he asked, giving my left cheek a hard squeeze.


“You didn’t like it?” I kissed my way over his inked up skin to reach the left side. My tongue flicked over his sensitive skin instead of going for another nibble.


“It wasn’t terrible but I wasn’t prepared for it.” He grabbed onto my hips, holding me in place as he thrust up hard a few times before slowing down again.


“Mmm… fuck that feels good.” I sat up and leaned back to brace myself on his thighs. He thrust up again, making my tits bounce in a way that had that lusty look back in his eyes. I reached down in front of me to play with my clit and my eyes closed. An orgasm was building fast and Eric knew it. “Ohgodohgodohgodohgod… don’t stop,” I moaned.


“Fuck, yes, be a good girl and cum hard for me, Sookie. Let me feel it,” he growled. His big hands moved up to grab my tits, plucking and rubbing my nipples.


“Fuck… fuck…” I almost whined. My head fell back and I kind of felt like a ragdoll. My body turned to jelly when I came again. My pussy clamped down on his shaft and my body shook. Color exploded like fireworks behind my eyes and the noise I made didn’t sound like me at all. It was even better than the first time.


He reached up to grab the back of my head. Eric pulled me down on his chest, holding me in place as his hips thrust up again and again and again. It was much harder than before. One of Eric’s hands threaded into the back of my hair, holding my face just above his so he could look into my eyes. The other hand held onto my ass.


“Your sweet little pussy is going to make me cum again,” he panted.


“Mmm… give it to me,” I moaned. I pressed light kisses around his upper lip. “Fuck, I might cum again,” I warned. I could feel another orgasm trying to get started.


“Do it.” He turned my head so his lips were pressed against my neck just under my ear. “Let me feel you cum one more time. Milk my cock and take what you want from me, Sookie…” His thick shaft was swelling and pulsing inside of me.


I reached between us to rub my clit. Our eyes met again and his got super intense when my walls began to flutter. My mouth opened and I moaned with every hard thrust of his hips.


“Yesyesyesyesyes, oh my god!” I exploded and took him with me.


Eric’s body trembled as a shiver ran through his body with his release. He wrapped those strong arms around me, holding me tight against his chest.


“That’s never going to be boring,” he panted.


“God, I hope not.” I laughed quietly and Eric rolled us over. Our lips met again and he thrust into me a few more times to draw out the aftershocks I was feeling. He was such a good kisser.


Once again he had to pull out and get rid of the condom. As much as I would have loved a third round, I was content to cuddle and fall asleep in his arms. Eric seemed okay with that too.




“Girl, it’s amazing I can walk,” I told Amelia while I packed for the trip home.


“So it was good? Is he proportionate?”


“Oh he’s very proportionate,” I grinned. “And he knows what to do with it. Annnnnnnd he cuddles.”


“Marry him.” Amelia was serious.


“I don’t think we’re there yet, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be fucking again,” I smiled.


“Good. I’m sure you could use it. And you’re still okay with him being a turd in front of your parents?”


“Yup. I think they’ve earned it. Besides, even if Eric’s on his best behavior, they’re going to treat him like trash as soon as they see the tattoos,” I pointed out. “I warned him about their bullshit, by the way.”


“As long as you’re okay with it. If things work out he could be their son-in-law someday.”


“That’s true,” I agreed. “I’m sure that’s occurred to him too.”


“He probably won’t get too out of hand just in case,” she chuckled. “As long as your Gran likes him I’m not sure it’s going to matter though, will it?”


“I’m pretty sure Gran is going to adore him. He has manners, he cooks, he’s smart and he’s got a cute tushie,” I giggled.


“Oh boy. She may try to steal him from you,” she laughed.


“She might,” I agreed.


“Take the blue sweater. It brings out your eyes. You might need something to sway him back to you after Adele puts the charm on him.”


“Red is his favorite color. I was thinking of that silky top that shows off the girls.” He really liked my boobs. “Eric said an individual goodbye to Betty and Veronica this morning.”


“Ugh, I don’t even know the guy and I’m swooning.”


“You’ll meet him,” I promised. My phone rang on the nightstand a few feet away. Speak of the devil… “Hi, handsome,” I said.


“Hi, gorgeous,” he purred. “Are we taking the van up?”


“It’s probably more comfortable than my Sentra, but it’s up to you.”


“I figured it would add a little… extra on top of my planned poor behavior. I might even suggest going out to the van for a quickie and tell Dad if the van’s a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’.”


“As long as you make the van rock.”


“I’m a big boy, I can make it rock,” he chuckled. “What time are we leaving?”


“I was thinking after breakfast, if you’re okay with it. It’s a six hour drive, assuming we don’t have to make too many stops.” It was impossible to ignore Amelia’s hip thrusts.


“We shouldn’t have to make too many. I’m sure I can get by on road head once or twice,” he joked.


“Careful what you wish for, mister,” I snorted.


“We could take turns driving and I can get you off a couple times,” he suggested.


“That sounds like a good idea. Should I bring myself over to your place in the morning or do you want to come here? It smells like roses right now.”


“I can come pick you up.”


“Okay. Well I’m going to get back to packing and telling my friend about how good you are in bed.”


“Make sure you over exaggerate the size of my dick and my stamina,” he requested.


“I don’t need to exaggerate anything,” I smiled.


“I’m blushing.” I could hear his smile. I wasn’t sure Eric knew how to blush.


“I don’t believe it. You should come over and show me,” I challenged, making Amelia roll her eyes.


“Let me know when you’re done packing and I can be there,” he purred.


“I’m just about done. I’ll get my hanging stuff bagged in the morning.”


“So… in an hour?”


“I’ll be here. I’ll text you my address. Don’t be surprised if a twelve-year-old boy interrogates you when you get here,” I said.


“I’ll make sure to practice my Sookie parent act on him.”


“Excellent.” I laughed at Amelia giving me the finger. “I’ll see you soon.”


“Be naked when I get there,” he requested before he hung up.


“Damn,” I muttered as I set down my phone. “So if you don’t want to hear me having sex you might want to leave the building.”


“Will do. I’m sure I need to go shopping for a pushup bra so I’m not mistaken for a twelve-year-old boy,” she said, narrowing her eyes.


“Honey, you are who you are. There’s no shame in your A game.”


“You’re an asshole,” she chuckled. “I’ll go so you can freshen up for loverboy.”


“Try not to hump his leg when he shows up.” I picked up my phone again to text him my address.


“I’ll do my best.”


Amelia left the apartment and I finished packing up what I could. I’d have to gather up my toiletries in the morning after I showered. I piled up my bags in the living room. Just as I was stripping down I heard the front door open. I smiled to myself and dropped my shirt on the floor.



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  1. I’m loving these two! I can’t wait for the torturing of Sookie’s parents and Gran’s reaction to Eric! I’m a little apprehensive because I know you two love to throw in some angst, but so far, this Sookie & Eric are fun! And I need a smoke…

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