Chapter 6



In light of my sexathon with Eric I come to the conclusion that I need to come clean with Rasul. So the next day after I finish my last final I bake a batch of guilt muffins and take them over to his house to tell him everything.


When I arrive I knock on the front door and wait. Yesterday took me by surprise but it felt right. Then it felt incredible and I couldn’t stop myself. Ras and I never had the talk about being exclusive, but he still has a right to know.


When the door opens a sleepy Rasul is standing there in pajama pants and a wife-beater.


“Hey, what are you doing here?” he asks.


“I just wanted to bring you these.” I lift the towel covering the muffins. Blueberry.


His eyes flick down and he smiles. “Thanks…”


“You’re welcome. I also wanted to talk to you about something. Do you have a few minutes?” I hand him the basket of muffins.


“Sure… Uh… come in.” He opens the door all the way and takes a step back.


I walk into his house and it’s obvious it’s a bachelor apartment. None of the furniture matches, there are empty takeout containers everywhere and there’s a bench press where a dining table should be.


“Would you like to sit?”


“Yeah, sure.” I ignore the Hustler on the coffee table and sit down on the couch. “I’m sorry if I woke you.”


“It’s alright. The muffins help,” he chuckles.


I snort and say, “Well, I really came over because there’s something I should tell you. I haven’t told too many people yet. I uh… I’m pregnant.”


He looks at me for a long time. His eyes glance down at my stomach and then back up to mine.


“You didn’t think that was important to tell me before?” he asks. He looks more confused than anything.


“I’m telling you now. I wasn’t sure if the baby’s father and I were going to try to make things work, but things have changed,” I tell him. He doesn’t need to know Eric and I fucked our brains out yesterday.


“So… I assume you’re breaking things off…”


“It’s only fair. You’re a good friend and I think if I hadn’t met the baby’s father it would be a different story, but he’s going to be around a lot and it just doesn’t seem fair to you,” I explain, hoping it makes sense. Rasul really is a good guy.


“Well this blows,” he sighs. “That being said, I’m not really looking to date a pregnant girl… no offense.”


“None taken. It’s not your baby and I know you’re not ready for kids. That’s why I wanted to tell you the truth,” I say. “I’d really like it if we could still be friends though. I could even set you up with another one of the girls from the club.” Claudine would be perfect for him.


“I don’t need your charity, Sookie. I can get my own dates,” he says. “Yeah, sure, we can be friends I guess.”


I whip out my phone and find a picture of Claudine to show him.


“Still not interested?” She’s like six-feet-tall, long legs, green eyes, dark hair and a rack that gives me a boner.


“I can get my own dates,” he says again. “I’m going back to bed.”


“Okay,” I shrug. “You know where to find me if you change your mind. Enjoy the muffins.”


“Thanks.” He stands from his seat on the recliner.


I give him a quick hug and walk out of the house. I don’t expect to hear from him immediately, but it would be nice to hear from him eventually. I get back in the car and send Eric a text.


Me: I’m done with school and horny as fuck.


Big Daddy: Then it’s a good thing I blocked out the afternoon to have lunch with you.


Me: Feel like having my pussy for lunch? 😉


Big Daddy: I could always use a little honey 😛


Me: Then I’ll be at the house shortly… unless you want to christen my place today.


Big Daddy: I’m already at home taking my clothes off. I can get dressed and come to you if you want though.


Me: No! Leave me a trail and I’ll come find you.


Big Daddy: Doors unlocked. This is your reward when you find me…


He sends me a picture of his erection. He looks solid with a little pre-cum leaking from his head.


Me: mmm… I can’t wait. See you soon.


I start the car and pull away from Rasul’s place. I drive to the other side of town and I swear it takes almost as long to cross town as it does to follow his driveway up to the house. I park in the front and practically run up to the front door. As soon as I step inside I see one of his shoes at the top of the stairs. I start pulling my clothes off too as I follow the trail and I’m naked by the time I reach his bedroom.


I find Eric on his bed, stroking his cock and almost ready to cum. I groan and climb up on the bed.


“Need a hand?” I offer.


“Mmm, or a warm mouth,” he moans, pumping his cock a little faster.


“You stroke and I’ll suck,” I suggest and lean down to lick up his pre-cum. He growls and my lips wrap around his head to suck him hard.


“Mmm, fuck, yeah…” Eric breathes. “Are you ready to swallow my cum, baby?”


“Mmhmm,” I hum and let my lips slide up and down his blunt head.


“Mmm… yes… yes… fuuuuck!” he roars just as his head swells and he starts shooting his warm, salty release into my mouth.


I moan and swallow it all, digging my tongue in his tiny slit to get it all and make his cock twitch. That’s trick number two with my tongue that makes his eyes cross.


“On your back, now,” he commands as he sits up. “Make sure you spread your legs wide for me.”


I release his cock and fall back onto the bed. I bend my knees and spread my thighs as wide as I can for him.


“Perfect.” Eric shifts to his knees and bends down so his face is hovering just above my pussy. “Is this what my girl needs?” he asks, dragging his flattened tongue up my slit.


“Mmm… yes,” I moan and reach down to touch his silky hair.


I feel Eric’s tongue slithering through my folds, kissing and licking my pussy for a moment before he starts to suck my clit. I feel two fingers probe my opening, sliding in deep as he sucks hard.


“Ohhh… fuck,” I breathe and my hips flex.


“What kind of horny are you right now?” he asks and pulls his fingers out to massage my rear opening.


“Are there different kinds?” I ask.


“Mmhmm, sometimes I want anal more than others. Right now all I can think about is pounding your ass.” He dips his head and slides a finger into my ass while he starts to suck my clit again.


“Oh god… don’t stop,” I pant.


He doesn’t. He continues to suck and on his next instroke he pushes a finger into my pussy so he fucking both holes. His hand moves slow, going in deep, while he alternates between sucking my lips and my clit.


“Mmm… that’s so good, Eric. Stretch my tight, little ass so I can take that big dick,” I tell him. I haven’t had anal since the first time we fucked, but it was amazing.


Eric groans and he pulls out of my pussy to push two fingers into my ass. He starts scissoring them inside of me while he rubs his tongue over my core. My hips begin to flex and my grip on his hair tightens.


“Come on, Eric. Make me cum for you,” I pant and thrust my pussy closer to his face.


He buries his face in my snatch. I can feel his tongue sliding up and down, his lips sucking ever few seconds. He moves his fingers faster and his eyes lock onto mine. He ends up wrapping his lips around my clit, flicking quickly with the tip of his tongue, coaxing my orgasm from me.


It explodes quickly.


“Yesyesyesyesyes!” I cry out and I think I might actually pull some of his hair out, I cum so hard.


“Mmm,” Eric hums. He slides up my body to kiss me. Through the kiss I can feel his hands moving. I can’t tell what he’s doing until I feel the lube on my ass. His tongue is dueling with mine as I feel the head of his cock hit my ass. He hooks my legs, propping up on his arms to look down at my face as he drives into my ass hard.


“Fuck. You feel fucking good,” he breathes.


My hand moves down my stomach where I noticed a tiny bump this morning and then further down to rub my clit as he begins pounding me like he wanted to. Every few thrusts I let my fingers slide into my pussy and pump a few times before they go back to my clit.


He looks down between our bodies to watch his cock driving into me, panting heavily and moaning each time I push my fingers in.


“Goddamn, I might not last,” he chuckle-pants as he pounds me harder.


“It’s okay,” I moan and move my fingers faster over my clit. My other hand moves to my pierced nipple and tugs on it, making me cry out. My tits are so fucking sensitive right now. I’ve never cum just from having my nipples played with like I did yesterday.


“Hold your tits up for me, baby,” he pants. When I do he lowers his head and sucks my nipple hard, nibbling a little before moving to my pierced side and he rolls his tongue around the piercing.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I shout and another orgasm rips through me.


“Gorgeous,” Eric breathes. He kisses my nipple one last time and sits up on his knees. He grabs my hips and starts pulling me down his cock as he thrusts forward. “Fuuuuuck!” he roars when I feel him swell inside of me, releasing into the condom.


I groan and my body goes a little limp. “That was perfect, Eric.”


“Glad I could be of service,” he smiles and dips to kiss me before he pulls out, making me whimper. He gets up to dispose of the condom and his cock is at half-mast when he comes back. He lies on the bed next to me, resting his hand on my belly.


“I have a bump now,” I tell him.


“I noticed,” he smiles, rubbing said bump.


“I also told the guy I was seeing that I’m no longer available,” I say.


Eric’s hand ghosts up my body and he turns my face toward his. He presses a soft kiss to my lips and he whispers, “Good,” before settling his hand on my belly again.


“I can only stay another hour. I still have my dentist appointment today,” I remind him.


“I remember.” He rolls onto his back, hooking my waist to pull me with him so I’m lying on top of him. “Are you able to come back afterward?”


“I can’t. I have to work,” I frown. “But, I informed Pam that I’m pregnant and she put me on bar duty, so no more shaking what Mama gave me on stage.”


“Okay,” he smiles and I feel his hands slide down to squeeze my butt. “Are you scared of heights?”


“Nope. Why? Your dick’s not that big,” I giggle.


“No, silly,” he chuckles. “I wanted to know in case I needed to change our Sunday date plans.”


“No fear of heights. Just let me know if I need to bring my passport,” I smirk.


“Not on this date,” he winks.


I chuckle and start gliding back and forth over his cock. I don’t know if it’s the baby making me so horny or if it’s him or a combination but all I want to do right now is fuck.


“Lift,” he whispers and he reaches down to grab his shaft.


I lift up, bracing my hands on his chest. When I feel his thick tip at my entrance I slide down easily. Fuck, he’s so big. His cock fills me perfectly and when I lean forward a little his head rubs my spot every time I lift up.


“Goddamn, you look so fucking gorgeous like this,” he says, watching my body move. His eyes flick up to my face and he continues, “Everything about you is gorgeous…”


I move faster and swivel my hips as I sink down, making his eyes roll back into his head.


“Mmm… you’re so deep in me, Eric,” I pant when he’s buried to the hilt. I rock my hips and rub my clit against his pubic bone.


One of Eric’s hands settles on my hip and the other goes up to cup my breast. His thumb rubs around my piercing as he watches my tits sway.


“Right now I feel like a lucky motherfucker,” he says, thrusting up a little.


My eyes close and I whisper, “Harder, Eric.” His thumb on my nipple almost feels like I have a second clit for him to play with. This is crazy.


He brings his other hand up, holding me in place by my ribs and rubbing his thumbs over both nipples. His hips begin to slap against my inner thighs as he fucks me harder as requested.


“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” I chant. I’m going to cum so hard. The pressure explodes in seconds and my body shakes violently with the force of it.


“Mmm, good girl,” Eric moans. “Hands and knees, baby,” he directs me.


I need a minute to get my shit together, but then I climb off him and get on my hands and knees like he wants. I’m still having aftershocks. Eric gets up behind me, grabs my shoulder and slides his cock into me before settling his other hand on my hip. As his hips piston against me, he’s pulling me back hard. His hip bones are slamming against my ass, filling the room with the delicious sound of skin on skin.


“Fuckfuckfuck…” he chants. “I’m gonna fucking cum… Where do you want it?”


“Mmm… my ass,” I tell him.


He slams in three more times before he pulls out and I feel his hot, sticky release land on my ass, dribbling down through my slit.


“Fuuuuck!” he pants.


“Mmm… that’s so good, Eric,” I moan and move my ass to keep stroking his cock since he’s rested it between my cheeks. I’m going to need a quick shower before I go.


Eric smacks my ass and says, “I’m still hard… Tell me what you want.”


“I want you to take a shower with me and fuck me against the wall,” I tell him.


He climbs off of the bed and reaches over to grab me. He carries me into his bathroom and pushes me against the wall, kissing me hard, as he reaches over to turn the shower on.


“Stroke me,” he whispers between kisses.


“With my hand or my cunt?” I ask.


“Your hand right now. I’ll get into this silky little cunt soon enough,” he says, reaching down to stroke my lower lips.


I moan and wrap my hand around his cock. Our lips meet again as we tease each other. I’m right on the edge when Eric thrusts into me. I end up cumming two more times before he finishes and I have to haul ass to make it to the dentist on time.




Sunday rolls around and I have no idea what we’re doing on our date, but my little bump makes wearing jean uncomfortable so I wear a dress instead. I have a nicer dress picked out for dinner; along with a pair of heels that Eric once told me gave him instant wood.


I’m just slicking on one last coat of cherry flavored gloss when there’s a knock on my door. I slip on my wedges and head for the door.


“Hello, handsome,” I smile at Eric when I open the door.


“Hi,” he smiles back and leans in to kiss me quickly. “Are you ready?”


“Yep. I just have to grab my stuff.” I go pick up my purse and dress bag from the dining table.


Eric takes my dress bag from me when I get to the door. “Are you staying the night, or are we doing first date protocol and I have to bring you home, hoping for a kiss goodnight?”


“I don’t know yet. We’ll see how horny Sally makes me,” I say.




“Yeah. Remember how the baby’s heartbeat sounded like I’m growing a mustang?”


“Ahh, yeah, forgot,” he chuckles.


“It’s just better than calling the baby ‘it’ all the time,” I shrug.


“True,” Eric nods and leads me down to his car after I lock the door. He opens my door for me and then goes around to his side once he closes my door. Once the car is started he says, “I almost got a town car for the evening so I could focus on you, but I decided that was overkill.”


“Uh… yeah,” I chuckle. “Besides, when is the last time your pregnant, horny girlfriend sucked your cock while you’re driving?”


“Mmm, that would be never. We have about an hour drive,” he smiles and shifts in his seat.


“Good to know,” I smile and look out my window.


Eric takes my hand and holds it on the shifter under his as he shifts gears.


“Should I tell you what I have planned now, or do you want to wait?”


“Sure,” I nod. “I mean, I don’t mind waiting if you want to keep it a surprise.”


“We’re on our way, it’s fine. I’m taking you up on a hot air balloon. The view is… spectacular.”


“Really?” I grin. “I’ve never done that before. That’s awesome.”


“Yeah, my dad used to take us at least twice a year. I thought it would be nice since you know… the baby,” he smiles over at me.


“I think it’s a great idea,” I tell him.


“Just wait until you see the city from up there. You can see the skyline and all the fields. It’s breathtaking.”


“I can’t wait,” I say sincerely.


“I’m excited to see your reaction up there. You make the most expressive faces when you’re excited. It’s adorable.”


“Careful, Mr. Northman, your smitten is showing,” I tease.


“Hush,” he chuckles.


“It’s cute.” I reach over and pinch his cheek.


“Alright, who’s the old one here?”


“Definitely you. You told me to hush, Gramps.”


“Watch it, little girl,” he says in his sexy, growly voice.


“And if I don’t?”


“That has yet to be determined.”


“You should have had your Metamucil this morning,” I joke.


“None of that until I’m old enough for prostate exams,” he laughs.


“That’s in what… three years?” I giggle.


“No,” he growls at me. “I would say you’re getting a spanking tonight, but you like it too damn much.”


“Who says you should wait until tonight?” I ask.


“Mmm, too bad we’re going to have a pilot in the balloon with us. Fucking you while looking out over the city would be fucking amazing,” he says and lifts my hand to kiss my palm.


“That is too bad.” I start inching my skirt up to reveal that I’m not wearing panties.


“Just kidding, it’s happening.” He moves his hand off the shifter to slide up the inside of my leg, but stops before he gets to my pussy.


“I can shift if you need me to. My brother insisted on teaching me how,” I tell him.


“Would you like me to get you off?” he asks, arching an eyebrow.


“I’ll make it worth your while if you do,” I purr.


He brings his hand up to my mouth and says, “Get the fingers you want me to fuck you with nice and wet.”


I part my lips and suck on three of his fingers, bobbing my head like I’m sucking his dick.


“Good girl,” he purrs and pulls his hand away. “Spread your legs, baby.” When I do he starts to work all three fingers into me and his thumb goes to my clit. “What has you so wet?” Eric asks once his fingers are in me, rubbing my sweet spot.


“You,” I breathe and grab the door tightly.


“Mmm, are you thinking about getting up there, watching the birds and taking in the view while I stand behind you and push your thighs apart so I can rub my thick cock through your folds without the pilot noticing?” He starts rubbing faster.


“Mmm… I am now,” I moan.


“Good. Do you like being a naughty girl, Sookie? Is the thought of fucking undetected three feet away from someone else turning you on?”


“Yes,” I pant. I’m going to cum fast.


“Baby, tug on your nipples.”


My hands reach into the neckline of my dress and as soon as I touch my nipples I cry out. “Oh holy fuck…” I groan as I pluck and twist them. My walls start pulsing and gripping Eric’s fingers.


“Mmm, that’s sexy, Sookie.” He waits until I calm down some to take his fingers back so he can suck them clean. “Perfect.”


I reach over and find him hard as a rock. Without hesitating I unzip his pants and pull his cock out to start stroking him.


“Mmm… I want you in me so bad right now,” I tell him. Fucking baby whoremones.


“I’ll start fingering you as soon as the door to the basket is closed. I’m going to make you cum on my hand again and then I’ll let you have my dick,” he promises.


“Tease,” I say as I squeeze his cock.


“Mmm, fuck your hand feels good.”


I take off my seatbelt and shift in my seat to lean over the center console. My lips wrap around his tip and my hand moves much faster.


“Fuck, I was going to say you didn’t have to, but Goddamn you feel good,” he says.


“Do you want me to stop?” I ask.


“No. And you’re going to leave the hot air balloon with my cum running down your thighs.”


I smile and then resume sucking just the tip of his cock as I stroke him. My wrist twists and my tongue flicks the little slit on his tip.


“Make me cum, Sookie,” he whispers and rests his hand on the back of my head. “You’re almost there.”


I reach down with my other hand to rub and tug his heavy sac gently as my cheeks hollow so I can suck harder on his head. He growls and his head swells right before Eric shoots his thick, salty load into my mouth.


“That’s my girl,” he breathes. “Fuck, you’re so good, baby.”


I release him after I’ve swallowed everything. I lift my head and smile at him.


“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I tell him.


“Mmm, and we’re almost there so round two is just around the corner,” he smirks.


“That’s good to know.” I peck his cheek and tuck his cock back in his pants before I sit down in my seat the right way.


We exit the highway and a few minutes later Eric pulls into a gravel parking lot. I can see a giant field with four huge balloons sitting on the ground. Eric makes me stay put while he walks around to open my door for me.


“You ready?” he asks with a big cheesy grin as he closes my door and locks the car up.


“Lead the way,” I say as I reach for his hand.


He leads me to the field, walking up to a big red, yellow and blue balloon. The pilot seems to be a little older than Eric, and after talking for a couple minutes Eric helps me into the balloon. The pilot goes over the safety rules. Basically, don’t fall out of the basket. Eric has my hand in his and he turns me to press against the basket, caging me in.


“It’s going to be loud when we start going up,” he warns me.


“I can handle loud,” I reply and turn my head back to kiss his neck since it’s all I can reach.


Eric looks back at the pilot before he looks back at me and asks, “Do you really want this?” while his hand slides down my ass, slowly lifting my skirt.


“Only if we’re not going to get caught,” I reply.


“I’m sure we’ll be fine. You have to handle slow,” he chuckles.


“I can handle it.” I part my legs a little for him.


His hand slips under my skirt as we start to rise. “Look out there,” he whispers as he slides two fingers into me and slowly starts pumping in and out.


“Perfect.” I’m not just talking about his fingers either. The view is absolutely stunning and we’re barely off the ground.


“It is,” he agrees and I feel his lips brush the side of my head while he twists his fingers inside of me. I have my hands on the edge of the basket and Eric’s other hand rests on my belly, holding me close. He rubs his hard-on against my ass and he whispers, “Just say when.”


“I’m ready when you are.” There’s a roar from the fire that pushes the balloon higher into the air.


Eric pulls his fingers out and I feel his hand hitting my ass while he works on his pants. A few seconds later I feel his heavy erection slide through my folds, brushing past my clit.


“Close your legs,” he says and I feel his hips barely moving.


I close my legs and bite my lip when he begins to slide into me. With my legs closed he feels enormous, but so, so good.


I keep my eyes on the view while Eric dips his head and starts to kiss and suck on my neck. He makes me shiver when his hand slides up from my belly to tug my nipple through my dress.


“That felt good on my dick,” he whispers when I clench.


“Do it again,” I whisper.


He moves to my other nipple and tugs on the piercing. I feel his cock slowly slide out and back in again. We keep going nice and slow like that for a few minutes, but with him tugging on my nipples like he is it doesn’t take more much time for me to be right on the edge.


I turn my head and whisper, “Kiss me. I’m going to cum.”


His lips crash onto mine. Eric sweeps his tongue into my mouth and I can feel him pulsing inside of me. My walls begin to grip him hard as I kiss him back. He swallows my moans when I cum, and I do the same for him when he empties his release into me.


I break the kiss and look around him to see the pilot isn’t paying any attention to us. If he knows what we’ve been doing at least he had the decency to look the other way.


Eric waits a couple minutes before he shifts and falls out of me. He tucks his cock away and he cages me in his arms again.


“Maybe when Sally is six or seven we can bring her up here,” he says and kisses my temple.


“I’d like that,” I say. It crosses my mind that by then Sally might have a brother or sister.


“You know Sally might be taller than you by then, right?” he teases.


“Probably,” I chuckle.


He goes quiet, resting his chin on my head.


“Have you told your parents yet?” Since we ended up having our sexathon Thursday we never made the call.


“Mmm, yeah, I called this morning. Sorry I forgot to tell you. They’re excited, but concerned. I told them I picked you up at a club after flirting for months and… you know. As expected, Mom wants to talk to you,” he smiles.


“Do they know I was a stripper?” I ask. I’m not ashamed of it, but maybe he is.


“Yeah, I told them. They jumped straight to the gold digging aspect until I explained to them what I know about you. They see it my way now.”


“Good. Do you think they’ll come visit for the birth?” I ask. The baby is due at end of November.


“Yeah. They’ll probably come out from Thanksgiving till after the New Year,” he says.


“Oh wow. Well there’s plenty of room at your house, that’s for sure,” I laugh.


He laughs with me and says, “They’ll want to give us privacy for the baby and stay in the guest house.”


“I want you to teach Sally Swedish,” I tell him.


“I can do that. Papa Northman will probably only talk to Sally in Swedish. He’s funny. He always gets drunk on Thanksgiving and New Years Eve. He only speaks in slurred Swedish, telling ridiculous stories that I’m pretty sure he’s making up. It’s good stuff.”


“You’ll have to translate for me,” I chuckle.


“Oh, I will,” he smiles. “My parents are cute. Miss Kay and Phil remind me of a redneck version of them.”


“So your dad is all about honey on his biscuit and skinning things?”


“He does hunt, and he still chases Mom around even with a bad hip.”


“That’s adorable,” I laugh.


“Pretty much,” he agrees.


“Well, my parents aren’t Phil and Miss Kay. They’re more… Dan and Roseanne.”


“Dan and Roseanne had their strong points,” he chuckles.


“They did,” I nod. “My mom threatened to beat my dad if he didn’t get his attitude right.”


“Oh, I already like her,” he grins.


“You’ll love Gran,” I tell him. “My dad’s mom is perhaps one of the craziest people I’ve ever met. She asked my first boyfriend if he was a grower or a shower.”


“I can’t wait to meet her,” he smiles. “Tough women are fun, and I have a really cute one right here,” he says, wrapping his arms around me.


“We’ll see if you still feel that way after you watch me give birth,” I snicker.


“True,” he laughs. “I might faint, just giving you a heads up. Blood freaks me out.”


“Good. Then I don’t have to worry about that silly indoor skate park you were talking about,” I tease and tickle his side.


He jumps and says, “I already promised you I won’t allow Sally to do anything that will break him or her.”


“I know.”


“Plus the house is way too gorgeous to fuck up like that.”


“Priorities,” I snort.


“I’d burn it to the ground to keep Sally safe if I had to,” he whispers.


“I know you would,” I reply and tilt my head up to kiss him. I still have a lot to learn about Eric, but I know he takes the baby very seriously.


“Good,” he replies and holds my face up to kiss me a little deeper.


We kiss for a little while and I have the pilot take our picture with the city skyline in the background. Eric takes one of me alone, saying he wants to send it to his parents. Uh huh. I’m sure that’s the only reason. The tour we take in the balloon is some of the most fun I’ve ever had and by the time we return to where we started I’m a little chilly from being so high up for so long. Next time I’ll know to wear pants and a jacket.


We get back in the car and I have no idea where we’re headed next, but I’m excited to get there.


14 thoughts on “Chapter 6

  1. Enjoying the story, as I do all your others, but having sex with a hot air balloon pilot a couple feet away? Kind of pulled me away from hot romance and into x-rated porn w/ no plot.


  2. So enjoying reading your story. Their evolving relationship, even with the expected baby, is fascinating. Thankyou.


  3. They are so good together, and are so at ease. I love it!
    His parents sound fun and am looking forward to meeting them b


  4. Awwww these two are such a cute couple and also have insanely hot chemistry… Great to see Sookie ‘dumping’ Rasul… He may have been a good ‘friend with benefits’ / ‘fuck buddy’ but he doesn’t seem very mature and clearly not game to date a pregnant woman (which I can understand if it’s not your baby, it’d have to require serious love, clearly absent in the Rasul – Sookie deal). I can’t wait for Sookie to meet the northmans….. They sound like a riot! But a supportive one…


  5. Good thing she told Rasul – he deserved to know, even if Eric wasn’t in the picture. I still find it weird that Sookie chose this particular time to start a new relationship with someone else when we know she hadn’t been dating prior finding out she was pregnant.
    Oh, and I don’t believe that the pilot wouldn’t notice anything – he likely just decided to pretend otherwise.


  6. These two are the perfect blend of hot and romantic, they don’t even realise they see themselves together in the far future. They’ve done 18 months courting without knowing it! Whoremones – absolutely priceless!!


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