Chapter 5


After our first round on the boat Sookie has stripped her bikini off and she’s lying on the seat next to me. I don’t even care that she knows I’m staring. She’s absolutely stunning. I have all these questions about her job that I want to ask, but I don’t want her to think that’s all I care about, because it’s not. I like her, I’m just curious.


“Sookie?” I say to get her attention. She straightens her legs, resting them on my lap. “Can I ask questions about your job?” I ask.


“Sure,” she replies. “I’m an open book.”


“Okay. I’m just curious. I don’t know what kind of movies you normally do and I just want to know about it,” I say as I pick up her foot to rub it. I need something to keep my hands busy. “What different types do you do? Like girl on girl, double penetration, just hardcore shit, or what?”


“I’ve experimented some. I have done girl/girl stuff in the past. I’ve done double penetration once. I don’t think I’ll ever do it on camera again unless I’m filming it at home,” she says. “I’ve done some fetish stuff, some hardcore and some solo stuff. I think my favorite is probably the standard guy/girl stuff. I’m not into do things for shock value.”


I nod and ask, “Is there anything you do in the movies you imagine doing at home, but don’t have the opportunity to?”


“Not really. At work it’s so mechanical. There are thirty people standing around adjusting angles, lighting or complaining about craft service that day. If anything, I’d rather bring home to work. The positions are more comfortable, it’s more private…”


“Are there any actors you flat out refuse to work with?” I ask. I start to run my thumbs around the ball of her foot.


Sookie moans and answers, “Victor Madden is on my no list. I had a bad experience with him once.”


“Do you mind sharing?” I ask, rubbing her arch. “I understand if you don’t want to.”


“We all have our dos and don’ts and Victor decided to disregard mine by spitting in my face and trying to fuck me in the ass when it wasn’t scripted,” she tells me.


“Ah, yeah, that would turn me off too,” I nod as I lift her foot to kiss her big toe. “Are you a fan of anal?”


“I couldn’t do it all the time like some girls can but once in a while I crave it.”


“Good to know,” I nod again. “Most girls say no because of my size. I dated a girl once that loved it though.”


“It all depends. I know girls that go crazy over plugs but don’t want an actual dick in their ass. It’s understandable. If the guy doesn’t know what he’s doing it can be really fucking painful. I mean men obviously don’t want us donning a strap-on and going for it on them…”


“Very true,” I snort. “Is it something you think you would do with me?” I ask, again, pure curiosity. I enjoy playing, but fucking her in the ass isn’t a must do.


“Maybe. We’ll see if I get the itch for it,” she answers. “Is it something you enjoy?”


“Hmm, it was exciting the first few times. If I don’t get to do it ever again, I’ll be fine,” I shrug. I move to her other foot, starting at her arch. “It might have been the girl. She was a fuckin’ freak.”


“I’m a freak,” she smiles.


“You’re the type of freak I like.” I lift her foot to kiss her toe again. “Amanda was the kind of girl that wanted my dick and three fingers stretching her ass. I did it one time and it made me uncomfortable. She once told me she wanted me to get another dude to fuck her in the ass with me… that was too much for me.”


“Oh wow. Yeah… I would have felt weird about that too. I’m on the tamer end of the fetish stuff. I don’t mind nipple clamps, forced orgasms, orgasm deprivation, spanking–” she stops suddenly. “What?”


“What? I didn’t say anything.” My hand has stopped moving because I’m imagining her bright red ass… mmm…


“Okay… Light bondage, paddles… You’re drooling.”


“Am I?” I’m sure my dick is hard under her foot too.


“I don’t do the real hardcore stuff when it comes to fetish films. I don’t want to be hung upside down and whipped while my clit is shocked,” she says. “I was approached to do it. I practically screamed a no.”


“Sounds perfect for me,” I grin. “The worst I would do it a light smack on your clit, unless you wanted it harder. Do you think I would be good for porn?” I ask. I don’t know if it’s something I would ever do, I just want to see what she thinks.


“I think you would definitely look good on film. The tricky thing for the guys is being able to cum pretty much on command,” she explains. “Plus keeping an erection without the assistance of Viagra can be difficult for the amount of time you’d need to.”


“You’ve met me. You see how my hard-on works,” I chuckle. I’m hard as a rock right now and we’re just talking about sex. It helps that she’s naked and sexy as fuck.


“Yes, but that’s in private. Imagine being in a cold room with twenty other people around, the girl you’re working is in a bad mood, you’ve shot six positions already and all anyone wants is to go to lunch,” she says.


That also makes me feel better about her job.


“Yeah, it sounds good in theory, but that would make it a little harder to keep an erection,” I nod. “What do you do in your down time?” I start massaging the ball of her foot.


“On set?” Her back arches and I watch her dusky pink nipples harden.


“On and off set,” I say as I work one of my hands up her calf.


“On set I read, update my social media stuff, watch old Law & Order episodes on Netflix or gossip with the stylists,” she says. “At home I play with Edith, read, bake, sometimes I crochet or quilt. I try to make it to the gym three or four times a week but if I can’t I do my yoga or swim laps. I like being in the water.”


“If you move back here all of that would be so much easier, or so I would think. I spend two hours a day driving to and from work,” I sigh. “Do you have a special site for Dahlia?”


“I do,” she says. “That takes up most of my time. When we’re back on land I’ll give you a guided tour. I think you’ll love the video gallery.”


“Please tell me it’s you playing with yourself,” I chuckle. I reach up and rub my fingers over her lower lips.


“Mostly. There are a few homemade girl/girl videos too.”


“Mmm, can I get in on that next time?” I start to draw light circles around her clit. “Joining or videoing.” If she isn’t down for it, I’d be just fine watching her and another girl.


“I’ll think about it.”


I push my middle finger into her pussy, curling as I pull back.


“Like I said, my cock is yours until you decide you’re done with it,” I tell her. I’ve tried the player thing in the past. I’m no good at it.


“You could take video of me blowing you. I don’t have that on my website,” she says in a breathy tone.


“I would be fine with that.” I’m not ashamed of my cock and Sookie seems to like it. I continue to slowly push in and curl on the way out, rubbing past her g-spot each time I pull back.


“Would you like video of us fucking, too?”


“Would you like a video getting fucked by me?” I ask, adding a second finger. “Something you can watch when you go back to L.A.”


“Mmm… That might be sexy,” she says. Sookie lifts her left leg to rest it on the back of the seat.


“Mmm, you think? My face buried in your snatch and then once you cum I can get up and take a video of my dick slowly filling your wet cunt… sounds fuckin’ perfect.”


“Well when you put it like that…”


“I know how we’re going to spend the second part of our date,” I chuckle. My fingers speed up as I start to rub her clit with my thumb. I just want to see her cum as much as possible in the short time I have with her.


Sookie smiles and says, “Nope, I’m off duty today.”


“Not even for fun?” I chuckle.


“Not even for fun.”


I shift so I’m on my knees so I’m kneeling in front of her. Sookie rests one of her legs on my shoulder while the other stays on the ground. I keep pumping my fingers as I lean over her body to start flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue. I alternate between flicking and rubbing for a minute before I wrap my lips around the swollen nub and start to suck.


Sookie’s hand settles on the back of my head and she moans softly. “Mmm… You’re really good at this,” she praises.


Good to know.


I keep my fingers buried in her cunt, rubbing that magic spot inside of her as I suck. I’m able to flick her clit as I softly suckle. I reach my other hand up to rub her rear opening with my thumb, applying a slight bit of pressure.


“Oh fuuuu… That’s so good,” she moans. Her hips flex and her grip tightens on my hair. Her free hand tugs on one of her nipples as her walls begin to flutter quickly around my fingers.


I look up at her face. I’m quickly learning Sookie cumming is one of my favorite sights. My fingers move in a little deeper, getting a different spot that makes her moan a little louder and her leg tremble on my back.


“Yesyesyesyesyes!” she chants. Sookie grinds against my tongue and her back arches as the orgasm takes over.


Just perfect.


I could easily do this all fucking day if she’d let me. She’s absolutely stunning when she cums. She’s stunning in everything I’ve seen her do though. I slowly pull my fingers out and move up her body to suck on her bottom lip as she tries to calm down from her orgasm. I still don’t know what I did right, but I’m never going to complain. She seems perfectly content to be right where she is with no signs of walking away.




Today has been a great day. Eric is a nice guy and the lake is gorgeous. It was relaxing, just lounging under the sun. The orgasms were nice too.


“I don’t know how you don’t live on this boat,” I say as the sun sets.


“No bathroom,” he responds as he pulls me tighter against his chest.


“Mmm… That didn’t stop you from taking a leak off the side of the boat earlier,” I snort.


“Huge difference between pissing in the lake and taking a shit,” he chuckles. “Plus, it would get cold when the snow starts.”


“True,” I agree. “But you like snuggling, right? I’m sure you could snuggle yourself warm.”


“Not the same as snuggling a soft, warm body,” he says, kissing my shoulder. “Preferably your soft warm body.”


“Mmm… My soft, warm body is going to be in a cute little house with Edith standing guard,” I giggle. “But I’ll have a big fireplace and lots of pillows on the floor.”


“Are you and Edith going to let me come over to snuggle in the pillows with you?” he asks.


“I’ll have to ask her how she feels about that. Right now she’s pretty attached to Sam.” He doesn’t know I’m living with my ex in Los Angeles, but I should probably tell him.


He stiffens and asks, “Who’s Sam?”


“My ex-boyfriend. We’re still living together.”


“Uhhh, like in the same bed, or just in the same house?”


“Like in the same bed,” I admit. “I don’t plan on keeping it a permanent arrangement, Eric. It just didn’t make sense to break the lease with only a few months left.”


“Right,” he sighs. “When you go home are you going to be sharing a bed with him still or are one of you going to sleep in another room?”


“I… I don’t know. I haven’t even thought about it.” I know what answer he wants me to give. It’s not like Sam and I are having sex anymore. We don’t even snuggle, it’s just sharing a mattress.


Eric stays silent, but gives me a little squeeze.


“Just so we’re clear, I like you, Eric. You seem like a really good guy, but I’m not ready to make an exclusive commitment.” I don’t know if he’ll be okay with it.


“Just let me know if you start fucking or dating someone else too,” he says quietly.


“Of course I would. I haven’t dated anyone since Sam and I broke up. Most guys want to treat me like their personal pornstar,” I tell him.


“You don’t… I mean, I’m not… Is the way I treat you okay? I don’t want you to think sex is all I want from you.”


“I don’t think that’s all you want,” I assure him.


His shoulders sag slightly with relief. “How about we stop talking about what we are and what we aren’t and just see how this thing plays out? I won’t have any expectations, Sookie.”


“I have a shoot in a few weeks. You could come by and see how it works,” I offer.


“Where at?” he asks. “I’ll probably have to request time off work, but I could use the time.”


“San Fernando Valley.”


“Yeah, just give me the dates. Pam has been pushing me to take time off anyway. Apparently I’ve been pissy at work and in desperate need of getting laid, Pam’s words, not mine.”


“Good thing I was in town then.”


“Very good thing,” he smiles and kisses the side of my neck.


“The house I’m looking at tomorrow is on this lake,” I tell him. “It has a dock in the back.”


“That sounds nice. Maybe I Jake and I can store the boat at your place,” he chuckles.


“Maybe. For a fee,” I smile.


“What would that be?” He kisses my shoulder.


“Mmm… It would be pretty steep,” I giggle.


“I might be able to handle it,” he says, tickling my side.


“It’ll cost you a back massage a week,” I say.


“Mmm, I’d be willing to pay that.”


“Then I’d say we have a deal.” I hold my hand out to shake on it.


He shakes it before pulling it to his lips to kiss the back.


“You’re cute.”


“The last person to call me cute was my mom,” he snorts.


“How will she feel about you getting involved with someone like me?” I’m usually the girl none of my boyfriends want to admit to dating.


“She’ll wait until she meets you to pass judgment and then kindly inform you to quit the business so you can stay at home and pop grandbabies out. I’ll try to keep her at bay if we get to the mom meeting phase,” he chuckles.


“She’s not going to have a problem with what I do for a living, other than it obstructs her chances for grandchildren?” That’s unusual too. My dad accepts it because he loves me and that’s the only reason.


“She might,” he shrugs. “If I explain it to her she’ll probably understand. I don’t think she’ll dislike you as a person though.”


“That’s good. Some people can’t see past my profession.”


“She’s a fairly understanding person. Are you worried about what my mom thinks of you?” he smirks.


“I think I’m more worried about what sort of influence she might have over what you think,” I say honestly.


“She doesn’t have much of an influence. She’s hated girlfriends in the past, but that didn’t stop me from dating them.”


“Okay. I just don’t want to cause problems, you know? I already have the stamp of a homewrecker firmly affixed to my forehead.”


“You have a habit of dating married men?” he asks, arching an eyebrow.


“No. I’ve never dated a married guy, at least to my knowledge. It’s just the general perception of me because of what I do. People assume that I have no morals or that I’m stupid or I must not have any self-worth or self-esteem because of my job. I don’t think any of that is true, but what I think doesn’t seem to matter too much,” I shrug. I don’t care what the general public thinks. I care what the person I’m dating thinks. I care what his immediate family thinks because if there are problems there, it will affect our relationship whether we want it to or not. I’m not going to try and pretend like there’s nothing controversial about my career just because I’m comfortable with it.


“Mom taught me not to judge a book by its cover. I can only hope she’s going to be understanding when it comes to you. I’ll have to have a talk with her before the time comes.”


I’m not going to stress myself out over it. Dad won’t admit it, but he knows that he and Jason both are guilty of having double standards where I’m concerned. Dad wouldn’t have had such a hard time accepting the porn stuff if it was Jason. I’m supposed to be chaste and virginal because I’m a girl.


Well fuck that noise.


I lost my virginity my senior year of high school to the only boy I dated in high school and it wasn’t because we were in love. We were bored teenagers who didn’t want to stop at making out, so JB and I had sex. I had zero intentions of saving myself for marriage. If that was the case I wouldn’t have gotten into porn.


“You know what else the house I’m looking at tomorrow has?” I snuggle into Eric. The temperature is dropping fast as the sun disappears.


“What else?” He tightens his hold on me.


“This awesome outdoor kitchen with a built-in fire pit.”


“Nice. Mind if I move in?” he chuckles.


“I don’t think we’re at that stage quite yet,” I giggle. “I need to work on my housewifing skills anyway. I’m used to being spoiled by Sam.” He does most of the cleaning, shopping and cooking at our place.


“Are you bringing Sam with you?” he asks, kissing my shoulder.


“You mean to live with me here?”


“Yeah, I mean, I hope not. It would be hard to housewife for me, but I’m not sure where your thoughts are.”


“I’m not bringing him along. Sam’s a good guy and he’s my friend now but he couldn’t deal with my job or the attention it gets me. He couldn’t handle the crass things people say to me or the way I get talked about on the internet,” I explain. “We’re not getting back together, Eric.”


“Good.” He reaches up to turn my face to his so he can give me soft, lingering peck.


We lie there on the back deck of the boat, watching the sun set and occasionally steal kisses from each other. As far as first dates go, this one is decent. It might have been spent a little bit more naked than I probably should have allowed, but the attraction is hard to fight. All I can do is hope that Eric can accept me for exactly who I am right now. We’ll see if he can.

9 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. So now Eric knows about Sam. Not exactly a perfectly Calm reaction, but he didn’t wig. So that’s good!
    Wonder how Sam is going to think about Eric? I’m thinking he won’t take it so well.

    Awesome date! !!!


  2. So now Eric knows about Sam and took it pretty well… Not that he had much choice… I do find it odd that they still sleep in the same bed… What’s the point if there is no sex nor snuggling? Surely Sookie has a guest room?
    Inviting Eric to a set is daring but I suppose that’s going to be the real test of whether he is truly comfortable with her career…


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