Chapter 15



This has been a very, very long week. I generally don’t have a problem going without sex, but as it turns out I’m addicted to sex with Sookie. On the ride home from the doctor’s office we’re both quiet and fidgety. The second I park the car I get out. Sookie politely waits for me to open her door for her. I take her hand and we make our way into the house, immediately heading to the elevator.


When I push the button to take us to the second floor I look over at Sookie and ask, “So… what do you wanna do? A nap maybe?”


“Sure,” she shrugs.


“Alright.” We walk off of the elevator, down the hall to our bedroom. “Clothed or naked?” I ask and start pulling off my shirt.


“Your choice.”


“Well, it is hot out.” It’s a comfortable seventy-two degrees in the house.


“That’s true. Naked works.” Sookie pulls her dress off.


I kick off my shoes, slip off my pants and boxers before I walk to the bed. My erection is standing straight up. I climb onto the bed, lying on my back with my arms folded under my head as I watch Sookie take off her bra and panties. My hand goes to my cock and I begin to stroke without thinking.


“Your belly is getting a little bigger,” I comment.


“Yes it is. Do you usually jerk off while you’re napping?” Sookie asks.


“Oh, I didn’t even realize I was doing it,” I smile but don’t stop.




Sookie climbs up onto the bed and lies down with her back to me. I roll onto my side, poking her in the thigh, and wrap my arm around her waist, resting my hand on Elina.

“This feels good,” I whisper and kiss the back of her head.


“Mmhmm,” she hums.


I start rubbing up and down. When I reach her breast I cup it softly and run my fingers over her nipple. My lips brush over neck, making her arch a little to give me better access.


“It’s going to be hard to nap with you poking me like that,” she whispers.


“Should I stop?” She can probably feel my pre-cum trailing along the underside of her ass.




“Good. Would you like it if I touched you somewhere else?” I ask and tug on the jewelry running through her nipple.


Sookie moans her back arches again. “Mmm… right there is good.”


I suck lightly low on her neck and tug a little harder before I move to the other one to give it the same attention. My hips start to flex, running my cock through her rear cheeks.


“Still good?” I whisper, twisting her barbell.


“Yes,” she moans.


I reach up to turn her face to mine so I can kiss her lips. I reach down to put my shaft between her thighs, but I don’t enter her. My hand goes right back to her nipple and I tug harder as the head of my cock rubs across her clit.


“Eric,” she moans and lifts her leg a little for me. She reaches down and puts my tip at her opening.


When I thrust forward just my tip slides in. I keep up the shallow thrusts, making her whimper. As soon as I can tell she’s getting frustrated I thrust all the way in.


“Fuck, that’s good,” I breathe.


“I’ve missed this,” she breathes. “Mmm… more, Eric.”


I lift her leg and hook it over mine. I don’t want to go too hard or deep. I’m still a little nervous to hurt her. My hand moves from her nipple down to her clit and I start rubbing soft circles as I speed up my thrusting just a little.


“Harder,” Sookie pants.


I know she’s still okay on her back, so I hold onto her hip and roll onto my back, taking her with me. She automatically braces her feet on the bed and my hand goes right back to her clit. In this position I can play with her nipple too. I bend my legs a little and I move faster as requested, slapping my hips into her ass. Fuck, I’m not going to last very long like this.


“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” Sookie pants. Her walls start pulsing around my shaft.


“Mmm, fuck…” I breathe again. “Cum… I’m not going to last.”


Sookie tries to close her legs some, making her feel even tighter. She cries out and her back arches some. The pulses become clenches and Sookie cries out again.


“Yesyesyesyesyes!” she screams as she cums.


“That’s it,” I pant and slam up a few more times before I release inside of her. My hips jerk a few times, slapping her ass again. I slow down and wrap my arms around her, one over and the other under her belly. “You’re perfect, Sookie,” I whisper and kiss her neck.


“Mmm… I love you,” she replies.


That’s honestly strange to hear since I felt like she hated me right after she found out she was pregnant. I don’t respond. I just kiss her again and roll so we’re on our sides again. I fall out, but I don’t let go.


“You wanna know something?” I ask when I realize what I want to say is true.


“Of course,” she says.


“I love you too,” I tell her and kiss her neck again.


Sookie turns over so we’re face to face and presses her lips to mine. “Say it again,” she whispers.


I cup her face and look into her eyes. “I love you, Sookie Stackhouse,” I whisper back.


She smiles and kisses me again, sweeping her tongue into my mouth and pushing me onto my back to straddle my hips. My hands go to her ass as I kiss her back. My hips begin to move with hers as she starts to rock.


“I love you,” I whisper again into the kiss.


“I love you too,” she whispers back and I feel her fingers in my hair, stroking it softly as we kiss.


Neither of us tries to take it any farther and I smile into the kiss when I feel Elina kicking my stomach. “You think she knows we’re happy?” I ask between light pecks.


“Mmhmm,” she hums and feathers kisses all over my face.


“Good,” I smile. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy, Sookie. Thank you.”


She nuzzles against my neck and I feel her smile too.


“Me either,” she says and licks my neck up to my ear to tug my lobe between her teeth playfully.


“Mmm, that’s good too,” I shiver. She doesn’t nibble on me a lot, but I love it. “Can you promise me something?” I ask, resting my hands on her hips.


“Maybe. What do you want?” She kisses her way to my nipple and nibbles on that too.


“Mmm, I want a promise you’ll agree to it.” She probably knows.


“Not until you tell me what you want.” Sookie reaches down and starts rubbing her thumb over the head of my cock.


“Don’t leave… ever,” I groan.


“The house or you?” She bites my other nipple.


“Mmm, both,” I moan and arch my back a little.


“I’m not going anywhere, babe,” she whispers and slowly kisses her way around my chest and down to my abs.


“Good,” I breathe as my stomach muscles twitch. “What are you doing down there?” I ask.




“Mmkay,” I hum. “Proceed.”


Her tongue swipes over the head of my cock but then she moves to my hip, kissing and nibbling her way to the other side.


“That tickles a little,” I whisper, running my fingers through her hair.


“Good to know,” she says and the tip of her tongue moves from my bellybutton to the base of my cock.


“That feels pretty good,” I tell her.


She smiles and starts working her way back up slowly. Her tongue swirls around my skin, making my dick twitch. Sookie takes her time getting back to my lips and she nibbles my bottom lip before she sucks on it.


“Where else would you like my mouth?” she asks as her hand wraps around my dick to stroke me.


“I’m happy with wherever you want it.” I honestly don’t care. Having her lips and skin against mine feels amazing.


Sookie kisses the corners of my mouth and then she licks my lips as her hand moves up and down my shaft. She keeps teasing me with little kisses while her hand moves faster and faster.


“Perfect,” I groan with my hands still moving through her hair and down her back.


She moves to my neck to lick, nibble, and suck lightly. Her thumb brushes over my tip and her wrist starts to twist as she pumps my shaft.


“Do you want to ride me?” I ask. Her pussy was so wet and warm and I want it again.


“Mmm… is that what you want?” Sookie scrapes her teeth over my collarbone.


“Yes,” I moan, thrusting my hips up.


She shifts herself and slides down my length. Her lips find mine and she starts to rise and fall quickly.


“Mmm,” I moan into the kiss as I thrust up to meet her. Jesus, she feels good. “Just like that, baby…”


Sookie moans and keeps moving at the same pace. Her mouth moves down to my chest to nibble on my nipple again. Both of my hands slide down to her ass and I give it a good squeeze before I slap her lightly, making her walls clench.


“Mmm, you like that?” I moan and give her ass another smack.


“You know I do.” Sookie bites a little harder.


I do. I slap her ass a couple more times and moan louder each time she bites me. “Do you want to get on your hands and knees?”


“Mmm… not yet,” she moans and lifts her head to kiss me hard.


As we kiss I reach down to start massaging her rear hole. I know I won’t be fucking her there until after the baby is born, but I know she likes it when I play a little. I’m proven right when I feel her muscles contracting around me.


“Keep doing that, babe. Make me cum hard for you,” Sookie pants.


I do as she requests and I keep playing with her ass. I dip down a little and drag my wet finger back up to her ass and press just my fingertip inside of her. With my other hand I slip it between our bodies and I begin to twist her nipple.


“Ohmygod,” she gasps. Her walls clench hard.


“Cum, baby,” I purr. “I can feel how close you are…”


Sookie holds still and lets me thrust up hard and fast. She gasps and her eyes squeeze shut as her pussy grips my shaft. Her mouth opens in a silent scream while she milks me.


“Ahhh, fuck, that’s it,” I groan as I fuck her hard through her orgasm. Her eyes are still shut and she’s gasping for air when I tell her, “Get on your hands and knees, Sookie.”


She lifts herself off of me and moves over a little bit, staying on her hands and knees. I get up behind her and slide in. I grab her hip with one hand and smack her ass hard with the other as I begin to pound into her.


“Ahhh fuck! Again, Eric,” she says.


I do it again and again until I feel another orgasm approaching. I tell her to rub her clit while I drive in harder and faster.


“I’m gonna cum,” I groan when her walls start clamping down around me again.


“Mmm… give it to me,” she pants.


I grab both of her cheeks hard enough that she’ll probably have bruises tomorrow, and I slam into her over and over until I can’t take it anymore and I explode with a roar, grinding my hips against her ass.


“Fuuuck!” I shout, dropping my head back.


Sookie moans and starts to rock back and forth, clenching her muscles on purpose.


“Mmm, that’s it, keep milking my cock, baby,” I groan. I give her another light smack on her ass before I reach under and slowly stroke her clit. I’m done, but I know she can keep going.


She keeps rocking back and forth, moaning and clenching around my shaft as she moves.


“Is that good, Sookie? Do you want me to keep going?” I ask quietly. I continue to rub and smack her left cheek again.


“Yes,” she groans. She pushes up to just her knees and turns her head to kiss me.


As we kiss I ghost my hand around to her nipple and I pluck them. I pull my mouth away from hers and suck on her neck.


Sookie’s breathing hard and her pussy grips my shaft again as her next orgasm starts. She cries out and her body starts to go limp. I gently pull out and help her lie down so I’m spooning behind her.


“Are you okay?” I ask when she’s still breathing heavily a minute later.


“Uh huh,” she pants and I notice her shiver.


“Mmm, you sure about that?” I hold her a little tighter, wrapping my legs with hers.


“Mmhmm,” she hums.


“Do you want the blanket or a nap or both?”




I reach down and grab the throw blanket on the end of the bed. I pull it over us and nuzzle into her neck. Sleep pulls us both under within seconds.




When I wake up I’m in bed alone. I don’t hear Sookie anywhere in the room or bathroom so I get up and grab some shorts. I do a big stretch before I head downstairs to look for her. Of course I find her with a quesadilla in her mouth. I just hope she made me a couple.


“Sleep good?” I ask when I walk past the island.


“Until your daughter demanded food.”


“She is my daughter,” I chuckle. “Did she demand enough for me?”


“Maybe,” she smirks and points to the oven.


I walk over and my stomach claps when I see three more quesadillas stacked on a cookie sheet. I pull one out and eat a third of it one bite.


“You’re so cool for this,” I mumble with my mouth full.


Sookie giggles and says, “You got the cheap ones. Mine had chicken.”


“You love Elina more, I get it,” I shrug.


“She is cuter than you.”


“Hey, we don’t know that yet,” I chuckle. “I’ll have Mom send me some baby pictures so you can see what I looked like.”


“I’m guessing a smaller, less scruffy version of you now.”


“Pretty much,” I laugh. I’ve seen Sookie’s baby pictures. She was a chubby little thing with no hair.


“I’m hoping she’s not a giant.”


“I wasn’t huge. I was long, but skinny, kinda like I am now. I only weighed just over seven pounds.”




“Hey, what do you remember from after your accident before you passed out?”


“Not much. Why?”


“I was trying to get you to talk to me and you said Montana a couple times. I have no idea why,” I explain.


“Me either.”


“Just curious to see if you remembered,” I shrug.


“Nope, sorry.”


I finish the first quesadilla and pick up the second one.


“Do you want to do anything else today or just stay naked?” I ask a few minutes later.


“I thought we were staying in bed? I seem to remember you promising to make me scream for hours,” she smirks.


“Hmm, I did, didn’t I?” I smile. “What room should we christen next?”


“You need to get me a copy of the blueprints so I can start crossing them off,” Sookie chuckles.


“Check. I’ll have those for you on Tuesday.”


She shakes her head and says, “We haven’t gotten to the dining room yet but I don’t know if that would be comfortable in my present condition.”


“We’ll hold off on the dining room. I have the gym,” I suggest.


“You’re going to fuck me on the treadmill?” she sasses.


“There are other surfaces, but we can wait for that too. Hmm…” I trail off. I’d be perfectly happy going back to bed or maybe just to the couch.


“You think about it. I’ll be upstairs somewhere waiting for you.” Sookie stands up and heads for the elevator.


I finish my quesadillas and go to wash the plate before I head up the stairs. I look down the hallway and sigh. There are a lot of doors to check. However… One of them that was closed is open now. I go straight to my office and I’m right. I find Sookie leaning back in my plush chair with her hand on her belly and her feet as high as she can get them on a file cabinet.


“Comfy?” I ask when I step in.


“Mmhmm,” she hums.


“Would you be more comfy with your legs resting on my shoulders?”




I drop my shorts to reveal my semi-hard cock and I start stroking as I walk toward her.


“Or would you like me to put this in your mouth?” I ask, pulling my cock up to give it a good tug. Where she’s sitting her head is at the perfect level for me to walk over and fuck her mouth.


“I think I would,” she says.


I stroke myself a few more times as I stand next to the chair. When I’m almost completely hard I hold it out toward Sookie and say sweetly, “Come and get it.”


She puts her feet down and turns in the chair. She licks her lips and then leans forward to lick me from base to tip before her lips wrap around my head and suck hard.


“Mmm,” I groan, resting my hands on her head. “That’s perfect, baby.”


Her eyes flick up and her teeth lightly graze my head. Her lips move over just my tip, teasing me the way I teased her earlier with the shallow thrusts. Sookie lifts her left hand and starts to stroke my shaft with her right hand goes to my sac to rub and tug on it a little.


Fuck. This is going to make me cum quick. I continue to run my fingers through her hair, forcing my hips to stay still so she can work.


“Fuck, Sookie,” I groan. “More…”


Her tongue peeks out to tease my shaft but that’s as far as she goes. Her hand moves faster and starts to twist as she strokes me. Her cheeks hollow and she sucks hard on just my tip.


Fuck it. I’m going to cum regardless. Her mouth on my head is already making my stomach muscles twitch. My hands stop moving and I hold onto her hair, getting tighter as I get closer to cumming. After a few seconds I release her head and reach down to grab her tits so I can rub my palms over her nipples.


Sookie moans and the vibration of her lips around my swollen head feels amazing. Her tongue flicks against my tip and she gives my balls a good squeeze.


“Fuck,” I hiss and I start to tug her tits up by her nipples. I don’t remember if they were this sensitive pre-pregnancy, but it’s hot as hell.


Sookie moans louder and releases my cock to say, “I want you to cum on my tits, Eric.”


“I will,” I assure her. “Keep stroking and sucking. I’m close.”


She spits on my shaft so her hand glides up and down my length with ease and her tongue swirls around my head a few times before she resumes sucking me hard.


“That’s it,” I groan, pulling her tits up again. I do it a few more times and she moans louder when my cock begins to swell. “Almost there, baby. I bet you can taste my cum leaking into your mouth… fuck!”


Her right hand moves behind my sac to rub the sensitive spot there and Sookie pulls off my dick right before I explode.


“Fuuuuck!” I roar, dropping my head back. Her hand feels tighter with each pulse. “Fuckfuckfuck…” I pant and look down to watch my cum drip down her tits. “Gorgeous.”


“Vacker,” she smiles up at me before sucking the rest of my cum from my tip.


“Perfect,” I smile. “You took the words right out of my mouth.”


She moans and her head starts to bob up and down my length.


“Mmm, you want more, greedy girl?” I ask.


“Mmhmmm,” she hums.


“Can I fuck you?” I grab her hair again and thrust in, but not too hard.


“Mmhmmm,” she hums again.


I hold her head in place and pull back only to thrust in, bumping the back of her throat.


“Are you going to swallow me, Sookie?” I haven’t gone soft and I don’t think I’m going to.




I pull back enough for her to breathe and when I thrust forward again I hold her head down until she starts to swallow. When I begin to slide down her throat my head drops back and I groan loudly.


“Fuck, your mouth feels fucking amazing,” I growl.


Sookie moans and the vibration of it travels up my shaft quickly. I keep my eyes on her lips which are stretched wide around my shaft. I want them around my base so I start to thrust in deeper until her puffy pink lips are at my base.


“You like being my good little cocksucker?” I growl. “You look so fucking sexy with my dick deep down your throat like this… fuck…”


She moans again and gently tugs on my sac. I groan and hold the back of her head so I can fuck her a little harder. It’s going to be a little while longer before I cum again, but with how wet and warm her mouth is it shouldn’t be too long.


I pull back to give her a chance to breathe, giving her mouth shallow thrusts. My eyes lock onto hers just before I slide in deep again.


“Mmm, I might cum sooner than expected. Your mouth… Mmm, fuck…” She has no idea what she does to me.


Sookie moans and her tongue peeks out to lick beyond my base.


“Oh, God,” I moan and my fingers dig deeper into her hair. My hips move slow, but I go deep. I can feel my balls begin to tighten and my muscles start to twitch. “You ready for it?” I pant. “I’m going to cum hard for you, baby.”


“Mmhmmm,” she hums.


The vibration of her humming pushes me over the edge and when my orgasm explodes I’m buried deep down her throat.


“Fuck yes!” I shout. Jesus fucking Christ. No one has ever made me cum this hard, especially two times in a row.


Sookie’s head keeps bobbing for a minute before she pulls off of me to catch her breath. I’m pretty sure I hear her whisper, “Owned.”


I chuckle. It’s pretty much true, but I stay quiet about it. It’s going to be a while before I get hard again so I drop to my knees. She has cum all over her chest and she just swallowed another load, but that doesn’t stop me from kissing her hard on the mouth. I reach down and I begin to stroke her folds. She’s drenched.


“You’re pretty wet, baby,” I whisper into the kiss before I slide two fingers into her core.


“It’s all your fault,” she says.


“Is that a bad thing?” I ask, twisting and curling my fingers to rub her sweet spot.


“Mmm… no,” she moans and spreads her legs wider.


I dip my head down and suck her neck just below her ear.


“Do you want more?” I whisper.


“Mmm… yes.”


I rub a third finger around her opening before I slide it in alongside the other two. My thumb brushes her clit, rubbing slow circles.


“Do you want my mouth?” I ask quietly and suck her jaw.


“Fuuuck… yes,” Sookie pants.


I get down lower, keeping my fingers right where they are and move my thumb away. I use my fingers on my other hand to spread her lips open and I flick my tongue out a couple times, making her jump a little. My fingers move faster and she lets out a sexy, raspy moan when I suck her clit hard.


“Ohmygod… keep doing that,” she says and grabs my hair to keep me in place.


I do as I’m told and I start to suckle on her clit while I rub her g-spot. She gasps and her walls start to pulse.


“Yesyesyesyesyes,” Sookie pants. “Fuuuuuck!”


She starts pushing my head away, but I keep going. Her walls are squeezing my fingers so tight I can barely move them. After a few moments I slowly extract my fingers and move my tongue down to lick up the honey pouring from her core.


“Mmm,” I growl and slide my tongue into her.


Sookie slouches back in the chair and her hips start to flex a little bit. “So good, Eric,” she moans.


“Should I keep going?” I ask and slide my tongue back in while my thumb goes to her clit.


“Yes,” she gasps.


“Mmm.” My tongue peeks out every few seconds to lick up what’s dripping out and then right back in. I use my fingers to massage her rear hole a little. “Play with your nipples,” I command.


Sookie does as she’s told and begins plucking her nipples, and it makes her back arch and her legs tremble some.


“Vacker,” I purr against her pussy. I reach down to grab my shaft. I’m getting hard again. My hand goes right back to playing with her ass while I lick as much of her pussy as I can. She’s delicious and I could do this all day.


Her legs are still shaky when I sit up between her thighs. I place my head at her entrance and as I slide in I lean over her belly to reach her nipples with my mouth. Her fingers are still tugging on her barbell when my lips wrap around it, sucking hard.


“Fuuuuuck!” Sookie cries out and wraps her legs around me.


“Mmm,” I hum and move to her other nipple. I suck just as hard, swiveling my hips as I start to thrust into her.


“Mmm… harder, Eric,” she pants.


I slide my hands down, wrapping them low on her waist so I can use her as leverage to begin to pound into her. I start fucking her so hard I know she’s going to have bruises from my hip bones digging into her thighs.


“Are you going to be a good girl and cum hard for me?” I ask and start to pull her nipple with my teeth.


“So fucking hard,” she growls.


“Perfect,” I breathe and release her nipple before I quickly move to the other to suckle. My hips move faster, driving in harder until I feel her walls begin to pulse. “Cum, baby, cum hard for me… Now, Sookie…”


“Yesyesyesyesyes!” she screams as her pussy grips my shaft.


My own orgasm takes me by surprise. Just before I release I pull out and shoot it all over her pussy.


“Fuck,” I growl.


Sookie and I end up fucking on every surface in the office before we move on to our bedroom again. We christen the couch, the vanity, and I end up slowly fucking her from behind under a warm shower. By the end of the day I’ve definitely made good on my promise to make her scream all day. Finally we end up falling asleep on the couch in the media room with our hands entwined over the baby. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. If you would’ve told me a year ago Montana would be my forever I would’ve laughed in your face. Now I can’t wait to see what the rest of our life together brings.


14 thoughts on “Chapter 15

  1. Damn, I want a day like that, sigh.
    So glad he told her he loved her and she agree to stay with him! Their future looks great


  2. She’s never leaving the megalomansion…. Yay!!!! The chemistry between these two is undeniable but I am happy also he told her he loves her… Awwww… They are both going to melt when baby Montana arrives…


  3. Yeah I’d like a day like that too! Of course with fibro it would kill me but what a way to go!

    Yeah I get her worries about baby size. I’m very greatful my 6 foot 3 son was 5 weeks premature – especially as he was still 6 lb 2 oz. He does not get the tall genes from us either. His foot was long and his head circumference was bigger than average even for full term dates.


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