Chapter 8



I’m on day two with my new pastry chef, Alcide Herveaux. When I interviewed him we hit it off pretty well. He gets my humor and when I looked at his portfolio I was genuinely impressed. Yesterday he made a small grooms cake and today we’re working on the wedding cake for the Mason wedding. The bride told me the colors and said to do whatever. Literally the easiest bride I’ve ever worked with.
I’m just walking in from my morning delivery to Sookie’s salon. I fucked up a batch of strawberries and cream cupcakes this morning. They taste just fine, but I was half asleep and overfilled the pans so I couldn’t frost them the way I like. I’m nothing if not a perfectionist.
“Hey, man. Did you get any ideas for the Mason cake?” I ask Alcide. I want something whimsical for the bride. She seems like a fun, free spirited girl.
“It’s kind of crazy, but I did like a tie dye cake once,” he says. “I think her color palate would work well for that.”
“I like that,” I nod. “Are you thinking inside and out, or just the outside?” I ask.
“Just the outside. I think inside would be too much for a wedding. The last one I did was a lemon cake with berry filling and a layer of vanilla crème,” he says.
“Sounds good. You want to take the lead on this one?” I ask.
“Fuck yeah,” he nods. “She’s gonna want to bone that cake more than the groom when I’m done.”
I laugh. I like him.
“You’re going to fit in just fine,” I snicker. “I’ll be working on these fuckin’ cupcakes and Belinda took an order for a bachelor party cake. I don’t know why I always get anatomy, but this fucker wants a pussy with “the last free pussy you’ll ever get to eat” piped on it.”
“That’s classy as fuck. Also fuckin’ true.”
“Not necessarily. I’ve had some free pussy lately and I got married like a fuckin’ idiot at twenty-five.”
“Yeah but you’re divorced now so it’s open market on free pussy,” he points out.
“True.” I’m glad to be getting it regularly again, but I’ll keep that to myself. “What about you, are you married?”
“It’s common law at this point. Debbie and I have been together since fuckin’ dinosaurs roamed the earth,” he chuckles.
“Smart man. I don’t know if I’d ever get married again. She’d have to be really fuckin’ special. Nora gave a killer blowjob and when I proposed I was in the middle of cumming down her throat.”
“See, now that’s when you pull some fancy legal shit out your ass about excited utterances not being admissible in a court of law.”
“I thought about it, but I was a dumbshit and went through with it. Plus she let me do whatever the fuck I wanted to do in bed after that,” I grin.
“You went straight after the ass, didn’t you?”
“Nope, that came after I coaxed her into a threesome with some broad we met at a bar,” I chuckle.
“Nice. Debbie and I did that a few times back in our earlier twenties, but now she’s hinting around at wanting to get knocked up. I blame her fuckin’ batshit crazy sister. Ever since that whacky twat popped out an ankle biter, Deb’s been talking about going off the pill,” he tells me.
“Better start using condoms to be safe,” I chuckle. “When Nora started hinting about kids I bought her a dog. Now the fucking cunt took him back to London with her. I didn’t fight as hard as I could because I work too fuckin’ much to take care of him.”
“Eh, if Deb gets pregnant it won’t be the worst thing,” he shrugs.
“The girl I’m fucking says she’s on the pill, but I still won’t cum in her without protection. I like her, but I sure as fuck don’t know her well enough to knock her up.”
As if on cue, my phone buzzes in my pocket. There’s a text from Sookie.
Sookie: Thanks for the cupcakes, cupcake 😉
I smile. Now that we’ve gotten past the first couple meetings, she’s a really sweet girl. I feel like she’s hiding something sometimes, but what we’re doing is casual so I’m not that fuckin’ worried about it.
“Speak of the devil.”
Me: You’re welcome. The color of the cake made me think of your creamy skin.
“What’s her name?” Alcide asks.
Sookie: Smoooooooth.
“Sookie,” I reply.

Me: It’s the truth. I could’ve said the pink frosting made me want to lick your pussy 😛
Sookie: Does it?

“I’d say something about that being a strange fuckin’ name but mine ain’t exactly fuckin’ normal,” Alcide snickers.
“True story,” I chuckle.
Me: Uh huh…
Sookie: Maybe I should swing by… it seems I forgot my panties today. Oops.
I groan. Fuck. She’s a dirty little thing and the thought of eating her in my office makes my dick hard.
Me: As long as you aren’t shy. I have employees now and they’re going to know what’s going on since you can’t seem to keep quiet…
Sookie: I only want an audience if they can join in 😉
Me: Dirty girl. You’re making my dick so fucking hard.
“She’s a fuckin’ keeper,” I tell Alcide.
“How long you been fuckin’ her?” he asks.
Sookie: Your employees must be amused.
“A few weeks. She freaked out the first time and I didn’t hear from her. Then I ran into her at a wedding and she asked me to come to her room with her. Now it’s getting to be an every other day thing.”
Me: The table is blocking it.
“Just fucking? No strings?” Al asks.
Sookie: You could probably move furniture with that monster.
“Just fucking. I don’t even know her last name,” I admit.
Me: Mmm. Now I want to move you when I’m pounding into your hot little snatch.
“How long do you think that’ll last?”
Sookie: You mean this hot little snatch?
A second later I get a picture of her fingers in her glistening cunt.
“The no strings?” I ask as I stare at the picture of her pussy.
Me: Yeah… That cunt.
“Yeah. Someone always ends up wanting strings.”
Sookie: I’m heading home now. You’re welcome to stop by if you want to check how wet I am for yourself.
“I honestly don’t know. She brought it up before I did. I’m too fuckin’ busy to worry about a relationship and something tells me something just went down that makes her emotionally unavailable.” I’m starting to like her a lot, but I still don’t see a relationship happening.
Me: I’ll be done with the cakes in two hours. Will that do?
“Whatever works,” Al shrugs.
Sookie: I’ll have to get started without you.
Me: You could always be a good girl and come here to suck my dick before you go home.
It hasn’t escaped my notice that Sookie has yet to give me a blowjob.
Sookie: I like my plan better.
Of course she does.
Me: I want you to be dripping wet when I get there.

Sookie: I can do that. Would you mind if I brought a friend?

I arch my eyebrow at my phone.
Me: Girl?
Sookie: Yep. Her name is Aude.
Me: Is she hot?
What the fuck is my problem?
Me: What the fuck am I saying? Fuck no I don’t mind.
Sookie: She looks kinda like Scarlet Johansson with darker hair.
Me: Does she suck dick? I’ve noticed you seem to avoid it.
Sookie: Cum tastes gross, but Aude’s got some skills.
Sookie: And no gag reflex.
Me: Pretty girl, I don’t have to cum in your mouth but I’ll take your friend’s mouth.
Sookie: We’ll be waiting.
I look over at Alcide and say, “I was just informed I’m going to have two pussies and four tits waiting for me when I leave here.”
“Lucky fucker,” he smirks.
“Pretty much,” I chuckle. “She said her friend looks like Scarlet Johansson with darker hair. My dick is fuckin’ pissed I have to be here another two fuckin’ hours.”
Alcide laughs and says, “You know, I can handle this. If shit hits the fuckin’ fan I can throw up the bat signal.”
“Really?” I ask. “What do you want in return?” I’m the fuckin’ boss. I can leave if I feel like it, but I’d feel shitty for not at least offering him something.
“To be determined at a later time.”
“I’ll see if they’ll let me send you pictures of them eating each other out,” I chuckle.
Al laughs and pulls cakes from the ovens behind him.
“I’ll finish these and go. If you don’t get to the pussy cakes I can do it later.”
I finish the cupcakes I’m working on and head out. Belinda knows where the spare keys are to lock up at the end of the night. She’s proven herself trustworthy in the short time she’s been here.


When I walk up to Sookie’s my cock is already hard when I press the button so she can buzz me up. A few seconds later the door releases, letting me into the building. I run up the stairs and take the chance that Sookie’s door is unlocked. It is.
When I walk in I groan out loud. Sookie is lying under a brunette on her couch. Her legs are wrapped around her friend’s waist and their tongues are in each other’s mouths.
“Ladies,” I greet them in my smooth sex voice. I’m already pulling my shirt off before I reach the couch. Fuck. I don’t know if I want to join them or watch them.
“Eric, this is Aude, my friend from college. Aude, this is Eric, my fuck buddy,” Sookie introduces us.
“Nice to meet you,” I purr as my eyes travel down her body to land on her ass.
“Likewise,” Aude replies. She looks me up and down and adds, “Looks like you’ll be a challenge.”
I unzip my pants so I can pull my cock out. I start stoking and say, “You look like you’re up for it.”
She licks her lips and Sookie says, “Better you than me, honey.”
I take my pants all the way off, kicking off my shoes in the process.
“I don’t mind watching a while if you want,” I tell them as I take a seat in the chair across from the couch. Aude’s eyes haven’t left my dick.
“Go get him,” Sookie whispers and slaps Aude’s ass.
“Don’t start something you won’t finish, Stackhouse,” Aude smirks as she gets off the couch.
“Oh I’ll finish it. Swallow it all or I’ll get the hair brush,” Sookie threatens.
Mmm, fuck, I’m going to cum just listening to Sookie talk like that.
Aude comes over and kneels between my thighs. I hold my cock up and say, “He’s ready for you.”
“I can see that,” she smiles as she leans in to lick me from base to tip over and over before her soft, pink lips wrap around my head.
I hiss and settle my hand on the back of her head, threading my fingers through her hair. I haven’t had head in a few months and so far Aude’s mouth feels fucking amazing. Her lips are soft, her tongue is wet and her hand is squeezing my base just right. I look up at Sookie and she’s watching from the couch with her fingers in her pussy. I can see from here how wet she is.
“How many times did you girls cum before I got here?” I ask as I start to push Aude’s head down. I can tell from her moans she loves that I’m forcing her farther down my dick.

“I came three times,” Sookie answers, “But Aude felt like playing so she had to ask for permission first and she hasn’t gotten it yet.”
“Mmm, good to know,” I smirk. I look down at Aude and her eyes are on mine. “Are you going to be a good girl so Sookie will let you cum?” I ask, but don’t let her pull her mouth off of my dick.
“Mmhmmm,” Aude hums.
“Sookie, come here, pretty girl,” I ask without taking my eyes off of Aude.
Sookie gets up and crosses the room. She pushes Aude’s head down further and in a firm tone she says, “I told you to swallow it all, slut.”
I pull Sookie’s face to mine and lick her lips. “You taste like pussy,” I whisper. “Makes me want your lips on mine.” I reach between her thighs and rub up and down her wet slit.
“Soon,” she says and plunges her tongue into my mouth just as Aude swallows my head.
I moan into Sookie’s mouth. My hips move slowly, gently fucking Aude’s throat while I slip one of my long, thick fingers into Sookie.
“Fuck,” I breathe as I pull back from the kiss. “Her throat feels fucking good, pretty girl.”
“Do you want to fuck her throat?”
“Fuck, yes,” I nod and pull my finger out of Sookie’s cunt.
“Do it,” she says. “She likes it, don’t you, slut?”
“Mmhmmm,” Aude hums.
I thread both hands through her hair to keep her head in place and I start to thrust up. I groan when I feel my tip slide in and out of her throat. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind doing this to Sookie, but Aude has perfect dick sucking lips.
“You like having that big, fat dick in your throat?” I pant. Fuck. I’ve been ready to explode since Sookie sent me the picture of her pussy.
“Mmm…” Aude moans and begins playing with my balls.
“She’s doing a really fuckin’ good job,” I moan. “I’m about to cum… Fuuuuck.” My cock swells and I release down Aude’s throat, holding her head down so she has to swallow every last drop.
Aude moans and struggles to swallow the whole load. Sookie moves to pull Aude’s hair back and she gets down on her knees next to her. Sookie smiles at me before she leans in and gently lifts Aude’s head. Her eyes are still on mine when her tongue sweeps into Aude’s mouth.
“I thought you didn’t like the taste of cum?” I whisper and reach down to brush Sookie’s hair back. Fuck, I really want to feel her lips on my dick.
The kiss breaks and Sookie says, “I don’t, but I had to check and make sure Aude swallowed everything.”
“Mmm, okay. Tell me what you want.”
“I want you to stay right there,” she says. Sookie keeps her eyes on mine and she leans down to wrap her pretty lips around my tip while Aude gets to work on my shaft.
I’ve only had two girls blow me the one time with Nora and this feels fucking great. I lean my head back, but keep my eyes on their mouths. Sookie isn’t quite as good as Aude, but she sure as fuck isn’t bad. Their soft, warm mouths are keeping me hard, though.
“Suck on my sac,” I direct them. I don’t care who in the fuck does it, I just need to feel it.
Aude moves down and Sookie starts bobbing her head up and down my shaft.  Aude’s tongue caresses my sac before sucking my left ball gently. I start moaning and I hold Sookie’s hair back as she bobs. I’m already hard as a fucking rock again so I tug on her hair.
“Get up here and ride me, Sookie. Aude can lick your cunt while you move up and down my cock.”
Sookie gets up off her knees and straddles my thighs with her back to me. Aude moves my shaft so Sookie can slide down it and her mouth doesn’t leave my sac.
“Mmm… good girl,” Sookie praises Aude before she begins bouncing on my length.
My hands go to Sookie’s tits and my lips land on her neck. I suck on her skin, swirling my tongue in slow, wet circles while I pull on her nipples the way I’ve learned she likes. Aude’s mouth disappears and Sookie starts to pant.
“Does that feel good?” I whisper. “Is she sucking on your swollen little clit the way she sucked on me?”
“Mmm… she’s so good at eating pussy,” Sookie moans. Her walls are already fluttering around my shaft.
“Has she earned an orgasm yet?” I ask. I’m really looking forward to feeling both girls cum on my dick.
“Mmhmmm,” Sookie groans. Her pussy tightens and her back arches. “Oh fuckfuckfuck!”
Aude’s head moves and she licks Sookie’s honey from my balls.
“Mmm, good girl,” I praise Sookie. “Can you get me a condom so I can fuck your friend?”
“Let’s take this to the bedroom. We can fuck her together,” Sookie says.
I help Sookie off my lap and Aude to her feet. I smack Sookie on the ass before Aude and I follow her to the bedroom. I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I’m not complaining one fucking bit.



8 thoughts on “Chapter 8

  1. hold on did Sookie break up with Trey because she was worried about the cheating, but now she’s having a threesome where she’s a dom? Sookie better make up her mind before Eric decides he prefers to have sex AND awesome blowjobs.


  2. Agree with above. That totally came out of left field, but not in a good way for me. Seemed completely OOC. This also makes Eric seem like a total dirtball when he was talking to Alcide. He doesn’t seem to have any redeeming qualities at all. Same goes for Sookie. I feel like I have dropped in to the middle of a different story. Yikes!


  3. Eric and Alcide seem like long lost brothers – total bromance in the making, esp. with their seemingly shared fear of commitment and marriage (slightly misogynistic tones there), although a slightly trashy one. Potty mouths!!! Gran would tan their hides…

    Now the threesome was a very DirtyLemonsy moment! Very sexy although I am not sure where Aude came from. I think in a previous chapter Sookie said she had never (before Eric) cheated on Trey in the 10 years they have been together but Sookie hooking up with Aude (and indeed bringing a guy into the mix) didn’t feel like a big deal ie not the first time so does this mean Aude had joined in with Trey at some point in their relationship? Or are Sookie and Aude rekindling a liaison perhaps from her college days? At any rate it seems that now that Sookie has dipped a toe in the pool of naughty, she wants to swim a few laps… Terrible metaphor sorry… but an interesting development…


  4. Hmm… Well, that was extremely HOT, yet the tone seemed somewhat different. Did I miss a timeline on the chapter? I was thinking that this took place shortly after Sookie & Eric’s last tryst but maybe a little time had passed so Sookie & Trey broken have up. Maybe not & Sookie’s decided just to go for it have fun. It sure read as though they all were! 🙂


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