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SUMMARY: In an effort to broaden her horizons, Sookie goes to California in 1968 to visit her Aunt Linda and cousin Hadley. She gets much more than she bargained for when she meets local bartender Eric Northman, who helps show her more of the world as well as more of the kind of person she wants to be. But in the war torn ’60s, not even true love always conquers all.

Part One

Part Two


16 thoughts on “Night Moves

    • I feel comfortable admitting that this is one of my favorites we’ve written. It could just be that I love that time period in history. This story was a great excuse for me to haul out the Joni Mitchell collection in this house.


        • I didn’t either. I even googled for a list of songs he wrote to see if one was covered by another band, but nothing on this list matches the ones I saw online, so I’m curious.

          I really should add some Velvet Underground to this list. “I’ll Be Your Mirror” is a beautiful song. One of these days I’ll have to do something with “Venus In Furs” because that’s a perfect Dirty Lemons song.

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        • Definitely some Velvet Underground to represent the whole Andy Warhol & New York scene! Could not agree more, “Venus in Furs” is THE perfect Dirty Lemons song! LOL! It’s like it was written for the blog, oh so many years ago! LOL! Ah…I miss Lou Reed. So poetic… 🙂


        • Oh, meant to say that there weren’t any written Leonard Cohen songs throughout the playlist that I saw or when I went through my own “500 Greatest Rock Songs” that include all of the ones from the 60’s that you have in your playlist except for the Ronettes (written & produced by Phil Spector), the Marvin & Tammy/Motown one, Elvis Presley (didn’t bother looking that one up because I know who wrote it, but it’s lost in my Swiss cheese brain), and then you had others from the 70’s that I definitely knew weren’t written by Cohen. So, I don’t know… Perhaps a song of the same name, but a different tune? It happens. 🙂


  1. Looking forward to this one! Hey, the psychedelics were OK as long as you did them with a bunch of trusted friends. You just laughed. A LOT! It all depended on the type you took. Admittedly, I didn’t do this in the 60’s when I still a kid, but the 70’s? Fun times! I have older brothers who had all the music from this era & I heard it, of course, and then I inherited quite a bit of it after my oldest brother died not long after. Tons of British bands that paved the way for 80’s metal bands, and acoustic groups that set the tone for some of the best music of the 70’s came out of the late decades of the 60’s, some that still influence today’s music. It was a decade and an era that changed the world and I can’t wait to see what you ladies do with this!

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  2. Meg, I’m guessing that part of the story takes place in 70’s as well? I fucking love the playlist! It’s awesome! Great choices, every one of them, and you’ve included all the elements of the 60’s, the doo-wop, Motown, the girl groups, the British invasion, the California sound, protest songs, acid rock, the Woodstock sounds, all of it! I remember rollerskating to the Elvin Bishop song… Fantastic! I think I’ll be downloading it, if you don’t mind! Great job! 🙂

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    • Part 1 is set in 1968. Part 2 is set in 1981. I chose the Elvin Bishop song because to me it made me think of how Eric probably comes to see his relationship with Sookie. I love music, as is evident by the way I title stories and chapters. It’s a huge influence in writing for me. When the right song lyrics hit my soul… 😍😍😍

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      • OK, knew part of it had to be later with the Elvin Bishop song & Billy Joel with that song from “The Stranger.” God, I think everyone had that album in 1978 & it was mandatory! LOL! Great album though… The Elvin Bishop song, I think we all used to sing that chorus when it came on the radio and at the skating rink! We all lived those lyrics at one time! Perfect for an Eric & Sookie story & setting! I’m definitely going to love this story. I think I already do!
        I, too, love music and it’s always playing in the house and very loudly in the car! I have noticed the influence it has on your writing and somehow think the two go hand-in-hand. If you can’t be moved emotionally by music and/or lyrics, how could you possibly be moved to write? Great lyrics that stand the test of time are modern day poetry. When put together with fabulous musicians? It’s magic. If that combination inspires you to write, then please do so, and please continue! 🙂
        Hmm…1981. That was a great year! I saw so many bands that year including Bob Seger, Santana, The Rolling Stones, wish I could remember all of them!

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        • Most of my favorite songs were written prior to 1990. “Ten Years Gone” by Led Zeppelin is in my top five and it is pure poetry. I used to write a lot of poetry but I haven’t even attempted it in years. I have notebooks and notebooks of it packed away. I don’t know if it’s any good, but it’s there. I was the weird girl in junior high who was memorizing Joni Mitchell’s Ladies of the Canyon album when my peers were worshiping at the altar of Mariah Carey. Not to knock Mariah, because she has a beautiful voice, but she’s not Joni. Every time I hear Joni’s been hospitalized I have a little heart attack because I know my mother is going to weep when Joni passes on to the next life.

          By the way, I added some more music to the playlist to bring in the latter half of the story.

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        • OOH! Can’t wait to check that out! I wrote poetry once upon a time too, and fiction, all sorts of things. Then my muse up & left me. I’m sure you’ve written lovely poetry; you’re a damn great writer! Yeah, it seems that every other issue of Rolling Stone I receive has another update about Joni Mitchell’s declining health and it makes me so sad. So many of the voices of my generation are dying or declining and they’re not that old! I can barely listen to “Blue” anymore without weeping through the first few songs and then turning it off. I love anything Led Zeppelin – anything! Our city’s orchestra had “A Night of Led Zeppelin” a few years ago, and we went, of course! It was fantastic! The singer, lead guitarist, and drummer almost made you feel as if you were at Zeppelin show; they were that good. I got to see them in 1975, it was one of the wildest nights of my life! Then I saw Robert Plant & Jimmy Page when they toured together in ’99, and that was just as awesome, if not better, only because I was sober! LOL! I can remember the entire show, unlike 1975… You weren’t the weird girl! You were ahead of your time, that’s all! We used to have parties in grade school & middle school, & we’d take in our records so while the other kids were bringing in ’45’s, I was bringing in Black Sabbath, Zeppelin, & Pink Floyd albums… They all thought I was weird, too, until a few years later when they were all listening to the same thing. By then I was onto other stuff, still the weird girl. Unlike my peers, I spent most of my time with musicians & being a roadie to friends & boyfriends with their bands in bars before I was even out of high school & I think I’ve seen just about every band except for those who died in the 60’s and the bands broke up. I lost count after 300 concerts. My daughter is a bit like you. She loved The Who even when she was 3, so I gave her my “Tommy” tape. She loves any version of that or their music. She used to yell at me to turn the music down in the car when she was bit older, and now I get in her car & it’s turned up as loud as can be, and it’s all the good stuff! Both of you have great taste! 🙂


  3. Love led zeppelin enough to name my kids Jimmy and Paige. Hubby is a guitarist.
    Looking forward to this, thanks for sharing.


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