Chapter 12


I’ve been good since getting Sookie’s house key. I’ve joked, but I haven’t snuck into her house in the middle of the night, or any other time. I may have to make that joke come to life. I’ve been tossing and turning for an hour. My body hates me right now and I can’t get it to calm down enough to sleep. I’m only at home because I didn’t want to wake Sookie when I got off work. I roll over and look at the clock. It reads 2:34. I sigh and decide I might as well go to Sookie’s. At least I’ll be able to sleep there. Maybe it’s just that I don’t have her close by. Who knows?


I get out of bed and pull on my shorts. I go through my drawers and find something to wear tomorrow, grab my toiletries and toothbrush, and then I’m on my way. It’s a short drive to Sookie’s and when I get there I walk up to her door, unlocking it as quiet as possible. I kick off my shoes, pad into her room, and drop my shorts next to my overnight bag. Sookie seems to be sleeping soundly so I gently pull the covers back and slide into bed. I wrap my arm around her waist, snuggling into the pillow. I inhale deeply, taking in her sweet scent. When I exhale, Sookie squirms a little.

“Go back to sleep,” I whisper.


“I have a giant wrapped around me,” she whispers back.


“Yes you do. You can sleep safely now.” I kiss the back of her head.


“I’m not so sure about that. This giant has a tendency to poke me repeatedly.”


“Mmm, like this?” I thrust my hips against her ass slowly. I’m naked. She isn’t… yet.


“Exactly like that, except he takes my shorts off first.”


“Should I take your shorts off like this giant of yours?”


“I thought you wanted me to go back to sleep?”


“I did, but you started talking about poking and taking your shorts off and this happened,” I say, grinding my growing erection against her ass.


“Poor thing,” she says and turns over to face me.


“Sorry for waking you up,” I whisper. I tilt my head to kiss her as I grab her hand to guide it to my cock.


“It’s fine.” She wraps her hand around my shaft and begins stroking me. “How was work?”


“Long and slow,” I purr, rocking my hips into her hand. “How was your night?”


“About the same. I did a load of laundry when I got home from work and took a long, hot shower,” she tells me. “And I got someone to switch days with me so I’m off today.”


“Really?” I purr, rubbing her hip, dipping my fingers into the waistline of her shorts.


“Mmhmm. I’m off until next Monday.”


“So we can spend your birthday naked and fucking on every flat surface in your apartment?” I grin.


“Mmhmmm. I’m all yours.”


“Mmm, are you sure it’s not my birthday?” I ask. I push my hand down her shorts and rub up and down between her rear cheeks.


“If it was your birthday I’d be charging my video camera,” she smirks.


“Oh yeah? You want to watch me fuck you over and over while I’m at work or something?” I tease. I slide my hand between her thighs from behind and rub her opening when she hooks her leg over mine.


“You keep saying I should see it,” she says and rubs her thumb over my tip.


“You should. It’s sexy as fuck watching myself slide in and out of you.” I tilt my head to nibble on her jaw.


“It would be for you,” she tells me.


“And what does my angel want?” I whisper, flicking my tongue over her lips.


“Just you,” she answers.


“You have me. Take off your shorts, Sookie.”


She lets go of me and rolls onto her back to wiggle out of her tiny shorts. Once they’re gone I grab her and roll her on top of me.


“Do you want to ride me?” I ask, running my hands up and down her sides. When I reach her breasts I tug on her nipples before ghosting my hands back down to her hips.


Her hips start to glide back and forth over my erection, rubbing her slick folds against me.


“I could do that,” Sookie answers.


“It’s your day, Angel, you can have me however you want me.”


She leans down to kiss me and then she turns around before sinking down on my shaft.


“Fuuuck, that feels so fucking good, Angel,” I groan. I grab her ass cheeks, spreading them so I can watch her ride me.


Sookie bends forward and rests on her elbows between my knees so just her hips are moving up and down, nice and slow so I can feel it all. I move my thumb in to slide it through her cheeks, rubbing her rear opening in soft, slow circles. Each time I apply a little pressure I feel her walls clench around my shaft.


“Does that feel good, Sookie?” I ask quietly, pressing the pad of my thumb against her ass.


“Mmm… so good,” she moans and her hips begin moving faster.


I bring my hand to my lips and suck on two of my fingers to get them nice and wet. I move it back down to her ass to paint her little hole with my saliva before I push the tip of my finger into her. Sookie whimpers softly and stops moving while I work my finger all the way in.


“Go ahead, Angel, you can fuck me again,” I tell her and give her a light slap on her right cheek.


“Oh fuck,” she gasps as her walls clench again. Her hips resume moving at the much quicker pace and her arm moves, probably to play with her clit. Her fingers graze my sac and a moment later her walls begin to flutter.


“Good girl, Sookie,” I breathe. I know she’s about to explode. “You can do it.” I twist my finger deeper into her ass and my hips buck a little to meet her on each bounce.


“Ohgodohgodohgod! Fuuuuuck!” Sookie cries out when she cums.


“Mmm, perfect,” I growl. I pull my finger out. I reach up with my other hand to grab her by her throat and pull her back so she’s lying on my chest. I keep one hand on her throat and the other slides down her body to massage her clit while I start thrusting up hard and quick. “Are you going to cum again for me, Angel?” I purr into her ear.


“Mmm… mmhmm,” she moans. Her ass grinds against me and her hands go to her nipples to pluck and twist them.


“Fuckfuckfuck,” I chant when I feel my balls begin to tighten. My stomach muscles twitch a little. “Do you want it, Sookie?” I pant into her ear.


“Yes,” she groans. “Give it to me, Eric.”


My hand tightens on her throat and my hips move faster, slamming into her harder. “Take it,” I growl as I explode, cumming deep in her pussy. I keep my hands on her to hold her as close as possible. I can’t let her go.


“Yesyesyesyesyes! Fuuuuuck!” Her walls clamp down again, milking me to make sure she gets every drop of my cum she can get.


“Mmm, happy birthday. There goes present number one,” I joke once I can breathe again.


“How many of those should I be expecting?”


“Now that I have you all day… Hmmm, I don’t know you passed out on me at four last time. Are you sure you can handle anymore?” I ask as I continue to gently stroke her clit.


“I think I’m good for now,” she tells me.


“Are you ready to finish your sleep? I really didn’t mean to wake you.” When I can finally move, I release her throat and wrap both arms around her middle. I like having her weight on me.


“Mmhmm, but this position isn’t very comfy for sleeping.”


“Can you turn over? I like having you on me.”


“I can do that… if you loosen the pythons,” she giggles.


“Sorry,” I chuckle and drop my arms to the bed. “I wouldn’t mind if you sat on my dick so I can just start moving when I wake up,” I joke.


Sookie gets herself turned around and lays her head on my chest. “This is much better,” she says.


“This is perfect,” I whisper, kissing the top of her head. I wrap my arms around her again, holding her like she’s the most precious thing in the world. As I start to doze off I realize she is the most precious thing to me. It’s only been a few weeks, but I can’t stand the thought of losing her, ever. I want to hold her and make sure she’s safe. I don’t know when it happened, but I know she’s my last thought before I fall asleep and my first thought in the morning. Not my bar, not Grams, but Sookie. That’s… It feels good. It feels even better knowing she accepts me and all of my baggage. She trusts me and cares for me the same way I care for her. I haven’t fallen in love in a long time, but I know for a fact I’m head over heels in love with Sookie Stackhouse.




When I wake up I have the unmistakable feeling of tits on my stomach and Sookie’s thighs next to mine. The weight of her head is light on my chest, and I have to piss. I don’t want to wake her, but she’s pretty well wrapped around me.


I try rolling her off, but she simply grips me tighter. Well, fuck.


I rub her back gently. “Angel,” I whisper, trying to get her attention.




“I need you to move,” I tell her as I continue to rub her back.


“Okay,” she mumbles and slides off of me.


I get up and go to the bathroom. Sighing in relief the second I’m able to let go. When I’m done I wash my hands and go back to the bedroom. Sookie is still asleep so I go into the kitchen to look for something to eat. I open the fridge and groan when I see a roll of cinnamon rolls. I pull them out, find a round cake pan and turn the oven on. I open the roll, nestle them in and go back to the room. My girl is lying on her stomach, legs spread, arms under the pillow. She looks good, real good.


As I watch her I don’t realize I’m stroking myself until I feel a little stirring in the pit of my stomach. Fuck, this girl is too much. The crazy part is, I don’t think she knows what she does to me. I stop stroking and go back to the kitchen to wash my hands and put the cinnamon rolls in. I go back to the room and roll her on her back. I climb on top of her, settling all of my weight on her tiny body. I kiss her chin and start to sing quietly.


“Happy birthday to you…”


I kiss her lips.


“Happy birthday to you…”


I stop to see if she’s waking up yet. There’s a small smile on her lips.


“Happy birthday, my angel…”


“Thank you,” she whispers without opening her eyes.


“I love you, Sookie,” I whisper back without thinking. Well, shit. It’s out now.


Her eyes pop open.


“What?” She heard me.


“I love you,” I repeat. “Cinnamon rolls are in the oven.”


She blinks a few times and shocks the shit out of me when she says, “I love you too.”


“It’s the cinnamon rolls isn’t it?” I smile, brushing her hair out of her face.


“Duh,” she winks.


I shift up to kiss her softly. “We have ten minutes to make out if you wanna.”


“Absolutely,” she replies and loosely wraps her arms around my waist.


“You know I was watching you a minute ago. Your cute little ass made me hard,” I wink, rocking my hard-on through her folds.


“Babe, you get hard if I take a deep breath.”


“Well your tits rise and I imagine your nipples getting hard, then my mouth wrapped around them or my cock sliding back and forth between them… It’s your fault for being so damn irresistible.”


“Oh sure, blame the birthday girl,” she pouts, sticking her bottom lip out.


I catch her lip between my teeth and tug. “Mmm, yep. You’re earning your birthday spankings,” I whisper once I release her lip.


“So are you, and you’ve got a lot more coming your way.”


“But I’m making you cinnamon rolls. I’m being the sweetest boyfriend ever,” I say with my own pout.


She giggles and says, “And I was being a good girlfriend by flashing you my cute little butt. We’re even.”


“I’ll take that,” I grin. I glance at the clock and say, “Shit, we only have eight minutes to make out now.”


“Well you keep yappin’,” she giggles again.


“I like the sound of your voice.” I shift again and sweep my tongue into her mouth, grinding against her.


Sookie moans and breaks the kiss to say, “Let’s see who finishes first. Us or the cinnamon rolls.”


“Mmm, is this what you’re asking for?” I ask as I rock my hips, sliding all the way into her in one stroke.


“Mmhmmm,” she hums.


I kiss her hard before I sit up on my knees; I grip her hips, digging my fingertips into her flesh and pull her down as I thrust forward. I drive in hard over and over. My eyes travel up and down her body, starting at her beautiful face, dipping down to her tits swaying with each hard thrust and finally down to her pussy stretched around my shaft.


“Put your legs on my shoulders,” I grunt as I pound into her.


Sookie lifts her legs up and cries out at the subtle change of position. She moves her hand down to rub her clit in quick circles.


“Fuckfuckfuck,” I grunt. Her walls constrict around my shaft and I drop my head back. Each thrust forward I grind into her. “Goddamn, I’m definitely going to beat the fucking cinnamon rolls…”


Her moans get louder and louder, and her legs start to tremble as her orgasm takes over.


“Yesyesyesyesyes fuuuuuck!” Sookie cries out.


I growl as she cums. My own orgasm hits me hard and I slam in one last time before I pull out and cum all over her mound, down to her ass.


“Jesus fucking Christ,” I pant. “Two minutes to spare.” My hips jerk as my shaft rubs her clit. Goddamn this girl feels fucking good.


“I think we need to have more quickies,” Sookie pants.


“Anytime, anywhere,” I smirk. “Do you think I can get another orgasm from you in less than two minutes?” I ask, sliding two fingers into her cunt, finding her g-spot straight away.


“If anyone can, it’s you.”


“Mmm, let’s see what I can do.” I rest my other hand on her lower abdomen, rubbing her swollen nub. My fingertips rub her spot quickly as I watch her face. “You feel so fucking warm, Angel. All wet and sticky in here…”


Sookie gasps and her eyes roll back before they shut. Her fingers clutch at the sheets and her back arches, thrusting her tits up.


“That’s it,” I growl, stroking faster. “You should see how fucking gorgeous you look like this. Your tight nipples ready to be sucked… this tight, wet cunt… Fuck, you’re keeping me hard, Angel. Cum for me like the good girl I know you are.”


Her breathing gets fast and shallow. Those perfect, full lips part in a silent scream as her walls grip my fingers hard.


“Perfect,” I whisper. I slow my fingers before I gently pull them out. “Go clean up. I’ll have your breakfast ready for you when you’re done.” I run my fingers through her folds one last time before I get up to pull the cinnamon rolls out.




Since I was supposed to be working today, Eric and I were going to do my birthday celebrating tomorrow. He took the night off and everything. Tonight, however, he has to work. Rather than staying home alone, I called up Lafayette and asked him to meet me at the Black Dagger.


I’m putting on my shoes, a sparkly pair of silvery pumps, when Eric comes into my room with a towel wrapped around his waist.


“Mmm…” I moan softly. He looks damn sexy right now.


“Oh yeah?” he smirks. He turns, drops the towel and wiggles his ass.


“Keep it up and I’ll be stuffing singles between your cheeks,” I warn.


“Next time I’ll give you a real lap dance to earn fives.” Eric picks up his towel and scrubs his hair while he goes through his bag to get his clothes out. “Oh, I forgot I had this for you.” He pulls out a little silver box and tosses it at me.


“Aww you didn’t have to get me anything,” I tell him as I catch the box. I hear something rattle around inside.


“Of course I did. It’s nowhere near as good as a homemade quilt, but it’s the best I could do.”


I smile at him and pull the lid off the box. Under some cotton there’s a beautiful silver angel with little diamonds in her wings and a heart-shaped opal at the center.


“Eric, this is beautiful,” I whisper. “I don’t know how you knew, but opals are my favorite stone.”


It was either dumb luck or Gran helped him. Either way, I love my present.


“Hmm, I didn’t know roses were your favorite flowers either,” he smiles. He slips his jeans on and comes over to kneel between my legs. “We must be meant for each other since I keep guessing all your favorites,” he says as he helps me take it out of the box. “You don’t have to wear it, but it will look good with those shoes.”


“Of course I’ll wear it. This is the second best present you’ve given me,” I tell him as my eyes well up. It’s a thoughtful gift and I’ll think of him every time I look at it.


“Those cinnamon rolls were pretty amazing,” he winks. “Don’t cry, Angel,” Eric whispers and gives me a sweet kiss.


“It’s your fault. My heart feels so big it’s leaking out of my eyes,” I whisper back and cup his face. “Thank you, Eric. I love it.”


“You’re so cute,” he chuckles. “Kiss me.”


I press my lips to his and suck lightly on his bottom lip. “I love you,” I whisper.


“Mmm, I love you back,” he replies.


“You should finish getting dressed before we end up getting back in bed,” I tell him.


“Yes, ma’am,” he nods. He gives me one more peck and then gets up to finish getting dressed.


I have Eric put my new necklace on me and after I put on one more coat of lip gloss before we leave my apartment together. We hold hands as we walk to his car. He opens my door for me and closes it when I’m inside. As soon as he’s behind the wheel our hands link again. The drive to the bar is a quick one, and he parks in the space around back that’s reserved for him.


We go in through the back entrance that’s only for employees or vendors, and Eric leads me to his office.


“Would you like to start the evening with a birthday drink? I can go get you one from the bar if you like.”


“Only if you want to wrangle my drunk ass home,” I chuckle. “You might get to meet stripper Sookie if you give me champagne.”


“I’m more than happy to meet stripper Sookie once we get home. I don’t want to introduce you to jealous Eric tonight,” he winks. He pats my ass and asks, “Are you wearing panties, Miss Stackhouse?”


“Nope,” I smile.


“Mmm, maybe when the bar closes I can turn off the cameras and fuck you on a barstool in the middle of the room.”


“Maybe. We’ll see.”


“I can bend you over and tie your wrists to the legs so I can give you your birthday spankings,” he purrs, rubbing my ass.


“Tie me with what?”


He looks around the room. A slow smile spreads across his face and he lets me go to go to his desk. He opens the bottom drawer and pulls out a tie.


“I knew I had something around here,” he says, dangling it in front of me.


“And you think you can tie my wrists to my ankles with that?” He’s nuts.


“No, your wrists to the leg of the stool when I bend you over it.”


“Crazy man,” I giggle.


He grabs my wrists and holds them behind my back as he leans down to nibble my neck. “So what if I am crazy?” he growls against my neck. “At least I’m fun.”


“Yes, you are,” I agree and tilt my head for him.


He takes advantage and I feel his tongue drawing small circles before he sucks on that spot just below my ear. He moves down my neck placing soft, wet kisses all the way down to the front of my neck and up the other side.


“I could devour you, Angel,” he purrs when he reaches my ear.


The office door flies open and my head whips to the right to see a pretty woman in tight jeans and a black leather corset standing in the doorway.


“Sorry, Boss, I didn’t know you were here,” she says apologetically. “I’m Felicia. You must be Angel.”


“Something like that,” I chuckle. “Nice to meet you, Felicia.”


“Did you need something?” Eric asks, going into boss mode. He also doesn’t hide the fact that he’s adjusting himself in his jeans.


“Quarters. The quicker picker upper is molesting the jukebox with those grubby paws of his,” she says.


He goes to his drawer and pulls out a roll of quarters. He hands them to Felicia and says, “We’ll be out in a second.”


“Take your time,” she says. Felicia winks at me and closes the door behind her when she leaves.


“She seems nice,” I say.


“She’s a sweetheart. My best bartender,” he agrees.


“We should get out there before you talk me into doing dirty things.”


“I don’t see anything wrong with that,” he shrugs. “Come on, you can meet the Brawny man.”


I glance down and say, “Not with the kraken trying to be released.”


“Did you want to help me with this?” He rubs his hard-on through his jeans a couple times.


I walk over to him and push his chest to get him to sit in his chair.


“You did offer me a birthday drink.” I drop to my knees and unzip his fly.


“Mmm, why yes I did, Miss Stackhouse,” he purrs, resting his hands on the arms of the chair. “Drink your fill, Angel.”




Eric is mixing a drink with a shit eating grin on his handsome face that hasn’t gone away since I deep throated him an hour ago. I’m sitting at the other end of the bar with a glass of champagne and Alcide to my left. He’s hit on me three times, and while I believe he’s attracted to me I also think he just likes getting a rise out of Eric.


Alcide looks over at Eric and leans over to whisper, “Are you sure you don’t want to see the bed of my truck?”


I chuckle and say, “If you’ve seen one truck bed you’ve seen ’em all. The only truck bed I want to see is Eric’s.”


“I know where he keeps it. I can take you to it and give you a real happy birthday.”


“By leaving?” I finish off my champagne.


“Only with you, princess,” he purrs.


Eric walks over and rests his hands on the bar in front of me. “Do you want me to get rid of this fucknut yet?”


“Nah, he’s harmless. Besides, I have access to penicillin.”


“You’re gonna need it with this walking Herpe,” Alcide says, pointing at Eric.


“Shouldn’t you be outside feeding your blue ox or something?” I ask Alcide.


“Good girl,” Eric grins, patting the bar. “You want more?”


“Sure. I’m not driving tonight,” I shrug.


Eric turns to grab the bottle of champagne and a new glass. Felicia walks behind him and takes the old glass. I hear Alcide groan next to me.


“You know, I wouldn’t mind watching you with her,” Alcide says, watching Felicia’s ass. “Has Eric asked for that? You and her?”


“No,” I answer and glance at Eric. Has he said something about it to Alcide?


“Huh,” he says, leaving it at that.


Eric turns around with my champagne and sets it on the bar in front of me. “A kiss for payment,” he smiles, leaning over the bar.


I lean over the bar to meet him and give Eric a kiss with plenty of tongue.


“Mmm, you’ll get the next one on the house,” he purrs as he pulls back.


“You’re so good to me, babe,” I wink at him.


“I try,” he smiles. I hear Alcide make a gagging sound next to me. “Did you want one too, Alcide?” Eric asks, puckering his lips and leaning his direction.


“Not from your ugly ass,” Alcide laughs, leaning back.


“Maybe Felicia will help you out,” I suggest.


Eric snorts loudly. “He has too much facial hair and oddly too much dick for Felicia.”


“Too much dick? Really? Who knew?” I take a drink of my champagne.


“Right, who would think three inches is too much,” Eric smirks.


“Wasn’t too much for your last girl,” Alcide counters.


Eric rolls his eyes and moves along to help the guy a few stools down from me. I’m not going to comment on this. Instead I pick up my little change purse and go to the jukebox to pick new songs. Eric likes classic rock, particularly Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin, so I pick a song by each before moving on to the country music. I’m looking at Luke Bryan songs when I feel hands on my hips and someone rubbing against me. If it wasn’t for the stink of whiskey I would think it was Eric.


“Seriously?” I grumble and elbow Alcide hard in his ribs.


“Oomf,” he coughs. “Fuck, I just wanted a dance. Your boy is busy flirting with customers so I thought you’d take a chance with me.”


“Maybe if you weren’t looking at my tits like they were your last meal,” I reply.


“They look so tasty.”


“They’re unavailable for you. If you can behave yourself I’ll give you one dance.”


“I can try,” he grins.


“If you don’t I’ll break your nose,” I warn. I may not look like much, but I know I can take down a chubby drunk.


“I believe it,” he laughs. “My ex is smaller than you and she’s taken me down more times than I care to admit.”


“It’s because of all that padding here,” I grab his gut, “Throwing you off balance.”


“Nope, move your hand a little lower,” he purrs. “That’s what’s throwing me off balance.”


“Your FUPA?”


“If that’s code word for giant dick, yeah.”


“You really are male. Three inches is hardly giant,” I snicker. ‘Gimme Back My Bullets’ starts playing and I’m whisked away by another giant.


“Is he bothering you?” Eric asks, wrapping his arms around me, swaying from side to side.


“Not really. He’s like an annoying fruit fly, but he’s not going to do anything.” I wrap my arms around his neck and rest my head on his chest.


“He’s a pervert, but a good guy,” Eric says. His hand comes up to rest on my head while he massages my ass.


“Was he serious about you wanting to see me and Felicia together?” I ask.


I feel him shake his head no and he says, “No, I have no desire to see you with anyone else. Felicia is a gorgeous girl, but I’ve never been sexually interested in her.”


That’s good to hear. I’d be more suspicious if he said he didn’t see what was attractive about her. Hell, I almost get wood from looking at her.


“Happy birthday, hookah,” my best friend says from behind me. I smile and turn to see Lafayette looking fabulous in his usual getup of cargo pants and a mesh top. His wearing gold false eyelashes and matching eye shadow.


“About time you got here,” I grin and pull away from Eric to hug Lafayette. “Laf, this is Eric Northman, the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. Eric, this is Lafayette Reynolds, the best friend I’ve ever had.”


“Nice to meet you,” Eric smiles and reaches out to shake Lafayette’s hand.


“You too, pretty boy. Sook’s been talkin’ my ear off about you,” Laf says.


“All good, I hope,” Eric replies.


“Always leaves a puddle on her seat.”


“Lafayette!” I slap his chest.


“That’s my girl,” Eric grins and gives me a quick kiss. “You two have fun. I should get back behind the bar.”


“We will.” I pinch his cute little butt before he walks away.


Lafayette and I find a table to sit at and my thoughtful boyfriend brings us a bottle of champagne and two glasses.


“I’m really happy you could come out tonight,” I say to Lafayette.


“I wouldn’t miss it. I never get to see yo’ scrawny ass anymo’,” he says, scanning the bar.


“It’s the honeymoon phase. I swear it’s a miracle we got out of bed and put clothes on,” I laugh.


“I don’t blame ya,” he snorts, looking over at Eric.


“He told me he loves me this morning,” I inform him.


Shut yo’ face,” Laf gasps. “What did you say?”


“I love him too,” I admit.


“Oooh, giiirrrl, at least this old ass is a fine one,” he says sipping his champagne.


I laugh and take a drink too.


“Honey, you don’t even know the half of it.”


“Well, tell me. Better yet, you think he wanna give me a go?”


“You’re fabulous, but not really his type.” I past his hand. “But I will tell you I’ve never had better.”


I’m not the wildest girl in the world, but I’m not exactly a prude either. I’ve had my share of experiences, but not one of them tops Eric.


“You certainly ain’t had better lookin’. I love you, girl, but you gots terrible taste in dudes. The Viking here is lookin’ a whole hell of a lot better wit short hair.”


“I saw a picture of him with long hair. Losing that bet was the best thing that ever happened to him,” I laugh. Some guys can pull off long hair. Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, James Hetfield… not Eric.


“What do you know ’bout lumberjack?” he asks, nodding at Alcide.


“He claims to have a giant cock. That’s about all I know.”


“Maybe I should try to find out if it’s true. He ain’t too bad.”


“Oh you are on your own with that one,” I laugh.


“I ain’t scared,” he chuckles. “Maybe I should go sit with him, see how he likes dark chocolate.”


“You go do that. I’m going to hit the ladies’ room,” I tell him as I stand up. “Good luck, Lala.”


Lafayette stands, picking up his glass and saunters over to the bar to take the seat I vacated. I head for the bathroom and find it empty. I take the first available stall and while I’m doing my business, someone else comes in. When I’m done I walk out of my stall to go wash my hands, but I’m stopped short by someone grabbing my hair and slamming me face first up against the wall.


“Stay away from my man, you little whore,” a raspy voice growls into my ear.


“What?” I’m completely stunned by what’s happening right now. She pulls my hair and punches me in my kidney, making me gasp for air instead of scream. “What man?” I breathe.


“The one you had your filthy paws all over, cunt,” she snaps.


“Eric is my boyfriend,” I rasp out and she twists my arm behind my back.


“Oh, so you’re fucking around on him too, are you? Just like a fucking slut.” She pushes me against the wall again, knocking down the tampon dispenser.


I have no idea what is going on.


“No, I’m not… Why are you attacking me? Who the fuck are you?” I can’t see the woman’s face and her voice is completely unfamiliar to me.


“I’m the one that’s going to rip your heart out,” she growls, tossing me against the vanity.


Between the heels, the champagne and the shock of what’s happening I’m completely off balance. I hit the vanity hard and fall to the floor. As soon as I’m down she kicks me hard right in my stomach. I scream as the pain explodes. I curl into a ball but that doesn’t stop her.


“Keep,” kick, “Your nasty,” kick, “Slutty hands,” kick, “Off!” she finishes with a scream. She turns to leave, slamming the door behind her.


I lie there sobbing, trying to catch my breath. This is not the way my birthday was supposed to end.


20 thoughts on “Chapter 12

  1. oh shit! I’m guessing Debbie Pelt. Wow, poor Sookie! And on her birthday, too. Eric is going to go ballistic!

    On a completely unrelated note: I ate brie tonight for the first time since reading the last story and all I could think about was Eric’s mom saying that brie tastes like cum. I kept eating it but it was a little disturbing. Which one of you made that little discovery? 😉


  2. Oh no… Poor Sookie… Debbie is a crazy ass bitch… I always hate jealous cows but she is the worst… Why go against Sookie, surely she should kick her ‘boyfriend”s ass if she thinks he’s being unfaithful…


  3. Got to be Debbie Pelt, evil bitch. I hope Alcide didn’t know she was there. I’ve never been a fan of Alcide (books or show) but this one is gross so I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew she was in the bar. Eric is going to lose it big time and it sounds like Sookie is hurt bad. As for the Brie, lol, I can’t say I’ve ever thought it tastes like cum but it will be in my head forever now!


  4. Eric is gonna go berserker on Debbie’s ass! Not fond of any Alcide but since he keeps going back to Debbie he is as much at fault as Debbie. Unfortunately this does give Dr Eric a chance to reappear.


  5. She was having a perfect birthday to with the I love you’s and everything. Then Debbie has to beat her up, that’s horrible. I hope she didn’t break any ribs.


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