Chapter 9: Sugar and Spice



I shook my head as I watched Sookie walk out onto the dance floor. I knew it wasn’t my job to take care of her but I didn’t like the way Cue Ball was looking at her. I knew I didn’t have a shot to take her home, and that was fine. I didn’t go out to get laid. I needed a drink and to be social. I was surprised to see her out, and even more surprised to see the shape she was in.


“She’s going through a rough time, man, don’t even think about it,” I told the guy as he watched her sway.


“You her old man?” he asked.


“Nope, but I’m keeping an eye on her. Her brother’s a cop too,” I added. He had shifty eyes and a prime candidate to try to date rape her. Sookie wasn’t in the right mind to go home with someone. I shouldn’t have tried as hard as I did a few minutes before, but at least I knew her.


“All I need is a yes, bro,” he shrugged.


It took all of my willpower not to punch him in his stupid bald head. I wanted to tell Aiden what the shitstain was thinking about and have him eighty-sixed. I would wait until I had a reason to.


“I wouldn’t do it if I were you,” I told him. I got up from the bar and headed out to the dance floor. I could attempt to dance with Sookie to try to keep her away from him. I was drunk, but I wasn’t that drunk. I also remembered what her reaction was the last time I tried to keep her safe.


When I reached her I took her hand, before pulling her in my arms to start dancing with her. “Is this okay?” I asked as we moved.


“I guess,” she smiled.


“I’m shitty at it, I know,” I smiled back. A smile was better than the frown before she came out to the floor. “Maybe with a little more practice I won’t step on your toes.”


“You should get one of those Rascal things and just spin in circles,” Sookie laughed.


I laughed with her. “That is probably the safest bet. For now, this control freak is going to let you lead.”


“Fine with me.” Sookie sipped her Blue Hawaiian and continued to sway with the music.


I settled my hands on her hips so I could find the rhythm. I wasn’t that bad, but I was doing a lot better with her guidance. We made it through a whole song without me smashing her toes, which I silently celebrated. The problem was, rubbing against her was turning me on. Ugh. I was no better than Cue Ball, but at least I knew her and I knew I could control myself. I would also get her home safe without being taken advantage of. I also didn’t know why I was so worried about her safety. I barely knew the girl. Sure we had similar stories when it came to our dead spouses, but other than that I shouldn’t have cared. Hell, I barely thought about her over the last three weeks.


I glanced up to see Shitstain talking to another girl. I could tell his eyes were trained on her tits, which made me cringe. He wasn’t even stealthy about it. I felt a little better that he’d moved on, but that didn’t mean Sookie was completely out of the woods. He made me uncomfortable.


“I think your keys are poking me,” Sookie said even though it was obvious she knew it wasn’t my keys.


“Are they?” I smirked. “They must have shifted.”


“Impressive set of keys you have.”


“Indeed they are. You’re welcome to push them out of the way if they’re bothering you,” I told her as the song changed.


“I think if I touch your keys you’re going to want to go somewhere private to show them to me.”


“You’ve already made it clear you don’t want to see my keys,” I reminded her.


“That doesn’t always mean you’re listening,” she shrugged.


“I listen,” I told her, trying to shift so she couldn’t feel what she was doing to me.


“Uh huh.” Sookie put a little more distance between us and I noticed Shitstain was approaching.


I had to remind myself it wasn’t my job to protect her.


“Cue ball, ten o’clock,” I warned her quietly. I had a feeling she was too drunk to know what he was trying to do.


“It’s fine. He’s got cool eyes.”


“He’s a predator,” I murmured.


“He’s not the one poking me with his dick,” she replied.


“He will be if he gets his way,” I told her. I didn’t want to fight with her. I had to tell myself I didn’t care enough to fight with her.


“So it’s okay for you but not him?” Sookie took another drink from her glass. Almost two-thirds of it was gone.


“The difference between me and him is, I know you’re not sober enough to make a good decision. He’s the kind of guy that walks around preying on drunk girls. I’m simply dancing and talking.”


“How do you know any of that? Are you buddies? Do you have evidence of it? Maybe he’s just a guy in a bar who’s interested in a pretty girl,” she suggested.


“The comment he made after you walked away tells me he’s the kind of guy looking… you know what, you’re right.” She had to learn the hard way about shitstains like him. If she ended up going home with him, that was on her. I had to stop trying to play the hero with her. It was obvious she didn’t want to be saved.


“I don’t know why you have to make simple things so complicated,” she said before turning toward Shitstain.


I shook my head. I walked off the dance floor. I knew what kind of guy I was and I knew it was safer to stick with me, but I had nothing invested in her. I felt bad for her daughter. Sookie was in a bad, bad spot. The choices she was thinking about making while she was drinking weren’t good for her or her daughter. One wrong move and she would end up dead on the side of the road, or with some incurable disease. But again, it wasn’t my call.


I sat down at the bar and pulled my phone out. Over the last few weeks I’d fucked around with Ginger a few more times. Sookie was right, I liked to be in control, and Ginger loved it. So I sent her a message. I didn’t want to watch Sookie crash and burn.


Me: What are you doing?


Ginger: My nails. You?


Me: Thinking about your nails scratching down my back when you cum.


Ginger: Cocky.


Me: I have a reason to be cocky.


The last time we were together she came so hard she passed out for an hour.


Ginger: Indeed 8=========D


Me: Would you like to have that tonight?


I called Aiden over to close out my tab. Even if I didn’t see Ginger I was ready to go.


Ginger: Super size me!


Me: I can be there in twenty.


I wouldn’t be mad if she had a friend over too, but I wasn’t going to hold my breath.


Ginger: Okay. I’ll tell Dani to get lost.


Me: Or tell her to get naked and have your mouth on her cunt when I walk in.


Ginger: Is that an order?


Me: Uh huh.


Aiden handed me the receipt to sign. I left him a generous tip before I put my card in my wallet to leave. I noticed Sookie dancing with Shitstain, who had his hands on her ass. I quickly averted my eyes and headed toward the exit.




Ginger left her door unlocked for me. When I walked in she didn’t have her face in Dani’s pussy, but they were lying on the couch making out. That was good enough.


“I thought I told you to be naked,” I said as I started to kick my shoes off.


“Oops,” Ginger smiled up at me.


I shook my head. I pulled my shirt off and started to unzip my pants.


“Clothes off, now,” I directed them. Danielle was on top and sat up to pull her little sundress over her head, leaving her in little lacy panties and no bra. Her tits were small enough that she didn’t need to wear one.


She scooted back to pull Ginger’s shorts off. Of course Ginger wasn’t wearing panties and making out with Danielle had her very turned on. She sat up and peeled off her tank top, leaving her naked.


“Would you ladies like to get over here and suck my dick?” I pulled my cock out, stroking myself. I was already hard from thinking about them together. It was shitty of me to get off on fucking my wife’s friends, but it didn’t matter. Maria was gone, and never coming back.


Ginger was on her knees first and went straight to my sac to lick and suck each of my balls. Danielle knelt beside her and wrapped her lips around my tip. I settled my hand on the back of Dani’s head and pushed lightly to get her to take me deeper. She did so with a sexy little moan that vibrated through my shaft. I could have kissed Clancy for telling me they were into each other.


“Mmm, that’s good,” I groaned, locking eyes with Danielle. She let out another soft moan while Ginger’s tongue did something to my balls that made my stomach muscles twitch. Fuck, they were good at teamwork.


Danielle pulled back but only to kiss Ginger in a way I was positive I had seen in porn, and then both of their tongues were teasing my head. I pushed my jeans all the way down before I wrapped my hand in Ginger’s hair. I pulled her up to her feet, thrusting my tongue into her mouth as soon as she was standing. Danielle took it upon herself to start bobbing her head on my cock. She took me deeper and deeper on each pass.


“Do you want me to fuck you while you eat her pussy?” I asked Ginger in a low, throaty sex voice. “Or she can get the pleasure of having my cock deep in her cunt while she licks you. Your call.”


“You’re the boss,” she breathed.


“Lay down. She’s going to lick your sweet little pussy,” I whispered, licking her lips.


Ginger smiled and stretched out on her couch with her legs spread nice and wide. She reached down and started playing with her lower lips. I pulled Dani off my dick to give her a deep kiss. I knew both girls were clean and I knew they were both on birth control. I still wouldn’t cum in them though.


When I pulled back from the kiss I told Danielle, “I want you to make sure she’s stretched and ready for me.”


“Which hole?” she smirked. Damn, these girls were fun.


“Surprise me.” I gave her another quick peck before I pushed her away. I watched as she knelt on the couch between Ginger’s thighs. Her head dropped and I watched as her soft tongue slid into Ginger’s core, slowly flicking in and out. I kept my hand on my cock, stroking myself as I watched for a minute.


I walked up behind Danielle, lifted her hips some, and started to rub her pussy with the tip of my cock. The sound she made when I started to slide into her made my cock twitch.


“Mmm… Dani loves it from behind,” Ginger told me. She plucked her nipples and rolled her hips.


“If I remember correctly you do too,” I groaned. I pulled back and drove back in, making Dani moan loudly.


“Fuckin’ love it,” Ginger moaned. “Oh fuck, I need more, Dani.”


I looked over her shoulder and watched as Danielle pushed a third finger into Ginger’s pussy, pumping them quickly.


“Suck on her clit,” I directed her.


Dani did as she was told and Ginger cried out. She grabbed onto the arm of the couch and her hips began to rock with Dani’s fingers. Ginger’s eyes squeezed shut right before she came. Dani pulled a finger out of her pussy and slipped it down. She shifted to the side a little so I could see it when her finger slid into Ginger’s ass.


My cock twitched inside of Dani as I watched her fuck Ginger in the ass. It was hot as hell to watch them together. I grabbed onto her shoulder and started slamming into her so my hips were slapping against her ass. If she made me cum it wouldn’t take too long to get hard again, especially if she started sucking my dick again. Ginger was good at giving head, but Danielle had a magic trick that I couldn’t figure out, but it made my eyes cross.


Dani started moaning louder as I slammed into her. I could feel her walls pulsing and right before she came I stopped completely just to piss her off. It was cute. She also knew she was going to cum eventually and it would be good.


“You’re evil,” she panted. I gave her a light smack and my hips began to piston again.


“I hate when he does that shit,” Ginger agreed. She looked at me and said, “It’s not cute or funny.”


“It’s not like I leave you hanging,” I said, giving Dani another light smack. Plus, it was funny to me. I stopped thrusting again, but I continued to grind against her so my balls rubbed over her clit. Her walls went wild, fluttering quickly around my shaft. “Are you going to cum for me, Dani?”


“Fuck… yes,” she breathed. I pulled almost all the way out before driving in hard, making sure she felt every long, thick inch of my cock. It took four thrusts before she cried out with her orgasm. I pulled out, watching as she started to collapse to the side.


“Where do you want it?” I asked Ginger.


“Her pussy so you can watch me clean it up,” she replied.


I slid back into Dani, pounded into her a few more times until I was ready to cum. I pulled out right at the end and came all over her lower lips, making her groan, loudly.


“Clean up,” I smirked, motioning for Ginger to get up and lick up the mess. I could have Dani clean my cock while Ginger ate her pussy.


“Yes, Master,” Ginger winked. She got up and moved behind Dani after I got out of the way to lick my cum off her smooth, pink lips.


I sat down where Ginger was and grabbed Danielle’s hair. I pulled her head over, guiding my wet tip into her mouth. She didn’t waste time bobbing on my dick, cleaning up her juices.


“Ginger do you want it in your ass tonight?” I asked. She needed to get the lube if so.


“I’ll take it anywhere you want to put it,” she answered.


Danielle lifted her head off to say, “You know she’s a dirty little slut. Of course she wants it in her ass.” She went right back to bobbing on my cock, trying to get me hard again.


“Go get the lube,” I told her as I helped Dani bob. Her fucking lips felt amazing.


Ginger sprang up off the couch and disappeared. I dropped my head back to enjoy the feel of Danielle sucking my dick. It wasn’t going to take a lot to get me going again. I heard Ginger come back into the room, but I didn’t open my eyes.


“I want you to ride me so Danielle can lick your pussy,” I groaned. It was like living in my own personal porn movie. I loved it.


“I like that plan. Dani has the best tongue.”


“Fuck, yes she does.” She flicked her perfect tongue over my length, making my cock pulse. “Get over here; she has me hard for you.”


“Such a good friend.” Ginger leaned down and kissed Dani’s clit, making her moan.


“Mmm, I aim to please,” Dani moaned.


When Dani got up, she kissed Ginger. She took the lube and opened it to pour some between Ginger’s back cheeks. I held up my cock, stroking some to make sure I stayed hard. Ginger straddled my hips with her back to me, helped me line my tip up, and slowly worked her way down my thick length. Jesus fucking Christ she was tight. I watched as she slowly bounced, stretching her ass to take me deeper. When she had me fully sheathed in her rear entrance I reached up to pull her down flush against my chest. Her feet pressed into the couch and Dani moved to kneel between my legs so she could lean down to lick my balls. She was an amazing friend. Fuck.


“Mmm, you feel fucking good, Ginger,” I groaned. My hips gently pumped giving her shallow thrusts.


I felt it when Dani added two fingers to Ginger’s pussy.


“Holy fuck,” Ginger panted. Dani’s tongue disappeared but judging by Ginger’s reaction it was on her pussy instead.


“Maybe next time we can add another man to fuck you at the same time, little slut,” I purred. I started thrusting a little harder, making her pant. She got a little tighter when Dani added a third finger, making us both groan. It wasn’t going to take much more for me to cum again. Damn.


“Mmm… Yes please,” she panted.


“I love it when you’re my dirty fuckin’ whore.” I reached up to grab her tits. Sadly my mind went straight to Sookie and how fucking good her tits looked earlier. I shook it off and moved one hand to grab her throat while my hips sped up.


“Ohgodohgodohgodohgod!” Ginger cried out. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum so fucking hard!”


“Do it,” I growled. My hand tightened and I reached down to slap her clit the way I learned she licked. Ginger was fun, but she wasn’t for every day sex. “Make me cum with you.”


Dani leaned in and began flicking Ginger’s clit quickly with her tongue. Ginger gasped a few times before her whole body tensed up. She screamed when she came and then her body went limp.




Dani moved back while I started driving into Ginger’s ass. “Where do you want it?” I grunted.


“Dani’s mouth,” Ginger groaned.


“Come and get it.” I pulled Ginger off of me so Dani could stroke me until I shot my hot release into her mouth.


Maria may have been a cunt for cheating on me, but I was getting a lot more out of fucking her friends than I had from her over the last couple years. I was still pissed, but the single life was starting to have its appeal.


13 thoughts on “Chapter 9: Sugar and Spice

  1. Is it sad that both sookie and Eric in my eyes are just fucking through their emotions. BTW I never liked Quinn and in this story he is the same asshole/ keep on writing on always waiting for updates

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I get it he’s having fun but it all still seems like revenge fucking, maybe I’m wrong but it doesn’t seem like he’s really dealt with what Marie did.
    As for Sookie I do hope she realizes that what she is doing is only going to make her feel worse when it comes to her daughter. I don’t know what but she needs a wake up call about what she is doing

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I think neither one of them has come to terms with what their spouses did. And right now they’re both on destructive paths even if they don’t think so. I hope Sookie doesn’t do something stupid with the douche cue ball, he shouldn’t be trusted with any of the opposite sex. Unfortunately Eric isn’t on a good path either, sigh. I hope they both correct themselves soon.


  4. Oh life’s lessons are hard. and mistakes are hard. circumstances makes it doubly hard. It also tweaks my feminist muscle to know that Eric, as a man, can fuck his way through his grief and take care of himself–getting nothing more than a finger waggle or a clap on the shoulder (or the clap, maybe), but not Sookie. Not only is a woman perpetually vulnerable and never fucking safe….but she’s never safe from people’s scorn. As a mother, a widow, she’s not supposed to want to fuck her way through anything. *sigh*

    Liked by 4 people

    • Well, of course, Sookie should be wearing “Widow’s Weeds” and saying rosaries for Alcide’s poorly departed soul burning in hell for what he did before his death, and then live through her child, all but giving up her own, still young life, but it’s OK for Eric to fuck any adult female moving. What if the situations were reversed and Eric was the one with the child? Would his behavior be judged as neglectful or considered as “in a bad place?” He’s not in a bad place? Double standards still existing in the 21st are ridiculous and more asinine now than ever. Neither one of them are behaving or handling things in healthy ways, still, it is another step in the grieving process, unfortunately. Sookie has a child to raise, so, yes, her behavior seems more risky than Eric’s, but it’s not. Both are heading toward a downward spiral if they can’t get a grip on these issues they have no choice but to face. Alcohol & sex won’t take any of it away. What a mess!

      Liked by 3 people

  5. Anger sex. Never satisfying & always leaves a nasty after taste (pun intended). These two don’t seem to be able to work through the issues left by their deceased spouses. Hope they don’t drag themselves beyond the point of return. There is self destruction and self destruct, neither appears to know the difference.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I get the why’s in Eric’s head of what he is doing but I don’t get Maria’s friends. Ok your hurt that she hid something from you but fucking your best friends husband……er nope. Not getting it.
    I hope that both of them get their heads out of their asses but I’m rather of the option that it’s gonna get a hell of a lot darker before it gets lighter 😓


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