Chapter 7



“Yesyesyesyesyes! Fuuuck!” I cry out when I cum. Eric’s got me pinned against the brick wall in my living room, pounding into me hard. Jesus, this man is going to kill me one of these days, I swear.


It’s been three days since we fooled around last but I find myself thinking about him randomly. That’s not a good thing. This is supposed to be just sex. Just sex I can handle. There is no room for emotional attachment to grow.



His face is buried in my neck; I can feel him growl against my skin just before he erupts.



“Fuck, you have a good pussy,” he pants. His hips stop moving and he gently pulls out so he can place me on my feet. “I’ll be right back.” He kisses me on the lips before he disappears down the hall to go to the bathroom.



I want to collapse in a heap right there on the floor, but I manage to stagger over to the couch. I flop back and leave my legs hanging awkwardly. My phone starts to ring on the end table so I reach over to grab it. Trey’s handsome face is on the screen and I have a brief moment of panic. It’s too late for me to let it go to voicemail and say I was with a client but it’s too early to say I went to bed.


“Hey babe,” I answer quietly, glancing down the hall to make sure Eric’s still in the bathroom.



“Hi,” he replies. I can hear the smile in his voice. “How is everything going there?”



“Good. I’m just relaxing on the couch.” It’s not a lie. “How are you?”



“Good. Missing you,” he purrs.



Eric comes out of the bathroom and makes sure to stay quiet since I’m on the phone. He gives me a wicked grin before he drops to his knees and pushes my legs apart, making me gasp. Oh now is so not the time for him to go in for a midnight snack.



“Me too,” I reply to Trey. “How’s work?”



I bite my lip to keep from moaning when Eric licks up my slit and sucks lightly on my clit. I grab his hair and don’t know if I want to push him away or hold him there.



“It’s been going slow lately. The spring break rush is through. How’s everything at the salon?” He asks as two of Eric’s fingers slide into me.



“Busy,” I reply after a pause. “But it’s good. Lots of ladies getting ready for the summer.”



“Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. How was Freyda’s wedding?” Eric starts sucking harder, twisting and scissoring his fingers.



My lips part but I manage to stop the moan that wants out of my throat. I try to push Eric’s head away, but he’s not budging. Jerk.



“Boring,” I reply when I think I can answer in a normal tone. “And pretentious as fuck.”



There was sorbet between courses.



Trey chuckles and asks, “Why did you even agree to be in it?”



Eric pulls his fingers out, spreads my lips and thrusts his tongue into me. I crush my phone to my chest to let out that moan.



“You’re evil,” I whisper to Eric before lifting my phone again. “I’m too nice to say no, I guess,” I tell Trey.



“You’re too nice for a lot of things, babe,” he chuckles.



Eric moves back up to suckle my clit. His eyes flutter closed and he’s letting out a quiet moan. His hands hold my thighs and I feel his thumb rub around my core.



Fuck, I’m gonna cum hard if he keeps this up.



“My other line is ringing. Can I call you later?” I ask Trey.



“Uh… yeah. I guess. I love you.”



“Me too. I’ll call you tomorrow,” I promise and hang up. I toss my phone to the side and sit up to push Eric onto his back right there on the floor. “I will get you for that,” I promise and slide down his length.



“Mmm, fuck, that’s fine,” he breathes. His hands go to my tits and he runs his thumbs around my nipples.



I brace my hands on his chest and start to rise and fall fast. I think it’s safe to say I’m addicted to sex with Eric. It’s a double edged sword.
I stop after a few minutes and turn around. I give his sac a gentle tug and resume my quick pace.



“Mmm, fuck you have a gorgeous ass,” he growls and smacks my left cheek.



“Again,” I moan. My head falls back and my pussy clenches when he slaps my ass again… and again… and again. Fuck, this is so good.



“Cum, Sookie. Cum all over my big dick,” Eric commands. He grabs my hair and keeps slapping my left cheek.



“Yesyesyesyesyes!” I cry out when the pressure explodes. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”



Eric growls and pulls me back by my hair. He holds me to him and thrusts up hard and fast. The head of his cock rubs against my g-spot, making me gasp. He reaches down to rub my clit and an intense aftershock makes my pussy clamp down on his length.



“Fuck… again,” Eric gasps. I can feel him swelling inside of me. “Where do you want it…”



I lift my hips until he falls out of me. I don’t care if he cums on the floor, as long as it’s not in me. I’m on the pill and I’d probably be fine, but I don’t need to tempt fate.



“Just not in me,” I tell him.



He rolls us over, gets on his knees, lifts my hips and I hear him quickly stroking his cock. A few seconds later he cums with a roar, shooting his release all over my ass.



“Fuck, that’s so fuckin’ hot,” he pants. He settles his softening cock between my cheeks while lazily thrusts his hips.



“You know I’ve never understood the male fascination with seeing their cum on a girl. I get the ‘I just had sex’ aspect of it, but guys act like it’s a work of art,” I say over my shoulder.



Eric chuckles and starts singing, “I just had seeeex, and it feeelt so good.” He pats my ass and says, “You don’t need to understand it.”
I snort.



“You don’t have an answer for it, do you?”



“Nope. All I know is when I see it, it makes me grin.”



I shake my head and say, “Well take a mental picture because I’m about to go clean it off.”



“Maybe I should come with. We can shower and I can get all the hard to reach places,” he suggests as he helps me up.



“Deal. Then I’m kicking you out,” I warn. We haven’t done the sleepover thing and I plan on keeping it that way.



“That’s fine. I have to get up early anyway.”



Eric chases me to the bathroom and an hour later, I’m walking him out.




The next morning I haven’t even made coffee yet when my buzzer is going off. I pull on my robe and shuffle to the intercom.



“Who is it?” I ask.



“Open up, baby sister,” I hear my brother reply.



I hit the button to let him in. Someone was bar hopping and never went home. I go to the front door and he’s got Starbucks and a big bag from White Castle, his choice hangover food.



“Hey,” I smile. I haven’t seen him since St. Patrick’s Day.



“Hey. You’re on my way home and I haven’t seen you in a while,” he says as he leans in to kiss my cheek. “Brought you coffee so you wouldn’t kill me for waking you up.”



“Smart boy.” I chuckle as I close the door. “Still killing time on Division, I see.” The bars serve overpriced drinks. I haven’t gone bar hopping over there since my mid-twenties. Once I realized I was paying way too much, I stopped going.



“Yeah,” he grins. His grin widens and he asks, “Is Trey in town?”



“Nope. He told me he got his leave and I was going to go see him, but at the last minute he suddenly lost it,” I explain and lead him to the kitchen.



“I’d be a little more careful when he comes.” He points to the couch and says, “It reeks of sex and those look like men’s boxers.”



I didn’t even see those there, but there are definitely boxers on my couch.



“Yeeeeeah, those are Eric’s,” I admit. I haven’t told anyone about him.



“Maybe you shouldn’t let your buddies bring girls over when you’re not home,” he winks. My brother has no room to judge anyone. He likes Trey, but he doesn’t get why I sit around being “lonely” when there’s a sea of men that would be more than happy to keep me company.



“He didn’t.” I grab paper plates from a cabinet and set them on the breakfast bar while Jason unpacks the variety of sliders he’s brought. I see bacon cheeseburgers, chicken ring sliders, breakfast sliders… then there’s the sacks of fries and mozzarella sticks. Jase still eats like he’s got football practice later.



“I know, Sook, I was trying to give you an out if you didn’t want to explain anything to me. Now I wanna know everything.”



“I haven’t told anyone about this,” I tell him. “Trey and I are still together, so you can’t say anything–”


“What? Really, Sook, that isn’t like you,” Jason sighs.



“I know, I know.” I take the coffee he offers me. “The first time it happened it was the night Trey told me he didn’t have his leave. I was pissed off and disappointed and I think maybe I did it out of spite… Look, I know that doesn’t make it okay, but I miss him. I’m getting from Eric what I’m not getting from Trey.”



“Well, right now you’re not getting anything but some phone calls,” he snorts. “Wait… The first time. How long has this been going on?”



“A few weeks,” I admit.



“Does he know about Trey?”



“No.” I sip my coffee and grab a sausage, egg and cheese slider from the pile.



Jason kills a slider in two bites before grabbing another.



“And it’s just fucking, or do you do datey things with Eric?” he asks with his mouth full.



“Just fucking,” I answer and grab a cheese stick.



He’s silent for a minute before he says, “Just be careful. Trey is trained to kill people. I don’t want you to end up on one of those murder mystery shows if he finds out.”



I laugh and say, “He won’t kill me. It’ll be the end of our relationship, but he would never physically hurt me. I know I have to make a decision, but I don’t know what I want to do. He’s a good man and if we were closer to each other this thing with Eric wouldn’t be happening.”



“You’re comfortable,” he shrugs. “You guys have been together so long you probably can’t imagine having that person to call whenever you feel like talking to him. Plus he’s a scapegoat if someone tries to hit on you. The way I see it, Trey is a good friend that you happen to sleep with whenever you see each other. I don’t think you can call what you guys have a real relationship. If you think you can make it work I think one of you is going to have to move to wherever the other is… I’m tired of seeing my baby sister be lonely.”

I take a bite of my slider and lean back against the counter. Jason doesn’t really get to see us when Trey and I are together. There’s lots of good stuff there. But then I think if it was that good I would have moved to Louisiana, and I definitely wouldn’t be fucking Eric on the sly.



“You think I should dump him, don’t you?” I ask.



“Honestly? Yeah. I think he’s a great guy, but neither one of you are invested enough to make the jump.”



I take a deep breath and slowly let it out.



“You’re right,” I tell him. “You know Dawn thinks he’s got a girl down there that I don’t know about.”



“After this long… probably,” he agrees. “I know he’s not like me, but I don’t know any man that would be fine with a week a year when you have access to other pussy.”



“Plus the whole man in uniform thing,” I mutter. I’ve seen girls hit on Trey when he’s in uniform before. I know all about the appeal of it. I blow out another deep breath and confess, “Eric was here last night when Trey called. He started doing dirty things so I rushed Trey off the phone.”



“I think you’ve known what should be done for a long time, Sook. I know you love him, but I think it’s time to give someone else a chance.”



“Yeah, maybe you’re right,” I say quietly.



“You know I’ll be here no matter what you decide to do, but I just think you’ll be happier. Honestly, you’ve been pretty bitchy these last couple years,” he jokes. “I’m not proud of what you’re doing with this Eric guy, but you look happier.”



“Thanks,” I snicker.



I know Jason just wants me to be happy. From a relationship standpoint, he’s always been the fuckup. He was married briefly back in his late twenties until he walked in on his wife banging her ex… in their bed. I think his first marriage may have soured him on ever getting married again. To add salt to the wound, Crystal ended up pregnant and we weren’t sure who the father was. Jason actually got excited about being a dad, only to find out the baby wasn’t his… or Felton’s.



“So are you seeing anyone these days?” I ask him.



“Nope. Free as a bird and I love it,” he grins.



“You know there’s this new stylist at the salon that would be perf–”



“Nope. Not again. The last girl you set me up with was a clingy broad that I couldn’t get rid of and she smelled weird.”



“This one doesn’t smell weird, I promise. She’s really sweet and she’s new to the city. I have a picture of her from when we went out for drinks,” I tell him.



Jason relents and says, “Show me.”



I go back to my bedroom and scroll through my phone to find a picture of Jessica and me from the bar around the corner from the salon. She’s got gorgeous red hair, big blue eyes and a curvy build.



“Here.” I hand my phone to Jase. “Her name is Jessica.”



He takes my phone and whistles when he sees her. “Something tells me I would break her heart,” he tells me. “She’s pretty hot though.”



“She smells like peaches,” I tell him.



“Peaches aren’t bad… Damnit, Sookie,” he sighs. “Set me up.”



“Are you sure? I mean she saw your picture at my station and said she’d bathe you with her tongue, and that was after I told her you’re my brother,” I inform him.



“Maybe you should just give me her address and I’ll swing by on my way home.”



“Down boy. You smell like a brewery.”



“Can I use your shower? I need to wash Ginger off before I go see a new girl,” he says seriously.



“You know where the guest room is. In fact, I think some of your clothes are still here from when your place was fumigated.”



Jase has shown up here while drunk more than once, looking for a place to crash. I don’t mind though. Now that we’re adults, we have a much better relationship than we did when we were kids.



“You’d really just give me her address and let me show up?” he asks, surprised.



“Hell no,” I laugh. “But I will text her and ask her if she’s still interested in meeting you.”



“That works,” he smiles.



Jason puts down a half a dozen more sliders before it becomes obvious he needs to sleep it off so I send him upstairs to the guest room. I take a quick shower and then dress in a comfy pair of jeans and an oatmeal colored tank top. Before I leave my apartment to head to work I fire off a text to Jess to see if she’s still interested in Jason.



Me: Big brother is here and he says you’re hot.

Jessica replies immediately.



Jess: Really? I just met someone, but we aren’t serious… Give him my #

Me: Will do. Keep in mind he’s usually the hit it and quit it type.

She deserves fair warning about it.

Jess: Thanks for the heads up. New guy hasn’t hit anything yet, so that might not be a bad thing.

Me: Hahaha well Jase might try to talk you into keeping the date in your bedroom.

Jess: With a boy that pretty that may not be a bad thing 😉

Me: I’ll text him your # I’m on my way in so I’ll see you soon.

I drop my phone in my bag and leave Jason a note that includes Jessica’s phone number and reminds him to make sure at least the bottom lock is locked before he leaves. This is a safe building, but why risk it? I slip on a cardigan and a pair of boots, and then I’m out the door.



10 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. At least Jason’s trying to talk some sense into her regarding Trey. She really needs to break up with him.


  2. Wow Jason as the voice of reason! Love it. She needs to break quickly before Trey shows up while Eric is there. She also needs to tell Eric the truth. She is brave for having that phone conversation during. Cant wait for update


  3. So my take on this chapter is: Eric was naughty (she’s on the phone man!), Sookie was naughty (you’re on the phone with your bf!) & Jason (with his incoveniently sharp nose) was the voice of reason. Ergo… We’re in a big (if very sexy) mess!!! Can’t wait for more


  4. So I may have laughed that Jason was the voice of reason and providing good relationship advise. He is right they don’t really have a relationship more friends with benefits. I wonder If Eric realizes what is gong on and how he will take the news? Eric toying with Sookie when Tray called was funny. I like that she is thinking about Eric. I enjoyed the chapter.


  5. Hm, I’m sure Eric may have guessed she’s in a relationship. However, how he’ll take the news if she tells him I don’t know, but if Eric finds out from someone else I doubt he’ll like it.


  6. As with most of the readers, I’m stunned that Jason actually gave his sister sound relationship advice. Those hamsters must have working that wheel pretty good even with his hangover! Terrific chapter!


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