Chapter 19



When I heard the whistle I squeaked. It took me a moment to realize what it was.


Oh. My. God…


How much did they see?


I pulled Eric down close against me.


“Get outta here!” I yelled. Ugh, I was going to have to quit my damn job since they’d all seen me naked.


“Encore! Encore!” Fucking Andre.


“If you don’t get your ugly face outta that window, so help me God,” I growled. I knew I wasn’t menacing. At. All. And why wasn’t Eric saying anything? Our co-workers had just seen us naked.


“Oh come on! You got a nice ra–”


“Andre, fuck off,” Eric glared at him and it was menacing. Andre took it seriously enough that he and the stooges backed away.


“What the hell are they doing here?” I whisper-yelled as if Eric knew. I needed to put clothes on. I was already embarrassed enough. I was sure my face was beet red.


“Your guess is as good as mine. I didn’t tell anyone we were coming here,” he said as he got up.


“Fuck,” I grumbled. I rolled out of bed too so I could find my pjs. I went into the bathroom to put them on along with my bra, and put my hair up into a bun. I wasn’t sure where Eric was, but I hoped he wasn’t letting those yahoos into the house.


When I left the room Eric’s shorts were missing from the floor. I could hear voices in the living room. I didn’t get a good look at who was in the window, other than fuckin’ Andre. I went out into the living room and of course they were all standing there. Felipe, Andre, and Dawson had seen me naked. I was so embarrassed and pissed.


“What the hell are you guys doing here?” I asked. “Shouldn’t you be at work?” The dogs were sniffing around their feet. Sawyer wasn’t sure about Andre. After the stunt he’d just pulled I hoped he bit him. Jackass.


“I saw Eric’s car at your complex the other night so I hid a GPS from the shop in his car,” Andre shrugged.


“So you followed us out here?” Eric punched his shoulder. Hard.


“You couldn’t have just asked one of us, you asshole?” I growled.


“This was more fun,” Andre said unapologetically. Felipe at least looked a little guilty.


“And you sister fuckers agreed?” I was not happy. My southern hospitality went right out the window. I would’ve normally asked them if they were at least thirsty. Gran was rolling in her grave, I just knew it. They didn’t deserve it though. Jerks.


“He didn’t tell us where we were going,” Dawson argued. I highly doubted that.


“He just asked if we wanted to go muddin’,” Felipe chimed in.


“You guys are shitty liars.” I didn’t even know why Eric let them in.


“So why the fuck are you here?” Eric demanded. “My personal life is none of your business and if I call Des right now he’s not going to be happy you assholes stole his transponder to invade not only my privacy, but Sookie’s. This is unacceptable.”


“We didn’t tell Bobby,” Dawson offered in their defense.


“That’s stupid, Dawson. There’s no point in asking you what you were thinking. You guys don’t even have half a damn brain between you,” I muttered. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was so angry I couldn’t think straight. “Maybe we should’ve moved to Chicago,” I said to Eric, crossing my arms over my chest.


“This isn’t that big of a deal. So you were fucking. So what?” Andre shrugged like it was nothing. “If you woulda been out with the dogs you wouldn’t have cared we showed up.”


Eric punched him again just as hard.


“Yes, I would have cared,” I told him. “You’re invading our privacy. We didn’t tell you for a fuckin’ reason.” I didn’t curse too much around them, but didn’t give a damn. They were fuckin’ idiots. “You obviously figured it out before you got here.”


“I had a hunch.” Andre rubbed his shoulder. No doubt he was going to have a gnarly bruise.


“You know what you do when you have a hunch? You ask the fuckin’ questions, Sherlock.” I wasn’t going to want to work with him for a long, long time. “Do you have any idea how embarrassing this is? You guys had no business sneaking over here like that. I could get every one of you arrested for peeping on us naked.” I wasn’t sure if that was true, but it was a good threat.


Andre piped up, “Well technically it would probably just be trespassing–”


My hands went flying before he could finish his thought. I smacked him in the chest. Over and over until Eric pulled me away. I struggled to continue beating him, but Eric got a firm grip on my arms.


“You better hope I don’t find out where you live,” I growled. Still not menacing.


“I think you guys should leave. Take the transponder with you,” Eric said.


“You’re not going to call Des, are you?” Felipe looked genuinely scared. His eyes flipped to mine and he said, “I’m sorry, Sookie. I really didn’t know.”


I actually believed him. He really wasn’t a good liar.


“You still watched when you figured it out,” I reminded him. The anger was starting to fade, quickly replaced with embarrassment and betrayal. I was going to cry. My nose was tingling, so I was sure tears were on the horizon.


“I’m sorry,” he repeated.


“I know,” I said quietly. I turned around to bury my face in Eric’s chest.


He hugged and rubbed my back.


“Get out. Now,” he said calmly. He never answered the question of whether or not he was going to call Des. “I’m sorry, honey,” he whispered and kissed my head.


“What were they thinking?” I knew he didn’t have the answer to that question. I started crying harder than I usually would. It sucked. I knew they were idiots, but I never once thought they would stoop so low. I believed Felipe and Dawson didn’t know, but the fact remained that they still watched when they found us.


“They’re idiots.” He kept stroking my hair.


That was the absolute truth.


“I’m going to ask Des if he can make sure Andre and I don’t work together. I may murder him when he turns his back.” It hit me then that I’d felt like I was being followed the week before. I was even more pissed that I knew it was most likely Andre.


“Honey, he only works days. You’re going to see each other,” he said.


“I hate him.” I knew that. I wasn’t thinking, and I was sure Eric knew that. “Are we going to tell Des?”


“If this was a harmless prank I wouldn’t mind it but he stole Des’s property and grossly invaded our privacy. I don’t know if I can let this go,” Eric replied.


“Good,” I sniffled. I felt bad for Felipe and Dawson, though. I was also way too nice for my own good. “Do you think he’s going to get fired?”


“I don’t know. My guess is he’ll get suspended for a week or two without pay.”


I looked up at him, resting my chin on his chest. Eric reached up to wipe my tears from under my eyes.


“I love you,” I said quietly. I meant it. There was no better time to tell him.


“I love you too.” He lowered his head to press a soft kiss to my lips.


I tightened my arms around his ribs. The kiss didn’t get too heated, just a long, lingering peck. I could have blamed it on the high emotions from the guys catching us, but I’d known for a couple weeks that I loved him. I had never met any one person so perfect for me, and I had a feeling he felt the same way. He showed it in everything he did for me.


“Do you want breakfast?” I asked when the kiss broke. Eric rested his forehead on mine. I could still feel tears trickling down my cheeks.


“I want you to go lie down. I’ll take care of it,” he told me. “No arguing, either.”


“Are you sure?” I’d never had anything Eric cooked. I was a little nervous, if was being honest.


“Positive. Go snuggle with the puppy.”


They weren’t really puppies anymore, size wise anyway. I could have used the snuggles though.


“What are you making?” I patted my thigh to call Finn over. Sawyer could tell something was wrong so he followed her to my side.


“I haven’t decided yet. I’m waiting for you to get out of my kitchen so you don’t take over,” he smirked.


He had me there. It was technically his kitchen even though I did all of the cooking. I kissed his chin before I reluctantly went to the living room. The dogs hopped up on the couch with me when I lay down. Finn climbed up on top of me, nuzzling her head under my arm while Sawyer settled in front of me. I was covered in puppy. We had good kids. They knew something was wrong and had to make sure I was okay. I wasn’t sure I’d ever be okay after what happened. Andre was a fuckin’ prick. I didn’t blame the other two as much. His nosey ass just couldn’t leave well enough alone.


I didn’t know what Eric was cooking, but I started to hear sizzles and smell bacon. It was damn near impossible to stay put. Having the pups on me was probably the only thing keeping me there.


“What are you cooking?” I called out. He wasn’t going to tell me.


“You’ll see!”


“The dogs are saving you, I hope you know that!” Him making me sit down so he could cook for me was actually super sweet. As hard as it was to hold still, it was one of the nicest things he’d done for me.


“Saving me from what, your angry bunny face and a violent nose twitching?”


I had to hold in the laugh on that one. He was funny.


“Just wait until I get really mad at you one day!” He saw what I looked like at my angriest twenty minutes before.


“It’ll be the first time a bunny blushes!”


“You’re not funny!” He was. “I’m going to sic Finn on you!”


“I’ll woo her to my side with bacon,” he countered.


That would’ve worked too. She was a sucker for a treat. Sometimes I thought she was the dog version of Eric. All of the yelling got to Sawyer so he moved down to my feet. I was surprised they weren’t in the kitchen anyway.


“Are you making eggs too?” Talking to him lessened my anger.


“Woman, you’re distracting me,” he said. “Hush up and let me cook.”


I zipped my lips and snuggled into the couch. I closed my eyes to relax as I waited. I started thinking about what was going to happen when we got back to work. I wasn’t sure how long we were being watched, so I wasn’t sure what they saw. I was willing to bet Andre wouldn’t have wanted to be spied on having sex. He probably had jack rabbit hips. Asshole.


I still had my eyes closed when I a shadow fell over me. I cracked my eye open to see Eric standing above me.


“Is it ready?” I asked.


“No, this is the stunt breakfast,” he replied without missing a beat. When I opened my eyes I had a smiley face breakfast on my plate.


“I think that might be the cutest thing I’ve seen in the last ten minutes,” I told him.


“Thank you.” He handed me my plate. “Finn, Sawyer, go to bed,” he ordered.


The dogs jumped down so they could go to their respective dog beds. I sat up with my plate and rested it on the coffee table. Eric had a fork sitting on the plate for me too. He disappeared into the kitchen again. When he came back he had his own plate and a cup of coffee for me.


“Have I told you how awesome you are lately?” I asked when he handed me the coffee.


“Not today, no.” Eric sat down next to me.


“You’re awesome.” I leaned over to give him kiss. “I love you, and it feels really good telling you that.”


“It feels good hearing it.”


I smiled before focusing on my plate. He didn’t tell me he knew how to cook breakfast. The eggs were cooked perfectly, as was the bacon. It was perfectly crispy. I even took note that my coffee was doctored just right. It was nice to know he paid attention to the way I liked it. Not that he wouldn’t. I knew how he liked his too.


When I took a bite I groaned. He sprinkled on the right amount of pepper too. I was seriously spoiled by him. We both were in different ways. I liked that he took my mind off of what had happened earlier.


“This is perfect,” I told him when I took my second bite of eggs. I was still in a funk over our co-workers spying on us, but I would get over it eventually. At least I hoped I would.


“Thanks. I’m glad you approve.” Eric took a bite of his bacon.


“I may have to let you in the kitchen more.” We both knew that wasn’t happening. It was a fun thought, though.


He sniffed the air. “Yep, that’s bullshit I smell.”


“I can try,” I shrugged. I scooted back on the couch, folding my legs across each other. I took another bite of my eggs. When I swallowed I said, “My lease is up on my apartment in two months.” We spent most of our time together anyway. Moving in together wouldn’t be that big of a deal. The dogs would probably be happier too if we lived together.


“Uh huh…”


“Do you think I should renew it?” I asked. I didn’t want to assume he wanted me living with him. It was a big step.


“You thinking of moving?” Eric took a bite of his eggs.


Right. We clearly weren’t on the same page.


“I’ll renew it,” I said. I took a bite of bacon and set the plate down so I could grab my coffee.


“Uh oh. You have this look on your face like I just fucked up…”


“You didn’t.” My mood from earlier wasn’t completely gone. I should’ve waited or realized it was too soon to bring up living together, which we basically did anyway. “It’s too soon to talk about living together,” I sighed.


“Oh. Oh so that’s what you… Honey, I know we spend a lot of time together and I like that we do but I don’t know if living together is the right move yet. This is still pretty new and I see a lot of good things for us but I don’t want to rush into it either, you know?”


“Yeah, I know.” I set my coffee down next to my plate so I could lean back on the couch. I knew he wasn’t rejecting me, and he was completely right, but my emotions were already too high and I could feel stupid tears stinging my eyes. I should’ve just left it alone.


“Honey, don’t cry.” Eric put his plate down too. “I’m sorry. It’s not personal–”


“Don’t try to explain it,” I said. “All it’s going to do is make me feel worse. Forget I brought it up. I’m embarrassed enough as it is today.” Things could’ve been different in two months, but there was no point in bringing that up. I was going to lock myself into another six months. It was fine, really.


“You don’t have to be embarrassed. I understand why you asked. It makes complete sense,” he said.


I nodded. I should’ve just kept my big mouth shut. I hated the feeling that was festering in my stomach. I knew better than to bring up something like that when I was already upset. Of course the tears I’d tried to fight off came back with a vengeance. I hated crying. I hated crying in front of Eric even more. He didn’t need to see that. I made the worst cry face. I just hated the feeling all around. It sucked because I couldn’t stop it. I absolutely hated being a girl sometimes.


12 thoughts on “Chapter 19

  1. Uh oh. This feels like it will come between them. Men are so stupid sometimes. He should have put off this discussion rather than so no right then.


  2. Oh I’m crying for her, that’s got to sting. Eric could have said something better like don’t renew it just yet and we’ll think it through. I’m sure he’ll kick himself later too as I think it was just a gut man reaction. He already prefers to sleep with her in his bed.

    As for the guys, it might sound funny but if it actually happened anyone would be devastated to be seen naked and having sex by their co-workers. They all deserve being suspended or sacked – they didn’t have to watch. Andre should get sacked – he stole company equipment and misused it to stalk people. In fact they are being kind not calling the police and having him charged.


  3. I feel for Eric here. They just had their first ILY today and came out to their colleagues in the worst way – its not surprising (to me) that moving in together isn’t on his radar yet. He was pretty clumsy about it but he was also honest. Sookie is allowed to feel upset but she shouldnt be mad at him. He’ll get there in his own time.


  4. Sookie is right, she shouldn’t have brought up living together at that moment. Not only because of those idiots they work with, but because they had just told each other I love you for the first time! I don’t think she could have picked a worse time. Of course Eric could have been a little more sensitive with his answers.
    I truly hope they tell Des. What Andre did is a reason to get fired! And, yes the other guys should have yanked Andre back as soon as they realized what was going on and deserve some unpaid leave at the very least.


  5. I really hope Eric reports his co-workers. I think if it was me I would find a new job. That is sick. I would be very angry. I understand living together if a big step but they already are. Why pay for two places. I would cry too. Eric did not handle that well. I understand Eric’s POV but yikes could of handled that better. I could need a good cry.


  6. Ugh…that’s the worst feeling! When you don’t want to cry and you’re embarrassed to be crying, but you just can’t stop the tears. I think once she gets over the emotional shock of the guys peeping on them Sookie will realize that Eric is right that they should wait. I mean, they both just admitted for thefirst time that they love each other. That alone is a big step and deserves some getting used to before they make any other big steps. Of course, since they did already talk about moving to Chicago together I can see why she might’ve jumped the gun a bit.


  7. Andre is terrible, he could’ve just asked and if were his business he’d find out. He couldn’t just get into trouble by himself, he had to bring in the others and completely embarrass Sookie. Wait until Desmond finds out.


  8. I wanna know what trouble Andre gets in!!!! Hopefully that’s a sackable offence, 🙂 misuse of employer property.

    Really, what was Sookie thinking? They’ve been dating for a short time. Still in their ‘honeymoon’ state of their relationship. She is moving really fast in the relationship especially since Eric only ended his previous relationship when she started working at the garage.

    Enjoying your lovely story. 🙂 🙂


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