Chapter 5: Unprotected


When I woke up I had a sexy little blonde wrapped around me. I obviously didn’t go out looking for Sookie, but I was glad I did. We were definitely compatible. The sex was more than I could have ever expected. I wanted more. I knew she had a daughter though and I wasn’t looking to become daddy. I wanted sex, and maybe a date now and then. I liked her, or at least the little I knew about her.


Suddenly a second little blonde popped up on the other side of Sookie. Molly jumped onto the bed and started sniffing Sookie’s back. She was still unsure of the new person in the house. It was probably the fact the Sookie had a dog, she was right about that.


“Molly, down,” I whispered, pushing her back. She knew I hated her on the bed, not that she ever listened to me when it came to jumping on the bed. I could also feel Sookie squirm a little in my arms.


“She’s not bothering me,” Sookie whispered. She put her hand out for Molly to sniff.


“She’s not allowed on the bed,” I chuckled. “She never listens when I tell her to get down though.” Molly moved her nose up Sookie’s arm and then moved to sniff her neck, making Sookie jump a little. She was pretty in the early morning light.


“George doesn’t listen to me either,” she sighed. Her hand came up and scratched around Molly’s neck. “Aren’t you a pretty lady? Lay down, Molly.”


My fuckin’ traitor of a dog promptly lay down on the other side of Sookie.


“She likes you,” I said. “She also knows I’m a big fat pushover.” Since I could I dipped my head down to kiss Sookie’s neck.


“I like her too.” Sookie scratched between Molly’s ears.


“How you feeling this morning?” I wasn’t sure how I felt emotionally. I knew my dick was smitten though.


“Tired… Sore… Good.”


“Me too,” I said, reaching over to pet Molly too. “You need any Tylenol or anything?” She probably had a small hangover coupled with all the sex. I probably stretched muscles on her she hadn’t used in a while.


“Nah, just some water.”


I nodded before I got out of bed. I felt sticky from all the sex. I needed a shower. I was sure Sookie did too.


“Molly, come on, let’s take a break,” I said. She probably needed to piss. I forgot to let her out the night before.


Molly jumped out of the bed and raced out of the room, down the stairs. By the time I caught up she was at the back door, wagging her tail like a madman. I let her out and went to the kitchen to get a glass of cold water for Sookie from the fridge. My yard was fenced in so I didn’t have a problem leaving Molly out for a while. As I walked through the living room I noticed our clothes all over the floor. When I was with Ginger it was solely about feeling something and getting off. With Sookie it was very, very different. The sex was amazing, but the emotion put behind it was different. I felt everything from extreme lust to anger, to bliss and everything in between. We needed to talk about what the future held. Was last night going to be a onetime thing?


“Your water,” I said, sitting on the bed next to Sookie.


“Thanks.” She sat up and leaned against the headboard. She tried to tame her tangled locks but only a shower was going to fix it.


“It’s cute,” I chuckled, pulling her arm down. “It means we had a good time.”


“Yes we did,” Sookie agreed. She took a big drink of the water and set the glass back on the table.


I moved to sit next to her. I pulled the blanket over my lap to try to hide what her body seemed to be doing to my cock.


“Do you think you’re going to want to do that again with me?” I asked.


“I don’t know. Maybe. I haven’t thought about it too much yet. Do you want to do that again?”


I lifted the blanket to show her my swelling cock. “What do you think?” I looked over at her. “This is with insane bed head and morning breath. I can’t remember the last time I had sex that good,” I told her honestly.


“Me either,” Sookie admitted.


“Do you think they’re rolling over in their graves?” I threw my arm over her shoulder to pull her a little closer.


“Honestly, I don’t know. I’m not sure what to think anymore,” she said. “Is it petty if I hope so?”


“No. I hope so too.” Sex with Sookie wasn’t about getting back at Maria. It was about moving on and letting my anger go. I wanted to feel alive again.


“My time is kind of limited because of the kid and I’m going to have to find a job.”


“I get that,” I nodded. “I’m not saying we start dating. That would be a little awkward, don’t you think? I just mean, I work from home. If you ever start to get overwhelmed or need a good release you know where to find me.”


“I’ll keep you in mind,” she nodded.


“You know before we go to pick up our cars we could… have one last round…”


“Yes we could,” she smiled a little. “So do I jiggle too much?”


“Mmm, no, you jiggle just right. Is my rhythm shitty?” I reached over to pull Sookie up so she was straddling my lap.


“Not even a little. I’m still iffy on your taste in music though,” she teased.


“I’m sure we can work around that,” I chuckled. I pulled her hips forward so she could rock over my rapidly growing erection.


“I think so. My hu– Alcide’s favorite band was Tenacious D.”


“Huh, I found a Tenacious D album in Maria’s car one day,” I commented. “Now I know why.”


“If it helps I’ll take REO over Tenacious D any day of the week.”


“So when you call me and tell me you’re coming over for long, hard fuck I should make sure to have them blaring when you show up?” I smirked. I reached down between us to run my fingertips over her clit.


“Only if you want a long, hard fuck with a fleshlight,” she moaned. “Or in your case a fleshcannon.”


“Nope,” I whispered, tilting my head to nuzzle into her neck. “The next long hard fuck I want is with you. My dick feels all warm and safe inside of your sweet little pussy.”


“Warm and safe? Like it’s an incubator?” Sookie laughed.


“You have a beautiful laugh,” I said instead of commenting on what she said.


“Thank you.” She kissed the tip of my nose.


The naked laughing and sweet little kiss gave me a weird feeling that I couldn’t put my finger on. I didn’t bring it up. I moved my fingers down so I could toy with her opening. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have the cute couply conversations… yet.


“Have you always gotten so wet?” I asked. We had to move to one side of the bed to avoid the wet spot.




“Good to know,” I smirked. “So, last night when you said you were sure you could find some places to stick my cock, what places were you talking about?” I pushed two fingers up into her core, wiggling and scissoring them.


“Mmm… That’s one of them,” she said. She tapped her lips suggesting her mouth was another.


It was on the tip of my tongue to tell her to suck my dick, but I stayed quiet. I continued to work my fingers in her pussy. When she was good and wet I said, “Say when and I will remove my fingers so you can ride me.”


“I’m surprised you didn’t jump on the blowjob,” she smiled.


“I didn’t want to seem rude,” I chuckled. “I would love to have your sexy lips wrapped around my dick.”


“It’s not rude if it’s offered. Pretending you didn’t know you were trying to put your dick in my ass would be rude,” she laughed.


“I’m a lot of things, but dumb isn’t one of them,” I snorted. “If I want to fuck you in the ass I’ll just ask.” And then try to make a very compelling argument if she said no. Ultimately, it would be up to her.


“Are you into that?” Sookie wrapped her hands around my cock and stroked.


“I’ve done it a few times,” I admitted. “It feels fucking fantastic, but I get it’s not for all girls.” Ginger lost her goddamn mind when I started pounding into her ass.


“I’ve never done it. You’re only the second man I’ve been with,” she informed me.


“That’s… wow,” I smiled. “If you ever want to try it, let me know. You already know I’ll make it as good for you as possible. That goes for anything else you want. I don’t want to get into your sex life, but I’m guessing it was getting pretty stale with the husband?” That was another reason I found it hard to believe Maria was cheating. We had an amazing sex life.


“Things changed after the baby,” she said. “He probably wasn’t attracted to me anymore.”


“He would be a fool not to be attracted to you, Sookie. You’re a stunning girl.” And her hand felt like heaven stroking me.


“I don’t want to talk about him anymore. I’ll just get upset,” Sookie told me. She lifted herself up and released my cock. She gently removed my fingers from her pussy and then she got on her hands and knees.


“I can talk about all the filthy things I want to do with you,” I suggested. I held up my cock for her. I slowly stroked up and down with my eyes on her lips.


“Feel free.” Her tongue peeked out and flicked my swollen tip before her lips wrapped around my head completely.


“Mmm, fuck,” I groaned. “Keep your eyes on mine, Sookie.” The eye contact was a very new thing. I couldn’t look the last girl I fucked in the eye but I wanted to see Sookie’s big blue eyes as her lips slid up and down my cock. “You look so fucking pretty with my big dick in your mouth.”


Sookie moved tentatively at first. She took her time moving up and down my length. There wasn’t a millimeter of my cock her tongue didn’t touch by the time she found a rhythm she was comfortable with. Her head bobbed up and down at a good pace and I could hear the sound of her sucking on my cock when my head fell back.


I hated to compare her to Maria. It may have been the fact that a new mouth was on my cock, but it seemed a whole hell of a lot better than what I was getting from my wife. The enthusiasm and desire to please had been lost. The more I focused on what I was doing with Sookie, the more I recognized the shit that was lacking in my marriage. Sex was never bad, but it was getting stale. I assumed that was because of her affair. I couldn’t recall when it started to get old. There might have been some signs, but I clearly didn’t notice.


My hands wrapped in Sookie’s hair to help her bob. I didn’t force her one way or another. Her mouth was warm and the saliva made her lips glide easily. I wanted to cum so fucking bad.


“Fuck, can you feel what you’re doing to me?” I breathed. “I’m so close, Sookie.”


“Mmm… Mmhmmm,” she hummed.


My cock started to twitch and pulse in her mouth. Her hand came up to massage my balls and that did it.


“Fuck,” I hissed. She knew I was ready to explode and didn’t pull away so I assumed she was fine swallowing my cum.


Sookie gently tugged on my sac and continued to bob as my load filled her mouth. She struggled to swallow it all and pulled back to catch her breath… and lick up what she hadn’t swallowed.


As soon as she was done I pushed her onto her back, covering her soft body with my weight. I thrust my tongue into her mouth for a long, deep kiss. The fact that we still had morning breath and she just had a mouthful of my cum didn’t matter. I had no clue what her previous sex life was like but if we were going to do this again I wanted to make sure she knew I appreciated what she did for me.



“Mama! Mama!” Willa ran towards me when I walked into the house. George ran ahead of her and was immediately going nuts, probably because of Molly.


“Hi, baby.” I scooped up my daughter and hugged her tight. I was wearing the same dress as the day before but I had showered before I left Eric’s house.


Jackson was sitting in the living room with Sesame Street on the television. He didn’t acknowledge me, but I couldn’t blame him for that. I had called before Willa’s bedtime to ask him if he’d mind if I didn’t come home. Eric and I had been fucking and drinking for hours, so I was clearly drunk when I called. Jackson had agreed but I knew it was somewhat under duress. I was already drunk when I called so I didn’t really give him much of a choice.


He probably knew I wasn’t alone and I could understand why he might not be my biggest fan at the moment. Surely Jackson knew I was going to move on at some point in my life. I wasn’t sure what to make of my night with Eric. We were dealing with a lot of the same things. Our spouses died suddenly, they were cheating for an extended period of time and we were left with a lot of questions that were never going to get answered.


“Thank you for keeping an eye on her, Jackson,” I said.


He grunted and got up from the couch without a word. I sighed and turned off the TV. Willa chattered in half intelligible words all the way up the stairs. She played with my damp hair and laid her head on my shoulder.


“Did Papa give you a bath?” I kissed her face.


“No. He gived me pizza,” she answered, making me laugh a little.


“Lucky girl. How about you get a bath and then we’ll get dressed and Mommy will take her favorite girl to the bookstore?” I suggested.


“Yesssss!” Willa loved getting new books.


I started the tub in my bathroom for her and I let Willa down so she could undress herself. She was getting pretty good at it. It never ceased to amaze me how fast she grew and mastered new things. While the tub filled and Willa got her diaper off, I changed out of my dress and into a pair of black leggings and an extra-long purple T-shirt.


I watched my daughter splashing around in the tub, trying to duck out of the way when I poured water on her curls. The hair washing was her least favorite part of taking a bath but she tolerated it because then she got to play. Normally we saved her baths for bedtime but she needed it.


My mind was all over the place while I washed her up. It had escaped my mind that I was off birth control so I was going to have to take the morning after pill just to be safe. I definitely wasn’t in a good place to have another baby. Thirty-two days ago I was. I was excited about making Willa a big sister. It was my biggest goal for the near future. I was excited and hopeful that Alcide might have a son. He had never been disappointed that Willa was a girl, of course, but I wanted a boy too.


It couldn’t still happen someday but it made me sad that Willa might end up feeling like a second class citizen because she didn’t share her stepfather’s DNA. Love was supposed to be unconditional and I hoped that whoever I ended up with would love Willa as much as his own kids. I hoped she never felt like an outsider or a third wheel because she would never be those things to me. Eric was lucky that he and Maria hadn’t had kids.


Losing Daddy was hard enough but I don’t know what Alcide would have done if the roles were reversed. He wouldn’t have coped as well as I had. Then again, he would have had his mistress to hold his hand through it all. The thought of that bitch taking my place made me sick. It was possible she was a nice person and she would have been a great mom but I was thankful she would never have the chance.


The thought crossed my mind that maybe she had been around my daughter without me knowing. Alcide had insisted that I take one night a week off from mommy duty and the house to just be Sookie. I used to think he was the world’s best husband for that. My girlfriends were jealous of me.


Of course in the wake of what I discovered I couldn’t help wondering if he was spending that night with his whore. It would have been easy when Willa was a baby. She slept a lot and she wasn’t the fussy type. As long as she had music to listen to and toys to swat at, she was happy to entertain herself. It would have been easy to take her across town or even a few towns over to nap in her car seat while Daddy got laid.


A fresh wave of anger washed over me at the thought of it.


Once Willa was done in the tub I took her to her room to dry off and get dressed. She tolerated me diapering her but I knew potty training was on the horizon. Willa picked out a pair of jeans that went with a little tank top and a shrug thing. She let me detangle her curls and then she picked out a headband. I had to admit, Al and I made a beautiful baby.


I grabbed a pair of sandals and then a wine colored sweater from the closet. Willa went to the garage and climbed up into her seat all by herself.


“Jackson, I’m taking Willa to the bookstore,” I told him. He was sitting at the island in the kitchen with a sandwich in front of him.


I got another grunt in response.


“Do you need anything while we’re out?” I offered.


“No,” he replied without looking at me.


I sighed and said, “Thanks for watching Willa last night.”


I hated the silent treatment. It was a delay to inevitable verbal diarrhea.


“Yeah,” he shrugged.


“You’re sure you don’t want anything?”


“I’m sure, Sookie.”


“Okay. Well then I guess we’ll be back before nap time. Call me if you change your mind.” I grabbed my keys off the counter.


He nodded and left it at that.


When he blew up it wasn’t going to be pretty.




Me: Are you busy?


I decided to text Eric because why not? My kid was in bed and there was a note on the fridge when we got home, informing me that Jackson had gone back home. It was probably for the best that he had.


Eric: No. My buddy just left. I’m cleaning the kitchen.


Me: I need to talk to you about something. Kid’s in bed for the night. Think you could stop by?


I had my doctor call in a prescription for me and I made an appointment to get back on birth control but Eric deserved to know the risks we took the night before.


Eric: Address?


Me: 26 Red Tail Rd. My mailbox has peacocks on it.


Eric: I’ll be there soon. Just gonna finish cleaning and put on some shoes.


Me: No problem. I’m not going anywhere.


I set my phone on the counter and grabbed a wine glass from a cabinet. While I was out I picked up a new bottle of Merlot. Generally I left the uncorking to Alcide but that wasn’t an option. As usual, I made a mess of the cork and I was ready to throw the bottle through the window by the time Eric knocked on the door. I was glad he was smart enough not to ring the bell.


My bodyguard ran to the door first, growling and sniffing at the entrance to try to get a read on our visitor. “George, sit,” I commanded. Much to my surprise, he actually listened. I opened the door and immediately George was up again. “Dammit, George, I told you to park it,” I said.


“At least I know you’re safe,” Eric chuckled when George started sniffing at his feet.


“Don’t let him fool you,” I snorted. “The only one he really protects is the furless puppy.”


“As well he should,” Eric replied.


“Come in. I’m just in the middle of desecrating a wine cork since the corkscrew hates me.” I stepped back to let him inside.


“I can help if you like,” he offered as he stepped in. “You have a beautiful home.”


“Thanks. Alcide and I built it together,” I told him as I handed over the wine bottle. “I installed all the tiles and helped lay the floor down here. It was… well, it was a test for our young marriage, let’s just say that.”


“You did good. I allowed Maria to decorate everything. I spent more time there, but she hated my taste.” Eric twisted the cork and had it out in a matter of seconds.


“Showoff.” I took the bottle back and closed the front door. I made sure to lock the door and then I led Eric to the kitchen. “Want some? I have other options if you’re not a wine drinker.”


“I’ll take some wine. I’m all about trying new things right now. I don’t know if I’ve ever actually had wine.”


“This one’s pretty good. It’s a little peppery,” I said as I got down another glass. I poured some wine into each glass and then handed one to Eric. “So, the reason I wanted to talk to you is because I’m not on birth control and we fucked a lot last night. I took the morning after pill but I just wanted you to know in case something… happens.”


“Oh… Um, shit, I didn’t really think about that. Maria couldn’t have kids,” he told me. “If something does happen would you keep it?” He looked curious, but didn’t seem too worried.


Well that was awkward.


“Under different circumstances, yes. We – Al and I – were trying to get pregnant again,” I told him. “But that’s very different from getting knocked up with a stranger’s kid when you’re going through a lot of stuff.”


“Yeah,” he nodded. “I like what I know about you, and I’m sure you’re a fantastic mother, but I agree, we don’t know each other well enough to have an oops baby.”


“No we don’t. I know I’m not in the right place for a new baby.” I took a drink of the wine and went over to the couch to take a seat.


Eric followed me, taking a seat next to me. “So you know, if that did happen and you were against abortion I would take responsibility.”


“That’s good to know. I’m not against it but it’s not my preferred option for dealing with a pregnancy,” I told him. I hoped I was never in a position where I had to make such a choice.


He took a sip of his wine, making a soft noise when it hit his tongue. “This is good.”


“I think so,” I smiled. “So that’s all I needed to tell you. I probably could have told you over the phone but I wasn’t sure if that should be a face to face conversation or not. I figured it’s better to be safe than sorry.”


“I’m glad you told me. I’m so far out of the game I didn’t even think, ya know? I’m also glad you invited me over. I’ve spent the last five hours looking at my ugly ass best friend. You’re a nice treat for the eyes.”


I laughed quietly. “You’re just hoping I’ll get naked again,” I teased.


“I wouldn’t be against it, but that’s not all. I liked talking to you this morning.”


We did have a nice talk. Things weren’t as awkward as they could have been.


“Me too,” I agreed. “For the record, I wouldn’t be against getting naked again.”


Eric leaned a little closer. “Do you think you can stay quiet?” he smirked, kissing my cheek.


“I have plenty of practice. Do you think you can?”


“I know I can.” He reached up, cupping my jaw so he could tilt my head up for a soft kiss.


I kissed him back and let him take my glass. I heard them slide onto the end table to my right and as the kiss got deeper, I pulled Eric on top of me. He was a great kisser—not too much tongue, and he wasn’t too sloppy without being too reserved. There was no mistaking the passion in his kisses. His thumb brushed over my nipple and it made my hips rise up and rub against his growing erection.


Eric pulled back from the kiss. He looked down into my eyes as he rocked his hips, providing a little more friction.


“Should we stay out here?” he whispered as he reached down to start tugging my shirt up.


“We’re fine here. There’s a gate in front of Willa’s door.” There was a second gate at the top of the steps and if Willa woke up she’d yell for me instead of climbing over the gates.


“Good.” He sat up on his knees to help me pull my top all the way off. While I was still up he reached back to unhook my bra and take off his own T-shirt, giving me another look at his sexy body. Eric bent down to wrap his lips around my nipple. He kept his eyes on my face as he licked and sucked on the sensitive flesh.


I moaned quietly and my fingers found their way into his hair. My eyes fluttered shut as he moved to my other breast. Eric blew cold air over the wet trail leading from right to left and it made my nipples tingle as they got impossibly harder for him.


“I love the way your body responds to me,” he told me in a soft, deep sex voice. Eric cupped one of my breasts, rubbing his thumb over the stiff peak before he started to tug.


It wasn’t just him, but I wasn’t going to tell him that. I reached out to pull his face back to mine. I licked his lips and then nibbled on the bottom one. I moaned when he tugged on my nipples again and my hips rose up again to rub against him. His tongue met mine and then they danced together while we rubbed against each other in every way we could. I hadn’t made out with someone in a long time. It felt really, really good.


Eric released my tits and grabbed my hands, He pulled them above my head, clasping both of my wrists in one of his massive hands. As we continued to make out he slid his hand down my stomach and slid his fingers under my waistband. He wasn’t too rough. He didn’t move too quickly. He reached my slit and began to gently massage my lower lips.


“That feels good,” I breathed as his fingers searched me. His middle finger rubbed up and down my slit, gathering up my wetness before he rubbed around my clit slowly.


“I’m sure you can feel what it’s doing to me,” he said quietly. I felt his erection pulse against my thigh. “You’re going to feel so damn good.”


“You want to fuck me?” I moaned. My walls pulsed when his finger slid into me.


“I want to fuck you hard, Sookie,” he purred. “I want to feel your silky walls wrapped around my dick.”


“You want to feel me cum for you?” I nipped at his lip again.


“Mmm, yes. It feels so fucking good when you cum on my cock. Do you want to feel my big dick sliding in and out of your tight little cunt?” He added a second finger.


“So much. Fuck your cock is so big,” I moaned. The pulsing got faster and Eric rubbed that magic spot again. I bit my bottom lip to keep from crying out.


“Your little pussy takes it so well, though,” he smirked.


I gasped and my eyes rolled back as the pressure in my belly exploded. My walls gripped his thick fingers and I wanted him to rip my clothes off so he could make good on the things he proposed. Unfortunately we needed a condom… and those were upstairs.



17 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Unprotected

  1. Sorry about the annoying underage reviewer punk.
    Wow, these two are on fire. And they didn’t even have the weird morning after. I like how they were both feeling something . Even sookie’s conversation about the unprotected sex went well. I’m curious for Eric to jet Willa .

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  2. Wow, I know it’s really fast, but if Jackson is going to act that way around Sookie then maybe she should tell him what his son did. She’s an adult and really doesn’t need him acting that way. People grieve differently. Kind of surprised (in a good way) how quickly she and Eric got back together. Considering how they met they both are so comfortable around each other.

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  3. Appreciate that they are having fun with each other now rather than revenge sex. Impressive that Sookie called Eric to discuss possible eventualities and variables. Think you did the correct thing writing the offended Jackson out of the story that this point, otherwise there would be a lot of blame been thrown out and tempers rising and forgetting Willa is present.


    • The chemistry between these two is insane! It doesn’t feel like “revenge” sex, but more like 2 people who are really into each other & have a spark that could turn into an inferno!! Love this story & can’t wait for more!!!!! Thanks…this is a wicked hot fic!!

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  4. Nothing wrong with addicting (ok-kind of angry) sex. And they are so good at it! So why is one part of me rooting for super sperm? With things this hot it’s not like they need another reason to keep seeing each other. Sigh- guess I’ll have to wait for the next chapter.

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  5. Jackson’s reaction is probably not difficult to understand. Knowing the widow of your son will eventually move on is different than seeing the evidence of it, and when his son’s death is still so fresh. Have to think he will get past it. And of course he has no idea what was going on.
    Sookie & Eric seem to fit so well together (not just physically), bodes well for them to have a real future….


  6. Delicious!! Obviously, a side of revenge not only tastes great as a treat before breakfast, but can also be enjoyed as seconds after dinner. Such a lucky culmination; love all the fun they’re having!! 😀


  7. I don’t blame Jackson for his reaction. However call me crazy but I bet he knew about Maria. My guess is he’s the reason Alicide stayed with Sookie since their families are so close.


  8. Just got caught up on this story and I’m loving it! They are very hot together but they definitely have the chemistry to have a real relationship and help each other move on from the betrayal they’ve been through.


  9. It’s a good thing Jackson left when he did. I have a feeling that’s a combustible situation that’s still going to happen with Sookie getting answers to questions she had, and not in a very nice way.
    Wow! You ladies have certainly worked your magic in a way I never thought possible! These two just might be able to make something happen eventually aside from mind-blowing sex! They can keep that up too! Terrific chapter!


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