Chapter 18



“Alright, kid, this is your eviction notice,” I say to my belly right before I take a bite of the Szechuan beef Eric had delivered for me. I’m five days past my due date and I’m tired of being pregnant now.


“You don’t even feel at least close to labor?” Eric asks.


“Eric, you either are in labor or you’re not. There’s no close, son,” Johanna says in passing.


“I’ve been ‘close’ for weeks. She’s dropped down and I’ve had those damn faker contractions but not the real thing,” I tell him after I swallow the spicy food. “After this I’m taking a walk and if that doesn’t jump start things I have one other idea.”


It’ll be the first and last time Eric has sex for a few months.


“And what idea might that be?” Eric asks, wiggling his eyebrows.


“One we don’t need to discuss in front of your parents,” I snort.


“Ahhh, they know how our little princess was made,” he chuckles.


“Duh,” I roll my eyes. “Doesn’t mean we need to talk about it.”


He shrugs and takes a bite of his eggroll.


“I’m just hoping the walk doesn’t work. I’m horny as fu–”


“Eric!” I kick him under the table and I’m not even sorry.


“What?” he grins.


“Keep it up and you’re going to stay horny as fuck,” I glare at him, making his dad chuckle.


“I’ll stay quiet about it,” he chuckles. “I’m just glad you guys are two miles away,” he tells his parents.


“So are we,” Aiden says.


“I’m not that loud,” Eric shrugs and goes after another eggroll.


He’s a liar but I’m not talking about it in front of his parents. I focus on my food instead. In the last month I’ve decided I’m done being pregnant. Elina’s estimated weight, as of today, is just under eight pounds. I’ve grown a good, healthy baby. I just want her to come out already.


Eric’s parents came in three weeks ago and hopefully they won’t be leaving before Elina joins us. Dr. Pardloe said today that if I don’t go into labor naturally by Saturday he’s going to have me induced, but I would prefer to help nature along. Saturday is three days too far away.


“Son, I’ve heard you from our room,” his mom giggles. “It’s not that sexy. I don’t know what Sookie even sees in you.”


“She’s got a point, babe,” I tease him.


“You girls suck,” he snickers.


“I can’t speak for Sookie, but your mother…” Aiden trails off with the same wiggling eyebrows his son has.


“She’s loud as shit,” Eric laughs earning a smack in the arm by his mother. “What?”


“You aren’t supposed to know about such things,” Johanna grumbles.


“Mother, I know about more than you think,” Eric tells her, making her cringe.


“But not nearly as much as he thinks he does,” I add to keep him humble.


Eric arches an eyebrow and says, “We’ll talk about this later, little girl.”


I shrug and spear another piece of spicy beef.


Thankfully Aiden changes the subject and the rest of the meal isn’t spent talking about sex. I like his parents. His mom can be a little inappropriate sometimes. Personality wise she’s like a hybrid of my mom and Gran, so I adore her. Aiden has a tendency to mutter in Swenglish when he gets excited. It’s cute.


“Do you want to walk with us?” I ask Johanna and Aiden once dinner is cleaned up.


“I’m fine. I need to make a call home,” Johanna tells me.


“You two go ahead,” Aiden says. “Let us know if Elina gets restless.”


“If you guys want to join us we’re just going down the driveway and back,” Eric says and takes my hand.


I grab my phone from the counter and slip it in my pocket.


“I’m going to take a jacket,” I tell him. It’s been mild during the day but the sun is almost gone.


“I don’t need one,” Eric shrugs and waits for me to grab my jacket from the coat closet.


“That’s because you’re part polar bear,” I remind him.


“Swedish and polar bear are not the same thing,” he snickers.


“I beg to differ,” I giggle as I pull on a jacket.


Eric wraps his arm around my neck and pulls my head close to kiss my head.


“Come on, woman.”


“You’re part caveman too,” I smirk and follow him to the front door.


“You adore this caveman.”


“Mostly,” I say as we walk out of the house.


“So, should we try to have sex on our walk?” he asks. It’s been a few weeks.


“Babe, I don’t think that’s going to work. My balance is all thrown off right now on account of this beach ball.” I poke my enormous belly.


“I know,” he says, reaching over to rub the side of my beach ball.


“I feel all this crazy pressure in my hips but she’s stubborn about staying put,” I pout.


“She’ll come soon enough,” he promises, wrapping his arm around my shoulders again. He kisses the top of my head as we walk.


“I know, it’s just frustrating,” I sigh. I’m not sleeping much because every time I get comfortable I have to pee. Then just when I’m about to fall asleep, Elina decides it’s time to practice her synchronized swimming.


“I promise I’ll wake up with her for the first two months so you can catch up on sleep.”


“That’s sweet, but that’s only going to work once I get the breast pump situation under control,” I tell him. Mom warned me that breastfeeding is painful at first but I’m going to try it out.


“We’ll figure something out. I’ll stay home so you can sleep as much as possible until you get sick of me,” he tells me. “I have people to keep the company going until I’m ready to go back and clearly we’re not hurting for money.”


“Going back to work is going to suck.”


“Then don’t go,” he says seriously.


“I know I don’t have to, but I like my job. I guess I’ll see how I feel about it after Elina finally comes out.”


“I’ll support either decision you make.”


“I know you will.” I reach up and squeeze his hand. I feel Elina moving around and when I look down I see her foot sticking out. “Someone needs her foot tickled,” I chuckle.


Eric does the honors as he says, “That will forever be weird to see.”


“It is, but a cool kind of weird. Plus it’s fun to play with her.”


“I know you’re going crazy, but I can’t wait for her to get here either. I want to be able to play with her and see her smile. I’m a little jealous of this time you get with her,” he says. “I’m head over heels in love with this little girl that I haven’t even met.”


“Me too,” I agree.


We walk to the end of the driveway and by the time we get back to the house I’m almost running inside to use the bathroom. So far, no contractions though.


“You know Hadley said pineapple is supposed to kick start labor too,” I tell Eric when I leave the bathroom.


“Hmm, I think orgasms are better than pineapple,” Eric winks. “But if you really want I’ll check the pantry.”


“Maybe I’ll try it as an after orgasm snack,” I tell him. I’m serious about speeding up this process.


He smiles and says “I’m ready when you are.”


“You might want to put on a blindfold first,” I snort. I’m definitely excited about having my body back to myself soon.


“Are you insane? I love your body. You always look perfect to me. You always turn me on too,” he tells me.


“You’re sweet, but crazy. Maybe the horniness has caused hysterical beer goggles or something,” I joke.


Eric leans back on the bed so I can see the tent growing in his sweats. “I don’t think anything but your sexy ass caused this,” he says seriously, rubbing himself through the cotton. “I don’t care what you think. Your body is beautiful, maybe even more so right now since it’s growing and creating my daughter.”


I smile at him and pull my shirt off as I walk to the bed. Eric’s not much of a bullshitter, so I believe what he’s saying. Before I get to the bed I’m topless and Eric is growling quietly at me as he strokes himself.


When I reach him, he reaches up with his free hand to help me slide my pants and panties off.


“Get as comfortable as you can, baby,” he purrs as he holds me steady so I can step out of my clothes.


The only way I’m remotely comfortable these days is on my side. Elina’s putting pressure on my lower back and hips like crazy, and if I try to lie on my back I feel like I’m suffocating. So I climb up on the bed and stuff a pillow under my belly for support, and make myself as comfortable as possible.


Eric stands long enough to slip his pants off before he spoons in behind me. He reaches up to turn my head to face him and his soft lips brush against mine. Eric’s hand ghosts down my side to my hip and then down to my thigh. He moves his hand between our bodies and rubs my opening from behind.


“Is this okay?” he whispers into the kiss as one of his long fingers starts to slide into me.


“Mmhmmm,” I hum. Under other circumstances I’d be moving my legs or arching my back, but I feel like a beached whale.


His finger stays slow as he pumps it in and out of me. It takes a few seconds for me to get wet, but when I do Eric works a second finger into me.


“Tell me when you’re ready for this,” he whispers, thrusting his hips so his extremely hard cock rubs through my rear cheeks.


I moan and tease, “Mmm… I don’t know… your fingers feel pretty good.”


Eric growls and twists his fingers inside of me. He pulls his hips back and when he thrusts again his tip is rubbing my core alongside his fingers, but he doesn’t push in.


“Mmm, but I have this long, thick cock begging to get in you,” he says. He pulls his fingers out and lifts my leg enough for him to push his tip in. “He needs to be inside of you.”


“Well if he needs it,” I breathe and kiss his bottom lip.


He sets my leg down and slides all the way into me.


“Fuck,” he hisses. “You’re so goddamn warm and wet, Sookie…” He doesn’t move just yet as his eyes close and I can tell he’s trying to calm himself down a little.


“Mmm… you did that,” I tell him.


“And you’re the one that made my cock solid as a fucking rock,” he whispers. His hips start to move slowly, keeping his cock buried deep so he’s barely moving in and out. “Mmm, so good,” he breathes as he dips his head and his lips brush my neck just below my ear.


It is good. It’s almost a shame we can’t get a little crazier since we won’t be doing this again for a few months, but this is good too.


Eric keeps moving slowly, probably savoring this. The pressure builds slowly and steadily in my belly until I’m panting and hovering on the edge.


“Faster, Eric,” I moan.


He slides his hand down and wiggles his fingers in to find my clit. He begins to rub as his hips start slapping against my ass when he speeds up.


“Baby, I’m not going to last…” he pants. “You feel way too fucking good.”


I gasp and grab my pillow when my walls clench around his shaft the first time. “Eric!” I cry out and let go as my orgasm takes over, milking him of his.


“That’s it… fuckfuck… where do you want it?” he breathes as I feel him swell.


“Not in me,” I pant. I don’t care where, just not in me.


Eric slams into two more times before he pulls out and I feel his hot, sticky release hit my ass. His body is shivering and jerking a little against my back.


“Jesus…” he shouts. “That was… fuck; I didn’t know how bad I needed that.”


“Mmm… it was very good,” I agree.


“Not that I’m ready to move, but anything? Did we jumpstart her?” he asks as he nuzzles into my neck.


“Not yet,” I tell him. “I think she’s sleeping.”


“Maybe we should wake her up with another orgasm,” he whispers and starts to rub my opening with his fingertips.


“I think I’m good for now,” I tell him.


“Damn.” I feel him smile against my neck and his hand moves away from my pussy so he can wrap his arm around my belly. “You want me to go look for pineapple?”


“Not right now. This feels nice. We may not have much time for cuddling once Elina comes.”


“We’ll just make her cuddle with us,” he says as he rubs Elina. “I love you, both of you, more than anything.”


“I love you too,” I reply and close my eyes. I’m too comfortable and relaxed not to. “Will you rub my lower back for me?” He knows it’s been sore the last few weeks.


“I’ll do anything you want.” Eric moves his hand back and he begins to gently massage just the right spot.


“Mmm… right there,” I moan. The pressure on my back lessens some. “That’s perfect, babe.”


He continues to rub, applying a little more pressure when needed. He’s become a pro in the last couple months. The massage is extremely relaxing and before I know it, I’m sound asleep.


I end up having a strange dream about Elina. I can’t see her face but I know it’s her. She’s wearing a pretty white dress and throwing flower pedals in the air, but when they hit the ground they turn into snakes.


When my eyes pop open I find Eric asleep beside me with his hand still on my belly. I get up slowly to go pee and afterward I grab a nightgown from the closet. I take the elevator downstairs and head to the kitchen to look for pineapple. There’s a can of chunks in the pantry, so I get the can opener out and get to work on the lid.


I don’t bother with a bowl. I just grab a fork and start munching on the fruit. About halfway through the can I feel my belly start to tighten up. I gasp and set the pineapple on the counter. My eyes shift to the clock on the microwave to note the time and after the contraction passes, I resume eating the pineapple.


When I’m done I rinse the can and put my fork in the dishwasher, and as I’m riding back upstairs my stomach starts to tighten up again. I brace my hand on the side of the elevator and take deep breaths. Slow and calm is the way I want to take this. I briefly considered a water birth but Eric seemed panicked by the idea so I dropped it. I just need him to stay calm. I don’t want to kick him out of the room.


He’s still passed out when I get back to the bedroom, but rather than getting back in bed I make myself comfy on the couch. I close my eyes and doze off until the next contraction nine minutes later. The pains come and go through the night, slowly getting closer together.


By the time the sun comes up they’re at about six minutes apart so I get up and make sure I have everything I need in my hospital bag. I don’t think these are faker contractions. When I’m satisfied with my bag I head to the shower. I’m rinsing shampoo from my hair when Eric comes in to pee.


“Contractions are six minutes apart,” I tell him mid-leak.


A few seconds later the toilet flushes and the shower door opens. He steps in and doesn’t look near as panicked as I would expect.


“Is there a reason I’m just finding out about this?” he asks groggily as he kisses my head, getting conditioner on his face.


“You were sleeping and I wanted to make sure these were the real thing,” I reply.


“Okay. When we’re done in here we’ll head to the hospital.” He has to be asleep still. He’s way too calm.


“Hopefully my water won’t break in the car,” I chuckle.


“That would suck,” he smiles. When I turn to rinse the conditioner out of my hair he leans down and kisses me softly on the lips. “We’re about to have a baby,” he whispers as he pulls back and looks into my eyes. “I’ve been ready for this for months and she’s finally coming.” A slow smile spreads across his face and he wraps me in the best hug he can.


As luck would have it another contraction starts and this one hurts. I whimper and hold onto him, bending at my waist a bit, and try to breathe through the pain.


“I got you, Sook,” Eric says quietly and reaches with both hands to rub my back through the contraction.


When it eases up Eric turns the water off and reaches out to grab my towel.


“Is your bag ready?” he asks as he starts to rub me dry.


“I checked it before I got in the shower,” I tell him.


“Good. Are you okay if I leave you alone for a minute? I want to go wake my parents up,” he says as he grabs his own towel and scrubs his hair before he wraps it around his waist.


“I’ll be fine. I’m just going to get dressed and bring my bag downstairs,” I reply.


Eric kisses me one more time. “I love you,” he says before he heads out of the bathroom.


I brush my teeth and comb my hair. As I’m pulling clothes to wear another contraction starts and I lean against some of the shelves as the pain takes control. I focus on taking deep breaths and blowing them out slowly. When I think about the Lamaze breathing I’ve seen on TV or in movies I want to laugh.


When the contraction ends I stand up straight and get myself dressed in black yoga pants and a turquoise t-shirt. I put on fluffy socks and slip on some shoes before I grab my hospital bag and leave the room. Just as I’m getting down to the kitchen Eric comes back into the house. I hear the door from the garage close and moments later I hear his footsteps behind me.


“That was fast,” I tell him.


“You’re having a baby. I don’t have time to mosey,” he chuckles. “I called Michelle on the way over. They’ll meet us at the hospital. Give me two minutes and we’ll be on our way.”


“I’ll be in the car.” I finish my glass of water and then head to the garage. I put my bag in the backseat next to the car seat, and then get in on the passenger’s side. I haven’t been able to drive for the last two weeks, so I’m looking forward to that, too.


As promised Eric is climbing into the driver’s side two minutes later.


“You ready?” he grins as he turns the SUV on.


“Yup,” I smile and rub my belly.


We’re finally going to meet our girl.



9 thoughts on “Chapter 18

  1. Such a fun chapter, it made me smile. It brought back memories of having my son. I like how excited they both are.


  2. Can’t wait for the delivery. Eric is so calm now and I hope he stays that way and doesn’t faint again! Lol


  3. Oh man…that was a creepy dream she had. I wonder if it means anything. But pregnancy dreams are messed up. When I was pregnant with my son, I had a dream I went into labor and gave birth to a kitten…lol


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