Chapter 5: Baba



“Let’s go in here,” I said when Eric and I were standing outside of Baba; one of Amsterdam’s many coffee shops. It was a misleading name for a place since it sold mostly weed and smoking paraphernalia.


He didn’t look like he wanted to go in, but didn’t argue when I tugged him to follow me. Our identification was checked at the door to make sure we were both over eighteen. Amsterdam was tolerant of smoking marijuana as long as the person doing it was a legal adult. Selling to minors was strictly verboten.


“Have you been here before?” I asked him. I’d never done drugs that weren’t prescribed to me to cure an illness. Getting high recreationally never really appealed to me but I was in Amsterdam. It seemed almost criminal not to try it.


“Once or twice,” he answered as he looked around the room once we were inside.


“Is this not a good place or something?”


“Oh, it’s a fine place,” he smiled when he put his focus on me again. “Have you ever smoked?”


“No. You?”


It wasn’t a quiet place. Loud, foreign pop music was playing. People of all ages were lighting up. Just breathing in there could probably get me high if I stayed long enough. I wasn’t sure who or what Eric was looking for but he was looking for something.


“Is everything okay?” I asked him.


“Yeah, fine.” Eric leaned down to kiss my forehead. “I haven’t done anything like this since I was your age.”


“We don’t have to if you don’t want to,” I said.


“Sorry, we can stay,” he said, seeming to snap himself out of whatever was going on in his head.


“Are you sure? We can just buy and go back to the hotel…”


“Positive. You deserve the experience,” he smiled.


“Okay.” I had done a little research on the topic.


Hard drugs weren’t legal so it wasn’t like I could walk into a legitimate business and buy an eight ball or a bag of heroin. I learned that smoking weed in a coffee shop was legal but on the street was not. Getting busted with more than five grams on my person was punishable by law if I wasn’t willing to forfeit it. A gram would get me high about six times. That sounded like plenty to me.


“How much Dutch do you speak?” I knew there were plenty of people in Amsterdam that spoke English but if Eric spoke Dutch that would be easier.


“Enough to hold a conversation,” he told me. “Do you know what you’re interested in?”


“Nope, not really. I’ll trust any recommendation you make,” I told him.


“Are you thinkin’ about smokin’ or eatin’?” he asked as we made our way to the little counter.


“I’m not very hungry, so I guess smokin’ it is.”


“You’re going to be cute high,” Eric laughed. “Go find a seat, I can get it and come to you if you like.”


“Good idea. I’d probably say something goofy and get us booted outta here,” I said. I was nervous. Back home I would be committing a crime. Just for kicks I pulled out my phone to text my brother.


Me: You’ll never guess where I am right now.


It was about lunchtime in Louisiana. Jason was going to shit a kitten. I found an empty table and sat down.


Jason: Nope. Where are ya?


Me: A coffee shop in Amsterdam buying weed.


Jason: Shut the fuck up!


Me: I’m serious.


I took a picture of myself and made so I caught some of the paraphernalia in the background. It wasn’t like me to do something like what I was doing. That was more my brother’s thing.


Jason: I can’t believe what you’re doing! Be careful. I don’t want you to do something stupid you regret.


Me: Don’t worry, I found a travel buddy.


I still hadn’t told Gran about Eric.


Bad, bad Sookie…


Jason: Is she hot?


Me: HE is. Hung, too.


I sent it before I could stop myself.


Jason: WHAT?!


Jason: Does Gran know?!




Me: No. He’s Swedish and owns a pub in Ireland but he’s keeping me safe. He’s been with me since Dublin.


Jason: I don’t know what to say. Who are you and what have you done with my sister?


Me: I’m still me. You should see the selection of special brownies here, Jase.


It was the only baking he ever did, pot laced brownies. Gran ate one once by mistake… Funniest. Day. Ever.


Jason: Why didn’t I come with you again?


Me: Because I’m too much of a nerd.


That was what he said when I told him I was going to go to Amsterdam. Maybe that was part of why I wanted to try getting high. Maybe I just wanted to prove my brother wrong.


Jason: I don’t remember saying that.


Of course he didn’t.


Eric came over to our table and sat down next to me.


Me: Gotta go. Talk to you later.


Jason: Love ya!


“I got a couple joints,” Eric smiled. “And a brownie for later if you like it. Edibles are a different high than smoking.”


“Okay. Are you really sure you want to do this? I understand if you don’t want to.”


“I’m on vacation too, aren’t I?” Eric put one of the joints up to his lips and flicked the lighter to light it. He inhaled, holding it for a moment before he slowly let the smoke drift out of his mouth. He gave me a charming smile as he handed it to me.


“You are.” Yep, definitely nervous. I’d never smoked a cigarette either. It was all new to me. I lifted the joint to my lips and the smoke seemed to fill my mouth all on its own. My lungs immediately wanted to reject the smoke but I tried not to cough.


Eric took it back from me and hit it again. Instead of handing it back to me he leaned over to press his lips to mine to exhale into my mouth. When he was done he kissed the tip of my nose before pulling back.


I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Back home you’d think smoking weed made someone lose their mind or something. I hadn’t noticed an abundance of crazy people running around the streets of Amsterdam. I took another draw on the joint and inhaled the smoke. It started to feel kind of like when Benadryl took effect but I wasn’t sleepy. It was that loopy, discombobulated feeling… only happier.


If my giggling was any indication.


“You’re adorable,” Eric said with a goofy grin on his face. He leaned in to nibble on my ear and said, “Maybe we should have taken it back to hotel. I kinda want to do filthy things to you.”


“What else is new?” I said through my giggles. “We can take the rest back to the hotel. Did I ever tell you I used to do gymnastics?”


“Nope, but I plan on figuring out some new positions now,” he snorted.


I took another hit and then gave Eric the joint.


“We should get some of those little pancake things to take back to the room. Maybe some mozzarella sticks, too. That’s not weird, right? You know what is weird? Okra. It’s furry and slimy.”


“I’ve never had okra. I don’t think I want to now,” Eric told me as he stood up. He reached out his hand to me to help me stand.


“Are we leaving already?” I stood up. I giggled. A lot.


“I think you’d find the walk back is going to take longer than expected.”


“Can we go through the Red Light District? I’ve seen tits before. Oh, or we can go back to the hotel and I can turn on the red lights–”


“How about both?” Eric suggested. He wrapped his arm around me as he led me out of Baba.


“Deal.” I let him lead me into the district and I ignored the buzzing in the back pocket of my jeans. I was pretty sure Gran was calling. There was no way I could hold a conversation with her while I was high.


It wasn’t quite dark yet but the red lights were on in some buildings. Red curtains were the backdrop in the windows of others. There were sex shops and spectators watching the ladies dancing in windows. It wasn’t just women, though. There were women of all different ethnicities, sizes, shapes, colors and personal styles. I was pretty sure the sweet looking blonde dressed in a black vinyl outfit was a dominatrix.


“See anything you like?” I asked Eric. He still had his arm around me. We weren’t the only couple strolling down the street together.


“I see a lot of things I like,” he answered. Eric leaned down to nibble on my jaw.


“Lemme guess, the one with the riding crop?” I giggled.


“Not quite.” Eric’s hand slipped into my top so he could stroke my cleavage.


“The ginger with the waxed chest?” I joked.


“Now you’re being ridiculous,” he chuckled. “See the one in the angel wings?”


“The brunette with the long legs?” She was pretty. Her hair was so shiny.


“Mmhmm,” he hummed. “I like that one very much.” His hand slid a little further into my top so he could rub my nipple.


Sober Sookie would smack his hand away.


Stoned Sookie wanted to drag him into an alley for a quickie.


“We should keep moving,” I told him.


Eric kissed my temple before he took his hand out of my top and started to lead me back to our hotel. We stopped at the McDonald’s down the street from our hotel. I got my mozzarella sticks and the little pancakes I wanted. The server behind the counter looked at me like she knew why I was ordering the things I was. I didn’t care. What she thought didn’t matter one bit.


All I cared about was getting back to the room with my snacks.


Only as soon as the door shut it was obvious the only thing Eric wanted to eat was me.


“Do you think you can wait for your snacks?” Eric purred as he pressed me against the wall. His lips were all over my neck while his hands slipped around to knead my ass.


“But mozzarella sticks are better hot,” I pouted.


He growled against my collarbone. “Eat. I’ll be waiting on the bed.”


“I’ll take my time,” I giggled.


“I’ll go back to get the brunette,” he joked as he took his shirt off.


“You can if you want. I don’t own you.” I pulled a cheese stick from the bag.


“True, but you’re the one I really want.”


“Boy are you in trouble when I go home,” I said with my mouth full of cheese.


“Eh, I’ll just come back to give the brunette a Pretty Woman ending.”


“That’s so nice of you.” I tried to kick off my boots while I stuffed another cheese stick in my mouth.


Eric chuckled. “Sit, Sookie. I’ll help you with your boots while you eat.”


I plopped down on the bed and let Eric take my shoes off.


“You know what else is weird besides okra?” I asked when he was crouched in front of me.


“I don’t know, no,” he shook his head as he pulled my left boot off.


“Eggplant. It’s so purple outside and white inside. And mushrooms. They’re like mold you can eat. That’s gross.”


“Aye, they are.” Eric pulled my right boot off and sat up to kiss my chin. “You’re very cute right now, you know that?”


“Do you want a cheese stick?” I held one out to him. “If you lived in America I’d probably marry you, you know.”


“I guess I fucked up by livin’ in Ireland,” he chuckled. “Maybe in ten years we can meet again here in Amsterdam and do just that, providin’ neither one of us has gotten hitched.”


“You will be,” I predicted.


“Ya think?” Eric took a bite of my cheese stick. “It’s going to be hard to find a girl that measures up to the pretty American that likes the dancin’ cows.”


“There’s always Angel.” I lifted my arms so he could take my shirt off.


“Aye, but her tits aren’t as good as yours. A wife needs to have good tits.”


“You can fix that with a good surgeon.” I lay back so he could pull my jeans off too.


“I want real tits.” Eric leaned in to wrap his lips around my left nipple through my bra. “I want your tits,” he whispered.


“You’re cute,” I giggled.


“Not as cute as you when you’re high,” Eric laughed. “Are we turning the red light on?” He stood up so he could drop his own pants.


“Sure, why not.” I stuffed the rest of the cheese in my mouth and wiggled out of my panties. If I had known being high was so much fun I wouldn’t have given Jason so much shit for it.




I was glad I was with Sookie for her first time getting stoned. Who knows what would have happened if she was alone? She was really cute, though. I wanted to do so many things to her.


So many things…


I got up to turn on the light. I had no idea what that would do for us, but why not, right?


“You want to put on a show for the people passin’ by?” I asked Sookie. I was naked, standing in front of the window. I had no shame.


“What kind of show?”


“Hmm, I don’t know yet. What would you like me to do to you? I figure the red light is on… might as well…” She was never going to go for sex in front of a window with no curtains up.


“Might as well what?”


“Come here,” I said, motioning for Sookie to move closer to me. She still had her panties on.


“That’s no big deal,” she shrugged. She crawled over to me and licked the tip of my cock as she got up.


“Mmm, that’s good,” I smiled, running my fingers through her hair. We were standing close enough to the window that anyone far enough back could see our silhouettes. I grabbed my shaft to run my tip around her soft lips. “Suck,” I commanded quietly.


Sookie did as she was told. Her mouth opened and she didn’t hesitate to wrap her lips around my shaft. Sookie took as much of my length in her mouth as she could and slowly pulled back. She sucked harder on my tip and then began to bob up and down. I wrapped my hand in her hair to help her bob. My hips moved slowly in time with her warm, wet mouth.


I kept my eyes on her lips. My cock seemed harder than I swear it had ever been before. It might have been because of the pot, maybe it was just because Sookie was sexy as fuck. It may have even been that we had the possibility of an audience. All I knew was it wasn’t going to take much for Sookie to make me cum.


“That’s perfect,” I whispered. I figured out Sookie wasn’t inclined to be with another woman, but if she would have agreed to let the brunette join us, there would have been no complaints from me.


She hummed quietly and reached up to stroke what didn’t fit in her perfect mouth. Her other hand went between her thighs. Playing with her clit made her moan and that meant the vibration of it was going up my shaft.


“Fuck, Sookie,” I groaned. “You’re going to make me cum… where do you want it?” I definitely blamed the weed.


She continued to suck me until right before I exploded. She opened her mouth so I could see myself cum on her soft tongue. My eyes moved from her tongue to her eyes. It was one of the sexiest moments we’d had together.


“Hands and knees,” I directed her. It was my turn.


Sookie inched back a bit and got on her hands. I lay down on the bed, scooting so my head was under her dripping cunt. I had the perfect view of her glistening lips. I tilted my head up and dragged my tongue through her slick folds, ending at her clit. I rubbed my tongue around the swollen bud while I reached down to stroke my cock. I was mostly soft, but it wasn’t going to take much for me to get hard again.


“Mmm… That feels good, Eric,” she moaned.


I hummed against her as I continued to lick. I brought my free hand up to rub her opening, dipping my finger inside of her. I started to slowly pump in and out, curling when I ran past her g-spot. I could feel her silky walls begin to flutter. Her hips started to rock so she could move her sweet clit over my tongue. She was delicious. I could eat her for hours.


“Fuck, don’t stop,” Sookie breathed. Her hips moved faster. “I’m getting so close.”


“Mmm, good.” I added a second finger, preparing her to take my cock. My fingers moved faster over her sweet spot. I was starting to get hard again, so as soon as she came I was going to drag her down my body to ride me. I dropped my head and watched as my fingers moved faster. Her juices were starting to drip down to my lips so I could lick it up.


“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!” Sookie chanted. Her walls pulsed and gripped my fingers. Her body shook and the sexiest noises left her mouth.


“That’s my favorite sound,” I purred. I pulled my fingers out of her, sucking them clean. I was hard enough to fuck so I grabbed her hips and dragged her down my body. I lifted my cock, lining myself up with her opening. I pulled Sookie down my shaft, making us both groan.


“Fuck, your cock feels so big right now,” she said as she rocked back and forth.


I smirked at that. I held her in place and started to thrust up. I made sure to go slow so she could feel every long, thick inch of my cock. My eyes were trained on her bouncing tits. Fuckin’ Sookie made me want to quit both jobs so I could move to America to be with her. I knew that wasn’t an option, but I was really starting to contemplate it.


“Mmm… So… Fucking… Big…” Sookie closed her eyes and her hands moved to brace on my thighs so I could see myself pumping in and out of her.


I reached up to rub her clit. She looked and felt so fuckin’ tight. I could get onboard with intoxicated sex. It made everything so much more intense. I kept it slower, because she seemed to like it. My thumb moved a little quicker, trying to get her to cum again. It really was the best feelin’ in the world.


“Fuck, why are you so fuckin’ good at this?” I panted. She was like… she was just way too good.


“Natural talent?” There was a cheeky little smile on her face.


“Must be,” I winked.


“Maybe you’re the better fuck and I’m along for the ride,” Sookie suggested, but then her hips swiveled.


“Aye, I doubt that,” I chuckled. “You don’t move like that just goin’ along for the ride.”


“Sure I do.” She swiveled the other way and leaned forward to tug on my nipple with her teeth.


I growled and reached down to smack her butt. I was sure she could feel my cock twitch when she bit me. There was something about it that I couldn’t describe. It was hot as fuck, though.


“Do it again,” I whispered.


Sookie moved to the left side and licked my nipple before she tugged on it. Her hips swiveled again at the same time. I grabbed onto her ass to help her move. My hips thrusted up to meet her as she moved. We worked together like a well-oiled machine. Seriously? Why did I have to go back to Ireland? I was sure Pam wouldn’t mind if I disappeared on her. I knew Sookie was from a small town… yeah, no more fuckin’ when I was high. Those were all things I couldn’t do, and I knew it. I just couldn’t stop thinkin’ about it.


She moaned with every thrust up and it didn’t take more than a minute before she came again for me. Her silky walls milked my shaft and Sookie collapsed on my chest.


I rolled Sookie on her back without falling out. I kept it slow, looking down into her beautiful blue eyes. I hated all the emotion I was feeling for her. I hated that I was allowing her to get to me. It wasn’t like me. My job didn’t allow me to have relationships. I had to keep too much from the people in my life.


I pushed up on my hands so I could drive in a little harder. My hips swiveled as I pumped. It wasn’t going to take a lot more for me to cum again. Sookie squeezing her muscles, trying to milk my cum from me didn’t help.


“Fuck,” I hissed. My hips sped up a little more until I was fuckin’ her so hard she started to shift up the bed. When I came it was with a deep roar, completely filling her with my release.


Sookie raked my back and I think she may have cum again but it was hard to tell. She bit my neck and her walls pulsed around my length. Her moans were quiet but close to my ear.


I turned my head to catch her lips in a slow, sweet kiss. Her legs wrapped around my hips to keep me close as my cock continued to twitch inside of her.


“I’m a damn fool if I don’t follow you home,” I whispered. I was going to have to live with being a fool. Not only was I contractually obligated to stay with my agency, I didn’t want to be that far away from my mother… Or the rest of my family.


“No you’re not.”


“Do you think it’s the good sex talkin’?” I joked. I settled on my elbows so she was pinned below me.


“Probably,” she answered seriously.


“You do realize what an amazing girl you are, right?” I asked her. My fingers started to twine in her hair.


“I’m not that great.”


“You are to me,” I smiled, kissing the tip of her nose. “You’re going to make some man very lucky one day. I’ll be left in Ireland just glad to have had these few weeks with you.”


“Oh stop. You’ll find some supermodel who wants to have a hundred babies with you,” she replied.


“She’ll be shallow and cold, leavin’ me feelin’ empty inside,” I chuckled. “I don’t know what kind of girl I’ll end up with, but I’ll be lucky if she’s anything like the pretty American girl lyin’ under me.”


“I can be shallow and cold if you want,” Sookie offered.


“Nope. I like you just fine how you are.”


“Even when I’m stoned and stuffing my face with fried cheese?”


“Aye, I’ll introduce you to some of my friends when we get to Stockholm. You can have fried cheese eatin’ contests with them.”


“Is it cheating if I get high beforehand?” Sookie giggled.


“Nope. That’s why I have extra brownies in that bag,” I chuckled. “Dillon won’t know what hit him.”


“What’s the difference between eating and smoking?”


“I hear the high is different. I don’t remember if I ate last time, if you recall I forgot a day,” I chuckled.


“Why would I recall?”


“I told you that when we met that I lost a day in Amsterdam,” I reminded her.


“I have no memory of it but I drank a lot that night.”


“True.” I kissed the tip of her nose again. I pulled my hips back so my softening cock slipped out. I noticed that when I rested on top of her my hips rocked of their own accord so my shaft rubbed through her folds. “Should we clean up or do you mind staying trapped under me?”


“I’m comfortable here,” she answered.


“Good. I am too.” I knew I was heavy, but she obviously didn’t mind.


I was sure all of those crazy emotions I was feeling was due to the awesome sex, coupled with being high. I liked her but I knew better than to allow feelings into the equation. Sookie was a great girl and I loved talkin’ to her. I was going to emotionally take a step back so that when the time came it wouldn’t be so hard to let her go.




15 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Baba

  1. I dunno Eric, I think getting high is just letting you know your true feelings. I’m glad they didn’t run into anyone at Baba, that certainly would have put a damper on everything.

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  2. love this story so far.
    I think what a lot of people do not realize is that when high on weed, people say many weird things, but for when it is about emotions. that is usually the truth speaking, since when high your inhibitions arent so alert or whatever you would call it.

    I think they both suit each other fine. HELL! I do not even remember their ages.

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  3. well hell. even if its not forever, just ride it for all its worth right NOW. Get it girl…no regrets later. You’ll know you lived it right, all over europe, if only for a summer. You can tell your grandkids about that shit 🙂

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  4. Love the chapter. Just one little comment. Verboten is German. Forbidden in Dutch is verboden. It’s just 1 letter. Anyway love the story so far.


  5. Great chapter! So much fun… These two have some great chemistry although not sure about feelings since they really do not know each other that well… at all… Who one is when backpacking around the world may not be who one is back home and certainly it is all mostly fun and games (no work, no commitments, Amsterdam cafes…) and a travel-based tryst doesn’t always translate into a relationship later… Sometimes but I’d say rarely… On top of that Eric is clearly hiding a good part of who he is and Sookie (who is no fool) won’t take long to notice… His bumping into acquaintances and permanently locked suitcases are signs that she already found a tiny bit odd I think… At any rate, I look forward to seeing how this adventure proceeds… SO MUCH FUN!

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  6. OK, Eric, just quit and go home with the pretty American girl and continue having adventures together for the rest of your lives. I’m thinking Sookie won’t have much of a problem with it! Very hot and very great chapter, ladies! Loving how much fun this story is! 🙂


  7. Awww, I should soooo go get a medical marijuana card, it’s been too many years. 😋 Love this story! It’s like James Bond or James in Bondage or The Spy Who Loved Me Northman Style or ohhh yeah…Goldfinger. What can I say, August 25th has given us some perfect actors!! Heehee.
    Awesome story update!

    BTW I just binge read several GREAT stories by GreenLemons over @ FanFiction…thanks for referral…they were lots of FUN!!


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