Chapter 19


Chapter 19


It’s almost like a day of work. Eight hours after we arrive at the hospital I’m looking down at the prettiest girl in the world. Up until thirty minutes ago that was Sookie. Now I have my little Elina Linnea sleeping in my arms.


She’s beautiful. She has all of her fingers and toes. Her eyes are just like her mother’s, but her nose and lips look like my mom’s, which is funny because I look nothing like her. She’s long, as expected, twenty-three inches and weighs just over eight pounds. Sookie is a rockstar for pushing my little princess out.


Speaking of Sookie. I decided about a month ago I want to marry her. I’d already asked Corbett for his blessing, which he gave me so I ended up at Tiffany’s checking out the engagement rings. I have a feeling Sookie is going to tell me I went overboard when she sees the ring, if she agrees, but it was perfect. The center stone is two carats surrounded by smaller diamonds making the ring just over three. She’s going to shit when she sees it.


Sookie is talking to her mom when I turn around so she can’t see what I’m doing. I pull the ring box out of my pocket and push it just under the fold of Elina’s blanket.


“You ready for this, Sweetpea?” I whisper and kiss her tiny head. “Babe, you want her for a bit?” I ask when I turn around. She looks exhausted.


“Yeah, let me see her now that she’s all cleaned up,” she says with a little smile.


I kiss the baby one more time and I sit on the bed next to Sookie before I hand her over. Michelle sees the box before Sookie and I wink at her when her eyes go wide.


“She looks just like her grandma Northman,” I smile. My parents and Corbett are down in the cafeteria getting something to eat.


“She’s gorgeous,” Sookie whispers and skims her lips over Elina’s little forehead. “And she smells amazing.”


“New baby smell is better than new car,” Michelle agrees.


“Hmm, maybe we should just keep having them one after the other,” I joke and reach up to nudge the blanket out of the way so she can’t miss the bright blue box sitting on the pale pink blanket.


Sookie’s head jerks up and she asks, “What is that?”


“Huh, maybe you should check it out. I didn’t know babies were coming with Tiffany boxes these days,” I smile.


“Me either.” Sookie shifts her legs and rests Elina on them so she can open the little box. As I expected, Sookie gasps and covers her mouth.


“I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to ask, but really there is no perfect time. I just know I have a perfect woman that just gave me a perfect daughter and I want to give her a perfect life. Will you make today even better, Sookie? Will you please agree to be my wife?” I smile, gently pulling her hands away from her mouth.


Of course she’s crying but she nods her head up and down.


I lean in to kiss her softly and whisper, “I want to hear it.”


“Yes, I’ll marry you,” she blurts out and kisses me.


I hold the back of her head to keep her lips on mine for a little longer. I’m jumping up and down inside I’m so excited.


“Thank you,” I smile against her lips. “I love you so much, Sookie.”


“I love you too,” she says. She’s still crying but she’s smiling against my lips.


I pull back a few seconds later and look down at Elina. “You hear that, Sweetpea? Mommy said yes. We’ve been worrying for nothing.”


“She’s in cahoots with you already, huh?” Sookie chuckles and wipes her face.


“She was the only one I told after I bought the ring,” I admit. I would talk to Elina when Sookie fell asleep and I could feel her moving.


“Oh yeah?” Sookie picks up our baby and asks, “Why didn’t you tell me, gorgeous?”


“She’s a good secret keeper,” I grin and take the ring out of the box. “Corbett is going to shit a kitten when he sees the size of this thing,” I chuckle as I slip it onto her finger.


“He’s going to shit a kitten that you asked at all. He didn’t think you really would,” Michelle tells me.


“I wouldn’t have asked for his blessing if I didn’t plan on asking,” I shrug. “Your little girl is the best thing to happen to me,” I tell Michelle without taking my eyes off of Sookie.


She smiles at me and leans forward to kiss me. While her lips are pressed against hers I feel Elina’s little hand settle on my wrist.


I honestly have never been happier in my entire life. This family I never wanted makes me feel whole. I didn’t even know I was missing them until they came along.



“I’m glad Mommy talked me out of getting a smaller house,” I grumble as I walk up and down the hallway with Elina in my arms.


She screams like a banshee as soon as I set her down. She’s dry, Sookie just fed her. She doesn’t seem to want to sleep so I’m stuck carrying her around. Sookie needs to get some rest so having a giant house helps to keep the noise down when the baby gets in this mood. Actually this is the first time she’s done this.


My parents have given us minimal help, telling me that they aren’t going to be here forever and we need to get used to it. I decide to walk downstairs with her and I find my dad sitting at one of the bar stools with a bowl of cereal. The kitchen smells like Pine-Sol so I imagine Thelma just left. Sookie still can’t believe how stealthy she is.


“Was Thelma just here?” I ask Dad when I go to grab a cup of coffee.


“Mmhmm,” he hums.


“I think she has a crush on you,” I chuckle. Mom hates her.


“Can you blame her?” he asks in broken Swedish.


“I guess not. We are a couple of sexy beasts,” I joke. I am my dad’s doppelganger. When I bring the coffee to my lips Elina focuses on the red and white cup before her eyes settle on my nose.


“She’s got good lungs,” Dad says. He sets his cereal aside and takes Elina from me to coo at her in Swedish.


“Mmhmm, after hearing Sookie scream during delivery I know where she got them,” I chuckle.


“We all heard,” Dad chuckles.


“On a good day she screams like that when… never mind.” Yeah, I don’t think Sookie would appreciate me telling my dad how loud she gets during sex.


“You’re not supposed to hurt ’em, son,” he smirks.


“Believe me, she’s far from hurting,” I smirk back. “And when it does hurt it’s because she asked for it.”


“That’s none of my business.” He puts Elina up on his shoulder and pats her little butt.


I grab a bowl and pour my own cereal before I sit on the stool next to Dad. Elina is facing me and her eyes zero in on me when I sit. She’s so beautiful it almost hurts.


“Did you fall in love with me the way I did with her when I first saw her?” I ask my dad and reach over to stroke her cheek with my finger. She’s so tiny.


“Absolutely,” he says.


“I thought I loved her when I heard her heartbeat. It’s scary. I would literally die for her right now if I had to to keep her safe.” It’s a little overwhelming.


“That feeling only gets stronger,” he tells me.


“I just hope I’m at least half as good at being a father as you. I don’t tell you enough, but I’ve always been proud to have you as my dad. Even that time I told you I wished you would die because you didn’t get me the real sword I wanted for my birthday. I felt like shit the next day once my words sunk in and I had time to think about what my life would be like without you. I’m sorry I was such a rotten pre-teen.”


“I forgave you long ago. Thank your mother for talking me out of faking a heart attack in front of you,” he says.


“I don’t know what I would’ve done,” I admit. Thankfully I started getting better within a couple years. It was girls that made them crazy once I hit fourteen.


“Your daughter will pay you back for it.”


“Then I’ll cherish these years when I’m her hero and the most handsome man in the world to her,” I say, brushing her light blonde hair back. “I know someone is going to break her heart one day and all I can hope is that it’s me she runs to when she needs to be held.”


“If you’re not too busy killing the little punk.”


“I’ll fly you over to kill him for her while I comfort my Sweetpea,” I grin. “Or get Corbett. If she’s anything like Sookie I’m sure I’ll spend a few years in therapy over her antics.”


“You know your mother wanted to put a voodoo curse on that girl Thalia you went with when you were fifteen,” he tells me.


Mmm. Thalia was a couple years… a few years older and Mom caught us naked way more times than I can count.


“She was fun,” I grin. Sookie is way more fun though.


“Son, you better hope your daughter doesn’t have your… drive and her mother’s rebellious streak.”


“Oh, she will, I’m sure of it,” I laugh.


Elina’s eyes lock on mine and she sticks her little tongue out at me.


“Yep,” I laugh again. “She’s already rebelling against me.”


“What’d she do?”


“She’s sticking her tongue at me. Sookie does it to me all the time.”


“Early bloomer,” Dad chuckles.


“Corbett warned me,” I smile. “So, you like Sookie?” I ask. We haven’t discussed her at all really, but my parents seem to like her.


“I do. She’s a very nice girl and you seem happier with her than I can remember you ever being in the past,” he says.


“I am happy with her. She’s given me something I didn’t know I needed,” I admit. “She’s become my best friend over the last few months and giving me this little angel gives her major points.”


“She is a cute little bugger,” Dad agrees.


“She looks like Mom,” I smile.


“She sure does.”


I finish my cereal and grab Dad’s bowl along with mine to take them to the sink. I’m good and rinse them before I put them in the dishwasher. I sit down next to Dad and ask, “Do you want me to take her?”


“I’ve got her. You just make her cry,” he teases.


“I think I do,” I laugh. “She’s just overwhelmed with love for me. Do you mind watching her while I shower? I want to let Sookie sleep as much as possible.”


“I’ll be fine,” he says.


I get up and kiss my Sweetpea before I kiss my dad on the head.


“Thanks, Dad.”


I head up to the room and find Sookie awake on the bed.


“Hey,” I smile when she sees me. “Why aren’t you sleeping?”


“I’m not tired,” she replies simply. “Where’s my girl?”


“Flirting with Papa. You wanna take a shower with me or do you still think it’s gross?” She’s still bleeding post baby, but it doesn’t bother me. At least not in the shower.


“It’s still gross.”


“Too bad,” I sigh. I know she hates her body right now too. Her skin is still loose around the middle. I walk over and lie down next to her, wrapping my arm around her and resting my head on the pillow next to Sookie’s. “I just need a quick Sookie cuddle.”


“Mmm… you’re worse than the baby,” she giggles.


“She just doesn’t understand the awesomeness of your cuddles yet.” I tilt my head to kiss her temple.


“Sure she does. Why do you think she prefers sleeping on my chest to the co-sleeper?”


“Your heartbeat is better than the eerie silence of the sleeper.”


“Or Daddy’s snoring,” she snickers.


“I’m sure she got used to that when I’d fall asleep next to your belly. Oh, she’s already teasing me. She poked her tongue at me when Dad said I better hope she doesn’t have my drive and your rebellion.”


“So she’s working on her doctorate in smart ass already. My baby’s an overachiever.”


“Pretty much,” I laugh.


“I can handle it.”


“I know.” I lean over to give her a kiss on the lips. I thread my fingers through hers. The kiss is a lingering peck and when I pull back I settle my head next to hers again. “I should shower,” I whisper. “I don’t want to leave you though.”


“I’ll be here when you get back.”


“Okay.” I give her one more kiss and get up to go toward the bathroom. “The offer still stands for you to shower with me,” I call over my shoulder. I know she won’t, but I like harassing her.


“You’ll have to make a withdrawal from your spank bank without me,” she replies.


I turn around and rub my cock through my shorts. “You don’t want to watch?” I wasn’t even thinking about jacking off until that comment.


“Not today,” she winks.


“Mmm, you take all the fun out of it.” I drop my shorts, allowing my semi-hard cock to spring out. “I’ll be back.”


I go into the bathroom and turn on the water. As soon as it’s hot I step in and allow the hot water to wash over me. It feels amazing. I’ve barely been sleeping since Elina was born and the water is actually making me tired. I don’t want to fall asleep so I get out fairly quickly, wrapping a towel around my waist.


“Ah, a woman of her word,” I smile when I step out of the bathroom and go to the dresser. She has Elina with her now so I take a detour and lie on the bed to see my baby girl. “Did Dad get tired of her or did you go get her?”


“He brought her up. My parents are having lunch with yours today,” Sookie tells me. “And I think Gran’s planning on crashing.”


“At least they get along.” I roll onto my back and pick up Elina to lay her on my chest. When I rest my hand on her back I cover almost all of her tiny body. “You think she’s going to be tall like me?” I ask.


“Probably, baby thief.”


“You had her for nine and a half months. It’s my turn.”


“You get her when she’s stinky or crying,” Sookie laughs.


“Mmm, no I get her whenever I want and I want her now when she’s clean and calm.” I’ve never shied away from a dirty diaper. Sookie knows I don’t mind a stinky, whiny baby.


“Oh fine,” she sighs dramatically.


“I have enough room for your head right here,” I smile, patting my chest next to Elina.


Sookie scoots closer and reaches up to touch Elina’s nose. This is my happy place. I could easily lie right here with my girls on my chest for the rest of my life and never get tired of it.


“This is perfect,” I whisper.


“Mmhmm,” Sookie hums and keeps stroking Elina’s face.


Her ring catches the light and I ask, “Do you want a big wedding or something small?” She knows I’ll give her whatever she wants.


“Something in between would be nice.”


“Okay. Do you think you want to have it here?”


“At the house?”


“Yeah, we have a ton of land and it’s gorgeous,” I remind her. “When I first moved in I let my friend Andre get married here.”


“I’ll think about it,” she says.


“It’s up to you. I was just curious. Are you going to be okay without Sweetpea here when we go on our honeymoon?”


“Depends on when we get married. I’ve been so busy with her that I haven’t even thought about the wedding,” she admits.


“I would like to get married within the year.”


“Oh,” she says.


“We can wait if you want…”


“I don’t know. I haven’t had time to think about it.”


“Okay…” I know she’s been busy with the baby. “I’ll leave it alone until you’re ready.”


“Okay. I just don’t want to rush just to get it over with,” she explains.


“True. I just want it to be perfect,” I whisper as I rub her back.


“It will be, whenever or wherever, we do it.”


“Of course. How could it not be when I’m marrying the prettiest girl in the world?”


“Smooth,” she giggles.


“I have my moments,” I grin.


“Elina is proof of that.”


“Now who’s the smooth talker?” I wink. “She is pretty perfect. Thank you for her.”


“You’re welcome.”


“I’m glad you gave me a shot instead of continuing to date that Rasul guy. I’m sure I’m way better looking,” I laugh. I have no idea what he looks like.


“Mmm… maybe,” she winks back at me.


“Ah, maybe you still want a younger guy. Am I too old for you?” I tease, giving her a little squeeze.


“I’m used to it, Gramps.”


“Good,” I whisper and kiss her head. “Plus I’ve already explained with age comes experience.”




“So what do you think, when we take our honeymoon we start working on number two?” I smile, tapping Elina’s back.


“I suppose we probably should before I have to put you in a home.”


“Nah, we can just get a live in nurse here. Some hot little number with big fake tits that wears skimpy little outfits. She’s going to accept me smacking her ass because I pay her well and you’ve started screwing the lawn boy. She may even blow me on my better days,” I laugh.


“Pool boy and I’ll fire Fefe McFaketits on her first day,” Sookie tells me.


“Are you going to continue to blow me when my balls get old and gray?”




“When I’m too old to move I’ll let you ride my tongue whenever you want,” I smile.


“That’s why I’ll have the pool boy, silly,” she reminds me. “Some buff guy that’s into cougars.”


“It’ll be sad because he’ll never be as good as me. If you want we can make a mold of my cock and get you a vibrator made.”


Sookie laughs and says, “I could replace you with you.”


“Perfectly acceptable if the Viagra quits working.”


“It’s only a matter of time, Gramps.”


“Then we better get that dildo made soon.”




“How many times did you imagine having a baby with your best customer?” I ask. I know she said she got off thinking of me, but that could’ve been a lie. “Actually, did you really get yourself off thinking about me?”


“Of course I did. I felt how excited you got during my dances I never imagined having a baby with you though,” Sookie answers.


“I’m sure you don’t want to know this, but I slept with a girl once and the only way I got off was by thinking of your tits,” I admit.


“That is both flattering and creepy,” Sookie says.


“I can see that,” I chuckle. “She was stunning, but the worst lay… I’m going to stop now.”


“Good idea, or I’ll start telling my sex stories,” she threatens.


“Honestly, it doesn’t bother me. You’re with me now. We both have a past and sometimes learning where people have been helps you understand why they are who they are now. I’m not saying I want the war stories, just that if you decided you had to share I would be fine with it.”


“I’ll keep that in mind.”


Sookie and I go silent. I’ve learned with her that silence isn’t a bad thing, especially when you have everything you never knew you wanted in your arms.



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  1. It was hard to see this end. I really liked it. This was a wonderful ending. I liked the preview of this family.


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