Chapter 19


“Daaaaaad! Hunter won’t leave me alone!” Brie yells.


“He’s two, pretty girl,” I remind my daughter.


I adopted Brie six years ago right after Sookie and I got married. We have a two-year-old son named Hunter that is my doppelganger. His favorite thing to do is terrorize his sister.


I’m getting up to find Hunter when the doorbell rings. Brie comes running by me to answer it, and I grab her by her shoulder.


“Nope. You know better, little girl,” I remind her. She’s not tall enough to see out of the peephole, so she can’t answer the door yet.


“Fine,” she huffs… just like her mom.


“Bwee come and play,” Hunter tugs on his sister.


Sookie is out to lunch with Thalia right now. They’re both pregnant again and go on Mom-dates every Sunday morning.


When I open the door Brie and Hunter and on either side of me, waiting to greet whoever is on the other side.


When I open the door there’s a man around my height looking back at me. He has mocha skin and light hazel eyes. He has a small smile on his face and I know immediately who he is.


I tuck Brie behind me and ask, “Can I help you?”


“Yeah I’m looking for Sookie Stackhouse,” he says gruffly.


“She’s not here right now. I’m her husband, how can I help you?”


“I was hoping to talk to her about meeting my daughter,” he says.


My heart sinks. I knew who he was the second I laid eyes on him, but hearing him say it out loud stings.


“You can talk to us about meeting my daughter when she gets home. She should be back in an hour,” I tell him, holding Brie back. She’s a nosey thing and she really wants to see who it is.


“Daaad, who is it?” Brie asks and I see Rasul’s eyes light up some.


“Is that her?” he asks.


I nod. “Look, I don’t feel right allowing her to meet you without Sookie’s consent,” I explain.


“I understand,” he says.


“You’re tall like my dad,” Brie says. I look down and she’s peeking between my legs.




I sigh and turn around to help her stand up. She wraps her arm around my butt and I hold her head. She has Sookie’s height so far.


“I hear that a lot,” Rasul smiles at her. He extends his hand and holds out a business card. “My cell number is on the back, if you could give that to Sookie.”


“I will,” I promise. While his hand is out shake it. “I’m Eric, by the way.”


“Nice to meet you, Eric,” he says politely.


“And I’m Brie,” my daughter offers.


“Nice to meet you too,” he smiles at her again. He has the same dimples as her too.


I hear a crash somewhere in the house.


“I’ll have Sookie call you as soon as she gets home. I need to go check on whatever that was,” I chuckle. Brie takes off running to investigate.


“Sure, no problem.”


I give him a small nod and close the door. As I’m walking through the house to figure out what Mr. Mischievous did I call Sookie. I never call her during Mom-dates.


“Which kid is bleeding and what ER are you at?” Sookie asks. She’s seven months along with another boy.


“Rasul just left.”


“Haha very funny.”


“Do I joke when it comes to my daughter meeting that man?” I ask. She can probably imagine my eyebrow raise.


“You have to be,” she says.


“He saw her… he left his number,” I tell her.




“Do you want me to text the number?”


“No. I’ll deal with it when I get home.”


“Okay. I need to go figure out what Hunter broke. I love you.”


“I love you too.”


I hang up and I find Hunter giggling in the kids’ bathroom. He knocked down the holder for the shampoo.


“Hunter,” I growl. He giggles more. “Timeout, kid,” I tell him and his giggling stops, quickly turning into a pout.


He stomps off and I start cleaning up the mess.




When Sookie walks in Hunter is just falling asleep for his nap. Brie is watching some princess shit on TV and I’m sitting on the couch stressing that Rasul is going to try to contest the adoption even though he gave up rights to her.


“Hey,” I say looking up at her.


“Hi.” Sookie leans down to give me a kiss and hands me a baggie. “Chocolate croissant.”


“Thanks, baby,” I smile. At the word Chocolate Brie is in my face. “This is Dad’s,” I wink. She knows she’ll get most of it.


I have Rasul’s card in my hand still. I hand it to Sookie.


“Thanks,” she says as she takes the card. “Brie is your homework done?”


“Not yet.”


“Go do it,” Sookie says.


“But it’s early and I’m watching–”


“Go. Now. Don’t make me hide the remote again,” Sookie threatens.


“Fine,” Brie huffs and stomps out of the room.


“Hunt is knocked out,” I tell her and pat the spot next to me on the couch.


“Good.” Sookie sits down slowly. “Your son is beating up my kidneys today.”


“I’m sorry. I’ll give him a timeout when he’s born,” I promise.


Sookie laughs and says, “I don’t think that’ll work.”


“I can’t exactly give him a kidney shot, babe,” I chuckle. “I’ll find something to terrorize him.”


“Oh I have no doubt,” she says. “You’re good at terrorizing the kids.”


“It keeps them humble,” I shrug.


“And you amused.”


“And you amused,” I grin and tilt my head to kiss her.


“I barely laughed when you chased Brie with that spider you caught.”


She cried.


“You weren’t around for the baby snake,” I tell her, waggling my eyebrows.


“No, but I am a professional anaconda charmer,” she counters.


“Yes you are,” I purr and lean in to nibble on her neck.


“Hey, hey, kids are awake,” she giggles.


One is awake and she’s doing homework. Mom and Dad can sneak away for five minutes,” I suggest. I kiss up to her ear and suck on the lobe.


“Mmm… but it takes five minutes to get my pants off.”


“You can go take your pants off, I’ll meet you in five,” I smile.


“I should go call Rasul while Hunter is sleeping.”


I growl softly and kiss her hard for a few seconds.


“Good idea. I tried keeping Brie away, but she poked through my legs.”


“That’s not a surprise,” she sighs and rubs her belly.


“He was polite. I’m nervous, but I have to remember I’ve been the one raising her. I’m her Daddy,” I tell her.


“Yes you are,” Sookie agrees. “Besides, who knows what he wants.”


“Exactly. He said he wants to meet her, but he never said why.”


“Well I’ll go call him and find out.” Sookie hauls herself off the couch.


I get up behind her and I go to Brie’s room to see if she needs help with homework.


“No, I’m okay,” she says without looking up from her workbook.


“Brie,” I call her name to get her to look at me.


She looks up.


“I love you,” I tell her.


“I love you too, Daddy.”


I smile at her, then leave her alone to do her homework. I head back down to the living room and I grab the chocolate croissant. I split it in half and start eating my side. I turn off the princess movie, flip on ESPN and wait for Sookie.


She comes out about twenty minutes later.


“How’d it go? What does he want?” I ask and hit mute on the remote.


“It went okay. His dad recently passed away and it was an eye opener for him. He wants to give Brie the chance to get to know him. He knows you’re her father and he’s not trying to take your place,” she tells me.


I nod and say, “That’s fair I guess. What are your thoughts?”


“I wish he could have waited a few more years to do this, but there’s nothing to be done about it,” she sighs. “I don’t have a problem with him getting to know her as long as he realizes these visits will be supervised by at least one of us.”


“Should we talk to her about it now?”


Sookie blows out a deep breath and says, “We probably should just get it over with, huh?”


“Want me to go get her?” I offer.


“No, we can do this on her turf.”


I get up from the couch and hold out my hand. “Here goes nothing,” I shrug.


Sookie and I go upstairs and find Brie in the same spot.


“Peanut, can we talk to you for a minute?” Sookie asks.


“I didn’t do it,” she immediately answers.


“You aren’t in trouble, pretty girl,” I smile at her and take a seat on her bed.


“Brie, you know how a baby gets in a mommy’s tummy,” Sookie says. She explained it when Brie asked before Hunter was born.


“Uh huh,” Brie nods.


“Well when you got in my tummy…” Sookie trails off, unsure of how to say what she needs to say. “Okay, the man that came to the house today, he’s the one that helped make you.”


Brie looks at me and says, “But you’re my dad.”


“I am your dad,” I nod. “I’m your dad because I chose to be.”


“But how are you my dad if you didn’t make me?” Brie asks.


“Because I love you, and when I met you I asked Mom if I could raise you with her.”


“But why wasn’t my… the other dad already doing that?” Brie looks from Sookie to me.


“Because he lived far away in Hawaii and I live here,” Sookie says.


It’s obvious that Brie isn’t buying it.


“Peanut, Rasul came today because–”


“He wants to meet me. I heard him,” Brie cuts Sookie off. “How come he didn’t come before this? Is he going to take me away with him?”


“Honestly, we don’t know why he didn’t come before,” I tell her. “And I promise we won’t let him take you anywhere. You’re my daughter and no one can take you away from me.”


“Do you want to see him, Peanut?” Sookie asks. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”


“Does this mean I have two dads?”


“No you have a dad and a…” Sperm donor. I look over at Sookie, not sure how to answer that.


Sookie comes over and sits down on the bed too.


“Hunter is your little brother even though Eric helped make him, right?” Sookie asks and Brie nods her head. “Well it’s… your family isn’t about who you look like or if you live with the people who made you. Eric is your dad because he loves you and takes care of you, but Rasul is the dad that helped make you.”


“Does that make sense?” I ask.


“I think so. Does that mean Dad has two moms? He doesn’t look like Grandma Nina.”


I chuckle and say, “No, Grandma Nina is my mom like Sookie is your mom. I look like my dad, mostly.”


“Oh,” Brie says. “Do I have to call the other guy Dad too?”


“No, you don’t,” Sookie tells her.


“No, you can call him whatever you choose to call him.” Sookie and I were playing with Brie in the living room the first time she called me Dad, or Dada, and at that point she just shrugged it off and she’s never called me anything else.


“Can I call him Dad?”


That stings, but I defer to Sookie again.


“I think you should ask him that,” Sookie replies.




“How about we give you some time to think about this and we can talk when you’re ready?” Sookie suggests and Brie nods.


My daughter looks at me and says, “Don’t worry, Daddy, I have eyes like you.”


She’s close enough for me to grab her and I pull her onto my lap so I can hug her. I look over at Sookie and I notice she’s fighting back the tears.


“Yes you do, my pretty girl, and I love you so much. I don’t ever want you to forget you will always be my first kid,” I whisper and kiss her forehead.


“I won’t forget,” Brie hugs me back.




I feel for Eric. I know this is hard for him and it’s a day we’ve both been dreading. We’re tucking Brie into bed for the night when she tells us she wants to see Rasul.


“I don’t want to call him Dad, though,” she says and I know without looking at him that Eric is relieved.


“You don’t have to. I’ll call him tomorrow. Maybe we can go to the park after school with him,” I suggest. Brie nods happily and I lean down to kiss her goodnight. “Sweet dreams, Peanut. I love you.”


“I love you too, Mom,” she says.


Eric leans down to kiss her head.


“Goodnight, baby, I love you too.”


“Love you, Daddy.” Brie turns on her side and hugs a stuffed rabbit Eric gave her after a business trip three years ago. Brie doesn’t sleep without that rabbit.


We turn off her light and leave her bedroom. Hunter is lying on his stomach and snoring quietly. His leg is hanging off the side of his toddler bed and his blond hair is matted to his head. Eric goes in to straighten him out, shaking his head when he rejoins me.


“Mom said I did the same thing,” he chuckles.


“I believe it with the way you sleep now.” I follow him down the hall to our room and close the door most of the way.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he smiles. “I barely even move.”




“What?” He closes in behind me and rests his hands on my belly. “I love you, Sookie.”


“I love you too, Floppy,” I smirk. He flops around in his sleep whether he knows it or not.


He growls playfully and starts nibbling on my neck.


“Want to shower with me?”


“I think my shared shower days are behind me for the time being,” I sigh. I’m big as a house and I have ten weeks to go.


“I think we could make it fit,” Eric winks. “Okay. I’ll be out in a few minutes unless you want to have some sexy time before I shower.”


“No, go ahead. I’ll be here when you get back,” I promise.


“Yes, ma’am.” He gives me a quick peck on my temple and slips into the bathroom.


I get undressed while Eric showers. I climb into bed and curl up on my side. The baby is sleeping right now. This little man is most active in the morning. I make sure the alarm is set for tomorrow and then I just enjoy the quiet, letting myself doze off.


Eric comes out of the bathroom a few minutes later. He crawls into bed behind me and rests his hand on my belly.


“Goodnight,” he whispers.


“I’m not sleeping,” I whisper back. “Just practicing.”


I’m tired, don’t get me wrong. These days I’m home with the kids and chasing an energetic toddler going through his terrible twos will suck the energy from anyone. Being pregnant means there’s less in my tank and more in my trunk. Hunter keeps me on my toes and I’m not really a spring chicken anymore.


Neither is Floppy, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to pluck me every chance he gets.


This baby is going to be our last but I’m okay with it. I love being a mom and new babies are fun to cuddle with, but they don’t stay babies and it’s not all just cuddling. I don’t want to be chasing toddlers well into my forties. Three kids are enough for me.


“Oh yeah? Is there anything else you feel like practicing?” he asks and I feel him shift to kiss my neck. His hand slides to my hip and he begins to rub.


“Mmm… what do you think I need to practice?” I ask.


“Hmm.” His hand moves down my ass and around my thigh between my legs. He starts rubbing my slit from behind and says, “I think what you need to practice involves a certain part of me sliding in and out right here…” His fingers begin to massage my opening.


“Are you sure? This big belly says I’m pretty good at that already,” I tease.


“Maybe I need a reminder?” He pushes two fingers into me and starts to slowly pump in and out.


“Guess that cold shower didn’t work, huh?” I giggle.


“Not when I’m around you,” he purrs and nibbles on my earlobe.


“Good thing you got snipped,” I smile. He went after I found out I was pregnant with this baby.


“Good thing, indeed.” Eric twists his fingers inside of me. “Lift your leg.”


I pick my leg up and rest it on his. My second trimester was tons of fun for him. He’d come home for lunch and it just so happened Hunter was napping during that time so he was going back to work with a goofy grin on his face.


Eric pulls his fingers out and I feel his blunt head bump my opening. He pushes just the tip in and turns my face to kiss me while he slides all the way in.


“Mmm,” he moans. He holds onto my hip for a moment before he starts to slowly thrust.


“That feels good, Eric,” I say in a breathy voice. I’m too big right now to do anything crazy, but this is good. Very good.


“Yes it does, baby,” he purrs. His lips land on my neck and his hand moves around to rub my clit. “Feels very fucking good…”


I moan and turn my face into the pillow so the kids don’t hear me. Hunter sleeps like the dead, but Brie has a tendency to be woken up by just about anything. She secretly loves thunderstorms because it’s an excuse to try and sleep with us. I’m not going to be happy if she comes knocking on our door in the next few minutes.


Eric rubs faster, but his hips stay slow.


“Fuuuck,” he pants when my walls begin to pulse. He sucks softly when my shoulder meets my neck and he lifts my leg higher with his own, trying to get deeper.


“Ohhh,” I moan into the pillow. The angle is just right and it makes my fingers curl around whatever they can grab. I start panting as the pressure builds.


“Cum for me, Sookie…” he breathes. “Make me cum hard with you.”


My moans get a little louder and I get closer and closer with every deep thrust until I can’t contain it anymore. I press my face deeper into the pillow to muffle my scream when I cum.


“Fuck! Yes!” Eric whisper-yells and he slams in two more times before he explodes. He jerks a few times before he pulls my back flush against his chest. His hand ghosts up my body to my face and he turns my head for a slow, sweet kiss, while his hips thrust lazily.


“Do you remember now?” I whisper against his lips.


“For now. I might need another reminder before work in the morning,” he smiles.


“Getting forgetful in your old age,” I tease.


“Then it’s a good thing my beautiful wife is so good at helping me remember things,” he smirks and kisses me again. “I love you, Sookie.”


“I love you too. I guess I can wait a little longer to start looking for your replacement,” I tease.


“There is no replacing me, lover,” he purrs and gives me a small smack on my ass.


“Well if that memory goes I’m going to need someone to terrorize the children and give me orgasms,” I giggle. He knows I’m not going anywhere.


“Or I can just relearn every inch of your body over and over again. And terrorizing the kids is part of my DNA. I’ll never forget how to do that,” he winks.


“Just show Hunter a picture of Santa and he won’t sleep for a week,” I laugh. I have no idea why he’s afraid of Santa, but he is.


Eric laughs and says, “I think we should try for pictures with Santa again next Christmas. The pictures are going to be great to show his girlfriends.”


“You’re terrible,” I say through my laughter.


“Maybe a clown for his third birthday,” Eric snorts.


“You bring some creepy clown around here and I’m going to tell Nina you want to hear her sex stories,” I threaten.


He thrusts his hips once and asks, “Are you saying you don’t want me to dress as a clown and bend you over the arm of the couch?”


“Um, more importantly are you saying you want to?” I laugh.


“No,” he chuckles. “My suits get you too hot to worry about anything else.”


“Good because I don’t want visits from Porny, the sadomasochistic clown.”


“Now I know what my next Halloween costume will be.”


I laugh and say, “And I’ll go as a divorcée.”


“Mmm, nope, you said forever, baby. We have it on video. That includes costumes you don’t agree with.” Eric’s lazy thrusts speed up a little.


“Exactly why I’m dressing up as a divorcée,” I giggle. “Mmm… maybe a horny housewife.”


“That’s my favorite,” he groans, driving in deep and holding a moment.


“You mean you like it when the house is kid-free and the second you walk in from work I’m on my knees, sucking your cock?” I pant. It happened twice in the last three months.


“Fuck yes,” he breathes, “Or when you’re in your fuck me pumps and short skirts… bending at the waist so I can slide my thick cock into your juicy cunt.”


“Mmm…” I moan. I’m not wearing heels again until after the baby is born. My balance is all thrown off right now.


“Or when you’re cooking dinner and I walk up behind you so I can finger you until you cum and then I walk away… You’re the sexiest fucking housewife in the world,” he moans and grabs my hip to pull me back while he thrusts harder.


“Do you want me on my knees, Eric?” I pant. I’m comfortable that way too.


“Yes please.” He slides out slowly.


I move my pillows around to support my stomach and then bend over them so my larger than usual ass is up in the air for him.


“So fucking hot,” he whispers as he gets on his knees behind me. He lines his cock up and slams in at the same time he smacks my right cheek.


I cover my mouth when I cry out. My hands move to the edge of the mattress to hold onto it. Eric’s hands move to my lower back and then my hips and back to my ass.


He squeezes and pulls me back harder.


“Tell me how you want it,” he pants.


“Just like that,” I moan.


He keeps a steady rhythm, smacking my ass every few thrusts. When I feel his shaft pulsing and twitching he reaches around to rub my clit.


“You’re gonna make me cum again, baby,” he tells me as he rubs faster.


“Mmm… me too,” I pant. The next time he slaps my ass it sends me over the edge.


“So good,” he hisses and drives in a few more times before he explodes deep inside of me. “Shit… I love your pussy, baby.”


Just one of the many reasons our marriage works.




As agreed upon, I meet Rasul the next day at a nearby Starbucks while Brie is at school. Hunter is with me but he’s asleep in the stroller.


“Sorry, I’m a little behind today,” I apologize.


He looks at me for a moment before glancing down at Hunter.


“Uh… Understandable,” he smiles.


“He’s got two more hidden sets of limbs, I swear,” I chuckle and sit down with my chai latte.


“I’ll bet he does. Thanks for agreeing to meet with me,” he says and takes a seat in the chair next to mine.


“Not a problem. We talked to Brie and she’s a little confused about all this. I think she’s a little scared you’re going to try to take her from us,” I tell him.


He looks confused for a moment, and then looks at me again. “I promise that thoughts never crossed my mind. I met her dad, and she looks happy with him. I just want to know her,” he tells me.


“I know, but she’s eight, Rasul. She asked why you aren’t her dad if you helped make her. She’s smart and she’s tough, and it’s gotta be scary and confusing to find out she’s got two dads,” I explain.


“I wish I could’ve done things differently,” he sighs. “I’ve thought about her almost every day. I also thought I was doing the right thing by staying away. I just… I couldn’t do it anymore.”


“I get it,” I nod. “And maybe because she’s still a child it’s not too late to have a relationship with her. I won’t lie to you though. My husband isn’t happy about this.”


“I wouldn’t imagine he is, but biologically she’s my blood and I have a right to know her,” he states calmly. “He adopted her?”


“He did and the minute you signed your rights away, you lost the right to any claim on Brie. We’re doing this for her, just so we’re clear,” I tell him.


“That’s clear,” he nods. “I promise I won’t do anything to upset your family, or her, more than I already have. I just want her to know I’m here and despite abandoning her like I did I do care about her.”


“How long are you here?” I ask.


“Six more days. I wasn’t sure if you guys would agree to this, but I hoped. I also hope, if she chooses to, to email with her that way you guys can monitor anything said between us.”


I sigh again and take a drink of my latte.


“Just how much of a relationship do you want to have with her, Rasul?” I ask. I know he said he doesn’t want to be her dad but…


“I want to be her friend, nothing more, unless she wants it. I don’t want to move her out to Hawaii. I want to have some communication with her. If it’s asking too much tell me now, and I’ll leave you alone,” he says.


“I’m worried that emails won’t be enough for her. You can’t phone it in with kids,” I say.


“Okay,” he nods. “I…” He pauses to look away and clear his throat. “I’ll take whatever you’re willing to give. Losing my dad really fucked me up and opened my eyes to the idiot I was by not choosing a relationship with her. If I have to live with the consequences, so be it. I’ll be happy for anything. Maybe send me school pictures until she’s old enough to decide. Just… something.”


“Rasul, I’m very sorry about your dad. That’s a tough thing to go through. Brie said she wants to meet you. I’m just warning you that kids are needy things and she may want more than you can give her. Are you prepared to deal with that?” He can’t go into this thinking she’s going to be his new best buddy.


“I’ll give her whatever she wants, or whatever you’re willing to allow me to give,” he promises. “I’ve been too stupid for too long.”


“Okay,” I nod. “Well, it’s a nice day and I was going to take the kids to the park after school if you want to join us.”


“That would be lovely, thank you,” he smiles.


“You’re welcome. Just promise me one thing.”


“You name it.”


“If you ever decide to bow out again, don’t come back,” I tell him.


“I promise,” he agrees with no hesitation.


“Okay. I’m trusting you not to break my baby’s heart,” I say, staring into his eyes.


“Thank you,” he smiles softly.


I nod and take another drink of my latte, hoping this isn’t a huge mistake on my part.



7 thoughts on “Chapter 19

  1. I believe brie is in good hands with rasul as far as his intentions for getting to know about each other. rasul proofed that years ago with his decision. he could have chose to be a half ass dad and that would have been complete selfishness, while knowing there was a man who was willing to give her freely what she deserves and is her right to receive. I commend parents who make these choices because that’s a hard decision to make for any kind of parent. he knew she would be loved completely and he allowed her to have it at his own cost. in his own way rasul is a hell of a parent and human being. he did what was best for his child and then some. he’s meant to be in her life right now because it’s for brie, i don’t think it’s coincidence, she’s a very curious and observant child. (mysterious ways perhaps)


  2. Woohoo. Things obviously calmed down after the miscarriage. Love the family they have made together.

    I get why Rasul’s is back. A close death can make you open your eyes. But how old is Brie? 8? That’s a long time of forgetting hours daughter. And as Sookie says once he signed that bit of paper, he had no rights. Biology be dammed. And he’s a bit of an asshole to try and play that card! !

    So little story left! I look forward to every little bit 🙂


  3. I don’t think Rasul has any right to see Brie. Also think he should have called Sookie first. He had no right to just show up. Concerned for Brie.


  4. I don’t think Rasul (or anyone else) has the right to be in their kids life only whenever it suits them. He already gave up his rights 8 years ago and Brie has a dad, doesn’t really matter that Rasul is her biological father. It does looks like he means well, but it’s a bit too late for that.


  5. That was completely what I thought would happen with Sookie and Eric;) I am so happy for them! I knew Rasul would ‘see the light’. I just hope he doesn’t screw it up.


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